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Consumer Watchdog wants privacy probe of Uber's app

The group's complaint to FTC says that Uber tracks former riders who deleted app

A consumer group has lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), charging that Uber Technologies tracked consumers who had once used the co...


Here are America's most deadly highways

The deadliest run is along Florida's Atlantic coast

To improve your odds against being involved in a fatal car crash, avoid Route 1 in Florida. That stretch of road had more fatal accidents than any highway...


Some ideas for a Mom and the kids getaway

Travel site picks some age-appropriate destinations

Family vacations can either be a stressful nightmare or a bonding experience to create lasting memories. They're sort of what you make of them.With tha...


Osprey recalls child backpack carriers

A child seated in the carrier can slip through the leg openings

Osprey Child Safety Products and Osprey Packs of Cortez, Colo., is recalling about 88,000 Poco child carriers sold in the U.S. and Canada.A child seate...


Chromag Bikes recalls bicycle stems

The clamping bolts that secure the stem to the fork steerer can break

Chromag Bikes is recalling about 100 Chromag bicycle stems.The clamping bolts that secure the stem to the fork steerer and/or the handlebars can break,...


Credit card rates at record high says the average interest rate is now 15.74%

Consumers who are carrying a credit card balance are paying a little more each month, even if they don't add a penny to their total debt.The average cr...


How to find a dog-friendly neighborhood

Trulia says if you know what to look for, it's easy to identify

If you have a dog and are planning to move, you may have more to think about than the number of bedrooms and the commute time to the office. You'll want to...


Fineberg Packing recalls ready-to-eat ham

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Fineberg Packing Co., of Memphis, Tenn., is recalling approximately 8,822 pounds of ready-to-eat ham that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes....


Party Animal recalls dog food

The products may contain pentobarbital

Party Animal is recalling all lots of its 13-oz. cans of Cocolicious Beef & Turkey dog food (Lot #0136E15204 04, best by July 2019) and 13-oz. cans of Coco...


Uncle John's Pride ready-to-eat sausage

The products may be contaminated with metal objects

Uncle John’s Pride of Tampa, Fla., is recalling approximately 139,909 pounds of ready-to-eat smoked meat and poultry sausage products.The products may...


How would a government shutdown affect you?

You might have to wait longer for your tax refund and possibily change vacation plans

Don't look now, but Congress is about to play chicken with the White House over keeping the lights on once again. This time, the shoe is on the other foot....


Beware of 'diet' foods with high sugar content

Researchers say many products are camouflaged to seem healthy but can cause lasting damage

So, you’ve decided to go on a diet. That’s great news, and it really should help you get healthier and shed some pounds. But what are you going to eat? If...


The high cost of cancer

Besides expensive drugs, families usually face a decline in income

Cancer is a dreaded disease. Though survival rates have improved in recent years, the treatment is long, painful, and expensive.The recent focus on the...


Mortgage applications bounce back

Contract interest rates were headed lower last week

A rebound in mortgage applications from the previous week's decline.The Mortgage Bankers Association reports applications were up 2.7 percent in the we...


Zutano recalls infant booties

The non-slip rubber grips on the bottom of the booties can detach

Zutano Global of New Bedford, Mass., is recalling 38,000 infant Cozie booties.The non-slip rubber grips on the bottom of the booties can detach, posing...


Lowe's warns of new Facebook scam

Fake $50 coupons are showing up in timelines

Regardless of what you see on your Facebook feed, Lowe's is not giving away $50 gift cards for Mothers' Day.Scammers are posting a fake coupon on Faceb...


Surviving the Trump Era and beyond

Disruption is everywhere but with the right strategy, you can make it through

An 1867 Matthew Arnold poem, Dover Beach, speaks of being "on a darkling plain ... where ignorant armies clash by night." That mi...


Top online colleges in the New York area

The tuition might not be cheaper, but you might save in the long run

With the cost of college tuition rising much faster than the rate of inflation, and college loans loading students down with crushing debt, many students a...


Feds seal deal to stop envelope-stuffing scheme

Consumers were told they could make $5,000 per week stuffing envelopes

You would think that envelope-stuffing scams went out with bargain offers to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. But apparently not; the Federal Trade Commission has...


It's the moving season -- time to be careful

We have some tips to help you make the process as painless as possible

It's springtime and there are so many fun things that go with it: allergies, housecleaning, and perhaps most traumatic of all -- relocating.Americans a...


Debt consolidation: the pros and cons

A loan might improve monthly cash flow but it can also pave the way to more debt

When consumers rack up lots of debt on several different accounts, they often find the various monthly payments take a huge bite out of monthly cash flow....


What's your retirement strategy?

If you don't have one, you're probably not alone

As more Baby Boomers get closer to retirement every day, policymakers worry that too many of them are not prepared.To be prepared, you need a strategy...


Cherokee nation sues opioid drug distributors

Complaint alleges distributors and retailers are responsible for the opioid crisis

The opioid drug crisis in the U.S. has grown by leaps and bounds. States have seen their drug treatment costs soar as more consumers become hooked on the p...


Advertisers are the latest to embrace ad blocking

Even -- or perhaps especially -- advertisers worry about ads cluttering up the web

Believe it or not, the advertising industry is now talking up the idea of ad blockers.Concerned that annoying and intrusive ads are driving away web us...


Court order blocks release of new Prince EP

A lawsuit claims that a music engineer who worked on the unreleased tracks had no right to make them public

It’s been nearly a year since renowned pop artist Prince passed away from an opioid overdose. Fans mourned the music icon’s death by rushing to sites like...


A simple trick to boost your energy level

Georgia researchers say you don't need energy drinks

Consumers spend lots of money on energy drinks and coffee to get an extra energy boost. But it turns out it's an unnecessary expense.At least that's wh...


Why world tensions are making mortgages cheaper

Meanwhile, the mortgage interest tax deduction could be in the crosshairs

The election of Donald Trump coincided with a gradual rise in mortgage rates, which had been at near record-low levels for much of 2016.But in recent w...


FDA issues new warnings about giving codeine and tramadol to children

The danger of an overdose is much higher than with most adults, the agency warns

There's a lot of concern about opioid abuse by adults, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there are also serious risks associated with giving...


Lack of sleep makes it harder for anxious and depressed people to view the world positively

Study findings indicate that getting sleep is vital when it comes to managing the conditions

Those who suffer from depression or anxiety may find that getting through each day is a daily struggle. Working up the drive to perform even the simplest t...


Caramia Furniture recalls Jaxson/Cameron six-drawer dressers, night tables, and tall boy chests

The products may tip-over if not securely anchored to the wall

Caramia Furniture of Brampton, Ontario Canada, is recalling about 759 Jaxson/Cameron six-drawer dressers, night tables, and tall boy chests sold throughout...


Getting to your vacation destination this summer may cost less

Many European destinations provide double-digit discounts over last summer

Air travel may not be getting any more pleasant, but it may cost less this summer -- at least, some destinations are cheaper.Travel comparison site Che...


Leading Economic Index suggests growth to continue through 2017

Initial jobless claims are on the rise

The Conference Board reports its Leading Economic Index (LEI) was higher in March for a fifth consecutive month.T...


Emirates cuts back flights to five American cities

The ban on personal electronics on incoming Middle East flights has cut bookings

Emirates, hit hard by President Trump's ban on using electronics on U.S.-bound flights, is cutting its schedule to five American cities because of "signifi...


Is the birth control you’re taking safe?

Researchers say some oral contraceptives negatively impact quality of life

We sometimes take it for granted that the pills and supplements we take every day are safe, but a recent study finds that certain oral contraceptives taken...


Sling TV links up with LG smart TVs

Cutting the cord to cable TV is getting easier

For entertainment consumers who want to try to get along without a big pay-TV bill each month, the task may be a little easier.Sling TV has announced i...


Air travelers consumer rights microsite now available

It's an easy way to learn what you should expect from your airline

The  Department of Transportation (DOT) has a new tool to help consumers understand their rights when traveling by air.The “flights and rights” microsi...


La Granja recalls mango-flavored ice cream

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis

La Granja INC of Doraville Ga., is recalling 4000 units of Hand crafted Paleteria, Mango Flavored Ice cream.The product may be contaminated with Salmon...


Mortgage applications continue to zig-zag

Contract interest rates drop to five-month low

After posting a modest gain a week earlier, applications for mortgages have again moved lower.The Mortgage Bankers Association reports applications fel...


Cost Plus World Market recalls Windsor-style dining chairs

The legs on the chairs can break

Cost Plus Management Services of Alameda, Calif., is recalling about 4,700 Stafford Windsor-style dining chairs.The legs on the chairs can break, posin...


Tips for cleaning up digital disorder

Protect your personal information by making sure your digital doors are locked

Your home may be spic and span on the heels of a spring cleaning spree, but is your digital life as clean and secure as it could be? If not, it may be time...


Lower beef prices point to a great grilling season for consumers

The opening of markets in China have speculators bullish on beef

Plenty of research out there suggests that eating red meat might not be that good for you, but that hasn’t stopped grill masters from serving up steaks and...


New home construction slumps in March

The outlook for the months ahead is mixed

The building of new homes took a hit in March after bumping higher the month before.The Commerce Department reports housing starts fell 6.8% last month...


All of a sudden, gold is glittering again

If you plan to buy the precious metal, give careful consideration to how you do it

Last week, the price of gold rose to its highest level in five months. After plunging in the aftermath of last November's election, prices were at their be...


Airlines tweak policy manuals in wake of United incident

American reportedly ups the ante for bumped passengers

United Airlines' costly public relations disaster has caused several airlines to re-evaluate policies on how they deal with passengers, according to variou...


Choosing the right seasonal allergy medicine for kids

Poll finds many parents are confused when it comes to choosing allergy medication for their children

Approximately 6.1 million children have been diagnosed with seasonal allergies, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In an eff...


What kids need to know about money

It's never too early to teach your kids how to save and spend money wisely, experts say

Teaching kids about money and key economic concepts can set the stage for a more financially secure adulthood. But new research suggests many children aren...


Is rent-to-own an answer to today's housing challenges?

It could be, but renters/buyers should exercise caution

Home sales have slowed in recent months for two main reasons. First, there just aren't as many homes for sale.Second, first time buyers who are now ren...


Home selling tips for pet owners

Removing signs of pets can help a home sell faster and for more money, experts say

Traces of Fido or Fluffy around the house -- whether in the form of pet odors, chewed furniture, or scratched-up floors -- can be a major deterrent to woul...


Builder confidence slips in April

'Hefty' regulatory costs continue to plague the industry

The latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) shows builder confidence in the market for newly-built singl...


Polaris Recalls Ranger 900 ROVs

A heat shield can fall off the vehicle

Polaris Industries of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 51,000 Polaris Ranger 900 recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs).A heat shield can fall off t...


Apple gets permit to test self-driving cars in California

For now, the cars will have a human driver standing by

It there was any remaining doubt that Apple is developing a self-driving car, it was eliminated by today's announcement that the California Department of M...


What to do if you are involuntarily bumped

Your first step should be to ask for a written explanation of the bumping policy

The outrage directed against United Airlines' handling of Dr. David Dao, on a flight from Chicago to Louisville, has been building for nearly a week.On...


Here are 10 attractive new car deals for April

Kelley Blue Book identifies the deals with the most cash back and best lease terms

Maybe you filed your income taxes early and already have your refund. With money in hand, you might be considering a new car purchase.New car sales see...


Five frozen foods that pack a nutritional punch

Some frozen foods are cheaper and better for you than their fresh counterparts, experts say

With its array of ice cream flavors and a vast selection of TV dinners, the frozen food section may not seem like the place to go if you’re looking for hea...


Retail sales disappoint in March

Falling auto sales played a role

Not much joy in the retail sector in March.Not only did it revise the February retail sales figure from a 0.1% gain to show a 0.3% decline, but the Com...


Inflation takes a holiday

Consumer prices fell during March

Falling gasoline prices helped push the cost of living lower in March.Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show the Consumer Price...


Sportsman ATVs recalled

The electronic power steering unit can malfunction

Polaris Industries of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 3,800 Sportsman 450, 570, 850, 1000 and Scrambler 1000 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).The electron...


Hazardous chemicals found on many pool toys and swimming aids

A study finds that some distinctive smells can tip off consumers about whether a product is safe

Summertime is fast approaching, and for many consumers that means plenty of quality family time at the pool. But are your pool toys and swimming aids safe...


Why starting classes later would help most college students

A study finds most students' cognitive abilities are at their peak later in the day

Many students who take college courses know the dread of having to wake up for an early morning lecture. While some have to take time to muster their menta...


Are you using your credit card rewards?

A report finds nearly a third of cardholders are leaving money on the table

In the last decade, credit card companies have stepped up the rewards they offer to cardholders, providing everything from cash back to points toward trave...


Baby Boomers relying too much on Social Security

This aging demographic still hasn't shaken off the trauma of the 2008 financial crisis

If you talk to younger consumers about retirement, they more than likely will express doubts about Social Security being around when they stop working....


The Smokehouse of NY recalls smoked fish products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

The Smokehouse of NY of Mamaroneck, N.Y., is recalling various smoked fish products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.No illnesses h...


Target recalls water absorbing toys

If the small toy is ingested, it can expand inside a child's body

Target Corp., of Minneapolis, Minn., is recalling about 560,000 water-absorbing Easter and Dino toys.If the small toy is ingested, it can expand inside...


Flamaglo Foods recalls Yoso brand Soygo Fermented Cultured Soy Products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Flamaglo Foods is recalling Yoso brand Soygo fermented cultured soy products.The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.There hav...


Model year 2017 Ford F-450 and F-550 Superduty vehicles recalled

The driveline may vibrate and fracture the driveline components or the transmission

Ford Motor Company is recalling 509 model year 2017 Ford F-450 and F-550 Superduty vehicles.Operating the vehicle at highway speeds may cause the drive...


Congress questions United's forcible removal of passenger

Roughed up passenger, meanwhile, gets a belated apology

The story of United Airlines' forcible removal of a passenger from a flight Sunday isn't going away.On Sunday, United asked Chicago aviation police to...


Worst-rated sunscreens for babies and kids

The EWG says these 13 sunscreens would be best avoided by parents

Sun safety is a key component of any day of fun in the sun involving kids, and sunscreen can help protect children’s skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviole...


Walmart offering incentives to order online

Select items will have a discount if you order online and pick it up at a store

Walmart is wading deeper into online competition with Amazon by offering discounts on more than ten thousand items if consumers order them online and pick...


Consumers use more credit cards, but enjoy them less

Harris Poll finds 61% of consumers think their card falls short

If you're like most consumers, every trip to the mailbox it seems leaves you with a handful of credit card solicitations.Most consumers probably have m...


Gasoline prices move sharply higher

Much of the national price rise is centered in the Midwest

After flatlining for much of the early spring, gasoline prices have suddenly started moving higher, reflecting the change-over to summer blends of gasoline...


Mortgage applications post first gain in four weeks

Contract interest rates were mixed

After falling for three consecutive weeks, applications for mortgages have moved higher.The Mortgage Bankers Association reports applications were up 1...


IIHS tightens criteria for recommended used vehicles for teens

New standards include small overlap front crash protection

Because teenagers are among the riskiest drivers, but often end up with inexpensive vehicles that don’t offer adequate protection in a crash, the Insurance...


Wholesome Farms brand Sundae Cup products recalled

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Central Smith Creamery of Selwyn, Ontario, Canada, is recalling Wholesome Farms brand Sundae Cup products.The products may be contaminated with Listeri...


Lakeside Foods recalls Season's Choice Frozen Sweet Peas

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Lakeside Foods of Manitowoc, Wis., is recalling 1,568 packages of Season's Choice Brand Frozen Peas.The product may be contaminated with Listeria monoc...


Drug companies nix pleas to hold the line on prices

Survey finds only three companies follow Allergan's promise to hold increases to single digits

When Allergan Pharmaceuticals pledged last September to hold its annual price increases to single digits, there was a slight hope that other drug companies...


Ratings system shows airlines improving performance

But after the last few days, there are some consumers who might not agree

It has been quite a week for the nation's airlines.Delta struggled since the middle of last week to get its flight operations back on track after sever...


The latest Millennial moving trend: 'vacation moves'

Survey finds 41% of Millennials make a temporary move to a new city before settling down

Millennials who are considering relocating to a new city might make a temporary -- or “vacation” move -- to the city in question before permanently putting...


When 'fake news' can cost you real money

Fake financial news could cause investors to make poor decisions

Since the last election there has been a lot of discussion of "fake news" and what to do about it.Google and other sites have discussed ways to handle...


Reducing concussion risk for student athletes

Concussion concerns shouldn't keep parents from allowing their kids to play sports, experts say

Usually, it's a child’s interest in a particular sport that determines whether or not he or she plays it. But some aspiring athletes may be kept off the fi...


USDA expands meat and poultry hotline hours

The 'Ask Karen' hours have also been increased

The Agriculture Department's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is making it easier for consumers to obtain safe food handling and preparation infor...


February sees a slight increase in job openings

Hires and separations showed little change

The number of job openings rose slightly in February -- from 5.625 million a month earlier to 5.743 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (B...


Model year 2016 Honda Pilot 2WD and AWD vehicles recalled

The vehicles' fuel tanks may leak

American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 136 model year 2016 Honda Pilot 2WD and AWD vehicles with fuel tanks that may leak.A fuel leak in the presence of...


What's the lesson from United's PR disaster?

And will it change airlines' ability to involuntarily bump passengers?

When United Airlines forcibly removed a paying customer from its Chicago to Louisville flight Sunday, to make room for a United crew member, it set off a f...


Dog bites up 18 percent last year

Dogs need to be trained but so do children and others who don't know how to approach dogs

Dog bites man isn't usually news, but it's happening so often lately that it's becoming newsworthy. Dog bites were up 18 percent last year, according to an...


What are the world's best airlines?

According to TripAdvisor's top 10 list, only two are based in the U.S.

Travel site has named what it considers the 10 best airlines in the world. Unless you do a lot of international travel, you might not get t...


Are your job prospects getting better or worse?

Last week presented workers with mixed signals

The latest report from the Labor Department on employment was a rude awakening for consumers hoping to find a new job in the months ahead.Government ec...


Delta passengers voice frustration over flight cancellations

The airline continued to struggle through the weekend to get its planes back in the sky

Delta Airlines and its customers had a nightmarish weekend, a holdover from the severe weather that battered the Southeast during the middle of last week....


Fresh Express recalls Organic Marketside Spring Mix Salad

A decomposing bat was allegedly found in a container

Fresh Express is recalling a limited number of cases of Organic Marketside Spring Mix.Extraneous animal matter -- a decomposing bat -- was allegedly fo...


Our favorite family vacation – travel dollars worth the memories

Sometimes a carriage ride in the snow beats a week at the beach

My family has taken many vacations together, but our all-time favorite was a ski trip to Quebec City.We had considered taking our daughters skiing in W...


Google takes more steps to root out fake news

It will display a fact-check flag on selected stories in its news feed

Google built its empire around keywords and made much of its ability to sort through gazillions of files without any boring old human editors, but it's now...


YouTube changes policy for monetizing videos

Content creators will now have to accrue 10,000 lifetime channel views before collecting money

For around five years now, consumers have been able to start a YouTube channel and automatically enroll in the site’s partner program. Basically, it’s the...


Amazon to add 30,000 part-time positions over the next year

Flexible positions in warehousing and virtual customer service are being added

Back in January, Amazon promised that it would be creating 100,000 U.S.-based jobs by mid-2018. The announcement was partly a reaction to President Trump’s...


KFC makes new antibiotics pledge

Will phase out drugs used on chickens that are also medically important to people

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has announced that, by the end of 2018, all of its chickens will be raised without the use of antibiotics medically important...


Simple tool warns of pre-diabetes risk

Simply timing glucose test results can alert doctors

Millions of people have diabetes and almost all of them first had a condition known as pre-diabetes.Now, federal medical researchers have discovered a...


Dating site focuses on couples' credit scores

Premise is that couples who think alike about money have a better chance

Okay, when it comes to dating sites, this might actually be a good idea.While other dating sites use various methods to match people looking for a part...


The IRS is hiring debt collectors

Raises possibility that scammers will try to impersonate them

If you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) back taxes and despite repeated reminders, still haven't gotten around to writing a check, expect a call from...


March job creation comes up short

The unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade.

A loss of positions in the retail sector helped keep March job creation well below expectations.The Department of Labor (DOL) reports employment edged...


Xootr recalls adult kick scooters

The steer support can break during normal use

Xootr of Old Forge, Pa., is recalling about 3,000 Xootr adult kick scooters.The steer support can break during normal use, posing a fall hazard to the...


Season’s Choice Frozen Sweet Peas recalled

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

ALDI and Lakeside Foods are recalling Season’s Choice Frozen Sweet Peas due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.No illnesses related to th...


Marin Mountain Bikes recalls bicycles

The rigid front forks on these recalled bikes can bend or break

Marin Mountain Bikes of Novato, Calif., is recalling about 380 Pine Mountain bicycles sold in the U.S. and Canada.The rigid front forks on these recall...


Here's yet another reason to get into shape

Rising obesity leading to more cases of metabolic syndrome

America's obesity epidemic has brought with it new health problems. There has been a spike in the number of people with high blood pressure and a big incre...


Twitter to launch lite version of its mobile platform

The service will cater mostly to users outside the U.S. or those with low data limits and poor connections

Consumers who have low data limits need to be careful when it comes to using their devices, but the launch of a new Twitter version may keep the tweets com...


Why it’s important to get a second opinion

Second opinions can lead to a more refined diagnosis, researchers say

When illness strikes, many consumers head to their doctor seeking a diagnosis. And while they may receive one, a new study suggests it may be in a patient’...


Classic Beatles album scheduled for re-release

It was 50 years ago today, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play...

Here's a wake-up call for aging Baby Boomers who might not be aware of how quickly time is passing. On June 1, it will be a half-century since The Beatles...


U.S. home prices on the rise in February

Analysts see no end in sight to the increases

The increases in home prices keep on coming.Property information provider CoreLogic reports its Home Price Index (HPI) shows housing prices across the...


Job cuts rise, jobless claims fall

The retail sector was March's biggest job cutter

Photo (c) kikkerdirk - FotoliaThe flurry of pink slips intensified a bit in March.According to the tally by outplacement consultancy Challeng...


Hyundai recalls model year 2017 Elantras

The vehicle may lose electric power steering assistance

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 99 model year 2017 Elantras.The recalled vehicles may have a damaged Electronic Power Steering (EPS) connector resul...


Zika infections reported in 44 states

March of Dimes issues new precaution to pregnant women

It's spring and the swallows have returned to Capistrano. Next come the mosquitoes.Mosquitoes are a problem because they tend to carry diseases, and la...


Which states are the most and least stressed?

WalletHub study finds stress levels soar in some Southern states

Stress can wreak havoc on our health, potentially leading to such issues as insomnia, high blood pressure, and even physical pain. While few are impervious...


Why staying motivated to achieve a goal can be so difficult

A study shows that our source of motivation tends to change over time

Having plenty of motivation can be great when setting out to achieve a goal, but it’s often hard to maintain. Whether it’s a promise to lose weight, learn...


Emissions from coal-fired power plant tied to low birth weight

The study looked at emissions from a Pennsylvania plant that drifted into New Jersey

Emissions from coal-fired power plants have previously been tied to health problems, including heart attacks, acute bronchitis, asthma, premature death, an...


When to book your summer vacation hotel

It's probably going to be different from when you book air travel

Savvy travelers know they can save money by booking air travel at just the right time. Ticket prices fluctuate significantly between the time the flight is...


Why knowing the price of a product could affect how much you enjoy it

Researchers say focusing on price makes the experience less relaxing

Do you ever find yourself agonizing over the price of something you’ve bought after the fact? Researchers from Vanderbilt University say it’s pretty common...


Amazon drops appeal of unauthorized charge case

Parents of kids who made in-app purchases in line to get refunds

After a year of appeals, Amazon is finally ready to accept a federal court's finding that it is responsible for in-app purchases made by children.The F...


Panera Bread sold to German group

JAB Holdings adds Panera to its growing portfolio of U.S. food companies

If you're a fan of Panera Bread, you might not have heard of JAB Holding Company, the German group that is buying the U.S. fast-casual chain for $7.5 billi...


Mortgage applications drop for third straight week

Contract interest rates were mixed

Mortgage applications were down again for the third time in as many weeks.The Mortgage Bankers Association reports applications dipped 1.6% during the...


March job growth stronger than February's

Last month's gains were broad-based

The economy continued to crank out jobs in March at a rate that has economists smiling.The ADP National Employment Report, produced by the ADP Research...


Model year 2014 Fiat 500Ls recalled

The vehicle may not accelerate as expected

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 25,593 model year 2014 Fiat 500Ls.The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software calibration maybe incorrect, limiting...


A slowdown in the services growth rate

Fifteen industries reported expansion in March

March turned out to be another good month for the non-manufacturing sector of the economy as it grew for the 87th consecutive month.According to the No...


New concerns about growing consumer debt

Annual survey finds consumers have more credit card debt, less in retirement savings

Consumers are turning to their credit cards once again, and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) warns that isn't a good thing.The orga...


Melting snow a toxic brew, researchers find

Urban snow soaks up pollutants and releases them in the spring

As spring brings warmer temperatures, the snow that remains in many areas will begin to slowly melt away. Unfortunately, as it does so it will release a to...


The teen job-search could get a little tricky this summer

We have some tips for snagging a job

Industries that usually hire teen workers appear to be scaling back this year even though the economy continues to show signs of strength.What that mea...


Are you worried about rising interest rates?

Consumers with a home equity loan might be

It's been years, it seems, since we've had a serious discussion about interest rates. Until recently, the debate has been over whether rates are too low, n...


Verizon to name Yahoo/AOL merger 'Oath'

The entity will be created pending a successful acquisition deal

You could say that Yahoo has been having a rough time of it lately. Two massive data breaches totaling over 1.5 billion in 2016 have mired it in a PR night...


Four common retirement mistakes

AARP says they all have to do with money

Retirement can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you aren't sure whether you're ready. There are emotional considerations as well as financial....


UPS expands Saturday ground delivery options

The company plans to roll out ground delivery and pick-up options nationwide

Want that package in time for Monday? UPS just might have you covered. The parcel service has announced a nationwide plan for expanding its Saturday packag...


Conagra recalls Hunt’s Chili Kits

The chili seasoning packet contained in the kit may be contaminated with Salmonella

Conagra Brands is recalling a limited amount of Hunt’s Chili Kits.The chili seasoning packet contained in the kit may be contaminated with Salmonella....


Mercedes-Benz recalls G550 4MATIC and G63 AMG vehicles

The door may not be opened properly

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is recalling 26 model year 2016 G550 4MATIC and G63 AMG vehicles.The cable that unlatches the door when the inner door handle...


Why a tiny house might not be a great investment

Trulia suggests they're a fad, and may be hard to sell later

A growing number of consumers who are convinced "small is beautiful" are embracing the "tiny house" movement.With home prices rising and inventories fa...


NetSpend settles with FTC for $53 million

The company was charged with using deceptive practices to sell prepaid card products to consumers

Back in November, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged NetSpend Corporation – one of the largest providers of prepaid debit cards in the U.S. – with...


Cord cutting may be getting easier

Verizon reportedly planning to launch streaming TV network

Pity the poor cable TV giants. Every day, it seems, brings new challenges in keeping subscribers, not to mention signing up new ones.The problem is an...


New car prices still going up

But red hot truck and SUV segments are cooling off

Consumers continue to pay more for new cars, purchasing more expensive vehicles with more options.The latest numbers from Kelley Blue Book (KBB) show t...


Increase in rents slows in March

But renters still face challenges in the months ahead

If you were looking for a home or apartment to rent last month, there wasn't a lot of good news.Overall, the rate of rent increases slowed a bit, to 2....


Manufacturing economy grows in March -- but at a slower rate

Seventeen of 18 industries reported expansion

March was another good month for U.S. manufacturing, although not as good as February.According to the Manufacturing ISM Report On Business, economic a...


Menu Del Sol frozen burritos recalled

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Sigma Alimentos Congelados, which produces burritos under the Menu Del Sol brand name, is recalling 201 cases of frozen beans and cheese burritos.The p...


Ford recalls more than 441k vehicles

The recalls cover three separate safety issues

Ford Motor Company is recalling more than 441,00 vehicles for a variety of safety issues.The first is for approximately 230,000 model year 2014 Ford Es...