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What to look for in a credit card

Don't just apply for the first card solicitation that comes in the mail

What makes a good credit card? Personal finance experts will tell you it all depends on how you plan to use it.Some cards have annual fees, others don't....


How long will folks choose cable over online programming?

With rising costs and sometimes nothing to watch, are the high costs of cable worth it?

Alright, so you've just plopped down on the couch after a hard day, and the only thing you want to do is zone out in front of the television.There really...


Olive oil and heat -- not a good combination

Researchers say overheating olive oil destroys its healthful qualities

It is the gourmet staple favoured by celebrity chefs for its health  benefits and distinctive taste.But shoppers who cook with extra virgin olive oi...


Four easy steps to a healthier lifestyle

It's all about taking care of your mind and body

You've seen the headlines; Americans are obese, eat the wrong kinds of food, get no exercise, suffer from high blood pressure and stress and generally are ...


Feds hammer illegal online pharmacies

The targeted websites sold unapproved prescription medicines

More than 9,600 websites that illegally sell potentially dangerous, unapproved prescription medicines to consumers have found themselves on the receiving e...


Fed remarks cited in surge of mortgage rates

The most common rate is at its highest level in nearly 2 years

Suggestions that the Federal Reserve could begin tapering its bond purchases later this year are being given some of the blame for a spurt in home mortgag...


Delta fined for violating bumping compensation rules

It's the airline's second violation in four years

When an airline oversells a flight, Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require it to seek volunteers willing to give up their seats for compens...


Tern folding bicycles recalled

The bike’s frame can crack at the hinge on the top tube

Stile Products is recalling about 175 Tern folding bicycles. The bike’s frame can crack at the hinge on the top tube, posing a fall hazard. The company ha...


Pre-paid cards: it's not just the fees

The problem with these cards isn't what you think it is

Pre-paid debit cards have always had a bad reputation with consumer advocates who have complained about their numerous and high fees. These cards can be ex...


Auto lenders to refund $6.5 million to service members

The MILES program engaged in deceptive marketing and lending practices

If you've ever driven through a town that hosts a military base, you can't help but notices the number of used car lots offering “great deals” for G.I.'s w...


Apple will pay $100 million to parents to settle in-app lawsuit

Action grew out of children racking up thousands in bills

Apple has settled a class action lawsuit over the practice of so-called “in-app purchases,” agreeing to pay a total of $100 million to parents ...


Cellphone spammer faces multi-million-dollar class action

Judge allows case against Wise Media to go forward

A federal judge left the bulk of a class action against a cellphone spammer intact, leaving it to face the music for charging millions of customers for unw...


Suit: Teen dies after downing two Monster Energy drinks

19-year-old died of a heart attack while having sex, his mother alleges

A California woman is suing Monster Beverage Corp., claiming her son died of a heart attack brought on by ingesting a "toxic amount of caffeine and other s...


Supreme Court kills part of Voting Rights Act

Stricken provision leaves future of the law in jeopardy

In a stunning decision Tuesday that shook the legal community and outraged civil rights leaders, the Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the Voting ...


How to find a good bail bondsman

Some might say they don't plan on getting arrested, but you never know

A bail bondsman or bail agent is one of those people you hope you never need but if you do, where do look? Well, the Internet of course, right?That's whe...


Pumping it up: personal spending, incomes rise in May

And, some good news for the labor market

Cash registers were buzzing, or ringing, or whatever it is they do, a little more during May. The government reports consumer spending rose 0.3% after fa...


A growing generation of couch potatoes

An NIH study shows just half of adolescents meet physical activity standards

Things are not looking good for the current crop of American adolescents as far as their health is concerned. Researchers at researchers at the National ...


Supreme Court strikes down key portion of DOMA

Decision based on equal protection grounds

The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act, ruling that the government’s refusal to recognize ...


ECRS recalls blue cheese chicken dip products

The products contain anchovies, an allergen not declared on the label

ECRS of Hollywood, Fla., is recalling 12,560 pounds of chicken dip products. The products contain anchovies, a known allergen which is not declared on th...


FTC talks tough to Google about paid search results

Failing to clearly distinguish paid from natural results could be deceptive, agency warns

Google, not exactly known for its journalistic expertise, has lately been lecturing newspapers and other news outlets about its objections to paid content ...


Most Americans work on vacation, say researchers

It's a combination of not being able to unplug and having pushy bosses

Summer time is a wonderful season for many reasons, but the fact that it's associated with lighter workloads and taking vacations makes it extra special....


Social media could be teen suicide prevention tool

Young people are reaching out, researchers say, but someone needs to pay attention

Teen suicide is the third-leading cause of death for people in the U.S. between the ages of 15 and 24. Only homicide and accidents claim more lives.The s...


Barnes & Noble backing out of the Nook-making business

BN says it will sell "co-branded" devices made by others

Did it ever seem like a good idea for struggling book retailer Barnes & Noble to go head-to-head against Apple, Amazon, Google and other rich and ...


Big house, big footprint

21% of homes account for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions

Energy hogPeople who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And environmental activists who live in big houses shouldn't be too quick to condemn ...


Crabgrass' secret: It poisons nearby plants

Gardeners have long thought the despised weed crowded out its neighbors; the truth is even worse

Ask your average gardener why the despised weed crabgrass is successful and he'll say it's because it grows fast and crowds out neighboring plants. But t...


Mortgage applications dip -- again

Rising interest rates are likely responsible

Fewer would-be homeowners applied for mortgages last week. Mortgage applications decreased 3.0% from one week earlier, according to data from The Mortgag...


IRS goes into CYA mode

The tax agency says it wants to 'ensure accountability'

In the wake of the continuing scandal surrounding its handling of reviews of tax-exempt applications, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- in the person o...


Uh-oh. Economy is weaker than we were led to believe

The government has revised its estimate of growth downward

Things aren't perking along so well after all. Turns out real gross domestic product (GDP) -- the output of goods and services produced by labor and prope...


Buying your first home? Here are your tax breaks

The tax code rewards homeowners, so take advantage of it

First-time homeowners often are quickly confronted with the trials and travails of home ownership. When something goes wrong, there is no landlord to call....


Why certain songs go viral and others don't

Is there a science to it? Is it luck? Or are some songs just that good?

Have you ever wondered what makes a song go viral? Why do some songs get passed around the Internet and some don't, especially when so many songs seem to h...


Home safety tips for seniors

Whether its preventing a fall or a fire, a few changes in your home can go a long way.

Being safe inside our homes should be an important concern for all of us, and it should be even more important for seniors.According to statistics releas...


Chantix may be effective against alcohol addiction

But will side effect issues hold up approval?

Chantix is marketed in the U.S. as a drug to help you stop smoking. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health says it may also help alcoholics stop...


FDA issues its first rulings on new tobacco products

Lorillard gets the OK for two new cigarettes but four other applications are denied

 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was given the authority to regulate tobacco products back in 2009 and today, it issued its first decisions -- ...


Delta's CEO does a good deed

He gives up his seat to a traveler trying to get home to Atlanta

Delta CEO Richard AndersonAnyone who's flown Delta in the last few years has seen the welcoming video from CEO Richard Anderson. A few may also have no...


What about all the white fruits and vegetables?

Researchers say consumers are ignoring them, and missing out on nutrients as a result

Sometimes going to the produce aisle of a supermarket is like going to an art exhibit.Whenever searching for your favorite vegetable or fruit, you'll usu...


Supreme Court overturns award to woman whose skin was burned off

It's "tragic," the Court held, but a narrow majority overturned lower courts' decisions

The Supreme Court has decided that Karen Bartlett won't get the $21 million lower courts awarded her. Bartlett's skin was burned off by a rare side effect ...


Modifications proposed for federal mortgage rules

Better consumer protection is the goal

Some clarifications and revisions are in store for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) January 2013 mortgage rules. “When we published our...


New home sales, prices on the rise

The nation's economic bright spot is growing brighter

The housing market is coming back with a vengeance in terms of sales and prices. Government figures show sales of new single-family houses rose 2.1% in Ma...


A 5-year high for consumer confidence

Optimism about the labor market and business conditions prevails

American consumers are more confident about the economy than they've been in more than five years. The Conference Board says its Consumer Confidence Index...


Blue Cross-Blue Shield takes the lead on Obamacare

Other insurers are hedging their bets but the Blues expect to be in nearly every state

We're just 100 days away from the Oct. 1 implementation of the state health insurance exchanges called for by Obamacare but some major insurers, not to men...


“Happy Birthday to You” wrongfully copyrighted, suit charges

The 1893 song has been licensed for years

The next time you sing "Happy Birthday," you may want to make sure you aren’t being video recorded, or at least that there aren’t any entertain...


Supreme Court upholds American Express arbitration agreement

The ruling against merchants is another blow to class actions

A decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday marked another blow to class action lawsuits -- and the consumers who bring them....


Georgia Student Sues Over Facebook Photo

School district official uses her bikini-clad image without permission, she says

The fact that Facebook photos are often accessible to the general public has spawned another lawsuit, this time from a Georgia college student who says a s...


Unpaid interns sue Gawker Media

Suit follows ruling setting intern pay guidelines

Three former interns are suing news and gossip website Gawker, claiming that they performed work for the site or its affiliates without compensation.Andr...


Assessing the genetic risk of breast cancer

Mutant genes can raise the risk but not as much as other factors

There are many risk factors associated with breast cancer, chief among them is being a woman. After that, age is a factor – as you get older your ris...


Despite increased safety warnings, ATV accidents mount

Sixteen year-olds in Georgia and Alaska die in the last week

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) continue to be popular vehicles in the U.S. but remain dangerous if not operated properly. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Comm...


Suit: Time Warner’s sports offerings inflate cable costs

It's just the latest complaint against cable bundling

Complaining about the cost of cable is a popular American pastime. But four California consumers have decided to stop talking and do something about it, fi...


Hostess Twinkies return to store shelves next month

The gooey, sugary snacks have been doing a slow bake in bankruptcy

How sweet it is -- Hostess Twinkies are returning to store shelves after a brief stopover in bankruptcy.New owners have taken over Hostess and say they'l...


Got savings? Not enough, according to a new survey

Most folks can't cover six months worth of emergencies

Laconic standup comic Rodney Dangerfield used to quip. “I have enough money the last me the rest of my life as -- long as I don't buy anything.” The man wh...


Beta Labs recalls dietary supplements

The products contain DMAA, which can elevate blood pressure

Beta Labs, a retailer of dietary supplements, is recalling Oxyphen XR Lot #s 200910 and 200911, Phentalene Lot # 58800512, Phen FX Lot # 1205129, and Red V...


Ross Stores to pay multi-million dollar civil penalty

The firm failed to report drawstrings in children's upper outerwear

Ross Stores will pay a $3.9 million civil penalty, resolving Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff charges that from January 2009 to February 201...


Online thieves love your social media page

Here are a few tips so your information doesn't get hacked.

Here's a question for you: When's the last time you put a new photo in a photo album? Remember those?Remember when most of us only took pictures once in...


Things to do on a summer 'staycation'

Staying home this summer doesn't have to be a drag

Even though the economy has shown signs of recovery and reports of summer travel have ticked higher, there are still indications the economy may prevent a...


FAA may change rules covering electronic devices

Current rules date back to the 1960s and an advisory panel says it's time for a change

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is said to be about to relax the ban on some types of personal electronic devices aboard commercial airliners at ...


Feds approve Plan B One-Step contraceptive for use without a prescription

The pill would be available over the counter for all women of child-bearing potential

Plan B One-Step (levonorgestrel) is now available as a nonprescription product for all women of child-bearing potential. The approval by the U.S. Food and...


Feds delay backup camera rule ... again

Cost analysis shows the cameras would cost $18 million per life saved

Ellen Adams speaking in AprilWhat's a human life worth? That's the question that is now holding up adoption of a rule that would require backup cameras...


USDA approves labeling non-genetically-engineered meat and liquid eggs

Meanwhile, a study finds that pigs fed a natural diet were healthier than those given modified foods

The U.S. Agriculture Department has approved a label for meat and liquid eggs that have not been produced with genetically-modified feed. To be eligible, t...


Sex offender "registry" named in class-action suit

The site charges a fee to remove inaccurate information, the suit alleges

A lawsuit charges that a website claiming to be a national sex offender registry is really in a different business, one that involves shaking people down f...


ATG replacement batteries for MacBook Pro recalled

The battery can catch fire while charging

Best Buy is recalling about 5,100 ATG lithium-ion batteries. The battery can catch fire while charging. The firm has received 13 reports that the battery...


Polaris recalls Ranger off-highway vehicles

The firewall behind the driver and passenger seats can overheat and melt

Polaris Industries of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 4.500 Polaris 900 EFI RZR recreational off-highway vehicles. The firewall behind the driver and pa...


Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablets recalled

The dosage may be higher than what is indicated on the package

Advance Pharmaceutical is recalling to the user level of the over-the-counter drug product, Rugby label Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablets, 81 mg, Lot 13A026....


Lyme disease not the only threat from ticks

Lone star tick is spreading out, carrying even worse diseases

As predicted, Lyme disease cases are increasing in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 25,000 Americans will ge...


Article traces ties between NSA, Silicon Valley

Government and business work together to learn all about you

If anyone needed to be convinced that the publishing business has been turned inside out, the news that Facebook's security chief quit to take a job with t...


It's a jungle out there: how to avoid animal attacks

Whether you're confronted by a vicious dog or a pesky bee, there are things you can do

A lot of people love animals. They love visiting them at zoos, coming home to them as pets, and viewing them in their natural habitats.But sometimes things...


Researchers develop new leukemia treatment

Survival rate above 80% in clinical trials

A new form of leukemia treatment may be available in the future, according to two recent studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Research...


What time is it? Ask your lettuce

Fruits, vegetables may be healthier if they remain exposed to night and day

Although fruits and vegetables are now sporting bar codes at some supermarkets, they don't come with built-in clocks. Or do they?In a new study this...


New silicone gel-filled breast implant wins federal approval

Post-approval safety studies are required to assess rare events

The MemoryShape Breast Implant, which is used to increase breast size (augmentation) for use in women at least 22 years old and to rebuild breast tissue (r...


Spring brings out the buyers as existing-home sales surge in May

Not only are they buying more, they're paying more

Buyer's market or seller's market, there's no escaping the fact that homes are selling -- and for more money. From the National Association of Realtors (N...


Tip Top Poultry recalls mechanically separated chicken product

The product may contain pieces of plastic

Tip Top Poultry of Rockmart, Ga., is recalling approximately 18,000 pounds of mechanically separated chicken product that may contain pieces of plastic, ac...


Kolcraft recalls strollers

The wheel rim can fracture and fly off as a projectile

Kolcraft Enterprises, of Chicago, Ill., is recalling more than 96,000 Kolcraft Jeep Liberty strollers The inner tube of the tire on the stroller can ruptu...


New York installing free mobile device charging stations

Move is a response to dead cell phone batteries after Sandy

In less than five years time, smart phones have become a critical part of modern life. That point was driven home last fall when Hurricane Sandy slammed in...


How to deal with a horrible neighbor

Things to do, things not to do and how long to cool down before you do anything

Whether you live in a city with millions of people or in a nice quiet suburb, the world can really feel like a crowded place sometimes.It's easy to feel ...


Handling dog and cat emergencies

How prepared are you? Do you know how to do CPR for your pet?

Completing any type of course feels good, but there's something about finishing a CPR class that gives you an extra special feeling.Knowing that you coul...


AMA officially declares obesity a disease

Will the classification will change the way the disease is treated or further stigmatize patients?

With one-third of Americans being obese, members of the American Medical Association (AMA) have voted to recognize obesity as a medical condition that requ...


Top 10 considerations when buying a house

Let pragmatism overrule emotion during your search

It's easy to fall in love at first sight with a house when you are looking for a new place to live, but letting your emotions enter the equation can spell ...


Drivers find that GPS systems are not foolproof

The turn-by-turn directions aren't always accurate, motorists say

It's an old joke that men won't stop and ask for directions. But with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) devices in so many cars today, they don't have to....


Study: Colonoscopy screening boosts survival rates

Routine screenings appear to have reduced overall rates of colorectal cancer

Routine screening colonoscopies have lately been criticized for their expense but a new study finds that patients whose colon cancer was identified during ...


Consumers loosen the purse strings

Analysts see 'moderate and steady' improvement

An improvement in real home prices, initial unemployment claims and real wages put consumers in a spending mood during May, pushing the Deloitte Consumer S...


National Beef Packing recalls ground beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli o157:h7

National Beef Packing of Liberal, Kan., is recalling approximately 22,737 pounds of raw ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7....


Chrysler agrees to inspect -- but not recall -- Jeep SUVs

Critics say the Jeeps are prone to deadly fires in rear-end collisions

Chrysler Group says it has resolved its difference and will inspect as many as 2.7 million older-model Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty SUVs that critics sa...


How our body image relates to our self-esteem

Experts say many of us don't like our bodies, but we should lighten up a bit.

You've probably noticed that more and more reality shows are being added to television these days. On just about every channel you'll see folks of all ages...


More companies advertising to gay consumers

And more efforts are being made to reach the friends and families of LGBT consumers

Research conducted by Witeck Communications shows the buying power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the United States is a...


Shopping for life insurance

Make sure you understand what you are buying

It's not a subject we like to think about, but it's prudent to plan for your death. Usually, part of that plan will include a life insurance policy.Life ...


Judge ponders Facebook 'sponsored story' settlement

Consumers who objected to their photos being used without permission would get $10

Facebook is asking a federal judge to grant final approval to a $20 million deal that would resolve litigation about “sponsored stories” ads....


Lifestyle Lift will present a new face in Florida

The company has reached agreement with the Florida Attorney General

Before & after photos from Lifestyle LiftLifestyle Lift advertises that it can "turn the clock back by tightening and smoothing your face and neck"...


Five reliable late-model used cars

These 2010 models should give you trouble-free performance, according to J.D. Power

When shopping for a late model used car, many consumers these days focus on fuel economy. But a close second criteria is reliability. No one wants to pay a...


Ad-blocking company sells data to ... that's right, advertisers

The Ghostery ad blocker blocks ads but collects data

You don't get something for nothing. Trite but true. Yet millions of consumers use ad-blockers hoping to get useful and entertaining content without paying...


Consumer prices, new home construction rise in May

Gasoline prices held the line, while the cost of food fell

Higher costs for housing and energy products sent prices on the consumer level slightly higher in May. Government figures show the Consumer Price Index (C...


Consumers Discuss Their Experiences with LifeShield Security

Peer reviews tell the real story about which company provides the best service

You can read a lot of articles and find a lot of advertisements for different home security systems but in the end, it’s the experiences of other consumers...


Mitsubishi recalls batteries used in 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles

Reduced voltage in the batteries could increase the risk of a crash

Mitsubishi Motors North America is recalling replacement lithium-ion batteries installed on certain 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles. The batteries were man...


The total cost of owning a dog

It's high but there are some very real benefits

There's no doubt that a lot of people love having dogs around.According to statistics released by DogHQ, a site that gives pet advice, 39% of U.S. househ...


Bank of America lied to homeowners, former employees charge

Statements filed in class action case say the bank rewarded employees for foreclosures

Hardly anyone has had a good word to say about how Bank of America conducted itself during the housing meltdown. In fact, the situation just seems to keep...


Food composting next on Mayor Bloomberg's to-do list

The mayor thinks New Yorkers will be enthusiastic about high-rise composting

Residents of New York City don't know what they've been missing all these years, and if Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way, they never will. No, we're not...


Avoiding home buyer's remorse

The excitement of purchasing a home sometimes gives way to second guessing

It's one thing when you order an exotic kitchen gadget you saw on a TV infomercial and later ask, “what was I thinking?” It's quite another whe...


Eating red meat linked to diabetes, study finds

Study of 149,000 Americans looked at eating habits over time

Eating more red meat over time is associated with an increased risk of type-2 diabetes in a follow-up of three studies of about 149,000 U.S. men and women,...


Car insurance rates decline in California, rise everywhere else

How's that possible? Strong oversight established by voters, that's how

The average California auto insurance expenditure declined between 1989 and 2010, while every other state in the nation saw substantial increases over that...


Baby Matters recalls Nap Nanny and Chill Infant Recliners

The recall resolves a complaint filed after the deaths of 5 babies

Baby Matters of Berwyn, Pa., is recalling all models of its Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill infant recliners and covers as part of the settlement of a case f...


Restless legs syndrome tied to early death

Study finds a strong association but doesn't identify a common cause

Some of the scare headlines read: "Restless leg syndrome can kill you." But in fact, a recent study merely links the syndrome with a higher risk of death. ...


Home builder confidence soars in June

Optimism is at a level unseen in 7 years

Confidence among the nation's home builders hit a level in June not seen since April 2006. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Ho...


Tarmac delays minimal for domestic flights in April

For international flights, it was clear skies

If you were took an international flight from the U.S in April, getting away on time was not problem. For domestic flights, though, there were a few dela. ...


GITI recalls Runway Enduro tires

A mold issue could cause the tires to develop splits

GITI Tire Company is recalling 218 Runway P235/60 R16 Enduro 816 tires manufactured in the second week of 2013 (DOT code 0213). Due to a tire mold issue,...


GM recalls SUVs with door lock problems

A short circuit could cause malfunctioning, smoke or fire

General Motors is recalling193,652 model year 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT and GMC Envoy XL and 2006-2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier...


How not to look like a tourist

Besides not wearing a camera around your neck, what are the other no-nos?

If you've ever lived in New York City for a period of time, you learn pretty quickly how to spot tourists.New York tourists are constantly looking up at ...


The WaxVac: We give it a test whirl

The company says it removes the excess wax from your ears. But does it really?

If you're a person who has a problem with excessive wax in your ears, then you know it can be annoying and sometimes a little painful.And using a Q-tip c...


Forget NSA. AOL may be watching you too

New AOL unit uses your webcam to monitor your facial expressions

It's been kind of amazing to longtime Washington operatives to see the response to the news that the National Security Agency has been monitoring telephone...


Primary care doctors needed – STAT!

Despite federal subsidies, med schools turning out fewer primary care doctors

They once were called family doctors. Now they are called primary care specialists and they are the doctors you see for aches and pains, fevers, rashes and...


Housing market continues to find stability

Indicators are promising but we aren't out of the woods yet

When home prices plunged in 2009 and 2010, millions of homeowners were stuck in place. They couldn't sell their homes or, when interest rates plunged, they...


Rising gasoline costs send wholesale prices higher in May

It's the first increase in three months

The cost of living on the wholesale level moved higher in May after posting declines in the two previous months. Government figures show the Producer Pric...


Ram trucks with lighting problems recalled

The trucks have turn signal indicator and headlamp glitches

Chrysler is recalling several Ram trucks because of problems in their lighting systems. The first involves 30,197 model year 2013 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 ...


Stride Rite recalls girl’s sandals

The metal flower on the shoe can detach

Stride Rite Children’s Group of Lexington, Mass., is recalling about 7,500 pairs of “Joanna” girl’s sandals. The metal flower on the shoe can detach, posi...


Survey: Distracted walking problem getting worse

People know they shouldn't, but do it anyway

Think about it. Five years ago smartphones were a rarity. People did not walk while texting, emailing or surfing the Internet.Now, of course, they do and...


Government spying revelations spur lawsuits

Tech companies named in class action, ACLU sues the feds

The furor that has erupted over PRISM -- the sweeping government surveillance program leaked to the public last week -- has now found its way into the cour...


Eyeball-licking craze blamed for eye infections

Japanese students succumb to blinding desire to lick their lovers' eyeballs

YouTubeEyeball-licking doesn't sound like much fun but it's apparently the latest odd fetish among young Japanese lovers. And like other sexual practic...


Life in LEGOland isn't what it used to be

LEGO characters are getting angry, raising questions about the impact on children

Lego seems harmless enough, right? Little pieces of plastic that kids can use to build things Next time you settle down for a spot of Lego with yo...


Controlling your brain to control weight

Over eating could be a product of how we are wired

There are many ways to lose or control weight. There are commercial diet programs, diet pills and old fashioned calorie counting.But taking neurological...


Ace Hardware takes top spot in J.D. Power study

It's the seventh consecutive year the chain has been No. 1 in home improvement

For the seventh year in a row, Ace Hardware has taken the No. 1 ranking in J.D. Power & Assoc.'s Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study. T...


Truckers win "How am I driving?" suit

Port of Los Angeles sought to require the stickers on trucks using the port

The Port of Los Angeles cannot force trucks to bear signs asking fellow commuters "How am I driving," the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.   &n...


More homeowners coming up for air

850,000 fewer homes were under water in the first quarter

Things are looking better for homeowners who are underwater, keeping in mind that “better” is a relative term. According to property information, analytic...


May retail sales post best gain in three months

Weekly jobless claims, meanwhile, suggest a strengthening labor market

Retail sales posted their best advance in three months during May, rising 0.6% from the previous month, and are 4.3% above the same period a year ago. Sal...


How to select a pest control company

A big part of the process is asking questions

Whether it's rodents or insects, controlling pests can be one of the unpleasant tasks of home ownership. Not only do pests raise health issues, but also ca...


Race to slaughter horses is stuck at the gate

Animal welfare groups object and states pull back on the reins

Photo credit: HorseFund.orgIt's been awhile since the U.S. Agriculture Department lifted its ban on slaughtering horses for their human consumption but...


Britain will enforce quality and purity of e-cigarettes

The popular nicotine delivery devices will be treated as over-the-counter drug products

Britain has decided to regulate electronic cigarettes, treating them as non-prescription medicine. That means the popular e-cigs will still be widely sold ...


Useful apps for the film buff

If you really like movies, there are some pretty cool ways to discover them

Every summer there's usually at least one movie for every type of film fan.This summer, "Iron Man 3" will probably satisfy those who like action and adve...


The benefits of attending community college

Lower tuition and less debt are just some of the reasons a community college might work

With the month of June now here, high school seniors from all around the country are getting ready to graduate.Many of them are slipping on their caps an...


What you need to know about a reverse mortgage

It's a costly loan and you might not get as much out of it as you think

If you watch cable TV you have undoubtedly seen commercials for reverse mortgages. They're pitched as a convenient way to take money out of your home while...


AAA study warns car-based infotainment devices are a "looming public safety crisis"

Even hands-free devices create dangerous distractions that can slow reaction time, study confirms

Automakers are stuffing cars with "infotainment" systems that include everything from GPS to Facebook. But a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic ...


Docs find a new path for unclogging heart arteries

The new procedure reduces bleeding complications dramatically

There's an old saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It appears there's a better route. New research published in the American Hear...


Salsa Cycles recalls bicycle forks

The bicycle fork can bend above the disc brake mount, posing a fall hazard

Salsa Cycles of Bloomington, Minn., is recalling about 1,700 Salsa bicycle forks. The bicycle fork can bend above the disc brake mount, posing a fall haza...


Chrysler recalls Dodge Darts

The vehicles may experience an engine stall

Chrysler is recalling 12,907 model year 2013 Dodge Dart vehicles manufactured March 1, 2012, through February 28, 2013 and equipped with a 1.4L MultiAir tu...


Consumers' hunger for local and organic food is driving online grocery business

Younger, time-pressed families are turning to online food shopping

Technology makes strange bedfellows. Just a few years ago, consumers who were fervent about eating locally-grown and organic foods had to get out their Bir...


Online dating produces better marriages?

Critics assail eHarmony-funded study. "They got their money's worth," one sniffs.

How did you meet your spouse or significant other? It's increasingly likely it wasn't in a bar, at your church's ice cream social or on a safari to Outer B...


Student loan rates set to double

There's little prospect Congress will extend the lower, subsidized rate

There's a lot of hand-wringing over rising levels of student debt but Congress, so far, has been unable to figure out a way to keep new loans from becoming...


Can the Apple brand regain some of its coolness?

The company will try with iRadio and iOS 7

It seems that Apple's music streaming service iRadio will be launched pretty soon, as the company just secured a deal with Sony/ATV.Finalizing the Sony a...


Inventive ways for kids to manage their diabetes

These tools are good for the parents and families of diabetic children as well

According to the American Diabetes Association there are 25.8 million people in the United States who live with diabetes and about 215,000 of those patient...


Overdraft charges a minefield for consumers, government study finds

Banks' policies are complex and vary so widely that consumers have trouble navigating them

It's no secret that trying to predict overdraft charges is about as simple as charting the orbits of the various comets and meteors that occasionally go ro...


How much money do you need for retirement?

Experts say you need 70% of your working life salary, but is that practical?

It's a question that has been asked for years but seems to gain more urgency as the second wave of the baby boom generation approaches retirement. Exactly ...


Are happy days here again?

Consumer Reports says Americans are shaking off their financial woes

According to at least one measure, people are feeling better about their financial condition than they have in several years. The Consumer Reports (CR) In...


Small-business confidence picks up steam in May

Job creation lags, though, raising questions about economic recovery

Owners of the businesses responsible for much of the job creation in this country were a more confident lot last month. But there seems to be something of ...


Preventing Burglaries: It’s Not Just Location, Location

Burglaries happen in all neighborhoods. The best prevention is a good alarm system.

Homeowners also need to beware of “smash and grab” thefts -- when criminals smash a window or door, grab a valuable item or two and make a quick escape. ...


Ford recalls small number of 2013 Fusions

A steering problem increases the risk of a crash

Ford is recalling 20 model year 2013 Fusion vehicles manufactured April 19, 2013, through April 23, 2013. The steering gears may be missing an internal r...


Does marriage counseling really work?

A lot of experts say no. Here's why

There are some things in life that can be difficult but beautiful, like raising a child. The joys certainly outweigh the challenges in most cases, but...


The way you watch TV affects how your child eats, say researchers

Other statistics show Latino children are exposed to junk food commercials the most

If you want your child to crave less junk food, you should watch your favorite shows in a different way.According to researchers at the University of Mic...


Should you take on a handyman special?

An FHA loan program might give you a hand

Over the last 18 months home prices have gained momentum to the point that some areas of the country have almost completely recovered from the 2009 housing...


Five used cars that offer good fuel economy

Hybrids and four-cylinders give used car buyers access to great gas mileage

New cars continue to offer improved gas mileage as carmakers respond to rising CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards. But what about consumers wh...


Experts recommend fewer restrictions on Avandia

The controversial diabetes drug is banned in Europe

Over the objections of consumer and drug safety advocates, a panel of experts has recommended that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ease restrictio...


CT scans in childhood raise cancer risk in adulthood

"No harm in looking" doesn't always hold true

CT scans can be lifesavers when a diagnosis is in doubt. But a new study suggests that their growing use in children poses an increased risk of cancer late...


California goes to bat for chickens, ruffling Iowa's feathers

Can California dictate how other states treat their hens? Congress will decide

As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to keep Congress out of the henhouse whenever possible but a dispute over the working conditions of egg-laying hens ha...


Study finds severe morning sickness, antihistamines not a good mix

Women who use them are “significantly more likely" to have problems

Ask any woman who has ever experienced morning sickness and she'll tell you it is a hideous experience that she'd do nearly anything to avoid. But “anythi...


Are you sure about your designated driver?

A study finds they aren't always on the wagon

No problem. One of the guys you've been out on the prowl with has said he'll be the designated driver tonight. But are you sure? A new study by researcher...


Adobe recalls high-powered magnets

When two or more magnets are swallowed, they can link together inside the intestines

Adobe of San Jose, Calif., is recalling about 500 high-powered magnets distributed with Adobe Connect “Effective Collaboration is Magnetic” promotional mat...


Online grocery business heats up but does anyone care?

Grocers think consumers are apathetic. Are they asleep at the wheel?

or all of America’s enthusiasm for e-commerce, when it comes to groceries, most U.S. consumers still shop in the Stone Age. And while many exper...


Consumers turning tables on payday lenders

Some are stiffing their lenders, claiming loans were illegal in their state

For years consumers have complained about abusive treatment at the hands of payday lenders. Triple-digit interest rates is just one area of complaint.Jen...


We take X8 Energy Gum out for a chew

Alert Energy Gum tasted horrible. Will X8 be any better?

Over the past couple of months, there sure has been a lot of talk about caffeinated gum. And at the center of that talk has been Wrigley's Alert Energ...


Online threats increase, get more serious

MacAfee report reports "hacker economy" thriving

While the world economy mostly just marked time in the first quarter of 2013, the “hacker economy,” populated by operators who use a large numb...


New rule would require labeling mechanically tenderized meat

The tenderizing process can drive toxins deep into the meat, contributing to food poisoning

"Mechanically tenderized" meat will have to be clearly labeled if a proposed U.S. Department of Agriculture rule goes into effect.Why? Well, it turns out...


GM includes free remote start on 2014 models

The service is provided through OnStar, even if customers don't buy the OnStar package

General Motors has been pulling out all the stops to promote its OnStar wireless communications service. The latest feature is free remote-start service fo...


If it isn't hot yet where you are, it will be soon

Here are some tips to help you keep your cool

Here's a basic fact of life: It gets hot in the summer. But even though everyone knows that, people by the thousands suffer heat-related injuries and illne...


Importer of banned children’s products draws prison time

Risks of choking, aspiration and ingestion were alleged

The president of LM Import-Export Inc., of Miami, Fla., has been sentenced to 22 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to traffic in...


Economy adds jobs in May, outstrips expectations

The unemployment rate, meanwhile, inched higher

A pleasant surprise in the May employment report as the economy added 175,000 jobs. The biggest increases in nonfarm payrolls came professional and busine...


Seven simple ways to reduce your stroke risk

Exercise, weight control and not smoking will help get you there

While much of our health is out of our control -- due to things like heredity -- there is a lot we can do to make things better. Take stroke prevention fo...


CODA vehicles recalled

The airbags may not deploy as intended

CODA Automotive is recalling 117 model year 2012 CODA vehicles. The side curtain airbags may have been improperly rolled during production which could ca...


Chrysler recalls Jeep models with seat belt, transmission fluid problems

But the company, which was bailed out by taxpayers, still refuses to recall Jeeps said to be fire-prone

Although it is refusing to recall 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokees that critics say are a fire hazard, Chrysler has announced two other Jeep recalls involv...


Identity stolen? Here's what to do

You must act quickly to minimize the damage

It's a sick feeling. You check your bank balance and find it at $0. Or you apply for a charge card at a retail store and are turned down because of bad deb...


Tips on saving money at theme parks this summer

Roller coasters are getting bigger, more attractions are being built, but it'll cost you.

If you and the family were planning to head to Disney World this year, you might want to save a few extra bucks.Ticket prices for the Florida based theme...


Could working for a small business be in your future?

Small businesses hold many opportunities but require some adjustments

It's an often cited statistic that small businesses in the U.S. hire the most people and create the most jobs. So if you are coming out of college or conte...


FTC cracks down on timeshare resale, travel scams

Feds and states launch takedown of schemes; 184 face criminal prosecution

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state agencies today announced a major takedown of timeshare property resale scams and phony or misleading travel pr...


Canada plans warnings on sunscreen containing vitamin A

The chemical has been linked to tumors and increased skin sensitivity

Just a few days ago, a study found that regular sunscreen use can keep skin looking younger. While that may be true, sunscreens containing retinyl palmitat...


Job cutting tapers off in May

So far this year, cuts are down 11% from 2012

Employers cut more jobs during May, but the pace of reductions is down considerably. According to outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, U...


Mortgage rates climb to benchmark highs, while jobless claims dip

Concern about Federal Reserve bond purchases is cited

Mortgage rates continue to move to higher ground, with the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) -- popular in refinancing -- above 3% for the first time in mo...


Gerber recalls machetes with stitched sheaths

The machete can cut through the stitching of the sheaths, posing a laceration hazard

Gerber Legendary Blades of Portland, Ore., is recalling about 91,000 Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machetes with stitched sheaths The machete can cut through ...


Feds back down on 'knives on board ruling'

An outcry by unions, law enforcement and the traveling public hit home

You won't be seeing people lugging knives, golf clubs, pool cues or baseball bats onto airliners after all. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)...


Keeping air conditioning costs under control

Reducing cooling costs will help you control your summer electricity bills

In many areas of the U.S. the months of March, April and May bring more moderate temperatures and lower heating and cooling costs.But the arrival of June...


Supermarkets shiver as AmazonFresh gets rolling

Will Kroger be the next Borders?

It's kind of a sad sight, actually. Watch carefully next time you're at the supermarket and chances are you'll find an employee trudging up and down the ai...

More unveils "Price Promise" program

Shoppers can get a guaranteed price online before they go to the dealer photoOne of the things car-buyers hate  is trying to pin down the price of the car they're interested in. The online car site Edmunds....


Connecticut out in front -- sort of -- on genetically modified food

A new law requires the labeling of genetically modified food, but only after four other states do the same

Monsanto "Roundup Ready" soybean plantsConnecticut's lawmakers are decisive, but only up to a point. The state's legislature has passed a bill that wou...


How to find a good roommate

Whether you're just leaving college or you're in your 40s, finding a roommate can be tricky

Okay, so you've finished college and now you're ready to give the real world a go.Before you dive in there will be a lot of things to consider. Like wher...


Protecting your personal info while on vacation

Experts say when you leave town, your guard is very low

There's nothing like taking a trip somewhere. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure,  getting on a plane, train or on a road trip c...


Supreme Court OK’s DNA samples for arrestees

Privacy advocates troubled by the court's ruling

Justice ScaliaIn a ruling that could have far-ranging implications for the criminal justice system, the Supreme Court on Monday gave its approval t...


Taco Bell shell-licking photo goes viral

Restaurant says shells were not slated to be served

Many veteran food inspectors will tell you that they refuse to eat out, having been permanently scarred by the unsanitary, stomach-turning things that they...


Consumers buying new cars in record numbers

May car sales suggest economy is gaining momentum

One way you can measure the health of the economy is to observe what consumers are doing with their money. In May, they spent millions of dollars buying ne...


Toyota recalling Prius and Lexus HS models

Braking glitch affects only 2010 Prius and HS 250h vehicles

Toyota is recalling 2010 Prius and Lexus HS 250h vehicles to fix a problem with the brake pressure accumulator....


New job creation falls short of expectations

May's rise in private sector employment exceeded April's -- but not by much

Private sector businesses created 135,000 jobs from April to May, a disappointing number following a downward revision in the April jobs total Figures rel...


Chrysler refuses to recall Jeeps

Feds and consumers say the Jeeps are prone to fires in rear-end collisions

Chrysler Group is refusing to recall 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty SUVs despite a request from federal safety regulators that it do so. ...


Does green coffee really help you lose weight?

Health experts say better clinical trials are needed to provide proof

Coffee lovers enjoy the rich aroma and strong taste of a freshly roasted cup of java, but could we be missing out on some of the beverage's benefits?Incr...


Frozen berries blamed for hepatitis A outbreak

At least 37 consumers have been sickened; company has not issued a recall

Frozen berries are being blamed for an outbreak of hepatitis A that has sickened at least 37 people, including 11 who were hospitalized. The Centers...


Getting your rental deposit back when you move out

Chances are, it will require some work on your part

Moving into a new place can be expensive, with one of the expenses being a security deposit, often equal to one month's rent. The only consolation is you g...


The benefits of couples working out together

Sometimes if one person in the relationship isn't in shape, it can cause problems

When it comes to working out, some people have it down to a science.Meaning they don't have to coax themselves into going to the gym and they're pretty c...


FDA urged to order ginkgo biloba off the market

Tests have found the popular supplement causes cancer in mice and rats

A consumer group wants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prohibit the sale of ginko biloba following a federal study that found the popular supplem...


Fan TV: What's all the hubbub about?

It seems people are really excited about this little black contraption

Between video streaming, using the DVR and watching television the traditional way, there are many ways for people to watch their favorite programs thes...


Fire Prevention and Your Home Security System

It takes more than a smoke alarm to fully protect your family

More than 3,500 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 18,300 are injured, most of them in fires in the home...


Consumers get a bigger bite in EA Sports settlement

Lawsuit claimed EA stifled competing football video games

Consumers covered by a class action lawsuit against EA Sports  have tripled their winnings without lifting a finger, thanks to a federal judge wh...


Listeria food poisoning: Who gets it and how to avoid it

Most recent outbreaks are linked to soft cheese and raw produce

It's almost impossible to read about food recalls without hearing that the reason for pulling the product from the shelves is Listeria contamination. It ca...


Four simple lifestyle changes can protect your heart

A healthier diet and more exercise are among them

If there were four things you could do that would make your heart healthier, would you do them? A no-brainer, right? According to a multi-center study le...


Judge dismisses eBay sellers' class action

Sellers said eBay didn't properly disclose all of its recurring charges

A federal judge dismissed, with leave to amend, a class action claiming that eBay should not have charged again every month it renewed listings for sellers...


Vocci Italian Food Products recalls lasagna products

The products contain egg, a known allergen not declared on the label

Vocci Italian Food Products of Kansas City, Mo., is recalling approximately 2,025 pounds of lasagna products because of misbranding and an undeclared aller...


Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company recalls Gouda cheeses

The products are contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes Type 1

Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company of Trumansburg, N.Y., is recalling 12 wheels of Gouda cheese manufactured on December 20, 2012. Product sampling re...


The return of CDs and vinyl records

There are still millions of folks who enjoy a physical album over a digital one

If you're over a certain age, then you probably remember purchasing music way differently than you do now.Remember going to your local music store?If y...


Websites to help you stay creatively inspired

Sure, many of us are creative types, but sometimes we need a little help

Let's face it. There are many people who have a creative side to them, but it's not alwasy easy to get inspired and bring that creativity out.Whether som...


Flip-flops: the ultimate summer footwear

But be careful; these popular sandals can be the source of injuries

If you're at the beach, nothing says summer more than a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of flip-flops. The simple sandals have been a part of casual summer attir...


Are you cool enough for Abercrombie & Fitch?

The company's CEO boasts that he wants only slim, cool customers

May hasn't been a good month for the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) Michael Jeffries.Since his 2006 interview with Salon magazine, when he said...


Gas prices spiked in May but are expected to taper off in June

Refinery maintenance is blamed for the May increases, which hit the Midwest especially hard

Gas prices spiked in May but may be heading down or at least tapering off in June as refinery maintenance winds down, analysts say. The national ave...


Helping recent grads get a job

Having a sharp career focus is key

A couple of recent articles in the financial press illustrate the plight of America's younger generation in the new economy.Rick Newman, writing for The...


Study finds reduced death rates among vegetarians

But do vegetarians simply follow healthier lifestyles all-around?

 Vegetarian diets are associated with reduced death rates in a study of more than 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists with more favorable results for men th...


Study: Statin users at higher risk of muscle injuries, joint diseases

The statins prevent death from heart disease but the benefit comes at a cost

Musculoskeletal Conditions, Injuries May Be Associated with Statin Use CHICAGO – Using cholesterol-lowering statins may be associated with m...


Preparing for the car of the future

A new federal policy will guide development of emerging vehicle technology

We could be getting into George Jetson territory here. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has put together a policy on vehicle aut...


Batten down the hatches -- it's hurricane season

You'll also want to follow these tips for safeguarding your tax records

It's hurricane season and for folks living along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts time to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Those preparation...


Twitter settles suit with TweetAdder

Suit said automation system was contributing to spam

Twitter has settled a lawsuit with TweetAdder, the Twitter automation system that Twitter has called among “the most aggressive tool providers and sp...