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What is a college degree worth in today's job market?

With jobs harder to find, the debate is heating up

The cost of a four-year college education keeps going up. Over the last four years it seems the number of jobs – at least full time ones – has ...


Aloe vera juice -- is it really a good idea?

Walmart touts its "health benefits" but NIH warns it causes intestinal cancer in rats

One of the latest supposed health crazes is drinks made from aloe vera -- you know, that stuff that's in shampoo and skin cream. But is this really somethi...


Fat & fit? Study says it's not impossible

Inflammatory markers may more precisely identify those prone to disease

Remember the firestorm of derision New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy brought down on himself when he claimed to be fat but fit? It turns out the governor may h...


Don't confuse store brands with generics

Both both may offer significant cost savings without sacrificing quality

To save money, more and more grocery shoppers pass up the name brand item for the cheaper name they may never have heard of. Consumers often refer to these...


Ticket agents fined for code-share disclosure violations

The companies failed to disclose how the flights were being operated

Violation of the Transportation Department’s (DOTs) rules on disclosure of code-share flights is costing three companies nearly $200,00. DOT levied a $10...


Same-sex marriages to get equal federal tax treatment

The decision follows the Supreme Court decision on theDefense of Marriage Act

In the eyes of the federal government, all marriages are created equal when it comes to taxes. Both the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Servic...


Cycle Gear recalls motorcycle helmets

Some of the headgear does not comply with federal safety standards

Cycle Gear is recalling 222 Street & Steel brand Big Bore model motorcycle helmets, sizes Extra Small and Small, manufactured in December 2012. Durin...


Westlake Foods expands pork product recall

Two more products have been added to an earlier list

Westlake Foods of Santa Ana, Calif., is expanding an earlier recall of cured pork products to include and additional 69,123 pounds products. The...


Beijing Capital Tyre recalls Autoguard tires

The tires contain incorrect maximum load load data on the sidewall

Beijing Capital Tyre Co. (BCT) is recalling 2,711 Autoguard LT245/75R16 tires manufactured June 25th, 2012, through November 11th, 2012. These tires faile...


Lone Star Western Beef recalls beef jerky products

The product was not processed at the correct temperature to ensure safety

Lone Star Western Beef of Fairmont, W.Va., is recalling approximately 109 pounds of beef jerky products due to a processing deviation....


Vitamix recalls 64-ounce low profile blender container

The blade can break, creating a laceration hazard

Vita-Mix Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, is recalling about 169,000 Vita mix 64-ounce low profile blender containers in the U.S and Canada.The bla...


Boomers and Gen-Xers: Two different takes on retirement

The generations are at different stages, but both need to have plans

Everyone, if they live long enough, will look forward to retirement but not everyone is at the same place when it comes to building a retirement strategy. ...


DHS cops roust doctors, parents holding news conference at HHS

Public Citizen was airing concerns over ethical standards covering testing on infants

The Department of Homeland Security descended on a press conference being conducted by Public Citizen outside the Washington offices of the U.S. Department...


Bedbugs headed back to school too

The pest is expected to show up in dormitories this fall

Bedbugs were once a common problem in the U.S., but after World War II and a public health campaign that included heavy use of pesticides, the problem of t...


Court boots hotel owner's lawsuit challenging TripAdvisor

Grand Resort Hotel was described as "one of America's dirtiest"

A Tennessee hotel owner who sued TripAdvisor for $10 million has been told there's no room for him in court. A federal judge dismissed the suit filed by Ke...


Toyota developing wireless battery charging system for plug-in Prius

The company says the next Toyota Prius will get even better fuel economy

There are wireless chargers for smartphones, so why not for cars? That seems to be the thinking at Toyota, which will begin testing a wireless battery-char...


Military retirees sue retirement home chain

The veterans say they were lured into rent they can't afford

A lawsuit charges that a nationwide chain of retirement homes preys on elderly veterans, luring them into expensive housing plans on the promise that their...


The economy steps it up

Government figures show a solid pickup in growth

Things seem to be going a lot better for the economy than recent reports would indicate. In it's second look at second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP...


Southwest agrees to set 'em up

Long-running bar fight over drink coupons is settled for $29 million

Talk about a bar room brawl. You promise to buy somebody a drink sometime and when you don't, they and all their friends pile onto you.That's basically w...


Pride Foods recalls of beef pattie and chub products

The products contain soy, an allergen not declared on the labels.

Pride Foods of, Raiford, Fla., is recalling approximately 116,404 pounds of beef pattie and chub products.The products contain soy, a known allergen...


Baby Jogger recalls car seat adaptors

The support bars can fail, posing a fall hazard to children

Baby Jogger of Richmond, Va., is recalling about 30,000 car seat adaptors for strollers on the U.S. and Canada. The car seat adaptor support bars can fail...


Maximizing your points, rewards and other perks

Expert says you should manage them like any other asset

In the competition for customers, banks and credit cards tend to offer their customers incentives that can add up to cash or discounts on purchases. A savv...


Homeland Security: Android platform attracts the most malware

Syrian attacks on New York Times could have exposed readers to malware

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has released a new report that highlights the fact that Google’s Android platform accounts for the...


Facebook releases spy data; ACLU files opening brief

Facebook says it granted about 20,000 data requests from the U.S. in the first half of 2013

Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, now hiding out in Russia, charges that major Internet companies routinely hand over data on millions of thei...


State actions against payday lenders prove effective

Western Sky to stop funding loans Sept. 3

Both the states and the federal government have jurisdiction when it comes to policing the payday loan industry, to ensure consumers are protected against...


First look: Google Glass used in surgery at Ohio State

Surgeon confers with colleague during surgery, students watch on their laptops

Google Glass initially appeared to be just another frivolous, time-wasting, geekish gadget but it may turn out to be quite a few practical applications as ...


Honda Odyssey makes safety history

It's the first minivan to earn the IIHS "TOP SAFETY PICK+" award

For the first time ever, a minivan has earned the top safety designation given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The 2014 Honda Odysse...


Pending home sales dip in July

But year-over-year, the gauge of home-buying activity is higher

The weight of higher mortgage interest rates is being blamed for a decline in pending home sales during July. Figures released by the National Association...


Mortgage applications drop for third straight week

The refinancing share of the market is down sharply from its recent peak

Applications for mortgages are down again -- the third time in as many weeks. Mortgage applications decreased 2.5 percent from one week earlier, According...


Gas prices below a year ago as Labor Day approaches

Welcome news for 29 million expected weekend travelers

Drivers across the country continue to enjoy discounted pump prices versus a year ago, which is good news for those planning to hit the road for the upcomi...


Back-to-school shoppers hit stores early

Retailers say its all because of promotions

Moms and dads with kids in tow were back at the malls and stores early in search of back-to-school bargains, according to the National Retail Federations (...


How people see their own health in 2013

And what other health issues are people concerned about?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, many experts say getting enough sleep is a big part and there have been numerous studies, statistics and findi...

More recalls of 72HP, Evil Root and Pro Power Max

The products are said to contain sildenafil, which is not listed on the labels is recalling 1000 lots of 72HP, Evil Root and Pro Power Max. According to representatives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the...


What to do when your dog gets arthritis

As dogs age they, like humans, suffer from aches and pains

As your dog ages he or she is subject to many of the same ailments you are. If they live long enough they are likely to suffer from arthritis, a crippling ...


Foreclosure crisis over? The data is mixed

The trend is encouraging but trouble spots remain

By most accounts, a building wave of foreclosures served as the catalyst for the housing market meltdown and financial crisis of 2008. Five years later the...


Facebook settles "sponsored stories" lawsuit for $20 million

Users will get about $15 each, the rest going to non-profit privacy groups

A U.S. district court judge has approved a $20 million settlement to be paid by Facebook to users whose names and likenesses were used in "sponsored s...


Rising mercury levels in fish blamed on coal-burning power plants

The coal contains mercury which is released by burning and eventually returns to earth

Mercury levels have been steadily rising in fish and a new study suggests the mercury is coming from coal-burning power plants as far away as China and Ind...


The climb in home values continues

Cities in the West are leading the advance

There doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the rise in home prices across the nation. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, the National ...


Website makes it easier to check a drug's side effects

"Symptom Checker" compares your symptoms to a drug's known side effects

Unless you haven't noticed, there are a number of websites that allow you to type in a certain symptom to see if you have an illness or not.But there are...


Consumer: Economy looks pretty good

Business, job and earning prospects help boost confidence

Maybe things aren't so bad after all. That seems to be the attitude of consumers, who were a little more upbeat about the economy in August than they were...


CDC: U.S. schools are becoming healthier

Improvements are seen in areas including nutrition and PE

A new study released by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests the nation's schools are becoming healthier places for the k...


Will you qualify for a subsidy under Obamacare?

If so, your healthcare costs could go down in January

The Affordable Care Act tends to divide people along ideological lines, but come January it will also divide consumers along mostly economic lines.Many p...


Bed-sharing with baby: fun but not safe

Experts say the safest solution is to bring baby's crib into the parents' bedroom

Things change from one generation to the next. Take dogs. It's become increasingly common for dog owners to share their beds with their dogs. So it's only ...


Beware of smartphone snatchers

Mobile devices are highly prized by street thieves

Here's something else to worry about when you are out in public. Thieves are increasingly targeting consumers with smartphones in their hands, grabbing the...


New York sues "Trump University," settles with Career Education Corp.

State goes to war against for-profit schools, says Trump was deceptive "in every stage"

New York's attorney general had no more than arrived at a $10 million settlement with one for-profit school than he was onto the next one, suing Donald Tru...


New drinkware hopes to reduce date rapes

When glass and straw detect common date-rape drugs, they turn red

It's a difficult truth to swallow, but the possibility of someone getting date raped is relatively high.According to statistics released by the Universit...


Chrysler recalls Fiat 500e electric vehicles

The half shaft joints may loosen and separate, increasing the risk of a crash

Chrysler is recalling 491 model year 2013 Fiat 500e electric vehicles manufactured December 16, 2012, through August 13, 2013. The half shaft joints may ...


Better understanding pet food contamination

Expert says Salmonella can occur between the factory and the food bowl

Pet food recalls seem to be on the increase. A number of brands from different manufacturers have been recalled this year because of a risk of foodborne il...


Paper or plastic? Activists say it's the wrong question

More cities are taking steps to encourage reusable grocery bags

When you go grocery shopping, the person bagging your groceries will normally ask, “Paper or plastic?” Many consumers don't give it much though...


Feds probe ceiling fires in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees

Consumers say the fires started in the headliner near the right-side sun visor

Safety regulators have opened an investigation into reports that the ceilings can catch fire in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. The National Highway Traffic...


Lyme disease may be more prevalent than we think

The CDC says the number of reported cases may not even be close

Each year, more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention )CDC), making it the most commonly reported ti...


Feds issue new standards for baby cribs with play yards

New rules aim to prevent improper assembly, which can cause catastrophic collapse

Baby Trend play yard recalled in 2001The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued new construction and testing standards for baby c...


Precious metal marketers settle FTC charges

Consumers allegedly were not given the full story on their “investment”

Telemarketers who allegedly conned older consumers out of nearly $5 million have been ordered to knock it off. The settlement with the Federal Trade Commi...


Study: If you had siblings growing up, you'll have a stronger marriage

And researchers explain why that is. Well, sort of

If you grew up with siblings, you have a lower chance of getting divorced as an adult. At least that's what researchers from Ohio State University say.Do...


Back to school is more than the three Rs

Here are some tips for a safer and healthier year

If you have kids, you have either sent them off to school for the new year or are preparing to do so. But heading back to class involves more than schedul...


New home sales collapse in July

Home prices, meanwhile, head higher

After a strong surge in June, sales of new single-family houses plunged 13 .4% in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 394,000. That's the largest...


Cancer researchers want more e-cigarette study

But some concede this smoking substitute could prove beneficial

Major tobacco companies are showing enthusiastic interest in electronic, or e-cigarettes. And why not? These devices deliver the nicotine in a flavored vap...


UPS loses priest's clothes, seeks absolution

UPS blames the UPS Store for misaddressing the package and refusing to help the consumer

It’s a common trick among cross-country travelers to avoid the burden of heavy packages or high baggage fees by sending items to yourself rather than...


CBS signs with Verizon, offering consumers an alternative to Time Warner

Time Warner has blacked out CBS in major markets in a contract dispute

While the struggle between CBS and Time Warner over license fees is an inconvenience for millions of consumers, it's turning into an attractive opportunity...


Mortgage servicing problems turn up at banks

Federal examiners also find lack of “robust compliance systems”

Banks and nonbanks just aren't getting it done when it comes to mortgage servicing and following federal laws. That's the conclusion drawn by a report issu...


Survey: Americans not as concerned about drunken, aggressive driving

New carefree attitude coincides with a 5.3% increase in traffic fatalities

Cars may be getting safer but could it be that drivers are getting more careless? That seems to be the message behind a new AAA survey that finds Amer...


Mortgage rates surge to 2013's highest levels

The Federal Reserve's bond purchase program is cited

Average rates for fixed mortgage rates (FRMs) shot to their highest levels of the year this week as the market focused on the the expectant release of the...


Chicago hospital accidentally destroyed frozen sperm

Dozens of patients lost their chance to reproduce, they charge in a class action lawsuit

Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital negligently destroyed frozen sperm samples, costing dozens of men and women their chance to have children, a serie...


The economy: home prices, jobless claims rise

Yet another indication that the housing comeback is for real

The value of what is probably your largest asset continues to rise. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) says its House Price Index (HPI) was up was ...


Debt "relief" company draws fire from the feds

Morgan Drexen is accused of charging illegal fees and lying to consumers

Charging illegal upfront fees and deceiving consumers are among the charges facing Morgan Drexen, Inc., in a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protec...


Hoarding: how your possessions can take control

It's a serious problem for a growing number of people

One aspect of our consumer society is that we are always buying things. Some things, like food and beverages, we consume and replace. But other things are ...


What to look for in a pet-friendly hotel

Cheaper hotels let your pet stay free, posher properties usually charge a fee

Increasingly, when America hits the road, pets go along for the ride. While consumers have always traveled with their dogs and cats, finding a hotel to acc...


Is Internet access and smartphones really what Third World countries need?

Critics see a certain amount of self-interest behind Zuckerberg and Google's grand plans

Zuckerberg discusses his idea in this worshipful CNN pieceFirst it was Google with its idea of floating antenna-equipped balloons over impoverished are...


Apple iTunes Radio debuts next month; Google talking with NFL

Apple has a lot of top-drawer advertisers lined up for its version of Pandora

Pandora may be feeling about the way Borders did a few years ago, although it insists things are just fine, thanks.Apple iTunes Radio is about to take to...


Windows 8 antivirus software scores dead last in German tests

The free software from Microsoft was outperformed by every other suite tested

By nearly any measure, Windows 8 has been a bust. Its truly bizarre desktop has gotten the most criticism but unnoticed until now has been the performance...


July brings a rebound in existing-home sales

Prices continue their increases

It's hard to keep the market for previously-owned homes down. After declining to an annual rate of 5.06 million in June, sales of existing homes -- which ...


Colleges too expensive and selective? Try Europe

Export yourself! Americans can save time and money at European universities

Wikipedia photoIt's getting harder and harder for students to get into the college of their choice, not to mention the difficulty of paying $50,000 or ...


Cool gadgets for the physically active

Whether you love to swim, golf or play tennis, there's a gadget out there for you

Unless you haven't noticed, summertime will be done in a little over a month, which means now is a fine time to get outside and participate in all of the s...


Jesta Digital/Jamster settles FTC cramming charges

The settlement includes consumer refunds and a hefty fine

Consumers whose cell phone bills were allegedly crammed by Jesta Digital are in for a refund. In addition to the refunds, Jesta -- which also does business...


Jack Rabbit dietary supplement recalled

The product contains Sildenafil and Tadalafil making it an unapproved drug

Jack Rabbit Inc., has launched a nationwide recall of one lot of its dietary supplement product sold under the name, Jack Rabbit. The product was found t...


Selling your used car

Just as in buying a car, there are things you should know

It's time to get another car. You have your eye on a new one or a late model used car to replace your current set of wheels. First, however, you have to do...


Judge orders FDA to pick up the pace on food safety

Two years after Congress ordered it to do so, the agency has not implemented the new food safety law

After listening to lengthy arguments from the Food and Drug Administration, a federal judge has reached the same conclusion as the General Accounting Offic...


Middle class caught in a wage-price squeeze

Health care, education, housing and gasoline depleting net worth

Suddenly, it seems everyone is talking about the middle class, that group of Americans that once earned a comfortable living, lived in a comfortable home a...


Google Glass could play a big role in public safety applications

Glass doesn't have to be just the plaything of frivolous nerds, technology group argues

Mutualink's Michael Wengrovitz demonstrates Google Glass public safety applicationsEven before its widespread availability, Google Glass has been the but...


It's turning into a bad week online

First Google, now Amazon run into problems that leave their users high and dry

You've heard the phrase "bad technology day." Nearly everyone has them now and then, but not on the scale we've seen the last few days.On Friday, Google ...


Ready for retirement? If not, you're not alone

A new survey says most people have not stepped up their savings

With each passing year you get closer to retirement. So, it would make sense that each year you squirrel away a little more as that time approaches, right?...


Certegy to pay multi-million dollar fine

The consumer reporting agency is accused of numerous credit reporting violations

One of the nation’s largest check authorization service companies will pony up $3.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated the...


Herbal Give Care recalls Esbelder capsules

The vitamin supplements contain undeclared ingredients makes them unapproved drugs

Herbal Give Care is recalling all lots of Esbelder man (30 capsules), Esbelder fem (30 capsules) and Esbelder siloutte (30 capsules). The products have b...


Exercise not a quick fix for insomnia

You'll have to be a little patient if you want a good night's sleep

Okay, so you've been struggling with insomnia for the past several months, and you've finally decided to do something about it.First you hit the Internet...


What's behind America's obesity problem?

Maybe it's the economics of food, not just the food itself

Except for Arkansas, no state saw an increase in obesity rates in the past year, according to the latest report from the Trust for America's Health (TFAH) ...


Petition seeks end to NSA's domestic spying

Privacy group says the spying program is illegal and unconstitutional

EPIC, joined by over 3,000 members of the public, leading privacy experts, and journalists, has petitioned the National Security Agency for the n...


Samsung's watch-like phone to be unveiled next month

Apple reportedly still plans to introduce its device later this year

Google Glass, who needs it? Samsung will introduce a wristwatch-like device named the Galaxy Gear next month that can make phone calls, surf the Web a...


Specialty Compounding clarifies sterile medications recall

The company says the recall applies to all unexpired products

Specialty Compounding has issued a clarification to its August 12 recall of sterile medications. The company previously said the recall applied to all une...


Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vehicles recalled

The right front axle shaft may fracture

Hyundai is recalling 20,300 model year 2013 Santa Fe Sport vehicles manufactured July 13, 2012, through March 12, 2013; and equipped with 2.4 liter engines...


Ford revises C-Max mileage estimates, plans $550 refunds for customers

The automaker insists it did nothing wrong and the EPA, which is revising its rules, agrees

Owners of the Ford C-Max hybrid will be getting a check for $550 from Ford, as compensation for what the company now concedes was a mileage estimate that d...


Diesel: A high-mileage alternative to hybrids

This new breed of diesel is also a lot cleaner

Automakers have made great strides in increasing fuel efficiency of all manner of cars and trucks. Not only are electrics and hybrids beginning to change t...


Are governments trying to make you run a red light?

Critics charge some governments are trying to rig the odds to maximize revenue

Cameras at traffic signals, known to drivers as “red light cameras,” are there to catch you if you blow through a red light. The chances of a p...


Can you really be addicted to your smartphone?

It could be taking its place alongside drugs and alcohol

Addiction is a powerful word that gets thrown around a lot these days. There's drug addiction and alcohol addiction – we're all familiar with that. T...


Lawsuit challenges "Heart-Check" endorsement for Campbell's soup

The suit charges the American Heart Association of selling its "Heart-Check" indiscriminately

A lawsuit charges that the American Heart Association (AHA) defrauds consumers by selling its "Heart Check Mark" to Campbell Soup and other processed-...


Coffee consumption linked to early death in under-55 drinkers

New study contradicts findings that coffee may be beneficial

You can find all kinds of studies claiming beneficial effects from coffee but a new study finds that drinking four cups a day raises your risk of dying pre...


Study: Craigslist took $5 billion bite out of newspapers

It's not the "free news" on the Internet that's killing newspapers

By offering buyers and sellers a free alternative to paid listings in newspapers, online classifieds site Craigslist saved users about $5 billion from 2000...


JetBlue hooks up with British Airways

The carriers will connect their routes at JFK, IAD, BOS and MCO

JetBlue Airways and British Airways today announced an "interline" agreement, meaning they will marry their reservations and ticketing systems so that a pa...


New home construction surges in July

Multi-family units accounted for all of the gain

Construction of new homes shot higher last month, rebounding from June's big decline. Government figures show housing totaled an annual rate 896,000 in Ju...


Samsung is first company to get UL safety certificate for new printer

The new safety standard covers a broad range of high-tech products

Samsung is the first company to be awarded a new safety certificate from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) covering high-tech products.The award is for Sams...


Feds expand Chilean chicken recall

Risk of illness is said to be 'negligible'

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has expanded the amount of product being recalled by the Chilean Ministry of Health. After official notificat...


IKEA Recalls junior beds

The metal rod connecting the guard rail to the bed frame can break

IKEA North America Services of Conshohocken, Pa., is recalling about 40,000 KRITTER and SNIGLAR junior beds. The metal rod connecting the guard rail to th...


Char-Broil recalls Patio Bistro Gas Grills

The electronic ignition on the grill can ignite unexpectedly

Char-Broil of Columbus, Ga., is recalling about 71,200 Char-Broil Gas Patio Bistro Grills. The electronic ignition on the grill can ignite unexpectedly, p...


You don't have to go to a warehouse to buy in bulk

Spokane start-up gives new meaning to 'food truck'

Warehouse clubs like Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale Club and Costco have become fixtures in the retail universe with their ability to sell huge packages of foo...


Ford will lower mpg ratings of the C-Max Hybrid

The car had been billed as Ford's Prius-killer but didn't live up to initial claims

In a blow to its corporate pride, Ford is reducing the fuel-economy rating of its C-Max Hybrid, a car the automaker had touted as a Prius-killer, according...


So is Gmail private or not?

Consumer group says Google speaks with forked tongue

Google and a California non-profit, Consumer Watchdog, are hurling accusations and insults today over whether consumers should really expect their emails t...


Why you really should test drive a car before you buy it

How you fit into the car is very important

With automotive websites, it's possible to shop for a car and negotiate a deal without setting foot inside the showroom. While some consumers may like the ...


Hackers branching out to newly-networked smart devices

Baby monitors, home security systems, smart cars, medical equipment -- all are vulnerable

It took awhile but consumers are becoming more vigilant about protecting their computers and smartphones against hacking and malware. Unfortunately, hacker...


The high cost of excessive drinking

Billions of dollars are lost -- and that may be a low-ball estimate

Time is money. And, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so is booze. According to a new study released by the CDC, excessi...


Consumer prices edge higher in July

Shelter, gasoline and food costs led the advance

Consumer prices edged higher in July as Americans shelled out more for food, gasoline and shelter. Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show...


Chrysler recalls RAM 3500 trucks

There may be a loss of power transfer through the transmission to the wheels

Chrysler is recalling 85 model year 2012 RAM 3500 trucks manufactured May 4, 2012, through August 7, 2012; and model year 2012 RAM 4500 and 5500 trucks man...


John Deere recalls compact utility tractors

The spring locking pins in the rollover protective system (ROPS) can break

Deere & Company of Moline, Ill., is recalling about 7,000 compact utility tractors. The spring locking pins in the rollover protective system (ROPS) can b...


Can you cash in on the housing rebound?

Maybe, but not the way you did before the Great Recession

The real estate market has come a long way from the depths of the Great Recession, which froze sales and sent home values plunging. Now, both sales and pri...


Feds want carmakers to make recall notices more noticeable

By next year, consumers will be able to search by VIN number to check for recalls

Anyone who's ever tried to chase down automobile recall information may welcome the news that federal safety regulators are trying to make the process a li...


Coke tries to rehabilitate aspartame

Consumers "can feel good about" artificial sweeteners, new ads claim

Coca-Cola and other soft-drink manufacturers are feeling backed into a corner. Their sugary drinks are lambasted for contributing to the obesity epidemic a...


What to look for in mobile cloud-based storage

Robust encryption and remote wipe can help protect your data

Hackers and identity thieves are increasingly focused on mobile computing. With so many smartphones and tablets now, mobile is increasingly becoming how co...


Clues to stroke risk may be found in the eyes

High blood pressure is the common denominator

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Now, some doctors believe that the eyes may also be a window to a person's stroke risk. Research...


Researchers pick out the best family-friendly restaurants

And parents convey what's most important to them when dining out with the family

Besides the tasty food, what is it about eating out that strikes our fancy?Is it the ambiance of a restaurant that attracts us? Is it the convenience of ...


Mortgage applications reverse course, decline again

Adjustable-rate mortgages appear to be growing in popularity

After posting their first increase since June last week, applications for mortgages were down again in the week ending August. 9. Data from the Mortgage B...


Holding the line on inflation

Producer prices were unchanged in July after rising in June and May

Following fairly hefty increases the two previous months, prices one step shy of the retail level held steady in July. Figures from the Bureau of Labor St...


Just three tarmac delays in June: two domestic and one international

The performances were a big improvement over May

It was 2-1 for the domestic flights in terms of unacceptable tarmac delays in June. In other words, airlines reported two tarmac delays of more than three...


Beijing Capital Tyre recalls tires

The tires may crack in the tread area leading to sudden air loss

Beijing Capital Tyre (BCT) is recalling 2,711 Autoguard LT245/75R16 tires manufactured June 25th, 2012, through November 11th, 2012. These tires failed th...


NY sues payday lenders Western Sky Financial, CashCall

Companies told borrowers they were exempt from New York law

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that his office has filed a lawsuit against Western Sky Financial, LLC, CashCall, Inc., WS Fu...


More meat eaters are eating mock meat

But that doesn't mean they're giving up meat entirely

I'm a pescatarian, but I eat a lot of vegetarian food and alternative meats.One thing I love doing is searching around my area for new vegetarian restaur...


Tracking of customer returns raises privacy concerns

It's been going on for nearly 10 years but the practice is attracting new scrutiny

The next time you go to return an item, take a look at the back of your receipt. It may warn you that your actions are being tracked.Retailers say it's all...


Feds, states challenge American-US Airways merger

Merger would reduce competition, hurt smaller airports, suit alleges

 Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced today that the State of Texas, along with Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, the Distr...


Don't get stuck with a subprime loan if you can avoid it

Study shows high-income minorities more likely to be sold subprime loans

When you apply for a loan, whether it's to purchase a home or an automobile, the lender is going to make a determination about your creditworthiness. If th...


Retail sales post fourth straight gain in July

Gasoline sales account for a sizable portion of the increase

Consumers continued to do their part during July to keep the economy growing. Government figures show retail sales were up 0.2% last month, building on an...


Credit card delinquencies and debt near two-decade lows

TransUnion expects the trend will continue into the near future

Consumers appear to be paying closer attention to the debt they're running up on their plastic. TransUnion reports the national credit card delinquency r...


Playing with laser toys is not always kid stuff

Mishandling the devices can have serious health consequences

Lasers are cool! Just ask anyone who has seen Luke Skywalker battle Darth Vader with a lightsaber. Cool as they might be, the highly-concentrated light f...


Feds okay new HIV infection treatment drug

The newly approved medication can be taken by a broad range of patients

Tivicay (dolutegravir), a new drug to treat HIV-1 infection, has won the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . Tivicay, a pill taken daily ...


Are rising U.S. fuel exports keeping consumer prices high?

America is exporting record amounts of motor fuel

As gasoline prices at the pump have climbed over the last four years, so have U.S. exports of refined petroleum products, primarily diesel fuel.U.S. Ener...


Caring for your pet the digital way

We've selected some of the best apps for pet owners and their pets

If you're a parent, there's a good chance that you've either researched or downloaded an app to help you document your child's development, get nutritional...


PerkStreet goes out of business

The no-fee debit card had lots of friends but wasn't a financial success

It was one of those things that sounded too good to be true but it was great while it lasted. PerkStreet Financial, which has been offering a no-fee debit ...


What to do about a snoring spouse

It differs for each couple, but maybe the answer is sleeping in separate rooms

Have you ever slept next to a noise that sounds like part broken fog horn, part wild animal?  Meaning, does your partner keep you up with a bunch of l...


The most effective high blood pressure treatments

More doctors are beginning to emphasize lifestyle changes

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, has been called the silent killer because many who have it are unaware they have a condition that can shorten their l...


How safe is anesthesia for young brains?

Research has yet to come up with a clear answer

Ranking high on the list of a mom and dad's nightmares is being told their small child needs surgery. Questions by the dozens run through their heads: doe...


The high cost of poor health

Controlling your weight may be the key to controlling your budget

It doesn't pay to get sick. Aside from the serious health issues an illness raises, there is a strong economic concern too.People faced with a chronic he...


Has technology ruined music?

Some might say yes and there's even scientific evidence to back them up

Most times, the advancement of technology is a wonderful thing. When a new invention or gadget comes out, it'll often make our lives easier or allow us to ...


Refunds headed to purchasers of children's vitamins

Feds say the marketer of Disney- or Marvel Hero-themed products made false claims

Thousands of consumers should soon be finding a pleasant surprise in their mailboxes. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just mailed more than 10,000...


Ford recalls Focus BEVs and STs

The front side marker lamps may not function

Ford is recalling 6,308 model year 2012-2013 Focus BEV vehicles equipped with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, manufactured September 15, 2011, t...


United Processing recalls boneless veal products

The products may be contaminated with e. coli

United Processing of New York Mills, N.Y., is recalling approximately 12,600 pounds of boneless veal products because they may be contaminated with E. coli...


Study contradicts fears of cell phones distracting drivers

Researchers studied 8 million crashes, found no correlation with cell phone use

We hear all the time about how disastrous distracted driving is, how using a cellphone behind the wheel is like driving drunk. Former Secretary of Transpor...


How should you be planning for retirement?

Increasing savings and reducing debt is still the key

Retirement shouldn't be all that complicated. You work for 40 years or so then live off your benefits and savings. At least that's the ideal.The Great Re...


Cool and inexpensive items for the dorm room

The little ones aren't the only students going back to school.

When we hear the phrase "back-to-school" most of us think of younger kids preparing for the first day. And part of the reason for that is because most of t...


The one-sport child athlete: good or bad?

Physical harm and loss of motivation are among the concerns

If you're an adult of a certain age, you probably remember spending much of your time outside as a kid. Whether it was playing with the other kids in the n...


Walmart, Target store brands tastier than major brands in Consumer Reports tests

Only one cereal got an "excellent" rating for taste

It used to be said that most breakfast cereal was about as tasty and nutritious as the box it came in. That's no longer true but the latest taste tests fro...


Toyota recalls Tacoma Access Cab vehicles

The screws that attach the seat belt pre-tensioner to the seat belt retractor can loosen over tim

Toyota is recalling 342,451 model year 2005-2010 Tacoma Access Cab vehicles manufactured September 14, 2004, through March 29, 2010; and model year 2011 Ta...


Giant Bicycle recalls XtC bikes and seatposts

The seatposts can crack causing a fall hazard

Giant Bicycles of Newbury Park, Calif., is recalling XtC bicycles and seatposts. The seatposts on the affected bicycles and the after-market seatposts ca...


U.S. infrastructure getting older but not being replaced

Corrosion is infrastructure's main enemy

Earlier this year the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued a report that probably didn't garner the attention it deserved. Every four years th...


FCC may finally act to cap rates for prison phone calls

A simple phone call to family, friends or lawyer can cost $15 or more

Mignon ClyburnIt has taken forever, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is finally taking up the issue of predatory phone call pricing by p...


How to place a security freeze on your credit

It's a low-cost way to protect against identity theft

Identity theft is a growing concern. Cases have skyrocketed, meaning your risks have increased as well.While using caution with your financial documents...


As a group, small cars lag in front crash test

Only the Honda Civic earned top honors

Of the 12 autos put through their paces in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) small overlap front crash test, only half earn a good or ac...


Back-to-school shopping tips

Things you'll need to do to save a lot of money this year

It's kind of sad, but summer is closing out pretty fast, which means kids will be going back to school before you know it.Some kids don't mind that schoo...


Average age of cars, light trucks hits new high

Economic conditions and better reliability are contributing factors

Look around next time you're sitting on the freeway or in a parking lot. Lots of cars, yes, and lots of them are getting along in years. We don't know if t...


Passenger died, bus driver did nothing. No problem, says the judge

The state is not required to administer aid, the court rules

You see ambulances racing around, paramedics dashing back and forth, firefighters bursting into burning buildings, and all of this would lead you to think ...


What to do after a car accident

Treat every accident as serious and make sure it is well documented

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Another car runs a red light, plowing into the side of your vehicle. Or you lose control of your car and run off the ...


Sports-related injuries fill emergency rooms with kids

Knee injuries affect females more than males

While it may be true that sports builds character, athletic activity also causes damage -- sometimes severe -- to young bodies. According to a new researc...


Zip International recalls Baltic Sprats

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Zip International Group of Edison, N.J., is recalling Baltic Sprats in Spicy Brine Net Wt. 15.8 Oz (450g) in plastic packaging because it is has the potent...


Toysmith recalls toy light-up frogs and ducks

A metal pin on the bottom of the toys can pose a choking hazard

Toysmith, of Sumner, Wash., is recalling about 30,000 light-up toy frogs and ducks. The metal conductor pin on the bottom of the toys can come out, posing...


The Post is the past; Is CBS next?

Gouging consumers for content was fun while it lasted

Comedian Bill Maher likes to portray Republicans as being in a "bubble," a bubble that isolates them from the realities of the world. It's a frequent featu...


Old news is new again, as Facebook sees it

Facebook shuffles things around to keep ads alive longer

Facebook on Tuesday said it would begin publishing blog posts dedicated to explaining ongoing changes to the news feed, the central feature of the social n...


Is August the best month to buy a new car?

Sales data from the last 12 months suggests it is

Car dealers have been dealing so far in 2013, driving sales to record highs. While each month provides some tantalizing offers, August just might be the be...


DNA detective 23andMe launches first ad campaign

The company can alert you to health threats, find relatives trace your lineage

You've heard of this company -- especially if you have a hypochondria bent and would love to know everything you can about your chances of developing the w...


Obesity among low-income preschoolers on the decline

Nineteen states and territories report decreases

Finally, some progress. After decades of rising rates, A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows obesity among low-income pr...


People living with a stimulator can now get MRIs

And this makes for better treatment, say doctors

If you're a person who has chronic back or limb pain, you may be living with a spinal cord stimulator to help manage that pain.Up until now, patients wit...


Study: An apple a day could save $5 billion in health care costs

One additional serving of fruits and vegetables could prevent 30,000 deaths

The old adage “an apple a day” was on to something, according to a study that finds significant potential to prolong lives, improve health, and...


Mortgage applications reverse course, post slight increase

The gain is the first since mid-June

A glimmer of life in applications for new mortgages. After falling for eight consecutive weeks, mortgage applications increased 0.2% from the previous wee...


Heeren Brothers recalls cantaloupes

The fruit has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Heeren Brothers Produce is recalling approximately 5,400 cantaloupes. The produce, which was distributed to small, independent grocers in Michigan July 23...


Gerber recalls Uppercut Knife and Sheath sets

The sheath does not hold the knife securely

Gerber Legendary Blades, of Portland, Ore., is recalling about 2,900 Uppercut Fixed Blade Knife and Sheath sets. The Uppercut sheath does not hold the kni...


Why shopaholics keep on spending

Psychiatrists identify compulsive spending as a disorder

Some additions are well known and better understood. Drug addition, alcohol addition, and food addiction have primary impact on health. But spending additi...


Microsoft cuts Surface price as sales fizzle

The innovative tablet gets little love from consumers

Microsoft jumped into the tablet market last year with a pretty big spash, introducing it's Surface tablets – the RT and Pro – to compete with...


Thinking about getting married? You'll need to talk about these things first

We spoke to an expert and it's the little things couples should be looking out for

Okay, so you've been dating someone for a few years and the both of you are thinking about walking down the aisle.To learn a little more about marriage a...


GM slashes price of the Chevrolet Volt, hoping to energize sales

There's lots of competition in what is still a niche market that accounts for only 1% of auto sales

If you've been pining after a Chevrolet Volt, you'll be glad to hear that General Motors is cutting the price of the latest Volt by 13%, hoping to wring mo...


Kitty litter suit creeps forward

Consumers say Clorox misrepresented its Fresh Step product

Consumers are lining up against Clorox in its epic kitty litter battle with competitor Church & Dwight. It all started back in 2010 when Clorox began c...


Babies spitting up -- normal in most cases

But there are instances in which action is necessary

If you're a parent, you've been there and done that: your baby spits up and spits up and …. Some parents and other caretakers -- understandably -- become ...


CoreLogic: June home prices up sharply year-over-year

And the outlook is good for the move higher to continue

There seems to be no letup in the rise in home values. CoreLogic reports home prices nationwide -- including distressed sales -- were up 11.9% on a year-o...


Problems with lower body sill bolts prompt Nissan Versa Note recall

Missing lower body bolts may increase the risk of a crash

Nissan is recalling 7,707 model year 2014 Versa Note vehicles manufactured April 23, 2013, through July 3, 2013. The lower body sill bolts may be missing ...


Peanut allergies remain a serious health threat

Age and family history are the primary risk factors

Peanut allergies are a matter of life and death. That point was driven home recently when a 13-year old California girl attending summer camp died after ta...


Prankster trips up TripAdvisor with a really fishy story

Scuba divers waiting to dive in and grab your seafood? Really?

It sounded too good to be true -- a "simply divine" and "mind-blowing" seaside restaurant where scuba divers were standing by to catch diners' orders.The...


Florida becoming a center for identity theft

Complaints also mount in some major metro areas

The crime of identity theft isn't new. What's new is its increasing frequency and the fact that it tends to be clustered in certain cities and certain stat...


Study links channel blockers to breast cancer

More study is needed before decisions are made about treatment

A new study links long-term use of calcium-channel blockers with higher breast cancer risk. The drugs are some of the most commonly prescribed and are used...


A little digital assistance for foodies

Because foodies need all the help they can get trying to figure out what to eat

It's hard not to be a foodie nowadays.With new restaurants popping up left and right and 24-hour food channels, many of us have tasty dishes on our minds a...


Reducing the Alzheimer's risk in women

Breastfeeding -- and the length of time it's done -- may be a key

Younger people likely don't spend a lot of time thinking about Alzheimer's Disease, but maybe they should -- especially women who are new mothers or are ab...


JetBlue adding lie-flat seats, "business suites" to cross-country routes

Budget carrier says it will "reinvent the transcontinental experience"

JetBlue is adding its version of business class to its transcontinental flights next year. Besides lie-flat seats, the budget carrier will be offering "sin...


Looking for work? Put your talent on display for free

A new survey finds skills-based volunteering increases employability

It is -- unfortunately -- a fairly common problem these days: out of work and no real job prospects even though you're highly qualified. Here's a thought:...


FTC bans tactics used by debt relief marketer

Telemarketing and robocalling are among the prohibited practices

A telemarketer who allegedly defrauded consumers with false promises of debt relief and charged them without their consent is banned from selling debt reli...


Trois Comtois Morbier cheese recalled

The cheese has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Trois Comtois of Poligny, France, is recalling all Trois Comtois brand Morbier cheese lot #949038 because it has the potential to be contaminated with List...


Feds issue new labeling rules for "gluten-free" foods

The new rules should make life easier for people with celiac disease

Gluten is one of those things a growing number of consumers want to avoid. It should be a little easier to do so under a new rule issued by the Food and Dr...


How worrying about money harms your productivity

Money worries can affect job performance and your health

A lot of folks worry about money, that's just the way it is.Some lower-income people worry about making ends meet. Some people who are well-off worry abo...


Critics squeal at use of pulverized insects as food coloring

Petition seeks an end to the use of insect-based coloring in Dannon yogurt

Male cochinealYou wouldn't expect a bunch of squished-up bugs to provide the coloring in your yogurt or fruit drink, but in fact it's quite common....


How to avoid being scammed by a phony Wi-Fi signal

Phony signals are all over the place. Here's what you can do to protect your info

Okay, so you're grabbing a bite and a cup of coffee at Panera and you pull out your laptop and look for Panera's Wi-Fi signal. You see it, log ...


'I have a great credit score' is the new pick-up line

Both men and women are looking for someone who can balance a check book

Want to impress someone with whom you share a romantic interest? Add this to your collection of ice breakers and pick-up lines: “I have a 755 credit ...


FDA warns of rare but serious skin reactions to acetaminophen

The potentially fatal reaction can occur in both first-time and long-term users

The pain reliever acetaminophen is used by millions of people daily with no problems but the Food and Drug Administration warns that it has determined that...


Unemployment rate dips as economy adds more jobs

Retail trade, food services and financial activities led in job creation

The nation's economy added jobs in July, but not as many as had been projected. Government figures show total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 162,...


A busy year for product inspectors at U.S. ports

Nearly 5 million units of hazardous products were kept out of the country

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had its hands full inspecting products that were on their way into the U.S. during fiscal year 2012. Wo...


Cannondale Slice RS bikes recalled

The brake plates can loosen and break

Cycling Sports Group of Bethel, Conn., is recalling about 500 Cannondale Slice RS bicycles and framesets The brake plates can loosen and break, posing a ...


National Beef Packing recalls numerous beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

National Beef Packing Company of Liberal, Kan., is recalling approximately 50,100 pounds of ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli O157...


Are you sharing too much information?

With Twitter, Facebook and other social media, it's very easy to do

We all could use a filter when it comes to posting things online. Just ask New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Or actor Alec Baldwin. Or journalist ...


Ford pays $17 million for delays in recalling Escapes

The fine ties the record penalty paid by Toyota for acceleration issues

Ford Escapes on the assembly line (Ford Motor Co. photo)Ford has paid a $17.35 million fine to settle claims that it took too long to recall 2001 throu...


How to avoid downloading a PUP

When you go for free software, sometimes there's a price

There's a lot of free software and apps out there that could come with some frustrating strings attached – if you aren't careful. They can result in ...


How to prepare kids with asthma for the new school year

All it takes is a little planning, experts say

During summer break, a lot of kids stay away from things like text books, essays and math problems, but another thing they're staying away from is their as...


Netflix adds profile feature to user accounts

Now Dad won't have to wade through the recommendations based on his teen daughter's recent viewing

NASDAQ: NFLX), the world's leading Internet television network, today introduced "Profiles," a new feature that makes it easier for everyone in the...


Gas prices fluctuated wildly in July; August could be worse

The potential for a late-summer hurricane could push already-high prices even higher

As August gets underway, gas prices are hovering around the third-highest prices on record for the summer driving season, with possible weather disruptions...


A dip in planned job cuts for July

The health care sector led the reductions

Fewer pink slips were handed out last month. According to the tally by outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, employers announced plans to...


First-time jobless claims drop sharply

The total of applications filed is the lowest in more than 5 years

The unemployment line was a lot shorter last week. Figures released by the government show there were 326,000 first time applications during the week endi...


Traditions recalls frozen chicken meals

The products an allergen -- milk -- which is not declared on the label

Traditions of Pearl, Miss., is recalling 2,486 pounds of frozen chicken meals because of misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The products contain milk...


JP Boden recalls Kensington Court high heel shoes

The heel on the shoe can loosen with wear and become unstable

JP Boden Services of Pittston, Pa., is recalling about 190 pairs of Kensington Court women’s shoes. The heel on the shoe can loosen with wear and become ...