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Are digital coupons the new way to shop for discounts?

More consumers use paper coupons but the gap is narrowing

The onset of the Great Recession happened to coincide with the emergence of the smartphone. Consumers needing to save money suddenly had an easier way to d...


Senators want energy drink makers to stop marketing to kids

The companies say they abide by industry guidelines but critics are skeptical

Energy drink manufacturers are going to need a megadose of their own products to stand up to the latest assault from the Senate Commerce Committe, which wa...


Agency overseeing reverse mortgages needs bailout

Losses on the popular reverse mortgages are taking their toll on the FHA

The Federal House Administration, which oversees the popular FHA home loan program and other home financing products, is tapping extra money from the U.S....


Study finds French wines loaded with pesticides

Even organic wines had pesticide traces, the study found

That Bordeaux may have a fine nose but you may also be getting a snoutful of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides, according to tests performed by a Fre...


What car maintenance is most important?

Actually, it's the little things that can yield the most results

Cars on U.S. highways last a lot longer than they once did. In the past a car was well past its prime after five or six years of driving.Today, vehicles ...


IKEA offers the ultimate flat-pack item: solar panels

The fast-greening retail giant is building its second geothermal-powered store

Why didn't IKEA think of this sooner? The global master of flat-pack packaging has been selling desks, tables, beds, chairs and just about everything else ...


Tick-tock: Tax-filing and payment extensions are about to expire

It’s also a good time to check your eligibility for overlooked tax benefits

Many of the more than 12 million taxpayers who requested an automatic six-month extension this year have yet to file -- and the deadline is approaching: O...


Nissan recalls Infiniti M35 and M45 vehicles

The accelerator pedal sensor signal may deteriorate

Nissan North America, Inc. is recalling 98,307 model year 2006-2010 Infiniti M35 and M45 vehicles manufactured April 4, 2004, through October 5, 2010. Over...


Toyota recalls Siennas

The shift lever could be moved out of Park position without depressing the brake pedal

Toyota is recalling 614,722  model year 2004-2005 Sienna vehicles manufactured January 10, 2003, through August 10, 2005; and model year 2007-2009 Sienna v...


FDA coloring regulations finally apply to pet food

Labels don't list all the ingredients, making it hard to track down problems

You can't avoid allergens if you don't know they're there...


McDonald's strips sodas from Happy Meals

New healthy-food ad campaign promises to be interesting

Pre-emptive disclaimer: It is very very important to eat a healthy, balanced diet containing all necessary vitamins, minerals, simple and complex prot...


Judge rejects Google's defense, privacy lawsuit moves forward

Plaintiffs say Google's scanning of Gmail messages amounts to wiretapping

A federal judge has turned aside Google's attempt to derail a class action that accuses it of violating wiretapping and privacy laws through its electronic...


Royal Mail goes private; US mail remains in trouble

What can we learn from the UK? Maybe less than you think

The Royal Mail and USPS have very different expectations...


DC-area university answers the need for more and better writers

The country suffers a professional writing gap, George Mason University posits

We hear constantly that the world needs more scientists and technicians, and no doubt this is true. But it also needs people who can explain complex concep...


Walking: the overlooked, under-utilized exercise

Some health experts suggest it does as much good as a more strenuous workout

There are plenty of ways to get exercise. People play sports like tennis, they go jogging, swimming or join a gym. But walking, it turns out, can be an eff...


Seven midsize vehicles earn top marks for front crash prevention

The ratings are based on forward collision warning and automatic braking systems

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded its top marks for front crash prevention to seven vehicles: Cadillac ATS sedan and SRX SUV, M...


What you should know about food poisoning

And the things you think you know could be wrong

Every years millions of Americans get food poisoning. Why isn't that a major news story? Because for the vast majority, the “illness” only amou...


Cantaloupe growers arrested in listeria outbreak

Jensen Farms cantaloupes blamed in 33 deaths, hundreds of illnesses

It's been two years since an outbreak of listeria swept the country, sickening hundreds and killing at least 33. The outbreak was eventually traced to cant...


Incomes and spending on the rise in August

In addition, people even put away a little for a rainy day

Consumers saw their incomes rise in August -- and ran right out and spent most of it. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal incomes rose ...


Toys R Us recalls Journey Girl travel trunks

The blue metal handle on the trunk can be sharp

Toys R Us Inc., of Wayne, N.J. is recalling about 12,650 Journey Girl travel trunks. The blue metal handle on the trunk can be sharp posing a laceration ha...


Gay-rights advocates try to set Barilla pasta straight

Gay-bashing proves an unsuccessful branding strategy

Gay rights advocates — many of whom, incidentally, are not gay — are calling for a boycott of Barilla-brand pasta after company chairman Guido Barilla told...


Safety advocates sue feds over delays in backup camera rule

Two children are killed each week, on average, in backover accidents

Ellen Adams, who child was killed in a backover accident, speaks at a D.C. rally in April 2013.It's been five years since Congress passed a law requiri...


Is it any easier to get a mortgage now?

With the market recovering, getting a loan can still be tricky

Five years ago, when the bottom fell out of the housing market, the mortgage lending industry did an about-face. It changed from an era of easy credit for...


Before shopping, know your store's return policies

Some stores make the process easier than others

With the holiday shopping season looming – and it seems to start earlier every year – consumers will soon be trekking to the mall or ordering o...


Study: Airlines profit at consumer expense

Excessive fees, misleading cancellation insurance products are behind it

Who would be in favor of rising airline cancellation fees, unaffordable refundable tickets and misleading travel insurance marketing? The airlines, that's...


Fewer toxins found in pregnant women's bloodstreams

Phasing out flame retardants in furniture, electronics and plastics has helped

Phasing out the use of potentially harmful flame retardants in furniture foam, electronics and plastics has lowered pregnant women’s exposure to the...


Searching for a safer sunscreen

Researchers test two versions of a popular sunscreen ingredient

Using a particular type of titanium dioxide — a common ingredient in cosmetics, food products, toothpaste and sunscreen — could reduce the pote...


Third look, same number for the nation's economy

Second quarter GDP growth holds at 2.5%

Government numbers-crunchers have come up with the same number as they did a month ago for their final look at the growth rate for the economy during the s...


Texting debt collector to settle FTC charges

The defendant in the first case of its kind will pony up big money

In the first Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case of its kind, Glendale, California-based debt collector will pay $1 million dollars to settle charges of us...


Pending home sales slip in August

Higher interest rates and prices are part of the mix

Several factors including tight inventory conditions, higher interest rates and rising home prices pushed pending home sales down slightly in August, Accor...


Beware the tech support scam

Despite what a caller tells you, your computer is fine

You get a call at home from someone who claims to be from Microsoft tech support. In an urgent, breathless tone, he warns your computer has been compromise...


The Italian job: When non-GMO farming didn't work

Sticking with non-GMO agriculture isn't always the solution

Our story begins in sunny Italy where corn provides a lucrative export to countries in Europe with less temperate climates that cannot grow corn. Or ...


Mistakes retirees make and how to avoid them

Many mistakes are made in pre- and early-retirement years

If you are getting ready to finally retire you have probably been crunching numbers, debating relocating and planning your budget – all good steps. B...


New from the US Postal Service: rate increases and "futurist consultants"

Possible three-cent increase on the horizon

USPS to increase stamp price and marketing costs...


Ob-Gyns: Environmental chemicals harm reproductive health

EPA should better define the dangers toxic chemicals pose, physicians groups say

Toxic chemicals in the environment can have "significant and long-lasting effects on reproductive health" and need to be more carefully regulated, two phys...


Suit charges Rent-A-Center spied on customers through their computers

Secret program captured photos, screenshots and keystrokes, suit charges

A lawsuit charges that a Rent-A-Center subsidiary spied on its customers courtesy of a "secret, undetectable" program that it installed on the rent-to-own ...


Why you should call in sick

This cold and flu season, don't be a hero. The office will thank you

As another cold and flu season gets underway, one things is a given. There's going to be a lot of coughing and sneezing around school or the office. That j...


How to minimize dangers in the kitchen

Lots of hot, sharp things are lying in wait for the unwary

The kitchen is a dangerous place. It's full of knives, cooktops, hot liquids and other hazards. A little advance planning can help to minimize these hazard...


Outlook for retail hiring this holiday season: cloudy at best

A repeat of last year’s 12-year high may not be in the cards

Retail holiday hiring hit a 12-year high in 2012, but a leading employment consultant says we shouldn't expect a repeat this year. The outlook from outpla...


New home sales rebound in August

Housing prices, meanwhile, were also higher

After crashing and burning in July, sales of new single-family houses bounced back in August with an increase of 7.9% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate...


Overdosing on Tylenol is easier than you think

ProPublica's investigative series slams lack of FDA oversight

Acetaminophen isn't as safe as the commercials say...


Shopping for a car with safety in mind

Automakers improving safety in response for consumer demand

In the 1960s cars didn't have seat belts, unless you ordered them as an option. Over the years, auto safety has become a top consumer priority and a major ...


Attorneys general press FDA to ban the sale of e-cigarette to minors

The AGs also want the FDA to regulate the ingredients and advertising of e-cigs

 Attorney General Lisa Madigan today urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and to regulate ingre...


Massive sweepstakes scam halted

You are a 'guaranteed' winner -- but you're not

A massive sweepstakes scam that has taken more than $11 million from consumers throughout the U.S. and dozens of other countries including Canada, the Unit...


Another month of rising home prices

Two widely watched measures show the advance continuing

Your home was worth more in July than it was in June -- a pattern that's stretched over at least the last four months. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller H...


Whoops! Consumer confidence slips a bit

Concerns about jobs and earnings are to blame

Consumers appear to have become a bit wobbly about the economy in September. According to the Conference Board, its Consumer Confidence Index, slipped thi...


Burger King unveils lower-calorie "Satisfries"

They're fried in a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil

Face it, it's pretty hard to give up French fries. So Burger King is hoping its new lower-calorie fries will find a following....


Honda recalls Odyssey and Acura MDX vehicles

The vehicles' airbags could fail

Honda is recalling 374,618 model year 2003 and 2004 Odyssey and model year 2003 Acura MDX vehicles. Due to electrical noise, a component in the air bag c...


Latest threat from China: Chicken

Senator wants more rigorous inspections and clear labeling of Chinese chicken imports

Chicken from China has been blamed for many pet owners for the illnesses and deaths their dogs have experienced after eating treats made with chicken from ...


It's not easy switching banks

A bill in Congress would make it easier and protect consumers against unfair fees

Have you tried to close a bank account recently? It's not as easy as you'd think. Among other obstacles, many banks will continue to honor automatic paymen...


Maybe the US Postal Service can't be profitable

USPS troubles aren't new, but no one seems very eager to fix them

Maybe it’s time to admit the US Postal Service can’t make a profit in the twenty-first century. I check my mailbox every day and this week&rsqu...


On a diet? Sugar might be better than low-calorie sweetener

Studies suggest artificial sweeteners won't satisfy sugar cravings

Your brain is much harder to fool than your tongue...


It's not just knowledge and skills that get you the job

A new study offers tip on getting hired and climbing the ladder

Pretty much everyone agrees that strong skills and experience are essential to getting a job. But, those only the only factors that enter into the decision...


Buying your car at the end of your lease

How to tell if it makes sense

The end of your auto lease is approaching and you have to make a decision. Do you turn the car over to the lender, as called for under the lease agreement,...


Spooked by the economy? Fewer people to celebrate Halloween this year

A National Retail Federation survey says budgets will be trimmed, as well

Halloween sales may be cooler, along with the October weather, as fewer consumers plan to celebrate the holiday. According to the National Retail Federat...


U.S. Marshals raid Virginia food companies

The facility was found to be infested with rodents and insects

U.S. Marshals seized food products at two Virginia companies -- Gourmet Provisions and Royal Cup -- after investigators found widespread and active rodent ...


The jury is still out on vitamin supplements

But evidence continues to support the power of the vitamins themselves

There are two ways to get vitamins, from food and from pills. Millions of consumers take vitamin supplements, yet they remain the source of confusion and c...


Marketers agree: Taking women seriously is seriously hard to do

Color it pink and it's good to go

Women aren't as exotic as market researchers think...


New bill would toughen food labeling standards

But imposing new regulations on the food industry is treacherous work, often unsuccessful

A mock-up of the proposed new labelFood labels are notoriously hard to read and often difficult to understand. A newly-proposed bill in Congress seeks ...


Allegiant Air grounding planes for inspection

The low-cost carrier said about half its fleet will be out of service

Saying it discovered a "compliance issue" involving emeregency slides, Allegiant Air says it will take about half its fleet out of service for inspecti...


A colonoscopy can stop colon cancer before it starts

Harvard researchers say more colonoscopies would result in fewer deaths

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is caused by tumors growing in parts of the large intestine. In the past a colon cancer diagnosis was very o...


Dog food additive may prevent disabling chemotherapy side effect

Johns Hopkins researchers say the substance fights neuropathy in mice

Many consumers have become wary of dog food because it contains so many additives. But researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that a common pet food ...


BMW recalls passenger cars with taillight problems

Rear lamps could malfunction, increasing the risk of a crash

BMW is recalling 134,100 model year 2008 through 2010 528i, 535i, 550i, and M5 passenger cars manufactured from March 1, 2007, through December 31, 2009. ...


Central Valley Meat recalls ground beef products

The beef may contain small pieces of plastic

Central Valley Meat Company of Hanford, Calif., is recalling 58,240 pounds of ground beef that may contain small pieces of plastic. The products subject t...


Shimano American recalls disc brake calipers

The calipers on the disc brakes can fail

Shimano American Corporation of Irvine, Calif., is recalling about 7,300 sets of disc brake calipers in the U.S. and Canada. The calipers on the disc brak...


Google baking up a replacement for cookies

Reports say the search giant is developing a proprietary tracking method to replace cookies

So this is how the cookie crumbles -- Google crushes it and sweeps the crumbs off the table.Consumers, parents, regulators and privacy advocates have com...


Chase ordered to refund $309 million to consumers

Credit card customers were charged for credit monitoring service they didn't receive

Chase Bank and JPMorgan Chase Bank have been ordered to refund $309 million in illegal credit card charges to more than 2.1 million consumers. The Con...


The US Post Office is in trouble again (yet)

Postmaster General's Senate testimony surprises nobody

USPS down to five days' operating expenses...


When to use a credit card and when not to

Often, cash or a debit card is the more prudent choice

For consumers, credit card debt is an obstacle to prosperity. Every month you have to pay on the balance, leaving less money for other things.While it's...


Use your psychic powers to become a millionaire ... or not

The James Randi Educational Foundation pays $1,000,000 for proof of the paranormal

We can’t investigate paranormal claims, but we know someone who can ...


Critics say Facebook privacy changes endanger teens

The changes would expose teens to the same data collection adults now face

Over 20 public health, media, youth, and consumer advocacy groups sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today objecting to Facebook’s r...


Recession's end hasn't helped everyone

Many businesses have recovered, consumers not so much

Five years after the financial meltdown, triggered in part by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008, a lot of attention has been paid to the bus...


Existing-home sales surge in August

The sales level is the highest since early 2007

Buyers continue to gobble up previously-owned homes. Figures released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show sales of existing homes rose 1.7%...


TV drug ads: Is what you see what you get?

Not all the information in commercials is on the up-and-up

If you watch any TV at all, you know there's no escaping the constant barrage of commercials for drugs claiming to cure whatever ails you. You'd do best ...


Computer problems continue to affect jobless claims report

Officials hope to have the problem resolved shortly

The government reports first time claims for state jobless benefits shot up by 15,000 in the week ending September 14 to a seasonally adjusted initial tota...


Text spammers settle FTC charges

The defendants allegedly peddled bogus offers for 'free' gift cards

An affiliate marketing company and its two principals have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges for An outfit that allegedly sent out more t...


Prepaid money card fraud: What can you do?

Prepaid cards lack the legal protections of credit or debit cards

The MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid card, which means cardholders don’t enjoy the level of anti-fraud protection that credit card or even debit card user...


Yes, you can avoid paying bank fees

But it requires some trade-offs and shopping around

Once upon a time you chose your bank mostly out of convenience. If it had a branch in your neighborhood or where you shopped, that was where you did your b...


Kids and smartphones: the debate continues

More than half of U.S. children now using mobile devices

It's remarkable when you stop and think that the smartphone – outside of the Blackberry – really didn't exist before 2007. Now, in less than a ...


Starbucks declares its stores gun-free zones

Guns and coffee a "unsettling and upsetting" combination

There was a time when saloons in the Wild West required that swashbuckling cowboys check their six-shooters at the door. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has d...


Three-dollar gas is here to stay

That's been the cost for a thousand days and counting

The inflationary dollar passes another milestone...


Servicemembers to get more protection from payday lenders

Examiners will be targeting Military Lending Act violations as they supervise lenders

Federal examiners have been given their marching orders on protecting servicemembers from shady payday lenders. Guidelines set up by the the Consumer Fina...


New home construction up again in August

Mortgage applications continue their rise

All in all, some good news on the housing front. The government reports new home construction rose 0.9% in August, with ground being broken for new homes...


New online tool spotlights mortgage information

Consumers are able to see what's happening in their local mortgage market

Consumers now have easier access to public mortgage information thanks to an online tool launched by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)...


Consumers protest Avis bills that go on forever

You turn the car in, everything's fine. Weeks later, new charges for imagined damages appear

Customers allege Avis charging for damages after cars pass inspection...


Critics pile onto latest Facebook attempt to hijack users' images, content for use in ads

Sen. Markey asks FTC to open an investigation into whether the changes were properly done

Facebook is under increasing pressure to withdraw proposed changes that would allow the company to use the names, images, and content of Facebook users for...


Northwest Airlines boots rabbi, gets a date with the Supreme Court

Can an airline strip passengers of their elite status for complaining about the service?

Rabbi GinsbergCan an airline throw you out of its frequent flyer program if it thinks you complain too much? Northwest Airlines thinks it can, but...


Celebrating 30+ years of the minivan

Suburbia hasn't been the same since the Boomers adopted the boxes on wheels

The Chrysler Group this week marked the 30th anniversary of its launch of the minivan, a vehicle that struck a chord with Baby Boomers in the midst of thei...


Graduated driver licensing may present a false sense of security

Parents and their children give different answers on safety survey

All states have toughened requirements for young people to get behind the wheel. The most popular form of this is the graduated driver licensing (GDL)law, ...


Ad industry ditches Do Not Track initiative

W3C "has achieved nothing," advertising rep asserts

The idea of not being followed around the Internet is something that consumers say they want. And advertisers, privacy advocates and regulators say they wo...


Mercedes wheel rim case rolls on

Judge appoints special master to handle claims

A long-running dispute between Mercedes-Benz owners and the manufacturer will soon be in the hands of a special master who will try to keep the case rollin...


Gonorrhea, other infections increasingly resistant to drugs, CDC warns

Over-use of antibiotics blamed for the worsening problem

The widespread use of antibiotics in humans and animals is contributing to a rising tide of bacteria that are resistant to modern medicines, taking at leas...


Feds bust bogus medical discount scam that targeted seniors

Deception and illegal telemarketing are among the charges leveled

A medical discount scheme that scammed seniors across the country by offering phony discounts on prescription drugs and pretending to be affiliated with Me...


Home builder confidence stalls in September

Interest rate concerns are a likely factor

Builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family homes was unchanged in September after improving for four straight months. The reading of ...


Consumer inflation on the moderate side in August

Prices were up less than expected

Not much sign of inflation in the newly released figures for August. According to the government, the Consumer Price (CPI) inched up just0.1%, with increa...


Consumers rein in their spending

Still, conditions are seen as 'positive'

Consumers were a little more tight-fisted in August, according to the Deloitte Consumer Spending Index. The index, which is made up of four components -- ...


Siberoni recalls meat and poultry ravioli products

The products were produced without benefit of inspection

Siberoni of Portland, Ore., is recalling 169,655 pounds of raw and frozen meat and poultry “pelmeni” (Eastern European-style ravioli products) which were p...


Walmart MoneyCards hacked?

Readers across America report mystery purchases in New York

Entire paychecks go missing from Walmart MoneyCard accounts...


Ending the obesity epidemic might not be that complicated

When it comes to food portions, size matters ... a lot

There is a school of thought that holds the mystery of rising obesity rates is no mystery at all. The reason Americans are packing on pounds is obvious. We...


More institutions taking up the cause of financial literacy

But a survey shows most Americans don't think they need it

With credit card and student loan debt climbing at breath-taking rates, and starting salaries far from keeping pace, being smart about money has never been...


Europe to Disney: Please fix Disneyland Paris

French Disney park strikes visitors as most un-Disneyfied

"Paris syndrome" is bad enough. "Disneyland Paris syndrome" is worse....


Missing mail mystery remains unresolved

If the USPS loses your mail, there's not much you can do

A month's worth of mail allegedly vanishes forever...


Extreme binge drinking remains a problem among high school seniors

The percentage of students going on 15-drink binges hasn't decreased in recent years

Consuming five or more alcoholic drinks in a row is common among high school seniors, with some students engaging in extreme binge drinking of as many as 1...


Judge upholds country-of-origin meat labeling

Meat industry claimed the labeling requirements amounted to forced speech

 Federal regulations forcing meat producers to include country-of-origin labeling on their products is not forced speech, a federal judge ruled. ...


LivingSocial's deals may not be daily much longer

The company is trying to become a more traditional web-based merchant

Trying to do anything, other than eating and sleeping, on a daily basis gets a little old after awhile. Also, if you're trying to sell stuff, one day doesn...


Modifications to mortgage rules completed

Better consumer protections and industry compliance are the goals

The finishing touches have been put on amendments and clarifications to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) January 2013 mortgage rules. The...


Chicken Provance French puff pastry recalled

The products contain egg, an allergen not listed on the label

Galant Food Company of San Leandro, Calif., is recalling approximately 420 pounds of Chicken Provance French puff pastry product. The products are formul...


National Beef Packing recalls beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

National Beef Packing Company of Dodge City, Kan., is recalling approximately 690 pounds of beef tongue root filet products that may be contaminated with E...


Acne's hard to get rid of; so is Proactiv

Customers continue to be billed for unwanted products

If you musy buy Proactiv, stick with malls rather than mail orders...


PublishAmerica lures aspiring authors but results are questionable

Legitimate publishers don't need advertising to find writers

PublishAmerica makes its money off authors, not readers...


What you need to know to avoid Obamacare scams

Watch out, officials say there's going to be a lot of them

Starting in October people who pay for their own health insurance can start signing up for policies through health care exchanges, operated by states and t...


Feds disconnect two more illegal robocallers

Companies tricked consumers into deceptive credit card interest reduction scams

The Federal Trade Commission has been cracking down on illegal robocallers and today it announced that two more companies have agreed to settle charges tha...


Consumers report a sharp rise in financial difficulties, gloomier outlook

Consumer Reports "trouble tracker" finds surge in financial problems among lower-income families

There's a lot of talk about a financial recovery but for many Americans, that's all it is -- talk. So says the Consumer Reports Index, an overall measure o...


Lawsuit claims Well Fargo managers open phony accounts to keep their jobs

Lawsuit charges that new-customer quotas drive managers to create bogus accounts

Everyone denies having quotas. The police insist they don't but ask yourself how often you've gotten tickets late in the month. Telephone solicitors say th...


Retail sales inch higher in August

The latest numbers failed to meet expectations

Retail sales rose a tepid 0.2% in August, disappointing analysts, including those at who were looking for a much stronger showing of an 0.4% g...


Wholesale prices resumed their climb in August

Higher food and energy costs were major contributors

After taking a break in July, prices for goods one step shy of the consumer were on the rise again. The government says its Producer Price Index (PPI) for...


Travelers plagued by tarmac delays in July

The vast majority involved a single incident

Anyone flying in or out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport on July 22 had a tough time of it. Twelve of the 13 tarmac delays of more than three hours on dome...


Manhattan mail goes missing for a month

Post office claims it has no way of knowing who was responsible for mail delivery in August

A Manhattan man and his roommates have gone over a month now without receiving a single piece of mail from the US post office, yet despite repeated complai...


Realtors: housing market getting back to normal

Supply is catching up with demand, analysts say

Home prices are up, which is good news for homeowners hoping to regain some of their equity lost when the housing market plunged five years ago. But much o...


EPA provides free mileage info for used car buyers

But will dealers make the information available to consumers?

An EPA sticker for a plug-in hybridIf you're shopping for a new car, it's easy to find the estimated miles per gallon rating -- it's staring you right ...


Struggling homeowners illegally evicted, abused, Illinois charges

Safeguard Properties allegedly breaks into homes, evicts residents before foreclosures are finalized

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (file photo)One of the nation's largest foreclosure-service comanies, Safeguard Properties LLC, is being sued by...


Would you believe a 10-hour battery life in forthcoming Chromebooks?

Latest line of Chromebooks will be based on new Intel processor that boosts efficiency

A Lenovo ChromebookThe world stops spinning when new iPhones come out and alarm bells ring when Microsoft shuffles executives, but in relative obscurit...


Sears reforms refund policy New York called deceptive

The "Come Back Cash" promotion didn't work out well for customers who returned merchandise

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has reached a settlement with Sears over a refund policy that Schneiderman charged was deceptive.At i...


Virgin America fined for safety violation

The carrier failed to provide safety videos to hearing-impaired passengers

The failure to make its in-flight safety video accessible to passengers with hearing impairments will cost Virgin America $150,000. In announcing the fine,...


Initial jobless claims number plunges -- but don't get excited

The figure was the lowest in 7 years, but it was due to computer issues

First-time applications for state jobless benefits plunged by 31,000 during the week ending September 7 to 292,000. That's the lowest point for claims sinc...


Beware of "concussion-proof" football helmets

There is no such thing, experts warn; minimizing head-to-head hits is the best prevention

With football season set to begin, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today issued a consumer alert on the risk of concussions to young football players...


Dorel recalls child restraint systems

Installation instructions are incorrect

Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) is recalling 89,527 Safety 1st Complete Air LX (models CC050xxx), Safety 1st Complete Air SE (models CC051xxx), and Safety 1st A...


Hachette Book Group recalls children’s books

A metal rod holding small beads on the cover of books can detach and release small parts

Hachette Book Group New York, N.Y., is recalling about 70,000 children's books titled “Count my Kisses, 1, 2, 3” and “Red, Green, Blue, I Love You.” A meta...


Chobani in meltdown as 89 illnesses are reported

The "fizzy" yogurt contained mold from its Idaho plant, the company says

That bad batch of Chobani yogurt is giving its manufacturer a bad case of heartburn and making some of its customers sick. Chobani says it is speeding up i...


Sleep disorders leave consumers searching for relief

But you might need more than a special pillow or a pill now and then

If you watch much cable TV you no doubt have seen plenty of commercials for special pillows to help you get a better night's sleep. Some regulate the surfa...


Patchwork of state marijuana laws could spell trouble

Never underestimate the War on Drugs' potential for collateral damage

As marijuana warriors relent in some states, they might get harsher in others...


Latest air war: dueling Wi-Fi

Virgin, JetBlue skirmish to win the Wi-Fi race

Nearly 90 percent of U.S. travelers think every airline flight should have fast Wi-Fi service. Of course, the survey was conducted by Honeywell, which make...


Christmas already, Kmart?

First holiday shopping ad airs a full 105 days before Christmas

Christmas already? If it still feels like late summer to you, maybe your internal clock is off. Or maybe it really is still late summer, in which case some...


Are we any closer to an Alzheimer's cure?

There are tantalizing suggestions that we are, we just won't know for a while

The last five years have witnessed promising breakthroughs in research into Alzheimer's disease, the fatal condition that robs its victims of their memory ...


Aging in place: technology may make it easier

With a little IT support, seniors may find they can remain in their homes longer

As people age and become infirm, either mentally or physically – or both – a nursing home is almost always the next step. But if you ask the se...


More hiring expected as the year winds down

Employers' plans are the strongest in 6 years

Looking for work? Your best shot at finding it may come later this year. According to ManpowerGroup, 18% of the more than 18,000 employers expect an incre...


Fraudulent debt relief operation shuttered

Selling debt relief services and telemarketing are among the banned activities

Innovative Wealth Builders, Inc., (IWB) and its three Florida-based principals -- Carly Janene Pelland (also known as Carly Zurita), Sheryl Leigh Lopez, an...


Eco-Novelty recalls Cosmo Beads toys

The toy can be easily mistaken for candy by a child

Eco-Novelty Corp., of Troy, Mich., is recalling about 3,500 Cosmo Beads Jumbo Size Colorful Water Balls and Jumbo Multipurpose Colorful Water Balls toys. ...


A dip in weekly mortgage applications

The refinance share is at its lowest level in 3 years

After posting a modest gain in the previous week, mortgage applications plunged 13.5% in the week ending September 6. The results included an adjustment f...


Be Amazing! recalls monster science growing spiders

The marble-sized toy can expand inside a child’s body and cause intestinal obstructions

Be Amazing! Toys of Salt Lake City is recalling about 26,500 Monster Science Growing Spider toy sets. The soft and colorful product can be mistaken by a ...


September 2008: A look back

Pivotal month five years ago sent the economy into a tailspin

The world changed five years ago, in September 2008. On September 15 investment banking giant Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, sending a shock wave thr...


The new iPhone 5C comes in colors everywhere

The 5C is not only colorful, it's also a lot cheaper than its predecessor

Apparently taking its cue from the Rolling Stones, Apple today unveiled the new iPhone 5C, one of two phones that will replace the current iPhone 5.And w...


Proposed rules could place more pressure on for-profit colleges

Feds hope to hold educators more accountable

A little more than a week after the state of New York sued Donald Trump for $40 million, claiming his Trump University doesn't give students much benefit, ...


Brand loyalty makes me feel like an alien

I know people care about designer labels; I just can't figure out why

Decade-long increase in brand loyalty baffles discount fashionista...


Broccoli may protect against skin cancer

Believe it or not, rubbing the veggie on your skin may turn out to be protective

It has long been known that broccoli contains a substance that helps the body fight cancer. But the assumption was that you'd have to eat the broccoli to g...


Bogus debt collection, credit management schemes derailed

FTC imposes $25 million judgment against repeat offender Brett Fisher

Brett Fisher probably wishes the Federal Trade Commission didn't exist. Back in 2010, the agency imposed a $17.2 million judgment against him in a case inv...


Walmart launches smartphone trade-in program

You can get credit for your device while keeping it out of a landfill

Want to trade in your smartphone without a hassle? Walmart has a program that it says will let you do exactly that. Starting Sept. 21, U.S. consumers will...


Princeton named top college in annual U.S. News rankings

Schools that do well promote the annual rankings heavily; others ignore them

What's the best college of them all? According to U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings, it's Princeton, followed by Harvard, Yale, Columbia ...


iTunes broke faith with "Breaking Bad" fans, class action charges

Suit claims Apple sold a "Season Pass," then broke the season into two parts

If you buy a ticket to a football game, you don't have to buy a second ticket if you want to stay past halftime....


'Severely obese:' a worrisome classification

Five percent of U.S. kids are said to fit that description

There's a newly defined class of weight risk -- severely obese. And according to a scientific statement from American Heart Association, published online i...


Toyota recalls various Lexus vehicles with engine bolt problems

The bolts could become loose due to abnormal impacts

Toyota is recalling 101,584 model year 2007-2011 Lexus GS350 vehicles manufactured June 19, 2006, through July 12, 2011; model year 2006-2011 Lexus IS350 v...


Toyota recalls RAV4 and Lexus HS250h vehicles

Failure of the rear tie rod could cause a loss of vehicle control

Toyota is recalling nearly 800,000 model year 2006 through 2011 RAV4 and 2010 Lexus HS250h passenger vehicles manufactured from October 2005, through Septe...


"Flushable" wipes fouling up the waterworks

Just because something says it's "flushable" doesn't mean it won't cause problems

A backed-up sink or toilet is bad enough but entire sewer systems are getting clogged up by pre-moistened "personal wipes" and other consumer products that...


Aging: is it all in your head?

The Fountain of Youth may have been within you all along

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently turned 36 and is entering his 14th season in the National Football League, a point at which most profes...


Soup from a coffeemaker? Coming right up

Campbell's and Keurig planning to brew up some new concoctions

Depending on your taste preferences, the impending product marriage between Campbell’s Soup and Keurig Coffee indicates either a Golden Age of instan...


Making your money last through retirement

Disciplined saving and not pushing the panic button are key

The statistics about retirement savings are pretty sobering. The Employment Benefit Research Institute has found that more than half of Americans have save...


Gas prices hold steady but MidEast, hurricane season could spell trouble

Labor Day prices were the fourth-highest on record

A gas station in Northern VirginiaLabor Day marked the end of the summer driving season with the fourth highest Labor Day price on record, with a natio...


Microsoft expands Xbox Music Service, taking on Spotify

The streaming music business is turning into a gusher

If there is anyone who has not gotten into the streaming music business, it's hard to think who it is. Microsoft is the latest to take the plunge, announci...


McDonald's testing box o'burgers

It's sort of like a bucket of chicken but who wants cold burgers?

KFC has had a long and profitable relationship with its bucket of fried chicken. And the McDonald's Happy Meal -- basically a burger in a box -- has been a...


CDC: Many heart disease and stroke deaths are preventable

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for a third of all U.S. deaths

If there were things you could do to keep from dying of a stroke or heart attack, would you do them? Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Cont...


Thousands quit smoking; CDC claims credit

The agency says it's because of a national media campaign

If you are among the thousands who have recently quit smoking, you can thank Uncle Sam. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),...


Galant Food recalls calzone products

The products contain egg, an allergen not listed on the label

Galant Food Company of San Leandro, Calif., is recalling approximately 1,650 pounds of fresh or frozen calzone products. The products are formulated with...


Why breakfast is important

Eating this meal may help you control your weight

“Three square meals a day,” the saying goes. But how many of us actually eat three meals a day? Specifically, how many of us eat breakfast ever...


What makes us fat? Germs, researchers say

Having the right intestinal microbe mixture can mean the difference between being lean or obese

Lots of things can make us fat -- too much food, too much sitting around and so forth. But researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) s...


Google fails in bid for dismissal of class action challenging its handling of Gmail

Judge takes dismissal motion under advisement but warns parties to prepare for trial

A massive class action case against Google has survived, at least for now, a motion for dismissal by Google. The case concerns Google's policy of scanning ...


Teens flock to e-cigs, usage more than doubles in one year

More than 75% of teen e-cig users smoke conventional cigarettes too

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes -- or e-cigs -- like to say the devices help smokers quit while also dissuading non-smokers from taking up the tobac...


PayPal upgrades its app to make it more useful in retail settings

It will be easier to pay for purchases, and users can order ahead at participating restaurants

PayPal is upgrading its iPhone and Android apps today, making it easier to pay for purchases in stores. It's supposed to make it easier to use various stor...


Oyster hopes to be a Netflix for books

No movies but new start-up offers a $9.95 per month subscription to 100,000 books

OK, we've got streaming music and video from Netflix, Amazon and other providers. So why not streaming books?Well, it might be kind of hard to read strea...


August job creation falls short of forecasts

The latest figures show we're still not there when it comes to economic recovery

The nation's economy cranked out 169,000 jobs in August, falling short of the 177,000 forecast by analysts surveyed by As it released the fig...


Manning Equipment recalls Ford pickups

A tailpipe problem could allow heat buildup in the rear compartment

Manning Equipment Inc. LLC is recalling 37 model year 2012 Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 gasoline engined dual rear wheel chassis vehicles manufactured Octo...


Honda recalls Pilots and Odysseys

Engine pistons may be susceptible to premature wear

Honda is recalling 270 model year 2013 Pilot 2WD and 4WD vehicles and model year 2013 Odyssey vehicles. During manufacturing of the engine piston, it is ...


Toyota recalls Highlander, Lexus vehicles

The recalls involve heat damage and timing devices

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., is recalling some 235,000 vehicles in two separate actions The first involves approximately 133,000 MY 2006-2010 Highlander Hy...


Researcher: Twitter users reveal too much information

Some of it is their fault, some of it isn't

Social media users compromise their privacy all the time. They post pictures while they are on vacation, for example, advertising the fact they aren't at h...


Consumers try to stay anonymous online, study finds

Web users want to hide their identity from criminals, advertisers, people in their past

If anyone still doubts Americans are concerned about their privacy online, a new Pew Researcher Center study should dispel those doubts. The researchers fo...


Study: Walgreens prices vary widely from store to store

Choosing the "wrong" Walgreens could cost shoppers 55% more

Buyer Beware:  Walgreens Prices All Over the MapPrices Vary More at Walgreens than Competitors; Choosing the “Wrong” Walgreens Could Cos...


Samsung's new TV lets two people watch different shows at the same time

Viewers use special glasses to see programs on the curved OLED screen

So yesterday, it was Samsung's new watch-phone that was the latest and greatest. But today, well, that's so yesterday. Because today, the big gasp com...


Planning retirement, together

A couple may not be ready to stop working at the same time, for a host of reasons

Chances are you and your spouse do lots of things together and have throughout the time you've been married. If you are close in age you may be thinking of...


Job cuts rise sharply in August

It's the highest level since February

Pink slips were flying in August as employers announced plans in August to cut payrolls by 50,462. That's an increase of 33.8% from the 37,701 planned job ...


Kids are back in school and that requires extra caution on the roads

An average of 17 school-age children die in school transportation-related crashes each year

If you haven't noticed, the yellow buses are back on the road -- and that means kids are back in school. That often means an increase in road travel and sh...


Insurers use unfair, discriminatory pricing system to drive up rates, group charges

Consumer Federation says the practice is illegal in every state yet commonplace among large firms

A nationwide consumer organization says auto insurance companies are using unfair and illegal tactics to jack up premiums. The Consumer Federation of Ameri...


Are you eligible for student loan forgiveness?

If you are, the government is encouraging you to take advantage of it

The toll of student loan debt in the U.S. now exceeds $1.2 trillion, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and is a growing cause f...


The pension vs. 401(k) debate

Despite the argument, the pension appears to be fading away

Many Baby Boomers who began their careers in the 1970s were enrolled in what is known as a “defined-benefit” pension plan.If you began your c...


Samsung introduces its watch-phone, the Galaxy Gear

The $299 "wearable" device undercuts Google Glass and beats Apple to market

Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear (Samsung photo)Apple likes to accuse Samsung of making copycat products, but today Samsung unveiled its "smartwatch," t...


"Clean living" may contribute to Alzheimer's

Cambridge study lends support to the "hygiene hypothesis"

Too much clean living may be contributing to a surge in cases of Alzheimer’s disease in developed countries, experts believe.Scientists have linked...


Home video cameras weren't secure, FTC charges

It's the first case to be brought against Internet-connected everyday devices

It sounds like a simple way to keep an eye on your house, baby, pet or whatever -- just hook up a simple video camera that lets you monitor the goings-on f...


Chobani withdraws some of its yogurt from store shelves

A mold was causing a weird taste and making containers swell and bloat

"Fizzy" yogurt that tastes like wine? Yogurt containers that look swelled or bloated? What could it be?Chobani, which started pulling some of its Greek y...


Operations of alleged phony payday loan broker halted

Consumers are said to have lost millions after being promised help in finding loan

Everybody needs a little help now and then, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says people weren't getting it from a Tampa, Florida-based operation th...


Furnishers get guidelines for investigating consumer credit report disputes

You have the right to know that your dispute is being handled properly

Furnishers, companies that supply information to consumer reporting companies, got the word that they have an important role in handling consumer disputes...


Home prices climb again in July

Hardest hit areas are leading the way

The latest Home Price Index (HPI) report released by CoreLogic suggests there's no end in sight to the increase in home prices. Home prices nationwide --...


Options for learning a second language

It could make sense, both economically and mentally

In the global economy, speaking more than one language can be a big advantage. It can be a valuable asset in getting job, maybe more than going back to sch...


BillFloat offers consumers short-term loans to pay a bill

Upstart taking on big banks and payday lenders

What happens you you are presented with an unexpected expense or you run a little short because you've gone over your budget for the month?If you are lik...


Walmart slashes iPhone, iPad prices as new launches loom

Microsoft buys Nokia, hoping to force its way into the smartphone market

Discounts on Apple products are normal at this time of the year, with new launches scheduled for next week. But Walmart has slashed prices even more than u...


Naked Juice fans may guzzle down a $75 settlement

A lawsuit challenged the use of phrases such as "100 percent fruit"

Anyone who drinks a concoction containing broccoli and spinach must be doing so because they expect to reap a health benefit of some kind. But since it a...


Amazon offers Kindle versions of previously purchased print books for $2.99 or less

It's the latest "bundle" that makes content available in different wrappers

If you think about it, a book is really not much different from a song, a movie or a newspaper. They're all content embedded in a delivery medium -- paper,...


Study finds little benefit from aliskiren in preventing heart disease

Study followed 613 patients, found similar outcomes with aliskiren and a placebo

In a new study, the drug aliskiren did not slow the development of high blood pressure and coronary artery disease compared to a placebo.Aliskiren inhibi...


Feds sue medical testing lab LabMD

The lab failed to protect consumers' personal data, the FTC charges

A medical lab, LabMD, exposed the personal information of about 10,000 consumers by failing to take adequate security measures, the Federal Trade Commissio...


United fined for refund violations

The carrier failed to make timely refunds and filed inaccurate reports

The Transportation Department (DOT) has hit United Airlines with a $350,000 fine for failing to make prompt refunds to consumers. The carrier was also cite...


Ford recalls Crown Vics, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Cars

Severe corrosion can seize the lower intermediate shaft

Ford is recalling 355,000 model year 2005-2011 Ford Crown Victoria (including Crown Victoria Police Interceptors), Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town ...