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What cyber warfare means for consumers

Financial data and vital infrastructure could be at risk

Chances are, when you're scanning the news you don't spend a lot of time reading about the latest Cyber warfare attack. After all, it's just countries batt...


Vanilla Visa Gift Card not always so sweet

Consumers often disappointed -- and worse -- when they try to use the card

It's a long way from Noblesville, Ind., to California so when Jeff's daughter set off on a road trip, he fixed her up with a Vanilla Visa Gift Card to help...


How to deal with a grease fire

You've probably already heard of not throwing water on one, but what else should you do?

Here’s a truth that many people forget when they’re in the thick of an emergency: All fires aren't the same, which means how they sta...


Home energy-saving tips for the spring

With only a few adjustments, you'll get more comfort and save a little money too.

Despite the fact that some U.S. cities still have snow on the ground and folks are still keeping precautionary winter hats inside of jacket pockets, spring...


Renting with an option to buy

It's not for everyone but it might be for you

An old concept has been getting a new look as home sellers have battled a weak market and would-be home buyers have found it difficult to qualify for a mor...


iCandy World recalls Cherry strollers

An infant’s body can pass through the opening between the bumper bar and seat bottom of the stroller

iCandy America of Brooklyn, N.Y., is recalling about 830 Cherry model strollers. The opening between the bumper bar and seat bottom of the stroller can al...


Bell Sports recalls BMX bike helmets

The helmet can fall off the rider, posing a risk of head injury

Bell Sports of Scotts Valley, Calif., is recalling about 2,500 Bell Full Throttle bike helmets. The buckle on the helmet’s safety strap can release in an...


Want to be a parent, huh? Here's the cost from birth to age 17

Between school, food and clothing, we're talking big bucks. And that's not counting college.

The next time you have a talk with your child about teenage pregnancy and how hard being a parent is, try showing them some of these numbers.Accordi...


Online Rebellion: The new way kids are being defiant these days

With kids using devices 24/7 today, can parents really monitor everything they're doing?

Usually, whenever most of us conjure up an image of a rebellious child; a few things come to mind.Maybe you get a picture of a kid stealing his pare...


Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, VW Sportwagen among AAA's top picks

We spend nearly an hour commuting each day. The right car can make it more fun.

How do you get to work each day? If you're like most Americans -- 86% to be precise -- you jump in the family car or truckster and hit the road. Lots ...


VW Golf takes 'World Car' title

The longer, wider, lower 7th-generation Golf won't reach the U.S. until 2014

The Volkswagen Golf has scooped up the "World Car of the Year" title at the New York Auto Show, the second year in a row VW has taken the award. It won las...


The continuing travails of air travel

What's good news for the airlines is often bad news for travelers

Since the depths of the post-9/11 recession, the U.S. airline industry has staged a strong comeback. Mergers and the discovery that passengers could be cha...


Quest for wealth information gets expensive, woman finds

Study-at-home courses often don't deliver what's promised

Norma of West Hempstead, N.Y., badly needed some information on wealth-building so she poked around the Internet a little while and stumbled across somethi...


10 things seniors should consider when investing

Financial professionals are concerned about growing fraud and abuse

Anyone investing money needs to do homework, talk to trusted, knowledgeable people and not act in haste. But it's especially good advice for seniors, who t...


BabyHome USA recalls high chairs

The front opening between the tray and seat bottom poses a strangulation hazard

BabyHome USA of Chester, N.J., is recalling about 1,100 baby high chairs. The front opening between the tray and seat bottom of the high chair can allow ...


Alitalia fined for posting misleading information on its website

At issue is the carrier's policy on delayed and canceled flight compensation

The Italian air carrier Alitalia is in hot water with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The agency has it the airline with a $125,000 fine for p...


New multiple sclerosis treatment wins approval

Tecfidera lessens the the likelihood of relapses and worsening disability

Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) capsules has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with relapsing forms of multiple s...


Economy shows stronger growth in fourth quarter

However, the rate of expansion slowed considerably from the previous three months

After recrunching some numbers, the Commerce Department reports the economy was doing a bit better in the fourth quarter than initially reported. The Gros...


Debt collectors agree to stop deceiving consumers

The settlement with the FTC also includes a payment of nearly $800,000

The defendants in a debt collection operation have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that they allegedly misled consumers into paying...


Bugaboo recalls Cameleon3 strollers

The stroller’s carrying handle can break and detach, posing a fall hazard

Bugaboo Americas of El Segundo, Calif., is recalling about 10,000 Bugaboo Cameleon3 strollers. The stroller’s carrying handle can break and detach, posi ...


Consumers vs supermarkets, an enduring battle

Supermarkets count on your spontaneity, so keep your guard up

When it comes to luring you into spending a lot of money, supermarkets have been shaping and redesigning their tactics ever since the first food aisle...


Privacy concerns still haunt Facebook

Worries about privacy may lead to a host of Facebook competitors

Maybe it's because it has nearly a billion users, but it's always been a challenge to maintain your privacy on Facebook. In fact, it has been a common them...


T-Mobile adds iPhone with no contract

It will sell the iPhone for $100 plus $20 per month for 24 months

-Mobile Adds iPhone, Unveils No-Contract PricingT-Mobile USA, long trailing its rivals in the cell phone industry, is trying to catch up by changing the co...


Higher prices at JC Penney means lower prices at jcp

If you raise prices and then lower them, that should make everybody happy, right?

There’'s a wonderful Yiddish reflection -- "The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits." That may explain the difference between ...


Walmart latest to add lockers for online order pickups

Amazon has been offering a similar option for customers who can't get deliveries at home

Wal-Mart Enlists Stores To Boost Online SalesWal-Mart Stores Inc is ramping up plans to combine its physical stores with online technology, testing the use...


Food may actually be getting a little bit safer

Studies find a decline in the number of foodborne disease outbreaks

Could it be that food is actually getting safer in the United States? Both the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the nonprofit C...


A fresh look at foreclosure prevention efforts

Five federal programs have improved over the last four years

With the housing market in rebound mode and home prices rising, it's easy to forget that many homeowners are still underwater and still struggling. A check...


Temporary tattoos may put you at risk

They may not be permanent, but they can do damage

Ink is in. No doubt about that; just look around. But if you can't stand the idea of a needle or you don't want something you may later regret, how about ...


Walmart's "Bluebird" card adds FDIC protection

The checking account alternative offers services to "unbanked" consumers

Bluebird, the debit and checking alternative for "unbanked" consumers offered by Walmart and American Express, is adding FDIC insurance coverage and new fu...


Dodge Challengers recalled

An electrical short circuit cold pose a fire hazard

Chrysler is recalling 4,051 model year 2013 Dodge Challenger vehicles manufactured from December 3, 2012, through January 24, 2013 and equipped with a V6 e...


Constrained inventory sends pending home sales slipping

But, the bigger picture shows the housing sector is continuing to strengthen

Limited buyer choices took some of the steam out of pending home sales during February. Still, they were at the second highest level in nearly three years....


PT Domusindo Perdana recalls drop-side cribs

The cribs' drop sides can fail, posing entrapment and suffocation hazards

PT Domusindo Perdana is recalling about 73,000 drop-side cribs. The cribs' drop sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop ...


Gluten: Do people without celiac disease really need to avoid it?

Some say eliminating gluten is best for everyone, others say its all about being trendy

According to figures presented by the site, one in every 141 people in the United States has celiac disease, which equates to about 1% of...


What if you didn't have to file a tax return each year?

The IRS could do the heavy lifting for you but computer industry groups are resisting

For most people, few things are more annoying than the annual chore of filling out their federal income tax return. For most taxpayers, the numbers are pre...


Even babies are getting too much salt in their diets

CDC study finds baby and toddler foods loaded with sodium

By now, just about everyone knows that packaged foods and restaurant meals tend to be loaded with salt, putting consumers at risk of high blood pressure, h...


How to determine how much debt is too much

Wouldn't it be better to help consumers before they get over-extended?

There are lots of resources that say they can help consumers manage or get out of debt. But there are very few that try to help consumers avoid too much de...


Auto bill pay can be a useful budgeting tool

But you can't just set it and forget it

Paying bills was once a time-consuming end-of-the-month chore, made all the more unpleasant by the fact you were spending money on things like insurance an...


Americans' consumption of sugary soda drinks falls to 1996 levels

Energy drinks and water are rising as carbonated drinks decline

Even though a judge struck down New York City's ban on oversized soft drinks, Mayor Bloomberg's message appears to be getting through. The trade pub...


The rise in home prices continued in January

The increase was the highest since the housing bubble burst

The upward momentum in home prices continued in January. The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices -- the leading measure of U.S. home prices -- showed aver...


Consumer confidence plunges in March

Pessimism appears to be creeping back in

Uncertainty -- some of it generated by the sequester -- has put consumers in something of a funk. The Conference Board reports its Consumer Confidence Ind...


New home sales slip in February

Home prices, on the other hand, moved higher

A little slack is showing up in the sales of new homes. Figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development sho...


Should airlines charge by weight?

It takes more fuel to transport heavier passengers, so a higher charge seems fair, professor suggests

Airlines are charging fees for carry-on bags, checked bags, boarding passes, snacks, drinks aisle seats and just about every other option you can think of....


Fad Diets and food eliminations: Why our culture is so obssessed

Whether it's just the promise of the quick fix or the easy nature of it all, fad diets continue to soar

 If you ask me, food fads are kind of interesting for a couple of reasons.First, it’s interesting to see how millions of people will all of a...


Can we prevent being addicted to sugar?

Experts say we're addicted to the sweet white stuff before we can even crawl

If you think about it—addiction doesn’t have any grey areas, because either you’re dependent on something or you’re not. But what a...


Autistic children learning social skills through Shakespeare

It may sound unconventional, but researchers say they've seen positive results

Some of us who read Shakespeare either in high school, college or in our leisure time had sort of a love, hate relationship with the playwright’s wor...


Survey names best chain restaurants

80,000 consumers were involved in this one, and the results may be surprising

When deciding whether to dine in or dine out there’s usually a few things to consider.For one, you’ll have to decide what you’re in the...


Americans upbeat about their financial security, survey finds

Most consumers are unfazed by higher payroll tax rate

Are happy days here again? New research from finds consumers' feelings of financial security improved markedly over the past month, thanks to ...


Relief available to many taxpayers who requested extensions

Unavailability of forms works to the benefit of some late-filers

If you have requested an extension for filing your 2012 federal tax return, you may be getting a break from the Internal Revenue Service. The agency is pr...


Pawn shops versus payday lenders

If you lack credit and need money, an old-school solution might be best

The problems with payday loans are well-documented. These short term loans carry fees that translate into triple-digit interest rates, trapping most borrow...


Global warming may be making allergy symptoms worse

And things won't be getting better anytime soon, experts warn

Have you noticed that you’ve been getting your allergies a little sooner this year compared to last year?Have you noticed that some ...


PETA kills 90% of animals at its Virginia shelter

Restaurant group says the animal-rights group belongs in the doghouse

PETA is the animal rights group that stages spectacular demonstrations aimed at galvanizing opposition to animal cruelty. It encourages veganism, a form of...


Netflix agrees to settle privacy suit for $9 million

Suit claimed the video rental service unlawfully retained consumers' viewing histories

Netflix will pay $9 million into a settlement fund to resolve a privacy case that began in 2011. U.S. District Court Judge Edward J. Davila in San Jose, Ca...


The pros and cons of leasing a car

It might be a good option but only if you focus on the bottom line

If you've paid attention to car commercials on television lately, you may have noticed there are some jaw-dropping deals on auto leases – or so it se...


Pitfalls of real estate investing

With the housing market improving, is history repeating itself?

Here we go again. With the slow turn-around in the housing market, investors are beginning to come back in, shopping for what are perceived as under-valued...


Bank payday loans need guidance, study finds

Seniors are said to face particular risks

Banks making payday loans continue to trap customers in a cycle of debt, according to a new study by the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL). Banks pitc...


Can you have too much energy?

A new study finds energy drinks may affect blood pressure

We've all seen and heard those energy drink commercials that promise to do everything from improving your golf game to putting more zip in your sex life. T...


Outed by a Facebook ad?

It isn't the first time the social media site got involved where it shouldn't have.

It happened again.Another person has claimed that Facebook has revealed their sexual orientation to the public, and at no time did this user talk about b...


Is self-publishing your book even worth it these days?

Many people do it, and they should, but they'll first have to adjust their expectations.

Do you remember when the term “Do it yourself” pretty much applied to home repairs and fixing things?It became the advertising slogan for man...


Chances are pretty good that you're eating too much salt

Study finds most people consume almost twice the daily recommended amount of sodium

Without seeing any facts and figures, most of us will admit we use too much salt. The food we buy is loaded with the stuff -- and most of us dump more of ...


Why are more children being diagnosed with autism?

The condition affecting young children is rising at an alarming rate

Over the last two decades, the number of children diagnosed with autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), has risen at an alarming rate.Just a couple o...


How will you pay for retirement?

If you're a baby boomer, the answer may be to work longer -- if you can

Living longer and retiring earlier doesn't appear to be a good combination. Surveys show more baby boomers have put off retirement because of what some att...


Amazon introduces 'Send to Kindle' button

Kind of an underwhelming idea, critics say

See something on the Web that you'd like to read later? There's now a feature on some sites that lets you send a Web page to your Kindle, so you can read t...


Car dealers, lenders warned about racial discrimination

Consumers should not have to pay more for a loan based on race, feds warn

The price of a car and the loan that consumers use to purchase it shouldn't vary according to race, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sa...


McDonald's unwraps its "Subway Buster," the McWrap

It's the burger chain's latest entry in the healthy-eating derby

First it was Starbucks that loomed in McDonald's radar. It create McCafe line of coffee drinks to deal with that. And now McDonald's is turning its attenti...


Housing continues to be an economic bright spot

Existing home sales and prices continued to rise in February

What many analysts see as the healthy recovering in the housing sector of the economy continued in February. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) re...


Yuba Bicycles recalls Mundo cargo bikes

Passengers’ feet can get caught in the rear wheel, posing an injury hazard

Yuba Bicycles of Sausalito, CA, is recalling about 1,000 Mundo V4 cargo bikes. Passengers’ feet can get caught in the rear wheel, posing a foot injury. Th...


Did magicJack turn out to be not so magical?

With complaints of hidden costs and poor reception, consumers want improvements

I think it was the comedian George Carlin who said that a pessimist is nothing more than a disappointed optimist, so it was no surprise that many consumers...


Monster, Rockstar change labels to thwart regulators

By calling themselves "beverages," the energy drinks can evade some oversight

Regulators and health advocates have been pouring scalding criticism on high-caffeine energy drinks the last few years following reports of death and illne...


Relieving stress through mindfulness

Corporations are doing it -- maybe you should too

Modern life is better in many ways. Better food, better healthcare, better education, a better standard of living. But unlike even a half-century ago, it c...


Are you ready for an electric lawn mower?

These new models cost a lot less to operate and work better to boot

Automakers have begun turning out battery powered vehicles for eco-friendly drivers, as well as those who hate spending money on gasoline. But it turns out...


Federal agencies abandon the U.S. Postal Service

Feds spend only 2% of their delivery budget with the USPS; FedEx, UPS get the rest

Everyone knows the U.S. Postal Service is in trouble, but is anyone doing anything about it?Well, federal agencies are. They're taking their business els...


In search of a free checking account

This quickly-vanishing commodity is increasingly hard to find

Where to keep money for everyday purposes has become a greater issue for consumers in recent years. Years ago almost everyone had a checking account at a l...


Consumer spending levels hold steady in February

Initial unemployment claims, improving real wages help offset increased tax burden

You didn't spend much more last month than you did in January. But then, you didn't spend a lot less, either. That's the bottom line from the Deloitte Con...


Poison awareness the message in North America

Product safety agencies in the U.S, Canada and Mexico put out the message

This is Poison Prevention Week and the consumer product safety agencies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico are putting out the word about the dangers of unint...


Be careful seniors: an accidental fall could land you in the emergency room

Emergency physicians say many falls are avoidable

If you're over 65, there's a pretty good chance you could take a tumble that'll land you in the hospital. According to the Centers for Disease Control and...


Ford faces challenges over C-Max mileage claims

Consumers grumble but Ford and the EPA stand by their 47 mpg rating

Ford got a lot of favorable reviews and rave notices when it launched its C-MAX and Fusion hybrids. Reviewers gave the cars high marks for handling, f...


How safe is your pet in the car?

Most people don't restrain their pets while traveling, but experts say they should

It's hard to imagine, but 50 years ago most cars didn't have seat belts. It's only been in recent decades that passenger restraints and other safety featur...


Sugary soft drinks take heavy worldwide toll

Low and middle-income countries are most at risk

Death from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are being laid at the doorstep of drinks sweetened with sugar. According to research presented at...


Are bartending schools really necessary?

Of course folks who work at bartending schools say yes, but not everyone agrees

You know what? Bartenders rule the world—they really do.Now mind you, I’m talking about the night life world in clubs, lounges and bars where...


Ready for March Madness? If not, get an app

We put together some cool apps for creating brackets and keeping abreast of all the games

The other night I caught the ESPN documentary Survive and Advance, which covered the NC State Wolfpack’s fairytale 1983 run, when the team won the na...


American Idol's Simon Cowell launches a global talent contest via YouTube

Why go all the way to Hollywood? New series collects auditions via Skype

Simon Cowell Launches Global Talent Contest Via YouTubeSimon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and YouTube today unveiled details about the March 20 launch...


Tipping point: Instant noodle burn incidents

Is it truly a design flaw when one puts boiling liquid in front of a three-year-old?

Tipping Point: Instant Noodle Points – Design Flaw or User Error?By Hans Lienesch, The Ramen Rater Since I was a small child, I have been enamore...


'Faux fur' once again spells trouble for Neiman Marcus

Two other retailers also admit they sold real fur while claiming it was artificial

Neiman Marcus is still a little fuzzy when it should be furry, or maybe it's the other way around. A few years ago, the upscale retailer paid $25,000 to se...


Radio investment guru sentenced to prison

John Farahi scammed victims out of $24 million, prosecutors charged

 Investment manager and "radio personality" John Farahi was sentenced Monday to 10 years in federal prison for running a $24 million bond scam. &...


Health advocates target SpongeBob SquarePants

Group is Urging Nickelodeon to stop marketing 'junk food' to kids

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has issued a “wanted” poster for SpongeBob SquarePants, accusing Nickelodeon, in the person of the ...


When it comes to free checking, it's credit unions hands down

In the battle between credit unions and banks, it's no contest

You want free checking accounts with no strings attached? You're not likely to find it at a bank. According to's 2013 Credit Union Checking S...


New home construction perks along

The rise in building permits indicates the trend will continue

More evidence that the housing market is strengthening -- at least the construction end of it. The U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and U...


Is identity theft unavoidable?

An identity theft expert says it's not a matter of if but when

“Identity Theft cannot be prevented. It can’t.”Those were the words uttered by identity theft expert Adam Levin, who’s the chairm...


CupSoup can be CupBurnWard, suit charges

Designs flaws in instant soup, noodle containers a serious burn hazard, lawsuit alleges

Low-cost, no-trouble instant cups of soup and noodles are popular with harried moms looking to serve their child a hot meal but a lawsuit filed today charg...


Is it ADHD, or something else?

Doctors say there is no single test to diagnose this common but vexing condition

When is a child's behavior the product of just being a kid and when is it evidence of something else, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?...


Anti-Google Glass group warns of dire consequences

The sky really is falling this time, says Stop the Cyborgs. It offers t-shirts to buy a little time.

It's been nearly a year since the world first heard of Google glasses, now officially known as "Google Glass."  The high-tech eyewear (or is it eyewar...


Job site faces class action suit

Complaint says top-flight job site misrepresented itself, didn't deliver

Jobs site has been hit with a class action complaint accusing it of having "scammed its customers" by advertising jobs that did not meet the...


Survey sees frugal Easter celebrations this year

The Easter Bunny will be keeping an eye on the budget as he makes his rounds

This year's Easter celebrations, while stylish, will also be on budget, according to the National Retail Federation's (NRF)s Easter Spending Survey conduct...


Builder confidence slips in March

Rising costs for building materials and labor are said to be factors

Is the housing market on the comeback trail or not? Results of the latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HM...


Ben-Lee Processing recalls pork products

The products were produced without a HACCP plan

Ben-Lee Processing of Atwood, KS, is recalling an undetermined amount of ready-to-eat and heat-treated bacon and ham products that were produced without a ...


FPL Food recalls ground beef chuck

FPL Food recalls ground beef chuck The beef may contain small pieces of plastic

FPL Food of West Columbia, SC, is recalling approximately 5,820 pounds of ground beef chuck that may contain small pieces of plastic. The following produc...


Avoiding costly mistakes when you buy a home

Pre-purchase education reduces chance of foreclosure

During the last decade's housing boom, a lot of Americans bought homes they shouldn't have. They either bought the the wrong house or ended up with the wro...


ACL tears becoming more common among high school athletes

It's not just famous sports figures who are getting these injuries, teens are getting them too

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ve probably heard of the high amount of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears among pro athletes in the last ...


Verizon, Redbox launch their Netflix-killer wannabe

They don't have many movies but they have a lot of kiosks

Netflix is one of those ideas that has turned out to be so good that everyone else wishes they'd thought of it. Now, Verizon and Redbox are trying to take ...


Consumers protest food dye in Kraft Mac-N-Cheese

Two food activists say things need to change in the U.S. when it comes to additives

When people think of macaroni and cheese some envision a picture of it being prepared by scratch and they get excited when they think of all the needed ing...


Can Joe Fresh save J.C. Penney?

It's the struggling retailer's latest attempt to reinvent itself

Can a popular Canadian named Joe Fresh save a tired old American named J. C. Penney? We'll soon know. The troubled retail chain is opening Joe Fresh a...


High-fat yogurt, milk, ice cream increase death rate in breast cancer patients

Study looked at the relationship between dairy products and long-term survival rates

Breast cancer patients who eat high-fat dairy products increase their chance of dying from the disease years later, a new study finds.“Specifical...


Replacing your home's heat pump

These appliances have a lifespan as short as 10 years

Many homes today are both heated and cooled with a heat pump, an appliance that came into wide use in the late 1970s when natural gas shortages caused the ...


Stubborn gas prices push consumer prices up a notch

February's consumer price index increase in February was the biggest since June 2009

Gas prices have been stubbornly high this year and that's driving an increase in the Consumer Price Index, which rose 0.7% last month, the biggest increase...


Boeing outlines 787 battery improvements

The company says putting Dreamliners back in the air is a 'top priority'

Boeing thinks it has the 787 battery problem licked. The aircraft maker has unveiled what it calls a “comprehensive set of improvements that will add seve...


The taxman may have some money for you

People who have not filed a 2009 income tax return could be missing out

There's a lot of money lying around out there. And some of it may have your name on it The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says refunds totaling just over ...


Veterinarians warn U.S. pets pack too many pounds

The term 'fat cat' is reverting to its original meaning

Maybe it's simply a fact of modern life; not only are people increasingly overweight and obese, so are their pets.In its annual survey for 2012 the Assoc...


Bravo! Chicken Blend for Dogs and Cats recalled

The raw food product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Bravo! is voluntarily recalling its 2 lb tubes of Bravo! Raw Food Diet Chicken Blend for Dogs and Cats, product code: 21-102, batch ID code 6 14 12, becaus...


When is it time to replace your roof?

Here are some tell-tale signs to look for

For a homeowner, a brown spot on the ceiling is very bad news. It means you have a roof leak and the possibility exists that, by the time you see the evide...


Green tea, coffee may help lower stroke risk

This is a case where more really is better

Green tea and coffee may help lower your risk of having a stroke, especially when both are a regular part of your diet, according to research published in ...


U.S. drivers more likely to be texting, talking than Europeans

Study finds "most" U.S. drivers talk while driving, one in three also text

What is everybody talking about? Lately it seems that nearly every car, truck and monster SUV is being driven by someone who has a phone plastered to their...


New regulations would rein in student loan servicers

As delinquency rates rise, feds fear borrowers will be treated unfairly by lenders

As student loan delinquencies rise, there are growing fears that borrowers will be treated unfairly by lenders and their servicers. Seeking to get a handle...


Mortgage rates move to higher ground

Signs of an improving economy are said to be a factor

Freddie Mac says stronger signs of jobs growth and consumer spending pushed the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) to its highest reading since the week of...


Court puts brakes on repeat offender’s most recent scam

Operating a bogus prize promotion scheme violated a 1998 court order

Sometimes you really have to keep an eye on these guys. Fifteen years ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stopped Glen E. Burke from making deceptive ...


Sears Canada recalls Nevada infant girl's shirt

A detachable ribbon row poses a potential choking hazard

Sears Canada is recalling Nevada infant girl's shirts The small ribbon row can easily detach posing a potential choking hazard. There are no reports of in...


Wholesale prices continued their rise in February

Weekly jobless claims post a surprising drop

Prices one step short of the retail level rose in February for the second straight month. Figures released by the Labor Department show the Producer Price...


Now you can share your Netflix favorites on Facebook

It sounds like a small thing but it took an act of Congress to get it done

So, would you like to see what your Facebook friends are watching on Netflix? How about letting your FB buddies see what you're watching?That sounds spoo...


The report is out -- Just how well are U.S. schools doing?

The answer is not so well, although experts see slight improvement.

A lot of schools in the U.S. are in dire need of funding, quality teachers and modernized buildings and if you’ve been to certain schools in some of ...


Choosing a home remodeling contractor

There are four main steps in the screening process

If you plan a major renovation to your home – anything from updating a bathroom to adding a master suite – you'll need a modeling contractor to...


Feds approve T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger

But some big MetroPCS shareholders are holding out for a better offer

Federal regulators have given the go-ahead to the merger of MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA, potentially creating a bigger and more powerful player in the wirele...


Popular antibiotic poses risk of potentially fatal heart rhythms

Some patients are more at risk than others

If you use the antibiotic azithromycin, which is sold as Zithromax or Z-Pak, you should know that it can cause abnormal changes in the electrical activity...


Charging your smartphone is getting easier

Wireless chargers make it less likely you'll be caught with a dead battery

From the time people started using cellphones, keeping the battery charged has been a challenge. It got worse a few years ago when smartphones flooded the ...


Twinkies, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Dolly Madison find a new home

Hostess Brands chooses a buyer for its troubled cake collection

It's turning into quite the week for sugar lovers. First Judge Tingling dumps Mayor Bloomberg's Big Gulp ban, now Hostess Brands picks a new owner for its ...


Feds update disclosure standards for online ads, including tweets

Ads can be deceptive and unfair no matter how short they are

OK, it's oh so clever to send out a short tweet about a life-changing new shampoo or a really cool new snack bar, but look out. If it's a paid endorsement ...


Hot Springs Packing recalls chicken Polish sausage and chicken breakfast link products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hot Springs Packing of Hot Springs, AR, is recalling approximately 6,120 pounds of chicken Polish sausage and chicken breakfast link products due to possib...


Tarmac delays at a minimum in January

Only two delays of three hours or more were posted for domestic flights

Airlines continue to do a good job of keeping long tarmac delays at a minimum. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), carriers reported...


Retail sales post solid gain in February

Gas station sales led the charge

A 5% surge in sales at gas stations helped propel overall retail sales up 1.1 percent in February following a revised advance of 0.2% the month before. Tha...


White House\Black Market women's shoes recalled

The heels on the shoes can become unstable, posing a fall hazard

Impo International of Santa Maria, CA, is recalling about 13,500 pairs of women's high-heeled shoes. The heels on the shoes can become unstable, posing a ...


Want to do a little 3D designing? Now you can bridges the gap between 3D printing and the everyday consumer.

Okay, I admit it. I’m kind of the artsy fartsy type and I get extremely excited anytime I get to be creative, which happens to be every day thanks to...


How to exercise and stay fit when you're a senior

It'll just require a few tweaks to your exercise routine to stay in shape as you get older

I think it started about a decade ago when a lot of people starting using the whole “30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30” rationale, and to this...


The benefits of brown-bagging it

You can both save money and avoid weight gain

If you've looked for places to tighten your budget but still find you need to cut, take a look at what you do at lunchtime. Many of us, it turns out, think...


Do you need renter's insurance?

While a growing number of landlords demand it, most renters are uninsured

With mortgages harder to get, more consumers are renting their homes these days, with rents rising sharply across the U.S.While homeowners who have mortg...


Google settles suit with states over Wi-Spy scandal

The company's Street View cars eavesdropped on unsecured wi-fi networks

In a less than resounding settlement, 39 states and the District of Columbia have agreed to split $7 million from Google as a token penalty for its Street ...


Concussions: Do helmets and mouthguards do any good?

New international guidance says 'no' and contains recommendations for dealing with injuries

Given the rise of concussions in the National Football League and in other sports, a lot of attention is focused on preventing the injuries. While mouthgu...


Small-business owners more upbeat about the economy

But there's no sign of a surge in confidence

We know from recent reports that consumers are felling a little more confident about the economy these days. But what about the folks who operate small bus...


Kolcraft settles defective play yard charges

The company will pay a $400,000 penalty and make compliance improvements

Kolcraft Enterprises of Chicago has agreed to pay a civil penalty in the amount of $400,000 resolving allegations that it knowingly failed to report a defe...


'Night Bullet' male sexual performance enhancer recalled

The product contains a potentially hazardous active ingredient

Green Planet is recalling "Night Bullet," a product sold as a dietary supplement to enhance male sexual performance. The product was tested and found to...


It costs how much to get married these days? You might be surprised

Researchers reveal just how much you'll have to spend for that wedding of your dreams.

You’ve probably heard the nursery rhyme before that goes “First comes love, then comes marriage, then, comes baby in the baby carriage,” ...


Understanding credit can help you avoid costly mistakes

But many consumers aren't as credit-savvy as they should be

How do you use credit? There are right ways and wrong ways, and the latter almost always lands you in trouble.Consumer credit as we know it has evolved f...


10 spring cleaning chores your home really needs

If your cleaning time is limited, start with these tasks

Why is it that we only get serious about housecleaning in the spring? It probably goes back to harsh winters where people had to stay indoors most of the t...


Judge pours out NYC's big-sugar ban

Too many loopholes for the ban to be effective, judge rules

Mayor BloombergThat big gulp you heard east of the Hudson? It was the reaction to a ruling by New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, who to...


Netflix: U.S. leads in broadband speeds

Google Fiber helps put USA over the top, even though few customers have it

Netflix unveiled its Global Speed Index website Monday, aggregating performance results from its 33 million worldwide subscribers in one place, a...


Flu and the weather: a connection?

A new study says the two are related

Remember how your mother would warn you that going out in chilly or rainy weather without a coat would make you sick? Turns out that -- as was usually the ...


Irregular heartbeat symptoms differ by gender

The differences could be important in 'real-world' situations

It may be politically incorrect to say so, but there is a difference between men and women -- particularly when it comes to certain heart ailments. Accord...


Post-stroke walking program improves stroke survivors' lives

A little time and exercise can make a lot of difference

People who have suffered a stroke often lack energy and are afraid of falling while walking, prompting them to withdraw from meaningful activities like goi...


Turducken Canine Recipe patties recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Steve’s Real Food of Murray, UT, is recalling its 5-lb. bags of "Turducken Canine Diet -- 8-oz. patties due to potential contamination of Salmonella. Pet...


It's time to get serious about retirement

But it's a subject many of us put off at our peril

Retirement was once a subject of fond anticipation. All too often these days its a topic of dread. Who, after all, can afford to retire?The whole concept...


Is your nail salon clean? Here's how to tell

There's all kinds of nasty little things that you can catch at your neighborhood nail shop

Maybe you’re getting ready for an evening out with your guy or your girlfriends or maybe you just want to get your usual weekly touchup, but either w...


Facebook gets a facelift

The social media and trivia site insists it is becoming a "personalized newspaper"

Facebook, where people post pictures of their babies, cats, dogs and cars, is undergoing a facelift that its impresarios hope will make it look a little le...


Ford SUVs can roll away while in 'park,' feds find, but do nothing

It's not a common-enough problem to warrant a recall, NHTSA decides

For four years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been investigating whether three Ford SUVs can roll away when the ...


Wrigley's introducing caffeinated gum

"Alert Energy" gum hopes to avoid some of the problems that have plagued energy drinks

For decades, chewing gum was just, well, chewing gum. About the most you could expect to get out of it was a bubble now and then.Nicorette changed all th...


Sell your house with five inexpensive improvement projects

How to make your home stand out without spending a lot

For homeowners who want to put their homes on the market, the news seems to get better by the day. Sales are up and so are prices. The number of homes for ...


Spring may be coming earlier as climate change progresses

Fall could come later as well, creating an even longer, hotter summer

Tired of winter? Well, hang around a few years and spring will start a bit earlier, according to a new study which finds that by 2100, "budburst" may &nbsp...


Daylight Saving Time means Battery Replacement Time

It's time to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is wonderful thing. For example, it means a lot of us will arrive home from work before it's dark. But it also means it's time f...


Pampered Chef recalls garlic slicers

A blade can unexpectedly dislodge, posing a laceration hazard

The Pampered Chef of Addison, IL, is recalling about 286,000 garlic slicers. A blade on the slicer can unexpectedly dislodge during use, posing a lacerati...


Unemployment drops in February as job creation rises

Economists were expecting fewer new jobs and a steady unemployment rate

The economy cranked out a surprising 236,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in February, pushing the unemployment rate down to 7.7%. While the unemployment rate e...


Are mobile wallets really in our future?

A fragmented industry and other obstacles mean it could be a distant future

Right now you probably carry your credit cards in a wallet. In the future, will you carry them in a smart phone?You might. A few early adopters are givin...


Adopting a pet? Here's how to do it the right way

You shouldn't just choose an animal willy-nilly, there are some very important things to consider

As most people know bringing home a new pet can be like bringing home a new baby in many ways.Both add a certain level of excitement to a household, caus...


Don't know your rights with telemarketers? You have a lot of company

Consumers say it's hard to tell who is and isn't a scammer

You get one of those phone calls we all hate to get: a telemarketer from a company you don't know trying to sell you something. Is it legit? Who knows. Th...


Average fuel economy of cars sold in U.S. at record high

New cars sold in February averaged 24.5 mpg, tying the high reached in January

Some people think cars are getting funny-looking. Others think they're getting too small. Could be, but they're also getting a lot more efficient.In fact...


Sitting the new smoking? No, it's sausages

European study spells it out: eat bacon, you die

Someone recently said that sitting is the new smoking, setting one up for premature death and disability. Perhaps, but a new study shows pretty decisively ...


What to do when you find asbestos in your home

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best course of action

Asbestos has been outlawed as a building material for more than three decades, but that doesn't mean it can't turn up in your home. And when it does, it sh...


Carfax rolls itself onto the used database lot

The privately-owned company reportedly is seeking a buyer

For sale: Single-owner car records company. 140 years on the clock, excellent condition, well-cared-for, has never seen rain....


'Forensic loan audits,' 'mass joinder lawsuits' didn't solve mortgage problems

California promoters agree to stop their allegedly illegal activities

A California group accused of victimizing more than 1,000 consumers has agreed to stop promoting its "forensic loan audits" and "mass joinder" lawsuits to...


Feds crack down on spammmers promoting 'free' gift cards

More than 180 million spam text messages were sent

What could be more American then getting something for nothing? After all, that's pretty much the idea behind playing the lottery, isn't it? But when some...


Weekly jobless claims fall in advance of February employment report

The total was well below the estimates of economists

A day ahead of the eagerly anticipated February employment data, the Labor Department reports initial applications for state unemployment benefits fell by ...


Checks in the mail to consumers defrauded in mortgage relief scam

More than 17,000 consumers will be getting checks for $62.50

Checks are going out to more than 17,000 consumers who were swindled by hucksters who charged an upfront fee for bogus mortgage relief services and po...


Job cuts soar in February

The number of pink slips handed out was up for a second straight month

Employers continue to thin the ranks of their workforce with news they planned to cut 55,356 payroll positions in February. That's a jump of 37% from Janu...


Mind if I vape?

Millions are "vaping" e-cigarettes and many don't plan to kick the habit

You're in a nice restaurant when you look up from your menu and see a fashionably dressed young woman at the next table puffing away on a cigarette. Horror...


Travelers still looking for their CarHireUK deposits

The London firm promises prompt return of the $858 deposit, but consumers say it doesn't always work that way

Renting a car is always a tricky proposition, thanks to fees, deposits and charges that vary from one firm to another. It's especially tricky for internati...


What to do when there's water in the basement

The fix might be easier and cheaper than you think

A wet basement is the bane of many a homeowner's existence. No matter what they do a heavy rainfall usually finds water seeping into the basement, damaging...


Think you're too old to start that new business? Think again.

It's not 20-somethings that have the most successful start-ups, it's folks in their 40s.

How many budding entrepreneurs have the following dream?You just came up with a new app under the company that you and you buddy started a couple of summ...


Small knives to be permitted in carry-on luggage

Flight attendants union calls the decision 'outrageous' and 'dangerous'

Starting April 25, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is changing its guidelines on Prohibited Items to allow airline passengers to carry sma...


Teenagers and sleep deprivation: More common than you may think

Study results show that almost half of teens are going to school completely exhausted

Look, most of us can use a little extra sleep, but with today’s fast past way of doing things sometimes it can be a real challenge.And with work, f...


Is it a stroke or benign dizziness?

A simple bedside test can tell -- with 100 percent accuracy

Is severe, continuous, disabling dizziness a stroke or something less serious? A small study led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers found that a bedside...


Are the jobs finally showing up?

Payroll processor projects the economy created 198,000 jobs in February

If ADP's forecast is on the money, the economy cranked out nearly 200,000 new jobs last month. The payroll processing firm, in collaboration with Moody’s ...


Oakmont fabric stackable chairs recalled

The weld connecting the legs to the seat can break

Regency Seating, of Akron, OH is recalling about 750 Oakmont fabric stackable chairs. The weld connecting the legs to the seat can break, posing a fall ha...


How to tell if a restaurant is clean or not

Sometimes its hard to tell on the surface, but there are a few things you can do

A few years ago, in a Washington D.C. area iHop, I had an extremely disgusting experience. Well, it was actually my Dad who had the disgusting ...


Google prepares an assault on Amazon Prime

Same-day delivery the goal as the titans prepare to clash

You can say what you want about greedy capitalists, money-mad CEOs and so forth, but you can't say there's no fighting spirit in American business anymore....


White House backs cellphone 'unlocking'

Giving consumers control of their property is just "common sense," Obama Administration asserts

President Obama thinks you should be able to use your cellphone on any carrier's network. This sounds pretty simple and straightforward but it has huge imp...


The new reality of refinancing a mortgage

It takes longer, better credit and more documents than it used to

Most people realize that getting a mortgage to buy a home is a lot harder than it used to be but they don't expect to jump through as many hoops when they ...


A car title loan is a good way to lose your wheels

New report shows one in six borrowers faces repossession

You've probably seen the upbeat, peppy TV commercials for car title loans; scenes of happy people who were loaned instant cash, just for turning over their...


CDC calls for urgent response to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

More hospital patients getting lethal, life-threatening infections

A frightening family of "nightmare" bacteria kills up to its victims, who are often hospital patients infected by health care personnel, and the Centers fo...


American Express partners with Twitter

The global company jumps into social media while offering discounted items.

It seems that American Express is trying its hand in the e-commerce game in its new partnership with Twitter, and so far, the rumors say that consumers can...


Speed morphing into Fox Sports 1

An epic duel -- new cable channel takes on ESPN

For months, Fox has been rumored to be planning a sports cable network, and it turns out that baseball fans' gain will be car-racing fans' loss....


Hotel room in a box? IKEA, Marriott think so

Moxy Hotels will cater to younger travelers looking for stylish but affordable digs

You normally think of IKEA as providing cheap furniture in a box. But in a new venture, an IKEA subsidiary will be providing a cheap hotel room in a box....


More airports to offer Pre-Check

Keeping your shoes on could become an option

Flying around the country -- or at least getting on the plane -- is about to get easier for some travelers. The Transportation Security Administration (T...


Avoiding health fraud scams

Here are six tip-offs to keep you from falling for rip-offs

The fact that healthcare costs are continuing to rise is well-known to almost everyone. And that, naturally provides a market for those who would try to ca...


Let the games begin: All 2012 tax returns now being accepted

Final touches have been put on the government's tax-processing systems

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has finished updating its tax-processing systems. And that means all remaining individual and business taxpayers can now...


Google prepares to edge out auto sites, keep car buyers on its search pages

Could be very bad news for,,

Not too long ago, there was a search engine named Google. You could use it to find things and then go look at them. For example, if you wanted to buy a car...


Hand-washing an often-overlooked way to prevent flu and other illnesses

Could hand hygiene be more effective than vaccines?

Every year consumers – especially seniors – are urged to get a flu shot to guard against the seasonal virus. But these vaccinations can have a...


Stressed out? It could lead to chronic physical pain

Researchers took a look at stress to determine how it really affects the body.

If you ask me, people are way too snarky these days.Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of a little snarkiness sometimes and I can appreciate a...


How to protect your electronics from your cat

Cats aren't always the best companions for your laptop, tablet or cable modem

Every time I see a new building go up or witness another empty field become filled with roads and condominiums, it’s easy to remember just how diffic...


Five signs your identity may have been stolen

Reacting quickly may lessen the damage

In a recent report the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) noted that identity theft continues to be the top generator of consumer complaints. In 2012, the...


Is sex education in schools really effective?

The debate is raised again, after a school system brings sex-ed to kindergartners

Since the Chicago Board of Education passed a new policy that says sexual education will start at the kindergarten level, the topic of educating children a...


Uncomfortable seats top air travelers' gripe list

Survey doesn't find many surprises -- loud babies, too little legroom, fee-creep

OK, be honest now. What do you really hate about flying? If you said cramped seats, you're right in step with the times. That was the top complaint among m...


Electronic cigarettes growing in popularity

About one in five adult cigarette smokers has tried one

If you are a cigarette smoker, would you give up the real thing for one of those electronic jobs? A lot of people have tried them. A study released the Ce...


Purina defends Beneful, but will dog owners bite?

Veterinarian insists there is no scientific evidence food was the cause of any of the reported illnesses

 A few weeks ago, we wrote about a rash of complaints from pet owners blaming Beneful for the illness and, sometimes, death of their dogs.  A...


Groupon's CEO ousted as daily deals destiny looks dismal

Google is making life difficult for its smaller rivals

That plop you heard? That was the other shoe dropping as struggling daily deals site Groupon ousted its CEO, just a week after rival LivingSocial raised $1...


J.C. Penney: dead man walking?

Many of the retailer's old customers say "I told you so"

It came as something of a shock this week when J.C. Penney reported fourth quarter earnings that were a disaster, even by recent J.C. Penney standards. The...


Spring vacation travel tips

There are great deals but you have to search for them

If you're thinking of taking a spring break trip but are just now getting around to planning it, you may find there are still plenty of good deals, dependi...


After holding steady, mortgage rates head lower

A possible good omen leading up to the spring home-buying season

After showing little change over the past month, mortgage interest rates are showing some movement -- downward. According to Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgag...


January marks three drops in a row for consumer spending

Deloitte blames a slowdown in the rate of increase for new home prices

Consumer spending continues to be stuck in the mud, according to the Deloitte Consumer Spending Index. The Index, which tracks consumer cash flow as an in...


Personal income, weekly jobless claims post declines

Personal spending inched a bit higher

Personal income fell by a whopping $505.5 billion -- or 3.6% -- in January while personal consumption expenditures (PCE) inched up 0.2% or $18.2 billion F...


Tenenbaum to bow out as consumer agency chief

Her tenure saw adoption of mandatory crib rules

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Inez M. Tenenbaum will walk away when her terms expires in October 2013. In an address at the Inte...