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It's Black Friday: do you know where your deals are?

If you haven't done your homework you could end up overpaying

Millions of Americans are in the midst of the annual Black Friday shopping frenzy and those who have done their homework, mapped out a strategy and careful...


Revelation: Best Buy not always the best buy

"Do the math first," and this reader's tale shows why

“Do the math first.” That’s our first rule of responsible consumer spending: if ever you buy something on an installment plan (whether de...


Extra and "hidden" fees plague car rental customers

Customer says Dollar charged a towing fee as a reward for his adding air to the tires

The travel industry is becoming expert at adding fees and extra charges to just about every transaction you can think of, and some you can't. Edward of Sta...


Martha Stewart products don't always spread good cheer

Customers looking for help with problem products come up empty-handed

For whatever reason, Martha Stewart retains much of her celebrity appeal even as customers find themselves with darkened Christmas trees, glass-strewn pati...


Home values fall two straight months

But a few markets remain red hot

The steady recovery in the housing market appears to have hit a speed pump. For the second straight month, the national median home value, as measured by Z...


E-cigs a "new phase of the nicotine epidemic," study finds

Rather than a way to stop, e-cigs are "a new route to nicotine addiction for kids"

Promoters of e-cigarettes like to claim the devices are a good way to quit smoking, but a new study finds that they are more likely to get young people hoo...


Fired Pizza Hut manager offered job back

Tony Rohr was let go for giving his employees the holiday off

We hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving. Here’s the story of one American with much to be thankful for this year: Indiana restaurant manager Tony R...


On a budget? Here are 20 gifts under $20

Read this before you reach for a gift card

Survey after survey has suggested consumers plan to spend less this holiday season. In response, retailers have ramped up the sales and started Black Frida...


Toxins, magnets, choking hazards, deafening noises -- they're all waiting in Toyland

28th annual Trouble in Toyland report identifies dangerous presents that don't belong under the tree

The Captain America Soft Shield contains leadToys remain a central focus of the holiday season. And unfortunately, they continue to present many of the...


Holiday travelers can be thankful for low gasoline prices

Average price is down 14 cents a gallon since last Thanksgiving

Despite nasty winter weather in many parts of the country, millions of Americans will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving. It's always the busiest weekend...


Online companies scam e-cigarette users, suit charges

Class-action suit in Illinois against Vapor Corp. and Global Vapor

If you’re an e-cigarette user who’s bought supplies from Vapor Corp. or Global Vapor Partners, which includes the brands Smoker 51, Krave, Gree...


Ford recalls the Escape for the seventh time

This time it's possible oil and fuel leaks that could start a fire

The Ford Escape is a popular and hot-selling little SUV but it's also spending a lot of time in dealers' service bays having recalls attended to. The lates...


Is Black Friday over? Poll finds 56% plan to skip it this year

It's like the restaurant no one goes to anymore because it's gotten too crowded

Hype something long enough and people get tired of it. Example: Black Friday. There's increasing evidence everybody's sick of hearing about it, most signif...


Pizza Hut manager says he was fired for giving employees Thanksgiving Day off

Pizza Hut spokesmen semi-disagree with his claim

Looks like your neighborhood Pizza Hut will be among the businesses open and running on Thanksgiving Day—which is great for anybody desiring a pizza ...


Lack of BRCA2 mutations doesn't always mean lower cancer risk

If a woman's family carries the mutation, she may still have a higher risk despite testing negative

Led by celebrities who have undergone so-called prophylactic mastectomies, many women from families with a history of breast cancer have been having geneti...


Mortgage applications dip

It’s the fourth straight decline

Mortgage applications are down for the fourth time in as many weeks. ‘decreased 0.3 percent from one week earlier, According to data from the Mortgage Ba...


Brazilian airline fined for violating consumer rules

The carrier failed to post information and features as required

Brazilian airline GOL will pay a fine of $250,000 for violating a number of Department of Transportation (DOT) rules protecting the rights of air travelers...


Backcountry Access recalls Avalanche airbags

The trigger assembly can fail resulting in the airbag not deploying

Backcountry Access of Boulder, Colo., is recalling about 8,200 Avalanche airbags in the U.S. and Canada. The trigger assembly can fail resulting in the air...


Avoiding the season's worst financing offers

Deferred interest can carry some pretty steep risks

How are you paying for holiday gifts this year? It's always best to pay with cash, to ensure you don't go over your budget.But most people rely on some k...


Unintended acceleration is claimed in New York accident

A Jeep plowed into a crowd and killed a 15-year-old girl

File photoA New York woman who was involved in an October accident that killed a 15-year-old Irish girl blames the accident on unintended acceleration in...


Memo: Yahoo's own employees don't like new Yahoo Mail

We dare you to read that memo without feeling vicariously embarrassed for Yahoo execs

Just over a month ago, we told you about “Yahoo Mail users in uprising over system changes.” The super-short capsule summary of the story is th...


Canada OKs genetically-modified salmon eggs

It brings the world's first animal frankenfood closer to the dinner table

Genetically modified grain, though controversial, is nothing new. But look out, fish fans, genetically modified salmon is moving closer to supermarkets and...


Feds lift Avandia restrictions

It seems there is no elevated risk of heart attack after all

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is giving the “all-clear” to the diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), at least when it comes to cardiovascular r...


Now may be a good time to buy a used car

Prices are down from the summer as well as year-over-year

There have been some pretty good deals on new cars as automakers close out the 2013 model year and start cranking out 2014 models. But consumers looking fo...


FDA orders a halt to 23andMe personal genetics kit

The agency says the testing kit is a "medical device" that poses health risks to its users

Spitting into a tube might be construed as bad manners but as the Food and Drug Administration sees it, it amounts to using an unlicensed medical device if...


Another drop in consumer confidence

It's the second straight decline

Heading into the holiday -- which is to say shopping -- season, consumers have a dimmer view of the economy. The Conference Board reports its Consumer Con...


Building permits surge in October

Home prices continue to rise

The partial government shutdown earlier this fall is still having an impact at least as far as the collection of data on new home construction is concerne...


New meat labeling rule now in effect

Legal challenges continue but for now, the rule is the law of the land

Despite last-minute legal challenges, a new rule requiring country-of-origin labels on some meats are now in effect. The meat industry and the governments...


Edison's light bulbs to cease U.S. manufacture Jan. 1

If you prefer old-school light bulbs to modern alternatives, now's the time to stockpile

If you prefer the shine of incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent or LED alternatives, now’s the time to stockpile: on January 1, the manufacture of...


DelMonaco Specialty Foods recalls Bolognese sauce products

The product contains milk, an allergen not listed on all products

DelMonaco Specialty Foods of Morgan Hill, Calif., is recalling approximately 5,616 pounds of Armanino brand Bolognese sauce products. There have been no r...


Jayone recalls dried seaweed salad

The product may contain traces of peanuts, an allergen not listed on the label

Jayone Foods of Paramount, Calif., is recalling all date codes of Trader Joe’s Dried Seaweed Salad with Spicy Dressing (SKU 97677). The product may contai...


Intevation Food Group recalls frozen chicken products

The products contain egg, an allergen not declared on the label

Intevation Food Group of Plover, Wis., is recalling approximately 156,924 pounds of frozen chicken fettuccine alfredo products. The products contain egg, ...


Some credit cards offering 0% interest until 2015

But make sure you know how much the balance transfer fee is

One way to save money is to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your credit card balance. If you can pay 0% for a few months you can make speedy progr...


BBC reports poor working conditions in Amazon warehouses

But reports of bad conditions in American warehouses are much older

With holiday gift-buying season upon us, retailers are hiring extra temporary workers to help handle the rush, and a BBC reporter who went undercover to wo...


Some last-minute Black Friday tips

If you are going to shop, here are some suggestions

Thanksgiving week has arrived and dedicated Black Friday shoppers are gearing up for the big shopping day, that for the most part begins the night before. ...


Non-Bell wireless carriers are more consumer-friendly, study finds

The FCC should consider the findings when it awards additional spectrum space

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will soon be holding auctions to award additional spectrum space to wireless carriers, and the Consumer Federat...


Duct cleaning isn't always a rip-off

Cleaning out your air ducts is important but many companies do a poor job

Many homeowners think that duct-cleaning is a rip-off and in many cases, they're right. The field is full of disreputable fly-by-night, operators who ...


Feds to require seat belts on buses and motorcoaches

Public transit and school buses are exempt

It won't be long before you have to buckle up when you ride the bus. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a final rule re...


Alleged 'Rachel Robocall' scammers settle charges

All six are permanently panned from telemarketing and debt relief services

The “Rachel from Cardholder Services” scam has apparently reached an end. The final six of 10 defendants have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (F...


Pending home sales drop in October

The decline is the fifth in as many months

Make it five straight. According to the National Association of Realtors the Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), a forward-looking indicator based on contrac...


Mexican diet "more dangerous than fast food"

Doctors want mandatory screening of young Mexicans to fight epidemic of heart disease

In the U.S., we hear fast food being blamed for much of the nation's rising tide of obesity and diabetes but there are places where the problem is even wor...


GM recalls Chevy Malibus

The vehicles have HVAC and power seat problems

General Motors is recalling a more than 57,600 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles in two separate actions. In the first, about 42,696 model year 2014 vehicles manu...


Hyundai recalls Entourage vehicles

The front lower control arms may fracture due to corrosion

Hyundai America Technical Center is recalling 15,500 model year 2007-2008 Hyundai Entourage vehicles manufactured from February 16, 2006, through June 30,...


Creminelli Fine Meats recalls pork roast products

The products are mislabeled and were improperly produced

Creminelli Fine Meats of Salt Lake City, Utah, is recalling 31 pieces (approximately 101 pounds) of fully-cooked-not-shelf-stable, ready-to-eat pork roast...


Ford recalls Focus Electric vehicles

A powertrain control module software problem may result in a stall-like condition

Ford Motor Company is recalling 2,456 year 2012-2014 Focus Electric vehicles manufactured September 15, 2011, through August 23, 2013. In the affected ve...


50 Years After Dallas: Theories about who killed JFK

Hundreds of books, thousands of articles, countless investigations lead to only two conclusions

Hundreds of books make up the genre of JFK assassination literature. Many are well-researched volumes that make a strong case that the murder happened one...


Wireless carriers -- minus Verizon -- agree to stop unauthorized third-party charges

States once again step in where feds failed for decades to do anything to protect consumers

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced a major breakthrough in the fight against ‘mobile cramming’ — unauthorized third-party char...


Survey shows we're becoming a nation of re-gifters

In some cases, it passes the etiquette test

Not every present we receive is something we really want. In fact, some can be downright bizarre. Increasingly those gifts end up being gifts given to some...


FCC contemplates libertarian stance towards airborne cellphone usage

If texting is OK, why not talking? Maybe airlines will charge extra for Quiet Class

Government. All too often, it doesn't do what people want it to do, instead spending the people's time and money doing things people either don't care abou...


Feds and Wise Media settle cramming charges

Defendants are banned from using mobile phone bills to charge consumers

An Atlanta-based company and its operators are settling Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allegations that they crammed charges on consumers’ cell phone bills...


Feds block automakers from claiming safety ratings of more than 5 stars

Tesla had caimed its Model S got a 5.4 rating, when in fact no such rating exists

DETROIT (Reuters) -- U.S. regulators blocked automakers from promoting vehicle safety ratings of more than 5 stars, three months after Tesla Motors Inc. to...


Angelcare recalls baby monitors after two deaths

Infants can become tangled in the cord and strangle

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Angelcare Monitors of Quebec, Canada, is announcing a recall to provide cord covers...


Tis the season to buy a house

Only motivated sellers are listing their homes in December

With the arrival of the holiday season who has time to go looking for a house? For that reason there aren't many buyers this time of year.But there shoul...


Study: Overthinking food choices could lead to weight gain

Sometimes politeness can backfire

If our distant ancestors could see us now they’d be flabbergasted and frustrated by how we managed to take a biological process as simple and basic a...


Does heavy drinking harm a marriage? It depends on who's drinking

Study finds a higher divorce rate when only one person is a heavy drinker

You might think that heavy drinking would be bad for a marriage -- and you'd be right if only one person was doing the drinking. But a new study finds that...


World's first marijuana retail license issued in Colorado

Retail marijuana sales one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country

The Central City Chief of Police hand-delivered the world’s first retail license to sell marijuana to Annie’s, a medical marijuana dispensary t...


McDonald's boneheaded budgeting tips for employees

Sell your Christmas gifts, take two vacations a year and think happy thoughts

You’ve probably noticed the economic controversy raging in America these past few years. On the one side you have one people complaining “Thoug...


Elliptical cycles recalled

The front fork on the cycles can separate

ElliptiGO of Solana Beach, Calif., is recalling about 7,200 ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical cycles in the U.S and Canada. The front fork on the cycles can se...


Tendex recalls P-Boost, NatuRECT

The products contain undeclared ingredients

Tendex is recalling Lot# F51Q of P-Boost and Lot # F51Q of NatuRECT. FDA laboratory analysis on the product, which the firm also labels as NatuRECT, has d...


Black Friday deals you can get right now

Retailers continue their push to sell ahead of the official opening day of shopping

There has been no let up in retailers' push to launch their Black Friday deals ahead of the big day itself. Yes, these stores hope you still line up at the...


No, you won't hook up with a supermodel through

Reader reports that women profiled there may not even know it

One of the nastiest facts of Internet life is this: once you put your name, image or writings out there, you can’t really control what happens to the...


Holiday air fares head sky-high

Plane tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas are averaging more than $400

Planning on doing some holiday travel? Better be prepared to pay premium prices. Based on holiday travel tickets booked by travelers on, t...


Feds put finishing touches on new mortgage forms

The forms are designed to improving consumer understanding and preventing surprises

Easier-to-use mortgage disclosure forms that clearly lay out the terms of a mortgage for a homebuyer are on the way. The Consumer Financial Protection Bur...


Avoiding the economic toll of divorce

Breaking up is hard to do, and costly too

Divorce happens. Staying together “for the sake of the children,” belongs for the most part to another era.While psychologists are divided ov...


It's on fire: Tesla S gets top spot in Consumer Reports

Audi A6, Mazda6, Dodge Charger V8, VW Golf TDI top their categories

It may be embroiled in a safety controversy driven largely by the over-the-top bluster of its manfacturer's CEO but the Tesla Model 6 all-electric sports s...


Good news: The frogs and toads aren't all croaking

A 10-year study of 68,000 frogs finds that abnormalities aren't as common as had been feared

A 10-year study shows some good news for frogs and toads on national wildlife refuges. The rate of abnormalities such as shortened or missing legs was le...


Wholesale inflation takes another month off

Falling energy prices keep things in check

The cost of goods one step shy of the consumer level fell again in October. According to the Labor Department (DOL), the Producer Price Index (PPI) declin...


Rhino 5 Plus, Maxtremezen and Extenzone recalled

The products contain undeclared drug ingredients

Jobbers Wholesale is recalling Lot No. KWAKPMC030505175957019 of Rhino 5 Plus, Lot No. JBP-L-1270-70 of Maxtremezen and Lot No. KWAKPMC03050517 of Extenzon...


Toyota recalls Camrys, Avalons and Corollas

The windshield wiper switch assembly may short circuit

Toyota Motor Engineering & manufacturing North America is recalling 9,795 model year 2013-2014 Camry and Camry HV, model year 2013 Avalon and Avalon HV and...


Yokohama recalls tires lacking load/inflation information

Owners may overload the tire which could result in tire failure

Yokohama Tire Corporation is recalling 1,192 7.50R16 RY215 tires manufactured January 1, 2006, through August 1, 2011. These tires are missing the "DOT" ...


Tesla fires can't be ignored, no matter what Tesla's CEO claims

Cars that catch fire on the highway must be investigated, safety advocates say

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced earlier this week that it was opening a preliminary evaluation into battery fires...


Choosing a washer: front load or top load?

There are major differences in cost, efficiency and performance

Manufacturers continue to refine the washing machine, mostly adding new features and increasing energy efficiency and water consumption. But a consumer sho...


Cash America to refund up to $14 million

The payday lender illegally overcharged servicemembers and robo-signed documents, feds charged

One of the largest payday lenders in the country will refund up to $14 million after being accused of robo-signing court documents in debt collection cases...


Feds: "Scam recovery kit" promoters rubbed salt in consumers' wounds

Victims of scams were told they could get their money back by paying up to $499

Brian HesslerPut yourself inside the head of a scam artist for a minute. Who are the people most likely to fall for whatever scheme you're pushing? Why...


Study: Solid food plus breast feeding may prevent child allergies

British researchers say the 17th week is the best time to introduce solid food

British researchers say that introducing solid food with breast milk after the 17th week of birth could reduce food allergies in babies.The researchers, ...


Why we should all learn CPR

Studies show it's easy to learn and saves lives

How many times have you thought to yourself, “maybe I should learn CPR?” Maybe you should. This simple procedure saves countless lives each yea...


Synthetic marijuana linked to stroke in young people

"Spice" also implicated in heart attacks, psychosis, hallucinations and other bad outcomes

There's a popular belief that anything that's "natural" is better than anything that's not. It's not always true but in the case of marijuana, it just may ...


Another dip for sales of existing homes

On the other hand, prices keep rising

It's a classic good news-bad news situation: The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that while sales of previously-owned homes fell in October ...


Verizon is the latest to go the showroom route

Like Google, Verizon follows in Apple's footsteps

Yesterday, we wrote about Google's plans for pop-up "showrooms" around the country and now Verizon trying something similar, with the first Verizon "supers...


Online 'Yellow Pages' scam halted

Feds say small businesses and churches were targeted

A federal judge, acting at the request of the the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has temporarily halted, and frozen the assets of, a Montreal operation th...


When "goodbye" translates to "good buy"

Homophones -- words that sound alike -- may trigger consumer impulses

There are plenty of people who find hidden meanings in the written word, whether they're actually there or not. Now researchers say the use of homophones -...


Consumer inflation goes AWOL

Falling gasoline prices played a big role

Anyone looking for rising consumer prices during October was sure to be disappointed. Figures released by the Labor Department (DOL) show the Consumer Pr...


Fossil Fuel Products recalls of 'RezzRX'

The erectile dysfunction treatment is classified as an unapproved new drug

Fossil Fuel Products is recalling lots QL110714A102 (20-count bottles) and QL110408B046 (single blister packs) of “RezzRX.” The products have been found...


Recognizing high-risk alcohol consumption

It's especially important during the holiday party season

The holiday season means parties and special meals with family and friends, where the wine and spirits flow freely. Sometimes a little too freely.A new s...


Southeast Toyota Distributors recalls Tacoma vehicles

Lug nuts to attach the spare tire were not provided with the vehicle

Southeast Toyota Distributors (SET) is recalling 979 model year 2012-2013 Tacoma vehicles equipped with 18" Maverick Alloy Wheels. In the recalled vehicl...


What to look for in a gift card

That simple gift is a bit more complicated than you think

Increasingly holiday shoppers just reach for a gift card rather than select a traditional gift item. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) more...


Consumers: KitchenAid dishwashers keep washing out

No recalls, but our readers think there should be

A well-known proverb states that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As a corollary, a machine is only as reliable as its weakest part. And base...


"Google Money Tree" payment processor cuts deal with feds

The work-at-home scam cost consumers $15 million, prosecutors charged

A proposed settlement has been reached between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Process America Inc. and its owners, resolving allegations that the p...


New meat labels coming this weekend?

U.S. meatpackers make last-ditch appeal to stop new USDA labeling requirements

There’s a legal battle brewing in the meat-packing industry over proposed new country-of-origin labeling requirements. The Wall Street Journal notes ...


Feds probe Tesla fires while Tesla CEO smolders

You're more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a fire in your Tesla, he insists

Tesla says its Model S plug-in hybrid is the "safest car in the world." But the feds would like to know why three of them have caught fire in five weeks. T...


Google opening retail showrooms in select locations

They won't be stores, just showrooms. Want to buy? Go online

Google will open retail showrooms this month featuring products such as Nexus 7 tablets, Chromebook computers, and Chromecast video-streaming devices. Cons...


Parents group picks toys for its Seal of Approval

Toys and games tested by both parents and children

With the holiday shopping season well underway it's a safe bet that millions of parents are browsing online and visiting stores, snapping up the latest and...


JPMorgan finalizes $13 billion settlement with feds, states

$4 billion of the settlement will go to provide relief to underwater homeowners

The Justice Department and a number of states today announced a $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan -- the largest settlement with a single entity in Am...


14 trends for 2014

What brands need to do to maintain consumer loyalty in the new year

In numerology, the number 14 is associated with forward movement, new methods of experience, opportunity, and personal engagement, a good omen as to the co...


Growth projected for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales -- but not much

Weakened consumer confidence will have consumers looking for bargains

Nearly stagnant disposable incomes, the government shutdown and a general waning of consumer are expected to take a toll on sales in the coming Christmas s...


Builders remain confident in November

There's been a glimmer of optimism for six straight months

It didn't get any better but then it didn't get any worse, either. According to the National Association of Home Builders


Things to consider when selecting senior home care

Careful screening of home health care aides is important

America is getting older. The youngest Baby Boomers turn 50 next year, the oldest celebrate their 68th birthdays. Many are already contemplating how they w...


Online retailer tries to fine couple for posting negative review

Ripoff Report demands $2,000 to remove the offending report

Businesses don't like it when their customers post negative reviews but most don't go as far as a Michigan trinket company called


Walmart's employee canned-food drive backfires

Food drive to feed hungry Walmart employees revives old charges of low employee wages

A Walmart store in Canton, Ohio set up a canned-food drive, asking employees to donate food to co-workers who presumably can’t afford to feed themsel...


Beware of doctors pushing high-interest credit cards

High-pressure sales tactics can cause financial disaster for patients

Patients tend to trust their doctors, which isn't always a good thing. Taking a physician's advice about health care may turn out all right but when the su...


Retailers fear Obamacare is hurting sales

But long-term, lower-income Americans should save money, economists say

It sometimes seems that the Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare, is being blamed for everything except the weather, and now large retail...


J.D. Power's top ten favorite cars

The founder of J.D. Power and Associates reveals his personal favorites

Dave Power is the founder of J.D. Power and Associates. The new book about his fifty years in the auto industry, Power: How J.D. Power III Became the Aut...


Another reason to consider weight loss surgery

For some it may turn back the aging process

Over the past two decades gastric bypass surgery, which promotes significant weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or by remo...


Toyota, Subaru win value-retention sweepstakes for 2014

Trucks do well, electric cars not so well in latest Kelley Blue Book ratings

2014 Toyota CorollaCars are expensive, so besides finding a model that's safe and gets good fuel economy, it's important to find one that will hold the...


Google announces anti-child porn initiative

Changes to search algorithms, increased human oversight, and more

There are changes coming to Google, though (fortunately) most everyday users shouldn’t notice anything different: Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt ann...


Google settles privacy violations for $17 million

States charged Google circumvented privacy settings on Apple's Safari web browser

Google has agreed to pay $17 million to settle charges that it violated consumers' privacy by tracking the web usage of Apple customers who thought their S...


Ready, set -- go!!

Shoppers are gearing up for the annual Thanksgiving weekend assault

Thanksgiving falls as late this year as the calendar possibly allows and that has holiday shoppers already mapping their shopping strategies for the big we...


A drop in airline consumer complaints

Both year-over-year and monthly performances show improvement

Things have apparently become a little better for the flying public. Consumer complaints about airlines filed with the government were down 14.1% during t...


Be thankful for cranberries; study finds they have health-giving properties

Heart, urinary and gastrointestinal tract benefit from cranberries, researchers report

Cranberries are a staple of Thanksgiving dinner but a new study finds they also have remarkable nutritional and health benefits. A new research review...


Most teens with mental health issues get no treatment

Fewer than half receive treatment from a mental health specialist

After mass shootings or other violent incidents involving young males, there is a brief discussion of the need for better mental health treatment but as a ...


Illinois sues online used auto parts company cheated customers out of thousands, state charges

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against an online used auto parts company based in Bloomington, Ill., for allegedly cheating con...


Crunch Pak brand apple slices recalled

The fruit may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Crunch Pak of Cashmere, Wash., is recalling 5,471 cases of Crunch Pak Apple Slices due to a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesse...


Chrysler recalls nearly 1 million RAM trucks

A tie rod assembly problem could result in a loss of steering control

Chrysler has announced two recalls of RAM trucks totaling nearly 1 million vehicles. In the first instance, the automaker is recalling about 707,176 model...


Cyber Monday full of identity theft risks

A security expert offers advice for minimizing them

Consumers are already doing more of their holiday shopping online. Even so, Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is expected to be the busiest onli...


This week in homeowners association news

There's never a shortage of HOAs-behaving-badly news stories

We don’t hide the fact that we take a generally dim view of homeowners’ associations (HOAs); indeed, we’ve gone so far as to call them &l...


Big changes under the Golden Arches

NFL-themed toys, "Fast Forward" drive-throughs and McCafe coffee in stores

Change is coming to McDonaldland. Last month, when we mentioned McDonald’s then-new plan to pass out self-published pro-nutrition kids’ books w...


Gift cards are king

A new survey finds spending on them is at an all-time high

A lot of people consider them impersonal, but that doesn't mean they're not popular. According to National Retail Federation's (NRF) Gift Card Spending Su...


Young smokers move toward E-cigarettes, hookahs

Increased monitoring and prevention may be needed

Kids have been told for generations that cigarettes are no good for them. So, what are middle- and high-school students doing? According to a report in Cen...


Recycling efforts focus on consumer electronics

There's no reason to toss that old cellphone or laptop in the trash

Each year millions of tons of trash are hauled off to U.S. landfills, taxing an already battered landscape. Increasingly, efforts are made to remove danger...


Medical device approved for epilepsy treatment

There's now an option for those who don't respond well to medications

Epilepsy patients who have not responded well to medications have a new option for reducing the frequency of seizures. The U.S. Food and Drug Administrati...


VitaliKOR Fast Acting dietary supplement recalled

The supplement contains ingredients that make it an unapproved drug

Vitality Research Labs is recalling lots K58Q and F50Q of VitaliKOR Fast Acting, which is marketed as an all-natural nutritional supplement for sexual enha...


Hankook recalls Dynapro MT tires

Tread separation can result in tire failure

Hankook Tire America is recalling 1,495 Dynapro MT LT325/60R18 RT03 tires manufactured August 22, 2011, through September 22, 2013. The affected tires ma...


Report: Prepaid money cards better deal than banks

Study finds average users spends less than $7.50 a month in fees

For years the knock against what are known as General Purpose Reloadable (GPR), or prepaid cards is they carried all sorts of fees that made them very expe...


Fingerhut boots and the Vimes' Boots paradox

"Buy now pay later" credit shopping costs far more than "buy now pay now"

If you’re a Fingerhut shopper looking for ways to reduce your personal debt, bulk up your savings account or otherwise improve your financial bottom line, ...


Averting showrooming’s Scrooge effect

Retailers need to embrace new practices; price matching may have a negative impact

By Jeff MariolaAs the holiday season swings into gear so does competitive shopping with consumers scoping out merchandise in physical stores and then com...


A single-serve coffee maker without the prepackaged coffee

The Scoop, from Hamilton Beach, is also environmentally friendly

Single serve coffee makers made mornings much more pleasant for singles and for all consumers who want a cup of coffee at sometime during the day and don't...


Cluster of bleeding in newborns traced to parents refusing vitamin K injection

Vitamin K at birth has been standard medical practice since the 1960s

A new and unfortunate trned is emerging in some parts of the country: parents are refusing to allow their newborns to receive a vitamin K injection at birt...


Airline passengers revolt after blind man is kicked off plane

US Airways flight cancelled after passenger walkout

If more customers took the attitude “We’d sooner not fly at all than fly under these conditions,” traveling through American airspace wou...


AOL, Roku launch news channel

More than 1,000 publishers will be contributing content

Being a pipe is one thing but being a publisher adds a lot of value to a brand. That's why you see Netflix and Amazon producing their own movies and s...


Southwest Airlines joins TSA's "Pre-Check"

The low-fare carrier joins five other airlines in the program

Southwest Airlines is officially joining the Transportation Security Administration's "Pre-Check" program, joining American, Delta, United, US Airways and...


Wireless energy stations may recharge electric cars on-the-go

The technology could reduce the "range anxiety" that impedes battery-powered car sales

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed new technology and techniques for transmitting power wirelessly from a stationary source to...


Fixed mortgage rates on the rise

Initial jobless claims were down

A stronger-than-expected October employment rate helped push rates on fixed rate mortgages (FRMs) higher during the week ending November 14, Freddie Mac...


Shoppers in the trenches: Holiday shopping is well under way

Clothing, electronics and gift cards are popular items this year

Say what you will about the economy, consumer confidence and all the rest. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) holiday consumer spending survey finds 53...


Dream On Me recalls cradle gliders

The mattress support board can fall out or slide out

Dream on Me of South Plainfield, N.J., is recalling about 700 Lullaby Cradle Gliders The mattress support board can fall out or slide out of the bottom o...


Step2 recalls ride-on wagon toys

The removable blue seat backs can detach

The Step2 Company of Streetsboro, Ohio, is recalling about 14,000 Whisper Ride Touring Wagons. The removable blue seat backs can detach and allow the chil...


Fran's Fryers recalls various raw poultry products

The products did not undergo federal inspection

Fran's Fryers of Milford, Texas, is recalling approximately 251 pounds of various raw poultry products because they were produced without the benefit of fe...


Whole Foods Market recalls ready-to-eat grain salads

The salads may be contaminated with E. coli O157:h7

Whole Foods Market’s Northern California region is recalling ready-to-eat Artichoke Wheatberry Salad and Southwest SooFoo Salad in response to a recall iss...


Uninsured face daunting challenge in selecting a health plan

Problems with the sign-up website may be the least of it

The problems with the government's roll-out of the Affordable Care Act have been well-documented. The Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) nation...


Kevin Trudeau jailed after jury returns guilty verdict in just 45 minutes

Trudeau faces an indefinite sentence plus a still-unpaid $37 million fine

Kevin Trudeau is a persuasive guy but he wasn't able to persuade a Chicago jury of his innocence. The jury took just 45 minutes yesterday to find Trudeau g...


Does eating at your desk make you fat?

Another possible factor in modern obesity rates

News flash for weight-conscious office workers: eating at your desk makes you more likely to gain weight than leaving your desk for an official lunch break...


Mercy Academy's amazing anti-princess ad campaign

Ads urge girls to "prepare for real life"

Usually, when we read about a new advertising campaign aimed at selling things to “women” or “girls” (as opposed to ordinary, gende...


Insurance industry worries about older drivers with smartphones

It's not just young adults and teens who are getting the blame

In any conversation about distracted driving – especially texting behind the wheel – it is almost always in the context of youthful drivers. Af...


Interest rates vs. home prices: which one is too high?

High-interest debt is bad. High-principal debt can be worse.

If you’ve been paying attention to post-housing bubble American economic news, you’ve probably noticed two consistent (and contradictory) stories that keep...


A heads-up for acetaminophen users

Doubling up on your medication is not a good idea

Cold and flu season is kicking into high gear, prompting the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition (AAC) to urge consumers to double check to avoid doubling up...


New guideline set for cholesterol management

Lifestyle and statin therapy are getting a lot of attention

A new guideline has been released for treatment of cholesterol in people at high risk for cardiovascular diseases caused by hardening and narrowing of the ...


Netflix revamps to go after cable

New format provides improved display on TVs, tablets, smartphones

Film streaming service Netflix is redesigning the way it appears on TVs in a bid to compete on the level of full-scale cable TV providers and pay-per-view....


WikiLeaks: White House pushing for curbs on Internet freedom

Obama Administration also promoting terms that raise drug prices, leaked documents indicate

Secret documents published today by WikiLeaks and analyzed by the nonprofit consumers group Public Citizen reveal that the Obama administration is dem...


Mortgage applications post second straight decline

But the previous week wasn't as bad as first reported

Mortgage applications were down for the second time in as many weeks during the week ending November 8. But there is a bit of good news hidden in the repor...


Atherstone Foods recalls salads and wraps

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

Athertone Foods of Richmond, Calif., is recalling “Best Buy” dates 9-23-13 through 11-14-13 of ready to eat salads and wraps because they may be contaminat...


Wood Castle Furniture recalls bunk beds

The openings between the guardrails present an entrapment hazard

Wood Castle Furniture of Albany, Ore., is recalling about 1,000 Riley Duo bunk beds The openings between the guardrails on the bunk bed can exceed 3 ½ inc...


Retailers want you to shop now for the holidays

Survey shows many of us are doing just that

Since 2008, the holiday shopping season has been more competitive and, it seems, increasingly hyped. Black Friday has become an unofficial holiday like the...


Car insurance costs up 43% in recent years, with only California showing a decrease

Escalating costs make it hard for lower-income consumers to comply with state insurance requirements

Car insurance rates have increased by 43% on average in the last 25 years, with only California showing a decrease, a study by the Consumer Federation of A...


Coming soon: vibrating flashing-light GPS jackets?

Prediction: it'll be expensive

If you’re one of those people blessed with more money than (fashion or financial) sense, you’ll definitely want to add a “Navigate”...


Settlement clears way for American-US Airways merger

Carriers agree to give up slots to low-cost carriers at key airports around the country

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is today announcing a settlement with American Airlines and US Airways regarding their impending merger.  The settl...


Court orders counterfeit shopping website shut down

But stay on guard: replacements are being minted daily

Yesterday we published a story warning you to avoid a scammy Chinese website called, which we learned about after getting a complai...


States: Smartphone makers must do more to protect consumers

Manufacturers need to do more to protect smartphone users against theft

Smartphone giants Samsung, Google/Motorola and Microsoft need to do more to protect consumers from smartphone theft, according to 31 state attorneys genera...


Get ready for the Thanksgiving crowds

A new survey shows travel will be heavy

For a lot of Americans this Thanksgiving holiday, it'll be “over the river and through the woods,” or some variation thereof. Travel site TripAdvisor's an...


Diabetes isn't just a human disease; dogs and cats get it too

Merck launches consumer education campaign to call attention to the problem

November is not only American Diabetes Month, it's also Pet Diabetes Month, intended to remind pet owners that their dogs and cats can develop diabetes jus...


A case of the blues: Small businesses optimism on the decline

Business owners, by and large, point the finger of blame at Washington

It couldn't have come at a worse time. On the cusp of the holiday shopping season, small business optimism dropped from 93.9 to 91.6, according to the Nat...


RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 trucks recalled

The warning lights in the instrument cluster may fail to illuminate as designed

Chrysler Group LLC is recalling 8,370 model year 2014 RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks manufactured July 1, 2013, through August 22, 2013. Randomly, the w...


Researchers predict the Alzheimer's disease timeline

New method could be a valuable tool for both doctors and patients

Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is devastating for both the patient and their loved ones. At present there is no cure and the patient faces a gr...


Postal Service will start delivering for Amazon on Sunday

New York and Los Angeles are first in line, with more to be added next year

Congress has refused to let the U.S. Postal Service stop delivering on Saturday, so instead it will start delivering packages for Amazon on Sundays.Amazo...


Beware of scammy shopping websites

One reader's cautionary tale contains valuable lessons for others

If you’re looking to buy boots now that winter is approaching, beware: Jonnette H. from Vancouver, Wash. wrote and warned us to avoid the site womens...


Consumer protection tips for veterans

Armed service members are targeted by scam artists and unscrupulous businesses

Active duty military members too often fall victiim to unscrupulous businesses Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today issued a consumer advisory highl...


Are hackers attacking

If so, they're having little effect on the troubled site's functioning

You’ve probably noticed how for the past several days, ever since the website first went public, there’s been a constant stream ...


Battery-powered cars the future? Hyundai doesn't think so

Hyundai is promoting its hydrogen fuel cell as an alternative to batteries

Battery-powered electric cars are being heralded as the clean-air, carbon-neutral future, but there are some big obstacles, including range anxiety, high c...


Nail gun injuries on the rise

They're easy to use but they're also dangerous

Young males in the work environment are at greatest risk of sustaining a nail gun injury to their non-dominant hand, a new study has found.Writing in the...


"Healthy" vegetable oils may not be so healthy

Study says some vegetable oils may actually increase the risk of heart disease

Some vegetable oils that claim to be healthy may actually increase the risk of heart disease, and health regulators should reconsider cholesterol-lowering ...


Chrysler recalls RAM trucks

The left tie rod assembly may break

Chrysler Group LLC is recalling 36,710 model year 2008-2012 RAM 4500 and 5500 trucks manufactured February 20, 2007, through December 22, 2012. The left ...


Garden-Fresh Foods again expands food recall

The products may be Contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes

Garden-Fresh Foods is expanding its previous recalls of fresh cut vegetables, ready-to-eat salads, slaws, dips and spreads sold under various brands and co...


Buying into an HOA leads to buyer's remorse

Many readers empathized with our recent "HOA horrors" story

Of all recent articles weve published, none inspired more reader response than "Homeowners associations: government minus the checks and balan...


Adobe customer data breach worse than originally reported

Initial estimates of 2.9 million affected accounts balloons to over 150 million

If you have an Adobe account, beware: you should change your password and keep a closer-than-usual eye on your credit report and other financial activities...


Getting to know you: Airlines mining their customer data more aggressively

Carriers may be able to tailor service to passengers' individual quirks

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hood," said a Lufthansa flight attendant as she bent down over my coach-class seat on a recent trip across the pond.I was shocked. T...


Verizon tracks the movements of its smartphone customers

It's intended to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads

Google and the NSA, among others, have taken a lot of heat for tracking Americans' activities. Ah, but they're not really able to track every step you take...


Diabetes a growing health threat

Rising obesity, aging population sends diabetes toll higher

As America packs on the pounds and becomes more sedentary, the number of cases of diabetes grows. The disease, a malfunction of the body's ability to proce...


New York seniors increasingly the target of scams

Survey finds an alarming number of the crimes go unreported

In a new report, AARP has found a surge in scams in New York City directed at senior citizens. Not only are the numbers up, the AARP report estimates that ...


Mobile and local: The way to shop this holiday season

Rising smartphone ownership is expected to make a big impact

The digital shopping route appears to be the way many consumers will take when it comes to gift-buying this holiday season, while others will patronize loc...


Consumers want to be paid for giving up their data

Microsoft exec didn't seem to have money in mind as he discussed the issue, though

Rick ChavezIt used to be that publishers, broadcasters and websites captured audiences, then conducted research to get a rough picture of who was in that...


Castle & Cooke to pay $13 Million to resolve mortgage case

Feds say the company steered consumers into costlier loans

More than $9 million in restitution for consumers and $4 million in civil money penalties. That's what it'll cost against Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC and...


Job creation soars in October

Good news continues with upward revisions for Sept. and Aug.

A shock for the analysts who were forecasting anemic job growth for the month of October. The government reports the economy cranked out 204,000 nonfarm p...


Bailey’s Choice expands recall of dog treats in Georgia

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

An earlier recall of Bailey’s Choice dog treats is being expanded to include the following products: 100% Chicken Treat, lot # “Jun 2 2013” 100% Chicken ...


Jeep Grand Cherokees recalled

An electrical problem could cause anti-lock brake system and electronic stability control failure

Chrysler Group is recalling 91,559 model year 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles manufactured January 8, 2013, through August 20, 2013. Due to a disruptio...


Wycen Foods recalls Chinese style chicken sausages

The product contains MSG, which is not declared on the label

Wycen Foods of San Leandro, Calif., is recalling approximately 809 pounds of Chinese style chicken sausages, a dried snack food.. The sausages contain mon...


Six new cars offering great fuel economy

What you give up in size pays off in miles per gallon

There are many considerations that go into choosing a new car – fuel economy is by no means the only factor. But if you were choosing a new car solel...


FDA prepares to ban all artificial trans fat

Eliminating trans fat could prevent 20,000 heart attacks a year, the agency finds

The FDA wants to do away with trans fatsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oi...


Millennials look to peers for financial guidance

Survey finds a desire to keep up with the Joneses

One one hand the younger generation – those under age 35 – have a new appreciation of financial reality. They have come of age during a time of...


EpiPen manufacturer settles with Oregon Attorney General

Legal problems arise over allegedly misleading claims in national TV commercials

Expect to notice a change in the content (if not quality) of future commercials advertising EpiPens—at least if you live in Oregon.The office of st...


Blockbuster continues its disappearing act

Most remaining Blockbuster stores will close, ending the neighborhood video-rental store era

The Blockbuster store, a fixture of many American neighborhoods for 25 years, will all but disappear in coming months, the chain's owner, Dish Network...


A pickup in economic growth

Consumer spending was among the positives

Is the economy finally gaining some momentum? The latest government figures show an increase in real gross domestic product (GDP -- the output of goods and...


Taylor Farms expands salad kit recall

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Taylor Farms Maryland in Jessup, Md., and Taylor Farms Texas in Dallas are recalling an additional 22,849 pounds of broccoli salad kit products due to con...


Orbit Baby recalls car seat bases

If the seat base is not properly secured, a child may be at an increased risk of injury

Orbit Baby is recalling 2,962 G2 Car Seat Bases, Model No. ORB822000, manufactured from March 20, 2013, through July 20, 2013, with batch numbers A0840, A0...


Rent-to-own is an expensive way to do either

Even in a best-case scenario, you pay far more than your purchase is worth

One of the most common, and expensive, financial mistakes people make is this: when buying something on an installment plan (credit card or dealer financin...


CFPB begins taking complaints about payday loans, Pew Foundation suggests changes

Pew study suggests limiting loan payments to 5% of the loan amount

Consumers frequently get into trouble with payday loans. Sometimes it's because they don't fully understand what they're getting into, but other times it's...


Surveys suggest the holidays could deliver a rude shock to retailers

Are consumers really going to curtail spending this year?

America's retailers are counting on consumers to deliver robust profit margins for the holidays. But instead, retailers may find a lump of coal in their st...


Los Angeles launches bid for citywide broadband network

A chicken in every pot and broadband fiber to every home

Now that the Bloomberg Era is drawing to a close in New York City, who will launch such ambitious city projects as citywide bike lending, restrictions on B...


China proposes ending requirements that cosmetics be tested on animals

It is the last major world market requiring such tests

There’s a longstanding debate (which we doubt will be settled anytime soon) regarding where to strike the balance between human needs and animal righ...


Research study detects signs of autism as young as two months

Findings cast doubt on theory that autism starts at birth

A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that early signs of autism can be detected in infants as young as two months. This i...


Mortgage standards: still too tight?

Realtors worry single buyers are a vanishing breed

The housing market has been in recovery mode for the past two years, with both sales and prices steadily rising. But one group in particular – single...


Latest must-have fruit: wild blueberries

They're loaded with polyphenols, bestowing numerous health benefits

Lots of foods are good for you but many of them are somewhat offputting, like kale, collard and cabbage. Ah, but now we have wild blueberries, which are ta...


Study finds non-wood bats don't propel the ball at dangerous speeds

There've been fears that the carbon fiber bats are a hazard for young players

The use of non-wood bats in youth baseball has spurred decades of controversy about whether they propel the ball too fast, in part because of their higher ...


The rise in home prices continues

CoreLogic says they're up by double digits in the past year

There's a pretty good chance that your home is worth more today than it was a year ago -- a real good chance. CoreLogic's Home Price Index (HPI) report fo...


Job cuts tick higher in October

The pharmaceutical and financial sectors took the heaviest hits

More pink slips in the nation's workplaces last month. According to outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the nation’s employers announce...


Gourmet Express recalls chicken and shrimp products

The products may contain eggs, an undeclared allergen no listed on the label

Gourmet Express is recalling 32-oz packages of Fusia Chicken Lo Mein, and 21-oz packages of Bremer 3 Cheese Chicken and Bremer Garlic Shrimp. The product...


Hyundai recalls Genesis vehicles

The vehicles may contain brake fluid which does not protect against corrosion

Hyundai is recalling 43,500 model year 2009-2012 Genesis vehicles manufactured April 30, 2008, through March 28, 2012. The vehicles may contain brake flu...


Garden-Fresh Foods Expands recalls on variety of products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Garden-Fresh Foods is expanding its earlier recall on various ready-to-eat salads, slaw, and dip products sold under various brands and code dates. The p...


Want to sell your home fast? Slow down

Don't jump at a 'fast sale' offer until you know your home's value

Drive through almost any neighborhood in America and you may see a cardboard sign, tacked to a utility pole, promising to buy your home fast, for cash. For...


Google Chromebooks mysteriously turn into bricks

A day without a laptop turns our reviewer against his Chromebook Pixel

Beautiful but faithless (the laptop not the dog)The Google Chromebook has been making friends and influencing people but a recent problem has rendered ...


Are human pain relievers safe for pets?

Some are but they can carry risks of serious side effects

Your middle-aged dog or cat starts limping. Assuming it's arthritis, your first impulse is to reach for the ibuprofen bottle. But not so fast. Pain relieve...


Flying to get easier for passengers with disabilities

New federal rules will improve access to airline websites and automated airport kiosks

Airline passengers with disabilities may soon find that flying is less of a hassle. As part of what it terms an “ongoing effort to ensure equal access to ...


Study looks at long-term effects of weight-loss surgery

Most weight loss occurs in the first year but other benefits may continue into later years

For many severely obese consumers, bariatric surgery seems like the only way to lose the extra weight that’s threatening their lives. It’s obvi...


Cold and sore throat? Ditch the ibuprofen

British study finds they not only don't help but may actually slow recovery

Everyone gets colds and sore throats now and then, and the usual solution is to pop a few ibuprofen or acetaminophen tablets. But do these common remedies ...


US Airways fined in disability case

The carrier failed to provide wheelchair assistance

For failing to provide adequate wheelchair assistance to passengers in Philadelphia and Charlotte, N.C., US Airways is being fined $1.2 million – one of t...


Huge California hospital chain settles insurance lawsuit

Sutter Health hospitals will pay a record $46 million

Sutter Health, which operates one of the largest hospital chains in California, will pay $46 million and make historic changes in its billing and disclosur...


Yet another Reser’s recall expansion

The refrigerated ready-to-eat products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Once again, Reser’s Fine Foods of Beaverton, Ore., is expanding a recall This time it's the October 22, 2013, recall of refrigerated ready-to-eat product...


Trader Giotto’s Caesar Salad recalled

The product may contain wheat, soy and fish, allergens not listed on the label

Ghiringhelli Specialty Foods of Vallejo, Calif., is recalling one specific lot of Trader Giotto’s Caesar Salad (SKU 05161) with a "Use By 11/03" date. The...


More Reser's products added to recall list

Chicken, ham and beef products may be contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes

Reser’s Fine Foods of Topeka, Kan., is expanding its recall of chicken, ham and beef products to include all products produced between Oct. 10 and Oct. 25,...


Dutch Treat Salads recalls Mexicali Dip

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Dutch Treat Salads of Zeeland, Mich., is recalling Mexicali Dip that contains an ingredient recalled by Reser’s Fine Food. ...


Waiting for Black Friday may mean missing some great deals

Retailers are putting gift items on sale right now, mostly online

If someone on your gift list wants a consumer electronics product, you should be shopping now, not waiting until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Waiting may ...


There's no gay apparel to don at Hallmark this year

Public-relations nightmare for the greeting card company

It’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for whatever nameless Hallmark artist designed this year’s holiday sweater Christmas ornament: while t...


Rupert Murdoch adds a lifelogger to his wardrobe

The UP bracelet is the latest rage in the lifelogging movement, sort of a supercharged pedometer

The Jawbone braceletYou have to hand it to Rupert Murdoch. AT 82, he may be one of the news business' oldest practitioners but this doesn't stop him fr...


Taxpayers across the USA targeted by phone scam

'Pay back taxes -- or else' is the message

A sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers, including recent immigrants, is making the rounds throughout the country. According to the Internal Revenu...


Feds urged to limit payday lenders' access to consumers' bank accounts

Consumer groups urge crackdown on banks and payment processors

States in recent months have taken tough action against online payday lenders. A coalition of consumer groups and civil rights activists say federal regula...


Johnson & Johnson settles Risperdal, Invega case for $1.6 billion

States and feds charged the drug company promoted the drugs for off-label use

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $1.6 billion to settle charges that it illegally promoted the use of its anti-psychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega ...


Winn-Dixie recalls Broccoli Crunch, Spinach Antipasta salads

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Winn-Dixie is recalling two salad products growing out of an earlier recall of products by Reser's Fine Food Inc., due to possible Listeria monocytogenes c...


Giant Eagle recalls slaw and salad products, candy corn mix

The recalls were prompted by Listeria and allergen concerns

Giant Eagle is recalling two products because of health concerns. The first involves Diced Summer Slaw, Diced Summer Salad and several Grab and Go combo m...


Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 vehicles recalled

The front seatbacks may have play

General Motors is recalling 18,972 model year 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 vehicles manufactured August 1, 2013, through September 10, 2013...


American Honda Motor Company recalls Odyssey vehicles

The Vehicle Safety Assist System may apply the brakes unexpectedly

American Honda Motor Company is recalling 344,187 model year 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey vehicles manufactured August 8, 2006, through September 8, 2008. Due...


Credit card balance transfers: do the math before you take the deal

Misunderstanding transfer fees leads to $400 mistake for one reader

To paraphrase something our accountant once said: If Americans all used credit cards responsibly, the credit card industry as we know it would collapse.&...


No easy way to get out of debt

But a certified credit counselor can help you take the first steps

People drowning in debt often turn to debt settlement companies without realizing where that road leads. In most cases it leads to a barrage of debt collec...


Kraft to pull artificial dyes from kids' mac-and-cheese

But grownups can still eat the classically garish color

Kraft is making changes to some of its boxed macaroni and cheese recipes: specifically, removing certain artificial food dyes from its more child-oriented ...


New treatment approved for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Gazyva is the first drug with breakthrough therapy designation to receive FDA approval

Patients with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) have a new treatment option. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approv...


Office Depot-Office Max merger gets green light

FTC sees no threat to competition in the deal

The Federal Trade Commission has given its blessing to the Office Depot-Office Max merger, but it somehow feels like there's a "sure go ahead, who cares" a...


Study: Heart failure often under-treated with fatal results

Swedish researchers find that more aggressive treatment gets better results

You hear a lot about the rising cost of health care and, at the moment, continuing debate over whether Obamacare will bankrupt the nation or cause the su...


Some tax benefits to increase in 2014

Inflation adjustments bring breaks for some taxpayers

It's only November, but already the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is saying “Happy New Year” with the announcement of inflation adjustments for 2014 for m...


Study: Wireless carriers' ad claims not matching reality

Customers also make it clear they want quick answers when problems arise

Meeting consumer expectations isn't easy but wireless carriers are having a paticularly hard time of it, according to a new study that finds more than one-...


LAX shut down after shooting incident

TSA agent killed, shooter wounded. Airline schedules disrupted nationwide

All flights into and out of Los Angeles International Airport are on hold after a shooting incident at the airport today....


Trader Joe’s Southwest Salad recalled

The product contains soy, an allergen not listed on the label

World Class Distribution of Fontana, Calif., is recalling one specific lot of Trader Joe’s Southwest Salad (SKU 56077) with a “Use by Date 11/2/13”, becaus...


Foreman ATVs recalled

The vehicle’s steering shaft can break unexpectedly

American Honda Motor Company of Torrance, Calif., is recalling about 21,000 Honda FourTrax TRX500 Foreman ATVs. The steering shaft can break unexpectedly...


Safeway recalls various refrigerated and deli products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

In cooperation with the Reser's Fine Foods and Taylor Farms recalls of products that may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, Safeway is re...


Chevrolet Sonics recalled

The front fuel tank strap bracket may separate from the vehicle

General Motors is recalling 1,558 model year 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles manufactured August 2, 2013, through August 12, 2013. Due to insuffic...