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Are waiters and waitresses slowly being replaced?

More and more tablets are appearing on restaurant tables. Is it good or bad?

For some reason I’m addicted to the show "Bar Rescue."If you haven’t seen the show, it stars bar expert Jon Taffer, who has been responsible ...


Report: FDA jittery about caffeinated chewing gum

Wrigley's new entry brings attention to a previously obscure niche

Caffeinated chewing gum has existed in relative obscurity for a long time, but when the Wrigley chewing gum folks announced in March that they we...


Stay-at-home spouses to get credit card application break

Reliance on 'accessible income' would now be considered for credit card applications

Spouses or partners who do not work outside the home may soon have an easier time qualifying for credit cards. An amendment proposed by the Consumer Fina...


More women are getting upper arm surgery

Surgeons say celebrities are to blame

In today’s society it seems that celebrities have a tremendous amount of influence on folks.Whether it’s an influence on how people style the...


The benefits of exercise go beyond weight loss

Exercise can lower blood pressure, help your cholesterol count and improve your heart-lung function

It's an article of faith that exercise is good or you, but have you every stopped to ask yourself why? The answers are varied and may not be as obvious as ...


Avoiding moving day disasters

Picking a good moving company will take a lot of the stress out of moving day

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. The choice of moving company can either add to the stress or lessen it a bit.There are three major...


Home prices continue their rise

Phoenix leads the way, while New York, Boston and Chicago lag

Your home continues to become more valuable. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, a leading measure of U.S. home prices, the 10- and 20-C...


Cop claims his DUI firing violated disability rights

Says alcoholism is protected by the law

An Oregon police officer who was fired after he was arrested on DUI charges is now suing his former employer, claiming that they discriminated against him ...


"Pedacyclist" death rate surges in 2011

Deaths were up 9% from the previous year

Riding your bike is becoming more hazardous. Figures released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 677 pedalcyclists were k...


Mortgage re-defaults increasing at an 'alarming rate'

And some homeowners are still trying to modify mortgages, meeting the same problems as before

The U.S. housing market all but collapsed in 2009 because of an avalanche of foreclosures. People with subprime mortgages found they couldn't make the paym...


Study: Consumers strongly support higher mpg standards

Car dealers are the only group still resisting the goal of 55 mpg by 2025

The Ford C-MaxConsumers are looking for better fuel efficiency in their cars and trucks and manufacturers are getting the message loud and clear even i...


New home or existing home? Some things to consider

In many area a new home may cost less

When the housing market went into full meltdown mode in 2009, new home builders were hit hard. National and regional builders that had enjoyed explosive gr...


Kids born outside the U.S. have lower allergy risk

Study finds risk of allergy increases with time in the U.S.

Asthma and other allergy-related diseases are serious business in the U.S., with the numbers of people affected increasing every year. And now a new study ...


Nissan hopes to charge up Leaf sales

More chargers would relieve buyers' range anxiety, the automaker hopaes

The Nissan Leaf is a nice-looking little car, if you like that kind of thing. And as a plug-in electric, it's relatively simple, compared to a full-bown hy...


What makes you happy?

A study has tracked Harvard graduates over 75 years to find out

What allows people to be happy and live fulfilled lives? To find out George Vaillant has been conducting a 75 year study on 268 Harvard students and docu...


Acer settles Vista RAM class action

Suit alleged that notebooks were unable to run certain Windows Vista versions

Laptop manufacturer Acer has settled a lawsuit that alleged it sold laptop computers with insufficient Random Access Memory, or RAM, to properly run certai...


Woman sues hospital over “Shy Bladder Syndrome”

Alleges condition made her unable to provide urine sample for employment

“Shy bladder syndrome” -- the medical term for difficulty urinating in front of others -- has become the seemingly unlikely topic of litigation...


Pending home sales rise in March

Analysts say while there was an increase, a leveling-off appears to be in the works

Pending home sales, which are based on contract signings, shot up 1.5% in March. However, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which tracks the forw...


Maple View Farm recalls three flavors of ice cream

The products contain allergens that were not declared on package labels

Maple View Farm is recalling pint containers of Cookies & Cream, Carolina Crunch and Cookie Dough ice cream. Some or all of the products contain wheat, so...


Honda recalls Fit Sport vehicles

A problem with electronic stability control system increases the risk of a crash

Honda is recalling 43,782 model year 2012-2013 Honda Fit Sport vehicles manufactured May 23, 2011, through March 22, 2013. The electronic stability contr...


LivingSocial database hacked

Encrypted passwords, but not credit card data, likely accessed

LivingSocial, the Washington, D.C.-based daily deals website, sent out an email this morning warning users that the site has “recently experienced a ...


Summer gas prices may be headed lower

One insider predicts $3 a gallon by Labor Day

If there is such a thing as “normal” gasoline prices in the U.S., that may be where we're headed. The dramatic price rise of winter has has bee...


Ginkgo biloba linked to cancer in mice and rats

The supplement is popular for its supposed memory-enhancing effects

Ginkgo biloba, the popular dietary supplement purported to have memory-enhancing properties, has been linked to cancer in rats and mice, according to a new...


Grade school:The perfect time to talk alcohol and cigarettes with your child

Using strong arm tactics increases the chance of your child drinking and smoking

When it comes to preventing children from smoking and drinking, heart-to-heart talks are more effective than peer-pressure, marketing and all the national ...


Books are getting shorter; here's why

With shorter books and modern technology, leisure reading may be vanishing

Unless you're not a big TV watcher, you've probably seen the string of AT&T commercials featuring a bunch of cute kids.To me, the best out of th...


ERs have become the new psych ward

Study finds mental health patients can be stranded in the ER for days

If you rush to a hospital emergency room with appendicitis, you'll be quickly scheduled for surgery and admitted to the hospital. If you show up at an ER w...


Senate lines up with measure to tax online purchases

But what will happen when the bill gets to the GOP-dominated House?

The days of buying online to avoid paying sales tax will soon become the much-lamented Good Old Days. The Senate this week passed the  Marketplace Fai...


Feds propose rules governing 'deposit advance products'

Concerns have been raised about the high fee, lump sum repayment requirements

Some new rules are in the works for banks and other financial institutions offering so-called deposit advance products, which are similar to payday loans....


Economy picks up steam in first quarter

Increased consumer spending was an influence

The pace of economic growth accelerated sharply in the first three months of the year, but not as much as economists were expecting. The Commerce Departme...


3T Design recalls Cervelo bicycles

The handlebar clamps can detach during riding

Cervelo Cycles of Toronto, Canada, is recalling nearly 700 Cervelo bicycles with Aura Pro handlebars. The bike's handlebar clamps can detach during riding...


No letup in fight against knives on planes

Flight attendants vow to prevent a change in TSA rules

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the federal agency that screens passengers boarding commercial aircraft, is delaying its new rule that al...


New bird flu is one of the 'most lethal' strains

Some people who have the virus had no documented contact with birds

While previous outbreaks of bird flu haven't lived up to some fears about it, this latest strain of the virus that has shown up in China is causing growing...


BMW sunroofs leak, class action claims

A crucial shortcoming in the "Ultimate Driving Machine," plaintiffs argue

You would think that a car that claims to be the ultimate in German engineering would at least keep you dry when it rains, but a class action suit says BMW...


Car dealers sue Carfax

They say Carfax is a monopoly that puts out a substandard product at a high price

Consumers have come to rely on Carfax to help them avoid mistakes when buying a used car. But long before consumers began using Carfax, car dealers were de...


Ground beef and chicken are riskiest meats, report finds

Chicken nuggets, ham and sausage have the lowest contamination risk

It hardly comes as news that ground beef and chicken are the riskiest meats in the U.S. food supply but a new report from the Center for Science in th...


Huge drop in weekly jobless claims

Meanwhile, we'll get a first look at the 2013 economic growth rate Friday

The number of people filling first-time applications for jobless benefits was down sharply last week. Figures released by the Labor Department show there ...


Telemarketers banned, ordered to pay millions

The defendants acted with 'reckless disregard'

Five individuals and NHS Systems, Inc., the operation they ran, have been banned from telemarketing, charging consumers’ bank accounts, and making false an...


Ditch the flowers and go with these cool Mother's Day gifts instead

Buying something for Mom that matches her interests is really the best way to go.

Through all the caring and nurturing, through all the unconditional love, good advice and bailing us out of jams, sometimes we forget to look at our paren...


Lawsuit challenges Ford's mileage claims for Fusion, C-Max hybrids

The Pennsylvania suit says the 47 mpg claims don't come close to reality

In the latest challenge to Ford's high-mileage claims for its 2013 Fusion and C-Max hybrids, car owners in Pennsylvania have sued, saying teh cars didn't c...


Consumers often trapped in debt by payday and deposit advance loans

A new study finds sustained use of these loans can lead to a 'cycle of indebtedness'

We all run a little short of money from time-to-time and there are both good and bad ways of dealing with the problem. Among the worst, according to a stud...


Technology makes online cheating easier

But beware, the tech world isn't as private as you think

We're living in an interconnected world. We've gone from surfing the Internet at our desk at home to connecting with friends through social media on the go...


Appeals court throws out credit reporting settlement

Says settlement creates “divergence of interests” among class members



Gonorrhea: More dangerous than you think

A strain of the disease has become resistant to many treatments

In the era of HIV and AIDS, perhaps old fashioned sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like gonorrhea don't seem like much of a threat anymore. But in the c...


iPhone 4: The check is in the mail

It's the final chapter of Antennagate settlement

The Apple iPhone 4 has achieved its place in history as the now-ubiquitous smartphone that first introduced the world to Siri. But the phone was also...


Worried about an upcoming surgery? View the procedure beforehand

Touch Surgery doesn't only train surgeons, it can make patients feel more secure too

Before you go under the knife for surgery, why not get a look at what it’s going to look like beforehand?Today, you can do that with Touch Surgery,...


Study finds the rich really are getting richer

On the other hand, those who aren't so rich...

The first two years of the nation’s economic recovery have not been particularly even. As a matter of fact, just the opposite appears to be the case. A Pe...


Remember Bosco Chocolate? There's now a new flavor

The company hopes to make its chocolate syrup popular again.

It seems like Bosco Chocolate Syrup has been around forever. For most of us it has: the company was established in 1928. Since that time, millions of peop...


Lawmakers question pace of e-cigarette regulations

Some states have begun to consider their own rules as feds move slowly

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) served notice some time ago that it will probably regulate electronic cigarettes -- also called e-cigarettes -- but ...


Kale, collards, squash, baby food loaded with pesticides, study finds

Apples, peaches, spinach, potatoes also make "Dirty Dozen" list

Kale and collars are popular lately but, along with an apple a day, they can give you a daily mouthful of pesticides, a study by the Environmental Wor...


Toasters can be fire hazards

Consumers report timers don't shut off, causing the toaster to overheat

Under the right circumstances, perhaps any electric appliance can be a fire hazard. Lately, electric toasters are falling into that category.Joni, of Cle...


Safety regulators issue guidelines to limit distracted driving

The voluntary guidelines only apply to devices installed in cars by the manufacturer

Ray LaHoodThe feds have had it with electronic devices that distract drivers, so much so that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today relea...


Adults with autism finding success in the tech world

A Texas-based company is teaching job skills and independence

When it comes to autism, many people might be aware of the social challenges involved. But not the professional ones, but that’s not the case with Ga...


YouTube wins again in long-running Viacom suit

Judge in intellectual property case calls Viacom’s position “anachronistic”

YouTube Wins Summary Judgment in Viacom Suit Judge in intellectual property case calls Viacom’s position “anachronistic” ...


Millions of Americans still falling for scams

Weight-loss programs and prize promotions are the biggest offenders

Have you been scammed? If so, you have a lot of company. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a statistical survey showing that an estimated 25...


Nokia wins injunction against HTC

Claims new One phone uses Nokia-owned microphone parts

Phone manufacturer HTC has been hit with an injunction in a lawsuit by competitor Nokia, threatening to trip up the progress of its new HTC One phone, whic...


Survey: job prospects brightening for recent college graduates

High-skill pros may have the upper hand

The college class of 2013 may find a better world out there when it comes to job-hunting. A new study from and finds 53...


Pace of new home sales picks up in March

Home prices were on the rise as well

Sales of new single-family homes picked up a little steam in March. Government figures show sales last month were up 1.5% to a seasonally adjusted annual...


Forcing your kids to clean their plates? Stop it

Researchers say you could be teaching your child unhealthy eating habits.

Forcing your kids to clean their plates at each meal increases their chances of becoming obese, say researchers at the University of Minnesota.Katie Loth...


Oogababy: Learn how your child is developing

The creators say the app makes tracking your child’s growth fun and easy

Hot off the presses in the tech world is Oogababy, an app that lets parents track their child’s development and compare it to national statistics. Th...


How to make your housing offer stand out

Believe it or not, it's a seller's market in some areas

Not only has the U.S. housing market come back from the dead, some experts think we are now again in a housing bubble. After plunging four years ago, home ...


Stress and Alzheimer’s disease may be linked

Exercise among Alzheimer’s patients could be extremely beneficial

It's a pretty well-established fact that stress can cause numerous health problems. But now there may be a new concern. Researchers at Umea University ...


EA Sports class action settlement modified

Individual claimants will receive bigger payouts

A settlement in a lawsuit against EA Games has been modified to triple the amount of money that class members will be eligible to receive.Per the m...


Boeing 787 battery fix approved

The FAA's okay followed 'rigorous' testing

The trouble-plagued Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a step closer to returning to flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the aircraft-mak...


Settlement proposed in Canadian Sony hacking case

Double outages in 2011 disrupted gamers

A settlement has been proposed in a Canadian lawsuit focusing on hacks of Sony’s PlayStation Network (“PSN”) and Sony Computer Entert...


Fact and fiction about poison ivy

A close encounter with this plant can mean trouble

One of the downsides of spending time in the great outdoors is eventually, you're going to have a close encounter with poison ivy that will result in a pai...


Woman sues CVS over allegedly racist receipt

New Jersey woman’s receipt contained pejorative phrase “Ching Chong”

The photo has gone viral around the web: a CVS receipt listing the customer as “Lee, Ching Chong.”The customer, whose actual name is Hyun Lee...


Suit: McClatchy papers double-bill renewing subscribers

Kansas City Star subscribers say they're being gouged for their loyalty

As everyone knows, the newspaper business is in a ton of trouble. It's not just because advertisers are fleeing to the Internet, although that's a big part...


Existing-home sales dip in March

Prices, on the other hand, continued to rise

The pace of sales of previously-owned homes slipped a bit during March. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports sales of existing single-family...


Mastercard, Amex step up data sales to marketers

Aggregated data from credit card purchases increasingly being used to target ads, direct marketing

So, are you one of those consumers who get upset about being tracked around the Internet and asked for you ZIP code at check-out? If so, get a load of this...


Why some housing markets are recovering faster than others

The presence of investors makes a huge difference

The old adage that the three most important factors in real estate are location, location and location is true. But not just the location of the street or ...


H&R Block faces several lawsuits over filing glitch

Refunds delayed for hundreds of thousands

Tax giant H&R Block has been hit with several lawsuits over allegations that a software problem has delayed refunds for hundreds of thousands of ta...


The 'Red Flags' of moving fraud

If you're relocating, here's help in avoiding the slick operators

Americans are a people on the move. According to government figures, 35 million of us relocate every year. And anybody who has been involved in a move can ...


Nissan recalling Pathfinder and Infiniti JX vehicles

Structural front brake torque weakness increases risk of a crash

Nissan is recalling 19,258 model year 2013 Pathfinder and Infiniti JX vehicles manufactured December 3, 2012, through January 29, 2013. The front brake t...


Honda recalls CR-V, Odyssey and Acura vehicles

The brake-shift interlock blocking mechanism may malfunction, increasing a crash risk

Honda is recalling about 204,000 model year 2012-2013 CR-V, Odyssey, and model year 2013 Acura RDX vehicles. During sub-freezing temperatures, the brake-...


Teen drivers tend to text more when they're alone in a car

Survey shows they do it, even though they know they shouldn't

It's hard to turn on TV and not see a public service announcement urging young drivers not to send or read texts while behind the wheel. The message may be...


Notice all the great web series? Why not watch them on just one site? The first one-stop viewing site for cool shows on the Internet

Remember the first time you discovered YouTube and toyed around with it?If you’re like many people, then you probably used the search tool to view ...


Foreclosure settlement checks are bouncing, consumers complain

The company handling the $3.6 billion settlement says it can help straighten things out

It was just last week that, with much fanfare, various federal agencies announced that consumers would be getting $3.6 billion in checks from mortgage serv...


Credit cards are cheaper if you have good credit

Consumers with less than perfect credit face higher rates and fees

As the economy continued to slowly improve in the first quarter of 2013, some consumers found credit a little cheaper. On the other hand, others didn't.&...


Why gold has lost its luster

Will the precious metal bounce back or has the rally ended?

If you hold investments in gold, you're a bit poorer this week. Even if you don't invest in the precious metal, you may be aware that the price has plunged...


Flashing headlights to warn of speed trap ahead can be expensive

Missouri man sues, claiming the ticket he got infringes his Free Speech rights

View Larger MapHave you ever flashed your headlights to warn oncoming drivers of a speed trap? Michael Elli did it and got a ticket from a police officer...


Duplicate downloads from iTunes? Pay up, the judge orders

Court dismisses suit that claims Apple's policies are deceptive

Apple's stock price is down and there are fears that sales of iPhones and other iStuff may be slumping but you've got to give Apple credit for one thing: t...


Latest economic numbers suggest the recovery remains sluggish

Both the Leading Economic Index and weekly jobless numbers show weakness

Two steps forward, one step back. That's the pattern we're seeing in The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index (LEI). The forecasting gauge dipped 0.1%...


Boston-area taxpayers get relief

The IRS is granting a filing and payment extension following the marathon explosions

Boston area taxpayers and others affected by Monday’s explosions are being granted a three-month tax filing and payment extension. The The Internal Revenu...


Seniors face a bewildering array of financial advisor credentials

Already vulnerable to fraud, seniors are further confused by the many different credentials

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published a report highlighting problems with so-called “senior designation” credentials ...


Southeast Toyota recalls variety of vehicles

The vehicles contain an inaccurate weight label

Southeast Toyota Distributors is recalling a total of 7,389 of the following vehicles: 2008 and 2010-2013 Toyota Tundra, 2010-2012 Rav4, 2012 Toyota Sequo...


Still searching for the best laptop, we pick the Pixel

The Pixel trounces several leading contenders for those who spend their days pounding out copy

Finalists - the Chromebook Pixel (left) and Zareason Ultrabook. Consumers who mostly use their computers for email, social media, games and web browsing ha...


Girls are thrashing boys in academic achievement. How come?

it's not just grades, boys are enrolling in college in smaller numbers too

Are girls smarter than boys?That’s what some people may ask since many studies have found that girls outperform boys in academics.And the gender ...


Be careful about charitable appeals tied to the Boston Marathon bombing

Bogus requests following tragedies spring up like dandelions in the spring

Tragedy often brings out the best in people. As we saw in Boston earlier this week, people ran toward the blast site, trying to help bombing victims in an...


How social media can benefit seniors

As young people are turning away from Facebook, older adults are logging on.

Last week my colleague Truman Lewis wrote about how Facebook is losing some of its popularity among teens, which if you think about it, is consistent with ...


Alleged mobile phone crammer slammed by Feds

The FTC complaint alleging unauthorized charges is the first of its kind

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going after operation that allegedly placed unauthorized charges on consumers’ mobile phone bills, taking in millions...


Judge dismisses suit claiming Apple misled MacBook Pro purchasers

Users say the battery runs down even when the machine is plugged in

Though so far unsuccessful in court, disgruntled owners of 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops continue to flood social media with their expressions of outrage abo...


Cost of owning a car rose 1.96% last year, AAA finds

Maintenance and insurance costs showed the biggest increase

Like everything else, the cost of owning and driving your car is higher this year. In its annual study of driving costs, AAA found a 1.96% increase, a whop...


Web tools to help you plan for death

From disposing of digital files to making out your will, there's an app for your final exit

Two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Having just paid your taxes you might want to spend a little time planning for the other certainty. Fortun...


Drawing Social Security at age 62: things to consider

You probably shouldn't start early, unless you have to

Social Security was established to provide supplemental support for people when they reached retirement age, now set at between age 66 and 70. But the law ...


Spin-A-Mals farm and safari puzzles recalled

The puzzles' small pegs can pose a choking hazard

Small World Toys Enterprises, of Torrance, Calif., is recalling about 4,000 Ryan’s Room brand Spin-A-Mals Farm and Spin-A-Mals Safari puzzles. Small pegs ...


American Airlines struggling to resume service after computer issues

Massive disruption in store as the carrier tries to get back on schedule

American Airlines has grounded all of its flights while it tries to resolve a problem with its computer network. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ...


Fashion and technology are pretty much one these days

Many consumers are using apps to stay in the fashion know. But which ones are the best?

For some people fashion is everything to the point where new designers and styles are anticipated like summer time in mid-January.To others, fashion has ...


Comcast starts encrypting basic cable

It means some consumers will have to get a set-top box to keep watching "free TV"

There's an entire generation of consumers to whom the phrase "free TV" doesn't have much meaning. But believe it or not, it's still possible to watch over-...


Consumers appear skeptical of organic food

A growing number think it's just an excuse to charge more

There is a growing passion for food and the debate over different types of food tends to be passionate as well. Despite that, consumers have yet to be sway...


Determining the real cost of college

Increasingly, it depends on getting scholarships and other aid

When parents and their children start shopping for colleges, a lot of factors come into play in making the final choice. One of those factors is – or...


Here's how to block out office distractions

Why is it that you get the least work done when you actually go to work?

Working in an office can be a strange thing and full of many annoying little rituals. Like the obligatory how-was-your-weekend-question-session that happen...


Movie producers react to Connecticut school massacre

New campaign adds descriptive content to movie ratings to alert parents to sex, violence

Reacting to the massacre of school children in Connecticut, the Motion Picture Association of America has announced some changes to its movie rating system...


Even as the economy shows improvement, consumers remain tight-fisted

A new survey suggests the economic meltdown has instilled a new sense of caution

It's not business as usual for the vast majority of consumers these days. Ever mindful of the Great Recession of 2008, 94% of consumers plan to hold the ...


Consumer prices fall in March as new home construction surges

The upbeat news sent stocks higher in the early going

Overall inflation in March was nowhere to be found. The Labor Department reports its Consumer Price Index (CPI) dipped 0.2%, bringing the inflation rate f...


It's time to get rid of Windows XP

Support ends next year and anyone still running it will be playing with fire

Although it is far and away the most successful operating system Microsoft has ever produced, Windows XP is finally fading to black. The company will stop...


Apple paying $53 million to settle 'water damage' claims

Customers' iPhone warranty claims were denied because of supposed water damage

Make no mistake, if you get your iPhone or other sensitive electronic device wet, you will likely cause irreparable, or at least expensive, damag...


Dish strikes again -- this time trying to steal Sprint from under Softbank's nose

Dish already has TV producers spitting nails. Now it's going after Verizon and AT&T

Things are starting to get interesting in the wireless business. Long an oligopoly dominated by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and characterized by high rate...


How do you know you're being prescribed the right medicine?

Researchers say that medication errors are more common than you may think.

If you’re currently on prescription medication, you can’t just assume you’re always getting the correct refills. In fact, you can’t...


Your old smartphone may be worth real money

Online sites match sellers of used phones with buyers

Just about everyone now has a cellphone. In fact, a recent report on U.S. cellphone ownership showed there are more cellphones than people in the U.S.New...


Six retailers recall Buckyballs and Buckycubes

These products contain defects that pose a substantial risk of injury and death

Six retailers are recalling all Buckyballs and Buckycubes high-powered magnet sets, as they contain defects in the design, warnings and instructions that p...


FAA orders special inspections of 737s

Potentially defective parts could cause pilots to lose control of the airplane

An Alaska Air 737-800The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is ordering special inspections of potentially defective parts on the Boeing 737, the mo...


What happens when you die? Google will help you decide

The Mean Time Between Failure awaits us all; Google helps us prepare for it

What happens when you die? We're not talking theology here or trying to sell you life insurance. No, the question -- a thorny one, you must admit -- is wha...


No job security in a New York security guard school

The company allegedly posted bogus job listings and made false employment promises

Being out of work is bad enough, but having it stuck to you when you're trying to find a job just pours salt into the wound. But New York City-based 1st S...


Federal Corporation recalls Couragia A/T tires

Tire shoulder tread chunking could cause a tire failure and increase the risk of a crash

Federal Corporation is recalling 8,513 Couragia A/T tires, size P265/75R16 116S, DOT Serial Numbers UX77 3210-UX770813. Excessive heat in the affected ti...


Manda Packing expands recall of cooked meat, poultry and deli products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Manda Packing Company of Baker, La., is expanding its recall to include approximately 468,000 pounds of roast beef, ham, turkey breast, tasso pork, ham sha...


Latest study finds no harm from BPA in women and children

The chemical is effectively deactivated by the body, researchers find

The latest chapter in the debate over bisphenol-A, or BPA, is that the chemical does not pose a risk to fetuses when it’s ingested by pregnant women....


Facebook gets new consumer-tracking tools

Datalogix deal gives the online site access to data about offline consumer behavior

Facebook has been generating a lot of publicity about its new Facebook Home app for Android phones but it's being a lot quieter about another big change --...


Facebook losing some of its luster with teens

Will Facebook's new "Home" app bring teens back or is it too late?

Facebook has been generating a lot of hype around its Facebook Home app for Android phones, being released today, but a new study from Piper Jaffray may be...


OMG! My taxes are due

Don't make a mistake that could make things worse

Your taxes are due in a couple of days and you're in a panic. Be very careful. In your haste to meet the deadline, you could make a mistake that could del...


US Airways accused of racial discrimination in federal court suit

Two black men were told they had to change clothes if they wanted to ride up front

Two black men say US Airways told them they had to remove their baseball caps, change from jeans to slacks and put on button-up shirts if they wanted the a...


'Chained CPI,' and what it means to you

It could mean lower cost of living adjustments in Social Security benefits

When President Obama proposed a new budget, he managed to upset just about everyone, including members of his own party.Republicans attacked the proposal...


Judge denies class-action status to Google-Apple anti-poaching suit

Companies allegedly agreed not to steal employees from each other

A federal judge has denied class action status to a suit claiming that Google and Apple, along with several other high-profile companies, surreptitio...


High lead levels found in imported rice

Lead and other pollutants can pose serious health risks, especially for children

A study finds high levels of lead and other heavy metals in imported rice, posing a potentially serious health threat, especially to infants and children....


Wholesale prices, retail sales down in March

Sales decline raises questions about consumers' willingness to spend

After rising in the first two months of the year, the Producer Price Index (PPI), for finished goods fell a sharp 0.6%. Economists surveyed by


Tarmac delays galore during February

But the travel nightmare involved just one U.S. airport

If you happened to be flying in or out of Charlotte, N.C, in mid-February, it's probably an experience you won't want to repeat any time soon, According t...


Amid controversy, solar engineers seem to be making progress

Researchers say an important threshold may have been crossed

Solar energy as a power source has become controversial in recent years. In the 1970s it had something of a “hippie” reputation. More recently,...


Dodge recalls Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks

Excessive heat under the engine cover may result in an under hood fire

Chrysler is recalling 6.143 model year 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks manufactured January 7, 2013, through March 6, 2013. The engine cover may trap...


Does your child have a coach like Rutgers' Mike Rice?

Verbal and physical abuse doesn't happen just in college sports

By now you’ve probably seen the footage.It shows Coach Mike Rice— Rutgers head basketball coach—shove his players, kick them, yank thei...


Judge approves comScore class action

Could be the "largest privacy case ever tried," lawyer predicts

A federal judge has green-lighted a class action lawsuit against comScore, the internet data measuring company that tracks consumers’ web activit...


Japanese automakers recall millions of vehicles

Problems with airbag inflators pose an injury hazard

Four Japanese automakers are reportedly recalling more than 3 million vehicles to deal with problems involving airbags. Honda says it's recalling approxim...


Online privacy advocates make their move

Privacy legislation proposed at both the state and federal levels

If you are worried about online marketers gathering and selling your personal data, so they can more effectively sell you things, you might be pleased to k...


Green coffee beans can help control blood sugar and promote weight loss

Scientists say the findings could help in prevention of type 2 diabetes

Coffee does a lot of good things, starting with keeping us awake. But scientists at an American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans say coffee, especia...


Leasing a vehicle has some tax advantages

There could be benefits for consumers as well as businesses

Businesses that use vehicles, or provide them for employees, often lease them instead of buying them. There are some tax advantages to doing that and often...


Weekly jobless claims fall

The number of applications came in well below economists' forecasts

A surprising drop in the number of people applying for first-time state unemployment benefits last week. The Labor Department reports there were 346,000 ...


Home affordability may be in jeopardy

Rising home prices and stagnating wages are not a good combination

Just when you thought you might finally be able to buy that new home, here comes a dose of reality With wages dropping or stagnating, homes have gotten mo...


Bank of America settles Merrill Lynch acquisition suit

Largest class-action settlement from financial crash

Bank of America has settled a long-simmering lawsuit focusing on its 2008 acquisition of Merrill Lynch, closing another chapter in the infamous financi...


Formosa Food recalls pork jerky product

The product contains an undeclared allergen -- wheat

Formosa Food Company of Hull, Iowa, is recalling approximately 1,133 pounds of a pork jerky product because of misbranding and an undeclared allergen -- wh...


Manda Packing recalls roast beef deli meat

The meat may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Manda Packing Company of Baker, La., is recalling approximately 20,166 pounds of cooked roast beef deli meat due to possible contamination with Listeria mo...


Making bathrooms safe for seniors

Just sticking up a grab bar or two doesn't do the trick

Is Your Bathroom Safe or Dangerous for Elders? More than one in three persons over age 65 fall each year. Many falls occur in the safe confines of one&...


How to detect malware on your PC

Malware can just be annoying or something very serious

There is growing concern about cyber security, especially among businesses and organizations that maintain vast networks. But consumers have to be aware of...


Texas veterinarian sues state board that suspended him for helping pet owners

The state suspended Ron Hines for giving advice to pet owners on his web site

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners unconstitutionally suspended a 69-year-old veterinarian for giving free advice on the Internet, the longtim...


Four million consumers getting checks in latest foreclosure settlement

The foreclosure issue hasn't gone away, and neither have the settlements

Since the foreclosure crisis peaked there have been several settlements between mortgage servicers and borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure. The o...


Researchers use genetically engineered lab rats in Alzheimer’s studies

The rodents serve as models in researching the cause of the disease

Rats engineered to have the mutant genes that are known to play a role in the rare, early-onset form of Alzheimer’s are being used to determine the cause o...


Feds move to shut down Mo’ Money Taxes

The firm allegedly prepares phony tax returns

If the Justice Department gets its way, Mo’ Money Taxes, a Memphis, Tenn., based tax-preparation chain, will soon be out of business. The government has ...


Federal judge shuts down Chung's, an Asian food producer

Company produced food under unsanitary conditions, feds alleged

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered Chung's Products to close down. The compay, which sells packaged Asian food products in all 50 states, was accused...


You met him on the Internet? Check your bank account

That online romance tease may be a con job

Looking for love in all the right places? The Internet may not be one of them. That guy or gal who professes to be your soul mate or the love of your live...


Chrysler 300s, Dodge Challengers and Dodge Chargers recalled

Seat side-airbags may malfunction

Chrysler is recalling as many as 119,497 model year 2011-2012 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger vehicles manufactured April 11, 2011, throug...


Jeep Patriots and Compasses recalled

A fuel transfer issue could cause the vehicle to stall

Chrysler is recalling about 20,532 model year 2012 Jeep Patriot and Compass vehicles manufactured October 18, 2011, through May 7, 2012. Due to an incor...


Dodge Nitro and Jeep Liberty vehicles recalled

A potential drive shaft problem increases the risk of a crash

Chrysler is recalling about 61,400 model year 2007-2008 Dodge Nitro 4X2 vehicles manufactured March 21, 2006, through March 1, 2008; and 2008 Jeep Liberty...


Booking a hotel room: do it yourself or use a travel site?

Sometimes help from a third party can get you a better deal and help resolve disputes

Things change quickly, including the common wisdom. Sometimes things just go in a circle. Example: For a long time, the common wisdom was that you could ge...


The creators of Shazam add a TV component

Is it possible Shazam will be the way we search for everything in the future?

If you’ve been using the artist and music app Shazam that allows you to identify a certain a song that’s playing and who the artist is, you mig...


Analysis: J.C. Penney finally cuts its losses

The brand had low customer engagement to start with now it's even worse

Robert PassikoffIn 2000 the average tenure of a CEO was 10 years. In 2008 it was down to 8 ½, signaling a slightly higher degree of corporate an...


J.C. Penney ousts CEO, brings back his predecessor

New strategy successfully chased away old customers but didn't attract new ones

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. J.C. Penney was a respected brand with millions of loyal customers but, like every company, it was hoping to ...


Never mind a string around your finger; try rosemary to improve your memory

A chemical in the fragrant perennial herb can help you remember things

Say the word “rosemary.” What does it bring to mind -- the girl that got away, a fragrant food seasoning, a Simon and Garfunkel song? The whole point is --...


Birth control for house flies

Researchers have found a virus that keeps the pests from reproducing

Is there anything nastier than the common house fly. Not really, when you think about where they hang out. And, while it's nice that warmer weather is arr...


Flu season drawing to a close

It was a tough one -- especially for seniors

It's almost over. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza-like-illness (ILI) is below baseline for the first time since ear...


ROCK-IT MAN Male Supplement Products recalled

The dietary supplement contains an undeclared active ingredient

Consumer Concepts is recalling of all ROCK-It MAN male enhancement capsules sold between October, 2012, and April, 2013. Analytical tests conducted by th...


What you should know about the new bird flu

At this point, ordinary seasonal flu is a greater threat

Bird flu is back in the headlines, with a new strain showing up in China. Should you be concerned? At this point, probably not. But as always, that could b...


Are hamburgers dying a slow death?

A recent report shows more consumers are ordering chicken sandwiches

Most likely, it won’t sway beef lovers to make a switch, which probably isn’t the goal of some fast-food restaurants, but the traditional hambu...


Are retail clinics the future of health care?

They're cheaper, open seven days a week and they're expanding the services they offer

You may know that health care in the U.S. is making some big changes as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect next January. But where you get your healt...


Martha Stewart's back in court; what's that do to her brand?

Her first court saga was personal but this one strikes closer to home

My company, Brand Keys, is pretty much the worlds expert when it comes to the Martha Stewart brand. This isn'’t braggadocio. It’'s true. It all came about ...


In the game of work-life balance, Americans are losing

According to a report Americans are all about work, work, work

“In America, it’s all about work”That’s what a relative of mines said who had the chance to live in both Central America and the ...


Those liquid laundry packets can be dangerous for little ones

The U.S. and Australia are working together on the problem

Those little liquid laundry packets or capsules are really convenient. No measuring -- just toss one into the washing machine the washer does the rest. Bu...


Virgin America ranks first, United last in airline quality ratings

On-time performance and bag handling generally improved in the latest study

There's nothing quite like knocking it out of the park on your first time at bat.  That's what Virgin America Airlines has accomplished, taking first ...


Fruit juice additive reduces fat in chocolate

British researchers come up with a novel way to make chocolate healthier

It's pretty well established that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has health benefits. The problem is that chocolate is often loaded with fat. ...


Drivers still talking and texting

The risky conduct causes hundreds of thousand of injuries and deaths

You would think that with all the news stories about traffic accidents due to driver cell phone use and texting that people would finally figure out that i...


Remember last summer's drought? This summer may not be any better

USDA is providing grants to help farms and ranches prepare for another one

With memories of last summer's drought and the economic cost to farmers and consumers still vivid, the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) is making milli...


Tide shifts in favor of legalizing marijuana, study finds

Pew survey finds a majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana

When it comes to the discussion of drug use in the United States, the conversation can go in about a million different places all at the same time.First,...


Candy makers circling the wagons against sugar sanctions

Mars, Nestle, Hershey, Mondelez follow the path blazed by other embattled industries

First, it was tobacco. Decades ago, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a report documenting the health risks associated with smoking. Slowly but surely, laws...


Things to consider when booking travel online

Sometimes it's better to avoid third-party sites and book directly with the hotel or airline

Gone are the days when you would call a hotel's toll-free number to make a reservation, or call an airline's reservation center to book a flight. It's stil...


Latest blow to collecting Zip codes at check-out

Massachusetts Supreme Court rules it's illegal in case against Michaels Stores

A ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court is the latest obstacle to the commonplace practice of retailers asking consumers for their Zip Codes at ch...


Believe it or not, customer service reps are people too

If you treat them that way, you have a better chance of getting results

It's no secret that a lot of consumer complaints have to do with the way customers feel they are treated when they call a company to resolve a problem. Oft...


Married? If so, you're probably gaining weight

According to a study, marriage can lead to more pounds and new health problems.

Among your average circle of guy friends—around the time everyone hits their late-20s, mid-30s—a noticeable divide begins to take place within ...


Price tag for dementia care on the rise

Dementia care can cost as much -- if not more -- as heart disease and cancer care

We're living longer -- no doubt about that. But it comes with a cost, especially when you consider mental health. Researchers say the costs of caring for ...


Unemployment rate dips as economy adds jobs

More Americans have dropped out of the work force

The nation's economy added a tepid 88,000 jobs in March, falling well below the expectations of economists. At the same time, the jobless rate inched lower...


Little Mermaid Smoke House recalls smoked herring and pickled herring

The products have the potential to be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum

Little Mermaid Smoke House is recalling smoked herring and pickled herring fish because the products were found to be uneviscerated, and have the potential...


Urban Shredder ride-on toys recalled

Unexpected acceleration poses a fall hazard.

Dynacraft BSC of American Canyon, Calif., is recalling about 8,900 Urban Shredder ride-on toys. The toys can unexpectedly accelerate and cause the rider t...


Tax return red flags that may result in an audit

Even if you can't avoid them, you can be prepared if the IRS comes calling

There are usually two things people hope for when they prepare their federal income tax return. They hope for a nice refund and they hope not to get audite...


Microwaves can be a fire hazard

Reports persist of these appliances bursting into flames

Microwave ovens are in just about every home now. They can make meal preparation a lot easier but, in some rare cases, can be a fire hazard.Recently we r...


Bluetooth technology used to help stroke patients

Researchers at Ohio State University use the same technology in smartphones for rehabilitation.

What don’t smartphones do today? Because it seems they’re pretty much made to be a thousand gadgets in one.Smartphones can quickly morph into...


Feds want to make cars safer for seniors

"Silver" ratings would measure how well cars protected older occupants

David StricklandU.S. safety regulators think cars should be made safer for older drivers and passengers, so they've come up with a set of  "silver...


Feds look for signs of horsemeat in ground beef

USDA is stepping up inspections of beef from European countries

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food safety unit is going to do more “species testing” on imported beef products from Iceland, Irela...


Feds move to block kickbacks to mortgage lenders

Four mortgage insurers will pay $15.4 million in penalties

Four mortgage insurance companies that allegedly engaged in widespread kickback arrangements with lenders across the country will pay a heavy price. The C...


Invokana approved to treat type 2 diabetes

It's the first diabetes treatment approved in a new class of drugs

Adults with type 2 diabetes have a new treatment option. The Food and Drug Administration has approved canagliflozin tablets, which are marketed as Invok...


Weekly jobless claims on the rise

The government figures suggest a bit of softening in the job market

The unemployment line got a little longer last week. The Labor Department reports 385,000 people applied for first-time unemployment benefits during the w...


Can you get hooked on antihistamines?

Consumers think so can but doctors say no

Allergic reactions can cause intense itching that distract you during the day and keep you up at night. Fortunately there are several over-the-counter medi...


Retailers want your money ... and your Zip Code

It's an important element in building a profile of your spending habits, home address and other vital info

Do you ever wonder why stores ask for your Zip Code? Some consumers think it must be part of the credit card approval process -- and sometimes it is -- but...


Feds eye new regulations for e-cigarettes

But at least one manufacturer welcomes some oversight

Several years ago, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) attempted to ban the import and sale of electronic, or e-cigarettes, a court stood in t...


In search of a decent toaster

Is it really so hard to toast a piece of bread? On both sides?

You know how consumers are always complaining that appliances were built better back in the day? It's pretty hard to disagree with that, especially when su...


Taking out a college loan? Here's some help with understanding payments

Understanding a college loan and tuition costs can be challenging

By the time a child reaches their sophomore year of high school, going to college jumps from a future goal to something kids really have to start preparing...


New rules would strengthen country-of-origin food labeling

Coalition seeks to counter opposition from Canada and Mexico

Do you care where your food comes from? While some people aren't too concerned, many others think they have a right to know whether the meat, fruits and ve...


Hyundai recalls Elantras

A problem with side curtain airbag deployment could cause a laceration injury

Hyundai Motor Company is recalling 186,254 model year 2011-2013 Elantra vehicles manufactured from November 12, 2010, through March 05, 2013. A support b...


Tyson Foods recalls breaded chicken products

The product contains soy, an allergen not declared on the label

Tyson Foods of Russellville, Ark., is recalling approximately 127,000 lbs. of uncooked breaded chicken tenderloins and uncooked chicken tenderloin fritter ...


How important are looks when it comes to dating?

The creators of Tinder try to answer that questions with a new phone app

So you say you want to meet somebody new, huh? Either for casual dating or a true love connection and because of that, you’ve kept this extensive lis...


The basics of financial literacy

It starts with some skills but also requires some discipline

President Obama has kicked off April by declaring it “Financial Capability Month,” with an emphasis on increasing financial literacy among cons...


Here are the absolute worst places to work

High costs and low wages determined which states made the list

Along with the start of baseball season and temperatures consistently breaking the 50 degree mark, spring time is when graduating seniors say their final g...


Teen births are down, sort of

Fewer teens are having babies but those who do are having more than one

The number of teens giving birth has been falling for years, which is good. But what's not good is this: teens who are having babies tend to have more than...


Winners named in robocall eradication contest

FTC offered a prize for the best solutions to the robocall plague

What's even more annoying that spam emails? How about robocalls -- those telemarketing calls placed by robots?Hoping to stamp out at least of the most in...


Is it still safe to go to Mexico?

The ongoing drug war, sexual assaults in Acapulco. Should you go?

Whether it’s for spring break, a honeymoon or a well-needed vacation, Mexico has been a popular go-to for people all over the world, especially for A...


What do you get when you cross crowd-funding with gift-giving?

The answer is, a new way to pitch in for a friend's gift

It’s safe to assume that most people would agree that birthdays are special.It’s a day to celebrate making it another year above ground&mdash...


Debt collectors: abusive or just aggressive?

Consumers should get familiar with the law so they know the difference

If you are struggling to pay a debt you may find a debt collector is calling you regularly, seeking to speed up payment. This is usually never pleasant and...


Weather forecast: drought, floods, general weirdness

Long-term spring forecast isn't good news for drought-plagued areas

Tropical Storm Irene comes ashore on Long Island (Tom Thorson photo) For most of recent history, the weather forecast has mostly been a ho-hum kind of ...


CDC confirms E. coli outbreak tied to Farm Rich foods

At least 24 people in 15 states are ill, seven hospitalized

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says has confirmed a multistate outbreak of E. coli attributed to Farm Rich brand foods. At least 24 p...


Suit charges Ford models prone to unintended acceleration

2002-2010 models affected by the problem, the suit alleges

A lawsuit claims that unintended acceleration incidents are endangering owners of Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2010.T...


Nissan recalls Titans and NVs

A possible malfunction of the brake shift interlock could lead to a crash

Nissan is recalling about 2,180 model year 2013 Titan trucks manufactured from January 22, 2013, through February 20, 2013; and model year 2013 NV vehicles...