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8 tips for safer driving as a senior citizen

Check out these great tips for people 55+

older couple in car
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Getting older can be wonderful! Beautiful grandkids, a well-deserved retirement and the wisdom that comes with age are all benefits we can enjoy. However, getting older sometimes means taking extra precautions for yourself and loved ones, such as making new considerations when driving. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite tips on how to keep your driving safer!

1. Stay active

Our bodies sometimes become stiffer as we age, making it more difficult to perform quick movements necessary for driving safely. Stay engaged and active with your body by walking, water aerobics and other activities that make you happy and keep you moving. If you would like to learn more exercises that can help with driving movements, consult health care professionals for customized workouts and advice based on your body and situation.

2. Put away your phone

This is great advice for anyone driving, not just seniors. Looking at your phone while driving can be a fatal mistake. Put your phone into a compartment immediately after getting into your car to minimize the risk of distraction. Also, look into hands-free equipment and familiarize yourself with how it works. Some great gear you can purchase include Bluetooth, hands-free calling devices, and even products that can plug into older cars. These devices allow you to keep phones out of your hands as well as listen to updated playlists on your car radio.

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3. Stay updated on driving regulations

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Taking a refresher course is smart, especially if it has been some time since you've taken the test. Local organizations and community colleges offer driving courses for older adults. These classes are an excellent opportunity to refresh your driving skills and learn new laws or regulations that may have recently passed.

4. Be aware of driving conditions

No matter your age, the risk of accidents is much higher during inclement weather conditions. Be careful to avoid driving in storms of any kind by staying diligent with your local weather. Also, minimize twilight and night driving as much as possible to avoid times when your vision may be impaired.

5. Understand medication side effects

nurse explaining prescription
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Some medications may be detrimental to your driving ability. Even common medicines that you take every day can cause sleepiness and grogginess, which is never ideal for driving. Consult your physician to determine which drugs you should avoid before driving to make sure you stay alert.

6. Regular hearing and sight checkups

Always stay one step ahead of things that may jeopardize your sight and hearing by getting regular hearing and vision checkups. Visiting your doctor and specialists for regular checks helps alert you to potential problems while reassuring your loved ones you are safe while driving.

7. Purchase helpful accessories

Pay attention to what makes you uncomfortable as you drive. Are your hands clenching too tightly on the wheel? Look into purchasing a wheel cover with cushioning that supports your hands. Do you need a larger rearview mirror to cover some of your blind spots? There are plenty of small accessories that may help.

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8. Communicate

It is essential to communicate how you feel about driving to your loved ones and doctor. If you feel uncomfortable or insecure when driving, discuss it with someone who cares about you. They may be able to help you brainstorm a solution or plan the next steps.

senior citizens driving away
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Becoming older can be a joyful journey with your community. With communication, research and dedication, you can be an even safer driver this season. And remember, if something unexpected happens, having excellent auto insurance helps you cover costs.

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