YouTube TV plans to show off what it can do with pro football starting with this weekend’s Super Bowl

Photo (c) Thomas Barwick - Getty Images

Available on apps, smart TVs, even gaming consoles

Football fans will have more bells and whistles thrown at them for the upcoming Super Bowl than they’ve ever had before – if they’re NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers and if they spend a good amount of their Super Bowl LVII viewing on YouTube TV.

Until now, NFL Sunday Ticket has been living on DirecTV, but starting this Fall Google-owned YouTubeTV will take over and the streaming services think it’s a perfect time to promote the digital enhancements fans will get when the shift takes place.

“We think there are a lot of great opportunities to differentiate the user and creator experience with our unique capabilities,” Google Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler told market analysts during a recent earnings call. “Every YouTube viewer who’s interested in the NFL can now have one-click access to the full offering of Sunday Ticket. This will be the first time that Sunday Ticket is available à la carte for fans.”

Google seems determined to make sure its $2 billion annual investment will pay off, too. Schindler hinted that viewers will get a host of features like chatting, commenting, and picture-in-picture functionality.

It’s not free, but the “free trial” angle could work for you

Mind you, all these bells and whistles aren’t a free thing. YouTube TV costs $65 per month – but if you want to play the “free trial offer” angle, you can watch for free, then decide if you want to stick with the plan that offers the first three months for only $55 per.

If you do sign up, you’ll be able to watch YouTube TV’s Super Bowl anywhere – on your desktop or laptop computer’s web browser or phone or tablet apps as well as apps on Apple TV, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Google Chromecast, and gaming consoles for Xbox and PS4/PS5.

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