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Verizon Wireless Backs Off $2 'Convenience' Fee

Consumer uprising forces company to retreat, following Bank of America's example

Just days after it stumbled badly in its handling of a series of 4G LTE network failures, Verizon Wireless has hastily abandoned an ill-conceived "convenie...


Verizon Explains 4G Outages ... Sort Of

Vague yet boastful statement attributes outages to "growing pains"

Verizon Wireless is blaming "growing pains" for the three recent outages that left many of its 4G LTE customers without the high-speed wireless service the...


Sears Identifies 79 Stores to be Closed

Weak holiday sales contributed to the decision, company says

Sears Holdings has identified 79 of the 100 to 120 stores that it plans to close. ...


Another Verizon 4G Outage Goes Unexplained

Unexplained outages don't do much for "most reliable" ad claim

There's a bit of a buzz in telecom circles, as everyone tries to figure out what's up with Verizon's 4G LTE coverage, jinxed by outages lately. The third n...


Retailers Reluctant to Restock Enfamil

Many stores waiting for feds to test the infant formula to be sure it's safe

  SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Price Chopper Supermarkets won’t stock Enfamil Premium Newborn formula until it gets the all-clea...


Court Blocks Bogus Tax Credit Scheme

California man claimed he had billions of dollars of tax credits to sell

If someone offers to sell you a batch of tax credits he just happens to have lying around, it's a good idea to run, not walk, in the opposite direction...


Yahoo Could Wind Up in Chinese Hands

Alibaba pursuing a Yahoo purchase, reports say

OK, so the U.S. has lost its leadership in the manufacturing category, but it still reigns supreme as the world leader in software and entertainment produc...


Survey: Job Market May Not Improve Much In 2012's annual job forecast sees little change ahead

A job site issues its employment forecast for 2012...


Teens May Be Damaging Hearing With Personal Music Players

One in four teens at risk, study says

Teens at risk of hearing loss because of music players...


Pennsylvania Bus Company Ordered to Shut Down

Double Happyness Travel violated federal safety regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered Double Happyness Travel, Inc., of Huntingdon Valley...


Study: Vitamins Do Nothing For Health

But FDA still says they can be helpful in some cases

Another study says buying vitamins is a waste of money...


Navien Recalls Tankless Water Heaters

Carbon monoxide danger

Navien is recalling about 13,000 Instantaneous or Tankless Water Heaters. An unstable connection can cause the water heater’s vent collar to sep...


Consumers Shrug Off Global Economic Concerns

Consumer confidence jumps in December

Consumer confidence rose again in December...


What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

A gift card exchange will pay you a portion of the face value

How to trade in an unwanted gift card...


As Many As 120 Sears, Kmart Stores To Close

Retailer reports disappointing holiday sales

Sears is closing more than 100 Sears and Kmart stores...


Many Happy Returns: Post-Holiday Tips

Avoid stress by knowing a store's return policies

Policies can vary from store to store, so get familiar with them before getting in the return line. If it's a chain store, you'll likely find the policies ...


Sony Fights Red Ink In TV Business

Spinning off investment in LCD manufacturer

Sony's TV sales have fallen but not complaints...


NTSB: Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban Doesn't Go Far Enough

Truck and bus drivers should be banned from all cell phone use, board chair argues

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chair is saying a new rule that prohibits interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held cell phones...


Mortgage Modifications Not For Every Struggling Homeowner

Instead of lower payments some find foreclosure

Mortgage modifications aren't for everyone...


Green Valley Recalls Alfalfa Sprouts

May be contaminated with Salmonella

Green Valley Food Corp. of Dallas, Texas is recalling a grand total of 6,723 cases because of a “Let’s Grow Healthy Together!” Alfalfa Sp...


Man Who Subdued Underwear Bomber Sues Airlines

Christmas Day disaster was averted when passengers tackled would-be bomber

It was just two years ago that the "underwear bomber" attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet as it approached the Detroit airport on Christmas Day 2...


Infant Formula Removed from Stores After Infant Dies

Walmart, Supervalu remove Enfamil from their shelves pending further testing

Photo for illustration purposes onlyWalmart and Supervalu have removed Enfamil from their shelves after a Missouri infant died from a r...


Brain Size May Predict Early Alzheimer's Disease

Finding could aid early detection of the disease

Researchers say the size of the brain cortex could by predictor for Alzheimer's...


Read Liquid Acetaminophen Labels Carefully, FDA Warns

Giving the wrong dose to children can cause serious injury and death

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging consumers to carefully read the labels of liquid acetaminophen marketed for infants to avoid giving the wr...


What If the Bank Paid You To Have an Account?

Perkstreet does just that -- free checking and debit card rewards

This is the time of year when most Americans are feeling pretty pinched.  Oh sure, everyone's jolly, merry and bright but they're also keeping a wary ...


Holiday Scams to Avoid

Don't make the holidays merry for scam artists

Tired of hearing warnings about holiday scams?  Of course you are, but the holiday season stretches into January and the pickings are ripe for the sca...


Can-Am ATVs Recalled

Power steering can fail

About 1,600 Can-Am ATVs are being recalled. The Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) main shaft can crack and pieces can detach. Those pieces inside the ...


Sears Offers a Wireless Electric Car Charger

At the end of a long day, who has time to plug in the car?

If the thought of plugging your car in each night seems off-putting, here's some good news: Sears has hooked up with Evatran to sell and install wireless c...


California Official Cites Medical Marijuana Abuses

Attorney General asks lawmakers to reform the law

California is finding problems with its medical marijuana law...


GM Promises to Extend Saab Warranties

Not many unsold Saabs left; is it a good time to buy one?

General Motors says it will extend warranty coverage to owners of thousands of Saab vehicles sold before February 2010, while Saab's North American board m...


FDA Warns Against Using ShoulderFlex Massager

At least one strangulation death reporter among users of the device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers again not to use the ShoulderFlex Massager.  At least one person is reported to have d...


Countrywide To Pay $335 Million to Settle Lending Discrimination Charges

Minority borrowers were charged higher fees or placed in subprime loans

The Department of Justice today filed its largest residential fair lending settlement in history to resolve allegations that Countrywide Financial Corpor...


Pampered Chef Recalls Ice Cream Dippers

The end of the scoop handle can fly off

The Pampered Chef is recalling about 20,000 ice cream dippers. When the liquid-filled ice cream scoop is exposed to warm water, the cap and seal at th...


Feds Drain Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell Claims

Turn water into gas? Not likely, the FTC charges

Turn any vehicle into a hybrid?  Don't think so.  And neither does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has put a stop to the phony claims o...


Demise of AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Leaves Questions for Consumers

AT&T still short of spectrum, T-Mobile's future remains hazy

Consumer groups and other activist organizations swooned in ecstasy as AT&T bowed to pressure from the Obama Administration and abandoned its attempt t...


Study: Alcohol Marketed Heavily On Digital Media

Beer and spirits marketers increasingly turning to social media

Beer and spirits producers moving heavily into digital marketing...


Tyson Recalls Ground Beef

May be contaminated with E. coli

Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., a Dakota City, Neb. establishment, is recalling approximately 40,948 pounds of ground beef products that may be contaminated with&n...


Advice to Journalists: Keep Your Hands Clean

Reporters, editors should stay out of politics, organization advises

Given the revolving door between politics and journalism at the network TV level, any mention of journalists avoiding political involvement is usually gree...


Survey: Job Security is Workers' Top Concern

Employees worried about career development, advancement

A new survey finds more than three-quarters of U.S. employees are satisfied overall with their jobs, but fewer than one-half of them are happy with opportu...


Payday Lender Ordered to Pay $294,000

Ecash and Getecash illegally tried to garnish borrowers' wages

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court has ordered one of the individuals behind a payday lending scheme to pay $294,536...


Utah Charges Loan Modifier with Felonies

Alleged scam artist spent money on wife's plastic surgery, state alleges

David MoffittThe owner of a Utah loan modification business has been charged with 9 felony counts for allegedly defrauding hundreds of ...


Saab Reaches the End of the Road

Game over; Swedish automaker is out of time and out of money

For at least nine months, Saab's owners have been hoping to restart the troubled brand, left at the side of the road by General Motors along with Saturn, P...


Amazon Promises to Fix Kindle Fire Problems

Hot-selling tablet has some glitches that Amazon says it can fix quickly

The tablet has been taking a lot of heat from users about software glitches but Amazon says it will be fixing many of those problem...


Veterans Return to Anemic Economy, Weak Job Market

One war may be over but the battle is just beginning for returning vets

War is hell, but being young and unemployed is no fun either. American forces who survived their tours of duty in Iraq and returning home to a faltering ec...


Last Ford Ranger Rolls Off the Line Next Week

Compact pickup truck loses out to brawnier siblings

Say good-bye to the Ford Ranger.  The last of Ford's small pickups rolls off the assembly line sometime next week.  When it does, Ford's Twin Cit...


Northeast Grocery Chain Recalls Ground Beef Products

Possible salmonella contamination feared

Hannaford, a Scarborough, Maine-based grocery chain, is recalling an undetermined amount of fresh ground beef products that may be contaminated with a stra...


Feds Shut Down Alleged Father-Son Ponzi Scheme

Statewide scheme took in $220 million in Utah

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a father and son in Utah with securities fraud for selling purported investments in their real estate bu...


Bankruptcy More Expensive and Cumbersome Than Ever

Congressional "reform" made the system more complex, study finds



Subaru Wins Top Safety Ratings for Every 2012 Model

Stronger roofs bolster safety ratings of many models

Cars keep getting safer but Subaru is the only manufacturer this year to win the distinction of having every one of its models chosen as a Top Safety Pick ...


Bumbo Baby Sitters a Continuing Danger to Infants

Ineffective recall campaign does little to stop injuries to infants

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is not, as its name implies, something that "baby sits" infants.  It is instead a plastic seat that helps infants sit upright be...


Supplement Maker Found in Contempt

Lane Labs had been previously barred from making deceptive health claims

A federal judge has ruled in favor of the Federal Trade Commission, finding supplement marketer Lane Labs-USA Inc., and its president Andrew Lane in contem...


What Does A Doctor Order At A Fast Food Restaurant?

You can eat out and control your weight

Tips for ordering at a fast food restaurant...


Poll Finds Boomers Less Optimistic About Retirement

Large number say they'll depend on Social Security

Baby Boomers are more concerned about retirement now...


Consumers Lack Protections for Mobile Payments

Consumers union wants wireless carriers to step up to the plate

Most cell phone and tablet users can purchase digital goods and charge them to their monthly bill or prepaid phone account. But they may not get the protec...


Cigarette Smoking Down, Marijuana Smoking Up

Teen smoking, drinking habits show overall improvement

Are teens smoking more or less?  Good question, and there's no simple yes or no answer.A survey released today by the University of Michigan, A...


Facebook Adds Suicide Prevention Link

Hot line will respond to suicidal comments reported by Facebook users

Facebook is announcing a new service to help prevent suicides in the U.S. and Canada. The new service enables Facebook users to report a suicidal comment t...


Feds Warn Against Misleading Lap-Band Ads

1-800-GET-THIN warned to clean up its advertising & promotion

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced that it has taken action against eight California surgical centers and the marketing firm  ...


Feds Call For Nationwide Ban On Driver Use Of Cell Phones

Blame texting for serious accident involving school buses in Missouri

The NTSB wants a nationwide ban of cell phone use behind the wheel...


Domestic Air Fares Up 8.5%

Memphis, Cincinnati have highest fares, Atlantic City the lowest

Average domestic air fares rose to $370 in the second quarter of 2011, up 8.5 percent from the average fare of $341 in the second quarter of 2010, the U.S....


Honda Plans to Recast Its Acura Brand

Gives up its long quest for top-tier luxury status

Honda had always hoped it could emulate Toyota and Nissan, which successfully propelled the Lexus and Infiniti brands into the rarefied luxury-car tier alo...


How To Improve Your Credit Score

Three things you can do to raise your score

Advice on raising your credit score...


Dog Power Dog Food Recalled

High aflatoxin levels detected

Advanced Animal Nutrition has announced a voluntary recall of its dry Dog Power Dog Food due to aflatoxin levels that were detected abo...


No More 'Instant Refunds' from Tax Preparers After This Year

Last bank offering high-cost refund anticipation loans forced to stop

Consumer advocates are celebrating the end of high-cost refund anticipation loans (RAL), often presented as "instant refunds" by tax preparers.The last b...


Not Quite Ready For a Hybrid? Try This

"Mild" hybrids offer a pretty big boost for the buck

There are those who see the world as black and white, ignoring all those shades of gray.  You might say the same about cars -- they're no longer neatl...


Albertsons, Jewel Stuffed Pasta Products Recalled

Products were not federally inspected

 D’Orazio Foods, Inc., a Bellmawr, N.J., establishment, is recalling approximately 161,000 pounds of frozen stuffed pasta products that were pro...


How To Deal With A Debt You Don't Think You Owe

Just paying it to get rid of them might not work

Consumers have rights when it comes to debt collection...


Kindle Fire Takes Heat Over Usability Issues

Usability guru labels it "disappointingly poor"

The Amazon Kindle Fire is not only taking heat from consumers who find it clunky and hard to use, it's also getting a bad review from usability guru Jakob ...


Retailers Irate Over Amazon Price Comparison App

Sen. Snowe calls it "anti-competitive" and an attack on small business

Is Amazon's price-comparison tool that lets shoppers check out prices at competing online and local retailers a boon for consumers or an evil plot against ...


Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough Not Ready-To-Eat

Raw dough probably a source of E. coli outbreak, researchers say

Your local supermarket has plenty of ready-to-bake cookie products that come in sausage-shaped packages of cookie dough. These make baking easier, but just...


Investment Fund Manager Scammed Clients, U.S. Charges

Former Reno city councilman named in 41-count indictment

A former investment fund manager has been charged with defrauding investors out of millions of dollars by falsely promising investors their money would be ...


Can Credit Card Agreements Be Simpler?

Consumer Protection Bureau is testing new plain-English format

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is launching a "Know Before You Owe" project aimed at simplifying credit card agreements so that the pric...


Older Workers Giving Up on Retirement

Many now say they will never be able to retire

Not too long ago, American workers looked forward to 20 or 30 years of retirement -- lounging around, playing golf, maybe moving to a warmer climate.No...


Americans' Net Worth Takes a Big Hit

Spending on food dips as families struggle to make ends meet

Are you better off than your were three years ago?  Unless you won the lottery, chances are the answer is no.The Federal Reserve reports that the to...


How About a Nice Big Glass of Food Coloring?

Color additives deceive consumers, threaten their health, report alleges

Fruit is good for you, right?  So Tropicana Twister Cherry Berry Blast should be really good for you.  Except for one thing.  Well, two actu...


Nissan Leaf Now Available in Seven More States

Automaker plans to offer the Leaf in all 50 states by March 2012

After a bumpy first year, Nissan is making its all-electric plug-in Leaf available in seven more states, with the goal of being in all 50 states by March 2...


Is Amazon Turning Shoppers Into Paid Spies?

Online giant pays up to $5 to consumers who scan bar codes in local stores

It wasn't long ago that if you walked around a store writing down prices with a pad and pencil, you would quickly be shown the door. Today, retailers look ...


Latest Mortgage Data Paints More Hopeful Housing Picture

But qualifying for loan still problematic

Mortgage rates remain near record low...


Consumers Taking On More Credit Card Debt

Report shows surging use of plastic in third quarter

Consumers are piling on credit card debt...


GM Nears a Fix For Chevy Volt's Battery Pack

Reinforced case, laminated wires would provide more protection

Reports today say that General Motors is close to a package of modifications to the Chevrolet Volt lithium-ion battery pack to prevent fires from bein...


Arms Race Breaks Out as Giants Seek to Dominate Video Streaming

Combatants include Netflix, HBO, Verizon

The days when a couple of Hollywood moguls could lounge around their smoke-filled hang-outs and divvy up the spoils are long gone.No one smokes anymore, ...


Analyst Sees Cable Giants Moving Onto Netflix's Turf

Verizon may launch competing video streaming service

Verizon may launch a new video streaming service...


Controlling Leftovers Helps Control Weight

Holiday temptations don't end when the meal is over

Controlling Leftovers Helps Control Weight: Controlling your desires at these events is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight during the holidays....


Feds Seize Ephedrine Supplements in California

Ephedrine alkaloids can cause dangerous side effects

At the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Marshals have seized raw materials imported by Infinity Marketing Group, Inc. containing ephe...


Chevy Volt Keeps Top Safety Rating Despite Fire Reports

Influential insurance group keeps five-star safety rating for the Volt

Despite a federal investigation into possible fire risks in the Chevy Volt gas-electric hybird, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says it h...


U.S. Becoming an Exporter of Toyotas

Kentucky-build Camry will be exported to South Korea

The line between American cars and imports has been hazy for years, and the latest announcement from Toyota makes it even more so.Toyota today announced ...


Group Warns of Danger From Fake Fungal 'Chik'n'

CSPI: Quorn line of meat substitutes should be banned or carry a prominent warning

The vat-grown mold used to make the Quorn line of meat substitutes causes gastrointestinal distress and in some cases, life-threatening anaphylactic reacti...


AARP: Many Seniors Suffer Hearing Loss in Silence

Many don't think their problem warrants treatment

You may not always like what you hear but being able to hear is an important part of part of leading an active life.  Yet, a new survey of AARP member...


Court Refuses Apple's Request To Block Samsung Tablet

The decision clears the way for holiday sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

A court has refused to block sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S....


Verizon Stakes Claim to Huge Spectrum Slice

Deals a cruel blow to AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint

Verizon Wireless is shelling out $3.6 billion for a huge swath of wireless spectrum space that covers about 259 million potential customers.Dan Mead, Pre...


House Bills Could Harm Consumer Protections

Consumers Union says measures would "devastate" critical programs

Three bills expected to be voted on by the House of Representatives beginning this week would have a devastating impact on critical consumer protections, C...


Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You?

Congress, consumer groups express concern about spyware on phones

Concern is growing about spyware on cell phones. Recent reports have charged that mobile software company Carrier IQ is working with phone manufacturers an...


McDonald's Skirts Happy Meal Toy Ban -- Maybe

San Francisco law bans free toys with fatty foods, so McD adds a 10-cent charge

Today's the day that, by decree of the San Francisco City and County Board of Supervisors, restaurants can no longer give away toys with meals that don't m...


California Lists Activities of Commercial Charity Fundraisers

States moves for more transparency in fundraising

California Lists Activities of Commercial Charity Fundraisers...


Feds Shut Down Acai Berry 'News" Sites

"Free trial" cost consumers $25 million, complaint charges

The Federal Trade Commission and the state of Connecticut have filed a complaint that seeks to permanently stop a Connecticut-based operation that all...


Chevy Volt Tops Owner Satisfaction Survey

93% of Volt owners say they would "definitely" buy one again

The Chevrolet Volt has its detractors but it also has its fans and, more significantly, many of those fans are Volt owners who drive the plug-in hybrids da...


Abusive Boss Could Harm Your Marriage

Problems at work can lead to problems at home

Abusive Boss Could Harm Your Marriage: If you're having trouble in your marriage, it may not be just your spouse that's giving you problems....


Electronics Drive Early Holiday Sales

It seems everyone wants a gadget this year

Holiday sales off to strong start...