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Subaru Unveils Its BRZ Sports Car

Low center of gravity creates a real road-hugger

Subaru has unveiled its new BRZ sports car and observers at the Tokyo Auto Show say that, like the Toyota Scion FR-S, this is a sports car that really...


Lawsuit Argues Dentists Can't Muzzle Patients

Dentists forcing patients to give up right to comment, criticize

A New York dentist’s requirement that patients sign a contract agreeing not to criticize her is unconscionable, and the dentist should be prohibited from f...


Lipitor Goes Generic Today

Patent expires on world's most popular drug

Lipitor, one of the most successful drugs in pharmaceutical history went generic today, meaning other manufacturers can begin making and selling the drug....


Video: Kindle Fire Is Leap Forward For Amazon's E-Readers

But those expecting a full-fledged tablet might be disappointed

A comparison of the basic and top Kindle models...


Feds Seize Website Names Linked to Scams

Agencies celebrate Cyber Monday by shutting down 150 sites

The FBI and other federal agencies marked the kick-off the holiday shopping season by seizing 150 Website domain names allegedly used to sell counterfeit m...


Congress Tackles a Real Problem: Stink Bugs

Talk about an immigration problem, these bugs are the worst

Frustrated by its inability to balance the budget or take even the slightest bite out of the deficit, Congress is going after the lowly stink bug, hoping t...


Amazon's Kindle Fire Is a Hot Seller

Others have tried but Amazon is taking a bite out of Apple's tablets

Lots of big, smart, rich companies have tried to grab a piece of the tablet market dominated by Apple's iPad.  Most efforts have fizzled but Amazon's ...


Researchers Find BPA Exposure From Eating Canned Soup

Chemical shows up in high levels in canned soup eaters

A can of soup may contain more than peas, carrots and noodles. Harvard researchers contend it has a generous helping of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that ...


DNA Barcode Could Soon Reduce 'Seafood Fraud'

Technology would positively identify fish species

Technology is being developed to help end seafood fraud...


A Car Seat That's Also Safer For Parents

New handle can prevent injuries, researchers claim

A car seat will keep a child safer while riding in the car. But how many parents strain muscles or ligaments trying to lift these seats in and out of a veh...


Gasoline Prices May Seem Low, But They're Not

Thanksgiving week prices highest on record

Gas prices may be falling but they're still high...


Toyota Rolls Out New Sports Car

Company hopes to spice up its image with 200-hp Scion FT-S

Look out, Mustang, that's a Toyota coming up behind you.  No, not a Corolla or a Camry, it's a Scion FR-S, a totally new model that Toyota hopes will ...


Second Death in Craigslist 'Farm Hand' Ad

Victims answered job ad and were shot to death

The death toll in the Craigslist Farm Hand case has risen to two, with the discovery of a body identified as Timothy Kern, 47, of Massilon, Ohio.Kern dis...


Is the Chevy Volt Fire-Prone? Feds Open an Inquiry

Damaged batteries may ignite long after an accident occurs

Connecticut garage firePhoto: WTNH-TVMonths after a Chevy Volt burst into flames following a test crash at a federal test site, the&nbs...


Feds Seek to Ban 400+ Dietary Supplement Products from Marketplace

FDA charged manufacturer altered ingredients without changing labels

More than 400 dietary supplement products would be banned from the marketplace under an injunction being sought by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F...


LG Opens Its First 'Laundry Lounge' in NYC

Appliance maker hopes to clean up laundromats' shabby image

Remember what getting an oil change used to be like?  You had your choice of standing around outside the service station breathing gas fumes and being...


Cell Phones And iPads Not Kids' Toys

Experts suggest they don't belong in kids' stockings

Parents should be careful about giving kids cell phones and tablets...


When Shopping Online, It's

Computer expert says online shoppers should exercise extra care

“Online shopping has become so popular that it now accounts for nearly half of all holiday shopping,” said Forman, an expert in online security....


New Insomnia Drug Helps You Get Back to Sleep

FDA approves Intermezzo, the first middle-of-the-night insomnia drug

Everyone's had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep. Now there's a drug that may help. ...


Feds Conduct Undercover Probe of For-Profit Colleges

Investigators created 12 phony "students" to measure schools' performance

The Government Accountability Office went undercover to take a look at what really goes on at privately-owned, for-profit colleges.  What it...


Black Friday Flat Screen TVs Draw Complaints

You might want to take a pass on these bargains

Flat Screen TVs purchased on Black Friday draw complaints...


Five Things To Remember About Gift Cards

This year, gift cards come with both pros and cons

Tips on selecting gift cards...


Merck Pays $950 Million To Settle Vioxx Charges

Popular drug was marketed for unapproved uses

Merck agrees to settle Vioxx charges with states...


FCC Finds AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Anti-Competitive

Justice Department lawsuit challenging the merger is also pending

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Julius Genachowski has declared the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger ...


Feds Toughen Rules on Work-At-Home Schemes

Promoters must provide more information to help consumers evaluate their programs

Working from home sounds great but it's not as easy as paying a few hundred dollars for a kit that supposedly provides everything you need to set up a thri...


Feds Send Refunds to Defrauded Consumers

Counterfeit check and prize scam victimized 200

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing hundreds of refund checks to consumers who were defrauded by an operation that allegedly sent them counte...


Business Recovery Services Held in Contempt

BRS "helps" individuals scammed by business opportunity schemes

A federal judge in Arizona has held Mesa, Ariz.-based Business Recovery Services (BRS) and its owner, Brian Hessler, in civil contempt of court for vio...


Report: Telecoms Among Top Corporate Tax Dodgers

AT&T, Verizon enjoyed $27 billion tax break, study finds

Many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are a little vague on what they're mad about, but tax breaks for big corporations are usually high on their list....


Study: Food Fraud Is On The Rise

Not all food is what you think it is

Researchers find growing instances for food fraud...


What to Watch Out For This Holiday Shopping Season

Hidden fees, high shipping charges, return policies are all potential trouble spots

We hope you're not among those who'll be headed out Thanksgiving night to stock up on supposed bargains.  But no matter when you begin your holiday sh...


Why High Gas Prices Haven't Caused Inflation

Economists find big difference between now and the 1970s

Economists explain why rising gas prices haven't set off inflation...


Chrysler Ousts Head of Fiat 500 Program

Laura Soave takes the fall for disappointing sales

Maybe Jennifer Lopez will be next to get the axe?  Laura Soave, who headed up the return of Fiat to U.S. shores since March 2010,  ”ha...


Pool Products Distributor Settles Charges of Anticompetitive Tactics

Pool Corp. agrees not to use threats and coercion to stifle competition

Pool Corporation, the largest distributor of swimming pool products in the United States, has agreed to stop anticompetitive tactics that it allegedly has ...


DOT Fines Spirit Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules

Billboards, posters didn't include all information about taxes and fees

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today fined Spirit Airlines $50,000 for violating federal aviation laws and the Department’s rules prohib...


Congress Slashes Legal Aid Budget

Cuts will make it harder for low-income consumers to get help when they need it

Congress took another bite out of lower-income consumers last week, approving a spending package that includes significant cuts to the Legal Services Corpo...


Consumer Groups Want Stronger Protection for Prepaid Card Users

Urges rules similar to those covering debit cards used with traditional bank account

Consumer groups urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today to require prepaid card issuers to provide consumers with the same kinds of pro...


How Not To Blow Your Diet At Thanksgiving

Researchers say environmental cues influence our eating habits

You've been doing a great job sticking to your diet and the pounds are starting to come off. But now comes the Thanksgiving holiday, with its huge meals an...


Under Pressure From Feds, Google Shuts Down Bogus Mortgage Ads

Google says it has suspended deals with more than 500 advertisers

Sometimes Google's "Do no evil" mantra seems to really be shorthand for, "Don't get caught helping others do evil."For years, Google looked the other way...


FDA Removes Breast Cancer Treatment Approval From Avastin

Drug can still be used to treat colon cancer

FDA has removed approval for Avastin to treat breast cancer...


VW Fuming Over Obama's Preference for Hybrids, Electrics

German automaker's turbodiesels already come close to 50 mpg

2012 VW Passat TDIVolkswagen is fuming over the Obama Administration's proposal to double auto fuel efficiency, saying the plan unfairl...


Gas Prices Sink As Oil Prices Rise

Pump prices fall nearly five cents a gallon in last week

Gas prices take an unexpected fall...


KEDS Recalls 'Know It All' Girls' Shoe

Ornamental stars pose a laceration hazard

KEDS is recalling about 45,000 "Know It All" Girls' Shoes.  Ornamental stars on the heel of the shoe may loosen, posing a laceration hazard.The firm...


Ready Pac, Raley's, Trader Joe's, Safeway Bagged Salads Recalled

Salads containing Romaine lettuce may be contaminated with E. coli

Ready Pac Foods, Inc. of Irwindale, CA is recalling a total of 5,379 cases of  bagged salad products containing Romaine lettuce, as listed below, with...


Student Loan Problems? Feds Want to Hear From You

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opens inquiry into student loan market

If you've had problems getting or paying back a student loan, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear from you.“The pr...


Study: 20 Percent of Americans Have Hearing Loss

Researchers say problem more widespread than they thought

About 20 percent of Americans are affected by hearing loss...


Smucker Recalling Peanut Butter Over Possible Salmonella

No illnesses reported from product, company says

Smucker says some of its peanut butter may be tainted with salmonella...


Feds Propose Tough New Fuel Standards, Automakers Gasp

54.5 mpg by 2025 will add $2,000 to the average price of a car, feds estimate

The Obama Administration today unveiled a proposed rule that would require automakers to double the average fuel economy of their vehicles to 54.5 miles pe...


Millions Will Dine Out This Thanksgiving

14 million plan to dine out as they prepare for Black Friday

Even without Herman Cain at the helm, the National Restaurant Association is preparing for another big Thanksgiving.  The trade group estimates t...


USDA Funding Broadband Deployment in 15 States

Program is meant to bring high-speed Internet to rural areas

You normally think of the U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) as paying subsidies to corn farmers or inspecting chickens.  But the department is fundin...


Super-Super-Fast Network Now Links Energy Labs

New network is for crunching climate data, astrophysics visualizations

Still waiting for your Facebook page to open?  You must be on one of those old slow networks -- you know, like the Internet.The U.S. Department of E...


Reconsidering Black Friday: Is It Really Worth It?

As Black Friday gets longer, demands on consumers - and employees - increase

Is shopping on Black Friday really worthwhile...


Banks Pay $165 Million to Cover Credit Union Losses

Citigroup, Deutsche Bank first two banks to reach settlement agreement

Two major banks have agreed to pay millions of dollars to the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) to help cover the losses of five failed wholesale cr...


First Fine Levied for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

American Eagle ordered to pay $900,000 for Chicago delays

The U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today fined American Eagle Airlines $900,000 for lengthy tarmac delays that took place at Chicago O’Hare Inter...


Gift Cards Safer Than They Once Were, But Not Completely Safe

New rules cut down on excessive fees

Gift cards are better gifts than they once were...


Feds Probe Fire in Wrecked Chevy Volt

Safety of lithium ion batteries questioned after car catches fire

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to know why a Chevy Volt caught fire in its garage.The Volt had been purposely dama...


Understanding Bank Math Helps Avoid Overdraft Fees

Consumer claims one withdrawal results in two overdraft fees

Banks don't always count the same way consumers do...


Apple iPhone Battery Fix Not Working, Some Users Say

Some, posting on message boards, say the problem is now worse

Apple may not have fixed its battery problem with the iPhone 4S...


Warning Label Urged for St. John's Wort

Supplement may interfere with other drugs, consumer advocates warn

The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) wants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require a warning label on dietary supp...


hhgregg Sets Thanksgiving Midnight Opening

Retailers moving Black Friday up to Thursday night

hhgregg is the latest retailer to move up the Black Friday clock, opening its stores at midnight Thanksgiving night."We are grateful to our dedicated emp...


Feds Approve First Cord Blood Product

HEMACORD is for use in stem cell transplant procedures

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has announced its approval for the first product made from blood harvested from the umbilical cords of ne...


Gas Prices Rise Slightly During The Week

Higher oil prices stopped the price slide at the pump

Motorists are paying more for gasoline...


Walmart Moves Black Friday Up a Few Hours

Selected items will go on sale at 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night

Not willing to be outdone by Target, Macy's, Kohl's and Best Buy, who are kicking off their Black Friday sales at midnight Thanksgiving night, Walmart says...


Study: Most Smokers Wish They Could Quit

More than half have tried to quit within the last year

Most American adults who smoke wish they could quit, and more than half have tried within the past year, according to a report by the Centers for Disease C...


High-Powered Magnets a Deadly Danger to Children

Increasing reports of children swallowing magnets, with severe consequences

Faced with increasing reports of children swallowing high-powered magnets, federal safety regulators are reminding parents tdhat magnets and kids don't mix...


Polaroid Introduces Instant Camera For Digital Age

Camera uses digital technology to produce instant prints

The Polaroid instant camera comes full circle...


Feeling Ill? Head for the Nearest Walmart

Retail giant wants to provide primary healthcare services

You have to give Walmart credit.  It never stops innovating.  The retailing giant's latest goal is to become "the largest provider of primary hea...


Union Defends AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

CWA says deal will help counter Sprint's 'outsourcing and anti-worker record'

The proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile is shaking up some traditional alliances.  Some consumer groups, most notably the Consumer Federation of ...


Smoking Costs More Than Just Your Health

Average smoker can spend over $3000 a year

The economic costs of smoking...


Gas Prices Appear Poised To Rebound

Oil prices approaching $100 a barrel again

Gasoline prices appear ready to go up again...


Toyota Recalls 420,000 Cars To Deal With Steering Issue

Third steering-related recall since 2006

Toyota is recalling vehicles to fix a steering flaw...


Feds Test Emergency Alert System Today

First time the system's been tested nationwide

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will occur today (Wednesday) on all broadcast media, including television and radio. The thir...


Toyota, Lexus Models Recalled to Fix Steering Problem

Power steering could fail, making it difficult to control the car

Toyota is recalling recalled 550,000 vehicles worldwide after discovering a potential flaw that may suddenly affect steering.The company said 283,200 Toy...


Justice Department 'Ready and Eager' to Go After AT&T

Attorney General Holder dashes talk of AT&T/T-Mobile settlement

Think the fix is in on the $39 billion AT&T/T-Mobile merger?  Think again. Attorney General Eric Holder says his antitrust litigators are "ready a...


Judge Blocks New Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

Said tobacco companies will probably win their suit against the new labels

The proposed graphic smoking warnings will not appear on cigarette packs right away...


Mortgage Delinquency Rate Rises For First Time Since 2009

Nearly six percent of borrowers 60 days or more past due

Homeowners appear to be having trouble making their mortgage payments...


Boomers Rush To and From the Altar

50+ crowd setting new record for marriage ... and divorce

Who says the boomers are a wild and crazy bunch?  Time was when our elders tsk-tsked at the baby boomers and their carryings-on, wondering if they wou...


Information On Bill May Affect Credit Card Payments

Listing minimum payment could cause consumers to pay less

Information On Bill May Affect Credit Card Payments...


TSA Deploys 'Enhanced Privacy' Screening at 8 Airports

New imaging technology eliminates specific images, speeds process

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced eight airports which are set to receive recently purchased millimeter wave Advanced Imagin...


Black Friday Becoming Black Midnight

Big retailers opening at midnight to get a jump on Black Friday

Holiday shopping madness is getting even madder -- and many retailer employees are pretty mad about it.It all has to do with time creep, the definition o...


Best Buy Buys Out Its Mobile Partner

Cell phones and tablets are the chain's growth leaders

Best Buy is expanding its Best Buy Mobile venture, buying out its European partner and shelving plans to open more big-box stores outside the U.S.Best Bu...


Bank's Debit Card Fee Fiasco May Be Sobering Lesson For Businesses

Can consumers build on their major victory?

The significance of Bank of America's retreat on the debit card fee...


Study Suggests Tougher Chantix Warning Label

Researchers say risks of anti-smoking drug outweigh the benefits

The smoking-cessation drug varenicline, marketed under the brand name Chantix, already carries a “black box” warning on its label. But research...


Apple Pinpoints Battery Problem In iPhone 4s

Bug found in operating system, fix promised within weeks

Apple has discovered the cause of the battery life problem in the iPhone 4S...


States Want Feds to Crack Down on Cramming

FCC should adopt tougher rules to protect consumers

The federal government should be doing more to protect consumers against the phone bill fraud known as cramming, the attorneys general from 17 states say....


Pet Food Seen as Human Salmonella Risk

FDA steps up testing of pet food and treats

You don't want Spike getting salmonella from his dog food -- and you most certainly don't want to get it yourself.  Yet the Food and Drug Administrati...


Doctors Face 7% Cut in Medicare Fees

Annual exercise in futility begins, thanks to dysfunctional 1990 law

Ready for the annual Medicare budget cuts?Every year around this time, Medicare announces plans to cut compensation to doctors, setting off protests by t...


Bank of America Cancels $5 Debit-Card Fee

Other banks left BA standing alone to face enraged consumers

After looking around and finding itself alone, Bank of America is canceling its plan to charge $5 per month for customers who use their debit cards to make...


More Banks Blink, Cancel Debit-Card Fees

SunTrust, Regions join Chase, Wells Fargo in bowing to consumer outrage

Two more banks -- SunTrust and Regions -- have seen the face of consumer outrage and withdrawn from the field of battle, withdrawing fees for customers who...


Judge Upholds Cell Phone Radiation Disclosure Requirements

San Francisco city ordinance is upheld over industry's objections

San Francisco U.S. District Judge William Alsup has given the green light to city authorities to require that retailers distribute fact sheets about cell p...


What Happened Aboard JetBlue Flight 504?

Cockpit to tower tapes suggest a dangerous situation

JetBlue Flight 504 was stranded on the runway for more than seven hours...


Think Twice Before Trying hCG For Weight Loss

Hormone not proven to help you lose weight

hCG is no miracle weight loss drug...