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Does the iPhone 4S Have a Battery-Life Problem?

Software bug may be to blame but so far Apple's not talking

The new Apple iPhone 4S has been getting rave reviews but there are undercurrents of dissatisfaction from early users who say the battery life is subpar....


Super-Sized Candy Bars Are Super Sellers

Convenience stores report brisk sales of big bars

It had to come to this.  First it was super-sized burgers and fries, then Starbucks' Trenta, now it's the kinig-sized candy bar that's flying off the ...


Reducing the Threat of Strokes

CDC suggests ways to deal with the risk of "brain attacks"

Every 6 seconds, someone in the world dies from stroke. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are ways to reduce the risk and to recogn...


Google Poses New Threat to Groupon

Search giant "bundles" daily deals from smaller sites

Google has done what might be called a roll-up in the daily deals business. The search giant says that more than a dozen sites, including zozi, kgbdeals an...


'Bank Transfer Day' Declared For Nov. 5

Grassroots effort urges consumers to bail on big banks

In the wake of Bank America's decision to add a fee for using a debit card for purchases, many other consumers appear ready to join her. Others expressed a...


Consumer Champion Virginia Knauer Dies

Consumer advisor to three presidents, she proclaimed good business was good consumerism

Virginia Knauer with Elizabeth DoleI was surprised this weekend to read an obituary for Virginia Knauer, 96, consumer affairs advisor t...


Redbox Raising Prices; Blames Debit-Card Fees

But didn't the feds order lower fees on debit-card transactions?

Netflix took it on the chin when it tried to raise its subscription fees to cover the cost of streaming more recent movies.  Bank of America was villi...


Feds Fine South African, LAN, Caribbean Airlines

Carriers violated price advertising rules, delayed baggage reimbursements

The U.S. Department of Transportation has fined South African Airways and LAN Airlines for violating its price advertising rules.  Caribbean Airlines ...


Trek Bicycles Recalled

The seat can fall off

Trek is recalling about 27,000 Trek 2012 FX and District bicycles. The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break posing ...


Birmingham Financial Federal Credit Union Seized by Regulators

Normal services will continue in a new location, regulators say

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) today took control of Birmingham Financial Federal Credit Union of Birmingham, Ala. While continuing normal...


FTC: Debt Collectors Posed as Attorneys, Process Servers

Judge freezes Rincon Debt Management's assets

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has halted a debt collection operation that allegedly deceived and abused consumers &...


Credit Scores Go Behavioral

New scores seek to predict your behavior

Will you take your medicine tomorrow?  You may not know but Fair Isaac thinks it does.The company that invented the FICO credit score is now branchi...


Six Charged in Alleged Sports Memorabilia Scams

Fans paid big bucks for phone "game used" jerseys, feds charge

Six men have been charged in fraud schemes involving the sports memorabilia business and the purchase and sale of equipment and uniforms used by profession...


Study Links Soda To Teen Violence

Researchers find correlation between number of sodas and violent acts

Study Links Soda To Teen Violence: Harvard researchers looking into causal relationships associated with teen violence have found what they call a shocking...


Feds To Help Students Make Better Student Loan Decisions

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to offer financial aid shopping sheet

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to offer financial aid shopping sheet...


FAA Warns of Corrosion on Boeing 757 Tails

Pilots could lose control of the aircraft if maintenance is inadequate

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants airlines to take a very carerful look at the horizontal stabilizers on the tail sections of Boeing 757 jets...


Seafood Fraud Found in Boston

DNA tests confirms 1 in 5 fish samples were mislabeled

Talk about identity theft.  A conservancy group says its tests found that one in five seafood samples from Boston supermarkets were mislabeled.&ldqu...


Apple's Next Frontier: A Single Remote

Steve Jobs' legacy may still be waiting to be introduced

Solving the puzzle of high-definition video, Internet packet protocols and other esoterica comes down to a single question for most consumers: how many rem...


Clipped Spinach Sold in Los Angeles Recalled

Salmonella found in sample bad tested by USDA

Church Brothers, LLC is recalling 560 bags of clipped spinach as a precautionary measure after one bag tested positive for Salmonella during a random USDA ...


Google Weighing a Bid for Yahoo?

Report says Google may try to snatch Yahoo out of the arms of Microsoft

So, if you ran a phenomenally successful company that completely dominated your niche, would you tempt fate (and the antitrust regulators) by buying one of...


Utah Credit Union Drops Payday Loans After Press Reports

But big banks and Indian tribes are still edging into the market

A Utah credit union has stopped selling payday loans after being featured prominently in news reports.  Mountain America Credit Union had been offerin...


Electric Motion Recalls Lithium-poly Bicycle Batteries

The battery can overheat and catch fire

Electric Motion Systems  is recalling about 70 rechargeable lithium-poly batteries. The battery can overheat and catch fire.The company is awar...


Clearer Food Labeling Proposed

Institute of Medicine thinks food packages could be a lot more informative

There's a lot of information on the front of food packages, but who useful is it? The Institute of Medicine (IOM) thinks it could be a lot more useful...


Student Debt To Hit $1 Trillion By Year's End

Students strapped before they start a career

Student loan debt continues to rise...


New Recommendations to Guard Against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Pediatricians, federal agencies urge parents to stay up to date on safety procedures

Pediatricians, federal agencies urge parents to stay up to date on safety procedures...


Poll: Customers Ready To Switch Banks Over Debit Card Fees

Researcher find lower income customers more accepting of the fee

Researchers have confirmed bank customers are upset about new debit card fees...


Starbucks Goes 'Blonde' In Pursuit of 'Lite' Crowd

Don't want too much coffee in your coffee? Here's the answer

Starbucks originally modeled itself on the coffee houses of Europe, trying to conjure a world where patrons linger for hours sipping espresso and debating ...


Car Rental Companies Becoming More Aggressive in Pursuing Damage Claims

Consumers need to be proactive in documenting the condition of their car at turn-in time

Many rental car customers have lately complained the company charged them for alleged damage to the vehicle long after it was turned in. The case recounted...


Wall Street Protesters May Be Onto Something

Snicker all you want but the protests are drawing wide public support

For reasons that are a little hard to understand, it's been fashionable for TV's talking heads and the dead-tree columnists to denigrate the Occupy Wall St...


Wireless Providers To Provide 'Bill Shock' Warnings

Voluntary agreement between government and wireless providers

Wireless customers will get a heads up when they approach plan caps...


Looking For Job Killers? Look at Gas Prices, Study Suggests

"Needlessly high" gas prices draining $200 billion out of economy

The oil price spike of the past year, which saw gasoline prices increase by over $1 from the summer of 2010 to the summer of 2011, will drive household exp...


Not Much New With Broccoli, Study Finds

Researchers say things are about the same as always in the broccoli patch

Sometimes broccoli is just broccoli, which isn't necessarily bad news.  It means basically that your mother's advice to eat your broccoli is still wor...


Study: Cell Phones Exceed Exposure Limits For Children

Current standards for radiation set for large adults

Study says cell phones emit twice as much radiation as allowed for children...


Are All Flat Screen TVs Fire Hazards?

There may not always be fire where there's smoke

TV repairman says smokey set doesn't always mean fire...


Consumers Frustrated With Travel Booking Sites

Are there now better ways to plan trips?

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with online travel booking sites...


Where's the Fruit? Class Action Lawsuit Asks

Fruit Roll-Ups, other General Mills snacks are mostly sugar, the suit alleges

A class action lawsuit says there's something missing from General Mills' Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Gushers. What do you think it is?Th...


Walmart Shutters Its Marketside Stores

Massive chain's first experiment with smaller stores judged a flop

Marketside locationsWalmart has reportedly given up on Marketside, its experimental small grocery stores featuring prepared meals and f...


Penny Auction Deals May Not Be So Sweet

Consumer Reports find many bidders spend big bucks, leave empty-handed

Encouraged by TV and Web ads promising as much as 95 percent off of retail, swarms of people are signing up for the piece of auction action at sites like B...


Gas Prices Stop Falling, Head Higher

Price decline ends even though economic worries don't

Gas prices have begun to rise again...


Consumers Fried Over Fizzled TVs

Flat-screen TVs' longevity leaves a lot to be desired

Is the flat screen TV a disposable product? More and more consumers have come to the conclusion that it is.“I bought a plasma LG TV from...


Sony Recalls Flat-Screen TVs Because of Fire Risk

Recall of 1.6 million Bravia LCD TVs is latest in a long line of Sony blunders

Sony is recalling 1.6 million Bravia flat-panel TVs sold worldwide since 2007 because they may melt or catch fire.Sony said it instituted the recall afte...


Best Place to Buy an iPhone 4S?

Best Apple service doesn't fall far from the tree, mystery shoppers find

Looking to buy an iPhone 4S?  So are lots of other people and it's tempting to avoid the lines at Apple stores by buying online.  But just where ...


Consumer Anger Isn't Netflix' Only Problem

Company beefing up its Washington presence as challenges mount

When the going gets tough, the tough ... well, they get going and hire some more "governmental affairs" representatives.  Lobbyists, in other words....


Overweight? Be Ready to Buy a Second Seat on AirTran

Low-fare carrier adopts the "customer of size" policy of its new parent

There's a paradox in air travel: the seats keep getting smaller and the passengers keep getting bigger.   This can make for some pretty uncomfortable...


Don't Fall For 'Smishing' Scams

Text-based scam shows up in Washington State

“Flip over your credit or ATM card and call the number on the back. If there’s a problem with your account, that’s the best way to find out.”...


Banks Awash in Cash, Which Isn't Good News

Investors flee stock market, park money in banks which have no use for it

A huge problem in the United States is that we don't save enough money.  This is, of course, an enormous understatement as proven by the housing colla...


Cheaper Ways To Text Are Coming

New apps allow consumers to bypass costly text charges

New apps mean it will cost little or nothing to send and receive texts...


Netflix Reverses Course, Drops 'Qwikster' Name

But the separate fees for streaming and DVDs remain

Netflix drops Qwikster idea...


Oregon Sues Loan Modification Firm, Settles With Another

States stepping up pressure on abusive modification consultants

Oregon takes action against mortgage modification companies...


Chemical Industry Asks FDA to 'Clarify' BPA Stance

Controversial chemical no longer used in baby bottles, sippy cups, industry says

Yielding to pressure from parents, health advocates, and lawmakers, the chemical industry has conceded that the toxic plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) s...


Feds May Divert Subsidies To Pay For Rural Broadband

Universal Service Fund could be used to build broadband facilities

The FCC proposes using subsidy funds to expand rural broadband services...


Volkswagen Recalling VW, Audi Models to Fix Diesel Engines

Defect in fuel injection system could cause a fire

Volkswagen says that it will recall more than 168,000 VW and Audi models with diesel engines.There is a defect in the fuel injection system that could ca...


Beware of 'Google Team 2011' Scam

Email message asks you to update your payment information

Scam artists might want to scrub their email lists, to remove law enforcement officials.  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he was tipped ...


Feds Embark on Study to Learn Why People Smoke

Study will follow 40,000 smokers to try to understand their behavior

What is it about smoking?  Everybody knows it's really bad for you but millions of people old and young, dumb and smart, rich and poor continue to smo...


Texting While Driving More Dangerous Than Previously Believed

Texas study finds it doubles reaction times

texting behind the wheel is more dangerous that first thought...


Mortgage Rate Falls Below Four Percent

But would-be buyers still can't qualify

Mortgage rates have hit an all time low...


Apple After Steve Jobs May Not Seem The Same

Tech titan's death casts shadow over latest product launch

How will Apple fare post Steve Jobs?...


Cantaloupe Listeria Death Toll Hits 18

Recalled cantaloupes should be off shelves by now

At least 18 persons have died from Listeria infections blamed on Jensen Farms cantaloupes.  Although the contaminated cantaloupes should be off store ...


Ford Kills Escape Hybrid Option

Three four-cylinder engines will be offered in 2013 models

Ford is eliminating the slow-selling Escape Hybrid for the 2013 model year.  It's also doing away with the V-6 engine option and will be offering the ...


Beware Of Chimney Repair Scams

They usually appear with the first sign of cold weather

NJ Attorney General Dow sued chimney cleaning & repair company accused of using high-pressure, deceptive tactics to mislead consumers into paying thousands...


Apple Unveils Next Generation iPhone

iPhone 4S to be available on Sprint for the first time

Apple unveils its new iPhone...


Despite a Constant Demand, Parents Cut Back on Diaper Purchases

Why don't manufacturers cut prices to boost sales? Good question. Read on ...

You know that times are tough when parents cut back on diaper purchases.  There's really no substitute for a diaper, after all.  The need, as eco...


Feds Require Changes to Four Loko Malt Beverage Packaging

Supersized, high-alcohol beverage will tone down its claims

The marketers of Four Loko have agreed to re-label and repackage the supersized, high-alcohol, fruit-flavored, carbonated malt beverage, to resol...


California's Reader Privacy Act Signed Into Law

Bill will protect Californians' reading habits

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the Reader Privacy Act, updating reader privacy law to cover new technologies like electronic books and online book ...


Michigan Court Narrows State's Medical Marijuana Law

Limit on number of plants that can be possessed upheld

The Michigan Court of Appeals has issued a decision that further limits the state's medical marijuana law.The justices ruled that a caregiver's decision ...


Google Update Gives Nod to Big Brands, Google's Own Properties

Latest rejiggering of search results raises questions about Big G's objectivity

Big G takes on the content farms in this satiric video It was just a few weeks ago that we wrote a rather mild little story headlined, "...


Bankers' Association Blames Government For New Fees

Says banks now losing money on debit transactions

The banking industry blames the government and retailers for banks' new debit card fees...


Consumers Have Alternatives to Big Banks

Don't like big banks' fees? Take your business somewhere else

Consumers Have Alternatives To Big Banks' Fees Bank of America's decision to impose a $5 a month fee on customers who make debit card purchases st...


The Math Behind Bank Of America's New $5 Fee

Not a figure pulled out of thin air

Why Bank of America is charging $5 for debit card use...