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Debt Collector Ordered to Stop Abusing Consumers

Collector also deceived its small-business clients, FTC charges

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has halted an operation that allegedly subjected consumers to abusive debt-collection...


Chrysler Recalls 2012 Models With 3.6l Engines

Engine may seize and cause a crash

Chrysler is recalling 2012 models equipped with a 3.6-liter engine. The connecting rod bearing can fail, which could cause the engine to seize and lead to ...


Bank Greets Swipe Fee Rule With Debit Card Fee

New, lower swipe fee rule takes effect tomorrow

Bank of America is imposing a $5 monthly charge for debit cards...


What's On Your Mind? PUR Water Filters, Apple, Holiday Inn Express, T-Mobile

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: PUR Water Filters, Apple, Holiday Inn Express, T-Mobile, Bad timing, Where there's smoke and Use it or lose it....


Looking for AT&T Supporters? Just Follow the Money

Campaign contributions go to politicians who toe the line, Free Press reports

Less than a week after seven attorneys general joined the Justice Department suit to block the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, 10 other attorneys gen...


Cosmetics Industry Backs Away from Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners

Expensive salon products pose a risk to consumers

Think straight hair is to die for?  You may be right.  And for the first time, the mainstream cosmetics industry agrees with yhou. Citing t...


Study: Tobacco Companies Hid Data About Radioactive Particles In Smoke

Researchers say industry had the information in 1959

Researchers at UCLA have leveled a serious charge at U.S. tobacco companies. For more than 40 years, they say, tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke ...


Feds Ban Spammer Who Sent 'Mind-Boggling' Number of Messages

Text messages offered supposed help with mortgage modification

An enterprising individual who allegedly sent millions of illegal spam text messages to consumers is banned from sending any unsolicited text messages, und...


Kindle Hopes Its Fire Will Singe the iPad

Tablet war heats up as giant retailer soups up its ereader

Until now, Amazon's Kindle has been basically an ereader -- something you could use to view the virtual versions of those odd boxlike things they used to c...


British Survey Finds Online Romance Scams Are Widespread

More people fall victim than are reported to the police, researchers say

Joyce, of Brooklyn, N.Y., met what she thought was the “perfect man” on From New York, like her, he had a wonderful profile and &ldq...


Activist Group Challenges New Net Neutrality Rules

Objects to leeway granted wireless networks to control traffic

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) new rules maintaining Net neutrality have been challenged from an unlikely source.Though major telecommunic...


What's On Your Mind? Trilegiant, Fancy Feast, Response Mortgage, Best Buy

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Trilegiant, Fancy Feast, Response Mortgage, Best Buy, Smelly food, Strange one and Not what he thought it was....


Reebok To Pay $25 Million To Settle Deceptive Ad Charges

Claimed its shoes toned legs and butt just by walking

The FTC settles deceptive advertising charges with Reebok...


Feds Admit They Removed Malpractice Data to Protect Physicians

Public database, built and maintained with public funds, now closed to the public

An agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has admitted that it is concealing a publicly-owned malpractice database to protect phy...


Lawsuit: Cows Were Killed to Raise Milk Prices

Dairy industry milks consumers by restricting supplies, suit alleges

A Los Angeles law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of consumers alleging that various dairy companies and trade groups slaughtered more...


Health Insurance Now Costs More Than a Ford Fiesta

Higher costs for both employer and employee

We all know that health care costs are going up, but consumers who receive benefits through their employers might not realize how much.The employee's por...


What's On Your Mind? Wells Fargo, Whirlpool, Samsung

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Wells Fargo, Whirlpool, Samsung, Three weeks too late and Capacitor plague....


California Will Charge Online Sales Tax

Measure is intended to pave the way for Congressional action

Gov. Brown greets politicos as he signs "landmark" sales tax legislation As California goes, so goes the nation and California is going ...


Obama Urged to Stand Fast on Kids' Nutrition

Food manufacturers working to undermine voluntary guidelines on marketing to children

The Obama Administration should resist the food and advertising industries’ pressure to torpedo voluntary nutrition guidelines for foods ma...


FDA: Avoid Oysters from Hood Canal Area

The succulent bivalves may contain Vibrio bacteria

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat raw oysters harvested from an area of Hood Canal in Washington State following an out...


Feds Fine Virgin Atlantic for Advertising Violations

Internet ads didn't properly display information on taxes and fees

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined Virgin Atlantic Airways, an airline based in the United Kingdom, $50,000 for violating federal aviati...


Study: Teens Not Getting Enough Sleep

Lots of health problems and risky behaviors associated with sleep deprivation

Ask any teen just about anything and you're likely to get a mumbled reply.  Chances are good the kid's not rude, just sleepy. A new study finds that ...


When It Comes To Savings Goals, Less Is More

A single savings goal yields better results, researchers say

Back in the 1980's, multi-level marketing (MLM) recruiters enticed prospects by trying to get them focused on one material desire they could satisfy with a...


Minnesota Sues Two For-Profit Colleges Over Aid Issues

Joins feds, other states

Two fore profit colleges face another state lawsuit...


Problems Getting Pregnant? Try These Tips

OB/GYN offers steps to avoid fertility drugs

The World Health Organization reports that roughly one in six couples will struggle with infertility and about 70 percent of them will turn to fertility dr...


Seniors Suffer in Silence as Economy Stumbles

Older adults severely affected by economic downturn

Recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that the overall number of older adults living in poverty has increased. Even more significant is t...


Falls Still a Leading Cause of Fatal Injuries in Seniors

Making homes safer, staying in shape can help reduce the risk

n recognition of Falls Prevention Awareness Day, Commissioner of the Department for the Aging (DFTA) Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Commissioner of the New York Ci...


FBI Warns Against Pointing Lasers at Aircraft

St. Louis man arrested after pointing his laser at a police helicopter

Misuse of hand-held laser pointers is a growing safety problem for aircraft and federal officials are stepping up their efforts to apprehend offenders.&nbs...


Wall Street Bear Predicts Sharp Drop For Gold

'Dr. Doom' says prices could hit $1,100 an ounce

Gold prices may be headed lower...


Free Checking Becoming Endangered Species

More banks adding fees, raising minimum balance requirements

Fewer banks are offering free checking, according to a survey...


Best and Worst States for a Divorce?

If you're in a hurry, Idaho and Nevada lead the pack

We hope you're not planning a divorce but if you are, you may want to give a little consideration to where you should file.  There are 50 states, afte...


Netflix Inks Streaming Content Deal With DreamWorks

Netflix edges out HBO

Netflix, which earlier this month lost an important content deal with Starz Entertainment, has just signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation to stream its m...


What's On Your Mind? Hollywood Video, Anchor Hocking, Geico, Discount Tire

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Hollywood Video, Anchor Hocking, Geico, Discount Tire, Birthday surprise, Contact info and Upselling....


Can Herman Cain Deliver? Consumers Think So

Cain's Florida straw poll win shocks party elders

He likes to compare himself to Rodney Dangerfield, saying he doesn't get the respect he deserves from party leaders.  But pizza magnate Herman Cain's ...


Fiat Pulls Even With Mini Cooper as Consumers Cheer Them On

The little cars are winning high marks from U.S. consumers

Less is more?  That's perhaps the feeling Fiat is trying to create around its tiny Fiat 500, introduced to these shores earlier this year.  Fiat...


Should You Build Savings Or Pay Off Debt?

Consumers believe debt reduction is more important

The Great Recession has taught consumers at least two lessons. You need more savings and less debt. But which objective should you take on first? "People ...


Congressmen: USPS Needs New Business Model, Not Closure

Bipartisan group suggests using Post Offices as retail outlets

Congressmen Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and  Don Young (R-AK), joined by 73 other bipartisan members of Congress, have written Postal Regulatory Commis...


Gas Prices Down On Recession Fear

Average price drops seven cents in last seven days

Gas prices dropped seven cents a gallon in the last week...


An Emergency Preparedness Plan For Your Pet

Animal groups offer advice

When Pennsylvania residents were asked to evacuate their homes during the recent flooding, many were suddenly faced with the problem of what to do with the...


What's On Your Mind? The Hartford, Cuisinart, Samsung, Facebook

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: The Hartford, Cuisinart, Samsung, Facebook, Too Hot, Coming around and 'Not a spammer'....


FTC Sues to Stop Phony 'Free Trial,' 'Risk-Free' Offers

Consumers lost $450 million at the rate of $79.95 per month in negative option deals

A federal court, acting on a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has halted an online conspiracy that allegedly took in more than $450 mi...


Specialized Components Recalls Bicycle Forks

The brake component can disengage

Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., is recalling about 14,200 bicycles equipped with carbon forks.  The brake component housed within the bicycle&rsq...


Next Bicycles Recalled

The chain can break

Bridgeway International is recalling about 91,000 Next brand bicycles.   The bicycle chain can break, causing a rider to lose control and fall. ...


Journalism Groups Make Malpractice Database Public

Obama Administration blocks doctor discipline records, threatens reporter

A few days ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) abruptly blocked public access to an online database that anonymously tracks state-b...


A 'Man Cave' Doesn't Detract From Home's Resale Value

But economist says "don't go crazy"

Building a man cave in your home won't reduce resale value...


Insider Predicts October iPhone 5 Release

Speculation builds that new phone will be out next month

Apple likely to release new iPhone in October...


What's On Your Mind? AT&T, Hertz, Lenovo, Chase

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: AT&T, Hertz, Lenovo, Chase, Keep your paperwork, Check the calendar and Another nightmare....


Cadmium in Children's Jewelry to be More Tightly Regulated

Cheap metal jewelry may contain potentially harmful traces of the toxic chemical

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will begin restricting the use of cadmium in children's jewelry unless ASTM International - formerly known as...


Can't Pay Your Alimony? Don't Panic

The scenario is not unusual and there are solutions, but prompt action is needed

Everything was going along fine after the divorce.  You were making your alimony and child suppport payments but then along came the next corporate do...


OnStar Doesn't Give Up Easily ... Sometimes

Even after it's canceled, OnStar keeps tracking you, but won't help you

You can run but you can't hide.  Not easily anyway. OnStar is notifying its customers that it keeps a record of the speed and location of OnStar-equi...


Forget Congress, Google Has Big Public Perception Problems

The onetime darling of the cyberworld is seen as a bully

Google finds itself in the hot seat today as the Senate opens anti-trust hearings into the Internet giant's conduct.  But even worse than a ritual Cap...


Consumers' Top Turn-Off? Rudeness

Uncivil behavior quietly sabotages bottom line, researchers find

Consumers who encounter rude behavior at a business often never return...


What's On Your Mind? Sirius XM, Vizio, Whirlpool, Citibank

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Sirius XM, Vizio, Whirlpool, Citibank, Getting results, Feeling wrung out and Holding on to her money....


Google Introduces Wallet App on Sprint

Pay for your grande latte with your phone

Google Inc. has rolled out its mobile-payments application on Sprint Nextel Corp.’s network, and said it’s teaming up with Visa Inc., Discover ...


Study: Adding Collectible Toy To Healthy Meals Make Them Desirable

Kids' meal toys could be force for good

Adding Collectible Toy To Healthy Meals Make Them Desirable...


Despite Medical Marijuana Laws, Pot Arrests Soar

FBI reports police vigorously enforcing the law

Even as a number of states have enacted laws allowing the medical use of marijuana, arrests for marijuana-related offenses are on the rise, according to th...


Budget Cuts Could Slice Benefits for Pregnant Women, Infants

WIC provides food, counseling and referrals to 9 million women and children

WIC — the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children — is one of those programs that everyone says they suppo...


Suit Charges MacBook Pro Won't Stay Charged

Power supply is inadequate to fully charge the machine's battery, class action alleges

The 15- and 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro computers have defective batteries that drain during use even when the AC adapter is plugged in, making the computer d...


Pennsylvania Snags SAS Group for Internet/Infomercial Complaints

Company's "free" products weren't free and shipping charges were excessive, state charges

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has reached a civil settlement agreement with SAS Group, Inc., a New York-based business that sells a wide range of consu...


Nevada Goes to War Against Bank of America

Attorney General seeks to terminate earlier Countrywide settlement

The Attorney General of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, is turning up the heat in her battle with Bank of America and its subsidiary, Countrywide Mortgage....


Getting A Mortgage Is Increasingly Difficult

Lenders toughen underwriting standards to prevent defaults

Home prices are down 50 percent or more from their bubble highs in some markets. Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Rents are skyrocketing in some areas....


What's On Your Mind? Just Flowers, Progressive Insurance, Chantix

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Just Flowers, Progressive Insurance, Chantix, Not happy with the response and Scary experience....


John Deere Recalls Lawn Tractors with Kawasaki Engines

The engine can overheat and start a fire

John Deere is recalling about X300, X300R and X304 series tractors.  The cooling fan (A) installed on top of the front mounted Kawasaki engine in the ...


Feds Take Down Malpractice Database

No explanation given for removal of data that has been public for 15 years

For more than 15 years, researchers, reports and policymakers have been able to access an online database that anonymously tracks physicians’ re...


Michaels Pays $1.8 Million To Settle Deceptive Marketing Charges

New York

Consumers often complain that stores make it seem they are getting a bargain when they really aren't. In New York, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman...


Restoring Consumer Confidence Key to Economic Recovery

"Trust deficit" hurting recovery in housing, mortgage executive argues

Political candidates and incumbents offer a never-ending menu of tax cuts, tax increases, jobs programs, financial stimuli, less regulation, more regulatio...


Beware the 'Financial Recovery Awards' Scam

Canadian scam targets flood-damaged areas

New Jersey warns flood victims about financial recovery scam...


What's On Your Mind? Old Spice, Tracfone, Advertising Checking Bureau, Payless

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Old Spice, Tracfone, Advertising Checking Bureau, Payless, Mostly satisfied, Suspicious and How much, really?...


Postal Service Can't Count on Public Support as it Scrounges for Funds

Both the agency and its workers are unpopular with voters, weakening their position with Congress

      The postman always rings twice? Don't count on it. He may not be ringing at all unless the Postal Service finds a way to survive be...


Seven States Sue to Block AT&T's T-Mobile Takedown

Transaction would "substantially lessen competition," states argue

Seven states today joined the federal government in its effort to block AT&T Inc.’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc., saying the $39 bil...


Kansas City Man Convicted of Attempted $100 Million Fraud Scheme

Investors were offered "bonded promissory notes," which are non-existent

A Kansas City, Mo., man has been convicted of creating false obligations and of mail fraud as part of an attempted $100 million fraud scheme.  Denny R...


New Invention Could Prolong Smartphone Battery Life

Researchers say it could extend battery life an average of 54 percent

Researchers say they know how to make smartphone batteries last longer...


Want to Crush the Middle Class? Just Eliminate the Mortgage Deduction

Economy recovering but Congress could still squash it, economist warns

While Democrats ramp up calls to tax the rich and the Tea Party fulminates over excessive government spending, the chief economist for the National Associa...


Court Halts Amino-Acid Supplement Sales by Two Minnesota Companies

CHK Nutrition, NeuroResearch Clinics alleged claimed their supplements could cure diseases

Two Minnesota companies whose Web sites allegedly claimed their amino-acid products could cure or mitigate disease have agreed to stop selling the suppleme...


Latest Listeria Alert: Rocky Ford Cantaloupes

FDA warns consumers not to eat Rocky Ford cantaloupe shipped by Jensen Farms

The FDA is warning consumers not to eat Rocky Ford Cantaloupe shipped by Jensen Farms and to throw away recalled product that may still be in their home. ...


Study: TV Watching Reduces Parent-Child Communication

Reading does a better job of enhancing communication

Since Howdy Doody first danced across a flickering black and white screen, social scientists have warned of the negative influences of television on childr...


What's On Your Mind? Credit One, Toshiba, Home Depot, Walmart

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Credit One, Toshiba, Home Depot, Walmart, Disposable TV, Caught in the middle and Not even close to an express li...


Study: ADHD Increases Risk Of Serious Injury For 5th Graders

Inattentiveness may make these kids accident prone, researchers say

Injury kills more 11-year-olds in the U.S. than all other causes combined, and a new study from UAB shows ADHD almost doubles the risk of serious injury am...


H&R Block Pulls Back From 'Instant Refund' Loans for Another Year

Republic, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty still making high-cost, short-term loans

H&R Block says it will not offer refund anticipation loans (RAL) during the 2012 tax season, winning plaudits from consumer activists and putting the h...


Goldstar, Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers Pose Serious Fire Risk

Over $1 million iin property damage linked to the recalled units

LG Electronics Tianjin Appliance Co., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is urging consumers to check if they have rec...


John Deere Recalls Lawn Tractors

Brake failure may cause loss of control

John Deereis recalling about 5,200 D100 lawn tractors. Hardware used to hold the brake assembly to the transmission housing can break. This can cause ...


Best Buy's Customers Love It But Don't Come Around Much Any More

Amazon and big-box discounters biting into Best Buy's sales

Best Buy may have won the hearts and minds of consumers but it appears to be losing the battle for their money, as customers defect to Amazon and other onl...


Target's Missoni Roll-Out Crashes Website

Partnership with Italian designer draws overwhelming traffic

Target's Missoni Roll-Out Crashes Website...


Beware Royalty Resource Network Scam

Using small newspaper ads to ensnare victims

Just because something is advertised in a legitimate media doesn't mean it isn't a scam. That's the message West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw i...


Consumers Pile Up Second Quarter Credit Card Debt

Analyst calls increase 'staggering'

Credit card debt dropped in July but rose sharply in the three previous months...


Obama Tax Plan Would Hit Municipal Bonds

Charitable contributions could also be affected by limiting deductions on the "rich"

Lost in the din of the talking heads is a key element of President Obama's plan to pay for his proposed $447 billion job-creation package: he wants to curb...


Who Liked the 9/11 Ads? You Did

Consumers loved the Clydesdale tribute

The airwaves were full of 9/11 tribute ads over the weekends, and critics were quick to label them mawkish, exploitative, crass commercialism and syrupy, j...


Feds Probe Headlight Problem in Chrysler Minivans

Lights can go out without warning

Auto safety regulators are opening an investigation into complaints that Chrysler minivan headlights go out unexpectedly. The National Highway Traffic Saf...


Record Number Of People Living In Poverty

Census Bureau report shows 2.3 percent decline in real income

The Census Bureau reports a record number of Americans are living in poverty...


What's On Your Mind? VistaPrint, T-Mobile, Paula Deen Cookware, Nationwide

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Here is what's on consumer's minds today: VistaPrint, T-Mobile, Paula Deen Cookware, Nationwide, Rigid policy and Depends on the definition of hurricane....


Aftermarket Auto Lights Distributor Agrees to Guilty Plea

Company conspired to fix prices of aftermarket products, Justice Department charges

Have you priced a replacement headlight for your car lately? Many of them cost about as much as a used car once cost. One reason may be a global price-fixi...


Payday Lender Ordered to Stop Garnishing Paychecks

South Dakota lender faces trial on charges it illegally garnished wages

A South Dakota payday lender has agreed to stop garnishing consumers' wages pending trial on charges the garnishments were illegal. The Federal Trade Comm...


Toothpaste Shortfall Enrages Consumer

Even extreme squeezing can't dislodge the last bit of toothpaste, suit charges

Do you ever feel frustrated, ripped off and generally mistreated when the last little bit of toothpaste just won't come out of the tube? This really annoy...


Predicting How Diet and Exercise Affect Weight

Online simulation helps researchers find best diet-exercise combinations

Everybody knows that some people seem to lose weight quickly while others who follow the same diet and exercise regimens progress much more slowly. ...


AT&T Responds To Justice Department Lawsuit

Argues deal won't hurt consumers

AT&T has responded to the government's antitrust suit against it...


What's On Your Mind? Wildblue, Philips, Ethan Allen, Trilegiant

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Wildblue, Philips, Ethan Allen, Trilegiant, Smoking TV, When no means yes and Can you handle the truth?...


Feds Taking Another Look At Mortgage Modification Programs

Officials hope to help more struggling homeowners

The federal government is considering changes to its mortgage modification program...


Robo-Caller Seeks Access To Bank, Social Security Data

Scam surfaced in Massachusetts this month

Scammers are using a robo-caller to obtain consumers' personal data...


Google Buys Zagat, Moving Further Into Content

Search giant increasingly competes with content providers it indexes

Google has acquired Zagat, the survey company and multimedia publisher known best for its print guides to local restaurants. As Google spins it,...


Walmart Revives Layaway, Just in Time for Christmas

Other discounters have been eating Walmart's Christmas cookies

Walmart is bringing back layaway … sort of. The big retailer axed layaway five years ago, saying most consumers preferred to use credit cards. But t...


Bank Of America Not Closing Additional Branches

Charlotte TV station issues retraction of previous story

Bank of America Denies it is closing additional branches...


Consumer Credit Rises in July

But credit card spending drops

Consumer credit rose in July 2011...


What's On Your Mind? Capital One, National Lottery Board, Tronix Country, Sprint

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Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Capital One, National Lottery Board, Tronix Country, Sprint, Lottery scam, Stop the payments and Bad assumption....


Critics Charge FDA Fails to Address Surgical Mesh Risks

Public Citizen: Treatment for pelvic organ prolapse should be recalled

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed partial remedy to protect women from the dangers of surgical mesh products that are used in pelvic ...


Mortgage Rates Fall To Record Low

But that doesn't mean you can get a rock-bottom rate

Mortgage rates fall to another record low...


Report: Bank Of America To Close 600 Branches

Struggling bank announced 'streamlined' management earlier this week

A Charlotte TV stations reports Bank of America is closing 600 branches...


What's On Your Mind? Banfield Pet Hospital, Cuisinart, Aetna

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Banfield Pet Hospital, Cuisinart, Aetna, Where there's smoke, Taking nothing for granted and Won't take no for an...


Consumer Complaint Email Scam Targets Small Businesses

Email claims to be from the Federal Trade Commission

Well-run, conscientious businesses usually react with concern when they get a consumer complaint. Scammers, it seems, are using that quality trait against ...


Minnesota Sues Five Internet Payday Lenders

Warns consumers these loans can bring a number of problems

Minnesota has sued five online payday lenders...


AARP Picks Best Employers for 50+ Workers

Scripps Health, Cornell, NIH take top sports

Scripps Health, a major hospital and health care provider in Southern California, has been recognized as the top company in the 2011 AARP Best Employers fo...


AT&T, Sprint Battle May Go Into Extra Innings

With Congress back in session, both sides take off the gloves

AT&T's battle to take over T-Mobile has moved across town, from the the U.S. District Court to Capitol Hill, where Sprint -- the carrier that has the m...


Sprint Sues To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

Action follows similar suit by Justice Department

Sprint sues to block the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile...


Netflix Losing Streaming Content From Starz Entertainment

Starz apparently concerned consumers don't pay enough to view content

Starz is pulling its streaming content from Netflix...


Facebook Posse On the Trail of Pepsi

False rumor campaign urges God-fearing consumers to boycott Pepsi

Changing logos is always tricky. Even not changing your logo can be tricky, as Pepsi has been reminded recently. The Internet has lately been bubbling over...


Lawsuit Blames SimplyThick For Death of 4-Month-Old

Child died one day after FDA issued a warning about the product

A Texas couple says say their 4-month-old son died from eating bacteria-tainted SimplyThick, a formula additive, just one day after the U.S. Food and Drug ...


Postal Service Running Low on Time and Money

Bail-out time? The "independent" USPS needs $5.5 billion ... fast

The Postal Service says it much slash spending or go out of business...


Bugs Without Borders: Bed Bugs Spreading Out, Digging In

The little pests travel undetected and become very attached to their new homes

What pest is popping up just about everywhere these days? Presidential candidates, you say? Perhaps, but we were actually thinking of bed bugs. A new surve...


Florida Man Ran Cramming Scheme From His Jail Cell

Telephone customers bilked out of $35 million

Crime does pay, but the payout sometimes carries a hefty price tag, as Willoughby Farr, 46, of West Palm Beach, Fla., has learned.Farr has been sentenced...


Honda Recalls Nearly 1 Million Cars

Power-window switches can overheat

Honda is recalling nearly 1 million cars to repair problems with power windows and computer equipment. The recall, which includes 962,000 cars worldwide, ...


Suit: Safeway's Kona Coffee Is Mostly Not From Kona

Class action charges supermarket misleads coffee consumers

Safeway advertises its Safeway Select Kona Blend coffee "as if Kona beans are the major portion of the Kona Blend," but they actually contain "only a very ...


Nevada Seeks To Amend Countrywide Settlement

Claims lender materially breached original judgment

Nevada hopes to bring new litigation against Countrywide Financial...


Consumers Cautioned About Debit Card Phishing Scam

Scammer poses as employee of Wells Fargo

Consumers are rightly concerned when they are told there is a problem with their debit card. But they should also be a bit skeptical, depending on the sour...


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Here is what's on consumer's minds today: T-Mobile, Citibank, Dish Network, Check's not in the mail, Bad reception and bad information....


Consumers Rally Around Apple in Wake of Jobs' Retirement

Iconic executive's departure doesn't dim enthusiasts' love for the company

Steve Jobs' sudden retirement as CEO of Apple shocked the stock market, rattled the company's employees and sparked endless thumb-sucking op-eds by columni...


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Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: Hertz, Kia, Emerson, Clarification needed, Luckier than she knows and Is it supposed to work like this?...


Tests Find Roundup Weed-Killer Widespread in Water, Air

Chemical was found "consistently" in air and water samples

Glyphosate, one of the most heavily used weed-killers in the world, has been found in air, rain and rivers in two states examined by government scientists....


Beware Travel Scams This Labor Day Weekend

Fraudsters are active on high-travel holidays

"Travelers should remain on guard for surprise requests for credit card information and high pressure sales tactics that don't correspond with advertised d...


What's On Your Mind? EZ Lube,, RCA

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here is what's on consumer's minds today: EZ Lube,, RCA, Maybe should have chosen a different model and Too much information?...


States Challenge Over Sex Trafficking

46 attorneys general want prostitution ads taken down

Attorneys general from 46 states want t online classified site to disclose information on its alleged attempts to remove sex trafficking adver...


California Senate Approves BPA Ban for Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups

Bill now heads back to the General Assembly for a final vote

The California State Senate has voted to ban bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and sippy cups sold in California.  The Toxin-Free Infants and Toddle...


Americans Drinking Too Many Sugary Drinks

Public health groups hope to cut average consumption to three cans per week

How many sugary soft drinks is too many?  There's no single answer but a coalition of health and consumer groups would like to see Americans reduce th...


AARP: 1 in 11 Older Americans At Risk of Hunger

Nearly 9 million 50+ Americans face "food insecurity"

AARP says a study finds that nearly 9 million Americans 50 and older face the risk of hunger according to new research commissioned by AARP Fou...


FBI Warns of Bogus Check Scam

Checks appear to be issued by UT-Battelle LLC

The Knoxville Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning consumers about a check scam that has cropped up in East Tennessee, possibly...


Seniors Warned About Medicare Scams

Telemarketers seek seniors' personal data

Senior citizens should be on the lookout for Medicare scams....


Demand For Small Used Cars Surges

High gas prices make small a lot more attractive reports small car sales are up...


Fake Lottery Scam Still Making The Rounds

Makes new appearance in West Virginia

Protect yourself from the fake lottery scam...


Arizona 'Charity' Fundraiser Barred From Iowa

Attorney General uses recorded calls to crack down on fraud

Iowa has barred another charity telemarketer from the state...


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