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Fructose Linked To Heart Risks

Too much of the sweetener in the diet harmful, researchers say

Another study suggests too much fructose in the diet is bad for the heart...


Survey: Bank Customers Support Stronger Banking Regulation

Consumers favor making banks better disclose checking account terms

Nearly three-fourths of Americans with checking accounts support regulations that would require banks to better disclose the terms, conditions and fees ass...


Reassuring Findings in Study of Cell Phone Use by Children

But analysis of underlying data reveals "quite troubling" trends

A Scandinavian study finds that children who used cell phones regularly were no more likely to have been diagnosed with a brain tumor than those who didn't...


Judge Shuts Down 'Yellow Pages' Scam

European operation targeted small businesses, nonprofits in North America

A federal judge has temporarily shut down an alleged Yellow Pages scam that targeted small businesses and nonprofits, including churches, bilking them out ...


Apple Is Top Smartphone Manufacturer In U.S.

Android remains the most popular mobile platform

Apple makes and sells more smartphones than any company...


JK Harris To Pay Refunds In West Virginia

State says company misled consumers about resolving their tax issues

West Virginia has secured refunds for consumers who paid JK Harris but got not tax help...


21 Children Die in Hot Cars So Far This Year

Feds step up efforts to warn parents not to leave children alone in cars

With record high temperatures nationwide and reports of 21 hyperthermia-related child deaths already this summer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin...


Senator Urges Regulators To Nix AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

Al Franken says merger would harm consumers

Senator Al Franken has publicly urged regulators to reject AT&T's bid to acquire T-Mobile...


McDonald's Makes Happy Meals Healthier

But will kids be happy with apple slices and fewer fries?

Under pressure from health advocates, McDonald's is making changes to its Happy Meal...


Walmart Begins Streaming Movies

Retailer makes third attempt to enter streaming market

Walmart has launched a movie streaming service...


Google Now Issuing Infected PC Warnings

Search can detect when computer is compromised

The hackers that have infected your computer want to modify your search results to highlight money-making pay-per-click sites instead of the sites Google w...


Big Banks Wading Into Payday Loan Businesses

Sky-high interest turns short-term loans into long-term debt

It used to be that payday loans – the legal equivalent of loan-sharking – were something you got on the Internet or from some hole-in-the-wall ...


Refund Checks Being Mailed to Countrywide Customers

Mortgage company overcharged 450,000 homeowners, FTC charged

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 450,177 refund checks worth almost $108 million to homeowners who were allegedly overcharged by Countrywide Home Lo...


Despite What You Read, Eating Raw Eggs Is Dangerous

Nutritionist says eating raw eggs not healthy

Eating raw eggs exposes you to risk of Salmonella, expert says...


Visa, MasterCard Settle Antitrust Suit

Merchants will now be able to steer customers to lower-cost payment options

A federal judge today approved a settlement of antitrust charges against Visa and Mastercard that either will or won't increase competition among credit ca...


Feds Force Unsafe Buses, Trucks Off the Road

Violators being taken out of service until problems are corrected

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has shifted into high gear in its drive to get unsafe buses and trucks off the road. DOT said today that in the...


Frequent Falls May Be Early Alzheimer's Sign

In study, subjects with Alzheimer's indicators had more falls

Researchers have linked balance problems to early stage Alzheimer's disease...


New Jersey Travel Club Owner Arrested, Charged with Theft

Consumers paid for vacation packages that never materialized

Police have arrested the owner of numerous New Jersey vacation travel companies with a long history of consumer complaints. Daryl Turner, 39, of Cherry Hil...


Feds Halt Timeshare Resale Scam

Telemarketers claimed they had buyers lined up

A federal court has temporarily halted a telemarketing operation that targeted consumers trying to sell their timeshare properties. The defendants allegedl...


OnStar Available On All Cars Sunday

Security system is becoming an after-market product

OnStar will be available on all cars starting Sunday...


Mortgage Modifications An Unforgiving Process

A typo can result in foreclosure

A homeowner tells how a misplaced digit may cause him to lose his home to foreclosure...


Court Rules TSA Adopted Body Scanners Improperly

Agency did not solicit public comment before imstalling whole-body scanners

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday (Friday) that the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) violated federal law when it installed body scanne...


What's On Your Mind? Ticketmaster, Bank of America, Cambridge Credit Counseling

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here's what's on consumers' minds today...


LivingSocial Adds 'Adventures' to Daily Deals Menu

Adventure packages will create "bigger and bolder" experience, company promises

Nine months after acquiring social adventure company Urban Escapes, daily deals giant LivingSocial today launched LivingSocial Adventures, a new service of...


Hearing Aid Business Booms as Population Ages

You can't trust ads or high-pressure salesmen pushing specific brands

We hear a lot lately about the aging of the Baby Boom generation, usually in the context of the strain all those old boomers are putting on Social Security...


Today's Facebook Scam: Bogus Google+ Invitation

Guess what? You and 50 friends can receive even more spam and scammy offers

Google Plus – the search giant's new social network – is a hot item, so far available only to a limited number of invitation-only testers. Naturally, as w...


Consumer Agency Cranks Up Bank Oversight as Business Interests Stew

Another round of sparks is likely as Elizabeth Warren heads back to Capitol Hill

Just a few days after issuing tough new oversight procedures for banks, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren appears before the House Committee on Oversight ...


'Cramming' Costing Consumers $2 Billion a Year, Study Finds

Senate Commerce Committee finds long history of fraudulent practices

Sen. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) has revealed the findings of a yearlong Senate Commerce Committee staff investigation into a nationwide epidemi...


Ohio Sues Mortgage 'Rescue' Company

Florida-based Diversified Real Estate Consultants LLC ran up 37 complaints in Ohio

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing foreclosure rescue company Diversified Real Estate Consultants LLC (DREC), its affiliates, and its owner for mul...


VW, Ford Take Top Spots in Quality Survey

Study measures customers "overall feelings" about their cars

It was just a few weeks ago that Volkswagen and Ford got low marks for initial customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates but a new survey from S...


Americans Reset Retirement Expectations

Recession proves to be sobering experience

Baby Boomers plan to work longer and spend less as they age, according to a survey...


High Sodium, Low Potassium Diet Linked to Increased Risk of Death

Change in Americans' diet is needed to lower health risks

Americans who eat a diet high in sodium and low in potassium have a 50 percent increased risk of death from any cause, and about twice the risk of death fr...


Study: Yogurt, Nuts, Unprocessed Plant Foods Key to Weight Loss

Choosing the right foods just as important as controlling calories

Munching more unprocessed plant foods may help keep the middle-aged bulge away, a new study suggests. On the other hand, meat, french fries and sugar-sweet...


Oil Prices Fall, Gas Prices Rise

Retail market lags in a volatile environment

Consumers may be confused by falling oil prices and rising gas prices...


Dell Optiplex Class Action Expanded

Suit charges millions of machines had faulty components

A class action suit against Dell has been expanded to cover a myriad of failed hardware components in the Optiplex desktop computer. The suit charges that ...


Are Companies Cashing In On Breast Cancer?

Researchers accuse some firms of 'pinkwashing'

Everyone seems to want to support breast cancer awareness, and maybe that's not so good...


FDA Warns Against Using Slimming Capsules, Soft Gels

Tests show products contain controlled substances that can be dangerous

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use “Slim Forte Slimming Capsules,” “Slim Forte Slimming Coffee,” and “Bota...


Ohio Sues Alleged Craigslist Scammers

Consumers paid for video games, cell phones but got nothing

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced lawsuits against Nicholas Lamb and Robert White, Ohio residents accused of running a craigslist scam offe...


Texas Sues Encore Capital Group

Charges firm violated Texas debt collection laws

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged Encore Capital Group, Inc. with falsifying and robo-signing affidavits, attempting to collect debts based ...


Report: America's Obesity Problem Getting Worse

Mississippi leads nation for seventh straight year

In Mississippi, 34.4 percent of the adults in the state are obese. Not just overweight, obese. Not to pick on the Magnolia State, which has led the nation...


Airline On-Time Performance Mixed in May

Better than last month, worse than last year

The nation’s largest airlines posted an on-time arrival mark in May that was an improvement from April’s showing but down from the performance recorded in ...


Don't Pay For Coupons You Can Get Free

Marketers offer 'free trial' that can end up costing big bucks

Consumer should never pay for coupons in the hope of saving money...


iPhone Sales Jump 1.2% From February To May

Android remains the most popular mobile platform

Apple's share of smartphone market has jumped since selling iPhone on Verizon Wireless...


Viking Range Agrees to $450,000 Penalty

Failed to report a safety problem with its refrigerators' doors

Viking Range Corporation has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $450,000 after admitting that it was aware for years of a defect involving its refrigerator d...


Consumer Bankruptcies Fall In First Half Of Year

Filings drop sharply compared to 2010

Consumer bankruptcies are down, in what could be a hopeful sign for the economy...


Another Study Links Chantix to Heart Attack Risk

Slight increase in risk of "adverse events" found among Chantix users

More bad news for Chantix, the smoking-cessation drug from Pfizer. A new meta-analysis of health studies finds a 72% increase in the risk of congestive hea...


Coalition Against Breast Cancer a 'Sham," New York Charges

$9.1 million in public donations has been squandered, lawsuit alleges

The Coalition Against Breast Cancer (CABC) is "a sham charity that has diverted nearly all of the millions of dollars raised in the name of breast cancer t...


Sounds Of Summer Can Be A Danger To Hearing

Hearing specialist offers some advice

The noises of summer can take a toll on your hearing...


Supplement Maker Must Change Label, Feds Rule

Company had received warning last October

The FDA has ordered a dietary supplement maker to stop promoting its products as drugs...