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Consumers Leading Opposition To AT&T T-Mobile Merger

The people who use the products haven't been enthusiastic about the deal

Consumers have gone on record in opposition to the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile...


Marijuana Legalization Gets Another Boost

Black government employees say it's time to end the War on Drugs

The "War On Drugs" has been around a lot longer than most other wars the country has fought and a group of African-American government employees says it's ...


Feds Sue To Block AT&T Acquisition Of T-Mobile

Justice Department says consumers would be harmed by the deal

The U.S. Justice Department is attempted to block AT&T's merger with T-Mobile...


JetBlue Fined for Violating Advertising Rules

Emirates fined for improperly limiting delayed baggage reimbursements

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today fined JetBlue Airways $50,000 for violating federal aviation laws  prohibiting deceptive price adver...


Gas Prices Rising Again

Traders pushing oil prices up on stimulus expectations

Hopes for an improving economy are pushing up gas prices...


Seniors Warned About Telephone Scammers

Telemarketers pretend to be associated with Medicare

Another Medicare scam is targeting seniors...


Why Isn't That Product Recalled?

Recall process requires both consumer and business input

One of the frequent questions readers pose to, usually at the end of a detailed complaint, is “Why hasn't this product been recalled?”...


Bay Area Cities Gang Up to Warn About Cell Phone Radiation

San Francisco Mayor Signs Nation’s First Cell Safety Ordinance

Northern California is home not only to Google, Apple and other big players in the cell phone business but also to lots of consumer activists who fret abou...


Hurricane Damage? Good Luck Getting Fair Claims Payments

CFA warns homeowners will have to "dig deeper into their pockets"

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is warning homeowners they may not find it easy to get their insurance companies to pay up for damage caused by Hu...


The Droid Bionic Is Coming ... Or Not

Never mind that Tweet, Motorola and Verizon say it's a hoax

Even before Google bought Motorola Mobility, there was a lot of excitement and buzz around the Droid Bionic, Motorola's latest attempt to get back into the...


Virginia Sues Mortgage Modification Company

R.L. Brad Street alleged charged customers $3,000 upfront

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has filed a lawsuit against R.L. Brad Street, LLC, a mortgage loan modification company based in Chesapeake, for a...


American Airlines Blew It As Irene Arrived

Study finds American was the worst at keeping customers informed

American Airlines kept its customers on hold for an average of an hour and a half as Hurricane Irene disrupted airline travel around the country -- by fa...


LivingSocial Faces Groupon-Style Expiration Date Lawsuits

Consumer protection laws ban expiration dates of less than five years on gift certificates

LivingSocial, always No. 2 to Groupon's No. 1, is keeping up with its big competitor in ways it might not want, falling prey to no fewer than five consumer...


Cell Phone Carriers Brace for Hurricane Irene

A perfect storm: high winds, floods, power outages, heavy usage

It used to be said that if tourists visiting New York looked at the local TV news their first night in town, they would spend the rest of their visit huddl...


Michigan Patient-To-Patient Marijuana Sales Struck Down

State's attorney general sought ruling from appeals court

The Michigan court of appeals has struck down patient-to-patient sales of medical marijuana...


Food Day Lesson: Eat Real

Teachers prepare a healthy-eating curriculum for kids and parents alike

The organizers of Food Day have published a curriculum for teachers to use on Food Day, a nationwide grassroots campaign on October 24 to e...


Why Good Mortgage Modification Deals Go Bad

Lenders, homeowners often have trouble completing the mounds of paperwork that's required

Hoping to get a mortgage modification?  Think back to how much paperwork was needed when you bought your house or condo.  Nearly that much will b...


FTC Shuts Down 'Government Grant' Scheme

Defendants promised "guaranteed" $25,000 federal grant

The Federal Trade Commission, along with four state attorneys general, has shut down a fraudulent operation that allegedly took advantage of financial...


Feds Stop Mortgage, Debt Scams

Companies promised to help consumers but merely took their money

The Federal Trade Commission put an end to three schemes that claimed they would help consumers with their mortgage and debt problems, as part of settlemen...


Investors Warned Of Gold Stock Scams

Inflated claims may lead the unwary to make unwise decisions

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is warning investors about investment scams that promote gold stocks. With the price of gold bullion r...


Botox Approved for Some Types of Incontinence

Patients with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis may benefit

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Botox injection to treat urinary incontinence in people with neurologic conditions such as spinal cord ...


Gold Plunges 7% in Two Days - Has the Bubble Burst?

Whether it's market forces or pure panic, gold is starting to flake

Financial advisers and market watchers have been warning for months that the run-up in gold prices was a bubble.  And today the bubble is showing sign...


Is The iPhone Next Headed For Sprint/Nextel?

Rumor has it Sprint will be the third carrier to get it

Apple's iPhone is the source of several rumors this week...


New Airline Passenger Protections Now In Effect

New rules cover lost baggage, delays, being bumped, full fee disclosure

New consumer protections for airline passengers  go into effect today, and should make flying more convenient and hassle-free for air travelers. The ...


Nexium, Prilosec Called Dangerous, Habit-Forming

Proton pump inhibitors are overprescribed, Public Citizen tells FDA in petition

Many widely prescribed stomach acid-reducing drugs can cause long-term dependence and should carry the strongest possible warning label, Public Citizen tol...


Growing Split In Michigan Over Marijuana

Kalamazoo charter amendment would de-emphasize marijuana arrests

Michigan Attorney General opposes Kalamazoo proposal to de-emphasize marijuana arrests...


Sodium Linked to Cognitive Decline in Elderly

Sodium does more than damage the heart, researchers say

Canadian researchers say excessive sodium can lead to cognitive decline...


Southwest Invades Atlanta's Hartsfield

Low-cost carrier launches service from world's busiest airport

Southwest Airlines launches service from Atlanta Feb. 12, 2012, its first foray into Hartsfield International Airport, the world's busiest airport and a lu...


Verizon Strikers Return to Work ... for Now

But union members could hit the bricks again if talks don't go well

Union workers have called a truce in their 15-day strike against the company and will be going back to work tonight (Monday).  But if you have an ins...


GM Wants to Void Pre-Bankruptcy Warranties

"New GM" says it shouldn't be responsible for "Old GM" problems

New GM says it's not responsible for problems with cars made by Old GM...


Stonebridge Joins Vertrue in Iowa's Dog House

State charges "buying clubs" use deceptive sales tactics

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has filed a lawsuit against a Texas membership club, alleging the company used unfair and deceptive sales tactics to charg...


Four Banks Fail Over the Weekend

Total for the year so far is 64, behind last year's pace

Four banks were seized by regulators over the weekend, bringing the total number of failures so far this year to 64.  In 2010, 160 banks went into rec...


Deceptive Car Ads Targeted by Washington State

Many car ads are confusing and misleading, attorney general charges

The Washington Attorney General’s Office says too many car ads violate consumer protection laws. The office announced eight settlements that are part...


Target Prepares to Launch Revamped Website

New site said to more closely resemble the in-store experience

After two years of development, Target is just about ready to take the wraps off its new Website, hoping to boost sales and catch up to Amazon, Walmart and...


Debt Collector Comes Calling on Saab

Troubled automaker faces repo proceedings

Sweden's Debt Enforcement Agency has started collection proceedings against Saab Automobile after the troubled automaker failed to meet a Tuesday deadline ...


GM Unveils Plug-In Electric Cadillac

Second all-electric model planned for 2013

For years, Cadillac was the car of choice for those who didn't care what gasoline cost. General Motors (GM) has been trying to erase that image....


Gas Price Decline Stalls

Price at the pump shows little downward movement this week

Despite falling oil prices, gasoline prices remain fairly stable...


Suits Coming Home to Roost in Cargill Turkey Case

Oregon couple's suit cites company's long history of contamination

Cargill faces the first of what's likely to be a flock of lawsuits in connection with the recall of salmonella-contaminated ground turkey. The suit was fi...


Overtime Case Against AT&T Moves Forward

Mid-level managers claim AT&T owes them $1 billion in unpaid overtime

A U.S. District Court Judge in Atlanta has certified a class action by AT&T employees, enabling them to participate in class actions seeking some ...


Wells Fargo Testing Charge For Debit Cards

Customers in five states will pay $3 a month

Wells Fargo is test marketing a $3 monthly debit card fee...


AT&T Filings May Cast Doubt On Its Main Pro-Merger Argument

Documents filed with the FCC weaken claim that merger is needed to expand 4G nationwide

AT&T may be its own worst enemy.   Opponents of the telecom giant's plan to take over T-Mobile are pointing to documents AT&T filed with the ...


Amazon Publishing Signs Best-Selling Author

Online bookseller fights back against publishing cartel today announced that Amazon Publishing's first major acquisition by its New York imprint is the next book in Timothy Ferriss' No. 1 New York Tim...


What's On Your Mind? T-Mobile,, Miracle Ear, American Home Shield

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here's what's on consumers' minds today...


Sham Breast Cancer Charity Organizers Plead Guilty

Money raised to fight breast cancer was spent on personal shopping and travel

Two guilty pleas were entered in a New York courtroom today in connection with a fundraising scheme that concocted a bogus charity, raised and then stole m...


As Gold Moves Higher, Economists Caution Investors

The precious metal is near record highs; did someone say "bubble?"

Some advice from economists when it comes to buying gold...


Samsung, Sub-Zero, Miele Top J.D. Power Study

More consumers researching appliances online before visiting the store, study finds

Samsung washers and dryers top the J.D. Power and Associates annual appliance survey of consumer satisfaction, with Sub-Zero taking the top spot for r...


Gas Prices Fall More Slowly Than Oil Prices

Consumers still find fuel a bit pricey despite big drop in oil

Consumers find gas prices falling more slowly than oil prices...


Menthol Cigarette Debate Rages On

New study suggests menthol makes it harder to quit

The FDA is deciding whether to ban menthol from cigarettes...


AARP Marks Social Security's 75th Birthday

Earned benefits provide lifelong protection to American workers

With Sunday marking the 76th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, AARP is celebrating the lifelong protections that Social Security’s...


Critics Step Up Attacks On AT&T Merger Plans

Company accused of trying to kill off competition

Critics of AT&T's plan to buy T-Mobile say a document undermines the company's case...


Apple's iPad Leaves Other Tablets in the Dust

Samsung, H-P, Motorola, Blackberry can't make a dent in iPad

When computer and smartphone makers saw the success of the iPad, they did what any self-respecting business what do: rushed to get into the fray. But it h...


Feds Fight Fatigue Among Train Crews

New rules limit hours passenger train crews can work

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a new rule limiting the number of consecutive hours passenger railroad workers can be on the job. The new...


Maryland Files Charges Against Health Club

Accused of misleading consumers

Maryland has filed administrative charges against a health club...


Samsung TVs Tops in Sales ... and Complaints

With 35% of US/Canada market, Samsung remains the top-selling brand

Samsung, the world's largest flat-screen TV maker once again led the North American TV market in the first half of 2011, as demand for premium TVs continue...


Have Foreclosures Peaked?

Foreclosure activity hits 44-month low last month

Foreclosure activity was down dramatically in July...


Anti-Trust Suit Charges Apple, Publishers Conspired to Raise Price of eBooks

Companies conspired to stop Amazon's below-market pricing strategy, suit alleges

An antitrust class action claims Apple conspired with five major publishers to raise the price of e-books, dominate the market and force Amazon to stop sel...


BPA: It's On The Money

Study finds chemical on nearly all the world's currencies

A study finds that BPA traces can be found on most of the world's currencies...


Michigan May Change Medical Marijuana Law

New legislation to be introduced in the fall

Michigan officials have proposed tightening the state's medical marijuana law...


Apple Enthusiasts Beware! iPhones Attract Scam Artists and Crooks

Scams and thefts swirl around the popular devices; victims find little help

Apple iPhones are hot all right. So hot that they're becoming the principal players in a number of scams around the country. In Sa...


Gmail 'Snooping' Amounts to Eavesdropping, Boston Case Claims

Non-Gmail users have not given their consent to Google's interception of their messages

Google can offer Gmail for free because it snoops on electronic messages that non-gmail accountholders send to people with accounts, and sells the informat...


How To Make Your Passwords More Challenging To Hackers

A password should make sense only to you (and maybe not even to you)

A video demonstration of how to construct a strong password...


What's On Your Mind? Bank of America, Virginia Fast Auto Loans, IRS

Our daily look at consumer reviews

Here's what's on consumers' minds today...


Class Action Calls a 'Scam'

More than 90% of potential dates are "phantoms," suit charges

More than 90 percent of the potential dates on are canceled subscribers, people who never subscribed, duplicates, or phantoms the company created...


IRS Flip-Flops on Ticket Tax

Congressional fiddling created confusion, caused furloughs and delays

It was just a few days ago that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was telling airlines they should refund federal ticket taxes they collected while the ta...


45,000 Verizon Workers Go On Strike

Workers from Virginia to New England hit the bricks

For the first time since 2000, Verizon workers have gone on strike.  The Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Elec...


Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Survey finds smartphone addiction is increasing rapidly

What's the one device you can use while driving, eating, going to the bathroom, feeding your baby, donating blood or having a profound and soul-searching d...


Postal Service Faces Pension Fund Default

The Postal Service continues to lose money and is in danger of default

Last week the burning question was whether the U.S. Government default on its debt. Today, a perhaps more pressing question is “Will the U.S. Postal ...


Grandparent Scam Gets Scarier

Callers now know specific information about the families they're trying to defraud

The Better Business bureau reports a new twist on the Grandparent Scam that involves the caller already knowing detailed information about the family it is...


ACLU Challenges Debtors' Prisons in Michigan

Constitution prohibits jailing defendants too poor to pay fines

The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging “pay or stay” sentences imposed on five persons across the state who were illegally jailed fo...


Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae Sued in Reverse Mortgage Case

Class action seeks to head off illegal foreclosures and evictions

A class action suit filed in San Francisco federal court on behalf of reverse mortgage borrowers and their survivors is designed to head off illegal f...


iPhone Is Now Top-Selling Smartphone

Samsung a close second in IDC rankings for second quarter

IDC reports Apple is now the top selling smartphone maker...


Oil Prices Plunge, Will Gas Prices Follow?

They will if history repeats itself

With the economy on the brink of a recession, oil prices plunge...


Big Banks Still Charging Stiff Overdraft Fees

Fifth Third Bank charges highest rate, equalling 3,259% APR

One year after the Federal Reserve required banks to get customers’ permission to charge overdraft fees on debit card transactions, fees charged by b...


FDA Approves First Treatment for Scorpion Stings

Venemous scorpions found mostly in Arizona, victims are usually children

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Anascorp, the first specific treatment for a scorpion sting by Centruroides scorpions in the United Stat...


Class Action Claims Microsoft Double-Bills Xbox Subscribers

Automatic subscription renewal not authorized in contract, suit charges

Microsoft double-bills subscribers to its Xbox Live Gold service, an online multiplayer game system with 23 million subscribers, an irate customer says in ...


Gold Prices Surge To New Highs

Investors looking for safe haven

Gold prices continue to set new record highs...


Big Brother Wants a Longer Memory

Feds want ISPs to keep one year's data on every customer

Consumers lately seem paranoid about advertisers “tracking” their Web activities to deliver more relevant ads. This is child's play compared to...


Medicare Cutbacks Hit Nursing Homes Hard

11% reduction is just the beginning as deficit reduction efforts intensify

Nursing homes are bracing for an unexpected 11 percent reduction in Medicare reimbursement. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced ...


Feds Find Broadband Services Approaching Advertised Speeds

FCC studied residential Internet service delivered to consumers in March

It may not seem like it when you're waiting for a YouTube selection to load but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says broadband providers are ge...


Men Becoming Coupon-Conscious, Study Finds

Male shoppers' appetite for coupons driven by technology

You don't normally think of men sitting around clipping grocery coupons from the newspaper but a survey finds that men are nevertheless becoming not just s...


Honda Civic Gets Trashed by Consumer Reports

Magazine dumps the Civic in favor of the Hyundai Elantra

Consumer Reports says it can no longer recommend that consumers buy the Honda Civic, one of the top-selling compacts in the U.S. But the non-profit magazin...


Delta Will Refund Ticket Tax Payments

Other airlines still pondering how to handle unexpected windfall

After a scolding from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Delta Air Lines says it will process tax refunds for customers who were charged for a federal tax...


Debt Settlement Infomercial Producers Settle Colorado Charges

Company accused of misleading listeners

An infomercial producer has settled charges with the Colorado Attorney General...


Gay Marriage Highlights Inequities in Tax Laws

Anti-tax rhetoric likely to be put to the acid test as gay couples assert their rights

We don't want to be the cause of any wedding bell blues but all the gay newlyweds in New York State need to keep in mind that the state's new same-sex marr...


Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dry Cat Food Recalled

May be contaminated with Salmonella

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is recalling a limited number of 3.5- and 7-pound bags of its Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dry Cat Food from a singl...


10 Attorneys General Back T-Mobile Acquisition By AT&T

Break from other consumer advocates who oppose the deal

10 attorneys general say the AT&T merger with T-Mobile should go forward...


Sweepstakes Scammers Replace Moneygram With Green Dot

Victims told to send money using pre-paid cards

Con artists have updated the old sweepstakes scam...