Ford to divide electric vehicle production into its own auto division

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The company says it will focus on electric vehicle growth while maintaining strength with its gas-powered vehicles

Ford Motor Company says it’s reorganizing its operations by splitting its gas-powered vehicles and its electric vehicles into two different divisions – a move intended to strengthen operations and take full advantage of the accelerating growth of the EV market.

While this may sound like a striking change for the 117-year-old company, it’s actually not. “This isn’t the first time Ford has reimagined the future and taken our own path,” said Ford Executive Chair Bill Ford, echoing similar changes Henry Ford made when his company began focusing on its Model T.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity to lead this thrilling new era of connected and electric vehicles, give our customers the very best of Ford, and help make a real difference for the health of the planet.”

The possible changes Ford customers will see

The two new businesses will be called Ford Blue and Ford Model e. The company said the idea for the Ford Model e division came from the smaller, mission-driven teams that developed the Ford GT, Mustang Mach-E SUV, and F-150 Lightning pickup. Company officials said having smaller, more nimble teams will enable Ford to incubate ideas quickly and develop them faster. 

Electric vehicle customers will also see a different Ford when they go to purchase a Model e product. The company didn’t pull the curtain back all the way on its planned changes, but it did say Ford Model e buyers will have an “exciting new shopping, buying and ownership experience.” It also hinted that showrooms may become a thing of the past for the electric vehicle crowd, saying that “simple, intuitive e-commerce platforms” will be the standard purchasing method going forward. 

As for Ford Blue, Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said having the company's F-Series, Ranger and Maverick trucks, Bronco and Explorer SUVs, and Mustang cars in a separate division will allow the company to focus on consumers who prefer branded vehicles and experiences like off-roading and family activities – a niche where internal combustion-driven vehicles thrive.

Ford Blue will also purportedly be able to use the electric division’s breakthroughs by building in new, connected, personalized, and always-on experiences that Ford Model e develops.

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