Delete these 19 apps off your Android device now or face serious consequences

Photo (c) Allan Swart - Getty Images

They might have worked in the past, but the scammers have re-engineered them

If you have an iPhone, you can move on to the next ConsumerAffairs story – but if you have an Android device, your next move should be to look at all the apps on your device. Google has sent up a flare warning billions of Android users that they are in danger of being harmed by 19 different apps.

These malicious apps cover everything a scammer has in their toolbox: adware, malware, spyware, trojans, and more. All can infect a phone, steal your identity, passwords, or financial information like credit card numbers and bank accounts.

The apps that need to be deleted

When you look at the following list, there are apps you may have used in the past with zero problems. But, dastardly scammers have gone as low as they know how, downloading these apps themselves, reengineering them by adding in the malicious code and then putting them back on the Google Play store, according to MalwareFox.

  1. Fare Gamehub and Box

  2. Hope Camera-Picture Record

  3. Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper

  4. Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker

  5. Amazing Wallpaper

  6. Simple Note Scanner 

  7. Universal PDF Scanner 

  8. Private Messenger

  9. Premium SMS

  10. Blood Pressure Checker

  11. Cool Keyboard

  12. Paint Art

  13. Color Message

  14. Vlog Star Video Editor

  15. Creative 3D Launcher

  16. Wow Beauty Camera

  17. Gif Emoji Keyboard

  18. Instand Heart Rate Anytime

  19. Delicate Messenger

We repeat -- in their original form there was nothing wrong with these apps. According to Google, scammers have changed them to make them dangerous.

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