Class action says Sprint didn't come through with promised deal

Lower rates, refunded termination fees, pre-loaded Visa cards didn't materialize, suit charges

A Los Angeles County woman says Sprint defrauded her and at least 99 other California consumers with false promises of lower rates and three prepaid Visa cards, each worth $350.

“Such representations was part of a common scheme to mislead consumers and incentivize them to purchase telephone services in spite of the inhibition brought about by the difficulty of installing them,” Sylvia Nixon alleges in her class-action suit, which seeks a $5 million damage award against Sprint, Courthouse News Service reports

Nixon says she took Sprint up on its offer and switched services in November 2014, after a salesman promised her Sprint bill would be half the cost of her previous provider. The salesman allegedly also said Sprint would pay her termination fee from the other provider and give her three prepaid Visa cards with $350 on each.

But, says Nixon, her Sprint bill was far more than 50 percent of her previous bills, Sprint didn't pay her $1,500 termination fee, and the company only gave her two Visa cards. 

Sprint “persists and continues to engage in these practice and will not cease doing so unless and until forced to do so by this court,” she argues.

She is represented by attorney Todd Friedman of Woodland Hills, Calif.

What to do

Editor's note:  This story is about a class-action lawsuit. If you are among the class of consumers described in the suit, you may eventually be eligible to participate in whatever compensation the court awards, if any. Unlike what many people think, you do not "join" a class action -- you are either in the class covered by the action or you are not. 

Often, consumers included in an award do not need to take any action, as the defendant is required to contact them directly. In other cases, the court and the attorneys who brought the case will issue instructions when the case is settled.

Please note that under our Privacy Policy, we cannot provide you with the names of other consumers who may be similarly affected. 

Please see our Class Action Guide for more information. 

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