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More than 50 U.S. Blue Haven offices design and build inground custom pools & spas to meet your style and budget preferences. Local designers provide free in-home consultations and will illustrate your backyard dream with a custom plan (in most locations, with 3-D virtual reality software). Best of all, our exclusive, high-tech SmartFeatures™ make pool ownership easier & more economical. In the last 25 years alone, offices across America have successfully built and remodeled nearly 90,000 pools! 100% financing oac.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: April 16, 2019

I looked at all the different pool companies within the area and my decision came down to comparing Blue Haven's quality to what the others were offering and from talking to people who received a pool from Blue Haven. My experience working with the Blue Haven designers went pretty well. They were very willing to help. But design-wise, with the way the concrete was laid, it had the water flowing towards the house and I wouldn't have tilted it that way. I know the water has to run away from the pool but I wouldn't have put it going towards the house. I would have slanted it back and away, towards the back ditch line that takes the water away.

They are probably used to sloping away from the pool. But the minute they started digging, a guy mentioned having gutters back there because the water was gonna run away from the pool. Obviously, they were acknowledging that it was gonna go up near the house. So I went and got gutters put in. I thought that would resolve the issue because that was what they said needed to happen. But lo and behold, that wasn't the end solution.

I told them from the beginning that I have a small little ravine that curves like a half moon shape. Basically when the water comes down from the house above me, it hits that little ravine and hooks around towards the back of the fence and down to the other yard. I didn't have an issue before the pool was put in. When I had it re-landscaped, I actually had someone come in and help me even fix that problem.

I think the problem is that design. There needs to be a little bit more attention to detail in the laying of concrete to figure out what would be the best angle to bring that water. They should be more engaged in that part. The price focused so much on getting a hole dug but to me, the water issue was the intricate part. I understand we're responsible for putting our yard back together, which I did. But at the same time, something that's gonna contribute more of a hazard that could be prevented should be prevented. But I'm also on the side of the hill. I'm not just on level ground so for what Blue Haven pulled off, they did an outstanding job.

We also had a little extra pad put in for our hot tub but they put the electrical outlet 2 feet in on the pad. I don't know why it wasn't closer to the back of the concrete. They were willing to work, drop it down and make it come over to the end of the concrete and go back up. But I don't understand why that wasn't done from the beginning. Still, those were my only two really big issues. Everything else was fine and the design was accurate. The construction also went smoothly, minus the rain. We had a lot of rains so those delayed the amount of time it took for them to be able to get it done. But other than that, I don't have any complaints.

I prefer the size of the pool and its depth. It only goes 6 feet and that helps with circulation. I've had no issues with keeping the pH or the chlorine levels correct. The pool also has lights that you can set. It also has the ozone system and it has the timers on there to be able to set it for however long you want. Those features are helpful for operating the pool on a day-to-day basis because I don't have to worry about it. I do also love the feature where if it's gets near freezing, the pump will automatically kick on. I don't have to go over there manually and turn on the device everyday. It's very convenient.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: April 13, 2019

I found Blue Haven through the home magazine that they send through the mail. I took a chance to get some quotes between them and some other pool companies. And I was able to work with them the best out of everyone. Everything went really well with with the designer. I called them up, set up an appointment, gave them a brief idea what my wife and I were looking for. He was able to create a design and he sent it our way for approval. He was very helpful in working with us, creating some of the different design shapes, ideas, and adding sun shelf to the pool, which was definitely much needed. Overall, it was a good experience with Tom.

Our pool has the control panel that was put inside the house. And it also has LED changing light type of illumination. The pavers that we picked were a nice touch. They came out really nice. There were two sun shelves in the pool. So, we’re glad we went with two instead of just one, and getting an umbrella in each shelf put in as well. It helps out because we got a little one-year old. On the actual construction process, I was really impressed because my neighborhood had a bit of pools being put in around the same time. And for the most part, everybody has been consistent in the sense of getting their yards torn up to have the tractors drive through. I’ve seen some that tear up the sidewalks really bad, and then, from what I’ve heard, it’s up to the homeowners to repave it or re-cement it. But luckily, we didn’t have to worry about it or touch it or redo it. So, at least the construction process was nice and clean.

Everything went great. The only thing that took a little bit of time and I’m still waiting on is having a couple of these pavers replaced on the pool decking. I’ve been promised by one of their office ladies of what and when it's gonna happen. That timeframe came and passed and being busy with work, by the time I got back, they were like, “What are you talking about?” I even had one of the guys come out there to look at it. One of the project managers pointed out to me what they recommended being replaced and taped off. So, luckily, I finally was able to get a hold of someone who did come back out and looked at it. And then they agreed with me that they definitely will get replaced. It's just a matter of getting the pavers ordered and for them to ship, which I understand could take about three weeks.

I would recommend Blue Haven to make sure that someone like the lady who promised me a timeframe actually follows through with her promises and actions of what will be taken care of. Also, they could make sure she’s more informative with some of the customers in regards to construction. I got delayed about two to three weeks with the pool construction because when I called her and asked, “Hey, when can I get my fence installed?” And she said I should wait on that and she'd let me know when I could. When I called her to ask those questions, that would’ve been a great time for her to say, “Okay. We’ll let you know when. Just make sure you have your permit pulled, everything done, ready to go for the fencing.” I was under the impression that they already did it or had it taken care of. But they didn’t.

I got the quote and the work schedule, but it was just a matter of getting that permit which delayed us about two to three weeks. And that would’ve been helpful if she told me when I first called her. And I would’ve had that done, so that when she gave me the okay to have the fence installed before they could finish the pool build, that would’ve been very helpful. Other than those, I absolutely recommend Blue Haven.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Jan. 12, 2019

We worked with Gary from Blue Haven and his pool plan went beyond my expectations. Our backyard is greater than a 45 degree slot. So, he had to build that for one side of the pool, and then we have the pool on the main level, and we have a stacked-stone wall for an upper patio. He had them do the stacked-stone where it wasn’t just flat, the rest were stacked. It’s beautiful. But we had problems with the stacked-stone wall they were doing it. The subcontractor guy who had come out to do that wall had gotten three quarters of the way through and had to go get another piling of stones. But it was a different color. They did the whole wall, and when I went out after they had left, it was quite crappy.

I called Gary, and he came out and told me he was gonna deal with it. He had the subcontractor come back out, and take that rock off. They got another batch of stones, put it in, and left. I went outside and called Gary, and told him that it was not the same stone. It was more of the same color, but the other stone was more square and flat, but this one was more rounded. You could tell where there was different stones. Gary told me they would get it done, and the third time was beautiful. But the pool was not finished. He kept telling us we would be swimming by Memorial Day. But last spring was very rainy, and we had some crappy weather. We weren’t in by Memorial Day, then it was to be in by the 4th of July. We weren’t in by the 4th of July, but we were in on the 5th of July.

The pool is free-form with two sheer descent off the rock wall, and then the spa has an overflow into it. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. It’s a heated pool, and when we turned the heater on for the first time in September, I had to call Gary on October 2nd because the heater was leaking. He told me that it was under warranty and gave me who I needed to call to come out and fix it. When I called that group out to come fix it, the guy said it was absolutely a malfunctioning piece of equipment and it’s got to be covered under warranty. When I took it back to Hayward to deal with the warranty, they said it was not covered because I had too much chlorine in the pool and it ruined the heater. But Gary said that was not right so he came out, and he worked on it.

He bought the new piece and got someone to install it so that I didn’t have to deal with anything, other than I had about a month where we were arguing with Hayward and trying to get my heater fixed. Gary said he would handle Hayward on his own. He did an amazing job with the pool. He’s gonna tell you what needs to be said, whether you wanted to hear it or not. He tells you exactly what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna work, and what’s not going to work, which I greatly appreciated. I would work with him again. I would recommend him.

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Sept. 24, 2018

I have some friends in the construction business and one of them recommended Blue Haven because they were always on time and they would get the projects done either on time or ahead of time. He said Blue Haven isn't the cheapest in town, but that if I want any projects done in time, Blue Haven is a better company to go with. And that was what we experienced. Blue Haven reps came over and showed me what possible designs they had and what they have done in the past. Based on the square feet of my backyard, they showed me what options would work with my style of home and we landed on a design.

The design consultant was a really nice guy. But when it came down to selecting the fixtures like the tiles and colors, they left it completely up to me. I understand that but they could have given me some guidance as to what they typically see with what customers pick or what makes a pool look refreshing or the kind of combination people will go with if they want more of a darker looking pool. I had to pry that information out of the designer to the point where I had to tell him that I’m not in the pool business. I don’t know what works or what’s customary and what's the best combination in terms of color of the pool with the color of the side tiles. I needed a pool built and whatever color combinations they think work and don't work well, I wanna know.

The financing team told us what they are accustomed to doing and how they set up. We found a better financing option outside of Blue Haven and the other company that we went with for financing changed their policy to fit Blue Haven a little bit better. But Blue Haven helped arrange approval and they took care of all of it.

Also, the contractors that they hired to do the excavation were pretty quick. But they showed up ahead of schedule and we weren't prepared to receive them. All the paperwork with the association was fine and they knew they were coming, though. We just didn’t know the particular day they showed up and Blue Haven didn’t know either. I know the construction game is kind of crazy, but we’re paying a lot of money and we have to arrange our personal schedule to let guys come in and do their thing. Blue Haven could have better control of updating and letting us know who was coming when and who needed permission to get in our gate. The guys would just show up and I would have to ask what was going on. It was a little bit challenging on that side.

Coming on to the end when it was time for inspection, that was when we got an idea. We were told the inspector was gonna come and what he was gonna do and what he looks for. The guy that did that with us was pretty good. I just wish he was confident telling us that each step along the way. It might have been a hassle on their part or more energy for them on their side but it would have made a world of a difference for us being the homeowner knowing what was coming next. But in terms of coordinating the progress of it, Blue Haven did a pretty good job. After the excavators, the rebar guys came in and did their thing quickly and then, the concrete guys blasted all around and did their testing. I was really pleased with the coordination of who came one after the other. There was never a mix-up.

We had a hurricane came through in the middle of our construction but Blue Haven got the project done. It was delayed by a couple of days with getting the contractors to get the equipment back out on site. But we didn’t sweat it at all and it wasn't much compared to what I've heard other people experience when a storm comes through. When I shared that experience with a couple other friends, they were shocked because everybody else in construction felt significant delays. I was pretty impressed that Blue Haven was all ready to get back on site and continue and keeping the project going as quickly as possible. The construction process took 9 weeks and everything was according to schedule. And the pool absolutely met our expectations. It's a custom, freeform design which is a hybrid of a bean shape but not a complete bean shape. Also, we added the LED colored light and the heater.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: Aug. 24, 2018

I desired to have a pool built in a new home that we purchased and I went through the local area looking for people that build pools and do estimates. I had about eight of them show up and they gave me quotes. Then I met Gary, the guy from Blue Haven and right away, I pretty much decided he was gonna be the guy based on how he presented himself. I had other people do graphics and he did just scale basic. We live on a severe inclined hill and all our properties slant downhill at quite a pitch. We had two options and one of them was to put the pool down near the middle of the property where it was less severe and the other was to put it where an existing large deckhead was attached to the house. He gave me quotes for both and we went with the one that was closest to the house.

While I was talking to Gary, I could tell that he builds pools and has for a long time. He came out of Texas originally as far as building pools and it was easy to relate to a man you knew you were getting the straight scoop on everything. It was the same way through the whole experience, too. He was very upfront, very easy to get along with, and he did what he said he was gonna do, which in this portion of Alabama where I live is a rare stone. He's not a salesman and he gives you a quote and he stood by the quote even though they ran into some difficulties down the road. Nothing that was extensive, though, and it was just that you never know what you're gonna do until you start digging in some places. So, he was fabulous.

I paid Blue Haven in cash for the pool and it was laid out by contract that the payments would be made in quarters based on where things were at a particular point in time. Gary stayed right in the contract as far as when things were due and not until such work was completed. Then, the first part of the construction process was getting it scheduled. Like everybody else, Blue Haven depended on other parties to do things and it was related to weather conditions as well. We signed a contract in May and even if we agreed on when the work would start, they started later than they indicated. But there were reasons for it and it never was a problem. Gary gave us a rough five to eight weeks and the actual time they began the work was within what I consider reasonable timing.

Our pool is a regular one that is 6-feet deep and is approximately 30 x 15. They estimated it to be around 12,000 gallons based on where we hand the chemicals and it has stone coping that they cut here. It also has a swim-out and stairs in one end. Other than that, we didn't go for anything fancy. It's all Haywood stuff through Blue Haven but we looked at saltwater versus fresh water and Gary moved us right into where we needed to be focused which was the pool that we got which has fresh water. A salesman would have talked you into whatever he thought you were after. But Gary was not like that. He's also available to us at all times and he was even here last week. When there's a problem, he's the one we talk to.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2019

The product is awesome with a beautiful look. Blue Haven did our original pool with white plaster 10 1/2 years ago but now, 10-1/2 years later, it needed a facelift! We choose Wet Edge Primera Stone/Sky Blue Treasure. This still gave the light look we wanted and beautiful crystal clear "blue" water color we prefer. The Wet Edge product has a life of 10-15 years while our white plaster was 1-3 years! But, we took stellar care of our pool and got a good 9 years out of the white plaster. The pool turned out beautiful with Wet Edge. Looks brand new again and we are thinking we'll get at least 15-20 more years of wear from this finish.

Russell the maintenance Manager is absolutely the BEST! Always going above & beyond to accommodate with your situation as well as being extremely knowledgeable. We used him previously with our maintenance and were very pleased???? We were super thrilled to have had Russell on the team for our refinish and we did ask for him by name. Thank you Russell. The ** San Antonio, Texas

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: June 11, 2019

I had a good experience with Blue Haven and we love our pool. I use it almost every day that it’s not raining. It has a waterfall, LED lights, a bubbler and a tanning ledge, which I really like. The interaction with the construction team was good. They just came out and replaced both LED lights in the pool because they were having rust inside of them.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 10, 2019

A buddy of mine used a certain pool designer and I reached out to that designer. The guy is from Blue Haven, and so I used the company for my pool. I then had the designer out to my house so I could explain to him what type of pool I wanted. However, he was trying to talk me into something different. I was expressing to him what my needs and wants were but he was not listening to me. He was telling me what he thought I should have.

I’m a big dude. I'm 6 foot 1 and 300 pounds. I wanted a 4 and 4 1/2 foot pool. The area of the pool that I’m gonna sit in, drink beer, relax and visit with my guy friends, who are also big men, I wanted it to be a little deeper so that when I’m sitting there I’m not on my knees and it’s not awkward. The designer said that the average pool is 3 1/2 foot deep and I told him that I did not want a 3 1/2 foot deep pool. We went back and forth for about 30 minutes until finally I told him he wasn’t listening to me. I went and got a tape measure and marked my leg at 3 foot and said, “I don’t want this.” So he finally agreed to it and let me have a 4 1/2 foot deep pool.

After that conversation he continued with the drawing, but then he never came back to my house and never followed up. He passed the ball to someone else because I don’t think he liked my attitude. He passed it on to a project manager, and the guy did really well. The project manager was very personable and listened to all of our needs, and he bent over backwards. He picked up the ball and made it better.

And now, I have a very attractive pool. I’ve got all the boulders and the stones and everything done. It’s one of the prettier pools for backyards. The filters last for three months and then they need to be cleaned. I’ve also got the upgraded plaster as well as the remote control, which makes it easier for me to control the pool, like turning the slide on or turning the heater on. Everything can be done from my hand. I would definitely recommend Blue Haven and I have recommended them to five different families.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 9, 2019

I called different pool companies and Blue Haven called me back. They were very prompt. We did a little bit of research on them, saw that they had great reviews, and went from there. The designer did a beautiful job and the design was wonderful. We had something in mind and he showed us something else. We liked his design a lot better because it was more feasible to lay the way he did it.

The construction team was wonderful and courteous but the project manager was horrible. He did not return phone calls and would not and could not answer questions. We were extremely frustrated. They ended up putting Ryan here and he ended up overseeing a good portion of the project. He was absolutely wonderful. He went above and beyond. It was not a good experience with the other guy but Ryan more than made up for it. He stepped up and took care of everything. He answered all of our questions even after the pool was installed. He followed up with “Are you all doing okay? Do you like the pool?” That smooths things out a lot. The pool is phenomenal. We love the cleaning system. It does a great job and it’s well worth the purchase of it. We picked out the tile and everything and we also had a spa put in. We have colored lighting and we did have two gas heaters installed. We’re very pleased with our final product. Blue Haven did an excellent job.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 8, 2019

John was the designer that we dealt with at Blue Haven. He came up with everything and he was great at maximizing the confined space that we have and getting the most amount of pool in that space. The extra detail designs around the water, the water feature and the tanning deck were extra nice to have. We have a back wall that has two shelf waterfalls that fall into the pool and you can sit underneath them. It is a smart pool. It is controlled by an app on our phone and it has LED lighting. All of my interactions with Blue Haven from start to finish was very professional, and very communicative. The construction team was timely. They were good about cleaning up behind themselves. From start to finish, it was a great process. They still continue to be in touch and available if we have questions as new pool owners, and I would highly recommend them to anybody.

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Blue Haven Pools builds and remodels in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas. Its offices around the United States have provided inground pools for tens of thousands of homeowners since 1954.

  • Design and construction: Blue Haven Pools specializes in a full range of standard and custom designs with a wide array of features ranging from tanning ledges to infinity edges.

  • Technology: Blue Haven’s private-label equipment line, SmartFeatures™, includes options like antimicrobial filters, handheld- and smartphone-compatible remote controls, water- and energy-efficient equipment and alternative water sanitizing systems.

  • Licensing: Individual offices are fully insured and licensed to build pools in their local markets.

  • Warranty: Individual offices provide limited lifetime structural warranties.

  • Financing: To make it easier to pay for pools over time, Blue Haven offices help facilitate loans through a national network of home-improvement lenders and finance programs.

  • Best for: homeowners interested in concrete gunite/shotcrete pools and spas.

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