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Blue Haven Pools & Spas

Blue Haven Pools & Spas
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More than 50 U.S. Blue Haven offices design and build inground custom pools & spas to meet your style and budget preferences. Local designers provide free in-home consultations and will illustrate your backyard dream with a custom plan (in most locations, with 3-D virtual reality software). Best of all, our exclusive, high-tech SmartFeatures™ make pool ownership easier & more economical. In the last 25 years alone, offices across America have successfully built and remodeled nearly 90,000 pools! 100% financing oac.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 2, 2020

I interviewed three different people and Blue Haven was one that I located through the advertisement that comes in the mail. Mitch was the person that came out to the house to look at the property and gave us an idea. I liked that he was very straightforward, not trying to candy-coat things as far as cost or hiding how much it would really be. “This is it. This is what you got. This is what we can do. What do you think? And there you go. And this is how much it’s gonna cost.” Obviously, it’s a big expense so I like people that are upfront with me.

The design met the expectations. I made some changes toward the end and things like that once it started filling in, but for the most part, it’s exactly as what they described, the pictures they sent, the design that they came up with. I feel great. I love it. Also, the construction was right on target. They stayed on target the entire time through the process. There is a bit of calcium buildup from the water fountain so I’m trying to figure out how to maintain that. There are a bit of spots of rusting underneath some of the stones and I’m just trying to figure out that. But other than that, there have really been no issues. Everything has been running well and working as they guaranteed.

Even though they graded out some of the yard that was dug up, it was filled with chunks of concrete so I had to go through that. There was some overspray on some of the windows and I tried to get it off, but I couldn’t. So, I contacted the project manager that oversaw it and he just told me to take some more soap and water and try to do it again. That didn’t sit well with me, but since the whole rest of the experience was so incredible, I just chalked it up just let that one go.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 1, 2020

    The designer from Blue Haven, Jess, was great and we liked his manner when he went over everything and how it was gonna be or what it's gonna look like as well as the presentation. We got the hot tub and the initial installation was great. The tub is kidney-shaped and the waterfalls comes out of it into the water. We got a liner in it, which is cool and makes it look like it’s still moving when the water stops. We like that part of it.

    The heater cracked and the reps from Blue Haven came out and took pictures. Initially, they came out and bypassed it because it was leaking out of it, but they got everything resolved there. They just hadn't come back to fix that. I got a couple of issues with the liners, which needs restretching from the initial install. It's got a couple of nice creases in it. It's a liner pool but they poured concrete in there for steps. So I don't have that plastic, which is great. But where the liner goes over it, it’s almost like the concrete broke just a little bit. I addressed it with Blue Haven because my theory is it’s gonna poke a hole in my liner eventually. I'm just waiting on some replies from them.

    Everything has been above board with John, my local guy, as far as the communications with him. I've hit him up week before last via text because it's much easier to text than it is to be on the phone except for weekends. He had to order the heater but I haven’t heard back from him as to when they're gonna finalize all that. So, I reached out to him to see when they were gonna get me all scheduled. Still,we're very satisfied. I just wanna get those few kinks worked out.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2020

    Blue Haven's designer was really good. I live aways north of Edmond and when I asked him when he could start, he said "tomorrow". I fell out of my chair as normally the response I would get is "Oh, give me a couple of months". He was at my place the very next day. Because I Iive in the country right next to wheat fields on three sides, I was interested in an automatic pool cover. I went with whatever he thought was best and when he got out to my location to fit the spot, we went a little bit smaller. Construction started in the fall and things went great.

    I was pleased with everything but the automatic cover. I was getting ready to close the pool and drain the equipment. Two guys had my pool down to about six inches of water and when they got ready to leave, one of the techs said that I can't use my automatic cover at that time. About five days later, I got a call from their office and their guy Steven who was so nice and knowledgeable told me that I can't use the cover as there was too much tension that it has to have water underneath it. I was so upset since why would I spend $10,000 or $12,000 on an automatic cover and not be able to use it. So, my pool is open and I have no cover on it whatsoever. Every day, I have to pull out weeds. The pool has dirt at the bottom as well. I hate to see it dirty because it's so pretty. Blue Haven made it absolutely beautiful. I should have listened better to them to know that I should have left water in. Next winter, I’ll leave the water in and the pump running.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 29, 2019

    I did a Google search in my area for pool builders. I called Blue Haven and Anthony & Sylvan, and had interviews with both of them. I felt like Blue Haven had a better shot at getting the timeline that I wanted. And I thought that their overall products were a step above Anthony & Sylvan's. We actually used the pool design of Anthony & Sylvan. But with the overall package, there are some stuff that are a normal product for the pool, Anthony & Sylvan charges you an upgrade to get it. Like just for instance, Anthony & Sylvan still uses the red brick around it for standard coping and Blue Haven does the bluestone around theirs.

    The designer, Dave, was good. He was right on time with everything. He stayed involved until the pool was done. He came over our house a couple different times, we modified the original pool design a couple of different times, so he had to go back to the drawing board to make us completely happy. He was willing to do all that. He did a great job.

    I could definitely see who was working by the hour. And the actual guys who dug the pool out did it in four hours. I had a six-foot elevation from top to bottom. So they put in a three-foot reverse beam wall and all that bluestone tile, like the coping and the diving ledge is all blue stone. We have a diving ledge that doubles as a waterfall. It took them four days to do the tile, whereas everybody else seem to be hammering through it. But the only real disappointment was the concrete guys. For the amount of money I spent in concrete, I feel like I was really let down. Considering I spent like $13,000 in concrete and got very little concrete.We had some cracks already, not even a year into it. And we have not gotten any response back from Blue Haven on that deal yet. I would have rather gone with my own vendor locally. That's what I would have done if I had to do it over. But that would be my one hiccup on the whole process.

    I've got four steps on either side of the pool and it drops down in the reverse beam wall area and I got a patio right there. Some of the concrete of the steps was knocked out. It was cut at an angle, it didn't have a nice roll like you're supposed to on your steps. And they finally just came back one week near towards the end of the summer, and all they did was just put a layer of concrete over top of it and fixed the steps and put a layer of concrete over top of a couple of cracks, and it really looks god-awful now. If that was the way they were gonna fix it, I would have rather them just left it alone the way it was. Now, I got a bright white patch on my concrete and the steps is like bright white. And there's no finish to it. It's rough. It's pretty nasty looking.

    And the pool school needs to be a little longer and a little more in detail, especially for a homeowner who has no experience with pools, which is myself. They should have taken a bit more time to show the pool equipment -- what needed to be fixed and what not to be fixed. It's hard to remember all that, or they could create a brochure or a teaching manual for do's and don'ts with your pool maintenance. I try to get Blue Haven to come out and go over a couple of things with me, and they told me they don't do maintenance work. They just build the pools. I'm like, "Okay. Gotcha."

    I didn't realize there was a drain at the bottom where you could've drained it out. Now, they very well told me that in pool school, but when you're talking 25, 30 minutes on pool school for somebody who's never owned a pool, that's asking a lot for somebody to retain all that, when they're just excited to have a brand new pool. And another good example is that when we started the pool up for the first year. I had an acid bath done at the beginning of the year. After you start these pools up, you're supposed to take your filters out and re-clean them again like a week or two after you get them up and running. And then after that, they're pretty well good for all summer. Nobody told me that so my filter was clogged up and it shut my heater off.

    I had to spend an X amount of dollars getting my pool water heated up. Nevertheless, I would recommend them and I would use them again to build me another pool. I would not use their concrete vendor. I would go a different route for that. But as far as like the guys who built the pool, did the tile and all that stuff, I got no complaints at all. They met or exceeded all of our needs.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 11, 2019

    We did a lot of research online and had interviewed a number of pool companies, and ultimately, Blue Haven's design was right and they were willing to work with us. The guy in the shop was great. Bill, the guy who built our pool, was awesome. He worked out any kinks that happened along the way and made it a very, very smooth process. We definitely made the right choice by working with Blue Haven. We paid outright for it. They created a high-end pool for us. They worked with the limited space that we had and they also worked with our landscape people. So, it was a joint effort.

    We wanted privacy and they were able to achieve that by adding a bit of a wall, which was a waterfall. We did colored lighting with some tanning ledges and benches. Everything was perfectly cut. We built a whole outdoor system around it - TV, decks, etc. It’s the centerpiece of the whole yard and it worked out really well. And the stone facade on the back looks really nice from the walk-in path that we have. I thought it was gonna be a crazy process, but the pool part of it was the easiest part. The landscaping was the only difficult part, but they didn’t do that.

    You gotta work with somebody reputable and somebody who’s gonna listen and work with you on design, and Blue Haven did all of that. It’s worth the investment. Others should definitely consider Blue Haven as a resource. We love the fact that they helped us decide granite versus fiber glass versus vinyl. Also, Blue Haven had a great idea because we knew we wanted to get an electric heater, but they told us not to get that because we'd have heat it over X degrees or over the ambient temperature. So, we got gas heater and it works out perfectly because when it’s 50 degrees outside, if we wanna swim, we can swim. If we had electric heater, we wouldn’t be able to do that. My daughter’s birthday is in October, and we knew we’d be having parties so we wanted to make sure that we'd be able to swim. Blue Haven listened to us and gave us everything we wanted.

    4 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 4, 2020

    This company was a nightmare to work with. This is my second pool renovation and I will not advise anyone to hire them. Read the other reviews before hiring. When the rep/owner came he promised a lot but they under delivered. Jeff, the construction manager is condescending, doesn’t listen to his customers and is a mister know it all. He doesn’t answer his call, doesn’t reply to emails.

    It took them almost 2 months to change the tiles, install a heater, a salt system and to replaster the pool. They would show up once in a while sometimes not for days. They hire a bunch of subcontractors to do the work, the construction manager doesn’t even come to check how the work is progressing. Once the contract is signed the rep, who is part owner, doesn’t even contact you even if you complained or asked for information. Read the fine print in their contract and do not accept their payment schedule as I made the mistake on trusting the smooth talking rep. They are really good and pushy in collecting money but dont keep their side of the deal.

    A few days before plastering they sent me some instructions and let me to fend for myself to find a water hauler during a holiday weekend. They put the salt system but never gave me instructions how to run it, or where they will place it. They did a horrible job with the plumbing and didn’t consult with me. Half of the pool is working, as they don’t test anything. I have complained to them, spoke to them during the entire ordeal but they never reached out to us, walked us through the process and discussed it with us. Also please be advised they do not test or support the pool opening (testing, ph, alkalinity) once the plaster is done, the most critical part of having a nice plaster. Unfortunately I learned that too late after they were gone.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 2, 2020

    Everything went great with Blue Haven. The project manager was pretty good. His name was Jacob. He was very informative. He kept a good timeline and finished in a timely fashion. The designer did a great job. He suggested the rates well with the water features that I liked versus me doing them. Most of their workers who did the construction didn't speak English but they were very polite and they stayed on task most of the time. I went with the financing representative and it was really easy. I submitted my information and their credit advisor handled everything.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 13, 2020

    We heard about Blue Haven from my uncle. Everything was well and was as planned. They finish it in the estimated time, if not earlier. We worked with a designer and everything met our expectations. What we like most about having the pool is the additional living space. We are in the pool all the time especially now.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 7, 2020

    We had them put in a pool and the quality has been good. They did a good job. We had some miscommunications with the project manager associated with our project but we understand that he's been released since. In the end, they hit what they relayed. They did 95% of what they said they would do and that's pretty good. We're happy with the product and the price.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 6, 2020

    We had Blue Haven come to refinish our pool, 4 years later and we are still not satisfied! What should have taken 2 weeks took 3 months. We had white spots in the pool, they came back the following year to fix and they still are there. Our coping had cracks in it and the masking was pulled away from the coping and cement. We have called several times and have gotten the runaround, no one would call me back until I threatened to call my lawyer. I was told last year we would be first on their list when the season began. We never had the coping and mastic fixed until October. Their customer service is horrible! The receptionist was rude! I am still not satisfied with my pool and we spent a lot of money to have it repaired!

    2 people found this review helpful
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    Blue Haven Pools builds and remodels in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas. Its offices around the United States have provided inground pools for tens of thousands of homeowners since 1954.

    • Design and construction: Blue Haven Pools specializes in a full range of standard and custom designs with a wide array of features ranging from tanning ledges to infinity edges.

    • Technology: Blue Haven’s private-label equipment line, SmartFeatures™, includes options like antimicrobial filters, handheld- and smartphone-compatible remote controls, water- and energy-efficient equipment and alternative water sanitizing systems.

    • Licensing: Individual offices are fully insured and licensed to build pools in their local markets.

    • Warranty: Individual offices provide limited lifetime structural warranties.

    • Financing: To make it easier to pay for pools over time, Blue Haven offices help facilitate loans through a national network of home-improvement lenders and finance programs.

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