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Blue Haven Pools offer inground custom designs to meet your design & budget preferences. Local designers provide free in-home consultations and will illustrate your backyard dream with 3D virtual reality software. Best of all, our state-of-the-art SmartFeatures™ make pool ownership easier & more economical than ever before.

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Last updated: Dec. 7, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

I have a good relationship with Blue Haven and have a second pool from them. I’m also very pleased with their service I had. The service people come out in a few days and sometimes immediate but it depends on what day of the week I call on. I always get an immediate response, no more than a few days. I have the service rep’s name and the number stored in my cell phone and oftentimes I’ll just text him with an issue, but I always forward a formal request through the email so it’s in the records.

There had been various small repairs and replacements of parts along the way since the pool equipment was installed. The repairs had all been done in a timely manner and caught by the pool service that we have. And when I went home last night, the repairman managed to get the pool fixed and everything looked the same. That was good news even though I have never talked with any of the people that came out and repaired my pool equipment since I’ve always been at work. I referred my next-door neighbor to Blue Haven and he had a pool put in too.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

There were little issues when Blue Haven finished building the pool, but they took care of it all quickly. The service personnel were professional. Everything is good and I'd refer them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

We got Blue Haven to build our pool and so we went to their office and picked out the colors and materials that we like. They helped steer us to things that would work, sat down and consulted with us. They have a showroom with the materials out and they also have books of materials and options. The standard features are the heated pool and colored LED lights, then we added the waterfall and some seating in the pool like benches. We were very involved with the design of it and we took the things we wanted. We really like the waterfall, the deep-end seating, and the sunning shelf. It's a ledge with about three inches of water on it, like public tanning ledges. They also suggested a bank for our pool loan and then we dealt with the bank directly.

We then had the construction from February 'til about the end of July. There was a lot of delays and a lot of it was due to weather so it’s out of their control. Also, a lot of it was unavailability of contractors due to other projects. The whole area got inundated with delays which then backed everybody up. I understand that it’s because of the weather but it doesn't make it less frustrating. We also had some issues after the pool was done that they couldn't remedy. After they plastered the pool and they uncast the plug to put in the drain, there was a leak on to the plaster and created a stain that's been there since the pool was built. They tried to address it but it's a permanent thing. And then there was confusion with the payment method and how much we still owe them. We bought turtle mural tiles for the floor and owe them about $200 but they haven't gotten back to us on that. It’s disorganized and the office end wasn't the best experience.

If we’re going to recommend them to friends, I would tell them the end product is good. Blue Haven knows what they're talking about. They know what they're doing but it was bumpy. It wasn't perfect but sure, there's worst out there. At least Blue Haven’s reputation can be trusted that if it goes wrong, especially if it's something big, they'll remediate it. But they let little things get past them, like the stain and the $200 we owe them. It's not really a big deal so they don't worry about it. They're not as detail-oriented as we'd hope that they would be, but they're very personable. The owner was very personal and being a salesman, he makes you want the product but there's no follow through sometimes. The technical people, those who build and service the pool, they're very competent and responsive. The issue is trying to communicate to the sales and office staff to get the technical people out. I'm satisfied with the experience but I'm not super happy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

Blue Haven had to come in and check my pump. I introduced myself to the service personnel and he introduced himself. I showed him the issue and he looked at it. He brought the part and he was done in no time at all. They changed out my pump and it was great. Blue Haven provided excellent service and quality of work. I would highly recommend them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

We've always dealt with really good people from Blue Haven. My board went out, and they sent a technician the next day. The technician was really nice. He was very professional, and he knew what the problem was on the phone, so he brought the right stuff. He brought the board, I described the problem and he fixed it in about 20 minutes. However, I need to get him back because I need to have something done with my pump.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

Everything was good with Blue Haven. I checked with different companies before them, but Blue Haven got what I needed. They sent me more than 20 different designs that they have and if you choose and need to do any modifications, they designer was open to doing it for me. They also explained the process and offered me another option like financing, but I pooled the money together and paid for the pool. Also, I needed the pool before May 31st which was my daughter's birthday, and I wanted to make it a pool party. Blue Haven called me and said they would move the construction for three days because of the weather condition, and told me not to worry about it. They finished it on time and did an awesome job. I also referred three more friends and they got the same thing as me. Everything was happy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

Blue Haven built our pool. We met with their designer and told him our priorities in design and he drew out exactly what we wanted. He was really good. Then, it was the permits after that. They also helped arrange a pool loan and the process was easy, very fast and took a few days. In terms of the construction process, we started on time. However, it didn’t finish by the time they said it would be which we had expected. They told us it would happen before Christmas, but it didn’t until March. The delays happened one thing after another and one of them was the inspection, while the other one was that they were waiting for the shotcrete guys to come. There were so many people that they contracted out that they waited on their availability since they were working on other pools too. Once they dug the hole, it was about a couple of weeks until they did the shotcrete, but it was really fast.

The fountain was also built and its shape and combination with the fire pit were good. We have the remote controls and the lights which were good as well. In addition to that, their team was good, helpful, able to answer all my questions and awesome with follow-up and follow-through. They also have a guy who repairs the pool even years after it was built which was the big point of having a big company do our pool. If something goes wrong, I have somebody to call. There was actually a leak in the pool where one of the construction people drilled a stake into the plumbing. When we came home, there was flooding in the backyard and it was scary. It was after hours, but they were able to get back to us and tell us what to do. We turned off the filters and got the plumbing off, and they also fixed it right away, got it done quickly. It was great.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Blue Haven built our pool. It has fountains and colored lighting. It also has smart features. The designer helped out a lot. He’s very nice about any question that I had. Blue Haven also helped arrange for a loan and I had a good experience with the team that handled it. That process took about a week. The construction workers were fine but it took longer than I expected due to their scheduling which was really bad. They dug the hole and did the wires and the gunite. After that, they did the deck then they did the plaster on the inside of the pool. The construction process took about two months. Whenever I had an issue, it got done but I never knew what’s the next step or when they are going to do certain things. There’s no communication. The process sucked but it’s done and we love our pool.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Blue Haven built my pool. One of their representatives came out, we talked about it, and they drew up plans. They showed me some different designs and we agreed upon what I wanted to do. We picked out the tile and the decking, and worked on different aspects of how we wanted the pool laid out - whether we wanted a waterfall or not, a Jacuzzi or not, etc. We took off some things because we didn’t think we really needed such as a couple of different waterfall features. The only thing I would have done differently had I known was to go with something else to be put around the pool. We put flag stone and it constantly chips.

There were some things that didn’t get done that I ended up having to do. When I finally read the contract in that specific area, it said that they weren’t responsible for taking care of certain things. If I had known that from building the pool at the beginning, I probably would have said, “I want this scratched. I want to do it differently.” Other than that, it was a learning experience. I built another pool when I was in California and at that point in time, they did everything right. I never had to ask them to do anything differently. But this is a different time and people do things to make a profit and cut corners when they can. And it was in writing. If I had researched it and not overlooked it, I would have been able to tell them to make some changes.

They were also a couple of mistakes. I had a couple of little plastic covers that go over the drainage thing and the valves for the spa. One of them goes over the automatic waterfall and they are very cheap. They pop off every once in a while in the sun and that’s just one of those hazards that they probably didn’t make completely circular. It doesn’t quite fit down in there and then the heat closes the lids. I have a couple of Labradors and they love playing in the pool. My son has a couple too so when they come over and they get all rowdy on the deck, those things pop off. I moved the lids around and it seemed to help for the summer but it’s not completely perfect. I had a discussion with Blue Haven about it and they said they were going to send somebody out.

Other than those, the experience was real good. They said that the construction was going to be three months but it was less than that. I’m satisfied with my pool and I don’t have any problems with it. My wife’s very happy. My thought was that it was going to be a little bit larger than what it is but I don’t blame them for that. It still suits our needs. I'd recommend Blue Haven. My ex-wife and her soon-to-be husband are planning. They’re having a house built here in southern Nevada and they want to have Blue Haven come over. We had some other friends that had moved from California out here and I talked to them about it, too.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

I would recommend Blue Haven. They built our pool and it met our expectations. We worked with Dennis and he was good. I told him what I needed and what my wife wanted. He then worked us out some plans and showed us. My whole backyard was all concrete and I did all the demolition work. Then Blue Haven brought their excavation company out and dug a hole. They put the rebar in. I had to wait a bit of extra time on my HOA to give me the final approval of it and went through the inspections of the rebar with North Las Vegas.

Once everything was approved Blue Haven sprayed the granite in and it was just as planned. It looked just like what my wife and I anticipated. Then they went through the inspection process of the granite and the pool equipment and then put the phosphate to it. I had also a paved stone deck put in. The pool was completed right at about six weeks which was a couple of weeks longer than I anticipated but other than that it was perfect.

My favorite feature was the gas heater. The construction team also did a bit more than what was expected of them. They made it work with my planter box and then charged me the extra for it. Also every time I called Blue Haven up they answered my questions right on the spot. If the person that I need to talk to wasn’t in there they would call me back within one or two hours and answer my questions.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

We had an issue with the decking so we called Blue Haven and talked to Shelly, who’s their warranty person. I sent her a few photos and she had the decking subcontractor out three days later. She was looking to have them out there sooner but it was my day off that day so she had them out there on the day that I wanted. The subcontractor came out and I showed the issue to them. They said they would take care of it and half an hour later, they were done. There was no mess left and the deck looks very nice. I would definitely recommend Blue Haven.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I built two pools with Blue Haven and I’m very satisfied with them. As a matter of fact, I just tried to give them more business to build my new gazebo that is my entertainment kitchen area, but they didn’t want to do it because that’s not really their expertise. The last time they came out was to fix the app that runs the pool from my phone, the OmniLogic app. They managed to update and fix it. It's perfect and they did a great job. Blue Haven is very on target financially. They don’t gouge people and they work with you. Elaine is fantastic, Bob is great, and Rick is awesome. They handled everything fantastic and I’ve told people to use Blue Haven.

Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

Blue Haven didn't tell us that we needed to move the stuff in our front yard where they were going to come through. When they came to do the initial dig they tore the front plants out of the front of my yard and literally just plopped them there. Also they would come and then it would be like weeks before they would come back. They did the initial dig and then they started pouring. There were big clumps of plaster or concrete they used to do the first thing but was just left and I think it’s buried in my backyard. We were given a date on my contract that said when it was going to be done but they didn't hold up to their end of the contract.

They had to come back out, drain my pool, and refix everything because there was rebar that was coming through. In my contract we had explained to them what we wanted. I understand we signed off on everything but when we bought the pool the guy that we had didn't explain everything. We told him that we wanted the color-changing LED lights. We also told him that we didn't want a complete bottom plaster that was just going to be white because you can see all the imperfections on it. We ended up with non-color-changing LED lights and complete white plaster pool.

Also I've had them out a couple of times because some of my pool equipment had failed. The lights that change on my pool doesn't work. They've been out twice to do that. So far it works but I've had to have them give me a new remote control and they've had to come out to try to get it on different frequencies. Another major concern we had was that we needed a childproof gate on my pool or around it because we have a three-year-old child. That wasn't included in the price initially and we had to go back to have it redone. The guy that we had was a complete and utter buffoon and he no longer works there. There are some people that work there that are awesome but I would never in my life recommend Blue Haven to anybody. If I could go back and do it all over again I would never have them do it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

I was already getting ready to sign a contract with another pool company but I thought of going with Blue Haven because if I'll have any warranty issues, they’re a national company and I might as well play it safe versus going with a company that’s a little bit smaller. You never know if they could go out of business or something. However, the experience with Blue Haven was nothing short of a nightmare. There were a lot of things that were told to me that didn’t come through. It ended up taking quite a long time versus what I was told and it was unfortunate for me because I already made travel plans being told that my pool would be done in about two to three weeks max and it ended up being another two months.

I had to tell them numerous times that the contractors who came didn’t clean up after themselves. They left trash everywhere and I was a little upset about that. There were chunks of rock like still lying all around the perimeter of the pool and my landscaper was telling me like that they needed to get rid of the rocks. They did but there were also plywood and everything. Instead of them taking to the trash can in front of the yard, they just left it all in the corner of my house for me to clean up. Also, they start early in the morning which was fine but they were accidentally banging shovels on my window and I had to come out and tell them to be careful around the perimeter of my house.

They got the guy in there and they told me that my part of town doesn’t have a lot of caliche. I talked to a lot of pool experts and they told me that there’s no way in hell they would have known that there's caliche in there. I wasn’t terribly upset about it even though there was about fifteen hours of caliche digging that I had to pay for which screw my budget out of whack. Then the project came to a screeching halt for about a month and a half. I asked them when were they going to get it done and they said once they get the shotcrete appointment. It was only going to be two or three more weeks of wait.

There was a lot of conflict with their contractor and a lot of miscommunication as well. One person would tell me one thing from the place but another person would tell me something different and they weren’t communicating with each other. So I was upset because I paid for the entire pool upfront before which was a mistake on my end. I also felt like my questions weren’t really taken too seriously and that they didn't really care.

When I called and made complaints, the lady almost basically told me I was being a little ridiculous. I ended up having to take screenshots of text messages as proof of why I was upset and sending it to them. And she was like, “Oh, wow. Now I understand your frustrations...” instead of believing me from the get-go. Once they got the screenshots, they addressed them and ultimately, the pool finally got done. It ended up being a spectacular pool and I love it. I am happy with the pool. They did a very good job on it, but I just wish the process was a little bit easier. When you pay $56,000 for a pool, you expect it to be done to the utmost professionalism.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I had an issue recently and Blue Haven was able to take care of it pretty quickly. I noticed the problem on Saturday morning and they had someone come out on Monday to fix it. I wasn’t home when the technicians came, but I arranged to have my back keyed open. They called ahead to let me know that they were ten minutes out and I gave instructions for them to head around back where the equipment was. Then they gave me a shout when it was all done. I got home and tested it, and it was all good. They cleaned up any mess and I didn’t even know they were back there.

I recommend Blue Haven and have already recommended them to a couple of friends. They were reasonable if we wanted to make a change during our plans. They were negotiable and very accommodating within reason. Shelly is the person whom I deal with any issues and she’s really great to work with. She always gets back to me. If I had to leave a message or anything, she always returns my call which is good. Their technician, Chad, is also really great to deal with. He is super knowledgeable and he taught me a lot about my pool equipment. He is super helpful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

Blue Haven designed, built, and serviced the pool. I’m on a weekly service contract. We started through the end of the season so there was a little bit of delay because of wintertime. We started October and finished it in May. We both agreed to halt during the cold season. The designer, John, exceeded our expectation in every way. The construction crew did a professional job. They worked hard and finished on schedule and there were no defects or any kind of recall work after the installation. Also, I have a very good rapport with the service personnel. I’ve been very pleased with the service and have recommended them to other friends.

Factual basis uncertain
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

I have dealt with a large selection of contractors, or tradesmen in the last few years, never have I faced such awful overall outcome from a company like I did with Blue Haven Pools. After I paid the friendly salesman the communication outright failed after that point. If you want excuses, this company has them ready with any inquiry you bring to their attention. Months and months and more months went by and still the overall contract from this company was never finished; constant delays and never ending excuses.

The president (Mike Fratrik) was ultimately unhelpful with my pool. If you want your pool finished in a decent amount of time DO NOT deal with Blue Haven Pools. If you have any concerns with this company before you buy a pool, feel free to contact me and I'll give you more concise details as to how truly horrible this company is to use for your pool needs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Blue Haven installed our first pool. Their rep came, gave us a drawing, brought it back and we made selections. They gave us some financing options, too and we chose one. They were cheaper than everybody else. The construction took eight weeks and they did a professional job. We have a waterfall and lighting. We also have the smart features which are cool. Everything we wanted, they did for us and if there are problems, they'd fix it. We like Blue Haven and we're happy with our pool. It was a great experience and I would recommend them to whoever I know is getting a pool.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I’ve had pump issues and Blue Haven sent out a repair technician who had to come out and fix the same issue twice. It was more on the equipment side. In general, I'm very pleased with Blue Haven and I would recommend them. They did good work, and we’re happy with their pool. However, I am not so pleased with the sales rep whom I had. When I wasn’t happy with something, they didn’t want to address the issue as a salesman. They were very quick to make the deal on the front end, but not when there were issues.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I had Blue Haven build my pool, and I've got their Smart cartridge filter and the OmniLogic control panel. The 1.5 horsepower pump is a Blue Haven too. The salt generator was Blue Haven brand as well. I spoke with the design consultant every single day. He came out and looked at the lay of the land and what I imagined. Also, I took pictures of pools I found online, all the way down to the color of the plaster to every component of the whole thing. He drew up a pool that would be functional, a shape and size that fit within the backyard. It looked fantastic on paper. He always answered the phone and came out to the house tons of times. He was on top of things as far as the whole process of designing to building it and making sure everything moved along as quickly as possible.

Blue Haven gave me an option to speak to somebody regarding financing, and even that person was great. It wasn't somebody who was trying to sell me on something. I did all the financing on my own since I had a better scenario of available cash and some financing. I was quoted eight to ten weeks for the construction to finish. We probably could have finished in five but it would have been pushing it. We ended up finishing about six and a half weeks total from start to finish.

Everything was a one-day process except the stone. That was a week because there was a lot of stonework. The pavers took three days because there was a lot of paver work to do too. Everything was quick, except for items like gunite and plaster that can’t be installed when it’s raining. I was able to, fortunately, be at the house on pretty much any given day, so I was able to ask quick questions. Or if they’re not here, I'd jump on the phone and call them. There were a few tweaks that we did throughout the process, from the building versus what was physically drawn as far as the patio decking but it was all good.

I like being able to just sit in the pool and turn on the heaters. I don’t have to walk over to the panel and make adjustments. That's perfectly one of the biggest things as far as functionality. Overall, they're all super nice guys, top quality people as far as their end-result product of each stage of the pool build. Their rep is actually a friend of several of my friends I went to school with. That made my experience even better because there was a personal connection as well. They were there to make things happen and the quality of what was done was top-notch.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

When we stopped by the first time at Blue Haven, we talked to a designer who showed us several of the designs, we picked one out and he quoted us a price. He was very good and helpful. He came out and scoped out where it would be in our backyard. They gave us a date when they assumed they’d be done, depending on weather and stuff because you can’t help the rain. Everything went as planned, and by July 4th we were open. So, everything went extremely well. I call their rep Cheryl if I have a problem and she’s right there no matter what. She can walk me through anything.

We have two small grandkids. When we first got the pool, my granddaughter was one year old and the sunny ledge was the best thing that worked for her. There's a safe place for them to go and they won't be in the deep end, and we love that. I like the gunite too. I don't have a liner and that makes a lot of difference. My brother has a pool with a liner and he has to replace it every four years and I don’t have to do that. Overall I've recommended Blue Haven highly. We have four friends who put in Blue Haven pools. One of them put one in last year in Kingfisher, and they had the same experience we had and used the same designer. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I saw a picture of one of my friends and she had a pool in the background. I asked her who they used and she said it was Bob with Blue Haven and she passed along his number. We enjoyed talking to Bob and that he took the time out of his day to take us around when we asked him to show us the pools he had done. That's when we realized we wanted a tanning ledge too. We wanted the spa that overflowed into the pool and then we added the tanning ledge. It was awesome.

We wanted it done as a surprise for a family that was coming to stay with us for a few weeks. It was completed in August and it went along faster than I thought. Those guys work hard. They were here at the crack of dawn and they didn't leave until it's dark. They were detailed and everybody was excellent. Everything went smoothly which is great. The pool also has a feature where we can activate and work everything through my husband's phone like when you're sitting in the hot tub and he doesn't want to get out to change something. We've had numerous people in the neighborhood asking and coming to look at it, so hopefully, they use them too. It was wonderful to do business with them and we are definitely enjoying the pool. We're pleased with Blue Haven.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

My pool lights went off because they got struck by lightning. Blue Haven Pools & Spas weren’t able to come and service the lights because they were going through issues out of the Oklahoma City Service Department where they were all new and inexperienced. I had to go to a third party to come fix the lights and replace them. Another issue I have is I live 100 miles away from their office so I get charged over $200 alone for a travelling fee just for them to come out here and look at stuff. But everything is working good now. The first couple of years I had Blue Haven Pools & Spas they came out and did good jobs. They also do a good job of giving me what I need, if it be chemicals or a couple little parts that I can fix myself. They’re not cheap but they do look good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

I had a wonderful experience with Blue Haven Pools & Spas. The owner, Bob, and I sat down and talked, and I showed him a couple of pictures of pool designs I liked. They came up with a design for my pool that was the same as one of those that I showed him. My pool has a fire pit on the deck. I had the financing already taken care of. I trusted them to do their job and my cousin supervised the construction of my pool while I was out of town travelling for business.The construction took a little longer due to bad weather we had down here. But they met my expectations and were the way I needed them to be. Everything is fine with the pool that they built. Blue Haven's a great company and their people were very personable and pleasant to work with. They went down here and did the job that we hired them for. If I move and have to build another pool here in Georgia, I would definitely hire Blue Haven again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

We had a problem with the motor that went out and I called service and they came out the very next day and replaced it. We always rely on them to come and they do a good job. The people who come out are always polite and nice. Blue Haven has always been able to address my questions and is very dependable.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

The pool that we have was previously plastic-lined and Blue Haven pools changed the shape of the pool, made it smaller and made it into a plaster pool. They did a good job with the remodel. We appreciated the attention that the person who was overseeing the project gave to the remodel.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

We worked with Blue Haven on a new pool and it was our first time having a pool. The design process was really good. We worked with Jeff and we met on two different occasions. The first one was for him to get our initial ideas and concept, and the second one was to go over what he had and make any tweaks and measurement changes. Jeff did a good job of laying out the package and how much everything costs. However, we had to go back and look at the color of the Pebble Tec that we wanted again because the paperwork that had that selection down was misplaced, but it wasn't a big deal.

They dug the hole prior to us closing on the house, which was an arrangement with the builder, so we could get the equipment in before they put up the walls, but we ended up that tearing down anyway so it really didn't save us that much in the long run. But because they had done the initial dig, we encountered a problem with our HOA here, which is Southern Highlands, and the other HOA which is Olympia Ridge, which are extremely painful to deal with when getting backyards approved. Each time the design was rejected, we would have to wait 30 days before they met again to resubmit a new design.

That process took us over six months to get done. I finally had Blue Haven set up a special meeting with the board and explain to them everything we were doing, show them pictures and help them understand. It would have been in Blue Haven's best interest to do that at the very beginning. Plus, they could have been more in tune and have a really personal relationship with the HOA in order to grease the skids so the approval process goes through the first time, and if there were any deviations required, we could have gotten that taken care of. Instead, we waited almost a year for our pool to get done, which was not acceptable. I own responsibility for some of the HOA problem, but the pool company could have taken on more responsibility and helped navigate those waters especially since this was the first time we have owned a pool and had to deal with that.

Another thing was Blue Haven had basically zero project management. They just did things and when they got done with something, then they would schedule the next thing, whereas if they were on top of it more, they could've had the next trade coming in. There were lost days, or weeks even, when the teams weren't here working and they could have been had Blue Haven scheduled them appropriately. That way, setting our expectation would have at least been possible versus saying it was going to take another month. How many pools have they built? They should know how long this stuff takes.

They deal mostly with subcontractors and have very few of their own people and staff. A couple of our neighbors have had different companies come in bulk and they seemed to get their pools done very quickly, relatively speaking. However, Bob was personally involved in resolving some of the issues we had and was on site quite a few times to ensure that. He also looked at things that were damaged during the construction of our pool and some paperwork. He was really good about being personally involved with that. Aside from him, Shelley coordinated some of the stuff afterwards and she was also good.

The subcontractor used all completely fake and concrete rock and Jose was accommodating when I wanted something tweaked. He did all the work which was great but his process took a long time because it was typically him and one other person working on it. However, when it came down to sculpting, that was more of an artist and really a trade versus just building something, and I appreciated the time that it took him. He worked diligently on 12-hour days to get it done and he probably would have worked longer, but the HOA and the security wouldn't allow him in the area after 6:00 o'clock.

The pool took a lot longer and there were a few headaches but I was satisfied with the end result. The waterfalls are my favorite, and they also built a Koi pond for us. We also have the Hayward control system and I can control the whole pool and spa from my thumb. The pool itself is really well-done too. It fits the space and blends into the environment really well. We wanted more of a natural look, which they were able to achieve.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

We got a 50-yard regular pool which gave us more yard room, and then we put a hot tub on it. The support on-going from Blue Haven has been amazing. The rep, Shellie, should be well-rewarded by the company as she’s to die for from a support standpoint. The girl is very attentive, very customer-oriented, and does a good job.

We designed the pool with them and the guy who designed it did an exemplary job. There’s always 'shoulda', 'coulda' and 'woulda' but the design is working out for us. We moved in in December, we started the pool construction in February and we filled up the pool with water in March. I’m a heavy communications guy, so I made sure that I stayed in touch with the girl who’s handling the contractors to make sure that she knew, as much as everybody knew, what was going on and she can keep the construction moving forward. We’ve been happy with the pool that we got. They put in Hayward equipment which works really well. When my pump kind of went south on me after the three years, Hayward came out and replaced it, and paid for the labor and the equipment. I’m very satisfied and I would recommend Blue Haven. I made a great decision with a great company.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

Blue Haven built me a pool. In fact, the owner of the company came to my house with these little diagrams, took a measurement of my yard and drew it out. They also have these pre-made forms of different shaped pools in different sizes which we played around with. Then we tweaked the design a little bit from there because I wanted my pool to be shorter than their standard. So we shortened it a little bit then bumped it up some place else. I paid cash for the pool and they worked very fast and very organized, though I wasn't quite prepared with the chaos that ensued. But when you dig a giant hole in your backyard and fill it with concrete, it causes some chaos. Then I had a gentleman call me, ask me my experience and I said they were great.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

Blue Haven's design process exceeded my expectations. When Dave came over, I was kind of wondering what he was doing because he measured every inch of my backyard. I didn't understand the whole 3D picture thing. He was measuring between windows and everything else. Then within days, he called me and came down and checked it out. I had an idea of what I wanted then he propped the design up on the screen and that was well beyond my expectation. From the get-go, I was totally stoked about it. He had a wonderful idea and he did an exceptional job. I get compliments about my pool left and right when people come over.

Completing the construction was the only snuffle. We started March 27th and everything was as Dave promised me. And then we hit a snag. Nobody came for one week. I waited about a day or two. I called Aileen about it and she told me she forgot to call me because the decking around was on back order. I told her that when we put the order in, Dave checked it in and everything was in stock. That wasn't so important that I could have probably changed that.

Then again we hit the excessive heat and there was two weeks of no work being done. So I called and asked if the pool was going to be done for my birthday because the kids were throwing me a surprise birthday party. They said, "We don't think so." I told them that they gave me the initial no-later-than date as June 1st and it was already the 17th, and that I was little distraught with all of it that was going on. They apologized, but that didn't help me since it was already two weeks late of being completed. I told them I'm throwing a 4th of July party and I needed to have my pool done.

They sent the start-up guy to come on a Thursday. He was supposed to come a Monday and finish the inspection, but he texted me at about 5:00 in the morning telling me he was a little behind and couldn't come that day. I waited until 9:00 o'clock when the office opened. I called and told them he needed to come. They screwed up my 60th birthday party, and they were supposed to screw up my 4th of July. I told them I'm paying them cash money so I expected the pool to be done. And we were done on Monday the week before the 4th of July. Everything was good other than the construction part of it. If I would've known a week before, I could have changed the decking around. That wasn't something that I was dying for. Nevertheless, Blue haven was so easy to work with. I'd totally recommend them.

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Blue Haven Pools builds and remodels in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas. Its offices around the United States have provided inground pools for tens of thousands of homeowners since 1954.

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  • Technology: Blue Haven’s private-label equipment line, SmartFeatures™, includes options like antimicrobial filters, handheld- and smartphone-compatible remote controls, water- and energy-efficient equipment and alternative water sanitizing systems.

  • Licensing: Individual offices are fully insured and licensed to build pools in their local markets.

  • Warranty: Individual offices provide limited lifetime structural warranties.

  • Financing: To make it easier to pay for pools over time, Blue Haven offices help facilitate loans through a national network of home-improvement lenders and finance programs.

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