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At first I was worried about some of the other reviews, but I thought I'd give them a chance and hear what they had to say. I didn't realize how many pools Blue Haven actually does. It started with our sales guy/designer, Rob. He asked us a lot of questions about what we want and how we plan to use our pool. Then he explained everything about their smart pool system, and how it would help to take care of the pool for us. He looked at our yard and checked the elevation levels to make sure it would work for us. And he spent time with us to design a pool and spa area we could really use, and it was neat being able to help design our own pool. It's completely custom. I felt bad for Rob because we changed our mind about the design a dozen times over a few hours. And he held in there. A big thumbs up for Rob.

It was a busy time of year when we ordered, so they weren't able to get started for about 4 weeks. Once they did, everything went smoothly. Rob explained there could be delays, so I wasn't surprised when it took a little longer than expected. They have been a great company to work with. Whenever I have called with a question, either Rob or John would call me back pretty quickly. After a few months, I noticed a piece of stone that didn't seem right and I asked them to check it out for me. They got me on the schedule and fixed it within a couple weeks of my call. The thing my kids really loved is the pool looks just like the 3d drawing he showed me on his computer. The thing I like most is how easy it is to take care of. My neighbors are jealous! :)

My husband and I interviewed 3 different pool companies. Matt, our salesman gave us such peace of mind about the whole process. This would be the very first pool construction we would experience. I personally met every person of the staff at this location. Skeeter, David, Mark as well as ALL the other key construction workers, diggers, framing, plaster's, plumbing, electrical, sprinkler, pool pump installers... Everyone was professional and courteous. The process took a bit longer than predicted... Mother nature was a factor. Each and EVERY question was always answered and my concerns addressed. The experience was educational and rewarding. Our gorgeous pool awaits the spring months and years of enjoyment... Thank you to the entire team at Blue Haven.

Called on Oct 19th and made an appointment for the 23rd... On the 23rd an hour before the appointment, Tommy called to tell me that he had to help his girls mother move and could we reschedule? Guess Blue Haven doesn't need our business.

I recently had a pool with a spa installed - heater - lights in deep end and spa, coping and tile trim. My story is not like most of the others, in that my pool is intact and seems to be good. Issues - There were a lot of delays; we were told we would be swimming by June - got in late August about 3 weeks before we had to close it, but again it seems better than some other reviews I've read. My salesperson promised me the world, and a lot of it is just misleading. For instance, he advise that you get 100 free feet of electrical, which is true but did not mention the lights, although pre-wired count as 80 ft of that free amount. We specifically discussed the location of the pool being within 100 feet of my box and noted the electric would be free (cost me another $1,200) - so no matter what you are told, you will definitely need to pay additional electrical costs (plumbing will cost you more also if you get a heater - believe me).

Also, everyone's demeanor changes the second they get that check. Bob the salesman was at my house in February and explained we need a topographical survey. I mentioned it would be a while until that could get done as there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground. He said, "No, no, no that won't affect him - it will be done this week." That was BS - the survey could not be done over a month which delayed permit filing and ultimately was the beginning of delays. Also, we needed to chase our salesperson every step of the way. We were delayed during construction because the plumbing permit was not filed - further delays.

More of these kind of things really irritated us, but the most frustrating part of dealing with Blue Haven is that you are essentially buying a 50, 60, 70 thousand dollar pool over the phone. Once that initial deposit is given you will only meet 1 more person from Blue Haven on the day of the dig. He is there to walk you through the construction process and collect the next 40% of the payment, takes about an hour and that is the last time you will ever see a Blue Haven employee in the flesh. The rest of your correspondence will be done over the phone with someone in PA (for me at least, I'm in NJ). I was floored that no one from BH came to check any of the work.

My gunite was blown during the most torrential thunderstorm of the summer; I don't know what I'm looking at so I kept asking them, "Are you going to check these guy's (sub-contractors - all work is done 100% by subs) work?" -- Eddie, the construction manager, kept telling me yes - but BH never came out. As per the drawing and the contract, we were supposed to have a tiled wall between the spa and the pool - literally as the tile guys were working I got a call from BH saying they would not guarantee the pool if I tiled the wall; it need to be capped with coping. I had to run out and catch them before they got to the wall. OK - why was tile offered and sold to me in the first place? What if I was not home and could not stop the tile guys - would my pool not be guaranteed now?

The cover is a safety cover, but not what you're thinking - it is not an elephant cover - it dips onto the water just not the best as the salesperson will tell you. Honestly, the pool came out beautiful but I'm really worried about years to come because there was no oversight - fingers crossed. I would imagine dealing with any of these companies there will be frustrations - these were mine as they relate to BH - just trying to inform future buyers - it a major spend and we should all know as much as possible. Good luck.

First, I would like to say that purchasing my pool thru Blue Haven Pools has been the worst thing that I have ever done. There are many occasions of bad customer service but I will focus on the most recent. Our pool was replastered at our cost about 11 months ago. We have recently noticed that the pool light is being held by 1 screw. The other screws are there but cannot be tightened. I feel that this should be under their 1 year warranty since the light housing had to be removed so that the new plaster could be installed correctly. Today was the 3rd appointment that I had set because they do not show up when they said they would. They tell you that they will call you back and that doesn't happen.

I was so upset today when they wanted to charge me $95.00 for the service call even though I did produce the 3rd Addendum that showed that the new plaster was under a year old. I did raise my voice at the guys and will apologize to them if they ever come back; after all it was not their fault. If you would like to get ahold of me to discuss more issues I will be willing to participate. As of now, I will not recommend Blue Haven Pools to anyone. I have already told my story to all of my friends and relatives.

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My husband and I took our vacation time to have our pool bids done so we could be sure that he was home. Blue Haven reps came out on time, dressed nice, and very friendly. They, Mr. ** & Ms. ** walked our yard, measured and talked with us on all the process. Due to us being on vacation we asked if our bid could be ready by that Thursday or Friday and they both said, "Oh, no problem.” Ms. ** gave me her cell phone number and said texting was her preferred method of communication.

So, Friday morning I text her as to the status of the bid so we can plan our day. At the time of the message it showed an instant read receipt which means the message was read. No response!! Sunday evening she text me that she was out of town with no cell service and didn't get the message until she returned home. I then in turn, did not respond. Monday evening she text again and said our bid was ready but she wants to "fine tune" it and will send it Tuesday Morning. Tuesday morning, no bid. Tuesday evening, no bid...

Wednesday morning she calls and leaves a voicemail to set up a time to meet with us. I proceeded to text her to tell her that we had accepted a bid from a company who followed up and was thorough with us and did as they said. I told her we were very unsatisfied with even the process of getting a price. No apology from her or anything except: "Ok thanks for letting me know, if you need anything in the future let me know." Really? This company will never get an ounce of our business. From the looks of all these messages on here, I am glad we did NOT go with them!!!

Called the company to purchase a pool. The salesman quoted me one price then another. So I called to speak with the general manager and he raised it even more. The pool was to have a heater in it but it did not include hooking the heater up. I don't understand that when you purchase a car you get the tires with it or is that a separate charge. The company is full of liars. Go get a pool from another company. I am purchasing my pool from Crosby Pools in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Company signed contract in February. Started dig. April 6, pool was started up on. July 22, a long time, weeks went by with no work being done. Now we must wait to use pool because of new chemicals going in (can understand this). Salesman has no contract about this delay. Turned over to Elaine in office. (He got contract signed and goodbye.) My family and friends could not believe the amount of time this took. Houses are built faster. Business has been lost due to this. My neighbor went with another company. We have a dog -- could not use backyard for over 4 months. Dog had to be walked on HOT pavement. I think Blue Haven should stop holding their customers hostage for months waiting for pool completion. Also they cut the wires on my outdoor lights going in and out on side of house which I was responsible for.

Called Blue Haven to get an estimate for a pool to be built at my home in New Braunfels, Texas. Joe ** was the salesperson I was given to and in our initial contact told me that their pools start at $38,000.00. I said "okay", I have no idea how much an installation would cost. He went on to state that anything that any add ons would be an addition cost. I also thought this was odd since, I have no idea what $38,000 includes nor did Mr. ** take the time to explain. I must say, I was apprehensive. However, over 40 years ago my family had Blue Haven build one in another part of the country, so I thought I would give them a call or should I say an opportunity.

Additionally, I asked Mr. ** if he wanted a copy of my survey, he stated no. We scheduled a meeting, he showed up on time. We went to my backyard where I showed him where I thought the pool should be placed (due to a pie shaped yard). This is where everything went crazy! I don't use the word lightly. He stated he could only go in one way which was over the main portion of a flagstone patio I had just put in late last year. He also said they, "Do not protect the patio surface and are not liable for any damage". I then explained to him that I met with another pool company (Cody Pools, no comparison of professionalism between the two) who stated that they would come in through the back corner and put down a base to protect the patio. He said they do not do anything to protect property. I then told him we didn't need to proceed. He grabbed his stuff went through the gate shutting it on me when I was right behind him.

I then asked for a number and name of someone in charge. He refused to give it to me and told me that the President would not talk to me if I called in because Mr. ** was their best salesperson. However, he offered that I use his cell phone to talk to the office. He then went on to say it was my fault for not telling him about my yard. This is the first I've heard of a customer asking for a estimate being blamed. I'm the customer, if he has questions, he should have asked. I then reminded him, I offered to send a survey. Finally, he stated he drove an hour to get here and it was a total waste of time. This by far is the worst salesperson I have ever encountered. If this is what the company represents, then I am thankful that I did not hire them.

Where to start: Bait-and-switch pricing to begin with, starting at $20K to reel me in, adding $7K for my customization, then other unexpected expenses ending up at almost $30K. Pool took many months longer to complete than promised, with only one delay being my fault to reporter with the color I asked for but didn't get. Snarly and difficult customer service; (insist on dealing with the owner); most calls or emails took them days to respond to if at all.

About 2 months after the pool was complete and on, I got no response whatsoever even though there was a one-year warranty. Technician was a know-it-all, often demeaning and arrogant, who really didn't know nearly as much as he presumed. Blue Haven Houston is essentially a "middleman" using outside contractors over which they have little control or leverage.

This excuse, and forecasted rain, were frequently used to vindicate themselves of delays. They also ruined my underground sprinkler system costing me thousands to repair. They cut through my AT&T fiber optic cabling causing me a 2-day TV/Internet outage. They forgot to install an overfill drain, explaining that this was not required of code.

The owner initially offered to correct this and install it, they ultimately refused to do it. We had a total mixup on colors, where I requested a deep blue but got turquoise, so I spent an additional $1800 to redo the plaster type and color. (To their credit, they only charged me their cost, and I thanked them for this concession.) They installed a sleeve for my pool cocktail table crooked, requiring them to tear out plaster and reposition the sleeve using a level in both directions, not just one direction. My waterfall leaked water out the back, and they did repair this.

I also had to negotiate to have them provide the wireless remote even though the contract wording was vague, yet this requirement was very clear when I made my purchase. They forgot to install a water fill pipe as was clearly explained I wanted to the salesperson. All in all, when you get excited about a Blue Haven coupon, make sure to go to a reputable competitor and get their opinion on their plan, equipment, and price before committing. You may end up being better off dealing with a higher priced vendor and saving yourself enormous frustration. In my case, I spent more than I would have paid to a quality pool company due to the bait and switch technique and having to pay huge extra expenses to get to where I wanted to go in the first place.

Design part went well. We went several times back to drawing, but we got what we wanted. Digging started, four days went by - no show.. Frame and concrete was ok, 7 days no show. After complaining every day tiles came in, equipment, and everybody disappear, 10 days went by, no call, no visit, no phone calls. Trash is still there, pound of mosquitoes because they blocked the drainage, tree they had to cut is still there... mud everywhere, we can't take our dog out... How can I terminate my contract? Don't get with this company! It's not even the cheapest one!

It's only after many years and having moved from the house where BH installed our pool that I can write about our experience without having a stress attack. They sub everything out and when there is a problem you can never get anyone to even call back, let alone address it. It was a horrible 9 MONTHS. YES, 9 Months! The pool surfacing as well as concrete decking was absolutely horrible. After months of complaining they agreed to "fix" it by redoing the plaster and putting stamped concrete over the regular concrete decking. It was WORSE than before and the idiots sprayed concrete all over our wood deck and lawn furniture in the process.

After many more months and threatening to sue (we were not the only ones - we were contacted by two other people with the same mess), BH agreed to tear it out and redo. It was then we learned that the rebar under the elevated concrete deck was not up to code and the whole thing would have caved in had it not been redone. It was the lack of customer service that was the bigger nightmare. Calls not returned. Lies told over and over. It is a really bad memory and I'm glad it's in the past. Just do an internet search for Blue Haven complaints and read up on this company. And then think about how many unhappy customers don't post to the internet!

Pool of ok quality - bad service. Promised pool by certain time - nearly five months overdue. Repeated phone calls never returned. Sorting problems out by myself - disgusted. Annoyed. Beyond stressed. Can’t believe business can operate that way. Do not ever, ever use them.

We used BHP to build our dream pool, instead they left us with an ongoing nightmare. They are con artist and when you call to complain the manager is always in a meeting. If you pop in the manager is on a job site. Do not pay in cash like we did. Yo will not have any recourse. Problems: The pool leaks, the pool cracked, and grout unfinished. But the major problem is we had a $6,000 slide installed, with our package, and now the cement slab that it's on is sinking. They didn't pack the dirt before they poured the concrete. So now our slide has sunk 3" and we have a 2" gap.

Bottom Line: DO NOT HIRE BLUE HAVEN POOLS!!!!!!!! If you like controversy and extremely poor craftsmanship, then they are for you... In addition, they only hire non-English speaking illegals. That was a big part of the problem. No one could speak English. The only one who could was the boss and he was never on site. Only to pick up and to drop off.

To sum up a long story these are the things to expect when choosing Blue Haven. They don't respect your budget, their customer service is horrible, there is no communication between Blue Haven and their contractors, they don't care about your request even though you are paying them a grip of money to have a pool put in. Whatever you tell the original sales person will not get carried over to the project manager because their communication sucks, their contractors are lazy and sloppy and don't respect your house. They won't provide you a schedule as to when crews are coming to your house because they only care about getting paid first then scheduling the next step causing delays. They will put a lien against your home for the full amount of the pool and not disclose that from the beginning.

My story listed is just about 50% of the issues we dealt with just to get the point across. Our neighbor had a pool put in by Anthony Sylvan Pools and it was done in 30-40 days and they had zero issues with them and were provided a full schedule from day one as to when each project was going to start and be completed and any request they had, they were able to accommodate without any issues or hassles.

I have been promised over the past 2 months that our pool would be finished - I continue to be put off by the owners due to other projects. It has now been nearly 10 months - 10 months? That's absurd. I am tired of being lied to, then asked for money (which I have paid).

We had our pool built in 2008 with a new store in Spartanburg SC that closed down 8 months later. We paid over 45K. First the construction took 4 months behind, missed the summer. I will make the story short. 4 months after the pool was finished with 500-pound of stress, the tiles started to fall. The skimmers started to cave. They used a backer board that you use to lay indoor tiles. I was not at the site when this plumber was laying tiles, yes a plumber. I have called Blue Haven in Charlotte with any help. They say "we did not built your pool." I told them the one who build it, the alien took him. I called the head counter to speak to a robot that he discounted me. I will advise anyone to stay away from this company. You will be sorry. It will take me a book to explain what went wrong with my pool, A TO Z.

The subcontractors were great but dealing with Blue Haven Pools was and still is a nightmare. During the spraying the plaster process, the plaster people were going to spray white plaster. I showed them my contract that stated Midnight Blue LC0816. In broken English I was asked if I wanted it darker. I said yes, midnight blue. This process went on until I gave up. I am not the expert, Blue Haven is supposed to be. I took pictures of the pool as they begin to fill it up with water. I then sent the pictures to Blue Haven - No response. Today, almost a year later I still have a shade darker than white plaster but do NOT have Midnight Blue. I have been run in circles for months upon months.

First the wrong pool bottom (color) was put into our pool. I was flat out lied to by John regarding this. Now the pool is installed and they got the elevation wrong so my pool sits up higher than the ground around my house. They have the pavers sloping in TOWARD my L shaped house and it has flooded three times under a door and THRU the garage wall on one side and too many to count under the house crawl space. My husband has called/texted many times. We have been given the run around, but the final straw was today when owner Mark showed up after weeks at our insistence, with an hour’s notice while we were at work and was so rude and matter of fact to my husband. He said it was our fault bc we signed off on the elevation. Well that is ridiculous. We are not pool builders. We signed off on a scaled sketch of the shape and size and placement of the pool. We would not sign off on an elevation as far as knowing how that works and if it was correct as to not flood our house!

Blue Haven Pools in San Antonio, the office located off of 1604, is best known for exceptionally poor customer services. Do not walk away from this company, run like your pocket book and sanity are at stake, you will lose both.

My contract was to build a rather large 30x40 pool with lots of options and upgrades for a pricey sum of over $80,000. Yep, 80 grand - CASH. Contract called for completion within 60 days. OK, great. 1 May means I'll be enjoying my investment by 1 July, just in time for the holiday! Not so, this project took well over 120 days. Excuse after excuse after excuse, I finally had to drag the President of Blue Haven Pools to my home to show him the disaster in my backyard and demand action that was a waste of time and effort as it did no good. What Blue Haven is good about is collecting the progress payment, very aggressive in this area and I paid on time every time, no delays there.

So finally, after 120+ days, I had my pool. They even provided pool school a very fast 15-minute explanation of how stuff worked. The pool boy (instructor) said he would come back and we could finish but true to their customer service philosophy, he never came back. OK, so I'm not so smart, never owned a pool before, but tried hard to do everything right. That was a challenge, because the equipment was set up wrong, pumps were not working and when they did, were on high all the time. Calls to Blue Haven went unanswered, promise of return phone calls never happened, and when I could muscle my way to talk to someone, they were too busy. Sure they were too busy, they had my money, so what good would I now be (maybe good for references)? Many people have asked, response: don't walk, run from these guys.

I have had to hire a third party company to maintain the equipment because Blue Haven is not responsive. The good news is this company is authorized to do warranty work. Due to Blue Haven's refusal to do warranty work or even be responsive to my calls for help, I had to drain my pool - 27,000 gallons of wasted water. The 3rd Party Company replace equipment and set it up correctly, their customer service is exceptional unlike that of Blue Haven.

This company does not deserve to be in business and I strongly recommend if you are looking for a pool, find another company. You may pay a little more but you will be better served and able to enjoy your new pool without the frustration of dealing with a company where customer service is lost by rude, dishonest, and unprofessional staff from the receptionist to the owner. The owner should be ashamed!

We signed a contract in March for our pool. It got finished in the middle of May. We paid cash. The subcontractors were great but dealing with Blue Haven Pools was and still is a nightmare. We was given a permission slip for our neighbor to sign so they could drive on their little piece of gravel to get around our gas meter to have access to our back yard. They had dirt piled on our neighbors property up to their house, leaving them no access to their own back yard. They left open trenches from our gas and water meters all the way down the side of our house and in our back yard. It was unsafe for the neighborhood kids playing in the rock pile they left by the street. We begged Blue Haven Pools to fill in the ditch for 3 weeks so the kids didn't fall in and get hurt and sue us. I ended up getting out there and filling that part in myself.

It says on the back of the Contract that we would get a written schedule. We begged them for the whole time for a written work schedule. We never got it. It got down to the last $300 for the Service guy to come out and show us how to run the equipment. We have withheld paying that till they replace our neighbor's gravel that they tore up from the trench dirt being piled along their house. We only got permission to drive around our gas meter, not to pile dirt on their property and tear it up. Now they are withholding the 8 weeks chemical treatments. We paid $35,000 cash for our pool. They sent the wrong pavers and that took another week to get that straightened out. It's 1 job every week or 2. When they do talk to you all they know how to do is lie to you. Do not deal with Blue Haven Pool. That is the worse mistake we've ever made.

I never wrote any negative comments about anyone in my entire life. For the first time, Blue Haven pools forced me to do so now. I signed contract with Blue Haven in October 2013. They promised me to complete the pool within 45 days. It's been 8 months now and still have outstanding issues. It has been a nightmare throughout the process and unfortunately it's our first time building the pool. Kevin who is a salesman was good with us until he got the contract signed. After that, he never called for any issues we reported. I had to push them hard to get the building process done for the past eight months with several emails and calls.

I expressed my concerns that their lack of completing the work is stopping us from closing on our house and converting our loan as well. We had to postpone our closing date, converted loan after 2.5 months later. But they didn't give a care since they got most of their money from the bank already. On top of it, I received threatening email from Frank (owner of the company) that he'll send a notice thru his lawyer, take my pool equipment away, no warranty provided etc.

Blue Haven is the only pool company my builder allows during building process. So, I went with them. Otherwise I would have not gone with them since I do my homework before I hire someone. I'm regretting for my decision now. If you google this franchise company, you'll find 122 complaints and all have similar stories. If you want your dream project of building a pool to be pleasant and not turn to a nightmare and save yourself time, energy, money and hassle of dealing with pool company, please do yourself a favor. Stay away from BLUE HAVEN POOLS & SPAS. It's an expensive project and you don't want to go through this hassle after you spent your hard earned money.

We had entered into an agreement to have a pool installed. We were promised to have an actual drawing of the pool in our yard rather than just the original drawing on a loose leaf piece of paper. They would not even leave the loose leaf drawing with us after we had given them a deposit. After a week of no email or phone call response from the salesman in regards to the new drawing and when were they going to permit, we sent them a cancellation as we were very worried about their lack of communication and response. We were supposed to go and pick out tiles, colors, etc. but were never even give an address of where to go, again after days of unreturned emails and phone calls.

It was at the point of the cancellation letter they received that I got a very nasty call from the owner of the company, whom I had never even spoken with prior. He told me they would sue us and would not return our deposit under any circumstances. He even agreed that his nephew (the salesman) was a bonehead and dropped the ball but that was our problem. After finally getting him to calm down so that we could have a normal conversation, we both agreed that this was not going to work as we now had a very bad taste of his company. He was not willing to return our deposit but agreed not to sue us.

We had another pool company install our pool and they did an excellent job in terms of communication and installation. I guess Blue Haven found out we did this and we are now being sued by them for the full amount of the contract. I would tell everyone to stay as far away from them as possible. They are no good. They only use subcontractors for every part of the installation and they are horrible communicators after you give them some money. The salesman was our best friend until he left with a check and signed contract. After that, never heard from him again.

The only time they are nice and communicate with you, is when they want you to sign the contract, collect the deposit and start the project! From then on, it's like pulling teeth to get calls returned and questions answered!! The pool was built after 3 months of dealing and arguing with them... which was not worth the trouble! The owner is also something else. He would rather argue with you, instead of resolving your issues. The staff is nowhere near proactive and drags their feet to get anything done! I wish I had seen the reviews of Blue Haven before I jumped into this nightmare. Please read these reviews and take my advice... STAY AWAY FROM BLUE HAVEN!!!

I am completely disgusted with the lack of service, professionalism and poor communication with Blue Haven Pools & Spas - USA. I have invested over $100,000 in my backyard oasis so that I can enjoy it and this company is nothing less than a scam that over promises and under delivers. This entire process has been a nightmare since they broke ground and now that they have my money, it is nearly impossible to get any service. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. The only reason my pool "looks" beautiful is because I designed it. Don't judge a book by its cover... There are still pending issues with my pool over a year after they "completed" my pool. My pool has been paid off since June 2012 and I still have outstanding issues.

Through the entire process, of course after they "sold" me and had a third of my money, there was a huge lack of communication, unprofessionalism and an array of ignored issues through the whole process. I had to go above and beyond to ensure things were being done properly and correctly throughout the project. They make you pay. Their customers pay the last third of the entire amount due several weeks BEFORE the project is complete. I had issues with my umbrella anchors on my tanning ledge not being the correct size, color and the surface was not even.

Because I already was alarmed by their service and empty promises, I had the owner send me an email in writing that the umbrella hooks would be completed to perfection. They most recently, a month ago after hundreds of calls and texts, came out to resurface the uneven areas. I came home that afternoon to a pool full of acid and debris from the chemicals they used to try to fix an outstanding issue that created an even bigger monster. Now my pool is discolored, scaling and the umbrella anchors are still not fixed to satisfaction. When I most recently reached out to the owner, he responded, "Done!!" I am completely unsatisfied with everything about Blue Haven Pools and will make sure to share my experience with the world.

Shortly after our inground pool was built, we had a leak in a return line - had to dig up Stamped Concrete to get to the line. We had to pay to detect leak, replace all water. Blue Haven was a fight the whole way. Many tiles are cracked on the pool - NOT Blue Haven's problem. We just detected a crack in the pool steps - YUP, not Blue Haven's responsibility. Do not use this company. You will be very disappointed.

We had our pool built in 2008. We had to have new pump first year. Our flagstone around the sides of our pool is cracking. Some of the tile has some cracks around it. The flagstone is leaking rust into our pool. We did not want flagstone but they said the stuff we wanted was on backorder. I am very dissatisfied with my pool. The people we were dealing with at Blue Haven Pools in Webster, Texas were very rude people. Do not have this company do anything for you.

Do not use Blue Haven Pools! Dealing with the dishonest and unprofessional contractors has been a nightmare. We were told one thing, and the complete opposite has taken place. The contractors that are used are sloppy, disrespectful, unprofessional and dishonest and do mediocre work. The so-called project supervisors do not return phone calls or emails. They do nothing but make excuses and add additional fees. Who knows when our pool will be completed and the condition it will be in?! So far, our driveway and yard have been destroyed. Guess who has to fix it? - Not Blue Haven Pools. Horrible company! Harleysville, PA is the location that we are dealing with.

After contacting several pool companies in the Baton Rouge area, we decided to go with Blue Haven. After signing the contract, we were assured that our pool would be completed within 90 days. The following week, contractors showed up to dig. Sixty days after signing, all we had was a huge, muddy hole in our backyard. Our daily phone calls received the same response - that they were busy, or that we were next on the list.

Long story short, our pool was finished 6 months later. Six months and 1 week from signing our contract, the pool deck cracked. Two months later, our pump went out, and 3 months later, rust stains leached through the gunite. Five years later, we are having another company come in and completely redo our pool - even though everything that went wrong with our pool was under warranty. None of the issues were fixed, and we have filed a complaint with the BBB.

Please beware of Blue Haven Pools! As new swimming pool owners, you really don't know what to expect. We tried to rely on the so-called professionals, and we failed! It started with the installation. My wife and I picked our brick coping when we signed the contract. When BH started the install, it got all the way done up to the finishing. They contacted us and said the brick we picked is on back order and they don't know when it will be available but they have another brick that they could complete our swimming pool with. So our option was leave our unfinished pool sit or take the brick they have. Next issue was I started to get a crack in the pool shell. I contacted them about this problem. It has been 5 years and 161 phone calls later, and the crack has been getting worse. But I get the same result - He is busy; he will call you back, blah, blah, blah. Please stay away from this builder! This company was a referral to me, and they still don't care. There is more to this complaint, but this is the short version. Please stay away.

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Blue Haven Pools & Spas makes custom, in-ground swimming pools. It has provided in-ground pools for thousands of homeowners in the United States since 1954.

  • Modern design: Blue Haven Pools specializes in modern construction and design, offering customers a variety of options to choose from.
  • Licensing: The company is fully licensed and capable of installing pools across the country.
  • Warranty: It offers a lifetime structural warranty that guarantees the pools throughout the buyer's lifetime.
  • Remodeling: Blue Haven Pools also offers pool remodeling for pool owners who want to update an existing pool.
  • Payment schedules: It is flexible with payment plans and makes it easy for customers to pay for pools over time.
  • Best for Homeowners, business owners and property managers who are interested in luxury pool installation.

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