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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2023

Was super excited to check this place out, maybe try extensions or the spa. Called 6x since received the gift card from my husband for Hanukkah in the amount of $300. After 6x times and no success decided to go into the physical location. Arrived and no one was at the front but an older kid maybe 8y and three younger kids under 4y playing, finally after 3-5min a lady heard me saying hello? Then came around the corner... I was told gift card use was for only one person and not the salon/spa? I was like, "But my husband wouldn't have bought a card for extensions not knowing if I wanted them?" She said maybe they could work something out, took my number, told me they'll call... I'm thinking been trying for 6 weeks almost with no call...but okay.

Next day as thought about it more thought really is crap not my choice on what we spend $300 on... so messaged on Facebook and mentioned a refund. Was told from the owner they contract out so they were not responsible. I explained the gift card only says to Eternity Salon and does not say "contracted individuals of" anywhere on it.... and nowhere does it say no refund. I mean really? We need to go to small claims? At that, she said talk to her attorney and said she wasn't responsible and stop messaging or it will be!! So off to court we will go... I really cannot stand people anymore and my faith is shot... if you say you are Christian or run a Christian business I am running the opposite way!! So tired of it all.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2021

Took my sister for her birthday, not only a huge disappointment but I expect they’ll be shut down due to health code violations. Alcohol? Strong, Halloween cocktails & a mediocre massage were the only plus of the visit. Food? 89 cent cup-of-soup ramen sold for $5. Water? Not even a small cup after spending $200 on a spa package or with a purchased cocktail. What spa doesn’t provide water?! Options to hydrate were $4 bottles or the bathroom sink - Purposely using Covid to charge for bottled water by disabling water fountains “temporarily” … however face masks weren’t required and everyone had to have proof of vaccination to enter so clearly it’s just about making more money.

Facilities were falling apart, the saunas were dirty, stained & not working properly (example, the “ice” room was 70, dripping and smelling of mold/mildew), floors cracked & tripping hazard (a woman fell hard and got very hurt during our visit from wet floors, bc shoes and sandals aren’t allowed), pool jets didn’t work & the ac was broken in the spa so the therapist had to bring in a fan to make the massage bearable. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me.

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    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    I went here on March 9, 2020 for my sister birthday. We went here previous times but now they upgraded I guess and it’s the writer experience ever. We stayed for a couple for hr. Now we’re ready to leave. They have these self check out machines. Ok my two sisters self checked out. No issues. They even received a receipt. So next my time I swiped it says, "Thank you for purchase" which meant it went thru. The attendant stop me and said, "No you need a receipt to leave." I’m like, "It went thru." Showed her on my online banking that it did. "No miss. You need a receipt." Ok so I asked her to assist me to get a receipt. First and foremost I’m paying for the meal and Virgin drink I had inside. Shocked total to $35 and change. Anyway thinking they would put more paper on the machine and my receipt will come out. Nope.

    She called me over to the desk and click couple things in the computer and she asked for my ID and card that I paid we with. This chick swiped my card again so I called her out then and there. "Oh no mam. It going to say pending on your online banking. Just called the bank and tell them to avoid one." What. Are you kidding me. Called my bank and they said the same thing. It’s pending. Let’s see if it’s going to cancel out. Nope still didn’t cancel out days, weeks after. Went to the bank. They couldn’t do anything about because I authorized it, I’ve called Spa Castle over more than fifty times and each time I call they give me the run around.

    Then eventually they took all kinds of info, date, time, tag number, how did I paid, hair color, all this irrelevant questions and everything they asked I had a answer to down to my locker number. "Ok miss we’re refunding you your money." Since March 9,2020 and still nothing. I called twice a week cause it shouldn’t take that long for a refund. Every time I called I was left on hold for fourth minutes or more. They was literally playing with me. It May 19, 2020 and still no refund. I called, email, wrote reviews still nothing. Beware of this place. They’re a thief and would not help with my issue at all. They just keep avoiding me, now now this damn covid pandemic started I know for a fact I’m not getting my money back.

    Worst place, worst experience, very unprofessional and at the worst end of your spa day you get harassed by the valet parking like literally harassing us. My sister gave him three days cause I was already rob from this multi million dollar place so that what she gave. He stood in the door so she couldn’t close her car door. Banged on her car multiple time, was holding the door holder very aggressively and standing so she couldn’t close the door. This establishment is the worst place I’ve ever been to. Worst worst worst. I’m very disappointed in the whole spa day from being overcharged and giving the run around for my money and from the unprofessional workers, the desk people and damn sure the greedy ** valet. The whole place need to be burned.

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    Reviewed March 20, 2019

    I have been going to Spa Castle for several years. It was never the ultimate spa experience, but you get what you pay for. Employees are great and always helpful. It's relatively clean and has what you need to relax. My last and final experience was the worst. While sitting in a sauna, a large bug, not a roach climbed the walls and into the heater. The thing had to be 3 inches long. As all 5 occupants exited we noticed another sauna was being dismantled and cleaned and a third was being shut down which I also assume was for cleaning.

    I spoke with an employee who said the night crew exterminators didn’t do a good job. Okay, you took my money to get in but half the services were not available. Several weeks earlier in a different sauna a cockroach appeared. Up at the outdoor heated pools the tempurature was not that hot. When I asked to speak to a manager I waited 30 minutes and he or she never showed. $10 beers, overpriced massages and a deteriorating facility. Never again. Stay away.

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    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2018

    Well where should I start! Let me start by saying Spa Castle is the worst! I will never consider or recommend you guys for anything. I booked a day of relaxation for my wife and her best friend on her birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise. So I picked out a package for 2 with the rep on the phone. I exchanged my credit info on the phone thinking I am paying for my package deal. She assured me that everything is set up. "When your wife comes tell her to say your name at the front desk." I asked again do she need any ID. She said, "All she has to do is mention your name." Fast forward to the day of reservation. My wife is turned away because she doesn't have my credit card??? And to top it off we live miles away. So thank you Spa Castle for destroying my wife's birthday.

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    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2018

    I've been here a couple of times and it is very evident that this is not a family place and it is not even a place for true relaxing, place is dirty, people are inappropriate, people are inconsiderate, workers are unfriendly... The list can go on and on, eventually this place should and will shut down! They also monitor Yelp reviews and will remove any negative ones, go at our own risk!

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    Reviewed Nov. 8, 2017

    The spa is a nice place but the drivers are so rude always. I complained that my back is hurt so if is possible to use the front the but the driver was so nasty and said that he can't see on a brand new car. I believe the Korean driver at 5:45 pm on 11/08/2017 was the rude person I ever see.

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    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2016

    THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER FOR US. Nobody guide you at the entrance, then the stupid policy that you have to wear uniform, no sandals etc. For us it is more photo shoot than what it is. They call pool to that but you can't swim nowhere in that place, and how they don't let you know you don't need money there because you pay with the watch they provide you at the end. My husband lost his money because he forgot about it and he throw the short in their laundry bins. When he realize it was late. All of them are the same and we didn't found it, but that's not the worse part. After all that we were already disappointed but finally we went to the valet parking and they crashed my car. How somebody wanted to get in. My husband park right outside and I went in to do the complaint and they didn't want to be responsible for that saying I can't prove they did it. What kind a place is this???

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    Reviewed May 31, 2016

    So, I have read most of these reviews. While yes, the place has its flaws... too many uncontrolled kids and overcrowding in the pools, my wife and I had a great time. We went there last minute on Memorial day so we clearly paid the $50 full Holiday price. With a little planning, we could have bought the tickets on groupon and saved a bunch. Allow me to repeat, it was Memorial Day, so that was one of the reasons for the overcrowding.

    We arrived around 4:45 and yes, the wait to get inside was a little long. But we got to the cashier, and while the gentleman at the desk wasn't overly nice, he was very far from rude. He greeted us, asked us how many, and even gave us directions and pointed us to the behind the desk safety deposit boxes. Since this was our first time there, we didn't really know where to go next. My wife and I headed to our respective locker rooms to change into their "uniforms" and met on the first floor. We spent the next couple hours bouncing from one sauna to another and mixing in the Iceland room every so often to cool down.

    The saunas were very relaxing. There were a few kids that looked a little young to be in them but they were quiet and well behaved so that's a parent issue. We decided to head upstairs to the pools and that is where the relaxation changed. The pool area was very overcrowded and the kids were running amuck. Staff should attempt to control the kids, but really, it's just poor parenting. So, my wife and I spent very little time and headed back to the relaxation of the sauna floor. We headed back up to the pool level around 9:00. A lot of people had left and there were a lot less kids. Needless to say, it was much more enjoyable and we stayed up there until we decided to leave.

    When we went to check out, we headed again to our respective locker rooms and changed and headed to pay. I of course finished changing before my wife. I went to the counter, gave them my watch key card and the key to the safety deposit box. The gentleman who was Asian was very respectful and polite. Asked me if I wanted to pay for the charges on my wife's watch key also, and I did.

    All in all, my wife and I look forward to returning. Next time we will plan better and use groupon and not return on a Holiday. There are a lot of negative reviews, while I'm sure everyone has a story, and people tend to focus only on the negative - I won't do that. The sad part of reviews is that people can be somewhere for 4 hours and have a great time and then have a bad experience in the last 5 minutes. People then review based on 5 bad minutes instead of the 300 good minutes. In our experience, the good far outweighed the bad.

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    Reviewed May 28, 2016

    On Wednesday May 25 I took my sister and her children to the spa because my past experiences we great and I wanted my family to enjoy the day at the spa. I was relaxing and the lifeguard was trying to get my attention. I ignored him the he walks over to us and ask were these my children. I said no. He continued in a disrespectful manner to shout out disrespectful slurs for example get ya ** children. I told him, "Get away from me." He said, "** I'll get you put out" as he grabbed his genitals and said, "**." I told him he was rude and disrespectful. The next thing I know some lady approaches me and stated if I acted in this manner I would get put out.

    I explained to her what happen. She ignored me and said she didn't believe me. I then asked her to run the camera so she could see he was harassing me. She finally left me alone. The next thing I know the manager approached me and asked me to leave. I told him what happen. He stated that I was lying. Once again I asked him to play back his film because there was a camera so after spending over four hundred dollars in entrance fees my family and I were kicked out and they didn't even refund me the money I spend. I hate the Spa Castle. They listened to their lying worker and lost a faithful customer.

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