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Babylon, NY

Plesser's appliance is a family owned business that was founded in 1919. One of the nations oldest appliance and electronics retailers. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation in the industry.

We offer the best in prices and service. We have a customer service staff available 6 days a week to assist in any questions you may have. Its always lesser at Plesser" is our motto. Feel free to call us 7 days a week with any appliance questions you may have. We offer nationwide shipping on most major brands of appliances.

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We have recently been victims of the so called tax day floods in Houston Texas. We had just bought the house 2 months prior and it has been destroyed. The journey has been difficult and filled with many obstacles. The most disturbing to us was the lack of care, sympathy and just really basic customer service. Our only shining light in all this process has been Jennifer from Plessers Appliance. She has been professional, considerate and very VERY patient with us. That in itself is rare these days. However we feel she has gone above and beyond to help us out and make it a little easier on us in any way she could. Her employers should be very proud to have her as a representative. As small business owners ourselves, I know we would be.

When we were shopping for appliances to replaced our own, we were looking for the best deals we could find and after doing a long research we came across Plessers and saved us over 3000$ in appliances, considering that we had to replace every single appliance in our house, not to mention that this was including top of the line kitchen appliance which we did not have before.

Also, best service for home delivery since Jennifer offered us a great deal for the in-house delivery to make sure that our appliances were in optimal condition since we can't install the appliances yet due to repairs to the house. They unwrap your appliance to check that is free of any scratches and then box them up again so they are taken care of. Just this service gives us a peace of mind, not to mention that they were willing to keep our appliance in storage until we are ready for delivery. I am happy to say that I am more than pleased with the customer service from place. We would really recommend anyone and everyone to contact her if you value true customer service.

I was a bit hesitant ordering my new refrigerator online, site unseen, but found out Amazon uses Plessers, so I knew that was a plus. I was able to place my order online on a holiday 7/4/16 from my armchair! My order was handled with follow-up and such courtesy and with superb customer service, especially from Jennifer **. It was refreshing to deal with a company who shows appreciation for the customers. Excellent people skills and easy access to the staff do set Plessers apart from the norm. The 3rd party delivery truck company damaged my front door taking my old fridge out. Plessers stepped up to the plate without my asking to pay me for damages so I would not have to wait on a claim from the trucking company. Now that's stepping up to the plate and going beyond my expectations! Plessers is an exceptional company and really take care of their customers. I highly recommend this company. Also, their pricing is the best.

Buying a major appliance online could have been a scary experience but Appliance Manager, Gene, made me confident that I was making a good decision. The customer service is just amazing. Buy here!

I was hesitant to order online. I like to see, feel, and touch the product as well as know the people at the store who sell me an expensive item. I'm in the media and I don't just write a review unless it somehow will help others in making a great purchase or experience - or not. I was not paid or compensated for this review. I purchased a stunning KitchenAid refrigerator from Plessers on July 12th 2016. It was shipped to me today and absolutely love it. It was perfect. The BEST price and wonderful customer service. I explained that my fridge died and they hurried and shipped it asap. I couldn't be happier. GREAT price, 10-year warranty... rebates... and it was delivered perfect. I will be buying all my appliances from Plessers. Just a great experience and the best prices. Thanks Plessers.

During my recent phone order with Plessers, I was connected to sales associate, Jennifer **. She was very professional and easy to work with. Jennifer suggested the best kitchen appliance package for my kitchen remodel. I highly suggest consumers to give Plessers a call.

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Jennifer ** with Plessers Appliances has saved me money with the purchase of new appliances for my new home in The Woodlands, (Tomball) Texas. She is very knowledgeable about the products that I wanted and gave me input on the items that I didn't know. This displayed that she has a genuine desire to really help me with my decisions making. Thank you many times for caring. I purchased several appliances earlier this year.

I'm a home renovator in Atlanta area and was in need of new kitchen appliances for my home and two homes I'm presently renovating. After discovering Plessers, I called and spoke with Gene. He was very cordial, extremely helpful, confident, and strived to ensure my expectations were exceeded. Later, he worked to ensure I had line of sight to all rebates and credits for which I was eligible. THANK YOU, Gene, for your kindness and professionalism.

I am very happy to say that Joline with Plessers saw the issue I was having. She was more than helpful. She took care of all of the issues without hesitation. I will definitely make my next appliance purchase from Plessers as their prices were by far the lowest I could find anywhere.

Original Review

When I placed an order with Plessers the salesman told me if I upgraded the shipping I would get a larger rebate from Frigidaire so I did. It has been over 16 weeks and there is no one willing to do anything about the rebate or the delivery charge I should have never paid. I feel I was scammed into paying the delivery charge and they had no intention of me getting a rebate from the manufacturer. I thought I was getting a great deal for the appliances I purchased, but when you factor in the difference of the shipping and rebate I didn't get I feel I was scammed.

I was shopping around for deal in a oven that had great review on consumer reports. It was memorial day week sales locally. As I shopped around locally, they say that they can price match. So I searched local box stores and online sites. Plugged in what I was looking for and that's how I found online. They had the best deal by far. And my local box stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, RC Willey) would not price match a online store price. So I took a chance and ordered from Plessers and crossed fingers as this was my 1st large item I purchased online and was debating for awhile. But I read Plessers was in business since Abe Lincoln's days (JK, but a long time in business). The website was easy to navigate and felt more comfortable to pull the trigger.

I went to Plessers website, told them what I was looking for and had couple questions. Few hours I got response from Jennifer **, got answers to my questions, and made the purchase. They followed up with emails on the transaction and progress. I had more questions and always got a quick response. Got my order number, emailed item is shipped, I followed the tracking, got the stove at my house in a week. The stove arrived and I took the deliver and unbox in the house option for $75.00 more but would get it back in a rebate. The shippers was on time. They called me the day before to confirm the delivery day and time with 1/2 notice. The shippers called me with the 1/2 notice. They called me on the 1/2 mark said had a little traffic and will be 10 more minutes. I love that they called, they know their timing and the consumer don't and the fact they called was awesome and very undesrtandable and they showed up in 5 minutes.

The whole transaction went smooth as butter. Jennifer ** was awesome and great asset the to Plessers team, thanked her several times over. And the delivery service was top notch in my book. AAA+++ all the way around. I have already gave rave praise to our employee who's in the market for appliances and trust our opinion of who we do business with. I would not hesitate at all to shop at Plessers. No tax and free shipping, and the price was way better then any sale price locally. That's my take and I'm sticking to it.

Jennifer was very helpful and knowledgeable not to mention the best price there is! Can't wait for our refrigerator to come!

When I decided to order this fridge online I had fears about would if it goes bad. But after this experience I'd buy again from Plessers anytime. We had some damage on the fridge doors that were not the fault of Plessers and when I called and talked to Jeneen she was very caring of the problem. Told me what she could do and how long it would take. She kept on top of it and kept me informed. She had new doors shipped to us as promised, I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Jeneen and Plessers.

I really do not want to write a negative review. Four months of repairmen, e-mails and phone calls and my patience is gone. My initial interactions with them were positive. They came recommended from a friend. The delivery of our new, fancy LG fridge was an exciting time. We saved up for and shopped around for the best deal. We looked at reviews. It all was a go for us to order from Plessers.

First, when the fridge was delivered it was beat all to **. We refused delivery. That's what Plessers' website says to do. The delivery guy's supervisor was pressuring to accept the delivery. We said it had to go back. The delivery guys from New York were pleasant and didn't complain when we made them load it back up. I got a call the next day from Plessers offering for us to wait several weeks to get a new replacement or just replace the dented and scratched doors with brand new factory replacements. Easy enough, right? WRONG!!! The single most awful decision I have made.

We have gotten the WORST LG repair guys. It is like they scoured the earth for the worst repairmen and recruited them for the LG repair crew. It is April and we ordered it right before Christmas. We STILL don't have what we paid for. I am SICK of e-mails back and forth between LG and Plessers. I am sick of repair guys in my house. I just want what I paid for. While we saved a ton of money initially, but the hassle hasn't been worth it. In fact, I think they owe me money for all the hassle I have endured. They promised us $50 for our trouble. That doesn't cover it guys.

I kid you not, we have had repairmen from 4 different shops scheduled to repair it. Some of them came out three times. We told LG that two can never come back because they were IDIOTS. One never showed up, never answered his phone and there was no way to leave a message. Even after the dents and scratches were replaced, we had an issue with our door mullion (the flappy middle part on the edge of the top French door) not closing properly. Several repairmen couldn't figure it out.

One repairman told me that I should lower my expectations. Lower my expectations? WTH! I just want what I paid for to work properly. Another winner pinched some wires when replacing one of the doors and nearly severed them. They were hanging out of the front top of the fridge. How did he not see that?? Another repair guy had to fix it. My husband took a 3 second look and easily determined that the hinge was badly bent and that was the reason the mullion wasn't closing. Yet another delivery damage that wasn't discovered early on.

Please take it from me, if you decide to live on the edge and order from Plessers, DON'T ACCEPT DAMAGED ITEMS with a promise from Plessers to repair later. Just wait for a new one. I feel like I was scammed into buying some crappy floor model that was used for forklift training. You did it Plessers. You got rid of the crappy floor model that has been sitting in your warehouse. Congratulations. I won't be tricked again. Plessers should have seen that this issue has gone on way too long and done something about it. Anything. Back to Lowe's for my next purchase.

The only timely and efficient production from Plessers was the charge to my credit card. This was the quintessential example of "Buyer Beware"!! I do not feel good about the experience from order to delivery and will never buy from this store again. The Gold Delivery rebate was a BIG MISTAKE. Even if the rebate ever happens, of which I am doubtful, it won't make up for an abysmal purchase experience. The Plessers manager didn't send the forms until two days before they were due. Miss the all important date of postmark and NO Rebate. Of course, the form couldn't be completed because I hadn't yet received the product from which the Serial Number was required. Good luck trying to communicate with NECO Alliance.

The delivery service was extremely slow and impossible to track. I did eventually get the refrigerator I ordered but long after the estimated delivery date. At this point in time, I'm not sure how much blame for the long delivery process should track back to LG and its distributor. Certainly the delivery company was less than competent but I am going to have to think twice about purchasing additional LG products. Anyway, the doors haven't fallen off the refrigerator, yet. My wife doesn't know that we may be stiffed for the Gold Delivery Rebate. And, there is a Lowe's store less than a mile from my home and if their lowest price is within $100 of what Plessers advertises and Lowe's can deliver within a month of promise--maybe buying local is the best deal.

If I could give them 10 stars I would. Dealing with Eugene ** from beginning to end was easy and an absolute pleasure. I am doing a total kitchen remodel, and ordered everything from them. I spent over $10K, got free gold delivery, a 10-year warranty, no tax and prices I was unable to get anywhere else. I changed my order a few times, with no problem from Eugene. He was very accommodating and knowledgeable. I got my order 2 weeks after I placed it from AM trucking company, who were very communicative, and delivered my order with no problems. The delivery guys opened all the boxes for us to inspect the appliances and everything was perfect. I would not hesitate to do business with them again. Thanks Plessers and Eugene!

I purchased an entire Plessers in the last 9 months, six appliances in total. I can't say enough about them. Very professional from order to delivery to customer support. I used it all. Not to mention all the money we saved.

Disappointed with my efforts to buy refrigerator from regular store retailers. I found Plessers online. Jennifer **, who picked up my call were two, no, three heads above other stores' "experts". Based on my requirements, she suggested 3 different models to choose from, gave me a brief insight on each model, gracefully dealt with my impatience etc. She is not just any sales person, but highly professional sales consultant. Plessers' delivery team took the fridge 33 steps up to my kitchen with no damage to the walls. I will easily recommend Jennifer's service and Plessers as the store to my friends and family and to you - reader of my brief review.

I called Plessers Appliances on the last day of a sale... actually the last night. All the sales persons were busy so I left my name. A short time later Jennifer ** called me back. I needed an apartment sized refrigerator for my daughter's house. Jennifer was very knowledgeable about the choices that were available. I ordered one, which needed the door to be switched from left to right. No problem according to Jennifer. And the warranty was longer than the other company I was checking on. Jennifer is working to have the refrigerator expedited to my daughter. I am very happy with the help I have gotten and would be happy to recommend her to others.

Black Friday rush, and we found a great deal on an LG refrigerator. Jennifer helped us with every aspect of the process including getting all the paperwork for the rebates. This was a very busy time of year and we even sent emails late at night and got them returned in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you Jennifer! I won't deal with anyone else. :)

Customer service apologized & will refund me the difference in price.

Original Review

After spending over 10K on new appliances at Plessers, Main Street, Babylon last year I decided to get a spare refrigerator for garage for extra soda, beer, etc. Went to the clearance/mattress center on Little East Neck Rd., picked a floor sample. A few days later, same model advertised at big box stores "BlackFridaySales" for lower price. Spoke to Sales. Was told they can't compete with BlackFridaySales. It was only a few dollars so I let them deliver my FLOOR SAMPLE. It came with a floor sample sticker card priced lower than what I was charged. I called and got a runaround saying somebody must have marked it down more, after my order was processed. I was told to take pictures of the inside model & s/n & sales sticker & send to them. All I got was BS about a wrong sticker. So I am now out an additional $165. I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER SHOP THERE.

I recently ordered a refrigerator from Plessers. I had gone back and forth with Jennifer about the pros and cons of different models and her knowledge and patience were well appreciated. I can't yet speak to the delivery, quality of the product or any other issues as we are not at that point yet. But I can say that Jennifer takes great pride in her work and the company she works for and that is evident even over the phone. She always responded in a timely manner, even on her days off. Plessers is lucky to have her.

A friend recommended Plessers to us and we're so happy she did. Ordering was quick and easy. After comparing all the prices, they were certainly the best value. They have a wide range to choose from and carry all the top brands you'd expect. We've been extremely pleased and would definitely recommend them to our friends.

3 months ago, I purchased a Samsung gas range. Recently on 11-6-15, I purchased another appliance (Samsung 29 cf fridge from the Plessers.Com.) I was having a problem ordering on the website. I called Jennifer **, a sales associate at Plessers. She was very helpful in helping me complete my order. I live in Portland OR. and have no problem buying appliances online. The prices at Plessers can not be beat and the customer service is better than any store I could go to in Portland OR. Whenever I need another appliance, I will most certainly contact Plessers appliances first!!

WOW -- Thank you Jennifer for recommending the best fit for our budget and for our town house kitchen. We are delighted with our new Whirlpool French Door fridge and the ease of ordering and delivery -- You are first class.

I used Plessers with significant doubts, but was interested in saving $40% on a $4K fridge. From start to finish, it was incredibly easy. Salesperson Jennifer ** was professional and competent, very personalized service, and was oddly confident about the delivery service, given we are several states away from Plessers. She was right; delivery staff were fabulous. Terrific experience!

After lengthy online research plus checking out specific kitchen appliances at local stores and online sites, the good pricing and large selection (together with no tax and no shipping charges) definitely set Plessers apart from the crowd. We ended up purchasing the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave for our kitchen remodel through Plessers at a significant savings. Jennifer ** (Plessers online sales rep) made the process a pleasure through her advice, help, and pleasant and supportive attitude. She was knowledgeable and kept on top of things with frequent notifications and feedback. She creatively and quickly helped satisfactorily resolve a few issues as they arose. Jennifer was a star!

I just purchased a full Viking kitchen from Plessers based on an ad from the newspaper. They were having a big Columbus day sale. I worked with Meaghan and she was super helpful in the process of choosing the models and sizes. Viking is offering a great promotion. I order a 36" gas range and got a free dishwasher. I added on a refrigerator and they threw in a matching hood. So I paid for two appliances and got two for free. I have Plessers coming over to deliver and install everything as well. I waited a long time to redo the kitchen and this was one of the best deals I could find anywhere. The sales help at Plessers was very professional and they really knew their merchandise better than most places.

I placed a large order for kitchen appliances with Plessers. I am a designer and do kitchen remodels consistently. Plessers is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced, particularly their horrid delivery service. Be warned, do NOT buy from Plessers!!

Bought complete kitchen suite, Whirlpool. Had issue twice thus far in two years with microwave and oven. Service person this time caused a non-existent problem and I am being told they won't come back to fix. Plessers and their extended service company say we used our five/ten year all I want. Such B.S. BEWARE. Contract is bull. Appliances were substandard and this is downright nonsense they should be handling. Won't even give me enough to cover new appliance and cancelled the service call to fix issue they created. BUYER BEWARE.

Plessers offers a good service of purchasing, but DO NOT buy the extended warranty from them. They work with Monthly Warranty Inc. and they are not honor the warranty service. We bought a Electrolux induction cooktop (NEVER EVER buy Electrolux product again). Our Electrolux cooktop has been broken down since April 2015, 6 months ago, and the result has not been solved yet.

In the beginning, when I called our warranty provider- Monthly Warranty, they have assigned a local service provider to take care the situation. It took the service provider nearly one month figuring out the problem with the cooktop, so finally the service provider will be able to order the right part for repairing. But each week went by, I had checked with service provider closely and the parts still not showing, so I had informed the warranty company and they will just took the notes but never really did any action for me.

By the end of August. The warranty company had realized the situation has not been resolved so they made me call the manufacturer which is the Electrolux to find out about the parts. When I called the Electrolux, they told me the parts is made to order and currently is in backorder and doesn't seem the parts will be ready this year and still not guarantee will be available in near term, and I called the service provider and they confirmed the statement as well.

I informed the warranty company and requested to speak with the manager but the manager has not get back to me and they still insisted the manufacturer is responsible for the issue and seems like they just want to blame the whole thing on to the manufacture without helping the consumer for their need. In summary, below is my review for monthly warranty: 1. Does not follow up with the consumer closely, I was the one making the phone call first. 2. Should have contact the service provider and manufacturer for the consumer, instead I have to call and find the answer myself. 3. The management team is hiding behind, I understand the customer representative has not authority but the management team should deal with the consumer especially the open case has been 6 months long.

I just returned to this store after shopping last week for some appliances. Why I even left to shop around made no sense. The salesman here are polite and eager to help. Their training shows as the knowledge on the appliances was far superior than any other help we had gotten elsewhere. I ended up purchasing a full kitchen of Samsung appliances. The salesman I dealt with was Mark. If you are in the market for appliances I would stop here and not waste time shopping around. Prices were "Fantastic".

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