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Horrible, just horrible! I have never been so disappointed with any company ever in my life! If you are big on reviews, I advise you to take this one into consideration. Pacific Sales is an appliance company that sells their merchandise/ appliances through Best Buy company. One day, my mom and I got rid of our outdated refrigerator and went to Best Buy being optimistic on purchasing a new refrigerator. We were just going to look or window browse in hopes we might find a good deal. We came across one that was simple and sleek with its appearances and size. It was side-by-side, two door Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator.

Moving on, we ended up purchasing the refrigerator the same day with Stephen the sale rep. He was great help with helping us look for what we were looking for. Originally, I didn't want one that had the ice maker, so he took it beyond himself to look for the same model that didn't have the ice maker option. He found the same one without the ice maker option and I was literally thrilled. We ended purchasing the same day with delivery was in about 1 week and half.

So we waited for the fridge to be delivered. The fridge came as purchased. Brand new. We used the fridge for about a week, until I came to my sense that this fridge is way too big for an apt. It was too wide and the depth was too deep, I forgot the measurements but I ended up going back to Pacific Sales to see if I can exchange it for a smaller size. Again, Stephen was helpful with that. He found the same model in a smaller size without the ice maker also. We did an even exchange, even though the bigger one was a bit more.

I again waited about 2 weeks, due to the fridge was backordered. I kept calling PS and questioning about my fridge being delivered. Yet again, Stephen helped with that and he also offered to give me back $100 just because we waited so long for the smaller model to come. So, one day the delivery company came and picked up the bigger model to take back to the warehouse. Somehow in the midst of picking up the bigger size modeled they didn't deliver my smaller one I had exchanged for. Nowhere in their invoice had mention that they were suppose to deliver the smaller model. So, with that being said my mom and I didn't have a fridge for several days until the smaller model came. I was already upset about that.

We waited very patiently for the smaller fridge to come. It eventually came about 3-4 days later. However, during delivery I was at work and my mom was home. My mom does not speak any english and I was communicating to her via phone calls. The delivery people came and delivered the smaller version. Once I got home from work. I notice that the fridge was damaged from the right side of the door to the right side panel. Again, with all this time waiting in between, I was left upset.

I called back and made a complaint to PS. The customer service lady helped me and offer $200 in store credit in place of the damage. In my mind I just wanted a nice undamaged fridge that I paid for. I would hate to always walk by it and see that it's damage. So I told her that I didn't want the store credit. She ended up fixing the order and setting up arrangement for delivery to be picked up. Several day after the delivery people came to pick up the damaged fridge and deliver the undamaged fridge. I said, "Phew!" in signs of relief, I thought this would be the last problem I encounter with this company. It wasn't.

Two weeks after the ordeal, I received my bank statement from Best Buy, since PS is an adjunct company through Best Buy. On the bank statement I was not only being charge one Whirlpool refrigerator, but two. One for $939.23 and the second one for $988.98. I have made contact with their customer service representative and he has yet to help me. I have filed fraud with bank and also made a dispute with them. I am above and beyond frustrated with Pacific Sales along with the delivery company they work with. Here I am, unhappy, dissatisfied and stressed for something that I am being charge that I have no ownership of. I need help on what to do. I continue to check up daily with that customer service rep.

We have a 1 YEAR OLD LG refrigerator that is under extended warranty with Best Buy appliance division, Pacific Sales. July 4th they were contacted in regards to the fridge stopped working and wasn't cooling. July 11th someone came out to look at and order the parts. The parts were on "back order" from Pacific Sales and were finally installed on August 2nd, main board for the fridge. Once the contractor left the house an hour or so later the fridge wasn't working again and the error code was back. Another ticket was filed with Pacific Sales and the tech was back out on August 8th to order all the parts again, ANOTHER main board, assembly fan, and dispenser. We waited until August 26th for them to replace the items listed above only to have the fridge not working again an hour or so later.

We have contacted Pacific Sales on each occasion, followed up on parts status, called and complained on multiple occasions for ETA etc. The 29th of August they were contacted and were told to update us within 72 hours. A lady called my husband on the 31st said "they are working on it" and as of the 6th of September nothing. I have called again stating that the fridge is a dud and the main board has been replaced now 3 times and still not working. They do not seem to be concerned or moving quickly to replace it.

I have called the customer service line again. As of 9/6 they will not transfer me to any other management for assistance. We are continuing to get the runaround, the fridge is a Lemon, and not working. We are now well over 2 months without a fridge in our home and Pacific Sales still has yet to take care of the situation. Worst experience ever. I have told all friend and family to NEVER EVER purchase appliances through Best Buy ever again.

I purchased an opened box refrigerator. I was told the only issue was that it probably had not been accepted for delivery and the door was obviously out of alignment. I asked the salesmen if that could easily be fixed and he assured me doors are often removed to get the item in the house and that would be fixed before delivery. After spending considerable time unpacking my fridge and putting my frozen food on ice, the new one arrived with the door still broken plus the bottom frame/door cracked. I'm wondering why the fridge would go from the store to the warehouse to the truck without anyone stopping it from being sent broken. After several calls, the delivery men was told to bring it back. I called the store and they agreed to send another fridge from the warehouse.

After 5 weeks I received a call the night before delivery and was told it would be delivered the next day after 4 pm as agreed upon. I was called at work around noon and was told the delivery men were in the area and wanted to bring it then. I told him that I could not leave work, got off at 5 and wanted the delivery after 5:30. He said he could not do that, the latest would be 4:15. I said I would get off work early. I got home at 3:20, unpacked the refrigerator and freezer and waited. Around 6 I called to see what the holdup was. I was told that they came and no one was home. I said that was a lie because I got home at 3:20 and I have a house guest as well as a mom that had been there all day. They refused to bring it back. I tried reaching a manager at the store to no avail.

I called Best Buy numerous times to get voicemail, hang-ups and long holding. I finally got a person, who said he would call the central office to intervene; the customer service manager would call me within an hour and hopefully they would bring it back. No one called until the next day and it did not come back. I was very angry because the delivery manager obviously lied and the time invested in leaving work early packing and repacking the fridge once again. The person agreed to issue a credit right away. I had to call twice before that occurred. I did get a refund.

The Pacific Sales company who facilitates their extended warranty service is ridiculously WORTHLESS! I have called a number of times to have a leaking Kitchenaid refrigerator repaired and after 3 service providers couldn't come out for over a week, they send someone else over. A part is needed to repair it. It's been OVER a week since the repair person was here and I found out today the HOSE (yes, hose) was ordered yesterday - a full WEEK after the technician was here and took apart my refrigerator. Not only are the service providers are awful, so is the "broker" who coordinates these awful services. I would expect better service from Pacific Sales - but I was wrong! I will NEVER purchase another appliance from Pacific Sales (after having brought a microwave, double oven and refrigerator - $7,000+) and will be sure the extended warranty of any appliance is not with this so called "preferred" company that Pacific Sales uses.

Purchased appliances from them - their delivery service ruined our brand new garage entrance. After 100+ emails, visits to Best Buy store and contact with corporate not a dime reimbursed. Their free delivery actually cost us over 500. This place not to be trusted.

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Purchased top of the line KitchenAid with full 5 year warranty. $859.00 Dishwasher completely died almost 3 months ago after having it for 1 year and 1 month. First replacement offered was a plastic Frigidaire worth $279, next was an LG for $549. Then they said I would have to buy replacement parts to install new brand of dishwasher and a purchase a new warranty to cover it. I have spoken to at least 20 different people, each promising to call back, usually the next day. In 3 months, I have never received a phone call, and one person even said they could not call me because they didn't have an email, even though my offer was received via email. Absolute worst experience ever with a company. I have given them a short window of time to give me a valid offer and have told them that I will picket outside Pacific Sales. I cannot say enough about the absolutely horrible experience. I wish I didn't even have to give them one star.

I bought a LG refrigerator (Model No. LMXS30776S) from Pacific Sales, Best Buy store in Union City, CA. I bought 5 years extended preferred protection plan also. On that I was communicated that it will cover everything. Now one of my refrigerator's vegetable tray (drawer) has been cracked. When I call the given number (1 - 800 342 5349), she was saying that “We don't cover the plastic items. We cover only electronic and mechanical failure.”

If it is like that then I must communicated like that. When I call to Union City store then the guy picked the call was very rude and didn't talk to me politely and he said "The saleswomen sold the product to you. She is no more working here and we don't know what did she tell." It is very frustrating that by paying $175.00 for the protection plan and are not covering $40.00 item. This protection plan is a scam. Basically they don't cover anything which is useful. My recommendation for this plan and Union City store is zero star and not recommended.

RUDE. I will never go there ever again. Not only did they not match their own written quote from the same day, when we went back to want to purchase the appliances per the written quote, the prices suddenly changed. The customer service we worked with, days, literally told us "no you can go now" as we asked him to finalize a purchase that he quoted us only hours before. I will pay more to never have to be talk to and treated the way Dave at the Escondido location treated me.

We purchased extended warranty only to have our gas dryer break and have been trying for months to get it fixed! This place is one of the worst customer service call centers I have ever in my life dealt with... I was on hold for 20 mins only for them to tell me they have nobody in our area to come and service our dryer. ARE THESE PEOPLE SERIOUS!?!? Mind you we purchased... a gas dryer, washer, stove, dish washer and fridge from these people! As I have been reading reviews I see that I am not alone! I hope they figure this out cause I'm going to keep being a pain in their butts until they do!

My husband took the day off for the installation (of Whirlpool washer & dryer). The night before they gave the time which is ridiculous because they won't give you a window like morning or afternoon and the morning of cancelled because they didn't have part. The part that should have been ordered early on. It took three visits to finally get it balanced. The third person balanced with real tools not an iPhone app. Service is horrible. They are too big and there are too many departments involved. This was by far one of the worst experiences with purchasing appliances I have had and I have purchased many. We lost four days and two days' pay with this! So where is the savings??? Larry the salesperson and Mike the manager were wonderful but the service was awful. It actually became a joke with the app for leveling. Try it everything is level... lol.

Jim ** the salesman was exceptional but I have to say this was the worst experience of my life with a company. The delivery men were not professional at all. They did not have booties to wear when they came in my house even though it had snowed the day before and I made sure that they had a clean driveway and walkway to make everything easier on them. They left my house muddy. They told me everything that they couldn't do. They couldn't get the washer and dryer in the house because it was too big and they told me that they would have to rip out one of my doors with the frame on it but wouldn't put it back up.

When I pointed out another door for them to bring them in through he measured it and told me that it would fit through there. He began to rip the doors off the hinges and put them against my kitchen wall without a care in the world as if he was rushing and left nicks in my wall. He then realized that he couldn't turn off the water line and told me it was frozen. I knew it wasn't. It just was old and hasn't been turned in a long time and was stuck. I told him "What do you want me to do?" If he couldn't turn it how would I... He just looked at me and said that they would have to come back. I didn't know what to do since my husband was at work so I said "Ok." My husband told me that they called him when they left and told him we needed a professional plumber to come out and do the work before they could come back because they needed the sink to be removed in order to make it fit. I was so upset and did not want them back in my house.

My husband calmed me down and said that he would look at it when he got home. When he got home he was able to turn the water line off and was upset that they couldn't do it. Now he had to spend his day off installing them on his own and he did. He noticed that when I told the men to hook back up my old washer and dryer since they took it apart that the tube for the dryer was ripped and they tried to cover it up. What kind of people do you hire??? They obviously didn't have customer service skills and told me that they couldn't do anything because they didn't want to be liable for anything that breaks but they tore my tube for the dryer and didn't do anything to compensate me or even tell me that they did it. My washer and dryer fit just fine with the sink right next to it and they look great. It's good that you have professional salesman to sell your products because you need to cover up the terrible work these delivery men do...

Purchased Kohler Undermount sink, Pasadena Store - over $500. The Sealed box was delivered. As Kitchen remodel contractor was installing quartz countertops. He opened the Kohler box and found no template. I assume this is not Pacific Sales' fault. It was Monday and the store was closed. Next day I contacted the store hoping they would be able to get a template or help me get one. Without asking for any information - my name, sales check or sink product number, the unconcerned person I spoke to immediately said: "There's not a template in every box. A GOOD Counterman will make his own template directly from the sink." I told him that the Kohler website states that a template will be included in the box for this sink and if it isn't used, Kohler will not honor the warranty. His reply, "Then call Kohler." End of conversation.

I spend 45 minutes looking at appliances and the sales staff ignored me even when I tried to make eye contact. My neighbor had the same experience at the Huntington Beach location. They were too busy talking and laughing among themselves to even ask if I needed help. Horrible experience.

We purchased a top of the line Samsung Refrigerator after relocating with the military to San Antonio. We were excited to be in a large city and have the opportunity to shop at a large Best Buy with Pacific Sales. We purchased several new appliances from this particular store and have had repairs on all of them. Based on our experience and the numerous customer complaints, I clearly see this was a mistake.

Take your money somewhere else. We have had this particular Samsung fridge serviced 4 times. The first 3 times was one repair company that was just awful, never within the window, lost a screw to the ice machine and cracked the outside panel of our $2500 fridge! Four repairs later and the fridge is still leaking inside and out, all over the outside door and onto the floor, a bloody mess. It is actually embarrassing to have this fridge in our house and we paid a ton. I have called and emailed endlessly and nothing. Beyond disappointed especially as loyal BB customers for over 15 years!

I purchased a Bosch dishwasher in September from Pacific Sales in Torrance and it is now November 25th and I am still having major problems getting the dishwasher installed. The first dishwasher delivered & installed by Geek Squad had ding on the door, which the installer noticed AFTER he installed it. He then ordered a new door & we schedule the next installation for 2 weeks later. The new door was again installed by Geek Squad and after installation I noticed that there was another ding on the door. The installer ordered a third door and we scheduled another installation the following week. The Geek squad installer cancelled the appointment the day prior to scheduled installation so another date was set.

The morning of the installation, the Geek Squad called & said there was no door available for pick up & that another order needed to be scheduled. By this point, you can imagine my frustration so I head down to the store, ask for a manager, he was at lunch, file a complaint and work with Michael, one of the Pacific Sales reps, & he decides to start "fresh" & purchase a new dishwasher & have Peerless Installers do the installation & return the old one. He stated that Peerless would be calling me to schedule a time convenient for me. Unbeknownst to me, he actually scheduled delivery without my knowledge at a time that no one was home. Peerless shows up at my door and no one is home so they return the dishwasher, call me and we schedule a time for delivery.

The day of new delivery, Peerless goes to pick up the dishwasher once again from Pacific Sales and they state they can't find the dishwasher and that we need to reschedule once again. I have now stayed home from work 5 days and 20 hours in order to get a dishwasher that I purchased in September. I just called Pacific Sales to speak with their manager Milton, I was put on hold for 10 minutes & then told to call his cell phone. I called, Milton picked up and said he needed to call me back in 15 minutes. Still have not heard back from him. Pacific Sales, their managers, sales reps and all their installers are horrible and if you can't afford to stay home 5 days and 20 hours to buy a simple appliance, I suggest you go to someone else. This has been awful!

Purchased a refrigerator, and they damaged it while delivering. I'm getting the runaround because it was a floor model and they want me to go to a less feature, 1 for the price that I can. But that is not my fault, delivery man damaged not me. I haven't used those because there's a lot of damage. Deliveries of machinery not working. Appliances not working. Maybe we should all start looking for someone else to have our purchases or take a business someone else. I have been trying to get to a corporate office to take care of this matter. As soon as I get one I'll let everybody know. Now they're suggesting that maybe we damaged it.

I am left with a feeling of being robbed by Pacific Sales & their customer service! I am fuming and got myself in rage with the Pacific Sales company where I've purchased a set of Whirlpool Washer and Dryer & in the process lost my original Maytag washer & dryer. My washer was still in good working condition even if it was 23 yrs old!!! My horrid experience started the day of delivery: at the second wash, the tumbler went crazy. The bulky cycle did not function, the machine went on a crazy, spinning cycle of filling/draining for an hour until I manually stopped the machine & called Pacific Sales for an exchange. They re-scheduled a new machine to be delivered 4 days later.

After taking a day off work to get my second delivery.. the delivery person asked me to try it out for a week or two and he set the machine for a test run before leaving (it only took him 15 minutes to deliver, he ran out of here as fast as he got in). So, after 40 minutes of his "test run" the machine would not stop running water... same thing happened as with the first delivery. Only this time the setting was on "Drain/Spin" mode... Why would you have water running non-stop if it's supposed to be on a draining/spinning mode??? Go figure.. I was not going to let my water run for 2 weeks to get it replaced. I realized this High-Efficiency saving water machine was a piece of junk. So I called back and got the worst customer care EVER..

Their service over the phone was beneath all what you expected from Pacific Sales. They could not return my old machines as it was handed over to a friend of the delivery man! I did approve of it, but I had no idea that after this donation was going to leave me astray with junk and no willingness to help me out. He refused twice after being requested to return to my address (being 1:45pm in the afternoon while they are working until 9:00 pm).

I am Extremely unhappy & frustrated, left with a feeling of being robbed by this company that really didn't care a bit if they left a customer unhappy. I was on the phone with them for over 45 minutes, being placed on hold several times to be left astray. Long story short & a very, very frustrating time with this company not willing to lift their little finger and arrange a same day or next day delivery of a promised item that is supposed to be in perfect condition. Therefore, if they don't care of their customer, I will NEVER AGAIN BUY or order anything with PACIFIC SALES!!!

The sales process was smooth and efficient but everything fell off a cliff after that. I bought a washer/dryer combo and a built in refrigerator for a new home. I suffered through three aborted delivery attempts where the delivery guys claimed it was impossible to carry the refrigerator up the stairs to my second level kitchen (the reason why changed every time I asked). Finally I give up in disgust and had Pacific Kitchen leave the unit in my garage. I ended up having to hire a moving company to complete the work -- who apparently can perform the impossible and simply carried the fridge right up the stairs with no drama.

I then called the Pacific Kitchen delivery company back to have them complete the install as they'd said they'd do. I was first told that they did not offer installation services for the specific model I bought (despite the fact that I'd paid for installation). Then they simply did not show up for the scheduled installation appointment we'd set.

By this point I no longer had the energy to keep fighting with them, after two weeks of living in my new house without a working refrigerator. I again hired a different company to finish the work that I'd paid Pacific Kitchen to perform. At every turn I was met by stonewalling staff, inconsistent stories, and flat-out lies about what they would and could do. Definitely one of the worst sales experiences I've ever encountered. There is no way I will ever spend another dollar at this business. They are terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.

Went in with a friend to look at appliances. A sales girl gave us a quote for a 4 appliance package. We left the first time to compare prices... like anyone would. Went back the next day with my hubby. She told us that she would not give us another quote unless we gave her a $200 deposit. What in the world? A deposit to get a quote on appliances? We walked out. Was too much like a sleazy used car lot.

Do not buy appliances in Best Buy associated with Pacific Kitchen and Bath and by all means DO NOT PURCHASE THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTY. We bought a washer 2 years ago. I need service because it is making a grinding noise during the phase of determining the size of load and the spin cycle. First, nowhere is the service number located on the internet. Best Buy will provide the number if you ask. It is only printed at the top of the receipt.

HOOP #1 - After 2 calls, they told me there was an issue with incorrect information sent to the warranty company with only indicates partial coverage and verified that we do have 5 years of service (this is a call center). HOOP #2 - I got transferred to the "warranty company" which is obviously another call center, only to be told that she would have to hear the noise over the phone in order to make an appointment. This person is not a service technician. Why would she have to hear the noise over the phone. If I call to make an appointment for my car the person doesn't ask to hear the noise over the phone. I asked for a supervisor and was left on hold. HOOP #3 I am currently on hold for a manager on duty for which I was told would be 20 minutes if I wanted to hold, 1 to 2 business days if I want a callback. What kind of racket are they running? They obviously want you to call a service man and pay out of pocket so they don't have to.

I will never purchase another appliance from Best Buy and I will never purchase another warranty with Pacific Kitchen and Bath. I don't know how they get away with this.

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator that did not work right out of the box. A repairman was scheduled from Pacific Kitchen & Home. They told us they would be out between 2-4. The day of service the repairman called me at 1:30 and said he was on his way. When I told him nobody would be home until 2 because that's what time they told us they would arrive, he hung up on me.

When he got to the house, he was not able to fix the door because he didn't have the right tools in spite of the fact that this was one of the things I reported wrong with the refrigerator in the first place. We had to call back and reschedule the repairman again. We explained that we couldn't miss another day off from work and they would need to give us an hour's notice. Instead they just showed up at the house and didn't wait for us to get home. Horrible customer service. The repairman was rude, incompetent and unprepared. I recommend demanding another repair service and not using these people. Save yourself the aggravation & mistreatment.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase appliances or the extended warranty through Best Buy/Pacific Sales. What a joke! I am at my absolute wit's end! I purchased all new kitchen appliances at Best Buy in Minnetonka, MN in October of 2013 and purchased the extended warranty for my dishwasher and range. The slick salesperson I worked with assured me that the warranty was the best one out there and if I had any problems with an appliance and they are unable to fix it, the appliance would be promptly replaced. Well, I have been trying for 10 days to get a repair call scheduled for my dishwasher and NO ONE can help me. I have made at least 5 phone calls to the extended warranty number (WARRANTECH) and have spent over 2 hours on the phone, mostly on hold trying to get somewhere.

I have never been so frustrated or disappointed in a company. Today I will be submitting a complaint to the better business bureau for a fraudulent warranty. I live about 5 minutes from the heart of Minneapolis and I have been told there is only one service provider and since neither I, nor the extended warranty company, can get a hold of them, that there is no one else and they need to continue searching for a different company. They have been "searching" for days now and somehow have not been able to find another service provider? Hmmm and let me state that the first service provider they told me to call was an Audio and Video repair company and their website says nothing about repairing appliances.

How is it possible that there is only ONE service provider for the entire Twin Cities Metro area? The latest response I received this morning is that I will need to wait 2-3 more business days for a supervisor to return my call. Are you kidding me? By the time I receive a call back I will have been without a dishwasher for over 2 weeks. I will certainly NOT be recommending Best Buy /Pacific Sales to my friends and family when they are looking to make purchases of any kind! I only wish I had read all the negative comments out here two years ago and I would have stayed very far away from Best Buy and Pacific Sales. What a bunch of frauds!

I spoke to Lee in customer relations and he said he would get right back to me. That was Saturday 9/5/2015, no call nothing. I called the store and asked them to resend my units with another delivery company since Anthony in delivery said he is not coming back to my house and hung up on me. The store, my salesperson Daniel said he would do that if I paid for it. I have never been treated so badly by so many reps.

If you look at my history I had a big order years ago had issues went to Snyder Diamond for my next large order. I thought I would give you another try, guess that was a mistake. I will never do business with Pacific Sales again. They clearly don't want me as a customer. I was having a washer and dry installed where a current washer and dry are now. You would think it would be easy. They have refunded my money by way of check which I now have to wait for and could care less about losing the sale. Guess I will go back to Snyder Diamond and get them there.

I had to call to get units, Daniel never followed up with me. Called me at 6 AM on Saturday to tell me they would be there in an hour. I asked if they could come later which they replied "no, they would be there at 7 AM." They showed up at 8:15 AM. They told me my gas line is inch and they could not do it. My gas line is in fact 3/8 the exact size they need. They told me I need a new vent. I ask what kind of vent, can they do that, what am I missing. They said "it's wrong, hire a handyman and fix it." No info, nothing, just wrong. How would I get a person to fix that tell them it's wrong and hope for the best.

Anthony, your supervisor in delivery said he would not come back. Should I beg him to come back? If he came back there is no guarantee that he would send people that would install it. If changes were needed, I would have paid to do so. That was not an option. I don't think changes need to be made, I have units there now working. He told me the onus is on me then said "if you don't know what that word means, he could use another word." Then repeated it. I called customer service, nothing back. I called about 10 numbers, no one wanted to help. I will do my best to make sure everyone I know understands Best Buy and Pacific Sales is at your own risk..

As with the other unfavorable reviews regarding Pacific Sales, my husband and I have experienced the most unpleasant delivery of appliances possible. Not only did the delivery men attempt to deliver the item two hours before the four hour window, but questioned me as to whether or not we had the items installed. The receipt clearly stated that they were to pick up an existing wall oven in its original packaging and deliver another unit as a replacement. After agreeing to meet them an hour or so earlier they arrived without any shoulder straps which was specified on the receipt. I explained to them that we had hardwood floors where they were going to set the appliance and that our entrance had decorative stone work that would be damaged by an appliance dolly.

They proceeded to tell me that they knew what they were doing and stated that they had families, were not going to risk and injury, and that their insurance company would not allow them to perform the task. Funny, when I explained that the first delivery people were able to carry the oven in with shoulder straps they responded by telling me that I didn't know what I was talking about. It was evident that they were in a hurry to leave and weren't conscientious about how to remove one box before carrying in the next. As a result they managed to break off a copper exterior sconce that was in pristine condition for over fourteen years in the front of our house.

In addition, they were so careless that they uprooted a sizeable lavender plant that was thriving in our front entrance. When I pointed it out to them they denied it even though it was in the exact location where they had to bring the dolly up our step to the front door. Interestingly, one of the delivery men took a picture and asked me how much it would cost to replace it. When I answered them it was nothing but denial. I asked them to leave and that I would handle myself knowing that the customer service was my only recourse.

I have since contacted the customer service department to report the incident. The representative informed me that the insurance company would be contacting me within 48 hours. After reading the type of response that Pacific Sales extends to their customers it would be something short of a miracle to receive any kind of response. Does anybody believe in integrity and honesty. Keep your eyes open when receiving any deliveries from Pacific Sales. This could have been avoided if they had followed the instructions that were printed on the receipt.

Bought the big dollar big screen (Samsung). Lucky I bought the extended warranty 3 years and tv shuts off. PS refers to service dept (sucks). They say they are aware of the problem (should be a recall). "We have to order part. We will let you know when it's in." 2 weeks later nothing. Should have bought from Costco or SAMs and returned it. Never again.

Two months ago, I purchased an oven from the Pacific Sales, located in Torrance California. I have yet to receive said oven. My initial order went seemingly well, of course this was the part when Pacific Sales was taking my money. Since then, they have lied about the delivery of my oven on three separate occasions. The most recent time has been the most comical, comical because the best thing you can do is laugh at these situations. I had already come to the realization that me counting the days on a calendar, as though I were an inmate awaiting his/her release date from prison, was going to do me no good.

Two months removed from my order, I received a call from the sales associate who assisted me on the floor when considering my options. The sales associate informed me that they received "one" of the highly sought after ovens which I purchased, and that he thought it'd be fitting if we're the lucky customer to receive the oven. I gladly accepted the offer of Pacific Sales fulfilling their end of the transaction, only to have some young women calling from an unknown place call me two days later only to inform me that I would not be receiving my oven.

When asked for additional information she did not hesitate to put me on hold, and transfer to the Torrance location, where I was lucky enough to have my call disconnected by an unknown Pacific Sales associate for the 23rd time in two months. When I call them back in an effort to gain clarity on the situation, I am met with the same response, what would be a dial tone, if it were 15 or so years ago. The times prior to these were much of the same. Pacific Sales cares not about their customers. Enough people will be done improperly that the money that this company and team of people working within it will dry up as the customer bases depletes, and dies off much like Pac Sales customer service has.

We purchased a new KitchenAid (top of the line) dishwasher from Pacific Sales on May 2012 (including the extended warranty -- which is basically worthless). To date the rollers on top tray have disintegrated twice (first time after less than a year). The first repairman came out and told us the tray would run about $350 because the tray was not under warranty (he lied -- it list for $180). He replaced it with a used one he had in his truck. About 6 months of use, the rollers disintegrated again. I was able to find them on a third party web site. I replaced them myself and the tray worked better than new.

Last week the top sprayer stopped working. My wife spent over two hours on the phone trying to find a warranty repair service. The person she spoke to said she would enter it in the system and the repair service would call us in a couple of days to set up a date to come out and repair it (or tell me what part is broken -- which I already know -- and would have to order it).

I called Josh (the store manager in Corona) - I asked for his help. He made it very clear -- they are only the distributor for the product and I would have to pursue service with the service company. He even admitted -- the products they sell in their store are cheap, poorly made products that are not intended to last for a while like the products made 20 years ago. He said it several times. He confirmed the $800 dishwasher I purchased is a piece of junk and I am stuck with it.

This is the LAST product I will ever purchase from Pacific Sales and from reading the previous reviews, I can't for the life of me see why anyone would do business with them. When the store manager admits they sell cheap products not intended to last and let the buyer beware. I WOULD NOT recommend Pacific Sales to anyone -- instead I would recommend they never step foot in any of their stores.

While my husband and I have purchased all appliances for the last 15 years through Best Buy.... we've now had over 4 damaged "new dishwashers" delivered and despite our best to inspect, installers find damage that make it un-useable! Not only have we've waited over a month, we also have damaged washer in garage taking up space so that it wouldn't get stolen or even further damaged. We paid a lot of $ for brand new dishwasher and continue to receive damaged new ones!

Last week we were promised installers would pick up themselves and deliver to decrease the chances of damage. We received a call night before stating between hours of 10 & 2 and then I received call the day of making sure everything was good to go. I had to take off of work, stay home all day and after attempting to contact numerous times, I finally got a call that the installers were unaware they were picking anything up. Date was once again scheduled, for 5th or 6th time (lost count) and were promised that we'd hear from them by 8 pm. Well, almost an hr past 8, no call and despite numerous messages left between my husband and myself... still nothing! So dissatisfied and for a company as great as Best Buy.... this will be my last time ever buying through them as long as Pacific is in charge!!

Please do not buy anything from this store..... I bought a Samsung refrigerator which was defective and would splash the ice and water all over the ground from the ice dispenser. Two people already fell as result of the spell. I spoke to Tim, Store manager, and Teresa for several months. I called the service department multiple times. I was told by service department that this problem is the result of a poor design and can't be fixed. I tried to explained to them that this refrigerator is unsafe for any household and yet they still refused to exchange it for me. This model refrigerator was highly recommended by the sales associate and they don't even stand by their product line that they choose to carry. They failed to research about the products that they sell. Very poor customer service... Very poor communication. I paid $3,000.00 for this refrigerator and no one is willing to help me.

I bought a brand new fridge from pacific sales in Rancho Mirage, Ca. The sales person was great, very nice and helpful. When I got the fridge was totally dead. Would not work. When I called I was told I have to wait 24 hours for it to cool down. After 24 hours it was still at 90 degrees. I called again and I was told they can do nothing till I get a service person to look at it. The next day I got the service person who found that there was a major problem with the fridge. The thing that when I tried to call the store manager he would not call me back. They would put me on hold forever and cut me off. They refused to give me the district manager phone number.

After being on hold on purpose forever and being hung up on few times I was furious. I was going to ask for an exchange but now I want nothing to do with them. I will never buy anything from pacific sales. Now I have spoiled food and a dead fridge. Finally called their 800 # which connected me to the sales person to help me. Now the fridge is going back. I had no apology, nobody offered to reimburse me for all the spoiled food, or for the delivery charges.

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