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All need to know that: Home Depot "reserve the right to limit/deny returns." We Purchased a washing machine and Dryer from Home depot. The washer ruined our Pillows. We did use the recommended "bedding" large item option. In an attempt to return it we are now not able to get in touch with the Home Depot representative we were working with, i.e. a representative for the District manager. Below are the details and history of progress:

Washer delivered on Sept 16th - Maytag Maxima. Washer does not perform to our satisfaction: Water level does not get top of laundry wet leading to moving mechanism on bottom of tub rubbing stationary objects being washed; Ruined two pillows. (Rubbed through fabric.) Contacted Home Depot at (518)-843-1275 on Sept 18 & 19: (1st call within 48 hrs of item delivery.) Requested exchange for different Make or model. We were told that they could not return washing machines after use due to State HAZMAT laws. I told them I have some knowledge and involvement of hazardous waste at my work and know that to be not accurate. We were then told that we had to have service rep come to home to inspect item for damage. Service rep saw the item on Tues Sept 20. Rep Listed item as not damaged. In conversation Rep stated that he thought they should have no issue accepting the return. Even suggested we contact district manager if store level did not agree to honor a return for exchange.

Contacted Home Depot Customer care Dist Manager at 800-553-3199 on Sept 21, 22 & 23. Kimberly ** at 800-645-0688 ext ** Left massage, twice.

Kimberly's recorded message gave secondary contact as: Donna at ext **. I was able to reach Donna. Was initially told same as local store that, "They could not return washing machines after use due to State HAZMAT laws." I repeated what I'd told local store, that I have some knowledge and involvement of hazardous waste at my work and know that to be not accurate. I was then told that the district manager would be consulted and they'd get back with me by Friday Sept 23. Friday Sept 23 at 4pm I called back again because I'd not been contacted via email or phone. I was told the Dist manager worked till 8pm and that he'd make a decision before then.

At 7:45 on Sept 23 I had not been contacted so I called again. I was told the Dist manager went home without making a decision and that I'd have to wait till Monday. Later conversation it was disclosed to me that "even the level of person I was talking to did not have ability to talk directly to district manager, and that they only communicate via email or phone."

To date, Sept 28 I've not yet received any further communication from Home Depot much less any decision as to if I could return the item or not. Today alone, Sept 28th I've called 800-645-0688 four times, 11:22am, 1:49pm, 2:16pm and 3:56pm. I get a busy signal every time. (My hunch is I be on some type of call blocking. I will use my wife's phone after work to confirm this hunch.) I have also used Email, "Reply" function in an attempt to continue the communications but have not received an updated reply. I finally got an email answer today, Sept 30; Exchange/Return denied. No reason given. In the fine print Home Depot contract states they "reserve the right to limit/deny returns."

We ordered new appliances for our home from Home Depot with a home delivery scheduled for 09/26/2016. I was told I would receive a call on Sunday, 09/25 with a delivery window. So Sunday, we removed all the appliance to be ready for delivery. Received no call but was able to call them on Monday morning and confirmed we were on the delivery for that day. Appliances arrived and all were moved in but the dishwasher was damaged. Home Depot was firm in telling us if the appliance was damaged do not accept delivery. We refused the dishwasher, the delivery folks said no worry we would hear from someone within 24 hours to schedule delivery of the replacement machine.

By Thursday, 09/29, we had still not heard anything so we phoned the number and after being placed on hold for a long time I was patched through to someone at Samsung. This person was able to see that my machine was refused and it was back at their facility however it had not been scanned back into their system, they have a replacement machine ready for me but cannot confirm a delivery until the returned machine is scanned in on their side. I asked when this might happened and was told they could not commit to a day or time when the machine would be scanned and they would be able to deliver a working machine. Samsung representative continued to say they had a sizable back up and they could not and would not commit to a new delivery date.

We then went to Home Depot and they make calls to get the same response. I ask to cancel the sale of the dishwasher and sell me a new one that they could delivery on Tuesday 10/04. When we agreed with this, they then said they could not cancel the earlier sale because it is tied up in the return process, but they would call by noon to advise how we would fix this. It's 3:30 now and now call. I will never buy from Home Depot or Samsung again. Fortunately, I can hold up payment as I've not paid my credit card bill yet.

BOO! POOR SERVICE. My window of time was 12pm - 4PM and it is 5:30 and still NO DELIVERY! I sent a letter to Home Depot Headquarters and the local home depot. Delivery policy is: TIME FRAME CANNOT BE CHANGED. I even had to start making phone calls because the driver NEVER called to let me know he was running late (An hour and half outside THEIR WINDOW frame and still waiting 5:30 PM) - UNACCEPTABLE. TERRIBLE SERVICE. The delivery company is Bailey's Logistic. BTW - it never was delivered.

I was going to buy a dishwasher online from Home Depot when I noticed a delivery charge even though I requested to pick it from the store. The charge was about $60.00. When I contacted Home Depot how I can avoid the charge, I was told I have to pay it! Here is their answer: "Thanks for contacting The Home Depot. I am sure the delivery charge was a surprise when you were trying to purchase a dishwasher and 5-year protection plan. We did not use to charge for it, but there was still a charge for the delivery to us. That is why we set the minimum purchase at $396. Since our stores only have display models, we usually do not have the stock on hand for purchasing. That is why orders delivered to the store still have to have a shipping charge." They lost me as their customer for appliances!

On 9/10 of this year, I ordered a new fridge, microwave, and stove. It was set to be delivered on 9/17. The night of 9/10, I realize that the hole that my new fridge would go in is 1/8" too small to fit. My fault, I know, so I had my order cancelled the very next day and reordered matching appliances that would fit. Everything went through and the charges were changed correctly. THIS is why I'm giving 2 stars instead of one. Now for the bad news.

The delivery date did not change for the new appliances (lucky me). The day before, I became nervous about everything going according to plan. With new kittens and repeated measurements of everything and reviewing of all the documents, all seemed well aside from a note about me being REQUIRED to purchase a new water line for it to be installed. I was told I could reuse the old one...but the next lady I talked to, who seemed more of an expert, assured me that all lines and plugs for new appliances must be new. I was lucky enough to catch this mistake in time to have the line added to the order, and it could be brought in the next day.

It's 9/17, and the delivery men arrive a little before 8 am as they promised the night before. I've already yanked and ripped up my old water line, knowing a new one had to be installed, and I'd need to take one end into the crawlspace myself. All goes well at first as they haul my old fridge and oven out to my garage. Then they start to bring a monster of a fridge into the house. It BARELY fits in my large front door. This seemed odd to me, so I asked if it was the 33.5 inch fridge. He said it was 36 inches. They were bringing me the 3 appliances I had cancelled 7 days earlier! They also had the correct appliances sitting at the warehouse. So they DID know about the change. RAS delivery screwed up big time, and I had to reschedule to a day where I have to work at a new job, which means I do not have sick days or vacation days right now.

After talking to a complete zombie at RAS delivery, I called the store manager at The Home Depot to get a better response regarding my need for an evening delivery time. He assured me that I would be called later after he calls them and sorts out the problem. I was shocked that he admitted that it was Home Depot's fault, given that it was the third-party THEY chose to use. Thumbs up to this guy. Until he never called me back with what I now know is bad news. I just received the call about 2 hours ago. They will be arriving with my new appliances between 7:30 and 9:30 am tomorrow, and this time cannot be changed. So I have to put my job on the line, hoping my boss means it when he says he doesn't mind if I come in late, missing an important meeting.

Here's some other things I forgot to mention. My old oven's door is now broken after having to pull it out and disconnect it for them, I apparently never needed to get a new water line at all, and after the delivery men left after bringing my old units back in, my kittens found a mouse to play with after it scurried out of my old oven's bottom! Now I might have to deal with a mouse problem in my house instead of just my detached garage. The corporate desire for efficiency is outweighing the need to make things right, and The Home Depot should have been able to do more to make this inconvenience more convenient for me. Instead, they did nothing. Not sure if I want to do my cabinetry, reflooring, and deck remodelling with them at this point.

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I bought my GE appliances from Home Depot. Little did I know HD does not deliver. Delivery was arranged by GE to a sub contractor called XLO. Their phone was disconnected and window for delivery was between 10 and 12, on Sept 12. At 2:30 no word no delivery. Went to store they had a number for delivery. They said they were behind and probably no delivery until Wed. I told HD that wasn't an option I needed the appliances that day. After chasing them around town and several lies on the phone from XLO to Home Depot and myself they showed up at 5:30. Totally unqualified and without the proper equipment. A 29.00 dolly and straps that went over their shoulders to do the job. I helped them carry the stove in but they said they couldn't put the fridge in the kitchen because they had a similar delivery that went bad removing old fridge and delivering new.

They gouged her wall and scratched her floor. They said the repairs were going to cost them out of their pockets and didn't want to do mine. So they put the fridge in the garage. The next day I spoke to the manager at HD and they arranged to bring in three people. Along with me we got it in the kitchen. I made several calls the manager or owner at XLO whose name is Rick ** and he refuses to return my calls. It's sad that Home Depot has no problem selling you appliances but after that it's all GE or the sub contracted delivery service. Lost a day of work an a whole day running around to find the delivery service. This really makes GE and Home Depot look bad. Had I known that HD doesn't deliver their stuff I would have shopped elsewhere. Next time I will.

Purchased a Samsung Washer and Dryer set on 9/3/2016, received an e-mail confirmation that it would be delivered on 9/8/2016. I did not get a call or e-mail on 9/7/2016, the day before, as I was told, so I called them. I was told that the delivery was pushed to 9/28/2016. I was not contacted or informed about this change. When I purchase an appliance I expect delivery has confirmed. I cancelled the order and went to Lowe's and purchased a Maytag instead. Very disappointed in the customer service.

I was told that it was Samsung's fault that the date was changed. NO, IT IS THE HOME DEPOT'S FAULT, they have chosen to use this delivery method so they represent Home Depot. NOT happy at all, I had taken off work in anticipation of delivery on the day promised. I had sold my older unit expecting delivery, so here I am at 7:30 PM out purchasing from Lowe's so I can pick it up and install myself. Don't buy appliances online from Home Depot expecting to receive them!

My set is approximately 2 yrs old. I had Home Depot send a repairman to check this out within a month of having. When I remove the lint screen lint is only on the upper half. The bottom is totally clean. I ran a load of very fuzzy laundry to show my problem. He said that was normal and that I needed to clean it more often. Now it takes 3 completed cycles to get my towels dry. The lint line under my house must be stuffed. I'll pay to clean it out but it looks like will need to be done yearly.

We bought a brand new washer machine (LG) from Home Depot in Matamoros. After a few weeks, that machine is broken. We called the store, and they just washed their hands. They said that is a problem between us and the manufacturer. But we did not buy that washer from the manufacturer. We bought that machine from Home Depot. And now it is broken. We want a replacement for that machine or our money back. They do not want to hear about it. So please, to everybody that want to invest your very hard gained money... Do not go to Home Depot. At least, not for appliances.

I would recommend no stars for these dirt bags if this was possible. I purchased a GE 30" Electric stove on 28 July 2016 for a friend who needed one. She kept the stove at her place and the unit was never used as she was waiting for an electrician to install 220 volt power to make it functional. It had taken HD about 10 days to deliver this unit to her. It arrived at her place on 6 August 2016.

She decided after about 3 weeks that she did not want it. I tried to return the unit to the local Macon, Georgia, store of origin and showed it had never been used or even plugged in. They advised me of the 48 hour return policy on such items. I was not allowed a credit. I even proposed my willingness to pay a 15%-25% restocking fee or whatever. I was refused this as well. This was unreasonable as the unit would have immediately sold with the restock fee generating extra gross profit to their markup. What a lack of business acumen on their part. I will never, ever deal with this company again. Judging from the other negative reviews on this site, I am not the only one dissatisfied with the experience.

I bought a new freezer from Home Depot online from our nearest store. A few days later Home Depot notified me of delivery, and delivered the freezer on time. It did not come in a box, which I thought was odd. After they set it up, I followed the instructions, turned on the freezer and the light went on. Several hours later I opened it, it was cool inside and I filled it a quarter full with some unfrozen products and some frozen products. The next day I opened the freezer and only the products on the very bottom were frozen. And the frozen products I put in were defrosted. I turned the Freezer up and placed two bags of ice in it. The next day I opened the freezer again and only the products on the bottom were frozen, everything else was defrosted.

I went to the store and told them the freezer was DOA and that I wanted a replacement. A manager said he would leave a note for the associate in charge of returns and that he would personally follow up to make sure I was contacted the next morning. I waited until late afternoon the next day and no call, so I called the store. I was told the associate who was supposed to call was not in and promised to call back. The next day an associate called and left a message for me to call the GE warranty service. They delivered a broken product to me, one that never worked, and are not going to take it back and replace it with one that works. Now I have to work through GE to see if they can fix it. Horrible customer service. And Horrible policy to not to replace DOA products they sell. I will never step foot in one of their stores again. Worst experience with appliances ever... If you have a choice buy someplace else.

I purchased a new Samsung gas range from Home Depot, it included delivery, installation and I paid $15 for the old one to be removed. The delivery service would not hook up the gas citing it was a MN law that they could not hook it up. They also indicated that this is a constant issue they have to deal with. I am very disappointed that I purchased a GAS range with installation and was told they cannot install gas. Gasline, shut off and electric are all present. I know of people who have purchased gas in the past and it was indeed installed. I called my local HD and was told that no they do not install gas. This is false advertising. In order to keep warranty, I need to hire a licensed installer. Beware when purchasing from Home Depot.

I ordered a full kitchen set (dishwasher, fridge, microwave, & stove) over three weeks ago to be delivered today. I did not receive the call the evening before as expected, so I called to confirm. They were able to confirm my window for Saturday, Aug. 27th from 12:30-4:30. Instructions said they would call 1/2 an hour before arrival. 3:30 comes and I still have no call. I have been here all day.

I called the delivery service # starts groaning and says the delivery guys noted several attempts to reach me with no contact. I confirm the phone # on the account, it is correct. I never received a call. I state it is still within my delivery window and ask can they still come out. He tells me he can't help with deliveries; I need to call the Pikes Peak & Academy Store. (This is the delivery # 1-877-946-9843: not sure how they "don't do deliveries.") He can't transfer the call so he gives me the main number to the store. After several transfers in the store (because deliveries isn't open on Saturdays...), I get Alex in appliances. He states the delivery guys are not within their control and they said they called.

I repeat my spiel that I have been home all day and no one has called. He made me feel like I was lying. I ask for a manager and he states he is the manager. He goes on to tell me I already rescheduled the appointment. I have not. I waited nearly four weeks for this Saturday appointment because of work conflicts and now I am told they are coming next Friday, 9/2. Can't happen. He said he will try to get an earlier appointment, but he can't tell until Monday and even then it will be a weekday. I wasted a Saturday and thousands of dollars for this horrific service. After reading the other reviews, I am afraid of what they will do when they do get here. One more week without a microwave or stove shouldn't be too bad... I would return everything, but I don't have weeks left in me without appliances. I am never doing business with Home Depot again.

We bought a house with a dishwasher. The silverware basket was a 2-part with 1 part missing. Home Depot gave me the card for Appliance Repair since they don't carry most parts. Online I found what looked like what I wanted. Little did I realize an overhead view was available and clearly was not what I wanted. It looked nothing like the part I already had. However, the part came a week later than promised, and was square, about 9" on a side instead of 9" X 4" that I needed. I called to ask about the correct part since returns are accepted up to a year. She took my model number and said she found the part recommended. The part I ordered had been $14.36 with $6.25 for shipping. The part she insisted I needed was $52. I would have to pay to ship my part back, then pay for the new part.

In looking at the part on-line with her, I saw that it was several inches too long to fit, but she kept saying her computer says it was right. The invoice that came in the box with the wrong part says I was charged $20.61, but my credit card statement says they charged me $22.49. She said they would only refund me the $20.61. So, if I ship the wrong part back at my cost of $10, lose the nearly $2 in the discrepancy, then order $1 worth of plastic for $50 that is recommended but clearly doesn't fit my dishwasher, why am I talking to her? I told her "I would keep it, plant something in it and remember, every time I look at it, that I can't trust online shopping." Certainly I won't trust Home Depot's recommendations or Appliance Repair.

I am writing to you to let you know about the folly that happened between and Home Depot at the Elmont NY store #1208 that actually started late August of 2015. I ordered a refrigerator for a friend of mine to be delivered to Douglaston, NY in late August 2015. The size of the first refrigerator was accurate. However, when it was to be delivered the men went into the residence, measured and stated it would not fit saying it was, “Too large to go through the door.” The refrigerator was requested for a second delivery. They stated at this time it would not fit because the overhead cabinets were too low and should be removed. My friend paid someone to remove the cabinets.

After looking for a sale a few months later we reordered the refrigerator a third time. Can you imagine? The same thing took place. “Won’t fit through door.” Reason this time is because of the bump in the back of the appliance from the water dispenser. The fourth attempt failed because the refrigerator would not fit through the outside main door or up the steps because of the banister. At this point my friend was very upset; no one at Home Delivery helped in the matter. Mind you that each time the delivery was to take place, my friend had to empty out everything in her old refrigerator to enable it to be taken from her home and the new one brought in its place.

My friend did call her maintenance department. Maintenance stated they have at least 800 apartments and most have larger refrigerators than hers, how did her old one get there in the first place? She decided to contact the main Home Depot office, down south. The young man that answered promised a representative would contact her. Shortly later, a woman named Canis phoned. She scheduled another delivery appointment for her. She promised to explain the situation to the delivery service. Please note, my friend was getting very upset and due medical problems had to go into the hospital for surgery. So the next time my friend looked for a sale it was for what is known as a counter depth refrigerator. They were too expensive, but During July 4th holiday sales, she was able to order the LG counter depth French door refrigerator.

Fifth time, they said the counter depth would not fit through the front door. She showed them (on her computer copy of the order) that with the door removed from the refrigerator, they had about 3” extra inches. They delivery men went into their truck and left. Sixth time, they stated because the driver had to go to the hospital they could not deliver. After speaking with Canis again, she set up another appointment three days later. Seventh and last attempt, they stated the washer and dryer need to be taken out of the kitchen to enable delivery.

This should have come to her attention the first time they attempted to deliver the very first refrigerator; at no time did someone go upstairs to assess the situation and tell my friend exactly what she needed to do to get any refrigerator in her apartment. It was always one thing or another, not the whole problem. Now may I ask, why did it take seven deliveries to come to this realization? I would like to add that during these seven deliveries, the new refrigerator was never removed from the truck. Maybe, and I say maybe because who is really to say, they wouldn’t have found another excuse not to deliver it again.

American Deliveries Company does not have good help and they are representing Home Depot. At this time, of course as you can understand, I would never again order anything from Home Depot. The reason I wanted to buy from Home Depot is because I could charge this gift for my friend on my Home Depot Credit Card, who couldn’t afford it herself, as I did the washer and the dryer. Now, I am waiting for the refund since I have been paying for this refrigerator that never got there! Perhaps it has happened to other customers and no one else has come forward to complain to you, as I am doing now. It is sad to see that a good thing I was doing for a friend became a horror story for her and an embarrassment to me, all because of lazy workers who just won’t go up and down a flight of stairs and maneuver an appliance that they are assigned to deliver.

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator from Home Depot online. On delivery of the refrigerator we had been told to wait 24 - 72 hours for refrigerator temp to stabilize. We did and when the unit would not get colder than 49 degrees we called Home Depot customer service to be told they need to be notified in the first 48 hours. They had no answer when asked why we had been told to wait 72 hours before contacting them. Interesting that they tell you to wait 24-72 but only take it back or exchange in 48 hours. We consented to having a tech come to the house being told by Home Depot this had to be done first; the Frigidaire repair tech tells us the refrigerator needs a major overhaul.

On calling Home Depot back they refuse to exchange or take it back and on contacting Frigidaire they refuse to exchange; we are then told by Frigidaire they won't have parts for better than 4 weeks. Keep in mind this refrigerator is a week and a half old now; we are expected to sit with a non-working refrigerator for 6 weeks and be happy it needs an overhaul right out of the box. Home Depot policy between store purchases and online purchases at best seems a bit deceptive and I certainly will not make another online purchase from Home Depot; after being treated this way I may never purchase from Home Depot.

I purchased samsung black stainless steel electric range, dishwasher & microwave from home depot on July 12 & they arrived at my home to install on July 22 and removed all my old appliances. The range was installed, but they failed to secure it on the anti tip bracket. I was then told the dishwasher door was damaged but they would install it and I could contact samsung to replace the damaged door. I refused delivery of the dishwasher. They also did not install the microwave due to a striped screw and left the microwave sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor & told me a tech team would contact me about removing the screw & installing the microwave.

I discovered there is no tech team. I removed the screw & waited for the scheduled installation, but they were a no show. Replacement of the dishwasher finally arrived today, Aug 4, but they stated he could not install because I have plastic pipes (my home built 2008). This same delivery company contracted by home depot severely damaged my new refrigerator when it was delivered back in May & it took 2 weeks for replacement. I have had frequent contact with home depot & they have been really polite, but can't seem to resolve any of the issues with my delivery & installation. The professional installation advertised by them does not exist.

Warning!! Do not deal with Home Depot or buy an LG product. It is detrimental to your pocketbook. To wit: Purchased washer dryer from this dysfunctional, bullying company about 8 months ago. Problem with one machine from go. After a lot of work got LG to come out. Came back 2 or 3 times and sort of fixed machine. Machine having trouble again so called HD to honor my warranty which is expensive. No problem, HD made appointment for 3 or 4 days down the road. That's good, right? Small problem, their contractor just never showed up. Wasted a lot of my time as they have a 24-hour window, which is illegal in many states. They take no responsibility for anything but are very efficient at taking your money while returning nothing but surl. I am demanding ALL my money back. I have just filed a suit against these horrible companies. Avoid them unless you want to end up in court.

I purchased a gas range from Home Depot for about $1725 and delivery was scheduled a week from purchase date. On the day of delivery, they were not able to install it citing that my gas connection was defective. They turned the gas off and forgot to turn it back on. I called Home Depot and was told that it would cost me for their Specialist to come out. I then called the Gas company and they scheduled the install for a week later. Since my gas valve had been turned off and I could not move the stove, I was without a stove for a week.

The Gas company came and installed the stove without any problems and they were very professional but it also cost me wiping out the 10% I had saved by buying from Home Depot. So two weeks later I finally got the stove installed but I was now outside their '48 hours' testing window. Fortunately the stove worked well. What bothered me the most was that when I stopped by the store, the person who had sold me the stove disappeared from their desk. I currently looking for a Refrigerator and guess what, I will not be buying it from Home Depot.

We ordered LG Washers and Dryers from the Home Depot. Upon delivery, I was monitoring the work of the delivery crew. I noticed that they had damaged the front of the washing machine because they didn't use moving blankets and the strap on the dolly dented both corners of the front housing. Here is where this gets fun... I had already sold off my old washer and dryer. The Home Depot refused to leave the dented washer until the new one arrived.

A week later I still have not heard anything about a potential delivery date. I tried to cancel the order to get machines from another vendor but the Home Depot refused to pick the machines up and said I would have to coordinate with the local store and that I would not get a refund until both machines were back in their possession. Follow this now... so I would have to set up two separate pick up times (one for the washer + one for the dryer). Of course there are no specific pick up times but rather just massive windows. So, I am left without a washer and basically blocked from getting new machines from another vendor unless I chose to forfeit three additional days of work (1 for the dryer pick-up, 1 for the washer pick-up, and one for another company to deliver).

The upside (there isn't any). The Home Depot has said that they will issue "compensation" in the form of a gift card. They won't tell you when or the amount. Their reasoning... if something is wrong with the replacement appliance they will only compensate you once. Bottom line... they want to keep their hooks in their customers to prevent them from jumping out of the order due to an oppressive lack of ability to help their customers in such situations. I bet I get a $25 gift card for a week without the appliance that I have already paid for.

Essentially... never order an appliance from Home Depot online. They have no ability to offer any reasonable solution if something is wrong with the order. The really bad news, and I confirmed this with the Home Depot, is that if the new machine shows up damaged I am in another 7-10 day waiting period. Customer service just told me that I would be getting the machine this coming Friday but I had to call them. They never called me on August 1st with an update as they promised.

We purchased samsung refrigerator, microwave, range, and dishwasher as part of remodelling and reselling a second home. We completed the purchase on June 28th and have delivery and install on July 30th. On July 29th I was worried that I did not receive any calls to let me the time of delivery to the home. I discovered that Samsung has delayed my delivery from July 30 to Aug 23rd. They made this schedule change without even giving us any notification. If I did not call on the 29th I would never known that my schedule was pushed back by more than three weeks.

We are incurring cost of keeping an empty house that we can't put in the market, we have to pay insurance, taxes, and utilities. Because this delay. We were never given notifications, or options to get partial delivery and opportunity to shop around for other vendors products that we maybe able to get delivered early. This delay is costing us thousands of dollars. Samsung can get away with this because it costs them nothing. I recommend for anyone to never trust that company.

We bought a Maytag Bravos Xl and it came last Saturday. After an over an hour wash the clothes came out so wrinkled I could not just hang the shirts up today as usual. My black pants came out with large white streaks. I did the bedding function for a blanket and used max extraction... thank god we have an extra washer became the blanket was soaked and I had to transfer it to the other old washer to get the water out.

SO after 4 days we went back to tell them we did not want it. Their response was "you had to refuse delivery" (maybe I should have told the guys "sit down and let me do a few loads to see how I like it")... the one girl told us 2 weeks to return and the person we encountered when we went back said that girl would NEVER say that. It's 48 hours... (HINT record any conversations you have there) so end result was they had to send a repairman out (for the cost of $109.00) and even then they would exchange it for the same one if the repair person said it was damaged the thing is a week old... I said "I do not WANT that one" and their stance was "you bought it, you got it." RUN don't walk to Lowe's -- I found out too late they will exchange, or let you return a major appliance for 30 days. My saga is only beginning...

I looked up reviews on the people they are sending and it looks like there will be another battle. They sent a voice mail that started out "EXCUSE ME... but your appliance is out of warranty (7 days old tomorrow) so you will be charged." Another "EXCUSE ME and the charge will be $109.00." We kept the voice mail in case we need it down the road to review that place.

We are calling American Express tomorrow to see if they can help... The people at Home Depot could care less about your problem... they made a sale and that is all that is important to them. When we go back to continue the fight anyone I see near an appliance I will go tell them to go to Lowe's and be safe. Home Depot is horrible and I plan to take this up the ladder and even to the 7 on your side tv show or the local papers Bamboozled column that helps with horrible customer experiences that cannot be resolved thru the company.

I ordered a new refrigerator June 29th, 2016. Delivery date to store was July 6th. I have not yet heard from Home Depot about picking it up so July 11th I called and refrigerator hasn't even been delivered to them. I called again today. Same thing. Was on hold for Appliances for 30 minutes and finally hung up. Obviously no one wants to help me out on the whereabouts of my refrigerator! Next time I'll go with a different store.

I tried to buy a frig from Homedepot.com that included free delivery and set up. The delivery co. VC Appliance refused to deliver the fridge to my address twice. The first time, they refused to deliver because I live on a houseboat. I agreed to their demands that I receive the fridge at the head of the dock. The second time, their delivery driver delivered the fridge to an address down the street and refused to drive the fridge to the right address. When I insisted that the fridge go to the right address, the driver threw the fridge back into the truck and drove off with it. He was extremely belligerent and agitated the whole time. I think that he must have been high on some kind of drug.

I complained to the manager Jeremy, who said that I was "rude" and got "physical " with the driver. That never happened. Jeremy refused to listen to me or my boyfriend who witnessed the whole thing. I complained online to HomeDepot.com customers service and it took 3 weeks to even get a reply. I called and talked to a lady that told me that I had to wait for VC Appliance to return the fridge to the manufacture to get my refund. That took so long that I had to get my bank involved. Needless to say, I will never buy anything from HomeDepot.com again nor will I ever deal with any of their delivery companies again. Don't use VC Appliance. What a nightmare!

I will skip lots of details because I have been on the phone with Home Depot and LG delivery for over a week 1/2- actually been on hold most of the time. Delivery for a stove bought online was scheduled for July 9, 2016. I called them the day before to make sure everything was fine and on schedule even though I didn't have a window time frame yet for delivery. "Oh yes, everything was fine" I was told. Stove was never delivered. Nobody followed up. I have to call Home Depot customer care, fight to talk with Lead supervisors, all of them promised me things that I learned later were not true.

They blamed it on GE Delivery; "they lost the item and they have to do a dock search", was the best I got that day. Still on the phone with Home Depot customer care, I was finally given delivery company's phone #. Talked to a supervisor yesterday and she told me the new delivery date of Wednesday is impossible because the item has not been shipped yet from manufacturer! I paid stove in June and still have not been delivered and don't know when it will be delivered. No form of compensation has been offered. REALLY HOME DEPOT?? Shame on you! Impossible to reach any management by the way.

I bought a refrigerator back in March of 2015 and in March 10, 2016 it stopped cooling. I called Home Depot and they sent someone to fix it. Then a week later it messed up again. They want someone again and this person they want out was the most dirtiest nastiest person there is. He darted repeatedly in my house, was poking his nose grabbing my stuff and was just very rude. I asked him to leave. I called Home Depot and I told them what happened and they sent someone else out. When this other company came out they were just about the same as nasty. The guy was literally sitting inside of my refrigerator with his nasty dirty shoes on. I sucked it up and just let him try to fix it because that's all I wanted was for it to be fixed.

So they fixed it and it cooled for a week then same thing happened. I called Sears again and they sent out Sears to try to fix it and they did for another week and now here we are again. Same thing happened. I was told after the third fix I would get a new one but now that are saying that the last company has a 30 day policy. So it's June 30th today and I guess I have to wait another 2 months before something happens. Home Depot is the worse. Please don't buy anything from them.

We got our new fridge from HomeDepot.com and we realized within about 36 hours that it was never going to reach safe food temperature on the fridge side. Their stated return policy for major appliances ordered online states that they will take returns if defect is reported within 48 hours, but the phone number given on the site routes you to the manufacturer who won't allow returns until there are multiple attempts to repair and then an appeal process. Home Depot has made it incredibly difficult to reach anyone who will talk with us about returning the lemon that they sold us under the terms of their own warranty; the stores won't talk to us about it and we're being shuttled around from person to person on the phones just trying to find someone who will even talk to us about warranty returns. Brand new fridge from homedepot.com and we are hitting brick wall after brick wall trying to return it.

My wife and I decided to buy a new washing machine on May 26, 2016 and it was delivered on the June 6, 2016 and so we bought a Samsung High Efficiency aqua jet based on the reviews in their website. But when we put it to work we were very disappointed. It was not what we expected from Samsung and so we tried to buy a different one from The Home Depot and return the other one on June 11, 2016 but with no success. I was told "do not even bring it we won't accept it." Also I come to find out they made my wife signed a separate "contract " and no copies of such contract was given to her of a 15% restocking fee. When I confronted the assistance manager and told him that I would like to make a formal return even with the 15% restocking fee he still refused to take the washer. We probably will cancel the account and settle this in court. The Home Depot's behavior towards consumers is becoming appalling.

I purchased a new washing machine with Home Depot and paid for them to deliver and install. They damage the new one and said they would give me a 50.00 credit. They asked what did I want done with the old one and I said that I sold it and for them to put it in the garage. They destroyed it!! They put a huge dent in the front and they ripped the top off the plastic hinge. I went to Home Depot where I purchased and let them know and they did nothing - passed the buck to the delivery company. Btw never got the 50.00 check I was promised over 1.5 months ago. Never buy anything from them!!!

Though the store customer service was amazing, dealing with the delivery department has been an absolute nightmare. The first schedule delivery was canceled - as I waited for it to be delivered due to some alleged technical issues they stated that the delivery company wouldn't call me to reschedule. It never happened and they showed up Monday morning unscheduled, while I was at work to deliver my appliances; once I complained to the driver he stated to call Home Depot. I called Home Depot. They said I need to call a delivery service. I then called the delivery service. They hung up on me four times.

I called again the next day about 10 minutes dealing with the automated system, finally got someone. Rescheduled for Saturday of the following week. It is now Saturday, still no delivery - no phone call but I received this confirmation call the night prior. It's been about three weeks so imagine three weeks' worth of laundry that has not been done. I will be going to Home Depot tomorrow to cancel my purchase and re-purchase my items at Lowe's. What an absolute disaster. #pissedOff

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