Abe's of Maine

Edison, NJ

Abe’s of Maine was founded in 1979 as a small, family owned electronics retailer in Maine. We have since grown into different states in the northeast region, but our commitment to our customers and outstanding customer service has not changed.

Providing for our customers is our top priority. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to help you find the right electronics to meet your needs.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Stay away from Abe's of Maine. Apparently they are now a bait and switch house. If you won't upgrade then apparently they just don't bother to ship your order. I started to get bad vibes about my order when the sales guy called to try and get me to buy kits, extended warranties, batteries etc. I declined all of them and the guy was an ** about it. I read some reviews about them today and found out they are no longer an official Canon dealer. I called their customer service department to follow up on my order and they said that it was on back order without a definite delivery date. I cancelled the order and bought the camera from B&H for $150 more. By the way Abe's still shows it as being in stock. I followed up 24 hours after cancelling and they still showed to order as pending. I called customer service and their representative refused to give me his name. Finally after more calls I received a cancellation confirmation. Live and learn.

Purchased a Tamron telephoto lens and when it arrived I discovered it was made in China, the real Tamron lenses are made in Japan. They wanted to charge me 15% to return it. Yes, they called when I placed the online order to confirm then added two filters I needed at "half price" $99 each. I can buy the same filters on Amazon for $12.58 each, same brand, exact same filter. Again, charge me 15% if I want to return. These people are a scam. DON'T buy from them. They will rip you off. Buyer beware... Don't be their next ripoff.

DO NOT TRUST ABE'S OF MAINE!!! Read the reviews all over the web about how this company is a scam. I had a horrible experience with them. First they make you call to confirm every order which pretty much makes ordering online obsolete. They make you call so that they can tell you your order is out of stock and then try to sell you more items or to try to increase the price of their order by sending generic batteries and disks that do not work with many higher end cameras.

The customer service is horrendous!!! Not only did I have to pay $15 for a address correction made by my computers auto-fill out (which I understand isn't their fault) but typically with Amazon you can correct this information prior to the package arriving at your home for free. Especially when the package hasn't even left the packaging state yet. Then when I tried to return my order because I was so fed up with calling them, I was charged a 15% restocking fee for an item I never even received. BUYER BEWARE!!! Even though other websites may be more expensive, I will NEVER shop at Abe's of Maine again for free that I will not receive a US ready and REAL camera (many of their cameras have been found to be fakes). Check out their reviews online please!!! You will see that I am not the only one that has had MAJOR problems with this company.

Sony RX100 M4, no accounting for extras or even total price. Ended up with Grey Market Camera. Would not advise anyone to trade there.

I wanted to purchase a Panasonic GH4 along with a Panasonic 12-35 mm lens. I ordered both products online and received a call from the (dreaded) Jeff the next day. Typical bait and switch, tried to add on extra batteries, insurance, shipping, etc. Only then did I find out the lens is 4-6 weeks backorder. I called back and asked if he could give me free 3-day shipping (an otherwise $44.99 charge). He said the best he could do is $5 off. I said, "Okay, I might have to cancel the order because I couldn't wait 3 weeks for the free ground shipping." He proceeded to say "Okay I will cancel your order... etc.". I said "No, I MIGHT have to cancel. I need to think about it."

Jeff starts screaming at me: "You have to make a decision right now: do you want free shipping or the 3-day shipping?" "Are you normal?" "You can't ask me 5000 questions right now!" I calmly told him, "That's no way to talk to a customer who has general questions." I asked him EXACTLY when the camera would arrive and if it could potentially take longer if I got the free ground shipping... he said (screamed): "No, it will not take longer. It takes 14 business days." "I can't answer your questions anymore". So I said "If you know exactly how long it takes, how can you not tell me an approximate date? I need to know so I can plan accordingly."

Jeff continued to lose his cool with me, acting like a petulant child and being extremely unprofessional. Finally he says to me, "That's it. I'm canceling your order. You're not getting this camera." And he hung up. I received a call from Jason - Customer service representative about half an hour later. He was apologetic. I complained about Jeff and Jason said he'd have the camera to me around Tuesday. Really shady place - I got what I wanted because it was significantly cheaper than sticker price, but I wouldn't recommend anyone buying things from this place. Terrible Store.

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Tried to buy a Panasonic Lumix GX8 camera, advertised at $715. In a telephone call Jeff tried to upsell me on a 64 GB memory card, two lithium batteries, a battery charger, UPS and insurance for a total cost of $903. It took two phone calls for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, including about an hour of hold, to straighten out the order by dropping accessories I did not want. The "free shipping" advertised on the site still cost $50 for handling and insurance, for a total price of $765. In addition to what I saw as dishonesty in the transaction, Jeff was very rude and the other customer service representative continued to try to upsell me, even when I rejected the accessories.

Terrible experience!!! I purchased a 55" Samsung curved TV to be shipped to Florida for $939.00. Next day I get an email to call and confirm the order. I talked to Jeff and he said the total is for $1,080 and I am getting free shipping but curved TVs required insurance, which is not included and I must get it. They always do that, so be sure to stay away from these guys as they usually do it.

My mother has been putting money away for a new television for almost a year now. She is finally ready to purchase and asked me for some assistance. I found her the LG 55EF9500 and searched Google shopping for the best price. Abe's of Maine came up (image attached) with a price of $2329 with no tax and free shipping. This television sells for $2999 in most all big box retailers and she just couldn't afford that much. She was however willing to stretch her budget a little to accommodate the $2329 price. Having dealt with them many years ago, I advised my Mom that this is a good company and to go ahead and make the purchase. She did. Boy was that a mistake.

The next day she received a call, first asking her to purchase extended warranty plans, and when she declined, telling her that she would have to pay $289 for the shipping. She questioned this and was then told that it's to cover the insurance on the shipment. She texted me what was going on and I told her not to pay them anything more than she already had. Their website specifically stated free shipping in not one but two places (once on the product page itself and another when you are checking out). The man who called her (Jeff ** x **) was rude to her and she got off the phone and asked me to step in.

I called Jeff and asked what was going on. He fed me the same line about paying for the insurance of the shipment. I responded by saying "you cannot state free shipping in multiple places on your website and then call and basically say 'Ha ha, just kidding, pay us another $289 or you don't get the product'." He started yelling at me (bear in mind I did not speak to him in an agitated voice in any way), saying I shouldn't bother ever calling them again until I "learned how to speak to people". I told him to cancel the order and hung up. My advice is to never do business with this company. Not only are they are complete bait and switch operation but the rudeness of their employees speaks volumes about how they handle their business.

I saw the Nikon D7200 on a google search and noticed that Abe's of Maine had it for $795.00 with free shipping. This is $300 less than the other great vendors that I've purchased from before. I placed the order and threw in a $500.00 lens for $225.00. The upsell call came within the hour. They wanted to sell me another battery and I said no. They then mentioned that this is a import and doesn't have a warranty. They would gladly throw on a 3 year DOP (Date of purchase) warranty and a drop warranty for $199.00.

Two minutes later, both my cell phone and my phone were ringing. Apparently, the credit card company has had numerous complaints and declined the purchased. The sales guy begged me to ALLOW to contact my credit card company to allow the purchase. More research on the warranty (NOT an authorized Nikon repair dealer) nor the company deserve my consideration. BUYER BEWARE!!! Now I'm considering calling my credit card company and requesting new numbers.

I spoke to a Jeff around 12:40 pm today. I inquired about purchasing a d7100 camera. Jeff advised me about the camera. Jeff advised me that the battery that comes with the camera only last about 20 minutes and it was better to purchase an additional battery for 59.99 that last five hours. He offered TWO 5 hour batteries for 59.99. He also offered 3-5 day shipping so I could get my camera before next weekend. I agreed to the purchase and the total was 698.00. After I got off the phone I thought about the purchase and changed my mind. I called back around 12:50 pm and advised Jeff that I wanted to cancel my order. Jeff became very angry with me and told me that I could not cancel because it's already been shipped. At this point I hadn't even received my receipt. Which totally confused me because it was only 10 minutes.

Jeff told me that I was able to get refund but less the cancellations fee and the shipping charge which was about $129.99. I asked Jeff to speak to a manager and told me that the manager would be busy for an hour. He told me I could sit on the phone if I wanted to but NO ONE was available to speak to me but HIM. I attempted to call back twice and he hung the phone up on me when he realized it was me. In the process of Jeff hollering at me he made references to me being hard of hearing. The way he was talking to me put me in such of place of hurt, confusion and anger. I constantly asked him why was he speaking to me in this tone and manner? When a customer calls out of state and makes an order they want to feel like they can trust the sales representative especially when giving financial information over the phone. I have used Abe's before and have NEVER ever had this issue.

As a professional photographer I will never use this company again because of JEFF. I called back and spoke to Jason. Jason is the most professional and apathetic manager I have spoken to in a while. He was very attentive and apologetic to me in regards to Jeff. I honestly think he didn't believe that Jeff would speak to ANYONE in the manner that he spoke to me. I have worked in customer service for years and I would never, even on my WORSE DAY, speak to a potential customer in this manner. I really encourage you guys to review the conversation, if capable, of Jeff and I. I can guarantee that he will be either FIRED or SEVERELY REPRIMANDED.

Jason did VOID my transaction and tried to make amends for the way Jeff treated me but at this point I was totally over the purchase and just wanted my money back. I really wished I would have spoken to Jason first because all of this could have been avoided. Abe's lost a valuable customer today. I might not spend thousands of dollars monthly on equipment but no one deserves to be treated in such a manner when dealing with money especially over the phone. He left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'm going to change my credit card information because the trust that I put in Abe's is totally gone.

Standard Bait and Switch!!! Ordered an LG 65uf9500 for $1615, then told that I am purchasing a commercial model and that I would need to spend $700 additional to get the residential model. I told them that nowhere on their site is this stated. I asked to speak with a manager who told me, "Yep, it is what it is. The unit we are selling doesn't have any info that it's a commercial model but that is what we are selling for the lower price. If you want a residential model we have them for $700 more." It's a joke that this place has been a good place to do business since 1979 but that ship has sailed and now they are just another New York/Jersey bait and switch internet discount electronics site. Don't buy anything!

I attempted to purchase a 55" LG OLED tv (model number 55EC9300). A few days after the order was placed, I received a phone call from the store stating that I had ordered the "commercial version" of the tv that had a slower processor and no US warranty despite their webpage stating a limited US warranty. The price on the website was $1455. I was offered a "US" version of the same tv for $1799 minus a $50 discount and "white glove shipping." The tv model number offered on the website is exactly the same as ones being sold on other websites which were home versions with full USA warranty. As another reviewer stated, pure bait and switch. There is no other version of the tv offered on the website so it is clearly a scam.

They pulled their typical bait-and-switch, calling to tell me my $2k lens was grey market and I had to pay more to get the US. Five months later, I'm sending it in to get serviced and they sold me the grey market lens after all. They just give you a warranty through another company, not Nikon!

I've had a great experience thus far, courteous, professional dealings, none of the upselling mentioned in other reviews. I have a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens on the way; it hasn't arrived yet, so as of now, this review is strictly of the customer service experience (and very good price). Admittedly I was skeptical at first, and will also bring the item shipment and receipt into play once it arrives, but my interaction with Jeff makes me confident that my own experience will still warrant 5 stars.

They claimed the camera I ordered was an overseas model - but it was never stated in their website as such. They tried to sell me the U.S. model for several hundreds of dollars higher. Merchants like them should be shut down.

I saw an advertisement from ABE'S OF MAINE for a 18-300MM Nikkor Lens at the astounding price of $575. It WAS listed as the import model but I ordered it anyhow. Surprise, surprise! JEFF ** called me and advised that the lens WAS an import model and had NO WARRANTY. I said, "Fine, ship it to me." Jeff said, "It ONLY has Japanese characters," I said, "Fine, ship it," KNOWING where this was going. He offered to take $100 off the U.S. model so I would ONLY have to pay $899. "No, ship the other lens." Well, Jeff said, "It's OUT OF STOCK and won't be in stock for 3 to 4 weeks," all the while LOOKING AT THEIR WEBSITE that said the lens was "AVAILABLE."

I said, "OK, ship it then." He offered lens cleaning kits and other goodies to buy the higher priced U.S. lens which I declined. BY NOW JEFF is getting REALLY nasty and says that he's just going to cancel the order. THIS IS TYPICAL OF ALL THE EAST COAST CAMERA AND ELECTRONICS SELLERS. THEY ALL USE THE SAME SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES OF BAIT AND SWITCH. Abe's of Maine is ACTUALLY in New Jersey and are CLOSED on Saturday. See a pattern? They ALSO go by the name of Westpark Electronics, LLC. STAY AWAY from these GONIFS.

I ordered two cameras and then got a call that these cameras were china models and would not have warranty in the U.S. The models I needed were available for several thousand more. Classic bait and switch. It's like the 3rd order I placed with them and it's always the same thing. What a shame!

I saw an ad for a Samsung UN65HU8700 online from Abe's of Maine (Westpark Electronics LLC). The price was $1,805. The same television can be found at www.abesofmaine.com. I ordered the television and received an email notification that the order had been processed. The next day I received a phone call from "Jeff" informing me the television was a Canadian model and would not work well in the United States. Jeff then offered to sell me a more expensive model. Jeff's first offer on a different model was well beyond what I had intended to pay at this point in time. After hearing me say no several times he reduced the price of the second model sufficiently that while still not a great deal, was low enough that I purchased it.

I have since researched the reviews at this site and the Better Business Bureau and there is a consistent history of this deceptive practice. The ad does not indicate the TV is a Canadian model and it was only after calling Samsung that I was able to find the difference in unit ID to determine Canadian versus United States models, a difference that was not noted on the ad. This place is a complete bait and switch operation. BUYER BEWARE! I will never do business with this outfit again.

Bait and switched me, thank goodness I bought with Paypal. They helped me get refund after they bumped me. The old Canadian model ploy. Liars and also slow delivery - 3 weeks to receive TV. Avoid at all costs!!!

This is my second purchase from this company. BOTH orders I purchased they contacted me after purchase that I bought the IMPORTED model and they don't have it in stock. They do have the USA model for $300 more. READ all other reviews on this company, they constantly do it. They advertise a cheaper price and then call you "it's out of stock" but they have the USA for more money. Additionally, the rep that called me was extremely rude. DON'T PURCHASE HERE!

I ordered two TVs and then got a call that these TVs were Canadian models and would not work in the U.S. The models I needed were available for several thousand more. Classic bait and switch.

I placed an online order for a Samsung TV listed as "Available" on the Abe's of Maine website. A salesman called me the next business day to let me know they did not have that TV in stock, but he could offer me a similar model at a 50% higher price. I declined and asked him to cancel the order. A week later, the order had not been canceled, so I requested cancellation in writing on the "Contact Us" page. Two weeks later, the order has still not been canceled, and I'm concerned that Abe's will charge my credit card for a TV I no longer want. By the way, the Abe's website still lists that model TV as "Available" two weeks later, perhaps to lure in other shoppers like myself and attempt to switch them to more expensive models.

Always appreciate your prompt and friendly service and attention to detail to get my needs met.

These folks are crooks. Ordered a Samsung un46F7500 online. Received the order confirmation by email. One day later, sales representative calls to say that model is out of stock. Tries to upsell me a model that is 500.00 more expensive. The model I initially ordered is still listed as available on their website. These folks are scamming everyone that places an order. LOTS of reputable online dealers out there. I'm ordering from Amazon. I will NEVER do business with these crooks again.

Bait and switch is their consistent business practice which looks like fraud. They advertise a camera at a great cost and tell you it is imported and the US model costs as much as other sites. They also hard sell their extended warranty over the phone and in a panic saying they are preparing to ship. This was a Sunday and the order did not ship till Tuesday. I paid for expedited shipping for 9 dollars and they charged 39, and it comes at the same time free shipping would have.

I wanted to purchase Canon 5D Mark III for our daughter. So I checked internet and found the best deal for $2,145 plus 2% discount at Abe's. I quickly looked up for review and saw this Consumer Affair's 4+ Star rating. Because it's consumer affairs' rating, I automatically trusted without reading all the reviews and ordered the item. Two days later, their agent called me and said the Camera I ordered was imported. WHAT'S WRONG?? Of course it should be imported since Canon is made in Japan. He said the item I ordered was for Malaysia and Japan. I can read Japanese without any problems but Malaysian?? We don't even use the same language. WHY do they even carry such item from the beginning?

I was really upset! Then he said the US item is $2496 but he will give me $100 discount plus no sales tax and expedite shipping. Sounds good right? But we don't have sales tax in my state and I'm aware we don't have to pay any sales tax if we purchase something online from another state anyway. So I told him that I will call him back and started checking their reviews again. To my surprise, their review at "Yelp" is only 1.5 Stars because many people went through the same "Bait & Switch" as I did. When they called me back, I told them "I don't want to deal with con artists so please cancel the order" and hung up. It's a total mystery to me how they could keep 4+stars at this Consumer Affairs site. I'm writing this review so I could contribute to lower their star rating even a little. Be careful and don't be fooled by their deceptions.

Purchased a Nikon D750 Camera with 24-120 lens Package. Received email saying I needed to call someone named ** in New Jersey to speak to him about my order. I called and ** asked me if I was buying this for someone in Malaysia because it was a Malaysian model and in Japanese language and not English. That I would have to upgrade to the USA model for another 600 dollars if I wanted to be able to use this item. I'm a professional photographer who has purchased grey market items many times and I can tell you the firmware allows you to switch between Japanese and English on all models. ** was amazingly rude and pushy, I'm guessing he gets paid commission for each upsell he makes during the day. Stay far away from Abe's of Maine!

What a crap company. I purchased a 4K 55" Samsung TV from the at the memorial day sale. It was a good deal, only to get a phone call the following Tuesday, saying sorry, but our trucking company doesn't deliver to your zip code. I have a order confirmation with free shipping to my address, but that doesn't interest them. Now I don't have a TV and the Memorial Day sales are gone. ** Abe's of Maine. They lost me and my friends as a customer.

Time for this Scammers to be taken out of business!!! What are all the "Consumer Protection" Agencies waiting for ... THE USUAL 2ND DAY CALL WITH THE INTENT TO SQUEEZE MORE AND MORE MONEY... KARMA should wake up as well!!!... ALL OTHERS - KEEP POSTING REVIEWS.

** called me up to inform me of my purchasing an imported lens w/ no warranty.... We discussed options and I went with a domestic lens w/ warranty. Excellent Service!!!!!!

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Founded in 1979 as an electronics retailer, Abe's of Maine has expanded to offer a complete line of appliances, camera equipment and other consumer electronics. Despite the name, their store location is in Linden, NJ.

  • Fast shipping times: Most products ship within 24-48 hours, allowing for a very quick delivery compared to the industry standard of 1-3 weeks.
  • Three year extended warranties: The Abe's of Maine extended warranty includes the original manufacturers warranty for the first year, and matches that level of service for the remaining coverage period.
  • Flexible payment options: At Abe's of Maine you are able to pay with cash, credit or Paypal.
  • Free shipping: For regular freight with a 6-8 day delivery time, shipping is free.
  • Expansive catalog: Not only does Abe's of Maine carry all major brands, they also have several models from each brand.
  • Best for Frugal shoppers and big families.

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