Abe's of Maine

Edison, NJ

Abe’s of Maine was founded in 1979 as a small, family owned electronics retailer in Maine. We have since grown into different states in the northeast region, but our commitment to our customers and outstanding customer service has not changed.

Providing for our customers is our top priority. Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to help you find the right electronics to meet your needs.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

JOHN of Quitman, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Samsung UN75J6300 75-Inch Class Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV - Jeff tried to upsell me from a commercial model to a consumer model. I was having it professionally installed and called my installation expert who contacted Samsung who said that was false. This is a consumer model. Free shipping is not free. You receive an initial invoice with free shipping and you get an email to call Jeff to confirm your order. Jeff informed me I had to pay freight insurance of several hundred dollars. That is not free shipping.

R. M. of New Rochelle, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Rude customer service. Was sent email asking for call to confirm my purchase. Called the number and extension and was connected to a man who maligned all New Yorkers on top of attempts to tack on additional charges. When I refused his comments and attempts to string me along with add-ons, he said "you NY'ers are all the same." He then threatened to charge me a cancellation charge of 15% of the total ($115.25) stating I had placed the order but not declining the order thereby telling me that I would be charged a cancellation charge.

Chad of Orange Park, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered expensive television from AbesofMaine.com because they were listed $500 less than the cheapest I found elsewhere. Once ordered, I received a call next day verifying whether I meant to order European model. This was of course not my intent, but their "US" model was $900 more. No! But they did cede and match my lowest offer from a local company here and offered to throw in a free $230 "white glove" shipping. So I went forward. Received order outside the 7-14 day shipping window promised. The "white glove" premium delivery is a scam. For $230, they brought it in my living room floor, plugged it in to make sure it worked, and left. They told me they could not lift it onto my entertainment center, connect the stand or plug anything in due to liability. Then what is the white glove for? Sketchy stuff going on here. My recommendation - go to a reputable company - Best Buy or Amazon.

Jerry of Scottsdale, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought from Abe’s because I had dealt with them satisfactorily long ago - regret it. Same thing happened to me. Ordered a camera and they called and said I order European model (no mention on the ad). I could get the US model for 150 more. Scam. Then, when they re-did the order, they left out the suite number for delivery. This is when I found out their customer service is as bad as their orders. Even though I was calling in the middle of the day (NJ time) they would not answer. Finally I called sales -of course they answered immediately. After three forwards, they hung up. Luckily FedEx is on the ball and called about the suite. Camera came packed horribly but I know I'll never get any satisfaction from Abe’s. I'll have to hope it works. I wish I would have ordered from someone reputable.

ray of Mesa, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

As many of the reviews state I purchased a LG 4k television online. The next day I received a phone call advising I had purchased the European model which would not work in the US. They tried to convert me to the US model which would work and cost $ 400 more. All of this was nothing more than BS and a bait and switch scheme. Of course I canceled. This outfit is dishonest and should not be dealt with no matter what price they might offer. I am sure they will do anything to cheat a customer. BUYER BEWARE.

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Mark of Riverhead, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

The price of the TV in the website is for a European model not US model. The ad does not state it was a European model. I have looked at the description of the TV and I cannot find where it states it is for Europe. Who sells a European model in the US. The price went way up after calling me and telling me a US model is much more expensive. I read many complaints that complain about the exact same thing.

Terry of Cincinnati, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Blatant effort to cheat me out of 3 to 4 hundred dollars-I had placed an order for a Canon lens without the extras that are often to sell it, bulk package such is called. A question technical question came to mind about the size of the UV protector needed, and I called Abe's of Maine to see exactly what the needed size was and what it would cost to add that to lens I had ordered. The Abe salesmen then told me to buy the lens in a package, not telling me the ridiculous cost of the unneed package. When off the phone I looked into such cost differences, I tried phoning back but found my number was blocked. I got through to someone at one point but was told it was told the store was closed--ridiculous, given I was in the same time zone, 4 pm. Google Abe's of Maine for reviews to find more similar to what appears in ConsmerAffairs.com.

Ronald of Corpus Christi, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a LG OLED65C6P for $2299 (no charge for freight) 5-17-17 at a Memorial day sale. The next morning I received a call from Steven to call him at 800-992-2237 ext 272. He told me that I had ordered an European model and that the USA model is $2999. I said, "No, I did not order a European model and that I am not going to pay $2999."

I found the advertisement and it was still current on the internet for $2999 and listed two specs for it that were both USA Specs. I called back up and asked for the manager. I said that I am looking at the ad and it is a US model and I want it for $2299. I was told that the best I could do was $2499. I said, "No." I want the one they are advertising right now. They finally conceded and said that it will be $2299 but they are not delivering it free but will charge $290 due to insurance on the delivery. I said, "No," and said, "I will do all in my power to expose Abe's of Maine as a dishonorable company." My receipt is copied off the screen at the end of the sale. I did not see a way to print it. I am sure now that that was on purpose on the part of Abe's.

warren of Federal Way, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order for a very specific Samsung 75" TV that I have purchased a number of times over the past couple years from various retailers -- a Samsung 75J6300 75" Smart LED TV. I was having the unit shipped to a different office and received an e-mail from "Jeff **" in their "customer service" department to confirm the order. While I was on the phone he said, "Are you sure you want the commercial model made in China and not the consumer model made in Mexico?" Of course the consumer model was "better" and was roughly $600 more than the model I bought ($1579).

I checked my previous order and the model was exactly the same, so I called back and he basically said, "Do more research and call us back." I told him to just cancel the order because I didn't appreciate the attitude. I'll end up paying more for it now but at least it will come from a reputable source. I highly doubt that Samsung makes different versions of the same TV with the exact same part number, and I'm also curious why if there's a different one available their website doesn't show it. Steer clear.

Ramit of Lake Mary, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a TV from the website. I received an email 2 days later to call their customer service number to process the order. I had to call multiple times before I could talk to someone even during their business hours which are also very restricted. That person tried to sell me different warranties and accessories. There was no any other purpose for that call. After the call, he told me that TV will be shipped soon. On their website and also in confirmation email, they told me that I would receive TV in 7-14 days.

When I didn't see any update on the order tracker, I called again, multiple times it went to their voicemail and of course no one called back. Finally I got hold of someone and they told me that they didn't have that TV in stock. She wasn't sure when they would get it and ship it to me. But told that it may take 3-4 weeks or more. At that point I asked her to cancel the order and she just did it without any apologies. They should not have sold item that they didn't have. There should be no need for us to call them after we have purchased what we wanted, after looking their annoying suggestions for warranties and accessories already. There should have been communication from their end if ordered item was not available.

Lou of Plano, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I went on Amazon to buy a Canon 7D Mark 2 camera and somehow got directed to this rip-off place. Their price was too good to be true. Bait and switch. Wouldn't ship till I contacted them and they strong-arm another $400 onto the purchase. I realize I am dealing with lowlifes and tell them to forget it, I will buy one here in Dallas, and they say they will charge my credit card 10% for canceling. I immediately called AMERICAN EXPRESS. Stay away from this place.

Robert of Carlsbad, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

You place the order and you receive a confirmation email with receipt etc. showing total price to pay with free shipping. Then they send you an email telling you to call them to confirm your order. When you call you get someone who states "I just wanted to let you know we charge an extra $200 for insurance and service charge that they plan to charge me in addition to my quote and receipt charge". This is a simple bait and switch and extremely disappointing. I will take my business elsewhere.

Emil of Milpitas, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I went online to purchase the LG 65" LED television for $2299. Abe's of Maine sent an email and asked me to contact them to confirm my order. I spoke with Ted and he told me the television was a gray model not up to USA code. He wanted to know if I wish to purchase the one that is and it would cost $3000. I told him, nowhere in the website stated that the model was a gray model. This is their way to lure you and then try to sell you something for more. I immediately demanded a cancellation of my order. Ted kept trying to sell me something with a discount. I was annoyed and told him to cancel my order!

Gordon of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered an LG OLED TV online - $1499, free shipping. Well, they called 24 hours later to tell me that they normally paid for shipping insurance but I was too far away (Texas). And insurance would add about $250!! Well, the freight carrier normally rolls that into the freight charge - but the guy says theirs does not. BS. Googling "problems with Abe's of Maine" shows an entire list of issues. Wish I had done that. Am canceling and hoping they will not try and charge my card. I would rather pay more and deal with a reputable organization. They must pack this site with 5 star reviews - they don't even deserve 1.

Allan of Monterey Park, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Zero Trust or Confidence. Horrible service. Buyer beware. During the Thanksgiving 2016 sales rush I placed an order for a Sony XRB-65x850D flat screen and was told product in stock. Dec. 1 I was sent this e-mail, "Please contact our order confirmation department at 1-800-992-2237 and speak with Jeff at ext ** to complete and confirm your order". Was upsold and when I said I just wanted what I ordered I was told of a back order. Three week later I called, spoke with Jeff ** and was told stock available again by sales. I gave him my order number and was sent to customer service. 1-hour hold hung up, I was hung up on three times after 1 hr holds and I sent a total of four emails to customer service with no replies. The one time that I did finally speak with so-called customer service I was reconnected to Jeff and told of another back order. ABE's now shows that the order has been cancelled. I never cancelled the order.

I had worked with Abe's of Maine in the past and was sadly mistaken to believe that their sales tactics and service could be worse, they jammed me up with gray market trash and then inflict stocking fees if one refunds or exchanges - a real battle. In my opinion and based on two transactions I wouldn't trust Abe's of Maine for anything. As it is I am deeply concerned that they have my credit card #. I have to imagine that the warranty that they try to upsell is as good as the rest of the outfit, pure dreck! This review is only based on my opinion and experience of dealing with this questionable POS.

Paul of Boiling Springs, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an online order for a camera lens, shown with a hood and case. Minutes later, I received a phone call from 'Ted' verifying my order. Then he asked if I wanted the hood and case. I told him that the Nikon lens kit came with those items, and he told me they were extra. I asked to cancel the order at that time, and he offered a discount on the additional items. I declined, and again told him to cancel the order. Again, he pressed for me to purchase the "optional" items. This repeated several times until I finally demanded that the order be cancelled.

I was sent to 'customer service' (I don't think it exists) and was promptly disconnected. I attempted to call their customer service number, but was disconnected immediately. I had to call my credit card company to tell them to deny any charges from them. Then, I received ANOTHER phone call telling me the order was cancelled, but they would be charging me a 15% restocking fee (odd, since the charge for the item never went through). I told them what they could do with their restocking fee. What a bunch of crooks!

cindy of Lumberton, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Tried to purchase a Nikon 16-80 f2.8-4.0 lens for $649 off the website only to get a call a few days later telling me that if I wanted a US version it would be $250 more. The website makes no mention of the product being an international or gray market item. The entire call was very sketchy and the story kept changing. I cancelled my order. Avoid them at all costs.

Chris of Highland, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased on their website, the new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500 mm f/5.6E ED VR Lens for the sale price of $1139.00, and all the photos show the collar, lens, hood and bag in them. You assume everything is included in the price. They charged me an additional price of $140 to add the hood, collar and bag, when it should have been already included in the price. Abe's of Maine is the only company who charges extra for the accessories. The false, low price of $1,139.00 draws customers, and if you to try and add the accessories kit on their site, it is nowhere to be seen, to add to your purchase.

This is a scam they use to get you to purchase their items, and when you receive your items in the mail, and realize the accessories are not included in the $1,139.00 price, they will charge you a restocking fee, if you try to send it back. I personally had to spend over an hour on the phone with a supervisor to try and negotiate the restocking fee. Buyers beware of bait-and-switch scams this company practices. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to further investigate their fraudulent practices.

james of Petaluma, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I waited five years to purchase the newest technology from Canon. My budget was an important so I looked for the absolute best buy for my money. Abe's advertised the Canon 5D Mark 4 at about three hundred dollars less than B&H. I called Abe's and was told that if I wanted the USM 5D, which was not the one advertised, that I had to pay $200.00 more. I was assured that it was the USM 5D Mark 4. I also purchased a 24-104 4.0 IS USM Lens for about $300.00 savings. All together my savings were about $500.00

Sounded too good to be true, well it was. I looked at Reviews about Abe's and they were all negative. Everyone warned not to deal with Abe's. But I decided to wait and see what arrived before cancelling my order. On the phone they do try to talk you into additional accessories. They wanted an additional $100.00 for a lens hood and 77mm filter, which they assured me was top of the line. The lens hood is available on Amazon for $24.00, and when I received the high-end filter I was promised, I looked it up online and found it for $7.00. So they already lied about all of that.

When I got my camera and lens in the mail, they were both in a large cardboard box. When I opened the box I found my camera in a Canon Kit box that had been opened previously. There was no warranty card! The 24-105 Macro IS Lens was in a plain white box with styrofoam and had no booklet or warranty card. The box was not A Canon Lens Box, and the lens was not sealed. I was pretty upset about the entire ordeal and was seriously thinking about returning everything. I called Canon to confirm the serial numbers, but they WON'T DO THAT. They said they cannot verify a serial number. I told them my story and they said that I probably got a gray market camera and lens, which translates as European Market. The woman at Canon said that Canon will cover the Camera for one year and the lens, but that it was not a US or Canadian camera.

I did some research, and this has happened to quite a few people. The only positive is that I saved $500.00, and in truth, the camera is fantastic. The lens is perfect, and the images are stellar. To say it's from the European Market is not so bad, they have great photographers too. Both the Lens and Camera were made in Japan, so the big difference is the warranty issue.

The real issue is that Abe's lied about the validity of these products and intentionally deceived me into thinking they were the exact items listed on B&H website. I asked them up front to verify they were both USA products, and they assured me they were, knowing it was a lie. The extra hundred dollars for the hood and filter was absolutely a ripoff, and they do that so be aware!! I'm not going to return these items because they work just fine, but would I ever deal with Abe's again? Absolutely NOT!!! They are a bait and switch company, and I should have listened.

Cristy of Buckhannon, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Nikon D7200 body only as I am only upgrading. It was a week later I received an email asking me to call them regarding my order. I called as asked to find out that it doesn't come with a battery or charger, and if I purchased the battery and a charger separately it would cost me over $300.00. After doing just a bit more research I not only found that the body only kits sold by Nikon include the battery and charger. BUT I found this site and warnings. I continued to shop around and declined their Increase in my purchase another $200.00. Don't deal with this company. There are BETTER deals out there.

Nic of Greensboro, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been dealing with a lender place insurance issue for 16 months. Numerous calls, documents faxed, documents uploaded to the Ocwen web portal - still no resolution. I have had the same insurance policy since purchasing my home in 2010. Ocwen has received all the documentation, multiple times, yet every time I call they have to "look into it further", "contact my insurance company", etc etc. Then I call back to follow up, and I have to start the entire process over again. Due to this "Lender Placed Insurance" I now carry 440,000$ of coverage on a 140,000$ condo! How is it legal for a company to debit your account for something when you have not given them permission to do so?

Lance of Surprise, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I went online and ordered a Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera Body for $1079.00 on (1/23/2017). Upon calling Abe's I was told that the camera I ordered did not have a Canon warranty. WTF! I was told I needed to purchase the retail version for $1399.00 which included warranty, battery, USB cable, and charger; I begrudgingly agreed. I looked on Abe's website and they did not even offer a "retail version." I found the same item for $1349 ($50 cheaper) on B&H. I also found out the Abe's is NOT an authorized dealer and they are known for switch and bait tactics. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER THING FROM ABE's OF MAINE which is now another company since 2012. If it's too good to be true, there is a reason. BEWARE of the fast talking ** at ABE's OF MAINE.

Linda of Glendora, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

First off, I must say, it is completely my fault for falling for their scam. I know better. I have always purchased from B&H. Always. And since I had always purchased from them I had never researched Abe's of Maine, so I did not do my due diligence, which is my fault. But I am still angry. I purchased a Canon EOS 80D for what seemed like a great deal Black Friday. Then got the same email to call "Jeff". How many "Jeff's" do they have I wonder?

They called me actually and I was busy with family and distracted. I was told I purchased a base kit without battery, strap, etc. etc. I fell for the upsale, and even the warranty. Well, guess what, something is not working with my "new" camera, called customer service and you guessed it, they are not available. Also, called Canon and they told me Abe's of Maine is not an authorized reseller SO my camera may not be covered under warranty. WHAT?? What business does Abe's of Maine have posing as an authorized reseller? I feel a lawsuit coming on. I am so upset I fell for this.

Michael of Saratoga, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I normally don't write reviews (negative or positive) but this experience made me upset, especially after seeing several other reports regarding Abe's of Maine's shady bait and switch tactics. I ordered an LG TV from these guys off the web. They emailed me they would not complete my order until I spoke with one of their reps. Once speaking to them on the phone they told me I ordered an international unit that wasn't the right voltage and was a display version without all the TV features etc. None of this info was listed on their site description for the item. The rep then proceeded to try to sell me the "right" one with the "white glove" service including home install even though I told them I didn't need installation. This was over $400 more than the initial quoted price. I declined to proceed with the order based on this bait and switch and asked them to cancel my order. Thankfully my credit card was never charged.

Hilario of Helotes, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a consumer law attorney for almost 25 years. Of course, I am also a consumer and recently purchased a 65 inch Samsung TV which was offered by Abe's for hundreds of dollars less than competitors. I received an email confirmation and thought it odd that I need to call "Jeff" to confirm my order. It was already confirmed in writing. When I reached "Jeff" I was told that in fact I needed to buy some kind of upgrade which would make my TV suitable for residential use. What? Baloney. Nope, and it would cost me several hundred dollars more.

"Jeff" indicated that I would not get my TV that I ordered. I promptly cancelled (after their notice to me of breach). Today I have sent notice to Abe's of Maine under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act ("advertising goods with intent not to sell them as advertised"), seeking damages and attorney's fees. I'm not going to just let this go because as I see from other reviewers, this is a systemic deceptive ploy by Abe's. See you in court, Abe's. Clean up your act and be honest. Otherwise, sooner or later you'll run into someone like me with access to the courts and consumer law expertise (I'm Board Certified in Consumer Law).

George of Sandown, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

Per another recent review my purchase of a Sony xbr65x930d (65" Ultra 4k flat screen TV) for $1649 was followed up a day later by an email asking me to call "Jeff" to confirm the order. The conversation started by thanking me for placing the order but adding "by the way, are you aware that the TV you ordered is made in China and not Mexico?" Having read many similar complaints on file, and expecting an upsell attempt, I replied "Yes". The call ended there and I was told the product would arrive in 7 to 14 days. I then contacted Sony who stated that there was no difference in this model being manufactured in China as opposed to Mexico - they were identical. Now I am waiting for another notification attempting another tact. If so, I will cancel my order and purchase it from Best Buy for $1999 before Saturday, when their sale ends.

Kathleen of Oak Park, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

They 'bait' you with a killer deal online. Like no other company in the world, they make you confirm it!? Suddenly, that item is on backorder so they up-sell you something else. They told me it was USA-made, it was not. It was impossible tracking down a human for a RMA number. The package was untouched but they're making me pay crazy shipping and a restocking fee. Just another way for this fraudulent company to make money. After finally getting this scammer on the phone, he argued with me when I wanted to return it. They could care less about satisfying customers. I'm pretty sure it's just one guy in his mom's basement anyhow.

Drake of Pittsburgy, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

All of the reviews where you read that you have to call "Jeff" and confirm your order are 100% true. I placed an order for a high end camera, only to receive the email to "call and confirm". While on the phone, they tried to tell me the camera did not include a strap, a battery, a battery charger, and other obvious things that are inside the box of any nice camera. They try to add things on to your order and completely lie and try to deceive buyers, only to swindle you out of hundreds extra. Luckily, I was able to cancel. They are dishonest and deceitful. Believe all of the negative reviews... do a simple google search, you'll find them. They are true, do not do business with this company.

kelly of Birmingham, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

Also placed order online for LG 65UH8500 TV. It was priced at $1149. Got email to call Jeff at extension ** and he proceeded to tell me that he saw that this tv was going to Alabama and that this tv is an international tv using 230v. Then Jeff tried to upsell me to the US version for $ 500 more. After doing a little research I found that LG doesn't sell a 230v tv and I said that it would be fine ship it. The next day they said it was suddenly back ordered and would be 2 - 3 weeks. After 13 days I just went online to their website to track order and my order could not be found. They have no intention of selling you what they advertised. Bogus company.

Michael of Louisville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

In the market to purchase an LG OLED television. Have been shopping for a good price for a while. Thought Abe's of Maine was legit and their price was substantially under market. Not as low as the other rip-off artists, but lower than most. Their policy states: "All Products include USA Manufacturer's Warranty unless otherwise stated." So, after placing the order, I get the email to call Jeff and confirm the order. Jeff asks me if I want the U.S. model since the one at that price requires 230V. That indicates that it is a non-U.S. model. He tried to parse the words stating that they disclosed it as a non-U.S. model and that he could sell me that one for several hundreds of dollars more. Of course, they do not even list the U.S. model on their site. Avoid.

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Founded in 1979 as an electronics retailer, Abe's of Maine has expanded to offer a complete line of appliances, camera equipment and other consumer electronics. Despite the name, their store location is in Linden, NJ.

  • Fast shipping times: Most products ship within 24-48 hours, allowing for a very quick delivery compared to the industry standard of 1-3 weeks.
  • Three year extended warranties: The Abe's of Maine extended warranty includes the original manufacturers warranty for the first year, and matches that level of service for the remaining coverage period.
  • Flexible payment options: At Abe's of Maine you are able to pay with cash, credit or Paypal.
  • Free shipping: For regular freight with a 6-8 day delivery time, shipping is free.
  • Expansive catalog: Not only does Abe's of Maine carry all major brands, they also have several models from each brand.
  • Best for Frugal shoppers and big families.

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