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I just bought a new home. I was looking to fully renovate the entire place with new hardware, doors, lights, APPLIANCES, etc. I started first with Lowe's and appliances, lights, and hardware. My contractor took care of the others. Here is a few reasons why buying from Lowe's is a disaster: When I placed an order online, I'd get the "your order is ready for pickup" email and I'd go to the store. On multiple occasions, my order would NOT BE READY or NOT BE IN STOCK. When I show up they'd either need to go pick the items off the shelves or the item would flat out not even be in stock and they'd have to backorder it for me wasting my time. They don't value your time/energy at all.

Customer service at the stores are a disaster. Nobody knows how to be polite and assist clients. They just transfer the call around to different phones in the store where you get bounced around and nobody picks up. When calls get bounced back to the person (or idiot) who originally picked up, you'd hear the phone get picked up and then a click as she hangs up. Calling the stores are a complete disaster.

MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT is ORDERING APPLIANCES with Lowe's. First, I bought a refrigerator for my new apartment. Ordered online. Receive notification after order is placed that item is backordered and will not be in stock for 3 months. Second, bought a gas stove. Order is pending for a few days and I get a call from their delivery service XPO. XPO says, "We're coming tomorrow at X-Y time". I take off of my normal business hours full time job to wait. XPO calls and says, "We're 15 minutes away, but did you buy a refurbished item?" The call went to ** after that. Told them to take it back.

DO NOT BUY APPLIANCES FROM LOWE'S. I ordered a washer/dryer/stacking kit for my new apartment. After a week delay I get notice that my item can be delivered. XPO calls again and says it's coming tomorrow X-Y time. I take off work. I call XPO after the delivery window since they didn't come. XPO says, "Didn't Lowe's call you?" The delivery was cancelled and they need to reschedule. I call them to complain to ask if they think having us sit at home all day for nothing to happen is a joke to them. The idiot on the phone said, "You can get someone else to sit at home." After another wait, the store says they can't deliver again, cancel due to elevator not working. Things are getting ridiculous. I complain again and finally the order is delivered after much heartache, vacations days lost at work for no reason, money and time for having to do laundry outside. Just a complete disgusting experience that I can't put into words here.

I've never had a worse customer experience with ANY COMPANY IN MY LIFE. I used to love Lowe's. I gave them my first chance at all my business for my home furnishing. I still have things to buy for my new place. I'm under 30 years old and have lots of time in my life to spend money at home improvement stores and will definitely be getting new homes again in the future to be furnished. They potentially could have made $10-15k in sales from me just this time around. Customers don't remember just average experiences, but they definitely remember the amazing or horrible ones.

Lowe's used to offer a military and veteran discount. At some point they stopped honoring the discount unless you were active duty military or retired with 20 plus years. Today they declined the discount despite that fact that I have a VA card that IDs me as a vet and a Nevada license that does the same. I called and spoke to customer service and all they would say is their policy was changed in July of 2016 and I was welcome to read it online. Thanks Lowe's, very helpful. I'll go elsewhere.

When I bought the Levolor blinds after l did every step in the process it gave me the hardest part so I had to take the blinds back down to remove the buttons. l think Lowe's should do the last hardest part in making the blinds.

3 weeks ago I purchased a washer and dryer at the Arundel Plaza, 6650 Ritchie Hwy Route 2, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Lowe's. I told the sales person the measurements of the unit I needed and repeated multiple times that both units were going to be STACKED because they were going to go in a closet. I don't know anything about installing washer/dryers etc and I made that perfectly clear to the sales person. The salesperson urge me to purchase them with the Lowe's credit card so that way I could save 150.

I work weekdays and the store doesn't do late deliveries so I had to wait 3 weeks to get it deliver on a Saturday. First, they tell me that my units are going to be deliver between 1-3 pm. Awesome. Then, I get an early call that morning as I am out of my home because I don't have to be home until 1 that the delivery is going to be done earlier because there were some cancellations So now the delivery is at 10 am...and they call me at 9 am. I'm not home and I'm far from home, but cool, my friend is home so I figure she could let them in.

The third party that Lowe's has a contract with delivers the washer and dryer and the folks doing the delivery realize the STACK KIT and flexible dry bend for the STACKABLE WASHER/DRYER unit are missing. The delivery people don't call me. They instead tell my housemate they can't install it and leave the washer and dryer IN MY LIVING ROOM. I get home and I call the store because what the heck? And they tell me that while I did buy the flexible dry bend and it must have fell off the truck or something that I didn't pay for the STACKABLE KIT. Again, I went to Lowe's and purchase the units and asked for delivery/installation because I don't know what are the things needed to install it.

I assumed all the hoses and things the salesperson told me to buy for the unit were all that was needed. I tell this to the store manager and he tells me that the person that sold me the units doesn't normally work in that department so that person wasn't aware that a stackable washer/dryer that's going to go in a closet type space needs a stackable kit. That's the store excuse. Now, I asked the store why the delivery person felt compel to leave a washer/dryer in my living room and not take it with them...and I was told if they had taken it with them that it would have been a cancellation because the store can't hold units until they can order me the stacking kit needed.

I called customer service and they say there's nothing that they can do. That they can order the kit that's missing and the flexible dry bend would be order to but the store would reimburse me for that one because I had already paid for it. Once they order the kit then I have to wait for it in the mail and then I can reschedule installation. Now, I'm not sure why this seemed like an acceptable response. Is not like I'm the one that made the mistake. I told the customer service rep that this wasn't acceptable because I had already waited 3 weeks for the delivery and that it wasn't my fault that Lowe's salesperson sold me a unit without all the things that were needed for the installation. I asked the rep if she could transfer me to her supervisor to which she did. The supervisor called the store and same result.

So I asked if I speak to her supervisor to which she said that that was it. No one above her. Somehow there is a higher level of customer care beyond the regular 1-800 Lowe's. There's the executive customer service number 866-284-8989. I was transfer to that number and I was getting the same response, but then they agreed to send someone to move the washer/dryer to my garage at no cost the next day and that they wouldn't charge me for the kit, because you know all the hassle I was going through. I was on the phone with Lowe's for 3 and a half hours on Saturday...and the best they could do was send me a $40 kit? I PAID 2000 for a washer and dryer believe me a free $40 kit was not worth the 3 1/2 hours on the phone with all levels of support at Lowe's.

Sunday came and nothing. No one showed up to pick up my units. The person that was coming to move the units said they called (although there was no voicemail) and then they said that they showed up to my house and no one was available. THIS IS TOTAL BS. I've been home all morning and no delivery truck was ever in front of my house and no one knocked. So I just spent another 2 hours with Lowe's. The person that was assigned to my "case" was off today and the first 2 times that I called the reps said there was nothing that they could do and they transfer me to Janet's voicemail (the rep who had promised someone would move the units to my basement). I called again and on the third trial, Sara another rep was able to call the store and get someone to come back and move my unit out of my living room.

Unfortunately, Sara wasn't able to provide me with a time of when they could move the unit and stated that I could reschedule for Monday. I work during the week so this is no good for me since they can't come after 5. Sooo here I am waiting for someone to move the washer and dryer out of my living room. They might show up or say that they did like they did this morning. Who knows. Worst customer service ever and worst shopping experience ever. The nature of Lowe's is clearly a focus on sales, poorly trained employees who probably have sales quotas to fill which is why you have someone who knows nothing about washer/dryers just pushing whatever.

I get that the salespeople are not professional installers but if a customer is buying a STACKABLE washer/dryer for a closet and installation is included why wouldn't you also sell the STACKABLE KIT...and why does the store manager think that having sales reps that don't know products is a legitimate excuse? If the sales person had told me he sells plants and everyone that sales washers/dryers was off I would have not bought it that day and come back or gone to a diff Lowe's or gone to a diff store...I'm very disappointed and I really wish I hadn't gotten the store card because I know for a fact I will never set foot in another Lowe's again.

I bought some shutters for my new house. After sitting in my garage for 5 months, we decided these weren't the right ones. I was able to get a full refund because they were the ones I bought in stock instead of custom-made. I couldn't believe they gave me my $250 back. Their products aren't always the highest quality, but they always keep the customer happy.

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Platinum Factory Service was contracted by Lowe's Dept Stores in Western Pennsylvania, for warranty repairs for kitchen appliances, including Whirlpool refrigerators. I am a homeowner who went to my local Lowe's and purchased a new Whirlpool refrigerator in November 2016. The cooling element began to short out. I purchased the 3 year extended warranty.

Lowe's contracted with Platinum Factory Services to come to my home to fix it. Platinum absolutely refused to honor the warranty and wanted to make me pay upfront, then be reimbursed by Lowe's or the manufacturer, prior to confirming the visit. They would not commit to a day or time, then when they did, gave me an 8-4 p.m. window. They then called to let me know late in the day that they could not commit to this window, and wanted to come to my home the next day, for the same window. They also asked for cash upfront. I committed to provide cash upfront and they asked how much. Then they couldn't commit to the window anyway. It just was a bad experience.

Lowe's installed our Jeld-Wen fiberglass entry door on May 20th 2015. They use sub-contractors, they were awful. First, they did not bring enough door casing, blame it on the store clerk. Second, they did not fit the door properly (would not close). Third, they could not cut a proper 45 on the inside casing, so he use a lot of caulk. Last he left without filling the nail holes on the inside door casing. Lowe's does not stand by their work or workers the hire. When I called the store manager he said the one year install warranty ran out. Jeld-Wen won't warrant it, they said the installer did not caulk the bottom of the jamb where it meets the threshold. Void warranty.

I went to the Lowe's in New Albany, MS on three occasions asking about a refrigerator they had for sale. I asked how long the price was good for and they told me for a few more weeks. I purchased the refrigerator and while they were writing it up, my wife found a price tag which showed it at a different price. After talking to the sales person a while, he called the manager who told me it would cost me an additional $1500. The manager looked at the ceiling while I was explaining what happened.

To shorten the story, I wrote Lowe's home office and they would do nothing. The manager never apologized or claimed responsibility for the mistake. Lowe's would not let me have the refrigerator at the $2098 price which was advertised. Basically, they just told me to go away that they were not going to do anything. If my wife had not found the missing price tag, they would have sold it for the price shown. Neither the store nor the home office admitted the store had done anything wrong by putting the incorrect price tag over the appliance.

On three separate occasions I was told the price of the refrigerator was $2098. I have bought all of my appliances from Lowe's and always bought the warranty plan. However, after this experience I have made it a point to never go into another Lowe's and tell everyone who is interested in buying appliances to go either to Home Depot or Sears because Lowe's has the WORST customer service of any retailer I have visited. Then I tell them the entire story of what happened to me and on several occasions it has influenced them to buy elsewhere. And I tell everyone who reads this post, do yourself a favor and before you buy an appliance, go to Home Depot or Sears where they DO believe the customer is important and DON'T BUY AT LOWE'S!!!

I'll start by saying never use Lowe's for a fence installation. They obviously contract out to the lowest bidder and the quality and lack of workmanship shows. To start from the beginning -- We purchased a vinyl fence from Lowe's in the summer for approximately $7,000. Lowe's and the installer came out twice to do measurements, survey the land where the fence was going to be etc. A few weeks go by and installation began. The installers are putting the posts in and in the back of my yard there was hard rock that their auger couldn't go through so Lowe's wanted to charge me an extra $2000 so the installers could rent jackhammers and be paid for two extra days work (jackhammering 8 holes).

I went back and forth with them about how it isn't my problem the fence company didn't bring jackhammers and then called 2 local fence companies who bring them and expect to dig through hard rock as part of the installation. Who would of thought you would need to dig through rock to set posts? Needless to say my fence was shortened 12 feet because Lowe's refused to work with me to remedy the situation.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and within 2 weeks my fence was pushed back to the original spot at no cost to myself and that 2 day jackhammer job took about 2 hours. Hmmm funny how that worked. Everything was okay at that point for about two weeks and then my gate latches sunk and needed to be adjusted by the installer, not big deal, I figured there'd be a little settling and it was taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Another month goes by, August/Sept. 2016, now and it was rainy and windy outside (25-30 mph gusts). I let my dogs out and noticed my one dog go to the corner of my fence. I walk outside to see why she's running and see 2 panels completely falling apart and detached from their posts. My dog got out of the fence and I had to chase her down. Luckily no cars were around and I was able to run after her and get her. I then had to spend a half hour putting the fence back together as best I could, as it was loose.

An hour goes by and it fell apart again, so back out in the rain and wind. I went to put it together a second time with duct tape. Lowe's came out within 3 days to look at it and then the installer came a couple days later to drill a screw into it to hold it together -- apparently they forgot to reinforce it upon installation. Unreal. After this the latches again shifted and both had to be adjusted and then a hinge on one of the gates broke and they had to come back and replace it. The fence is 3 months old and these issues are ridiculous. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I asked for compensation for all the days I had to leave work early to be here to ensure the repairs were done etc. I was offered a 100 dollar gift card for 7000 dollars worth of garbage. The woman I was dealing with at corporate would not give me her bosses information to pursue compensation any further. I'm not being unreasonable and asking for a free fence. I want something back for all of the trouble however and 100 dollar gift card is laughable. I'll be calling back and pursuing this with another Lowe's rep and see what happens. I will be a Home Depot shopper from this point on and never use Lowe's again for any home installation project again.

We purchased the protection plan on for a fridge. The ice maker has been replaced once and it took months to get it fixed. The 2nd time the repair man said there is nothing he can do, the ice maker/fridge is a bad design and basically live with it. The problem gets worse, door alarm won't work since repair man came and they have to send someone again. Who can afford to take 3 days off work to have nothing done? Why do we purchase these protection plans only to have our appliances unprotected.

TERRIBLE! Have gone through 3 refrigerators I bought there. All under warranty and all broken. They all came scratched & dented. First one made such terrible noises I had to have them take it back within a few days. The second one lasted for about 2 years but the repairman almost lived at my house. It finally couldn't be repaired any more. The 3rd one is 1 yr old and it appears that the fan is broken. I have to wait over a week before they will send someone out to fix it! Besides the scratches and dents, it came with a crooked sticker on the front freezer door that read "smart inverter". Took manager 1 year to get a replacement (that is also damaged)!

Service with them has been a combination of damaged goods, incorrect orders, orders that have "mysteriously" been lost, delivery men that didn't even have the proper tools to reverse the doors, and a store manager who repeatedly ignores my calls and emails. I even complained to their customer service dept. and was dismissed with a scripted comment indicting that my only option is to live with the defects and just deal with the broken fridge till the company they have contracted to do repairs shows up!

They have "next day delivery" listed on their website for in-store purchases and it takes days to get it delivered. The last purchase of mine took 5 weeks!!! Call the customer service line and nobody answers on hold for 20 minutes!!! Associates are rude also!!! Hermitage TN.

On the 26th of Sept I ordered some laminate flooring. They had to order it so I had to pay for it then and there. On the 29 I get a call and the flooring is in, Great!!! I go pick it up go back to the job and my phone go off. I've got a message Lowe's had made an unauthorized charge on the same card I already paid for the flooring with. Charging me twice for the flooring. Thank American Express for those text message alerts. I go back to Lowe's and the girl at the customer service desk says she can't help me??? I ask to talk to someone else so she goes to her supervisor and talks to her for 5 mins probably about the weather or something, she finally comes back and says she can't help me again?!! I ask for a manager he comes to the customer service desk I show him the charges on my phone and he agrees that the 2nd charge was wrong. He makes 2 phone calls and says he can't put the money back on the card right that minute which I already knew it takes 8 days.

So I call American Express and tell them about the unauthorized charge. They say I have to wait the 8 days to see if it is returned to my account. I wait the 8 days and Lowe's completed the charge and took my money without permission even after they said they were putting it back on my card. So now American Express is Disputing it for me another 10 days for this then when I win it will be a while before I get my money. I'm not in the business of loaning big companies $354.73. All I can say is if you charge there keep an eye on your account because I doubt I'm the only one that this is happening to. I will update this when and if I get my money back. I will add the receipt for the 1st transaction. I don't have receipt for the second charge because I didn't authorize it or sign for it nor did they swipe my debit card. I do have my bank charges and it shows exactly what they did.

My husband and I purchased brand new appliances through Lowe's here in NY. When I cashed out they set up a delivery time with me of 4 to 8 pm which was totally fine. I get a phone call today at 2 pm to let me know that they'd be arriving in 10 minutes to deliver my items. I told them that this wasn't possible (I'm a full time nursing student, and obviously chose the time I did for a reason). She then proceeded to tell me that I'd have to call and get a new delivery date which would be whenever and that she won't be around in the 4 to 8 pm schedule. I called the customer service number and explained the situation and nothing was fixed other than telling me it would arrive between 5:30 and 6 pm. I'm home waiting...

It hits 7 pm so I called again and they told me that their truck was already back in Syracuse and that I won't be receiving my items tonight. They transferred me to a manager of the delivery team which wasn't any help. He was rude and talked over me. I called the customer service number again and they told me it'd be here at 9 am the following day. I'm highly disappointed since this is my first experience actually purchasing appliances for our new home. Lowe's was highly recommended and I'm questioning as to why? I spent a good chunk of $$ here for them to treat me in such a way. If it allows me to later edit this I will include my receipt.

Order a carpet installation for my whole house. We agreed to rip up the carpet and pad for a better price. Was told that the installation would be done on Tuesday, we ripped up all the carpets Monday night. On Tuesday the install team came and dropped the pad off, went to the store for the carpet and was told that the carpet was not in. When I spoke to them they said I had to just wait for the carpet to come in, and I told them to come get their pad out my house and refund my money. At this time their Manager Jose apologize and promised to make this right if I would just let them finish the job. Like a dummy I believed him thinking a manager wouldn't lie to me. Well the job got done 4 days later and Jose offered me $100 for my inconvenience. Then raised it to $200 (still not even 5%).

I went home and called their corporate line 4 different times before someone finally called me back. When Sunny did call me back she listen to my story and said she couldn't believe they didn't offer me at least 10%. She told me she would get to the bottom of this and get back to me with answers. Her answer is Jose said it was only 3 days so he will throw in $50 more dollars to make it 5%. That's great that someone on their management team can't even add no carpet from Monday nigh to Saturday afternoon is 5 days not 3. And I love their way so show their appreciation for their customers is to negotiate low and work their way up. This was a horrible experience and I will write a bad review on any page that will let me. Do yourself a favor and don't shop at Lowe's.

I bought several appliance from LOWE'S Fanshawe rd London on AUG. 28 2016. Because of LOWE'S' stock problem, they were delivered on SEP. 10 2016 finally. Last Saturday I used first time because the house is new. I moved late and I need to use. The washer was good but the dryer failed on installation test and not drying clothes. So I called LOWE'S and asked about the return policy. The sales man said it can be returned but appliance manager refused because the LOWE'S return policy of appliance is in 30 days after buying not after delivery. I want to file a claim to Ontario Consumer Service because this policy is not protecting customer. And the Ontario Government need my letter to LOWE'S. Please let me know your return policy and if my return is refused by the policy.

Please let me know by the OCT 7 2016.

We purchased a Samsung washer and dryer last year in May 2015. It was working fine up until last week. Started making weird noises and finally stopped. Luckily we had taken extended warranty from Lowe's for 5 years. Lucky, you'd think?! My husband went to the store asking what our next step should be, as we never had this problem before. The lady at the customer service looked at our receipt, all the info and told us that we can bring our dryer to the store and it was going to be an easy swap. Easy?? Or was it?? Me and my husband loaded the heavy dryer in our pick up and went back the next day to do the easy swap. What happened afterwards was a total nightmare for me and him.

The lady behind the counter, this time a different one of course told us that we need to call the repairs department and they would send out a technician to our house and then only we would know what can be done with the machine. Are you kidding me??? First of all, I haven't washed my clothes at home because of the faulty dryer at home and I have 3 teens, my husband and I. Second, it's not easy for us to take the big heavy piece of machinery back & forth just like that. And third, it was the store customer service person that gave us the wrong info.

I got mad and called for the manager of the Douglasville, GA store. I explained him what happened and he tried to tell me that there was nothing he could do, we would have to call the customer repair department and they would take care of it. I told him, "had it not been for your not knowledgeable customer service rep, I wouldn't have brought my dryer to the store today." He just wasn't ready to put the blame on any of the store people. So I got really mad now and asked him for the corporate no. Guess what, the phone no. he gave me for the Lowe's corporate office was wrong!! Surprised?! I was not. This shows that even the company's managers do not care about the customers nor the company that they work for. They don't even have the right headquarters contact.

Even after getting on the phone with the corporate, the lady over the phone did not bother to understand my problem and gave me the same runaround. Anyways, I'm just pissed to the max, and this is the last time they would ever get my business, that's for sure. People, I'm telling you, Home Depot is a far better company when it comes to customer service. It might not be the best, but far superior than Lowe's.

My wife and I went to the Lowe's in Bethel Park to shop for a washing machine. Not one person came up and asked if we needed help. We shopped and found a washer to purchase. We went up to the and asked the gentleman working about the washer, He said it was out of stock and it would take a week to get it in. We said "Well what about this other model we looked at" and he said "Well we have it but I can't deliver it to you until Oct 18th," and it was the 1st. He had about as much personality as the chair he was sitting in. The customer service was nonexistent. The employee acted like he could care less if we bought a washer or not. He also said that no matter where we went we would have at least a two week wait for delivery. So since Lowe's has so much business and doesn't need ours we went to HHGREGG bought a washer and dryer and it's being delivered in 2 days. Lowe's NEVER AGAIN.

I contracted Lowe's to install 100 feet of cedar fencing and a pergola add-on. Work began in the beginning of July. When the installer told me he had no experience installing cedar and was familiar with installing vinyl, I should have known this wouldn't go smoothly. I originally ordered a four foot gate for the backyard. Shortly thereafter I changed my mind and phoned the project manager, Kevin **. I asked how much it would cost to have 2 three foot gates instead. He said it was a 50 dollar difference. I said ok. He said he didn't feel like driving out to Portsmouth from his store in Seekonk so I could sign a change order. He said he'd just go ahead and change the order and not charge the 50 dollars. When the installers came we discovered that he hadn't changed the order. Lowe's shipped me 2 four foot gates one for the back and one for the front. They also didn't send the posts and lattice for the pergola.

Mr. ** tried to convince me to accept the gates I'd originally ordered. I refused, telling him that I would gladly pay the 50 dollars, and if he'd done the change order like he was supposed to, this wouldn't have happened. So...he had the installers use the 2 four foot gates that were on hand to create the back gate and order an additional gate for the front. By then, my existing chain link fence had been removed. Originally I'd had someone lined up to remove the fence for me, but that fell through. I asked Mr. ** how much more it would cost to add removal and disposal. $450 more. I had no choice but to agree, as the installation date was already here.

Instead of removing the posts, the installers cut them at ground level. My husband could have done that himself! I was then left with metal-lined holes in the ground, along with the remaining underground concrete. How can I plant grass and shrubs over that? I paid for removal, and I expected the fence to be removed. Since all the parts weren't available, they had to halt work and special order the additional gate and pergola parts. They blocked the gap where the front gate should have been with a section of fence. After they left I noticed multiple gaps in the fencing because I heard the familiar bark of my dog from the street. I'd let her out and she immediately escaped. She weighs 2 pounds. She never escaped when I had my old chain link fence. So...my husband inspected the yard and used old boards and bricks to block the spots where she could possibly escape.

The installers didn't leave my yard in good shape. I have a 4 year old and a dog. They left a saw blade in the yard. They left a Red Bull can in the sink of my daughter's playhouse. They left packaging from the fence components in the yard. They left the dirt and rocks they dug up when installing the fence posts behind. The dirt in the front of the house is heavy with slate. They spread that dirt instead of removing it. How is my grass going to regrow through slate? The pieces aren't big enough to pick up, but they're big enough to ruin my lawn. The yard on the longest side of the fence is higher because they spread the dirt instead of removing it. They also left behind large rocks that they dug up during installation.

Then...I noticed that one of the fence posts in the front of the house was cracked from top to bottom. Why would someone even install something like that? When I called, the Lowe's manager tried to convince me that it was "a natural variation in the wood." even after I emailed the photos. How insulting. $5,500 for a fence and you try to convince me to accept a damaged product!

Anyway, I was promised that the missing fence parts would arrive in 2 weeks and the installers were scheduled to return then. 2 weeks came and went with no delivery. The installer called to cancel. Meanwhile, the manager never called to inform me of what was going on. Why the delay? I called. I was promised the gate would arrive on September 12. Nope. No gate, no update from Lowe's. At this point I was promised a call from Dave **, the Market Director. He had someone call on his behalf on September 15. I listed all my concerns and was promised installation the following Friday.

The next week the installer called to schedule. I told them that I was promised installation on Sept 23. They said no, they couldn't. It'd have to be the next Friday. I'm a teacher, and purposely scheduled this work for the summer, when I'd be home. At this point, the work needed to be done on a Friday because I'm back to work and that's the only day my husband would be home to answer any questions the installers had. On Monday I spoke to a woman at the fence company and gave her a list of everything that needed to be resolved. So now it's Friday, September 30. I've had no front gate for approximately 3 months. The new gate and pergola parts arrived yesterday.

The installers came today. They installed the front gate and pergola. But when I spoke to the Market Director's representative and the fence company I asked them not to install the hardware they'd shipped on the front gate. It's the same kind that's on the back gate - a flat lever that you push down. That's fine for the back utility gate, but not for the entrance. They installed it anyway. Now it needs to be changed and there will be additional holes in my new front gate. They botched up the repair of the gaps under the fence. They lowered a section of the fence so the dog can't crawl under.

Now the top of one panel is 3 inches lower than the adjacent panel and the rails facing my yard aren't lined up. There's still gaps at the bottom where the dog can get out. In fact, the front gate is approximately 4-5 inches off the ground. My dog will easily escape. These installers knew when they were here in July that they couldn't leave gaps like that. They saw my dog. The installers replaced the cracked fence post. But it came right out. They hadn't cemented it in. In fact, there were tons of leftover bags of cement. They didn't cement the pergola posts in. Those posts are going to rot, just stuck in the ground like that. I need them to come back and cement every post I to the ground. Also, am I getting credit for the unused cement, panels, and posts? The project manager is supposed to know how much to order. I shouldn't have to pay when he doesn't know how to estimate a job.

The installers also installed the drop bar on the back gate today. When they left the last time they used a piece of rebar as a substitute. But...the back gate is still not even. That was on the list of things to fix and it's still not done right. Oh! And...at the time of the contract signing I was promised a 200 Lowe's gift card. Mr. ** gave me the rebate form and receipt. Said to mail it in. Several weeks later I got a letter from Lowe's. They denied my submission. Said I didn't make a qualifying fence purchase.

So I now have an expensive fence that is uneven, has posts that are going to rot, and doesn't keep the dog in the yard. All this after several months of headaches. I wish I could just have you take your fence back. I am beyond angry discouraged. My husband and I bought this house knowing we'd be making improvements. This is the first of many projects. We need windows, gutters, kitchen counters and cabinets and several other jobs done. We won't be hiring Lowe's.

I ordered a garage door a little over two weeks ago. Got a call the next day that it was being made in Michigan. Last Sunday, got a call from the installer. He left a message that he had to come measure for a garage door. I was confused because we drove back and forth from my house and Lowe's to answer exact measurement questions. Never were we told they could or would come measure. I left several messages for the installer. He never called back. I called Lowe's to ask what was going on. Was transferred several times and then told I had picked up the door, but I have not done so. Was then told installer had the door, then told he did not.

Went to the store today and was told the door came in and installer has it. Feel it is the case of the missing door. No one has it and no one will call me. Supervisor said Lowe's just sells the install and does not get involved. So I paid for a garage door that appears to be missing and no one will help get to the bottom of it. Installer won't return my calls. Lowe's says they are not involved and the door never goes to Lowe's. Now what? I want a refund, but the contract says I have three days for a refund, but it also says two weeks on the door. I don't have a garage door yet and after reading all these other reviews, I regret ever trusting Lowe's to do the job. I paid Lowe's for the door, not just the install. Supervisor was rude and unhelpful.

Went to our local Lowe's store to purchase new kitchen flooring and needed it to be installed. We were told we would have to pay $45 to get an estimate and that it would be applied to the cost of installation if we decided to have the work done. We had to wait 10 days for the contractor to come measure our floors, we were told we would have the estimate about 24 hours after he was at our house to measure and determine what materials would be needed.

Needless to say, another 4 days later, we still had no estimate, the representative from Lowe's was very nice but did not know what was taking the contractor so long. We told them forget it we will hire someone else that actually has time to do the job and to just give us our $45 back because they were not even able to get us a bid on the job. The next day, they produced a bid, a very overpriced bid. 35-40% higher than the other two bids we got (for free!). I questioned them about the high cost of the job (we were purchasing linoleum?!?!).

The Lowe's representative offered to have us talk to her manager, another 3 days went by (and in the meantime we had another company install the flooring) and the manager apologizes but is adamant that the fee for getting the quote is NON-REFUNDABLE no matter what. Our project was stalled nearly 3 weeks messing around with these people, what a waste of time. That is fine, we are only out the $45 but thank God we had the sense to cut our losses and go with another company.

Fridge started dripping water on shelves and freezer started to overfreeze. Called Lowe's and was transferred to service which scheduled for the following Thursday. Tech came out, had to order parts and we had to wait till that following Monday. Monday comes around, tech comes and replaces something. Leaves and I check fridge and light for the setting at the bottom is no longer on. Run out to catch him and he is gone. Called his company and they tell me he said to wait an hour, it should come back on. Never came on and now the whole fridge is not working. I call Lowe's and basically get the runaround that I have to wait for the 3rd repair and it has to be the same part for the manufacturer to decide if it will be replaced!

We had Lowe's of Paragould, Ar. come in and remodel our kitchen. I say to the contractor that I wanted a kitchen that everyone would come in and say "oh my I wish I had that kitchen", he reassured me I would have it. Well I wish a hundred times I would have kept my old kitchen. I've never been so disappointed with anything in my life as I am with my almost 30,000.00 dollar kitchen. This was started in April and now here it is the end of Sept. And I'm still waiting on knobs for my cabinet doors, nothing lined up with the old cabinet so they put flat boards around the top of my cabinet to cover gaps, then boards on the sides of cabinet to cover areas where they didn't make cabinet wide enough, my lazy suzie is already broke, my garbage bin is not correct and for everything we've pointed out we've got nothing but excuses about why it was done that way.

We've called customer service and a little was done but not enough to make us happy. This has been the worse experience of our life, we have a kitchen that looks like it was thrown up, there's areas where you can see that cabinet are going at a slant, the screws that's holding handles that we do have are so sharp that when doors are shut they're scratching up the cabinets. My one set of doors are so small you can hardly put anything in them, sharp edges of screws that hold cabinets together was not cut down, like I was told they would be. I have black marker that was put on very messy around grooves of cabinets that I'm still working hard to try to get it off, my husband and I ended up having to put our refrigerator in and light up in kitchen cause we kept getting excuses on why they couldn't come out.

Needless to say our dream kitchen turned out to be a nightmare and instead of people walking in and saying "wow", they're pointing out the things they see wrong and saying "sorry, we know where not to go". I can honestly say if I had the money I would have this kitchen ripped out and someone else replace it. After I looked at reviews, which is what I should have done here, had I done that Lowe's would not have done my kitchen. It's sad that the only thing in my kitchen that I'm proud of is my countertops, the glass in my top doors, the light we put up and my new appliances. This was a very expensive lesson learned.

Our Lowe's purchase was the first and last we'll ever make. We purchased Pergo Flooring on 8/9/16 to be installed and the entire process was extremely long and very disappointing. From the date of purchase, in store the Sale Associate did not seem very knowledgeable and was not very friendly. We had to wait an entire week after the flooring came in for the transition/stair molding from the Manufacture. Materials delivered the week on Sept. 5th only to notice they ordered Base molding instead of Quarter round. Called the store that day and spoke to a Janna who assured me she or her manager would call me back. Once again the associate seemed unknowledgeable. Needless to say I never did receive a phone call from either.

Installer arrived Monday 9/12/216. So, not only did he have to deal with the wrong molding he also discovered they ordered the wrong color Transition/Stair molding from the manufacture. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It took 3 days for someone to bring out the quarter round only to find out it's not a color that matches our existing baseboards. Back to the store those go. The Installer offered to go pick up new molding and stain himself. I learned Lowe's does not carry all the materials needed to complete a flooring job. New transition/stair molding was ordered and that took another week. Installer came back out on 9/23/16 to finish the job. He did a good job on the flooring with the exception of where the molding and stair rail meet at the top of our stairs.

We also had quite a few nicks to patch up and paint on our walls. I should also mention we ordered carpeting from Home Depot around the same time we ordered this flooring from Lowe's and we have to push them out 3 or 4 times. Had Home Depot carried this type flooring we most definitely would have gone though them for the entire purchase. So it took 7 weeks from start to finish. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Will never step into a Lowe's again.

I have been a Lowe's customer forever. Just finished my basement and purchased all materials from them. When I purchased paint, I was told that I can apply for rebate online (of course they want your personal info). Did so two months ago and got a confirmation that I will get the rebate in 10 days. That was 45 days ago. Now when I check the status online, it says my info is wrong. The 800 number is a joke. DON'T GET FOOLED BY THEIR REBATE B/S. Will never set foot in the store again.

LOWE'S ROBBED CUSTOMER OF MONEY. Was at store 1510 today 8:20 PM, Trans # **, bought $69 total items. Paid with a few gift cards (Amex and VISA). One of the cards was $3.50. The cashier hit cancelled instead of accept by mistake but slipped the card into the drawer. When she realized the mistake, she called the supervisor over to either take the card out to run it again or credit the total. The "Supervisor" walked over, shrugged her shoulder and said she can't open the drawer to get the card out then walked away. The cashier stood there, didn't know what to do to get me the $3.50 credit. Basically "Sorry but I can't give you YOUR money!"

I simply told her to not worry and just forget about the small amount. However, I am extremely upset with the way it was handled. The Supervisor to the very least should have credited me with the difference or offered me to take something of equivalent value, and apologized for my inconvenience because of a mistake on Lowe's part. You need to train your workers appropriately so that you NEVER should rob your customers outright like that.

This washing machine had to be repaired/serviced in January, March, June, July and September 2016. The initial purchase was made 10/12/2016. I've asked Lowe's to replace the appliance citing the number of repairs within the first year of purchase. Lowe's has adamantly refused to replace the washer stating Samsung would not approve the replacement. As a last resort, I called Samsung's executive office today and explained the situation. Marci the Samsung representative was extremely surprised to hear of my experience and further stated Lowe's is not authorized to make decisions on Samsung's behalf. She then proceeded to look at my account and Marci stated she saw where Lowe's generated work order tickets but they were later closed as completed without any reference of repair.

Marci instructed me to call Lowe's to make a request for the work order tickets to send the documents to Samsung along with a copy of my receipt of purchase. Samsung stated they would like to review the document for possible accommodation of the appliance replacement. I immediately called Lowe's corporate office to request the documents and was informed it would take 48 hours for the documents to be forwarded to Samsung directly. I reminded the Lowe's Associate I requested the documents be sent to my email address. It seems like they are determined to bypass, making sure I would not know what documents were going to be forwarded to Samsung.

I have made it clear to both Samsung and Lowe's of the "Lemon Law" designed to protect consumers from these very issues. The last repair today, 9/21/16 was as a result of the faulty repair done back in July by the last technician. My washer will go out of warranty on 10/12/16. I expect Lowe's is waiting for that to happen to tell me the appliance is out of warranty and there is nothing they can do about it. All I am asking is the washer be replaced due to the apparent faulty machine I got. I purchased a high end appliance and got a piece of junk and paid top $$.

Don't buy appliances from Lowe's. I heard nothing but good things about buying Appliances from Lowe's so that is who I used to buy a fridge, stove, and dishwasher. Everything went well with delivery until the next day I went down stairs and found water. Apparently the fridge water line was not tightened and caused water damage. It has now been a month. It took two weeks for the store to submit the claim. It has been two weeks now in claims and I have yet to hear from the adjuster or his manager despite multiple calls to them. Stick with the local guy for appliances. You know they will have some sort of customer service unlike Lowe's who does not care about the customer.

I hired Lowe's to install an in-wall oven which they performed three months ago. First of all, I was overcharged for the installation. R&R Plumbing, who performed the work, charged me in advance for cabinetry work which was not required. I have yet to get a refund for that. Most importantly, the installer failed to ensure the oven worked prior to their departure on a late Friday afternoon. It was on but I discovered later that it wasn't heating. It has reached 300 degrees one time after nearly TWO HOURS of "preheating". I have contacted the installer, Lowe's Customer Care, and management at the store in Matthews, NC where I purchased the appliance. At this point, even their Central Production Office doesn't know what to do - I've heard them argue with management that so much time has passed, an appliance technician should be sent and not the installer. Really, is Lowe's this paralyzed by its own red tape?

After a minimum of 10 phone calls or visits to the store (which I am now documenting carefully), each time I'm promised that someone will contact me THAT DAY to schedule replacement of the appliance or review the wiring installation. Management at that store has made that promise to me FOUR times. Not once has that happened. I have never received a callback. This began in early August. I have not had a working oven in my home for three months now. I am selling my house and am quickly approaching crossroads with this problem. I can't sell my house without a working oven. So do I yank the oven out and get someone else to put a working oven in? That would certainly require that I sue Lowe's after the fact. If I don't get some resolution by the end of September, Lowe's will have left me no choice.

On June 10,2016 we placed an over $3,000 order with Lowe's for carpet for our new home. On June 17, 2016 we also placed an order for some new hardwood floors. Cost of the hardwood floors over $12,000. Prior to these purchases we had also bought from Lowe's a new stainless steel refrigerator and chest freezer. All together we spent over $20,000 in 2 months. Our carpet was ordered and when we were contacted about the installation, we were told they were going to wait until our hardwood floor was installed. The carpet was for our upstairs and we had to argue with the store that it made no sense to delay.

Our carpet was finally installed at the end of June. We had some damage to an upstairs wall that was not brought to our attention and we had to contact the store. At first we were told that the installers were not liable for any damage and there would be no repairs. After several days, we were contacted by the installation team who sent someone over to repair their damage. Our hardwood floor was finally delivered to the store and then delivered to our house. It was unboxed and placed in our eat in kitchen. It sat there for 10 days. On the first day of installation, it was determined that the wrong flooring was sent, but that Lowe's would eat the cost of having the flooring glued down rather than what we ordered was a click product.

We decided right away that we wanted what we had originally ordered. Lowe's then had the original flooring salesperson contact us to tell us this was a better installation and that Lowe's was being generous in their offer to eat the extra cost. We stuck to our guns and insisted on the original product. Lowe's then would not order the correct product until, at their convenience, they picked up the incorrect product. They picked up the product and ordered the correct flooring. The new flooring came in and again had to sit in our kitchen for 10 days. The catch on the installation was that we were put back in the rotation for waiting for the floor to be installed.

At this point we were ready to pull out of the whole deal. We stuck with the incredibly frustrating process and our new floors were completed on August 29, 2016. In all of this, we never felt like anyone at Lowe's apologized to us and we never felt like we were treated fairly. Early next year we are planning on a kitchen makeover and Lowe's will never get my future business. I work for a customer-focused company and I know we would not be in business if we treated our customers the way Lowe's treated us. We also contacted Lowe's corporate office about our experience and they promptly sent the complaint to the store where the assistant Manager was rude to my husband when he said, well all those complaints just come back to us. There ought to be a better system for handling customer complaints... kind of like letting the wolf guard the hen house.

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