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I lost my job due to my department being laid off. I made payments to my loan as I went along whenever I could. Right before August 14th 2016 I made a payment with a rep who assured me this would clear me for the month. My mom also made a full payment as a birthday gift to me. The day before my birthday I woke up to go to work and found out they had repossessed my car and towed it to a different state several hours away. I sorted everything out after hours of waiting on hold, calling, and waiting for call backs. However when I went to pick up my car I found out the driver ripped my front bumper off.

I called only to get the run around for weeks then finally spoke to the manager Advanced Financial Services Towing in Sayresville NJ. When I did he got defensive, called me out of my name and told me to have an attorney call before he hung up on me. My attorney called and he refused to take his call. I called AmeriCredit (GM) about what had happened and they refused to offer me any assistance. Although we have bank statements to prove payments were made they refuse to admit my vehicle was wrongfully repossessed. So now we have repo on credit and my insurance USAA has to pay for the damages done to my vehicle.

On May 12, 2016 GM repossessed the vehicle. The Tow Company driver used trickery to obtain the car and snatched the keys out of the car, while the other driver got into the driver's seat. As I was on the phone with customer service at GM, trying to rectify the situation, the tow truck driver pretended like he was waiting for the outcome of my conversation with customer service at GM, then suddenly without warning drove off, while the other tow truck driver, (whom is uninsured driver of my vehicle) drove away in my car. Not once did the tow truck allow me to ascertain my belongings left in the car. The only thing in the car was paperwork that was very personal, confidential, and important, i.e. Death Certificate, banking information, and other personal paperwork. They are charging me $15.00 per day from the storage on my papers.

The Tow Company said that it would have been no charge if I picked up my car there. However, because it was sent off to the auction then I would need to pay $430.00 to get my paperwork back. The many times I called GM Financial I was told to speak to someone in the Reinstatement Department and which you can only leave a voice mail message. After failed attempts to get information about my car, so I tried to access the account online, which I was blocked. I then called Customer Service again to request detailed payment and transaction on the account and the Customer Services Dept Supervisor that I spoke to told me that since I am not the account holder for the car loan, I can't get any information and I need to be my husband's Estate Administrator in order to get account details regarding loan payments made.

I explained to them that he did not have an estate and I asked to be directed to the Legal Department and they told me they did not have that information. When I finally spoke to someone in the Reinstatement Department, the representative engaged in a conversation about personal matters. I felt it was unethical and unwarranted. All reputable companies must follow some sort of code of conduct by employees and use standard business practices, which you are not to discuss with the customers personal matters. Especially, if it is not relevant to the business being conducted. I was outraged, embarrassed and humiliated by GM Financial Customer Service Department employees. GM Financial said the only way I could get the car back was to pay the entire balance owed.

I stated over the phone to your employee that I want the car back and didn't want to lose all the money my husband had put into it and had already paid GM Financial about $31,000.00. I had no choice but to use my saving in order to get the car back. Here are the following required from me in order to get back the car: Pay off entire balance in the form of either a cashier check or money order; Payment then needed to be to be cleared and updated on account; Release letter sent to Tow Company and/or Auction Company; Policies required by Tow Company and/or Auction Company, i.e. notarized form and over a 100 miles away from my home; Release from Police Department, fee involved; Property returned to me that was left in vehicle, Tow Company charge over $450 for just my documents.

I never heard of anyone being able to get a money order in amounts over $500.00 and a cashier check from the bank is as good as cash, so the process of clearing payment makes no sense and is just a way of making further delays and fees accrued. After the several days it took to just pay off the car, I needed to know when I would receive the title and the name that the title will be in, and where it will be mailed. I was told by GM employee that, they would put my husband's name on the title and it would be mailed to the address on file for the account. Clearly, this is a problem. My husband is dead, and therefore does live at the address you have on file.

After all calls and messages that I made about the paying off the car, the procedures required by me by GM Company in order for me to get the car back, the car was still transferred to sell at the auction. I did not allow any lapse of time for GM Company to believe that I would not be paying off the car, and therefore, it was unnecessary for the car to go to the auction! I feel that your GM Financial did not follow the Business Code and Practice laws, conducted unethical business practices to me. In addition, I believe that GM Financial performed predatory lending to my late husband.

Nevertheless, I am requesting the following: A detailed and itemized statement of all fees, charges, interest and balances owed; A receipt of payment that I made for $12,021.33; The Title of Vehicle mailed to my address and transferred into my name, which by California Law you are required to do, when provided the proper documentation; I want any fees, incorrect interest charged, or towing fee charge all that have occurred due to your unreasonable policies and procedures to be waived and refunded; Any over payment that I have made returned to me in a form of cashier check; The release of my paperwork from your tow company returned to me without charge.

It is now 9/15/2016 I still have not received a response to my letter requesting the above items, or have I receive the title. I have been told that the title was mailed to me twice and now I have to go to website portal that you can request the title for your car for a fee. Just greed, and something needs to be done for this company to stop conducting business in this unscrupulous manner.

Found out car they financed had been totaled. Went back to dealership with concerns. They repoed car two weeks later, auction car off, now garnishing for 12,000.00, don't know what they got at auction. They are real low and dirty, would not recommended anyone deal with them. How can you file something like that and lie to a person saying you contacted them cause it was a charge off and you still want 12,000.00 and then you say all mail was returned but you found them to garnish them. All lies, car was found to have had a duplicate title applied for so my ins. co. said the only reason for that was it had been totaled and they had to drop it!!!

They repossessed the car, sold it at an auction for a profit, underclaimed their profit from the car sale, and overstated how much I still owed them when they finally cancelled my debt and filed a 1099-C form. IRS now fines me for not claiming this cancellation of debt and counts it as an income when I do not gain anything from a cancellation of debt. Americredit made a profit and lies about it.

I have a car Ford Fusion and had it since 2014 and they repossessed it June 19, 2016 late evening. I'm only late for 2 months and I did payment arrangement before this incident in the amount of $629 with them but they want it to post the payment on June 30 plus a service charge of $10.00. So, in order to avoid the service fee of $10, I went ahead and paid thru my bank electronic on post dated date of 6/30/2016. I sent the e-mail to Dana ** with the confirmation but this is what she said in the email. "Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, bank bill payments are mailed to us and would not be received in the time frame required. We would need to post-date a payment over the phone for the 30th to resolve the current actions on the account."

It was so frustrating 'coz they don't have good customer service, sometimes when you call you get from Philippines or India or somewhere but not US. This lady never call me. I asked for a manager above her to contact me. Then the next thing they did was repossessed the car. I did explained to them that I'm the only one earning in the family and have to stretch my budget in paying my bills.

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Traded my 07 FJ Cruiser for a brand new 16 Camry. Payment and interest is high but I was able to get a brand new car with no issues plus a 0 down. Other than that bank and experience is so-so. Planning on refinancing a few months down the line. One thing about financing through a crappy high interest bank is that they make you pay your interest upfront first before you even touch your principal. If you want to pay more on your principal loan, you have to call them and tell them you're putting it on your "principal loan" and not the interest. That's why after so many years of paying you still have so much left still on the balance. Do your research before you go on here complaining about a company to begin with. Do good on your payment and refinance with a different bank at a lower interest later down the line.

I bought a car in 2004. The car was registered as a 1999 Chevy in Oregon and I remember that the dealership I purchased the car from that they would register it. I called the Oregon DMV and they confirmed this info. I had them send me proof of this registration. About 6 months after owning the car I ran into a situation where I couldn't afford the car anymore. I called the dealership and returned the car. The person at the dealership told me that since I made every payment up until then I wouldn't be responsible for anything after that, which makes sense. I returned the car to the dealership.

In 2014, I got a notice from the IRS stating that I filed my taxes wrong and that I owed $1,396. After a lot of research I found out that Americredit reported to the IRS that they gave me a "gift" and reduced the amount I owe. I was really confused by all this so I called them and found out that they still have on record that I've owned this car since 2004. Another weird thing was that their records indicate that I owned a 2004 Chevy Malibu. I have NEVER bought a brand new car. I then asked them what address that they have on file. They told me that they have an address that I lived at over 10 years ago.

I asked them why they were the worse collection agency in history. If I owe someone money they have the magical ability to find me no matter where I live, get my current phone number (even though I never give it out and it's not on public records). I confronted the agent about the difference and she couldn't explain why the information was correct. I had them send me the contract, and yes I do agree that my signature is on it, but the information on the contract is wrong. I gave them my updated contact information and I still have yet to get a phone call, billing statement, or anything from them regarding my delinquency.

I also asked them why I would still owe this because I returned the car to the dealership after only 6 mo. They said that they were never told about that, and according to their records I still owned the car. I also checked my credit report. Nothing. There are no loans, car loans, or any company called Americredit or GM Financial. They are basically ruining my life and I have to refile my 2013 taxes and I cannot file my 2015 taxes because of this. If I file my 2015 taxes the IRS is going to take away my refund because according to them I owe money for 2013 taxes. Plus I never got a tax form from them stating that they were giving me this credit.

I'm stuck and now I need to also file bankruptcy and put them on there even though there is no record of me owing this money. These people are crooks in the worst way. All the research that I've done has led me to find out that they do this kind of thing all the time to people. These people may or may not actually have loans with them but it causes a lot of people to owe money to the IRS because they decided to give this "gift". Also Americredit didn't send this info to the IRS until June of 2014. How on God's green Earth am I supposed to know that I got this "gift" if my taxes are due by April 15. My words of advice, if you get documentation from Americredit that they bought your loan, REFINANCE immediately. This company needs to go out of business. Their business practices are not legal.

We I dealt with this company, they were called Americredit. I had one payment left on my car. I had made all payments on time. The mail got the payment to them only a couple of days late. Next thing I know, they are repossessing my car. Luckily a neighbor told me what was going on. I ran to my car but the repo guy wouldn't even let me get out my Grandson's car seat out of the car as this was the only transportation for me, my daughter and grandson. They also tried to cash the payment I sent, but since the payment was still processing, I put a stop payment on the check. They are evil people. So I had to catch the bus to work a whole year until I was able to make a down payment on a new car.

I have been a customer for 4 years. Fell behind on my payments due to hardship. Made arrangements to pay and asked for help to get me current. I was 2 months behind so I made a payment of 300.00 and would make another one in 2 weeks and they accepted it. Well my normal payments is 344.00 so I was 44.00 short. Well a week later they repossessed my car. I call and they said "you were short 44.00." So they took my car my only means of transportation. Now they want me to come up with 1,341.00 to get my car back. This company is freaking crazy. Oh and they want cash. Don't you think if I had the cash I would have made my payment. I really think they are a said name of a company and I sure hope they get what is coming to them. We are hardworking people and fell on hard times and they should not accepted my 300.00 dollars if they were going to repo my car.

My first car lease experience was with GM Financial as I leased a 2013 Chevy Traverse. We got a payoff amount over a year ago so we could qualify for a home loan. The payoff amount was sent. I had automatic withdrawal payments monthly prior to the payoff amount and was never late. Now my lease comes to an end and I get a bill for the last months payment. First they stated it looks like the "dealership made a mistake." They would contact the dealership and get back to me "on Monday."

After no return follow up over a week later as promised and long times on hold.. they tell me I owe the payment because from 'what they could tell' I missed a payment back in February 2015. I got the payoff amount in January and sent just that... No less. No one ever apologized or cared if I was satisfied with GM. I definitely would not recommend them. Not to mention I was quoted a car purchase price of approximately $16,000 at the time I paid off the remaining lease payments and now the purchase price changed to $19,600.

BUYER BEWARE! GM Financial gets a 1 only because 0 isn't an option. I recently leased my first car at a GM dealership through GM Financial. After getting the monthly payments down to where I wanted them to be I agreed to sign. What no one bothered to tell me is that the monthly payment they show you is not the monthly payment you will be making.

IN MY CASE MY MONTHLY PAYMENTS ARE $50 MORE THAN I AGREED TO. The front of the lease states in Section 13, "The total amount you will pay for official and license fees, registration, title and taxes of the term of your Lease, whether included in your scheduled payments or assessed others: $981.41". Then I got a surprise bill for over $688 on top of that. Upon calling GM Financial they claim the bill was for property taxes even though the contract clearly doesn't state that they aren't already included in the $981.41. They then pointed to fine print buried on the back of the contract that said I was responsible for property taxes. I asked why that wasn't included in the estimate on the front of the contract and got no answer.

Perhaps the most disturbing part is that they blamed me for not knowing that I would be deceived. That I should have known that what I was told wasn't true and I should've asked. They then told me I should take it up with my local tax collector. Stay away from GM Financial and perhaps GM in general. They will do anything to close a deal even if it means deceiving a buyer.

I just took out a lease with GM Financial for a new car (car dealership selected for me). I waited to receive payment information in the mail, as I wanted to set up automatic payments as soon as possible so I wouldn't have to worry about missing a payment. I set up my auto pay as soon as I received the information to do so. I've never missed a payment in my life, but logged on to my account last night, and to my surprise saw "Payment Past Due!" in bright red text.

I obviously started panicking... I thought my first payment would be automatically withdrawn from my bank account. I never received an email or phone call that I missed a payment and now I'm technically 20 days late! I just did a one-time payment using Western Union, but now I'm very upset and worried about my credit score and the interest on my loan. I guess I thought it would be common sense for a business to send a communication to their customers as soon as a payment is missed. I'm really hoping they will "forgive" this incident for me, as it was my first payment and I've never been late paying any of my bills - ever. Ugh. Not cool.

I took out a car loan with Americredit in 2002. The car was repossessed after I got laid off in 2003. The IRS just notified me I owed them money because Americredit 1099 me. Today I get a letter from State of Alabama wanting an additional 300.00 because of Americredit. I didn't even live in Alabama when that loan was taken out in 2002. I didn't move to Alabama until 2008.

I have had my auto loan through Americredit (GM Financial) since October of 2014. They have been a pleasure to do business with. I fell behind once during the past and they were quick to work with me to get me right back on track. Couldn't be happier.

I now have been sent a notice by the IRS that I owe tax on an unpaid debt, which they call income. I was never notified by this company of this. Lost my job, house, and car in 2009. In 2013 owe the tax on a car repossessed 5 years ago.

So I purchased a car from them in 8/2015. Gave me $1500.00 down and payments were $369.00 a month, I became ill and started falling behind. Almost lost my house. Now I'm trying to make arrangements with them since I will be receiving a refund in the next week or 2 and they keep just telling me "We can't wait, we need it today!" The agent is out actively looking for your vehicle and it hasn't even been 90 days past due. I'm not sure what the rules are but I don't think they can repo that soon... Can they? Regardless if they can or not I will never deal with them again. I had a bank that worked with me for a year before when I was 20 years old and never once said anything about repoing.

Years ago, I was not very financially healthy. I needed to purchase a reliable vehicle. The dealership approved me for a loan under terrible terms. I had no choice! I did as asked. It was not always pretty and on time, but I finally paid off my loan that was financed with GM financial. There was a few late fees, call here and there from their collections dept, sometimes a partial payment. Bottom line, it has been paid off!! So, where is my cars title or pink slip? I have not moved! They have my address. I know they do because they use to send me monthly bills. My mailman seems solid, my mail box has a lock, no one else gets the mail but me.

Hmmm. I have called GM financial close to ten times since the loan has been paid off. I am entitled to the title, right? I keep getting the runaround! Bs after bs from their phone representatives. "It is in the mail! Your title was mailed in October!" November's story? "Oh, sir. It was mailed nov 10th!" Let me ask, is it being mailed from the MOON??? There has to be a law or some sort of legal action I could pursue? This is bs! That company preys on ones who slipped financially. And can't provide what they should. If I screwed up, they would repo the car, right? Play fair GM financial! How would you feel in my shoes? What if I was the bank and I held your cars title hostage after you paid the loan off? Very Shady!

I paid my loan off weeks ago and have yet to receive my title. I was told 14 days, 14 days later I was told it would be another 14 days. To expedite, I sent a fax as proof of payment, it was denied. NEVER GET A LOAN FROM GM FINANCIAL!!! THE WORST!

This is the worst company ever to do business with. Will not help a family in need of assistance. There is no type of hardship help so if you ever come across hard times expect for your vehicle to be repossessed. Please do not do business with this company.

After visiting a local dealership, I was informed that GM Financial, also known as Americredit had approved my loan. Three weeks later, I was contacted by the dealership that the car had to be returned because the loan fell through. Supposedly, the check stubs I provided were fraudulent. What made them determine the check stubs were fraudulent? The numbers didn't add up.

So in other words, they spoke with my supervisor, whose company is listed and the phone number has been on its site for YEARS, and they still said the stubs were not correct. Not only that, they forwarded an employment verification form to her, which was not legible, with my signature. I never signed it. It was a copy and paste situation on THEIR behalf. Before this company decides it wants to tarnish a person's name, it needs to make sure their facts are in order. An owner of a company is NOT going to stick their necks by providing false information to a finance company for one of its employees.

I called AmeriCredit/GM Financial. They are crooks. If I had known who they were never would have finance the car.. Called if I wanted the car, lot of good that did. They refuse to work with me after calling two supervisors. Never never use this company..

We were happy to get the car. We had even with a high rate of interest. When we purchased the car, we didn't realize the depreciation on the car would grow at a higher rate than the principle would drop. 5 years into a 7-year loan we still owe 70% of the loan amount, which is twice the value of the car. The car is now a total loss. Everyone asks if we had "GAP Insurance". I've never heard of GAP insurance. When I talked to someone at GM I asked why GAP insurance wasn't a requirement on these high-interest loans. He said they couldn't require it. Nonsense, they require collision. Why not make GAP a requirement if you know that most of your clients will be upside down on their loans?

Each phone call to them ends in frustration. They are slow to give answers. They are slow to send payoff requests. Even though it is the "loss mitigation" department, they will not discuss cash settlement offers until the loan has been in default for 12 months. I had another department tell me there was no record of us having any conversations with them since the wreck, which is not true. We have been approved for a new loan at a much, much lower rate by more than one lender. They need to know the resolution on this loan. They all say the same thing. GM Financial is a nightmare to work with.

I have no clue how you are allowed to finance a car to someone at a 200% above the market value. I bought a 2011 Audi A4 from Clay Cooley Nissan and it was financed through Americredit. The finance guy did some fraudulent things when coming up with the payment options, so now when I go to trade in the car owe 15,000 more than what the car is worth! WTF and let's not talk about the payments I have at $600 a month. I was told when I got the car that I would be able to refinance through Americredit but yeah that isn't true. Even though the guy at the dealership did some fraudulent things, they still will not help me get from under the crazy high payments or get from under all the negative equity in this car. I will NEVER EVER buy a car from them... To make matters worse, I'm stuck with a 12.5% interest rate when I just got approved for a 1.65% interest rate through my credit union.

Bought a car in January of 2012, had automatic payments taken out of my bank account for over a year and a half. The car was about 6000.00, just a second car to get to work. I moved to New York, fell behind on payments. They shut off my car while I was at work. They turned it back on long enough to get the car home the next day. I start sending them 300-500 every other week to get caught up. Three months go by they say I'm still not caught up. I told them "I'm not paying another dime on this car, you are ** me over." Lo and behold after they repossessed the car a year and a half ago, I get a letter in the mail. I have a bank judgement against me for 6621.06. Really now? My checks are garnished every week between 60 and 100.00, how fair is this!!! Stay away total crooks!!!

I went to a car dealership in Lithia Springs, GA back in March 2015 to see if I could get a car. To my surprise I received an approval from GM Financial aka Americredit. The down payment was out the a** but I went ahead being that I needed a vehicle for work, doctor's appointments and etc. I've been paying them on time with no problems at all until I left one job for a better paying job (my mistake) which caused me to fall behind. I've now missed a payment and I spoke with a representative about changing my payment date but was told I couldn't because I needed to make a payment first. She asked if I wanted to make the payment an automatic draft and I said no being that I didn't have all the funds going to an account that they accepted. I kept sending them whatever money I could being that I have other bills and now I've finally made up one month worth of payments but now in all they're saying I owe over $1200 for payment and late fees.

I lost my insurance coverage on the car but recently got a new insurance company which was cheaper than what the dealership gave me to begin with. And as I woke this morning which is Sunday Sept. 20, 2015, around 8:15 am my car was parked in the rear of my apartment complex like normal but when I was getting ready to leave to go to the ER for an allergic reaction, my car was gone and that was 3 hrs after I first saw it outside. And I've tried calling GM Financial to see where the car is located since my personal items are in the car but to no avail. I can't contact them since it's Sunday and they're closed. Now I have no way to work being that I work nights and public transportation stops at 12 midnight and my children have no way to the doctor's office tomorrow since they have pink eyes and can't return to school.

I bought a 2013 Kia Soul brand new, credit was not so good but at the dealers was told I got 10% interest, papers even showed that. Forward to 2015 I lost my job, called them immediately to see if they would work with me. They said as long as I paid something I would be Ok. Next thing I know my credit report shows me 60 days past due with them, I call as I am not late on current month and they tell me they bill a month ahead. I'm like "you can't report me late for a month that hasn't even got here yet?" I went to another bank to see if I could refinance my loan for a lower rate and found out that my rate was 16% not 10. Somehow they changed the paperwork after I left the dealer, and I never questioned it. They are horrible and a bunch of crooks.

GMFinancial. What a crock. Wife was recently laid of. We immediately called and asked them for a deferred payment for a month because we knew things were about to go downhill quickly. They absolutely refused to work with us. We have never missed a car payment ever, not even a day late. Only reason we got stuck with a company like this with poor interest rates was because of some major medical debt we incurred several years ago. Now they call and threaten to repo the car.

Payment is later now but never has been 30 days late, even with no groceries in the house and the electricity close to being shut off. We have worked too hard to let our credit take another hit so we are doing everything we can to keep the account current. I would give anything to have been able to wait a few more years and gotten a loan from a reputable lender for a car for our family. But live and learn I guess. STAY AWAY from them. We have been approved to refinance through other lenders, but because of the high interest are so upside down we can't get out. We are stuck.

This company approved us for a car then came back and said I have to turn it in because I can't afford it. Who the hell are you to tell me I can't afford? I do have other income. I was at the dumb dealership for 8 hours. Why the hell would you let me leave with the car then say 3 1/2 weeks later we have to return it? It's just awful. Not to mention I have a disabled daughter who can't open and close a normal car door. So when we got the van she was so happy that all she had to do is push a button to open and close her own door and the van sat lower so she could get in and out with no problems. I wouldn't recommend anyone ever using this company - just plain awful or go to Hunter Subaru they are just as bad as AmeriCredit. I guess that's why they work together.

I contacted GM Financial in reference to request a refinance or restructure my current auto loan based on my decline in my income status. GM advised me that they didn't do refinancing for the vehicle loans. I attempted to apply for refinancing of my auto loan with banks and credit unions but I was being denied approval based on my low credit score. I contacted GM Financial to speak with a manager or supervisor, but the end result was still the same. My last end result is to voluntarily give up the vehicle, but I have to find another vehicle that is more less in value as well as lower in payments.

Well, I had a car financed through them in 2006, lost my job. Car repoed in 2008, just received letter from IRS say I owe almost $3000 because of income reported by Americrooks on my 2013 return. Needless to say, I have not received the 1099c. I was supposed to receive to file with my taxes to avoid this. I have never owed the IRS money. I am livid.