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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

My account was frozen on July 13th suddenly because of non compliance. I received some forms that need to be filled out because of suspicious activity in my account and I did and facsimiled to them. It suddenly my account was frozen because they missed two pages of the forms. They asked for more letter from my providers and I got the letters sent to them and they said that I am not in compliance because may be of bank policy.

I asked the rep to explain what is the suspicious activity on my account and said, "I do not know." If I got the letter of suspicious activity and what is it I asked and he keep saying, "I do not know." Then I was very mad because I had to speak with someone that does not know what was doing. I asked the rep to unfreeze my account and said, "We can not." I told the rep, "If you do not know the reason my account was frozen then unfreeze it" and keep saying that he can not unfreeze and my account need to be closed and I was advised to visit the branch to close my account and get my money.

Two days later I called again to check if they can check for me if all the processing transaction were or not and I was by that rep that my account is already active again. But spending too much time opening a new account and sending the request to change bank account number with all my providers and payroll. Some understand how frustrating to go over the time and trying to get solved everything in order to keep running my small business. Someone can tell me what to do. My account is a business account and I had a lot ACH withdrawals now big trouble with my providers. I had to open a new account because can not stop business because of bank account. I will have to pay fees with my providers because they were not able to charge from my bank account because was frozen. Finally, a letter got from the mail that the forms was missing two pages two days after account is frozen. Very bad experience. Need advice.

I have been with this crooked and sorry excuse for a bank for longer than I'm willing to admit. Unfortunately they were the closest option at the time of my starting a checking and savings account with them. What a regretful mistake on my part. I had signed up for overdraft protection and never see where it works at all. Money down the drain. Earlier today I had deposited a check from the college I attend which is a check for unused semester tuition. It was for around $2000.00 and upon depositing it via the bank's app, I got a notice that not only will this check not be available until 7-20-16 (5 days from today), but that also I get another notice stating that my deposit has been placed on hold and that the bank has taken $200.00 of this check due to past maintenance and overdraft fees THAT HAVE ALREADY LONG BEEN PAID and along with that, I HAVE overdraft protection so therefore how can they legally charge me for overdrafts???

Of course, none of the imbecile accountants can ever give a straight and honest answer. When the bank is at fault and when they get rude with customers, they ALWAYS make it the customer's fault. If you do not have an account with Bank of America, please do not ever get one with them. They are a group of sleazy cheats and crooks. I did some research on them and these people don't even pay taxes and they use pay outs using Swiss bank accounts that they own, not to mention the multi-million dollar tax bailouts they've been in years passed.

UPDATED ON 07/21/2016: I wrote a complaint about how crooked BOA is being a couple of days ago and today I'm posting this update and hope that anyone reading this will get out of BOA as soon as possibly able, and if you don't have an account with them, then do yourself a favor: AVOID THEM. First off, every place of business has its pros and cons, as well as employees that bring shame and a bad reputation upon the company. But after doing a lot of online research on my own, the amount of damning articles and evidence against BOA dropped my jaw because it is worse than I originally had realized.

But first, the update: On 7-16-2016 (Saturday) I deposited a tuition stipend check of $1935.00 into my BOA checking account via the banks mobile app. I received a notice via their bank app that the processing of that check would be complete and deposited into my checking account on 7-20-2016 (Wednesday), which is today. Well, it wasn't deposited. Also, on 7-19-2016 (Tuesday), which was yesterday (today is 7-20-2016), BOA deposited $200.00 into my checking account. I spent $100.00 of that $200.00.

SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW $100 FROM $200 PUTS ME --$137.00 in the hole?? Yes, I spent $100 of that $200.... but when going over my transaction history yesterday and today, there is no record of me spending anything more than the $100.00 that I spent! Oh, there's more..... So today I FINALLY got a real person on the phone when I called their (worthless) customer service number. A "Beth" answers the phone and I explained my two reasons for calling today: my undeposited tuition stipend check, and also how BOA obviously stole $137.00 from me on Tuesday (7-19-2016).

Here it is: "Beth" went on and on about why my check wasn't deposited today as was told me on the banks mobile app. She tells me that now it won't be available until NEXT WEEK on 7-26-2016 (a Tuesday). She said they are awaiting confirmation to receive those funds (my $1935.00) from the bank that my college banks with. Ok, ok, wait a minute: I'm a customer with BOA with an active checking AND savings account and you are telling me that you, BOA, cannot cash/deposit my check out of YOUR billions of dollars (a good bit of which they accumulated by fraud and theft)?? How and why is it my problem, and why do I or anyone for that matter, have to wait on this other bank?? WTF?!

Well, the climax of this nightmare (so far) is when I asked about the $137.00 that is gone from my checking account that I did not spend, "BETH" kept changing the subject, apparently not wanting to discuss BOA's DIRTY DEED! She seemed to know every reason why my $1935.00 was late on deposit and went on and on about that, but when asked to explain and refund my $137.00 that the piece of ** bank that she represents stole from my checking account, she kept redirecting the conversation back to the $1935.00 of which she already made CRYSTAL CLEAR and I TOLD HER 3 TIMES that I understand that. Clearly, she knows that her sorry bank (Bank of America) stole $137.00 from my checking account. That explains why she kept changing the subject because she knew she had no evidence or justification to clear BOA's name.

And lastly, I know very well that there is more to the reason as to why it will have taken two weeks (7-16-2016, Saturday thru 7-26-2016, Tuesday) to deposit my $1935.00 into my checking account. The bank has that money and doesn't want to give it up. I hate and don't want or like to take anyone to court for a lawsuit because it's a stressful hassle. But Bank of America deserves it. Why they haven't been put under as of years ago is a baffling mystery to me. Google "Lawsuits filed against Bank of America". There are MANY articles about BOA's fraudulent activities over the past years. Again, if you do not have an account of any type with Bank of America, then please don't ever get one. And if you already do have an account or two with Bank of America, avoid all future trouble from them by getting out of there ASAP.

Here's my problem: I make a deposit at B of A ATM, and it says a certain amount is available NOW for use. Then when I try and access it, the card is declined for suspected fraudulent activity, even though the account is not frozen and there is no record of fraud according to B of A, only normal deposits. This has happened twice in 4 weeks! I just switched to B of A because my husband banks there and I liked the idea of both of our checking accounts being linked to the same savings account because they have a "keep the change" program which deposits the change from your transactions into the savings account. He never seemed to have a problem with them, but me? I'm ready to leave and I JUST BECAME A CUSTOMER ABOUT A MONTH AGO.

Despite having plenty of money in my account they have already inconvenienced and/or embarrassed me twice already for "suspected fraudulent activity" when all I was trying to do was use my own money that I deposited, which the deposit ATM receipt said was available. Here's what I do not understand: How in the world does this institution know me and my spending habits well after only a month to place a block on my debit card not once, but TWICE now. And both times just so happen to be on the same day I deposited my paycheck. So I make my deposit and the machine spits out a receipt telling me my available balance, BUT WAIT! There I am, sitting in a nice restaurant, wanting to treat my husband to dinner and the waiter tells me my card doesn't work. So I go to an ATM to withdraw cash. Yet somehow, only 1 and a half hours after making a deposit, my account has been restricted for "suspected fraud".

On another occasion, it was the middle of the night and I tried to withdraw cash and got the same result. The only transaction that seems to trigger a "suspected fraud" restriction is a DEPOSIT. Call me paranoid but this seems like a clear attempt to hold onto MY money as long as possible for... what? Interest? I don't know, and I don't care. But I wonder how many women out there who have B of A felt like they had to put out because they couldn't pay for their share of their meal on a date. AND DIDN'T WANT TO! I'm just grateful I am married and my husband knows very well I have the money and wasn't trying to get out of paying. Even so, how humiliating. I hate this bank. Oh and the best part? I called them while writing this review and I'm still on hold an hour later. The first time I was on hold for almost 2 hours.

So to sum it up, I just want to thank Bank of America for ruining date night with my husband who I barely get to see due to our conflicting work schedules. I'd like to say more, but I fear my word choices would make this un-publishable. Conclusion: just got off the phone with "Melissa" from Arkansas. She said she is unable to unlock my account even though I was able to verify my information. Funny, because the first time this happened, the rep was able to unlock my account just fine. They have just lost my business AND my husband's.

VERY, VERY, VERY RUDE. I was on hold for 36.23 minutes. Finally I get ahold of someone & my work phone rings. I ask if he can hold. The rude ass says "yes" but then hangs up in less than a second. Very frustrating with this people. I held for almost for 37 minutes and you can't hold for less than 1 minute.

The Bank of America customer service phone service is the worst I have ever experienced. The phone wait times are staggering. I've been trying for two hours to contact a real person. Nothing. It is truly a bank that does not give a crap about their customers. If I could give zero stars, I would. They deserve it.

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Today, I went to Bank of America in order to make an important wire transfer. There were multiple errors in the information written (words and account number). The agent asked me to confirm the wire transfer but knew nothing about the transfers when I asked about the currency that will be received by the beneficiary. She simply shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know." Advice to customers: Be extremely detailed when you are asked to review the information. Advice to BofA: Evaluate your staff's knowledge on the services they sell on your behalf or hire me to do a better job.

When I opened the account I opted out for overdraft protection because I didn't want them to pay things at their discretion and charge me for it. Simply, if the money isn't there don't allow the transaction to go through. However they have done the opposite and charged me $35 on five occasions in the last month and a half. I have called and argued with them several times and each time they promise it won't be done again but then they do it again and still charge me. $175 toward overdraft fees that on each occasion my bills could have been paid a couple days late. I have asked my account to be shut down and I will never open an account with them again! I recommend you don't either. They are scam artists.

Money was deducted without my consent and gave me an excuse that software did it by itself, so "it's not our fault". When I suggested to close down my account, all they were interested to get their due, cleared and canceled my account without resolving my problem. Bank of America is a big name. I wished they had resolved my issue before closing down my account and didn't have to make a technological lie. Probably that foolish supervisor is not aware that everyone is tech.aware nowadays.

My experience with Bank of America has been very bad. Have an account with Factoria branch in Bellevue and whenever I have to go for some work, first you meet a lady who is VP there Darshana **. I would say she is highly arrogant and doesn't talk to the customers politely. Today I asked for a simple bank verification letter and she was not even in a mood to listen my requirement. She is saying it's kind of notary work and I can go to UPS. Why the hell UPS will stamp it when my letter requires bank stamp and signature. How the UPS will verify my bank account. As per her whole bank branch does not have a single stamp to stamp on my photograph. When I shouted then she brought one stamp with just Bank of America tag and the address. But still she didn't sign on the document. Now this document without signatures is of no use and who will sign on this document when I have an account with Bank of America in US.

Earlier I went for notarization, then also this lady said now "we don't do notarization." Fair enough, I went to UPS and got it done. Now coming to charges, I went for getting cashier check of USD26 and they said charges would be 10$. What the hell? 10$ charges for 26$ cashier check. Once I gave USD 10000 check to my friend and he went to one of the branch to encash it. The branch manager said to him that as he doesn't have an account with this branch so they can't give him 10000$. Is 10K amount so high that bank like BOA won't have to give it to the customer? With these kind of experiences I am certainly going to switch the account with some other bank. They have really disappointed me every time.

I have been with a Bank of America for years now. I am loyal customer and have had nothing but unsatisfied history with them. Overdraft fees are ridiculous. They're like a highway robbery. You get a $2 overdraft charge you $35. The amount of money they get for you overdrafted is ridiculous. I got two overdraft fees in a row that $70 -2X accounts because of a $10 transaction they wouldn't refund. It didn't do anything to help me. I'm very unsatisfied customer and I would not suggest anybody banking with Bank of America without overdraft protection of some sort because they will take your money.

I recently opened up my own business and I am not rich so when they take my money I feel it. They don't care about the consumer. They care about getting their fees and it's just not right. I'm going to close my account and believe me when I go every other account that I have with Bank of America will go too including my husband and his business account. They just lost four cows with this one idiot decision I decided to make.

BoA blocked our accounts without notice alleging that we are laundering money and that they have to do a review. We had to fill in forms and submit. When we spoke with an agent we were told that if we used their services for money transfers to our foreign vendors this would not happen. We use Tempus in Washington, D.C. and were told by them that this happens on a regular basis to their customers with BoA accounts. For a week we were unable to access our money, deposit money or do anything else. Without informing us they cancelled our business debit cards which we found out on a Saturday. This is ripe for a class action suit.

So I have a Amazon Prime membership that is charged to my account every month. Since I've been a customer with Bank of America for 8 years, I know that a overdraft fee doesn't occur until day 5. Well recently they must have changed the policy because I was assessed a $35 overdraft fee (ridiculous way for them to make extra money off of their customers) on day 2. So I called in and spoke to a representative who wasn't willing to help me with the fee, and then spoke to a supervisor who acted like she couldn't do anything about the fee. I recently had my mother start a business account there which brings in between $6000-$10000 dollars a month. Let's just say when I close my account with Bank of America I will be taking my mom's account with me. Thanks Bank of America for losing a extremely loyal customer of 8 years behind your greed!

Having been a long time customer, from Colonel Bank to Bank of Boston now Bank of America... Fees for under $1,500 in checking...I think your $12.00 fee is very expensive and excessive! That's how you lose customers! The low amount was over $850.00. Not a happy customer!

B of A Bank Lemmon Dr Reno NV. The bank's customer service has a lot of work. I've called corporate office on this store branch. I find myself traveling future from home so not to deal with this branch. My deposit's always questioned. I deposit lots of coins, my money should not be questioned. I earn the money the way I get paid ed is my choice. If I deposit coins 3 or 4 times a week this is my choice. The B OF A on Lemmon Dr Reno is the only one making a big deal, as for some of the tellers the customer service is very very poor. Today I spoke bank manager to fix this problem. If you want great customer service drive to branch on Virginia St. Reno, customer service great. I've advised this bank manager I can just move my banking elsewhere. California's Bank also great customer service. Tellers don't even look like they care when you complain about them. Banks should make sure they hire works who care, there's a lot of people out there that need jobs.

Bank of America is the worst. I have a direct deposit going into my account and they still continue charging me a maintenance fee. Their customer service representatives are extremely rude. I will be closing all my accounts soon.

The whole process was disgusting and appalling. There was a lack of accurate information from them, obtaining fees for an appraisal that they said would be returned if the loan was not approved. No communication to emails sent by me to them. No information regarding the status of the application. No answer to the request for the appraisal fee.

Credit card fraud! Customer service sucks. 30 min wait then transfer because the previous attendant transferred to wrong department. Happened every time I called. Signed up for 0% intro on purchases for 12-15 whatever months. 4 months into acct find out I signed up for 0% on balance transfers only with a 21% interest on purchases!!! They profited $100 off of me before I cut card and transferred to Chase Slate which offers 0% on purchases & balance transfers for 15 months then a 13% on purchases after intro period. Not that I would use that but 13% ain't bad.

I won't cut this card but leave it for emergency use after intro period! Furthermore BOA has late fees!! $35! Omg (this should be illegal to charge that much) plus they also penalize your 0% intro rate if you are late on even 1 day of 1 monthly payment and your 0% intro rate is now whatever they want it to be. Apparently other institutions do this. It should be illegal. Citibank has no late fees ever and encourages auto pay minimum monthly unless you wanna pay more. I love Citibank Simplicity card. Wish I could qualify for another one! Chase Slate is good and will do better for me than BOA ever will.

I had a 15 yr boat loan. 13 years ago I had work issues and BofA offered me a 2-month extension to help out. Now that the loan has matured they are looking for $4,500 dollars extra. I am told that the 2-month extension has been accumulating interest for 13 yrs. My statements never showed that I was accumulating this. If I had been told this 10 yrs ago I could have put an end to it. BofA of course never tells its customers this either. If anybody knows what I can do I would appreciate it. This is so unethical and very shady business practice. I will never do any business with this ripoff company again.

So I deposited $4,000 cash and have a deposit slip. This morning my BOA account is overdrawn. They processed it as a withdraw. BOA admits their mistake but won't fix my account immediately. They tell me they will call and update me of the status by 5:00... That's customer service at it's best. Now I have to fight to get them to acknowledge MY money and I can't access my funds. Shame on you BOA. Why can't customers charge you a very large fee when you screw with people? This is not the 1st time BOA has made a mistake with me. Each time they take their time and make excuses. It's time to take our money out of these big institutions that treat people so horribly. I have been a 20+ year customer!

I have been a BofA customer for over a decade. I deposited 3 checks into an ATM. Two went thru and 1 didn't. I called to file a claim and it takes 10 additional days to even have them offer a partial credit on the amount deposited. It takes 3 days just to get someone to go to the ATM and "find" the check, and what another 8 days for them to "hold" my money for some additional reason? Would not recommend using BofA. Better off with a local credit union.

I have had bank of america for about a year now. Every single check I deposit with them they put in my account then take it out on a hold. I have waiting 2 months for them to cash one of my checks. Literally the worst bank in America. Do not ever sign up there.

I made a deposit and B of A showed funds available and failed to put certain charges into account. B of A improperly imposed 3 overdraft fees. I made a deposit and the account reflected funds available and B of A changed the order of the withdrawals and failed to withdraw charges and failed to reverse an improper charge and refuses to remove 3 overdraft charges.

My name is Charles and would like to carefully explain and describe a deceptive and fraudulent way Bank of America is charging overdraft fee. First of is explain their policies. An ACH payment/charge on a customer's account that overdraws a customer's account, the customer has until 8 pm (close of business), to bring that account into positive standing or that customer would be charged overdraft. Fair enough, even though not the best of policies.

With their policies explained... on 06-10-16 (Friday) my accounts closed the day with a positive balance of $3 after a check was paid out close of business day. Next day 06-11-16 (Saturday) 3 different transactions hit my account amounting to $78, (according to bank policies I'll be charge overdraft if I do not bring that account to positive standing 8 pm Monday. I transferred $200 into my account over the weekend to bring account to positive. That would be smart thing to do to avoid overdraft. My transfer was processing (over the weekend), posted on the account 06-13-16.

I called their customer care service to express my dissatisfaction, explained their policies to them before I complained which they agreed and none could give me a good reason why I was charged overdraft after I funded my account, even one representative was going to refund but mentioned the system would not let him do it. This is clearly a fraudulent systematic way the bank is using to charge people/customers overdraft fee and I would like to put this out there so someone or the government can put them to check.

Had a customer buy an $11,000 car from me and go to Bank of America and get an $11,000 cashier's check. 2 days later, my bank calls me and tells me that Bank of America refused to honor their own cashier's check. The car has now been taken far out of town and they have a title signed over to them. Bank of America CROOKS have cost me $11,000 and will be getting SUED BIG TIME!

On March 2016 I requested a credit card increase and was given it. After using the card for travel expenses, I received a notification that my credit limit was being decreased. The card was reduced giving me a balance left of only $380 which maxed out my credit card. They told me that I was late on payments on an account which is set up for automatic payments. The only option given to me to apply for a credit line increase again, only to be informed that it was denied for (get this) for my credit card which was too close to its limit! Unbelievable. I will be closing out this account as soon as possible and NEVER conducting business with Bank of America again.

There's nothing I can say here that hasn't already been said. My extremely negative experience with this bank is the same as everyone else's. What's important to know is that Bank of America has flexible policies only when it works to their advantage. In other words, the bank continuously makes arbitrary, on-the-spot decisions that work the system so that they can maximize how much money they can squeeze out of you. This includes changing policies about bank fees without notifying their customers, and adjusting the dates/times when they finalize transactions so that you, the customer, lose money, and they benefit. This bank is everything that's wrong with our country's financial system. You would be doing yourself a disservice by banking with them. I would recommend your local credit union instead.

I wanted to let someone know why I closed my account today and opened a new account with BOK. I was at the hospital this morning with my mother when I asked my husband to go and deposit cash in my bank account before I had to pay overdraft fees. He was met by the most outrageously rude manager, ** located at 3480 S. Blvd., Edmond, OK 73013.

My husband told her he wanted to deposit cash in his wife's account but he didn't know my whole account #. She said she could not deposit any cash unless he knew my account number. He told her he knew the last four digits of the account and asked her if she could please look it up by the name. She raised her voice and said she could not help him any further. When he began to ask why she needed the account # and that his wife was at the hospital with her mother and was not able to give him the account #, she looked over him and motioned to the other customer in line and said "next!" Totally dismissing my husband as if his business was irrelevant.

I therefore closed my account and went where employees treat their customers with courtesy. True, I had forgotten about the automatic withdrawal that I set up on my account and that was the reason I had my husband hurry to deposit cash. I tried to avoid a late fee but to my dismay because he was not allowed to deposit they were able to hit me with an overdraft fee! Crooks! Amazingly crooked!

I have a joint account with my son who is in college. Every month I deposit funds into this account for his living expenses. This month, I deposited a check drawn on another bank for $1600 on June 1st. This check was debited from my other bank on June 2nd. On June 4th, I received a message from Bank of America that my account balance was low. When I looked at the statement online, I saw that the $1600 had been credited to my account on the 2nd, but then debited from the account on June 4th because a hold had been put on this check--AFTER THE MONEY HAD BEEN SENT BY MY OTHER BANK. I called and was told that the hold was placed on the check because Bank of America had not received verification of the check and that the funds would not be available until June 10th. I was also told that this was a matter for the risk department, which wasn't open on weekends.

I called back this morning and even though the risk department was open, was given the same reason for the hold and the same date for the release of funds, which is seriously problematic. It appears to me that no human was even checking to see if the funds had already been received--rather they were fixed on the lack of verification. Nor did anyone look at the account to see that checks of this size and from the same bank had been deposited every month over the past year. If I can't get this resolved asap, then I will need to come up with the cash so I can make a second deposit while waiting for Bank of America to figure out they didn't need verification because the funds had already been transferred. I understand that monitoring is important, but when things go awry one ought to be able to speak with a live person to resolve the problem!

I opened a BofA account because my current credit union basically broke my Google Wallet/Android Pay setup by issuing me a new EMV card. Come to find out if I thought that was a problem I would soon find out what real problems where when began banking with BofA. Below are the several negative experiences broken down by subject that contributed to me laving in such a short period.

Android Pay: You can imagine my excitement when I get my new supported BofA debit card and load it to my Google Wallet and Android Pay account. Well, their system was configured incorrectly. It wanted to text my home phone to verify my identity before adding the card. The other option was to call them, so I did, a foreign call center agent asked me a few multiple choice government record questions like "Which of the following companies have you worded for A) ACME Corp. B) Widgets Inc. C) XYZ Company or D) none of the above" and then told me my virtual wallet card was activated. The next day when I went to use it it was not working, so I removed it in Android Pay and kept tying to re-add it, not till a week after I had removed my home phone from my account entirely could I get android pay to work.

Checks: BofA sends you a "welcome kit" when you sign up with one check, a "direct deposit authorization ticket" with the typical jargon about direct deposit and your routing number, and a deposit slip. To buy their own brand of checks is $25 more expensive than any other financial institution I've used.

In fact my credit union will not charge you for their own check design at all. They did not charge you for the checks immediately and instead the first time my routing number was used for an ACH transaction. In this case it was my first paycheck that tripped the ACH trigger which would have been fine but they processed the checks before my paycheck causing an overdraft.

Unwanted advertising: About a week after opening my account, after already calling for support from Android Pay and configuring my communication preferences in mobile banking and unchecking the box that says "call me with promotions", as I'm starting work for the day, I get a call from someone in a foreign call center welcoming me to BofA and wanting to go over the features of my account. I told them I did not appreciate the call and that I was busy and hung up almost immediately.

Anti-Fraud: While I was glad to see BofA using modern security measures like EMV on the cards, mobile deposit ready checks, and 2 factor authentication on online banking, their real-time anti-fraud monitoring department, if there is one, needs the most improvement. On my first paycheck to come in I spend 1/3 of it on items off Amazon and get a text, not a call from them saying they shut off my debit card due to "suspicious activity".

If I'm a brand new customer of yours, how is my activity suspicious? I get the text around 8PM local time, don't see it till 10PM local time, call the number, wait on hold an hour, no one answers. Finally go to bed at 11PM. The following morning, call in, get someone in 15 min, but could no hear them and was making comments to let them know I was there like "Hello, hello, I can't hear you." I then heard a brief "Yeah" before I get disconnected. Third times a charm right? Wrong. I sat on hold for another hour.

Customer Service: As you can tell at his point every time I have to deal with these people by phone, it's a nightmare. After that long night on hold I decided I had enough and went down to my local branch to close out my accounts. I went in, waited in line, told the teller I could not get a hold of the fraud department and wanted to close my account and go back to my credit union. She did not apologize for my inconvenience and instead sent me over to her manager who was only concerned about closing out the account, and never once asked what the problem was or tired to fix the business relationship. From all of the experiences I had over my month with BofA and backing out halfway through a transition between two banks, I have only one conclusion and that is BofA does no care about their customers at all.

I incurred NSF charges when my merchant services debited my account. I questioned nsf charges due to merchant services charges overdrawing account because I was double charged bank charges when my account was overdrawn because of bank charges. The representative stated that she could not reverse charges because of prior reversal due to lost check. Prior request should have been granted hands down because a business check became lost in the mail yet the representative stated that if I had a "Business Advantage" account, NSF charges could be reversed. I reminded her that I had such an account but because of grief in getting unwarranted stop payment charges reversed, I dropped business advantage for seeing no advantage to business in paying extra and having to fight off unwarranted bank charges.

The operator refused to reverse charges stating I should call merchant services to inquire into getting them to reverse charges. Merchant services stated this is a common tactic of Bank of America to deflect responsibility. I strongly object to employees lying to customers as being less than professional. It appears as though the bank hires people off the street without any people skills and questionable ethics. Merchant services had no authority to reverse charges when they had none as 3rd party provider. I have little respect for these "displaced workers" who belong behind the counter at a fast food restaurant and not at the other end of a telephone where you would expect a qualified professional.

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  • Services: The banks services span general banking, credit cards, loans and investment products. Their services cater to individuals and business customers.
  • Convenient locations: Bank of America’s global reach serves 47 million consumers and small businesses with 4,700 financial centers and 16,000 ATMs.
  • Financing options: The Bank of America loan products includes mortgage, refinancing, home equity, auto, business and more.
  • Credit card products: Bank of America has a suite of credit card choices including cash rewards, travel, low interest rate, small business and cards designed to repair damaged credit.
  • Banking services: In addition to the standard checking and savings accounts the company has offerings for students, online and mobile banking customers.
  • Investment and insurance offerings: The company offers a variety of wealth management opportunities to help customers save for their children’s college or their own retirement. Bank of America also offers insurance products.
  • Financial education: Bank of America is committed to helping its customers understand their finances and provides resources on budgeting and financial planning on its website.
  • Mobile banking: Bank of America's mobile app gives customers 24/7 account access with fingerprint sign-in. Consumers can deposit checks, receive mobile alerts, receive cash back deals and more.
  • Best for Bank of America offers suitable banking products for all consumers.

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