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I have been a member of Bank of America for a while. I went into a banking facility and made a deposit. I was told there would be a 5 day hold which was fine. On the 5th day my funds were not available so I called them. I was advised that there was an additional hold placed on the account. I was never called or emailed about the EXTRA hold placed on my account. I was basically told "oh well deal with it". I'm closing my account ASAP.

Today the debit card I have been using for months gets declined. They say we have no record I ever was issued this card. The one they list as active was deactivated months ago. They say I must get a new card issued even though there really is no reason other than they can't input the card info that mysteriously disappeared. That takes time. So I must miss work to get a temporary debit card. I Go to a local bank... it doesn't open til 10 so apparently you're supposed to take time off work to bank there. I go to another bank, this one opened at 9 and I am told... "Sorry we ran out of temporary debit cards yesterday." WHATTT??? I hold multiple accounts with substantial amounts of money. I am seriously close to closing all accounts. I withdrew money but if my card doesn't come within 24 hours I will move all my banking. How is BOA going to be trusted with people's money when they don't know what they are doing?

I am noticing a new pattern of them holding deposits without notice or warning. Checks from the same employer for 2 years are now suddenly being held for at least 10 days with no explanation or vague excuses like "well there's been low balances before so...." What??? Since when is that a reason to hold the money for 10 days?? You got the money from the payer instantly but chose to hold it instead of giving it to me?? And now with my direct deposit from the state for child support, they deposited it on 10/12 but you chose to keep it and not release it until 10/14. As a matter of fact, it still says "processing". Why are you HOLDING MY MONEY??? IT'S MINE! NOT YOURS! You are NOT ENTITLED to it! I have 10 accounts with you but at this point, I'm ready to start shopping around for a new bank/credit union. I don't need your games.

I opened an account for my daughter who is a college student. She has been struggling keeping the minimum balance and has been paying 5.00 monthly service fees that she does not have. After this has been going on for some time I contacted the bank and they told me to withdraw the money in her savings and just keep the checking. Upon doing so the next month they charged her with another fee so her account was -5.00. I was outraged and asked to speak to a supervisor and they informed me that the account fee of 5.00 needed to be paid to close out the account. This is ridiculous that a bank of this size would fight over 5.00 and not have the common courtesy to waive the fee for a student. I highly recommend not doing business with this type of corporation. Customer satisfaction is not their main priority.

I set up my account with no overdraft protection and got hit with an overdraft fee. Tried to mobile deposit a check and it wouldn't read. The nearest BoA is 50 minutes away. Got hit with a second overdraft fee, and they won't override the fee.

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I want to give no stars, 0, but it doesn't allow this option. I've been banking with these stupid fools (Bank of America) since 2004 and I use my debit card online a lot. Every time I use my card for a online transaction, the transaction approved and funds are taken out/deducted from the balance at that moment from my account. Here an example, I had $.43 in my account and I made a $320 deposit and I used $80 from two transactions with one being $50 and the other $30. Simple math that puts me at $140. Went to bed, woke up, saw a $237.50 wire that came in and thinking I have $377.50. But no, only $266 is in my account!

Called banking center and they told me “There are transactions you made last week. Just hit your account (posted).” I was shocked because at the time of each transaction made and approved, the amount of the funds are deducted from my account. Why in hell will it gets hit to my account again?! For the past 1.5-2 years now I had this issue with them. I have to call every first week of the month for this issue. All they tell me is they have to control when the merchant collects the money. Well why the ** you take the balance off my account the day I spent it?! Then don't take anything out. To me all I care is the funds get deducted, I paid for it! Bank of America is the only bank I have this issue with. I do it have his with Wells Fargo, Patelco, Chase. Only these crooks! Don't bank here!!!

I received an email telling me I need to update my information. I sent an email to their fraud department asking if it was a valid email. NO ONE EVER RESPONDED. Yesterday, I made a purchase on Amazon and my payment was declined. I called Bank of America to see what was wrong and was told there was a wait time of over an hour. They called me back telling me I need to update my information. Sierra told me she would transfer me to "that department". She comes back on the phone a few minutes later and tells me "Apparently that department is closed on Saturdays". YOU WORK THERE AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT??

So now I have to call when I'm at work, wait an hour for a returned call and hope I'm available to take the call? Are you kidding me?? Thanks Bank of America. You don't have any problems taking my payments, but to update my info to unfreeze my account, you make it as difficult as you can for your customers. If you're thinking about doing business with Bank of America, DON'T DO IT!

I have banked with Bank of America for years and at first it was pleasant but the service has since gone downhill. I was charged fees for things I shouldn't have been and it was like pulling teeth to get the money back if I did at all. Additionally, upon calling customer service my wait time was an average of 40 mins to an hour before I could finally get on the phone with someone who then would either transfer me to someone else or hang up or give me the runaround. And the service at the branch is even worse, you'll be ignored and skipped over for an hour, even when you make an appointment. They then closed my account due to some fraud unbeknownst to me and sent a flag out through consumer reporting agencies flagging me as a risk. I sent the information off for review and to clear my name over a month ago and am still fighting with them to clear this up, even though they received the information nearly a month ago.

Because of this, all of my accounts are closed or closing and I can't bank anywhere. I can't even get a prepaid card and will be continuing to fight this for at least 30-45 business days because that's how long a review takes, even though it takes no time to flag me as a security risk even though I'm not guilty and have the documentation to back that up. They never informed me that I would also need to contact another agency for them to remove this negative information and clear my name, which will take an additional 30-45 business days. This bank only cares about $$$ not human beings and the heads of the bank should be in jail for defrauding millions of customers. I will never use this bank for anything and I really hate it. I hope no one else ever uses this bank again either.

I signed up for credit card processing with a Clover provided by Bank of America Merchant Services. I was told that I could use the gfe machine for inventory, taxes etc. I was not told that this was an additional charge to the already exorbitant monthly fee. It took months of emails before they agreed to cancel. In the meantime, they sent me an additional processor which I did not need and promptly returned. I also returned the original machine on termination of the contract. Three months later they charged my account 531.75 with no notice. When I called to complain, they claimed to have not received the terminal. No interim calls or letters. Since I could only produce one tracking slip, they will not remove the charge even tho there has been absolutely no activity on either terminal. They are basically claiming theft and refusing to refund.

BANK of AMERICA was sent via certified mail a notice of dispute on January 26, 2016, a second notice to validate and verify the allege debt was sent in May of 2016, and a third notice to validate and verify an allege debt was sent in July 2016. Pursuant FDCPA cease desist all collection activities pending validation and verification of alleged debt owed. Instead of Bank of America abiding and complying with federal regulations they have taken legal actions by contracting with Shapiro, Dicaro, and Barak and have conspired fraud upon I and the courts by filing forged documents, falsified records, counterfeit security instruments, and demanding payment for an alleged debt I do not owe. Bank of America does not have legal standing and they have admitted to me the allege debt was never recorded and is unrecordable.

I received a letter last week from the bank, stating that they were changing their preferred rewards program - by doubling the amount of money required to be kept in the account from 10K to 20K to avoid a $25 monthly fee. They also said in writing that there would be a 2 month grace period. I immediately went online and cancelled my enrollment in the program. The very next day, there was a $25 fee withdrawn from my account by the bank. It turns out they have changed the naming of how they link accounts without notifying customers that they will have to contact the bank and 'link' the savings and checking accounts that up until then have been treated as if they are linked - i.e. the total amount of money in both accounts was used to calculate the 10K minimum.

Bank of America is perfectly aware of what they are doing. If this type of behavior is not illegal - changing internal definitions, not informing the customer, and then charging them fees for not knowing - at least it is a cheap scam - not unlike the recent Wells Fargo scam. They immediately refunded the fee when confronted, all the while taking no responsibility.

Client since 2004, I have a several accounts with Bank of America. I bought houses cash deals all money are paid from my account. Now the bank is became a theft and fraud bank, because for no reason the taking fees from my account, call customer service and try to correct the theft fees answer is: the bank now allow customer service to refund fees anymore. I will closed my account as soon as possible.

I am seriously getting tired of Bank of America locking my debit card every single month and several times per month whenever I try to use my debit card. It happens way more than it should be then I am required to call 1.877.833.5617 press 1 for English, then press 1 to unlock my card which doesn't work. It transfers me, I get silence at the end and then the call ends. I try it several times over. I log in to my BOA account online to see if I can unlock it there, no I have to call the number. Great! So I press a bunch of buttons when I call again. Keep asking for customer service, they require me to pick a topic. I keep pressing 0, then it finally says transferring call. Then I sit on the phone for 2 hours and get no response.

So this whole time I am trying to purchase food to eat, clothes, toiletries, you know every day things we need in life which I can not do because my money is locked up in the bank that I can not reach. So I spend 8 to 10 hours trying to unlock my money and being miserable the whole time. They act like it's my fault when I finally am able to get a hold of someone and only course is to get in my car go down to the bank stand in line for another 20 to 30 mins then be directed to wait in the lobby for the "specialist."

I tell them happens way too much and is getting very tiresome and affecting my quality of life. Please stop it. They come off as, stop doing unusual activity. I then apologize for go to the atm and trying to withdraw money so I can purchase things I need. I am just about to cut this bank loose. It is tiresome to have to switch banks and have my direct deposit for Veteran Affairs transfer to another Bank but I am getting sick and tired of being treated like this. I am on the verge of opening a civil case about this. The customer service is awful on the phone. IT is nearly impossible to get a live person to talk to. I am on the phone right now trying to get a hold of someone who can unlock my card so I can purchase items I need. It has been 1 hour and 30 mins now.

I waited for a teller at the bank to withdraw the money and was asked to go back and stand. By the time I picked up my belongings she again said "go back and stand, I am not ready for you." I understood and she still mentioned. I told her "I do understand English, and my hearing is perfect, I heard you the first time only". Then she just left and started mumbling something. She has done this before as well (about a year ago), and I had stopped going to this location because of the attitude of this bank teller.

I mentioned to her the same thing. I am a dissatisfied customer, I live across the street in Warwick Condominium, but I stopped coming to this bank location, although my 20 year old friend is a manager in that bank. The person at that moment took an official discrimination report (filing a complaint). He said somebody will call me from the bank. It's been two months. Nobody from Bank of America called, apologized or even bothered. Now I will seek legal advice.

I was recently traveling to Europe and I need immediate cash for an emergency. I called up the Bank of America customer service and told them that I needed cash immediately and please activate my Debit card/ATM card for travel so that I can withdraw money. I was told that I would be able to do so and I should visit Deutsche bank ATM for the same because they have a collaboration with them and I won't be charged for extra bank fees. After hanging up the call, I received an email stating that my Credit card was activated instead for travel. I thought, it might be a mistake in communication and I tried my Debit card to withdraw money anyways. But, I could not withdraw money and my card was declined at a Deutsche bank ATM. The local staff at the Deutsche bank refused to help me and asked me to contact BOA again. I tried calling them again but I could not reach them. I was put on hold for 30 minutes.

As I was calling a US number from outside the country, I had to spend 40 Euros on the call which I was on hold for. I did not get any response. I had to then call AMEX and they came out to my rescue by adding my BOA checking account to my AMEX gold card so that I could withdraw money using their Express cash service. AMEX was very quick and responsive and they saved me from a difficult situation in a foreign country. I don't know how to reach out to BOA executives because the regular customer service is not going to take heed of this situation. I demand a compensation from them for the harassment they caused me in a foreign country and the monetary loss I had to face by wasting my time and money on an international call. I have been their customer since 2011 and this is what I get in return.

I have been with Bank of America for over 26 years back when they were Fleet Bank. I have a checking, savings, 2 kid's savings and a credit card. I also HAD a 800 FICO score but thanks to one incident with Bank of America it dropped to 670 OVERNIGHT! I hadn't used the credit card in almost a year so I only checked the account every other month. A fraudulent charge was put on my card that I obviously did not know about and the payment was a week late. They INSTANTLY reported it to ALL 3 credit reporting agencies dropping the score that I worked so hard for.

I first paid the charge AND THE LATE FEE then called them. I was transferred to someone who told me to call the number associated with the fraudulent charge, which I did and the charge was taken off. I then called back Bank of America to have them take the negative report off of my credit and they REFUSED because "I called the disputes department and not the fraud department!!!!" WHAT?!!? I didn't even know who I was talking to or what the difference is!! I immediately closed the credit card and have since closed all of my other accounts! By the way, in regards to their lousy interest rates, 0.01%, I have opened new savings accounts and am receiving 75 times that rate with NO minimum balance!!

Went to their office to cash a check, they wanted to charge me $8.00 to do so. I refused and took the check to a check cashing business where I paid just $3.00. Very ridiculous fees for B of Am.

I have been with Bank of America for many years - almost 30. They are getting so bad, I am changing banks! There is always a long line inside and never more than 2 tellers! The management team are totally useless! There's plenty of staff at the desk to open new accounts, but not to help an existing customers with transactions! Then they put in the virtual tellers - YAY. At the beginning it was great. Now, a few months later, again there are never any virtual tellers available or you can't deposit any checks as it is full! THIS BANK HAS GONE DOWNHILL over the years! HORRIBLE! They ask you to do surveys & feedback all the time but it doesn't matter - Nothing Changes! Horrible!!

An hour long attempt to order Check Registers. Branch locations no longer stock and distribute subject item. I contacted the BOA customer service hotline. Put on hold for close to 30 minutes. When human picked up he was rude, informed me that that item was not available, and offered no alternative. I called customer service line again and received assistance from a very concerned rep. She sent me to another person that finally fulfilled my request. The item I needed is not available online. An hour of my time. I have three checking accounts and a small savings account with BOA plus a car loan. A really lousy company to do business with.

I have had the worst experience with Bank of America. They find any possible way to make money by charging accounts with their "maintenance fees", "overdraft fees", "ATM fees", ETC. They charge overdraft fees after they ALLOW charges to be made to my account. If you are going to charge me overdraft fees, at least provide a service that helps me, your paying customer, stay away from additional fees. If an account is negative, why does your system charge a maintenance fee? Why does it continue to charge overdraft fees? The account clearly doesn't have the funds; why not decline the charges? I feel Bank of America doesn't CARE about its customers; Bank of America cares about getting richer by putting others in debt. I was not employed at the moment and had just moved into a new city. My situation was difficult and Bank of America managed to make it financially worse. I deactivated my account immediately.

Stay away from Bank of America. Something very weird has happen to my bank account with Bank of America. When I went to log in to my account I noticed that my Bank ID and my security code were already present in those little boxes where you sign in, so I pressed "Log in" and I was in. I thought that it was something to do with my computer, maybe my computer was saving it, I don't know, and they claim to have so much security, I was not worried. I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and right after I was there, I got a notice in the mail from the Bank telling me that my available balance was 00. Somebody emptied my account.

I tried calling the bank and got a recording telling me that I had to call back again during business hours, looking in to my account details I found a number that said, "If you are the victim of fraud, call this number '1.800.933.6262", and again I got a recording telling me that I had to call during business hours. I manage to change my Bank ID, but was not able to change my pass code on line. I imagine that if you are being robbed, that they will have an emergency number to call, and that a live person will answer to stop the transaction, but they don't and this is an outrage!! I live in California, and they took the money out in Tucson AZ.

One time I went to Reno to buy a car, and Bank of America in Reno won't give me the money to put the down payment, even after showing them my ID and using my bank card pass code. They said that the sum was too big and because of security reasons, they make me drive back to California to get the money. I took a check issued to my partner to the Bank of America on Powell St. In San Francisco, and tried to deposit the check in to my account with my partner present, and he had ID, but the tellers there won't accept the deposit, and because of security reasons told me that my partner had to take the check and cash it at his bank and then give me the money. Things like this and you cannot report an emergency when you are being robbed? This is an outrage!! Stay away from Bank of America!! Thank you.

Bank of America is the easiest Bank ever. Every time I have issues with my business, or if I deposit a check is clear the next day, if I do a dispute are very easy to work with. The customer service very professional. Been in travel business. I had several different problems with clients, credit card payment, etc. and every time Bank of America resolve that issue for me in a prompt way. It is very easy to do business with. I love it!

I spent over a half-hour trying to reach a "real" agent at BOA's 800 number (to no avail), and another 45 minutes or so contacting local banks in search of a notary on a Saturday. I called the Dunnellon, FL office to ensure there was a notary there before driving as I would have to travel far to get there. The woman who answered was very "snotty", calling me "honey" and asking me my bank account number and name prior to telling me if they could notarize something for me. She looked me up on the computer (I could hear her search) and then told me, "The person who does this is too busy." BOTTOM LINE: I am not a WEALTHY customer. I am sure she saw my puny account and decided that on a Saturday, they wouldn't bother to put themselves out. THIS WAS HER SNOTTY attitude that I gathered this from. I had even said to her, "Please beg her, I really need to have something notarized."

I have been a customer of this company for 20 or 30 years...I started with CBT in CT way back when and Fleet took them over, then BOA in maybe the 80's or 90's. They have always been hard to access by phone and very snotty when you go in as if these "CLERKS" think they are working for the King of England or something. Bottom line, I wasted two complete hours of my time today trying to find a BOA that could notarize something for me and the only thing I got out it was complete frustration.

I am a working person and I have no hours during the week to make it to the bank during their open times. I will be changing jobs soon (my checks are wired into BOA), and when that happens, I will not longer utilize this bank. I will be switching after all these years. Being open for three more hours (after my call) and refusing me service was inexcusable. If a bank cannot accommodate a customer for something so simple when someone lets them know how important it is to them, and all the time I wasted on the phone calling both locally and to their 800 number, they are simply not conducting business to a customer's satisfaction. Inciting blood pressure to rise is not a business I care to associate with.

A month ago I tried to pay my credit card bill on-line, and BA refused service, even though my account held far more dollars. I finally transferred money to a different bank account and paid bill. Today I tried to DEPOSIT money into my account via previously set up electronic transfer, and bounced again!??!!!! Local BA office tried to intervene with BA Corp. but couldn't get through to their own headquarters!!! Online services and support at BA is totally useless. BA is no longer a credible banking service. I'm glad I dumped all my BA stock. Bye-bye BA, hello Suntrust.

Second time this happened. 9/7/16 - Credit card payment, handed in cash with the credit card to apply. Teller applied cash to wrong card – a corporate card that I was given by my boss for his business. So now the payment was applied to a business credit card and NOT applied to my credit card. OK, someone at the bank made a mistake. It happens. But BOA correction:

PROBLEM: We are on business day 6 and the error has not been corrected. I'm told I now have to wait another weekend until Monday again! I have spoken to TWO BOA branch managers who have been given no different answers than I was given and they've passively accepted those answers without escalation. WHEN A TELLER GAVE MY HUSBAND AN EXTRA $20, THAT WAS CORRECTED OVERNIGHT!!! So, my problem is not with the mistake. It is with the correction process.

I am tired of the big bank BOA not caring about the regular customer. Had this been a hundreds of thousands of dollars error on a business account, I'm confident it would be corrected quickly. So, all set with BOA – not that they'll care, but I'll be moving my little ordinary customer business to a credit union – smaller, more customer care and much less frustration. They've actually been asking why we don't have all of our business with them. I'm sure they'll be happy and will take good care.

I applied for a checking account online and was approved. When my card came in the mail I went online and tried to activate it and I called but to make a long story short the account I got approved for a few days prior to attempting to activate my card I was told by customer service word for word..... Customer Service: "when you applied for your account you agreed to our terms and services which states Bank of America can close any account without warning or explanation." Me: So does that mean I can't use Bank of America? Customer Service: "No you cannot use your account and we have chosen not to give you a reason why." Me: *angrily hangs up phone.*

Now as a hard working man there should be no reason that I can't have an explanation of why an account that I HADN'T EVEN ACTIVATED YET was "closed for reasons we refuse to tell you." I will take my money elsewhere and I will not recommend this BANK to ANYONE & I wish they could go out of business, that's how rude and nonchalant they were with me considering the fact that they approved me, sent me a card, and then when I go to activate the card turn around and say I can't use it and "we won't tell you why" when I call to see the problem.... low class trash.

They robbed me with their ridiculous overdraft fee. Updating the available balance in real time for a transfer received so that it is available to use and when I use it they post the transfer on later Date after posting the debit transactions first, which Ultimately leads to ridiculous overdraft fee. And the worst part is - when I contacted the customer service & even when I went into the bank the answer is the same. I tried to refund it and the decision came out denied. When I asked the manager who made the decision she replied "its a software tool designed to make these kind of decisions and no one can override it."

I have been trying to get in touch with claims department of Bank of America for a week. Someone found a check that I apparently lost, and they cashed it. The check was addressed to another party, it had my name on the check. The amount of the check was $525.45. The check was not endorsed. My account not only was overdrawn, I was charged an overdraft fee for a forged, well not forged, because the check was not endorsed, fraudulent check.

I go to the branch and the only 2 representatives are a new employee, and a gentleman of Polish descent whose only assistance was to dial the number for me to the claims department where I was on hold for 20 minutes. I live next door to the bank so I told him that I would go home and be on hold there. I was on hold for 3 hours, I took a nap and called back and was on hold for another 3 hours. I was promised a reimbursement in 3-5 days. That was September 6, and it is now September 15th.

I have yet to reach anyone at the claims phone number, and they don't have any employees at the bank that either, have the experience to help me, or the SOP. Can you tell me who I can contact to get this situation resolved? I have looked at all of the different options listed on the BofA website that take you around and around and around and you wind up here. Right where you started. Now when I call the automated number I can never get a representative without screaming into the phone over the robo-person. When I get the representative, I am put on hold.

Updated on 09/20/2016: My previous review was about a fraudulent check that was cashed. I have been dealing with this situation since September 6, 2016. A claim was filed on my behalf, and I was finally able to speak to an actual person after being on hold for only one hour, which is pretty good considering I have been held on hold for up to six hours. I spoke with a representative and I explained to her that while they are investigating my claim, there is no money in my account.

I spoke to a young woman on Sept 15, 2015 and explained that I was concerned about my rent check that would have been cashed had the fraudulent check had not been cashed. The representative said I would have money in 24-48 hours. It is now Sept 19, 2016. No money. I have never been late with my rent payment. I think money was put in my account because I am now -100.00 in my checking account and -5.00 in my savings account. I really don't know what to expect on my payday which is direct deposit. I am afraid to see pay day arrive.

My husband deposit check to the Bank of America. Check was clear. We saw check clear. We used that money to pay bill. We have 3 day after the bank hold the check!! All the check bounce and we get hit with fee with all the bill and credit we paid. Happen to us 2 time. That unfair for customer. I don't understand and why that happen. How bank can do that to customer. Not only fee from the bill! The bank charge us the fee also. I will never use Bank of America again but I won't happen to another people!!!

A Longtime customer with excellent credit who always paid on time has a Home Mortgage and a loan on an RV through BOA. Due to the sudden death of this customer's spouse, they need to sell the RV. The selling price will not cover the loan, so they want to do the right thing. Take out a line of credit against their home equity to pay their debt. What does BOA do? Denied!!! So there is no way for this customer to get the title to sell it and pay off the loan. You give them no choice! Now instead of a paid off loan you will have a default on the loan and the keys to an RV. The stupidity that went into this decision is everything that is wrong with the banking industry. Shame on you!

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