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I waited for a teller at the bank to withdraw the money and was asked to go back and stand. By the time I picked up my belongings she again said "go back and stand, I am not ready for you." I understood and she still mentioned. I told her "I do understand English, and my hearing is perfect, I heard you the first time only". Then she just left and started mumbling something. She has done this before as well (about a year ago), and I had stopped going to this location because of the attitude of this bank teller.

I mentioned to her the same thing. I am a dissatisfied customer, I live across the street in Warwick Condominium, but I stopped coming to this bank location, although my 20 year old friend is a manager in that bank. The person at that moment took an official discrimination report (filing a complaint). He said somebody will call me from the bank. It's been two months. Nobody from Bank of America called, apologized or even bothered. Now I will seek legal advice.

I was recently traveling to Europe and I need immediate cash for an emergency. I called up the Bank of America customer service and told them that I needed cash immediately and please activate my Debit card/ATM card for travel so that I can withdraw money. I was told that I would be able to do so and I should visit Deutsche bank ATM for the same because they have a collaboration with them and I won't be charged for extra bank fees. After hanging up the call, I received an email stating that my Credit card was activated instead for travel. I thought, it might be a mistake in communication and I tried my Debit card to withdraw money anyways. But, I could not withdraw money and my card was declined at a Deutsche bank ATM. The local staff at the Deutsche bank refused to help me and asked me to contact BOA again. I tried calling them again but I could not reach them. I was put on hold for 30 minutes.

As I was calling a US number from outside the country, I had to spend 40 Euros on the call which I was on hold for. I did not get any response. I had to then call AMEX and they came out to my rescue by adding my BOA checking account to my AMEX gold card so that I could withdraw money using their Express cash service. AMEX was very quick and responsive and they saved me from a difficult situation in a foreign country. I don't know how to reach out to BOA executives because the regular customer service is not going to take heed of this situation. I demand a compensation from them for the harassment they caused me in a foreign country and the monetary loss I had to face by wasting my time and money on an international call. I have been their customer since 2011 and this is what I get in return.

I have been with Bank of America for over 26 years back when they were Fleet Bank. I have a checking, savings, 2 kid's savings and a credit card. I also HAD a 800 FICO score but thanks to one incident with Bank of America it dropped to 670 OVERNIGHT! I hadn't used the credit card in almost a year so I only checked the account every other month. A fraudulent charge was put on my card that I obviously did not know about and the payment was a week late. They INSTANTLY reported it to ALL 3 credit reporting agencies dropping the score that I worked so hard for.

I first paid the charge AND THE LATE FEE then called them. I was transferred to someone who told me to call the number associated with the fraudulent charge, which I did and the charge was taken off. I then called back Bank of America to have them take the negative report off of my credit and they REFUSED because "I called the disputes department and not the fraud department!!!!" WHAT?!!? I didn't even know who I was talking to or what the difference is!! I immediately closed the credit card and have since closed all of my other accounts! By the way, in regards to their lousy interest rates, 0.01%, I have opened new savings accounts and am receiving 75 times that rate with NO minimum balance!!

Went to their office to cash a check, they wanted to charge me $8.00 to do so. I refused and took the check to a check cashing business where I paid just $3.00. Very ridiculous fees for B of Am.

I have been with Bank of America for many years - almost 30. They are getting so bad, I am changing banks! There is always a long line inside and never more than 2 tellers! The management team are totally useless! There's plenty of staff at the desk to open new accounts, but not to help an existing customers with transactions! Then they put in the virtual tellers - YAY. At the beginning it was great. Now, a few months later, again there are never any virtual tellers available or you can't deposit any checks as it is full! THIS BANK HAS GONE DOWNHILL over the years! HORRIBLE! They ask you to do surveys & feedback all the time but it doesn't matter - Nothing Changes! Horrible!!

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An hour long attempt to order Check Registers. Branch locations no longer stock and distribute subject item. I contacted the BOA customer service hotline. Put on hold for close to 30 minutes. When human picked up he was rude, informed me that that item was not available, and offered no alternative. I called customer service line again and received assistance from a very concerned rep. She sent me to another person that finally fulfilled my request. The item I needed is not available online. An hour of my time. I have three checking accounts and a small savings account with BOA plus a car loan. A really lousy company to do business with.

I have had the worst experience with Bank of America. They find any possible way to make money by charging accounts with their "maintenance fees", "overdraft fees", "ATM fees", ETC. They charge overdraft fees after they ALLOW charges to be made to my account. If you are going to charge me overdraft fees, at least provide a service that helps me, your paying customer, stay away from additional fees. If an account is negative, why does your system charge a maintenance fee? Why does it continue to charge overdraft fees? The account clearly doesn't have the funds; why not decline the charges? I feel Bank of America doesn't CARE about its customers; Bank of America cares about getting richer by putting others in debt. I was not employed at the moment and had just moved into a new city. My situation was difficult and Bank of America managed to make it financially worse. I deactivated my account immediately.

Stay away from Bank of America. Something very weird has happen to my bank account with Bank of America. When I went to log in to my account I noticed that my Bank ID and my security code were already present in those little boxes where you sign in, so I pressed "Log in" and I was in. I thought that it was something to do with my computer, maybe my computer was saving it, I don't know, and they claim to have so much security, I was not worried. I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and right after I was there, I got a notice in the mail from the Bank telling me that my available balance was 00. Somebody emptied my account.

I tried calling the bank and got a recording telling me that I had to call back again during business hours, looking in to my account details I found a number that said, "If you are the victim of fraud, call this number '1.800.933.6262", and again I got a recording telling me that I had to call during business hours. I manage to change my Bank ID, but was not able to change my pass code on line. I imagine that if you are being robbed, that they will have an emergency number to call, and that a live person will answer to stop the transaction, but they don't and this is an outrage!! I live in California, and they took the money out in Tucson AZ.

One time I went to Reno to buy a car, and Bank of America in Reno won't give me the money to put the down payment, even after showing them my ID and using my bank card pass code. They said that the sum was too big and because of security reasons, they make me drive back to California to get the money. I took a check issued to my partner to the Bank of America on Powell St. In San Francisco, and tried to deposit the check in to my account with my partner present, and he had ID, but the tellers there won't accept the deposit, and because of security reasons told me that my partner had to take the check and cash it at his bank and then give me the money. Things like this and you cannot report an emergency when you are being robbed? This is an outrage!! Stay away from Bank of America!! Thank you.

Bank of America is the easiest Bank ever. Every time I have issues with my business, or if I deposit a check is clear the next day, if I do a dispute are very easy to work with. The customer service very professional. Been in travel business. I had several different problems with clients, credit card payment, etc. and every time Bank of America resolve that issue for me in a prompt way. It is very easy to do business with. I love it!

I spent over a half-hour trying to reach a "real" agent at BOA's 800 number (to no avail), and another 45 minutes or so contacting local banks in search of a notary on a Saturday. I called the Dunnellon, FL office to ensure there was a notary there before driving as I would have to travel far to get there. The woman who answered was very "snotty", calling me "honey" and asking me my bank account number and name prior to telling me if they could notarize something for me. She looked me up on the computer (I could hear her search) and then told me, "The person who does this is too busy." BOTTOM LINE: I am not a WEALTHY customer. I am sure she saw my puny account and decided that on a Saturday, they wouldn't bother to put themselves out. THIS WAS HER SNOTTY attitude that I gathered this from. I had even said to her, "Please beg her, I really need to have something notarized."

I have been a customer of this company for 20 or 30 years...I started with CBT in CT way back when and Fleet took them over, then BOA in maybe the 80's or 90's. They have always been hard to access by phone and very snotty when you go in as if these "CLERKS" think they are working for the King of England or something. Bottom line, I wasted two complete hours of my time today trying to find a BOA that could notarize something for me and the only thing I got out it was complete frustration.

I am a working person and I have no hours during the week to make it to the bank during their open times. I will be changing jobs soon (my checks are wired into BOA), and when that happens, I will not longer utilize this bank. I will be switching after all these years. Being open for three more hours (after my call) and refusing me service was inexcusable. If a bank cannot accommodate a customer for something so simple when someone lets them know how important it is to them, and all the time I wasted on the phone calling both locally and to their 800 number, they are simply not conducting business to a customer's satisfaction. Inciting blood pressure to rise is not a business I care to associate with.

A month ago I tried to pay my credit card bill on-line, and BA refused service, even though my account held far more dollars. I finally transferred money to a different bank account and paid bill. Today I tried to DEPOSIT money into my account via previously set up electronic transfer, and bounced again!??!!!! Local BA office tried to intervene with BA Corp. but couldn't get through to their own headquarters!!! Online services and support at BA is totally useless. BA is no longer a credible banking service. I'm glad I dumped all my BA stock. Bye-bye BA, hello Suntrust.

Second time this happened. 9/7/16 - Credit card payment, handed in cash with the credit card to apply. Teller applied cash to wrong card – a corporate card that I was given by my boss for his business. So now the payment was applied to a business credit card and NOT applied to my credit card. OK, someone at the bank made a mistake. It happens. But BOA correction:

PROBLEM: We are on business day 6 and the error has not been corrected. I'm told I now have to wait another weekend until Monday again! I have spoken to TWO BOA branch managers who have been given no different answers than I was given and they've passively accepted those answers without escalation. WHEN A TELLER GAVE MY HUSBAND AN EXTRA $20, THAT WAS CORRECTED OVERNIGHT!!! So, my problem is not with the mistake. It is with the correction process.

I am tired of the big bank BOA not caring about the regular customer. Had this been a hundreds of thousands of dollars error on a business account, I'm confident it would be corrected quickly. So, all set with BOA – not that they'll care, but I'll be moving my little ordinary customer business to a credit union – smaller, more customer care and much less frustration. They've actually been asking why we don't have all of our business with them. I'm sure they'll be happy and will take good care.

I applied for a checking account online and was approved. When my card came in the mail I went online and tried to activate it and I called but to make a long story short the account I got approved for a few days prior to attempting to activate my card I was told by customer service word for word..... Customer Service: "when you applied for your account you agreed to our terms and services which states Bank of America can close any account without warning or explanation." Me: So does that mean I can't use Bank of America? Customer Service: "No you cannot use your account and we have chosen not to give you a reason why." Me: *angrily hangs up phone.*

Now as a hard working man there should be no reason that I can't have an explanation of why an account that I HADN'T EVEN ACTIVATED YET was "closed for reasons we refuse to tell you." I will take my money elsewhere and I will not recommend this BANK to ANYONE & I wish they could go out of business, that's how rude and nonchalant they were with me considering the fact that they approved me, sent me a card, and then when I go to activate the card turn around and say I can't use it and "we won't tell you why" when I call to see the problem.... low class trash.

They robbed me with their ridiculous overdraft fee. Updating the available balance in real time for a transfer received so that it is available to use and when I use it they post the transfer on later Date after posting the debit transactions first, which Ultimately leads to ridiculous overdraft fee. And the worst part is - when I contacted the customer service & even when I went into the bank the answer is the same. I tried to refund it and the decision came out denied. When I asked the manager who made the decision she replied "its a software tool designed to make these kind of decisions and no one can override it."

I have been trying to get in touch with claims department of Bank of America for a week. Someone found a check that I apparently lost, and they cashed it. The check was addressed to another party, it had my name on the check. The amount of the check was $525.45. The check was not endorsed. My account not only was overdrawn, I was charged an overdraft fee for a forged, well not forged, because the check was not endorsed, fraudulent check.

I go to the branch and the only 2 representatives are a new employee, and a gentleman of Polish descent whose only assistance was to dial the number for me to the claims department where I was on hold for 20 minutes. I live next door to the bank so I told him that I would go home and be on hold there. I was on hold for 3 hours, I took a nap and called back and was on hold for another 3 hours. I was promised a reimbursement in 3-5 days. That was September 6, and it is now September 15th.

I have yet to reach anyone at the claims phone number, and they don't have any employees at the bank that either, have the experience to help me, or the SOP. Can you tell me who I can contact to get this situation resolved? I have looked at all of the different options listed on the BofA website that take you around and around and around and you wind up here. Right where you started. Now when I call the automated number I can never get a representative without screaming into the phone over the robo-person. When I get the representative, I am put on hold.

Updated on 09/20/2016: My previous review was about a fraudulent check that was cashed. I have been dealing with this situation since September 6, 2016. A claim was filed on my behalf, and I was finally able to speak to an actual person after being on hold for only one hour, which is pretty good considering I have been held on hold for up to six hours. I spoke with a representative and I explained to her that while they are investigating my claim, there is no money in my account.

I spoke to a young woman on Sept 15, 2015 and explained that I was concerned about my rent check that would have been cashed had the fraudulent check had not been cashed. The representative said I would have money in 24-48 hours. It is now Sept 19, 2016. No money. I have never been late with my rent payment. I think money was put in my account because I am now -100.00 in my checking account and -5.00 in my savings account. I really don't know what to expect on my payday which is direct deposit. I am afraid to see pay day arrive.

My husband deposit check to the Bank of America. Check was clear. We saw check clear. We used that money to pay bill. We have 3 day after the bank hold the check!! All the check bounce and we get hit with fee with all the bill and credit we paid. Happen to us 2 time. That unfair for customer. I don't understand and why that happen. How bank can do that to customer. Not only fee from the bill! The bank charge us the fee also. I will never use Bank of America again but I won't happen to another people!!!

A Longtime customer with excellent credit who always paid on time has a Home Mortgage and a loan on an RV through BOA. Due to the sudden death of this customer's spouse, they need to sell the RV. The selling price will not cover the loan, so they want to do the right thing. Take out a line of credit against their home equity to pay their debt. What does BOA do? Denied!!! So there is no way for this customer to get the title to sell it and pay off the loan. You give them no choice! Now instead of a paid off loan you will have a default on the loan and the keys to an RV. The stupidity that went into this decision is everything that is wrong with the banking industry. Shame on you!

After I received a wire transfer from a friend of mine it took them a while to review it. After a few days I contacted them to find out what was going on. They said they had some questionable issues on how awesome it was. The associate at the branch it Goldenwest talk to somebody in the fraud department that stated it was okay to transfer the money into a new business account. The associate did this with their permission and then 2 days later that account was on hold also for the same reasons. Then the bank to say that they received a request to have the wire transfer returned to the person that did it (not notifying me of this) they decided to close my business account and my personal account that had nothing to do with the wire transfer and they stated the money was going to be sent back to those people that did the wire transfer cancellation.

It's been 6 weeks now and nobody is giving me any answers on where that money ended up, the people I contacted that did that wire transferred haven't seen it, they're just not giving me any information as to where the money went when they close my account. They had no business touching my personal account when it had nothing to do with it and for a month I had no money to pay any bills, get groceries, pay my rent or anything.

I had been an account holder with them for a couple years or for five years and my parents are also card holders there and this is just ridiculous, how long this is taking it very frustrating as well how long is it taking to get result. I would never been get busy again. They're just a joke. Not being able to go up to that they shouldn't have transferred the money from the one business account to the new one. If they had questioned they should have left it there. And because they didn't it made a bigger mess.

My father opened up a checking account and credit card with me at the end of November 2015 so that he could easily give me money as I was studying abroad. Within a week, Bank of America closed my account, informing me that they did not have to tell me why. Luckily, I have an account with a much better bank TD bank so I was not without money for the week it took Bank of America to send my funds to my home address (I'm a college student and don't live at home but on campus).

Before my account was closed, I made a safety deposit for an apartment for studying abroad. Fast forward 5 months and the deposit has been returned. I call Bank of America and they say the payment would have been rejected because the account was closed and that it would have gone back to the apartment company which says they haven't received the funds. The back and forth goes on for weeks and each call to Bank of America takes about 3 hours with hold times.

When I enter a branch they say they still have never seen such a payment. Finally, two months later on the phone with BoA and my Apartment company, I am told that BoA actually did receive the funds and will send me the check in about a week. A week passes and I receive nothing so I call and I am told that I have to submit all documentation for the investigation of the claim despite the fact that all was in Bank of America's system. I fax a 12 page document detailing correspondence between myself, Bank of America, and the apartment company. I wait 2 more weeks to call back and then I am told that I must provide more information and that a letter has been sent to a place where I no longer reside. I am told that they can send me the letter by e-mail and that never arrives.

I call back after waiting another hour and I am told that I can't be sent a letter by e-mail, I complain of the inconsistency and I am transferred and put on hold for another hour when I'm told that I can have it sent to me by email and suddenly the Representative can no longer hear me despite a perfectly fine phone call and hangs up. I complain online and then I am told that I may or may not be able to get an email. This Bank has terrible customer service, is incredibly inconsistent, and is literally trying to steal my money.

BEWARE of termination fees from B of A. I was very surprised when I received a new packet from B of A merchant services dated August 31, 2016. First many fees are going up. Monthly fees are being added. So I called to cancel. Originally, when the banker signed me up for a business account he said he'd include a card swiper that was free and I'd just pay per transaction if I used it. I thought that was fine. Eventually I received the swiper and info on how to set it up with an account number. I thought the merchant number was a number for the swiper, not another account with a separate contract.

9/12/2016. When I called to cancel the account a rep from Merchant Services started telling me I need to pay a termination fee of $500. I was really surprised. I was continuously told I'd have to pay $500 to cancel. At time of signup I was never informed about a 3 year term or a $500 cancellation fee if terminated. I did not expect it to be core to my business so to me it's just a novelty. I think there were three transactions totaling under $100. The banker that got me the swiper said it may come in handy in my business. I did not know but maybe it would. He said there was no charge. Well he was right on that but he did not tell me I was agreeing to a three year contract with a $500 termination fee and that during that period I'd see monthly fees increase and I'd have no recourse.

On with others at Merchant services. They keep telling me it was my responsibility to read all of the paperwork. Yeah, so don't trust the bankers and read all 25 pages of small print. Very deceptive and I believe it was intentionally so. The banker that verified the info for the swiper via the phone did reviewed the per transaction charges but not the three year contract or the termination fee. He made a choice and left the 3 year term and the termination fee out of the conversation.

This is more of a complaint than a review. I would like to say I had the worst experience at the Industrial Branch in Seattle. As you can see by the name Industrial it caters to businesses. For the past 20 years I have been taking in the credit card payments (15) paying with 1 check. Well they have an assistant manager (Meagan) there and she tried telling me I couldn't do this. Failed to answer any of my questions and treated me like I was a piece of crap. Well after 20 years of doing this, it was not appreciated. It is a business branch and therefore should be tailored to businesses. The branch manager Roman ** was not any help either. I've heard from others the assistant manager is always rude & unprofessional.

Been a customer with this bank for nearly 30 years and THREE name changes. With all the misleading and underhanded that goes on in the world of cyber banking today I have been especially all over the activity in regards to my accounts. On the 6th there was a debit of $331.12 (done in error) by a national wireless company. Just as quick as the hold put on those funds, the wireless company reversed it (20 minutes later) and the funds were put back into my account as verified by the balance, only to have BOA place another hold on the same amount the next day.

When looking at my account FOUR days later it still shows "processing" and WE ALL KNOW that a "HOLD" on funds are only good for THREE days... If they are not accepted by the requesting persons they are dismissed. The hold "falls off" as per Federal Guidelines. Perhaps BOA did not get the memo. So I called their toll free "Customer Service" LOL line and I have been ON HOLD almost as LOOOONG as the HOLD on my money (1 hour 45 minutes )... In speaking with the associate FINALLY she could not shed any light or understand how this happened...

Bank of America say something and when you complain they say another thing. We've been doing business with them for more than 20 years. We have mortgage with them and several checking and banking personal and business accounts link to one another. We were not supposed to get charged with this monthly maintenance fee because of our mortgage. With their NEW SYSTEM for the NEW CUSTOMER, we should not be affected. Unfortunately, they unlink all our account and we get charge for all of the monthly maintenance fee in several of my accounts. We called them that our account should be link not just once, not twice but many times. We went to the manager and complain and he said that regardless of the mortgage, if you have a balance of below $5,000 you will be charged. So, they charged us every month because the balance is below $5,000 and it's fine.

We complain again through their customer support and we get a refund for just 2 months and the first 2 months they said there's nothing they can do. We went again to the manager and he said that we should not be charge because we have a mortgage with them and our account was not linked. And, he cannot refund the remaining charges. This time he said that the new system is only for new customers regardless if you have mortgage with them and if you have a balance of below $5,000 they will charge you of the monthly maintenance fee. So, there you go, they will not refund us of their mistakes and the customer will be the one to shoulder all of this. If there's a negative star rating for this would give negative. They're full of BS.

My husband died two years ago. He had an account for my minor son, but had only put $200 in it. I have been trying to get that $200 for my son for two years now. I get sporadic calls back and horrible customer service. The one woman I dealt with told me I had to get a court document stating I was my son's guardian. I told her I was his mother!!! That I didn't have a court document and it would probably cost more than $200 to get one. I finally was sent to another staffer, at my request. He said that "maybe" his birth certificate would suffice. I sent it. Not only haven't I heard from him since, I can't get a call back. I can't wait to close all my accounts.

Like so many others, I wish I could give 0 stars. I've been with them for over 10 years and never had an issue until this weekend. Once everything posted to my account I had $793 in my checking on 09/02. Over the weekend transactions went through as normal until I saw a double charge from Walmart. I confronted the bank about the issue and they reassured me that it wouldn't be deducted. Once everything posted to my account they showed that $793 was never in there and claimed there was only $520 on 9/02.

I went to two different banking locations where one associate told me I should keep better track of my account. The other tried to help but she claimed she never saw what I did. Then I showed her the screenshot of the account and she still refused to believe me. I spent four hours on the phone with the escalation dept. In which they told me I would be contacted at a later time. No matter how hard I tried to prove my case, no one listened.

Then I went back from the time the account was opened to this day where nothing was pending adding up all transactions and deposits separately. Checked it over three times and the amounts they claim does not add up to the amount in the account. By all accounts I should be negative by 5 bucks. My advise, if you have an account close it with them and go somewhere else!!

I have been with BoA for only a month, and my very first paycheck for work had to be a paper check because due to work the direct deposit takes a bit to go in action and would be in effect on the next paycheck. I figured "ah alright. No biggie." I go and cash my check and they gave me a notice as soon as I did that because the account was less than 30 days old, that they had to put a hold on the money. MY PAYCHECK. I was so upset and talked to every person I possibly could, on hold for hours, talking/yelling at people asking why I cant have my money. It originally was only supposed to be hold for 5 days and turned into a 9 day hold.

I just graduated high school and was trying to survive on my own and I had to go get loans to survive. AND THEN, because I had no money in my account (my car recently broke down so the money used to open the account had to be taken out to repair my car so I could get to work. Was going to put everything where it needed to go with this paycheck.) they decided to put fees on my account, putting it in the negative. I would love to have money in my account to avoid the fees but they decided to put a 9 day hold on my paycheck. So what am I supposed to do? This bank has caused so much stress, and tears, and is the WORST bank ever. I strongly advise for anyone NOT to open an account with them.

There have been too many discrepancies with my transactions. What they show on their end is totally different from my registry log. Then they turn around and charge overdraft fees where there should be none. I hate this bank. They could care less about their customers and they're VERY rude at my local branch so I have to drive further to go to a different branch. I'm currently looking for another bank to do business with.

I am BOFA consumer for more than 4 years and also make direct deposit with the bank. Today, I forgot to checked my checking and the bank transferred 53 dollars from my saving for overdraft. They charged me 12 dollars for overdraft transfer fees. (I can do it myself for free, but I regret not checking my checking). Last month, I went to the bank and asked for statement copy, and they charged me 10 dollars for two copy. I have also open account with another bank and they never charge me a penny for statements. BOFA also disapproved my mortgage application but other bank did for me/approved me. Please suggest should I close my BOFA account.

I had an account with them years ago which I closed because my experience with this bank was nothing but negative. Very soon after I had opened the account I realized they won't care less for their customers. I've got a feeling that their only mission was to ruin their customers. Anyway, a couple of years ago I received an invitation from the AAA to open a credit card with them. I did and it turned out to be with the BofA. I have had many complaints since then, but I kept the credit account active because it was linked to some of my auto payments. I closed it yesterday and I am done with them forever.

This bank is EVIL. Not they only abuse their customers, but they are capitalizing on their own incompetence and get away with their evil ways against their customers by making their customers financially responsible! They cooperate with unscrupulous merchants and NEVER support you in your lawful claims against these merchants. You know why? Because THEY WANT YOUR MONEY! That's it! All they want is YOUR money and they will always find the way to screw you. I closed my account and can't wait till God sends them to hell.

I am long time BOA customer and it's my direct deposit checking a/c. This year I needed some money for me so I borrowed from relatives and friends. They deposited into my checking account. On August 22nd I had 7000$ on my a/c. But when I logged in in the evening I saw a message saying "Pending debit HOLD on 8/22" of -888,888.88 $. I called several times to customer care, Fraud department but none of them told me exact reason for this Hold. All they said is my a/c under review till 22nd October and I can't even withdraw my own money. I need to pay rent, bills, etc. How can a bank behave like this without even informing us? Please help me with your suggestions.

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