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I own a small and very new ob/gyn practice in Memphis TN. I've had personal accounts with BOA for years and my business account for my practice for over 3 years. We make approximately 3 deposits a week. Today my office manager tried to make our deposit at the drive thru. After waiting twenty minutes, when she got to the window-- she was asked if she had a personal account at the bank. She said no, that she was depositing for our office who has a business account there. The teller wouldn't allow my office manager to make our deposit at the window for by BOA business account because my office manager does not personally bank with them.

This is idiotic... Should the doctor have to make the deposit? She does usually go in because the inside is understaffed and can take over 30 minutes. I have work for her to do and don't have time for her to be at the bank all day for my business account. I think this is just one more example of BOA having no interest in their customer's happiness. The BOA branch is located at 8025 Winchester Avenue Memphis, TN 38125.

BOA now not only charges you 6.00 to cash a check, they have to call the person that wrote the check to make sure it's not a fake. But the teller can't make the call!! You have to wait in line for a personal banker to call and then get back in line to cash the check. This is just another way they try to force you to open a account with them. I would never use this bank and can't wait until they shut down. They do everything they can to make it hard as they can on you. You would be much better off at any bank than BOA.

I experienced great service at the Bank of America, Fourth Plain Road, Vancouver, WA. The service has been always excellent and the staff at the Fourth Plain Branch, Vancouver, WA office is VERY DEDICATED to THEIR CUSTOMERS. ROBIN ** is the VERY BEST of THE BEST OPERATIONS MANAGER EVER. SHE is always helpful, knowledgeable, polite, professional and patient with all my questions. Bank of America is very fortunate to have such an employee.

ROBIN is a great ASSET TO THE ORGANIZATION. SHE brings her smile and high degree of professionalism with her to work every day. She would be an excellent candidate for advancement in the Bank. Bank of America, Fourth Plain Branch (Vancouver, WA) has a really good team and I enjoy their service. The Branch Manager, Trace ** is awesome. I have been impressed by her leadership skills and her ability to keep the team enthusiastic. Always great service and helpful staff. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

I was told by a BOA rep that even if I overdraft by a penny, I will have to pay a fee. Well, that proved true. I had an unauthorized charge debited and was assessed over $100 in fees for a small overdraft - despite having overdraft protection. They refused to refund and lectured me on having better money habits. I'm closing my accounts as soon as I can.

I accepted a check from a friend who say it was good. I deposited it. They put an extended hold on it. Kept checking my account, same result. On the day I got my atm card I found out they deemed it counterfeit. Said that if I brought in everything to prove the friend said the check was good they would consider re-opening my account. So I did what they suggested. They just preferred not to even look at it. Had me wait a half hour only to tell me they were closing my account anyway.

Received another notice saying they turned my name into a credit bureau and after I opened two more accounts at other banks, those banks closed my accounts also on account of the report that Bank of America submitted to the credit bureau. Now I can get another bank account for five years or a loan or credit card all because of what Bank of America did and now bank of America is still sending me statements and tacking more fees even though it's been at least two months since they deactivated my account.

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Is it even possible to give this bank no stars!?? Because that's what it should get!!! I'm so pissed! These $35 fees and Bank of America can go to hell! I was literally charged $35 every single transaction that same day and I still had one being processed so I deposited cash to pay it all off. I need $135 so I deposited $150 to make it positive and still have some money, which is like $15.

So the next day I come to find out I've been charged another fee for that processed transaction because I guess the money I deposited did not get deposited that night until the next day (not my fault) so now I'm negative $27, and I refuse to pay that fee. All this bank is doing is stealing people's money. I've been trying to call but their office is closed right now. And when I ask to speak to customer loyalty they won't transfer my call. I'm sooo pissed. I'm done with this bank. First things first tomorrow morning, I'm canceling my card and I am not paying a single dime anymore.

In the beginning of August, after a long illness, I logged into my BoA mobile app in order to pay rent and start back to school shopping for my children; I noticed that I had a measly $.83 in my account. When I had last logged on and used the account, I had $1056 and another deposit was made of $438 in the meantime! It was all gone! I started looking through the charges that wiped out my account and immediately called BoA. They issued a "temporary" credit for about 40% of the charges and the investigation began.

I called yesterday to make sure that all of the charges had been included and for the first time, I was told that they needed a police report from my jurisdiction. Today, because they don't have the police report, about 6 hours after notification, they overdrew my account for almost $1000! I can't afford that, I have two children to get ready for school and one with disabilities. I'm being told that they can do something in a week's time, my kids start school Monday! My whole paycheck will be ate up by fees. I'm so upset.

March 3, 2015 - Mediation - agreed to transfer my IRA to my spouse as part of the settlement. March 30, 2015 - went into Branch location to get directions on how to proceed. Was informed that everything is documented, sent to IRA dept and transfer will happen when final papers are signed by judge. Recipient must open IRA with BOA before transfer can take place. Informed recipient of this process. October 28, 2015 - telephoned BOA to confirm what needs to be done for transfer to be completed (papers will be signed in November). Was informed at this time that the recipient needs to submit the documents before transfer will happen. November 17, 2015 - final judgement completed. January 22, 2016 - called again. "Why has money not been transferred?" Informed info has not been received from recipient. There is nothing I need to do.

July 6, 2016 - recipient threatens legal action because transfer has not happened. Informed him to telephone BOA (per their instructions) and they will give you the instructions to complete transfer. July 6, 2016 - I telephoned BOA again (as I was leaving for a vacation on 7/7) to inquire the exact process and was instructed that recipient needs to file a QDRO with account number and signed by judge before transfer will happen AND if I submit anything it will be rejected as this must come from the recipient. I informed BOA that the recipient has threatened legal action (contempt) and again, informed by BOA that this was not something I could fix that his attorney and him need to procure the proper documents. July 11, 2016 - contempt charges are filed against me (while on vacation). July 17, 2016 - return from vacation and learn of legal action.

July 22, 2016 - meet with attorney and he informed me that I need to get this information from BOA in writing. July 22, 2016 - telephoned BOA and related this information to yet another person at BOA that I need the directions given to me on July 6, 2016 in writing sent either by fax or email - was informed by BOA they do not send emails or fax documents only recorded phone calls. Requested the letter be sent via USPS. July 29, 2016 - received standard form letter from BOA that states "This is what you need to do (not recipient)." Telephoned BOA (same representative) and inquired why he sent me a standard letter when I requested it to be specific based upon the advice another representative gave me in the office, specifically that says, "The recipient needs to..." Was informed at that time they don't have any such letter and don't know why anyone would have instructed or told me to do so.

I requested a supervisor at this time - received a Mr. Grant **, I believe he said he was an escalated adviser and then Mr. ** said that BOA will accept information from either party not just the recipient. This was the first time BOA stated they would take information from either party. Mr. ** then requested that I fax the divorce documents to him as he has not received them from either party to forward to the legal department. I complied and faxed the requested documents.

August 2, 2016 - Mr. ** telephoned and informed me that his legal department will accept a QDRO, at this time, from either party to expedite the process, however, Mr. ** would not/could not provide a sample QDRO for me to work with. When I continued to ask Mr. ** why BOA instructed me otherwise or had BOA given me proper instructions during any of my prior conversations I would have complied and avoided any legal action and since BOA created this by not providing proper instructions I would like to be reimbursed my legal fees of $3,000 as this could have been avoided. Mr. ** said he is sorry that this happened but they (BOA) does not have the means to reimburse legal fees but are willing to help me work through this difficult time.

August 18, 2016 - typed a letter to BOA stating, "Please transfer my IRA valued at $*. * account number (**) to (recipient's name) his BOA IRA account # **, telephoned and requested a fax number, sent it and received a confirmation phone call from BOA saying they have no idea why this transfer has not happened and that they have all the paperwork and read all my previous notes and/or phone calls - apologetic as to why BOA has been "sitting" on these documents.

The transfer has still not happened yet as it's the evening of the 18th, however, this was not a QDRO signed by a judge, as instructed by BOA, just a letter signed by me. This is wrong in more ways I can count. I do have accounts with BOA and have been a customer for many years, not by choice but by buyouts from other banks via BOA.

They reported me to ChexSystems in 2014 for a fraud check that someone gave me for a modeling job back in 2011!! I was an 18 year old kid at that time who had no idea that people were even capable of doing that. Now I cannot open an account for 3 more years and have to walk around with large amounts of cash on me IN LOS ANGELES!!! They have been nothing but horrible and vindictive. I am shocked that they are still even in business. What they do to people is criminal.

The fees are stupid as hell. Why would you charge an overdraft fee on a transaction smaller than the fee and you didn't even notify that the account was overdrafted! Y'all just want to take people money and it is stupid as hell. Like seriously, why are you still in business? ** bank! Everyone needs to leave this bank like asap! What y'all gonna do then???

I have an excellent credit rating, a six digit income, significant equity in my house, and a small number of credit cards and bank accounts. As a result of a move from the east coast to the west coast we looked for new bank. We applied online to BofA. We were immediately approved, debit cards were sent to our new home, and... they could not be activated. BofA decided our money is not good enough for them. Without giving any reason they closed our account before we even used it once. A few days after that we received a letter confirming the account was closed.

In the multiple times I have had to call BofA the wait times have been over an hour. To even be placed on hold, you have to navigate through their automated system that never seemed to have options for what I was calling for. I had repeatedly paid my bill online through web payments for over a year. One day, my account magically stopped accepting web payments from my checking account and no customer service rep has been able to answer my question as to why. I paid my bill over the phone instead and later found out that my account had been closed. When I called to get my account reopened, it was a Saturday and I was informed the department that deals with account closures was not in and I would need to call back on a Monday, after I had waited on hold for an hour. By far the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

I'd leave them if I could. A simple mistake from a person using mobile funds transfer sent their money to my account instead of to the intended party. Literally an hour wait time at each phone number that I am transferred to to get this resolved. 3 weeks later a new checking acct. an 888 hold on old acct, a fraud investigation opened and absolutely nothing done. Now this person who made the mistake is calling me on my cell phone saying "why won't you release my funds." HOW did he get my name and number??? I have told everyone at BofA "this is not my money, send it back!" I'll have to call again on Monday because that dept is closed evenings and weekends!

I have a Bank of America account for payments for unemployment benefits from the State of California. I have not been able to withdraw funds from this account because this bank has waited almost a month since my card expired to mail a new one. Though the bank says one was mailed out, it is still not here. Meanwhile, I have bills and other financial obligations. Though there is money in the account and I can login to the online account, B of A has disabled my option to transfer the money, or withdraw it any other way, except to have it wired via Western Union, at my own expense. I'm now having to sue them in small claims court just to get a few hundred dollars. I wouldn't trust this bank at all, and if the State of California didn't force us to get our funds this way, I wouldn't have an account with them at all.

So yesterday my husband was paid and he is paid in personal checks. And his boss paid him half on Friday and the rest on Wednesday so everything was fine with the check on Friday so he goes to cash the check on Wednesday. Everything is fine. I go to the bank, closed other two accounts and transfer all the money into our joint account. So we go to go about our day as regular and we went to purchase something and as we went to purchasing our cards were declined and we're looking at each other like what's going on. So long story short Bank of America decided to put a hold on all of our funds until they verify the check and an auto pay went to or something I'm not able to see what it is but whatever it is they put a hold on, all of our funds and now our account is overdrawn $49 and now they're telling us that it will be seven days before they will help lift the hold off of our funds.

So with that being said, I feel like we are being robbed because as everyone knows once you get a overdraft the next day you are charged $35 plus the overdraft. So if Bank of America has a hold of all of our money we're going to continue to get overdraft fees. So basically when they released the funds they will end up keeping all of our money and I contacted customer service and I was told that there isn't anything that they can do about it, that the hold will have to stay on for the seven days.

Mind you me and my husband are not rich people we have and we are not in the best financial spot in our lives right now so all the money that they have is all the money that we have. So can you imagine with struggling having all your money on hold and then Bank of America charging you overdraft fees. So basically when they take the hold off the money we will have nothing left. We will be robbed by Bank of America - the people that we are supposed to trust to keep our funds safe!

But hey I guess this is how they treat the poor. No one cared about my issue or my situation when I let them know that that money that I had was what I all I had to feed my children and to pay the electricity bill. No one cared at all so while they go sleep on peacefully with their families turning on the electricity eating their dinner, my children will be starving over money that is rightfully ours. We did not beg anybody for that money. We did not ask anyone for that money. We did not panhandle that money. My husband works for his money. Yes we are struggling but it is still our money that was rightfully earned. What makes Bank of America think that they have the right to do this to the lower-class families? Please be aware of this bank and these people!

I wouldn't even be using BOA if they hadn't bought up every credit card company and then proceeded to give you the worst customer service (ha! service) ever. If you have a BOA card, you will get hacked. That's a given. Now, they may possibly let you know in a timely manner that you've been hacked, and they will "shut down" your card and have you destroy your cards, but then they will continue to put charges through on the new credit card they issue you--even before it arrives in the mail to you! Then when you call in to tell them you are getting more bogus charges, they send you to a department that NEVER picks up the phone. The last time I was hacked, they issued me four new cards, each one getting bogus charges put on it before I ever received any of the cards. This is ridiculous!

If they close a card down for bogus charges, they confirm with you the last charge that you actually made on that card, they tell you to destroy your old cards, and you do, then why in ** do they continue to put charges onto your account from the old card? Last time I was hacked, it took me four months of grueling telephone work and going through countless people to finally get it resolved. Every time you call back, you go over the same scenario time and time again, and then they basically tell you they have to transfer you.

Then you listen, forever, to their stupid music and even more stupid announcement that your business is important to them. I'd rather they tell us "You know what? You are all idiots and we could care less about your business so go ahead and hold **". I think I would have more respect for them if at least they were honest. Does anyone out there have a different card company that they are happy with? If so, I'd love to hear and I'm fed up with this crap.

I have been a customer of BofA for over 20 years, and their customer service has gotten considerably worse over time. The products they offer to pay people digitally are not competitive with other banks. Their system is cumbersome, inefficient, the web interface is incomplete and time consuming. I have started using Chase with another of my businesses and the difference is significant. The phone service they offer borders on absurd. When you call the small business number, wait for a human, you find out you are speaking to someone in personal banking, and vice versa. Then you need to wait on hold, again, until they get the right department, and it usually takes a few tries.

Whenever you enter their phone tree they ask for all your information, fair enough. Once you get a person on the line, they make you give you the information all over again. When they pass you to a new person, which they do on average a few times a call, because they never route you to the correct department, they make you do it all over again. I've called with a question, that could not be handled online, that should take 5 minutes, and I've seen it take upwards of 30 minutes. If I didn't have 3 accounts with them and such a long history that would be cumbersome to transfer I would be long gone by now.

Due to Bank of America my bank account is in the negative, I lost a week of pay from my employer and can't afford to eat. July 29, 2016, I received a check from my employer to be deposited into my bank account. The check was deposited and showed that it was cleared. By the way, my rent and phone bills are due being that the 1st is approaching.

Two days later the check was RETURNED!! And no one could tell me why other than that it was invalid!!! Trying to keep calm, I called my employer and as long as I return the "INVALID" check I will receive a new one to be deposited. After hearing this little news of hope, I called back BOA to tell them to mail me the check with the reason why it was returned... Today I called and my check was DESTROYED!!! They still do not know why it was returned. Thus being, said my account is in the negative because I was charged a return check fee, and an overdraft fee for my rent that was scheduled to come out before they returned and destroyed my check for no reason at all.

Also, I work for a large University, so insufficient fund is not why the check was return. Also, the University Payroll Office are baffled by this situation and wants to know why they would return and then destroy my check. So, I am broke and will not be paid for a week that I worked and I am closing my account and never looking back!! Worse bank ever - do not join with this bank!! It will cause stress upon stress and empty pockets.

They charge extended overdraft fees within 5 days of regular charge and refuse to do anything to help you with the charge. They are rude the Bank of America in Leesburg, VA on 505 E Market Street is horrible with customer. The other Bank of America in Leesburg is much better.

In 12/2011 I called and closed my account w/ BOA. In 2014 I went to open an account at a Credit Union but was informed that I had an outstanding acct # w/ BOA. I requested the ChexSystems report, and couldn't believe what I saw. BOA had charged me w/ $941.00 in overdraft fees. So I called BOA. They transfer me Recovery and ask me how I wanted to take off this debt. I replied "I closed this account 3 yrs. ago, I haven't received any statements, letters, or phone calls saying that my account has been reopen for whatever reason." The Rep followed up by telling me they shut the account but a payday loan transaction is what reopen the account.

So now I owed the payday loan $550 and BOA $941.00. I was clearly upset, not only did you hit me with all these fees, you didn't even pay my debt. So now for almost 2 yrs. I've been trying to figure out what to do. Should I just wait it out to fall off my credit and continue not to be able get a bank account anywhere else or suck it up and pay it so I can move forward.

Well I decided to pay BOA, but negotiated down to $500 (which I still think was too much). But now I don't have them over my head. It stills bothers me that BOA is allowed to reopen someone's account and acquire that amount fees without the consumer knowledge. I would have never known if I wouldn't have tried to open account. I am 37 yrs. I'm still learning everyday, and situation like this just make it a little harder when you have issue out your hard earned money to undeserving situation. Am I entitled to my back?

Unlike other banks which use routing number at the check book as their regular routing number, the BOA uses so many different routing #s as their routing number depending on which state you are in, which state you open your account, which way you use to transfer the money. Recently, I got into trouble because I followed the BOA staff's instruction to transfer money from other bank to BOA. At beginning, I used the routing # at the check book, their staff told me, it is wrong, and told me to use their wire routing #. I told the guy I do not need to wire money because I do know wire money costs $35, but I only need to transfer hundred $. Their staff told me all online transfer of money is called wire money, and no matter what device and website I use, I must use wire routing #. After I did that online with the wire routing #, the money out, but the receiver did not get the money in 4 business days.

Now, BOA said, they did not get the money and did not want to check for me where is the money. As this is a time-matter issue, I got into trouble. After I contacted with their supervisor, they could like to do nothing. But I learn some new terms from them such as electronic transfer, online transfer, wire transfer, deposit transfer and check transfer. It seems each transfer uses different routing # or transfer way. The terrible thing is that their staff and associates cannot clearly tell the difference among these transfers, so these associates may make customers into trouble.

For 7 years, I have paid the same amount on my mortgage through an automatic withdraw. I then started receiving notices that I had no homeowners insurance and they bought it for me. My homeowners is through Allstate and was paid on March 10 for a full year-until March 9, 2017. I faxed and emailed proof, along with my agent with confirmation 6 TIMES!!!

I checked my account July 20 and saw that my insurance information was posted, but the charge for the new insurance (at $444 a month, crazy) remained in place. The associate assured me that only $680.99 would come out,the monthly payment. Fast forward to 8-1, and guess what, my account was charged $1125, causing every utility bill to bounce, with $160 in overdraft fees. 2 calls to BofA later, I was told that I would be charged $1125 again on Sept 1 and adjustments would be made in October. No way, no how. Your mistake, not mine. I escalated the call and have a refund coming. I also stopped automatic withdraw since they take whatever they want from your checking. Never again.

On July 28th I went into the branch to do a wire transfer to my mortgage lender, because I was in foreclosure and I had only one day to reinstate my mortgage. I was very emotional and upset at the time being a single mother with MS. Daniel ask for my ID. I gave him my ID. Meanwhile I was on the phone with the mortgage company making sure I had all the correct information when Daniel states "I'm sorry. Your license is expired." I just lost it. I just got the money together to get my house out of foreclosure and now they won't let me do a transfer. I stated "oh don't tell me that. I will have to kill you." Not literally. When he asked "are you serious." I state "are you crazy. I would not leave my two kids with any mother to go to prison." I stated "I would just go to the other branch down the street where my nephew works and see if they can help me." The tustin branch tried to help me with some other options so I can make my payment.

Then today Aug. 1 I get a phone call from my kids Dad stating he can transfer his support over. I called the bank and they said my account was closed and they will mail me a check! What? What is going on? So I go down to the branch and Daniel called the police and told them he called corporate telling them I was serious about hurting him and they closed my account. No support and I can't get my money. I have no groceries. Nothing. The police officers clearly agree with me that he has blown this out of proportion and is too young to know what stress is in raising a family under my circumstances.

I have called Paul ** the district manager 6 times since Thursday and still no reply. I just can't get over how a young man can have so much power to do this to a family that is struggling and also being a family member to one of the Bank of America employees. I have called the corporate office to file a complaint, and they will not even listen. How does a huge bank like the bank of America allow some kid decide the fate of my family, and closing my account? Leaving us with no money, because he wanted to exert his power.

What happens to customer service. Two sides to every story. I guess it doesn't exist anymore. I will keep trying to get hold of someone to assist me, in this matter. I have only heard of nightmare stories of Bank of America but never thought it was that bad. If I was not in financial distress I would be hiring a lawyer. This is so wrong to do someone when they were clearly upset and stressed out about their home and raising 3 kids one of them a bank of America employee with a disabling disease that prevents me from working time to time.

When I went to cash my refund check, I noticed that it was a BOA account holder. I did not have a BOA account. Banks in general have always honored their account holders by waiving the $5 check cashing fee; however, at the time, the woman did not chose to do so, stating that all banks charge a $5 fee for cashing a check at their banks. She insisted on arguing that standpoint as I asserted that banks honor their account holders by waiving their $5 check cashing fees. I stated that I could have went into any bank and cashed my check for a $5 fee. Then I asked for a supervisor, and she stated that she was the only supervisor there. Her customer service was aimed at arguing with the customer. I have not experienced this at a friendly bank before. Banks have always honored their customers account holders refund checks that they send out.

I really needed the $5 dollars, and I could have spent it on some groceries or stamps for that matter. I don't appreciate BOA customer service. In fact, I didn't find anywhere else to provide feedback either. I have always had that check cashing fee waived without any questions being asked as a bank loyalty courtesy. This was the BOA on South Lake Tahoe Blvd in South Lake Tahoe CA at around 4:59 p.m. I just made it in the door. I heard them making comments as I walked in the bank. In fact, one of the others clerks let me out before routinely asking me if I needed to use the ATM machine; I guess not considering the context at that time.

Been banking with them for years and now they tell me they can't cash my paycheck that I have been cashing for years and can't give me a reason... My account has funds and in good standing, I have my ID and ATM card with me... AWFUL EXPERIENCE.

Ask yourself why BOA has a 1 star rating? It is because their customer service SUCKS!!! They want to sell you or upgrade you every time you go in the bank but... when you need something like a notary for the sale of your house they can't help you. So with that I am closing all 11 accounts with BOA and starting today with all of my credit cards and moving on to transferring my savings accounts to another bank. The shame is I have been a customer with BOA since 2000. Run. Don't walk to another bank... There are several other banks that want your business. I am going to US Bank this afternoon. I recommend to everyone else out there to stay with any other bank than Bank Of America.

I have never filed a complaint before through Consumer Affairs but Bank of America has provided me with a completely unprofessional experience in receiving a home equity line of credit and opening a checking account for the line of credit. The amount of time they told me the line of credit would take to take out the loan was not accurate and went way over. The loan officers kept calling about the same information telling me I had not provided it when in fact I had. One person finally called and told me the loan had been approved and the next called and said that there were still more steps to the process. I told them from the beginning I would only do a fixed rate option and the last phone call had me set up for a variable rate - they assured me they had changed it to be correct.

When I went into the bank to close - the loan was set up for a variable rate and they were giving me cash for an amount I was approved for but didn't request or need. I refused to sign and spent an afternoon trying to contact a supervisor to get the correct amount on the loan only and the fixed rate. I had to go back a second time to close the correct loan. Upon closing the loan I opened a checking account to receive a discount on any future loan amounts in a revolving available account AND to have automatic withdrawal on my monthly payment for the loan I did take out for the fixed rate. They also said I could receive $200 if I put another automatic payment on the checking account. I called back about the $200 and no one knew anything about it. My loan amount was also never automatically deducted on the due date. I called in and they told me that "I" had set up automatic withdrawal on a variable rate loan - not a fixed rate.

I asked them why I would do that as I have no current loan with them on a variable rate. They could not answer and I said it was the same mistake I had at closing and I asked them to fix it. They could not. They also could not take a debit card payment on the phone for my now late loan payment. They could also not provide me with money from my checking account and close it. I called in six times to hopefully get things straightened around with a supervisor and the one I finally was able to get correctly get transferred to and not a dropped call said she did not mind I was filing a complaint and said there are smaller banks that can provide more personalized services. I agree. I still need to drive to a branch, take out my money from my checking account, and close it.

I also now need to set up automatic withdraw from my bank I've had for 20 years (not Bank of America). I also need to trust that Bank of America will actually close the automatic withdraw on my home equity account and that I will receive paperwork of that confirmation. I will not be doing business with Bank of America again.

I originally placed two vendors on stop payments due to a financial hardship our family is going through. We made payment arrangements with these vendors. However, both vendors were still able to charge our account. One of them even charged us two payments instead of one. Bank of America ignored our stop payments and paid them. A total of $526.00 over drafted, in unauthorized payments. Included in this amount are overdraft fees and stop payment fees (for payments they never stopped). I wrote a letter to the CEO and placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. A representative reached out last week-once. After multiple messages I left on his voicemail, he returned my call.

This week, after my BBB complaint, he called me again. He always keeps his phone on voicemail and we spoke once. He promised to call me back today with a resolution and he never called me. I left him two messages which he never returned. I am completely disappointed with this bank. I have been a loyal customer since 1990. You would think after 26 years they would treat you with more courtesy and respect. Above all, since we are the customer, they should be on our corner. This is clearly not the case. We have been over a week without being able to access our accounts due to their status. We have pleaded for a resolution before our direct deposits go through. They have purposely not responded. Take your money elsewhere, they do not have good customer service and do not care about the years you have been banking with them.

If you are opening a new business and plan ON BEING SUCCESSFUL in your BUSINESS do not deposit. DO NOT GO TO BOA. They will shut down all your accts. They will give you no reason but if you put over $50,000 in an account for any reason they can hold that money cashiers check, cash, or whatever form of money for 10 days for no reason and close your acct (all accts personal and business) and hold the money until they feel you are the legit company. Much better banks to do business than this liberal racial. BANK OF AMERICA IS NOT AN AMERICAN BANK. They are ran by a bunch of Nazis.

The manager (who is excellent) was on vacation and the asst manager was in charge at the Glastonbury CT Branch. First walked in and was asked to come back and make an appointment? What? Is this something new with your bank? As a business owner and notary myself, I only come in when it is a necessity. Now I am the only customer in the bank waiting for 20 minutes while your co-manager performs training. Had a notary I needed done and your asst. manager did training over assisting a customer. I know this because I was listening to her and could not believe she was doing this over assisting the only customer in the branch for the last 20 minutes. The greeter went up to them and said I needed a notary and she ignored him. Days like today I wonder why I keep 7 accounts with Bank of America. Really bad way to treat customers.

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Barbara FriedbergPersonal Finance Contributing Editor

Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

For 200 years, Bank of America has helped their customers, client’s and the community meet their financial goals. Bank of America prides itself in its competitive financial offerings and strong investment in the community.

  • Services: The banks services span general banking, credit cards, loans and investment products. Their services cater to individuals and business customers.
  • Convenient locations: Bank of America’s global reach serves 47 million consumers and small businesses with 4,700 financial centers and 16,000 ATMs.
  • Financing options: The Bank of America loan products includes mortgage, refinancing, home equity, auto, business and more.
  • Credit card products: Bank of America has a suite of credit card choices including cash rewards, travel, low interest rate, small business and cards designed to repair damaged credit.
  • Banking services: In addition to the standard checking and savings accounts the company has offerings for students, online and mobile banking customers.
  • Investment and insurance offerings: The company offers a variety of wealth management opportunities to help customers save for their children’s college or their own retirement. Bank of America also offers insurance products.
  • Financial education: Bank of America is committed to helping its customers understand their finances and provides resources on budgeting and financial planning on its website.
  • Mobile banking: Bank of America's mobile app gives customers 24/7 account access with fingerprint sign-in. Consumers can deposit checks, receive mobile alerts, receive cash back deals and more.
  • Best for Bank of America offers suitable banking products for all consumers.

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