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About SunPower

SunPower provides green energy solutions for homeowners. It offers complete solar energy systems and battery storage options, and its comprehensive SunPower home solar warranty includes all components of the system — not just the solar panels — for added peace of mind. The company ensures only SunPower-certified installers handle installation jobs.

    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive transferable warranty
    • Variety of finance options
    • Broad international dealer network


    • Dealers may provide different levels of service
    • “Master dealers” aren’t available nationwide

    Bottom Line

    SunPower designs and installs all the components you need to switch to solar energy. It has lease and loan options to help make solar more affordable, and its Maxeon panels feature powerful cell technology, making the company popular with homeowners.

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    San Diego, CA

    “The guy that came out from SunPower was great. The installation team got there when they said they would. They did the installation in the timeframe that they said. ... After the...

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    Meza, AZ

    “I was provided excellent service with all the information I needed! Gie was wonderful and I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and ability to answer all my qu...

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    SunPower panels and equipment

    In 2020, SunPower announced a spinoff of its manufacturing department into a separate company named Maxeon Solar Technologies. This company manufactures the equipment SunPower designs and installs, so you’ll need to work with another company if you prefer a different brand.

    SunPower’s solar portfolio includes M-Series, X-Series and U-Series panels. Its Equinox line, manufactured by Maxeon, features highly efficient solar panels (compared with conventional panels). The same is true of its Helix line, which is available for commercial customers.

    SunVault storage system

    SunPower’s SunVault storage system helps you keep your lights on even when the power is out. You can set storage system preferences through the mySunPower app to decrease grid electricity use at peak times or serve as backup during a power outage.

    Depending on your system size and design, SunVault can help keep essential appliances running (like your refrigerator or HVAC) and power things like electric vehicles or clothes washers and dryers during times without power.

    SunPower panel installation

    SunPower partners with dealers and installers nationwide to complete the design and installation process. These partners have all completed training and are SunPower-certified. The company incorporates a sleek, minimalistic rooftop design by using a low-profile mounting system called InvisiMount. This system uses durable metal wire clips to keep cables out of sight.

    SunPower services

    When you purchase a solar system from SunPower, you connect with a SunPower partner to handle the design and installation. The partner will help you prepare documents for homeowners association review and obtain all the necessary permits.

    After installing the system, the partner arranges for inspections and helps you obtain “permission to operate” orders from your utility.

    Once your system is up and running, the SunPower Monitoring System (EnergyLink) gathers data to help you monitor everything and track your estimated bill savings. If you need help with anything, you can contact SunPower customer support Monday through Saturday.

    How much does SunPower cost?

    The cost of a SunPower solar system depends on several different factors, including your:

    • Energy needs
    • Local weather
    • Roof layout
    • Roof shading
    • Size of your system

    Since costs can vary so much, the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a SunPower dealer. However, after reviewing price quotes from around the country, SunPower found that a 5-kilowatt solar system typically costs between $11,150 and $46,100, which breaks down to $2.23 to $9.22 per watt. This price is before any tax credits or incentives.

    While SunPower may cost a little more than other solar energy companies, its high-efficiency panels and transferable warranty may make it worth the cost.

    Financing options

    With SunPower, you can purchase a residential system outright, pay with a loan or lease a system. The company offers solar financing options with $0 down for eligible homeowners.

    While leasing a system lets you take advantage of solar energy without a long-term commitment, you’ll need to purchase the system to take advantage of any tax credits and other incentives.

    SunPower warranty

    The SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty covers any repairs or replacements to the components on your roof for 25 years. This includes the microinverters, racking and panels.

    All components not on your roof have a 10-year warranty. This includes your storage and monitoring systems. The warranty covers shipping and labor with no additional out-of-pocket costs. However, the smartphone and computer you use to monitor your panel production aren’t covered.

    SunPower also guarantees your panels won’t lose more than 10% of their original power output in that 25-year period, which ensures your solar energy system stays efficient and produces the power your home needs.

    The warranty does have some exclusions, including:

    • Damage from natural forces, such as a tornado or earthquake
    • Defects of the home’s existing electrical components at the installation site
    • Damage caused by animals
    • Damaged caused by third-party products
    • Storage systems kept in temperatures outside the specified range

    These exclusions are fairly standard across the industry.

    SunPower FAQ

    What is SunPower?

    SunPower is a solar energy company that serves both homes and businesses. The company designs all-in-one solar systems that feature high-efficiency solar panels.

    Where is SunPower available?

    SunPower’s “master dealers,” an exclusive group of dealers that meet or exceed SunPower's rigorous requirements, are currently available in these states:

    • Arkansas
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Florida
    • Hawaii
    • Illinois
    • Louisiana
    • Massachusetts
    • Maryland
    • Michigan
    • North Carolina
    • New Jersey
    • Nevada
    • New York
    • Oregon
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Virginia

    The company’s Elite and Authorized Dealers are available in more locations. You can check for dealers near you by entering your ZIP code on the company website.

    Does SunPower offer energy monitoring?

    Yes, the SunPower Monitoring System (EnergyLink) gathers real-time data to help you track your energy production and usage. The company also offers an optional consumption meter that monitors your energy usage and compares it with the amount you produce.

    Does SunPower provide energy storage?

    Yes, the SunVault Storage System stores any excess energy so you can access it after the sun goes down or during a power outage.

    What does the SunPower app do?

    The mySunPower app lets you monitor your system, see your energy savings, contact customer service, pay your bill and adjust settings to meet your energy needs. You can also select from three different storage modes for your SunVault system.

    What happens to my SunPower panels if I sell my home?

    If you own your panels, you can either factor the solar energy system into the home’s asking price to pay to have it moved to your new home.

    With a leased system, you may be able to transfer the system to the new owner for a fee or purchase the leased products outright and then proceed with the home’s sale. If your lease is expired, SunPower can remove the solar system from your roof before you sell.

    Does SunPower offer financing options?

    Yes, you can finance a solar system with SunPower. The company offers solar loans with a low annual percentage rate (APR) for U.S. residential customers. Terms vary based on your financial history, but qualified buyers can access a 0% interest loan for 10 years without penalty for prepayment.

    Is SunPower legit?

    Yes. SunPower offers a comprehensive line of solar products and services, including solar panels and inverters backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Authorized dealers aren’t available nationwide, and the level of customer support may vary from one installer to another.

    SunPower video review

    sunpower solar company video review
    Rick: Hi, my name is Rick, and I live in Ponte Vedra, Florida. And what got me into solar power was two things. One was financial. Wanting to not have to pay an electric company for my electric bill. And the other was being a responsible caretaker of the Earth, I suppose. To be green. So we didn't really choose a lot of alternatives. I did my studying on the internet very thoroughly, and quickly came across SunPower. And through peer-reviewed information and studying, I found that they were the best product on the market. That's why we went with them, and, quite frankly we're very happy with the product because it is a wrap-around product. They have everything from the connectors to the electrical. If there's ever an issue with it, I can just go to SunPower. I don't have to rely on a third party contractor for anything as far as a systems concern. So we're very happy with our purchase. So the purchase process for these solar panels is very simple and very easy. The representative came to our house and explained the options we had available to us. We chose to go with a loan to finance the panels over 25 years, and it was very simple, very straightforward and direct. We'll be using the tax credit to pay off a portion of the loan this year, and after that, it's a 25 year loan. And I pay extra on it, and we're very happy with it. No problems, no issues. It was clean and easy. So the people that we used to install the solar panels were very courteous, very attentive, very knowledgeable. They came to the house and explained things to us. They even came when I asked them to come and it wasn't scheduled for them to visit, and they would explain and answer questions for me, point things out, and I felt like I was in very good hands, very knowledgeable, and they were very honest and transparent up front. If there was gonna be an issue, they would call me up ahead of time and let me know that there were a delay, or if something were to happen. So I felt very comfortable in this process, like I was in good hands. Purchasing solar panels for our home and our family was completely worth it for two reasons. One, financially. We don't really have an electric bill anymore. The panels have done so well that I'm net zero, and actually negative. The electric company owes me money at this point. My last bill was negative $17, and that's a great place to be. Also I'm a great steward of our planet, making sure I'm keeping my carbon footprint and my family's carbon footprint as small as possible. So we're very happy and very impressed with the product and our decision.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceOnline & App

    Reviewed March 24, 2023

    When we enrolled with SunPower, it was not high pressure. It was very professional. When it came time to get the specific proposal, I knew exactly what we were getting, where the panels were gonna be located on our roof, what the power output we were expecting and how much the project was gonna cost. The installation went well and they took a look at our roof to make sure that it was in good shape and that we didn't have to reroof or reshingle beforehand. They went into the attic and made sure that all the roof support was in good shape, since these panels had a fair amount of weight to the roof. They were careful about making sure that they weren't just selling us something because that would work for them, but that would work well for us and not cause any problems to the structure of our house.

    The experience with SunPower is very positive. I use the app to check the power generation, how much we're using in the house, how much is going to the grid, or the rare occasions when the grid supply most of the power. So, I'm aware of how well our system is performing. On the couple of occasions where I've had questions, they were answered very promptly. So, the customer service was great, not only during the process, but has been since then though there have been very few occasions when I've needed them because everything has worked very well. I was very pleased with all the people I worked with, from the estimator through the project manager, the folks who were on site, and the customer service.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from SunPower

    We appreciate you sharing your SunPower experience. Seeing your satisfaction with your transition to solar is such a joy, and we are thrilled to hear that the team provided an excellent professional experience. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can assist you with in the future. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceOnline & AppSavingsBattery

      Reviewed Feb. 25, 2023

      The panels that SunPower offered were good enough that I contacted them and came up with a system that would eliminate my electric bill, and it has since 2012. The techs who installed my panels were very professional and clean. I have a metal standing seam roof and they were very careful not to stand on the seams and not to puncture them when they used the clamps to hold the frame down to mount the panels on. They didn't fall off the roof either. For the first eight years or so, it was very easy to track my progress through the app but it was not that informative. Then there was a period when the app was changing, and therefore, I could not ever see any solar collected for that time period. Eventually, they finished the conversion nationally and regionally, and it's back to a new app that now provides more information.

      The sales rep was really great, too. It's a shame that he isn't doing it anymore because I have reached out since then wanting to add batteries. And since my original sales rep isn't available, I get put to whoever is doing it now in our area. But I haven't been able to come to an agreement to add batteries because the last call I made was about my inverters . They are over 12 years old and they don't match with current battery technology which is dissatisfying. I also wish that there were more advertisements for cleaning services to clean the panel, because at my age of 78, I don't want to climb on the roof to hose them down and squeegee them.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      We appreciate you sharing your SunPower experience. It's exciting to have you as part of the SunPower family, and it's such a joy to see your satisfaction. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can assist you with in the future. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed Dec. 10, 2022

      "I had 23 years of previous utility bills that I added up and looked at the kilowatts used versus the increments of using more. I live in California where everything is upside down here. Natural gas was promoted in California 12 years ago. Now our governor is gonna get rid of that and he wants everybody to have solar panels. I was looking at it and mathematically, it's gonna be a return on investment down the road.

      I researched a lot of companies and I realized there are only two American companies and everything else is fine China. SunPower came in at 24% in terms of efficiency. Their rep helped me along. The setup was the summer of last year and then it was six months later because they were booked up. We also had to wait for our electric company to come and disconnect the power from the post. Other than that, the job was done within a week once everything got okay.

      December was when they installed the system. When the electric company came and did the final inspection, I didn't realize that the main panel switch for the electricity to turn on the solar panels was never on. A month later, I got a bill and I realized I was being charged normally. I called SunPower and they told me the system was not on. I thought they were gonna do that. They walked me through how to turn on the system.

      That’s the only gripe that I had. SunPower dropped the ball on that. I'm an over-the-road truck driver. I'm gone two, three weeks at a time. I wasn't even home to even physically look at it to see where the switch says 'Off'. It's right next to the electrical panel outside. It's a small electrical panel and it's just a big switch, on-off. When everything is all said and done, go out there and take a look, because SunPower didn't tell me about that. So far, I've gotten my SunPower bill and it's going to be a doozy. They told me that I'm gonna have to pay it in two installments when they add it all up, which is horrible. If you're averaging $200 a month, times 12. And you're gonna have to pay it all in two shots."

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Your feedback is essential to us in improving our services. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can assist you with in the future. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechOnline & App

      Reviewed Nov. 16, 2022

      I was considering solar for more than a year so I started doing my due diligence on the different companies. I wanted to know about the product, durability, and mortality. SunPower seemed to have everything I wanted such as the quality. It is made in the US, they've been around for a while, and they're publicly traded. I felt comfortable. I'm early into this solar thing and it looks like I have a zero electric bill. I'm actually putting power back to the grid. I'm in the black, even this time of the year in the Northeast.

      I had an issue with the panels from day one. I had one panel that kept showing me it was offline on my app. I called my three-month representative and he kept telling me that it was data migration, this, and that. Everything looks good on the SunPower side. I wasn't buying what the representative said and I was insisting that they send somebody out. But he kept saying that was not necessary so I took it upon myself to call the 800 number for the first time. I was on the phone for more than three hours. Customer service told me there were times when the panel was not producing power, which really upset me because it wasn't what my representative was telling me.

      It took another 10 days for SunPower to send a technician out. I said, "I paid for this. It's a $40,000 installation. It's not 100% working. Send him out with every possible part so this gets resolved." But the technician shows up with no parts. I wouldn't let him leave. He somehow he pulled out a microinverter from the back of his van and claimed it was brand new. He replaced that part. Lo and behold, the system's been working fine now for well over a month. On that whole, it was like pulling teeth just getting through customer service, convincing them to send somebody out because everybody wants to do everything remotely, checking the system, and sending an update. I was very frustrated. But I am happy now even though I have two minor issues going on.

      I'm an engineer by trade so I understood the whole solar panel, power, and the apps. But I felt SunPower was dismissing that. It was almost like excuses, where they would check the system and say, "It was fine. We'll send a signal." They led me along for months and I really was upset about that. After giving my representative a 5-star rating, he just disappeared. I was really hoping he would be the guy to go and jump on somebody's desk and say, "Hey, we got to send somebody out there to fix this guy's solar system."

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Anthony, we appreciate the review and we are so delighted to read your expectations have been met. Congratulations on going solar and thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupContract & TermsPrice

      Reviewed Oct. 8, 2022

      I reached out to four different companies and evaluated price and product. SunPower uses micro inverters for each panel rather than a single inverter, so from a technical standpoint, it seemed like they were the one to go with. In the Houston area, there's a SunPower affiliate called Freedom Solar. Everything I dealt with was through Freedom, and the install was no problem. Before they installed the panels, they had a guy come out. Due to the age of my house, I had to change my breaker box. That was part of the overall package, and they spent the better part of the day pulling the old breaker box and installing the new one.

      A week later, they came out and it took them six hours to install 14 panels. We then had a wait till I got the permit to operate from the utility company, and that took a bit longer than they anticipated. There was a problem with some of the paperwork that had been submitted, so the first round, the PTO was denied. They had to go back and redo the paperwork, then it was approved. For the last 12 months, I’ve generated about 85% of my home usage. The only downside I'm seeing at this point is with changes in utility billing.

      When I first signed up, my contract was a net metering so I paid a certain cost of kilowatt-hours used, and the utility company purchased back from me at that same price. If I generated 200 and consumed 200, my net usage was zero, and my bill was essentially zero. My contract ended and I had to renew it. Now, I'm paying 21 cents a kilowatt-hour for usage, and I'm only getting back 10 cents a kilowatt-hour for anything I push back to the grid. There's another $40 a month service fee from the utility company as well. So the incentive isn't quite what it was a year ago. Still, it's a good value.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Thank you for sharing your SunPower experience. We strive to give our customers the best-in-class service and products. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can assist with in the future. Our team is always ready to help. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

      profile pic of the author
      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

      My family and I decided to go with SunPower and have panels installed. We were extremely hesitant that the numbers Arvin was quoting were too good to be true and that the install process would damage the roof. We were wrong! The number were true and the install was perfect. The entire process was as promised and now (5 months in) my electricity bills are a fraction of what they used to be. I'd like to thank Arvin and the entire SunPower team for performing flawlessly and keeping me updated throughout the permit, install and set up process.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Darren, it is wonderful to read your review. We're so happy to know that your expectations have been met and you are enjoying your solar savings. Thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechPriceMaintenance

      Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

      Sunpower inspected my roof before installation and said it was in good shape. Nine months later, after our major rains, and leaks, they inspected again and told me I had a lot of leaks. The original inspector told me that Sunpower would pay to remove and reinstall the panels if I needed to reroof in the first 10 years. When I presented this to Sunpower, they told me it would cost me $5000 to do the work; that they offer no warranty on the roof. As licensed contractors, they shouldn't have installed the system until I reroofed the house; they inspected it and said it was fine. Installation time frame was extremely long. After the system was installed, I didn't get inspected by the electric company until I called Sunpower to complain of the delay. I received an email the next day from the utility. Customer service is non-existent. It's impossible to talk to a person; they only want to email and text.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Hi there! We apologize for your experience and have escalated these concerns on your behalf. Please expect an Escalations Specialist to be in touch with you.

      Resolution In Progress
      Verified purchase
      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 13, 2023

      I purchased a new home in 2015 that included a SunPower solar system. Just before the warranty expired, the inverter died. I contacted SunPower customer service for resolution and it took about four months, eight phone calls, and numerous emails. Plus, I paid $300 for a SunPower affiliate to diagnose the problem (which I was told that I shouldn’t have had to do). And while I was told that the replacement would be “upgraded” (more reliable), I received a well used refurb inverter that was identical to my original.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Fred, we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Your open case has been escalated to our Escalations Team for further investigation and follow-up. We want to restore your faith in SunPower and look forward to talking to you.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed Sept. 11, 2023

      My inverter failed a month ago. 2 Weeks ago a technician verified with corporate that it needed to be replaced. 2 weeks and nothing has been approved. SunPower customer service keeps stalling on an approval to replace the unit. If you plan on installing solar, verify how good the customer support is after the sale. I would give Sunpower less than a one star review, but it wasn't available.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Hi John, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience and look further into this situation. We take your feedback and comments seriously and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I have reached out to your Escalation Specialist to alert them of your sentiments and notated the case on your behalf.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 7, 2023

      I started out doing a comprehensive solar consultation in 2021. The consultant and I designed a system that would encompass my apartment meter (3 floors) and public hallway meter (5 light bulbs). Based on my submission of 2 Con Edison bills (faxed) Sun Power would determined the number of panels needed for both my accounts (meters) I did not find out until 4 months after the project was done and I paid my whole bill that Sun Power only attached the solar panels to my hallway meter. I was told by Con Edison there was no application (open case) submitted by Sun Power that included my apartment and so I would continue to get electricity bill for my apartment.

      For months after contacting customer services they tried to tell me they only had one bill from me on file. So they had met their obligation. I contacted the original consultant and he sent an email internally and CC me verifying he uploaded the two bills into Sun Power system. Then they began defining the problem as the solar instruments were attached to the wrong meter as all my energy production going to Con Edison Grid and my public hallway account (4 bulbs). It took many months of representatives telling me to check with my accountant because if they combine the meters it would raise my property taxes.

      Finally in 2023, Sun Power said the design team did not put my apartment meter account in the design. It went to escalation team and after a few more months, of me working with my Senators Office they said there was approval for combing the meters and it would be paid by Sun Power. One day on my way out Sun Power worker shows up at my door unexpected and says he was assigned to correct the meter issue. He ended up just taking the solar connection off the public hallway account and attaching it to the apartment meter. I contacted the escalation person and he said that is not what he expected them to do. It was supposed to be a meter combine.

      When I called Con Edison to update them on the switch, they said Sun Power did not open a case up for any new actions, and no one is supposed to touch their meter equipment until they are notified by opening up a new case. So in the midst of all this someone called regarding a meter combine. However when I asked had Con Edison been advised and a case opened the person said no, and it would take months and they would not be able to move forward with the combine. I sent an email to the Sun Power escalator to inform him and to ask why after all this time they had not opened a case. My Senator also sent emails regarding this and no one has responded.

      Trying to get someone on the phone is impossible. I paid all this money for solar and the only one reaping the benefit is the Grid and Con Ed because 3 years later and I still pay them for my energy use in my apartment. I feel mistreated and this has taken a serious toll on my mental and physical health. I served in the military and at minimum I deserve some respect. Don't you realize that a culture of mistreatment and un-responsiveness is happening. Please help!

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Response from SunPower

      Priscilla, we have forwarded your sentiments along to your case manager for further investigation and follow-up. We appreciate your review, want to help, and look forward to talking to you.

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