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SunPower designs and manufactures the most powerful and advanced solar solutions available for homes and businesses worldwide.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2019

I went online and researched solar companies acting like local distributors. SunPower came up and I researched the company and liked what I saw. They came to my house and they did a demonstration. I had another company come to my house but their demonstration was less than pathetic. So, I had SunPower came over first and I kinda used them as my baseline to weight all the other companies. I was most pleased with their demonstration and their product quality compared to anybody else, so I signed up. I kinda had to do a little more legwork as far as keeping in contact with the project progress but as far as signing paperwork and getting all the financing and everything else completed, that was fairly easy.

When they signed me up, they said that they were gonna be getting me some cash back for signing up and some other incentives. But it seemed like once it was installed, they dragged their feet a little bit on making it right with those incentives. It didn't leave a bad taste on my mouth because I know how business is and things picked up and people get busy or they're sick but it seemed kind of strange that once they had gotten their part, they dragged their feet on getting me my part. I just kept everything to a minimum as far as making contacts with them for any reason, because I haven't had any real issues yet.

I'm fairly satisfied with going solar, so far. I thought the period of production throughout the day would be for a longer period of time like from literally, sun up to sun down, but it seems to be pretty stationery between 7:00 and 5:00 during the day. So I was hoping that it would produce a little longer during the day. I got my first bill from the power company and it was $4. We've had some gloomy days and some really sunny days so it hasn't been consistent enough to tell us whether or not it's gonna be enough for the summertime usage. I don't have a huge power bill as of right now, but again the energy usage isn't as high as it will be in the coming months. As of right now, I got the best thing that's out there being offered.

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SunPower response

Thanks for your feedback Adam! That's great that you had such a low electric bill, and yes, as the hours of sunlight increase, so will your solar production. Please reach out if you need further assistance on anything else.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2018

I work at a University and we were using SunPower's commercial services. They seemed trustworthy. When I was looking at solar, there were issues like tree shading and availability of power conduits and SunPower was able to come up with a solution better than the other companies. I'm 100% satisfied going solar but there are things that could have been done better. The process of negotiating the rate was kinda like buying a used car. There was like a lot more negotiation than I thought was necessary. I thought it was just kind of a fixed price thing, but it seemed like it was more like a negotiation with the salesperson saying he had to call his boss.

Also, I'm using more power than I'm producing from solar, so I should have gotten a bigger system and the interface could be better online. It's not very user-friendly, like when I wanna see how much power I would be using for the year and how much they're contracted to provide for me, it's not super clear. It would be nice if it combines what power I'm using from the power company versus what power I'm using from the solar because I have to pay for whatever power I use in excess of my solar. Then, once in a while, the router or some electronic component becomes disconnected. Sometimes it happens, and then, I have to kind of troubleshoot it and it's a little bit tricky. I've called customer service before about it. Other than those, it's a good deal.

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SunPower response

Hi Michael, Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Please don't hesitate to reach out by email if you need any help with your system, and we'll get you in touch with our support team. You can reach me directly at

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2018

I thought getting solar energy services was the right thing to do. It was for environmental reasons and ultimately, in the long term, it could save money. We’ve had some bumps along the way, but now, I’m satisfied. Enrolling with them was straightforward. It was a complex process just because of permits and state regs, but they did everything and just told me the paper I have to sign. So, it was a smooth process. My interaction with the customer service team was positive, even during the appointment.

I had some technical issues. We upgraded the array. We added another five panels and after that, we had intermittent generation which took about six or eight months to fix, and resulted in months where I went without any generation. We got an arc fault detected on the inverter. I called their support team and they were saying it was sporadic. I was having to reset the inverter almost every day. It would seem to stabilize and then I would forget about it. Then I’d go look again and realize I haven’t been generating any power for months. It took an inordinate amount of time to fix the problem. So, it finally got escalated to the response guy who talked to me about the challenge. They sent their partner out a couple of times who eventually found a badly made connector which had actually been causing an arc. He remade all the connectors and from then it was fine.

The monitoring system should send an alert rather than relying on the consumer having to log in every day which is what I do. I have an app on my phone, but I shouldn’t need to login to check generation. I would expect that they’re monitoring the system. They ought to be able to send an alert to the user to say, “Hey, your array has gone out,” and then you can deal with it. Rather than doing as I did which I’d be traveling and whenever I traveled, the day I left home was the day that the thing would fail. And that would happen two or three times that way. SunPower wrote me a check for about half of the power that I didn’t generate, that I had to buy then from PG&E. It was a bit of a painful process. But in the end, they came through and made it good. So far, I’m very happy with what it’s doing and that they’re generating power. I would recommend them.

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SunPower response

Thank you, Andrew, for this well-thought-out feedback. While it's unfortunate that you ended up being among a small number of customers with this technical issue, I'm glad that we compensated you to your satisfaction, and we appreciate this vote of confidence!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2018

Solar energy service was a thing that came out during the Obama administration where they were getting tremendous kickbacks for solar power and this turned out to be an incredible deal so I jumped at it and I had no regrets about going solar. The enrollment process with SunPower was seamless. They tested and certified the system without me being here, which I thought was great. I never used to pay anything on my bill for the past couple of years other than the administration fee of $8 or so a month for the electrical company. But now, summer is not even over and I got a hundred dollars plus bill on my electricity. I hope somebody over there is not asleep in monitoring my panels and make sure I haven’t lost a panel because this is the second year in the row that I’ve paid a couple of months on my electrical bill and it’s over a $100.

They dismissed it last year and said that it must’ve been the cloudy weather for a couple of months but I’m hearing that other people have had some panel problems like a panel is out. Somebody needs to look at my ray out there and they need to give me some empirical evidence that they have checked my ray and made sure each of my panels is operating correctly. I would like to see something in terms of what diagnostics have been run on my ray, not just give me an overall, “Okay, it put out so many kilowatts.” I’ve seen that degrade but that doesn’t tell me if they had checked the system or the panels to see if they are all functioning correctly. I’m getting reports every month by SunPower showing how many carbon or credits I’ve saved by going solar but it’s useless to me. I’m interested in keeping the status quo.

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SunPower response

Hi Daniel, Thank you for this review. I'm sorry to hear you have a concern about your system production. I sent a note to our customer service supervisor team and asked them to look into this for you. You should be hearing from someone shortly.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2018

In the summertime, my electric bill with Edison was 400 bucks a month. I'll be 80 years old in March and I'm on fixed income. I can't afford to pay for electricity. I looked for a solar company and SunPower seemed as good as any. Setting up the service with SunPower was good. One crew came out and put up the mounts on Saturday. Then, others came out the following Monday and put up all the panels and inverter.

It was pretty hairy for the first six months SunPower’s billing department which is in Los Angeles. SolarMax, the installers for SunPower, told me that I had a three-month grace period and SunPower wasn’t taking any money from me for that time so I thought that was correct. However, SunPower caught up with me and told me that they didn't have a grace period. I had to make up those payments which was kind of difficult but once it was made up, it was just a steady 156 bucks a month that they took out of my bank account. That was not bad compared to what I was having to pay Edison.

I've had the system up and running for six years. I'm leasing this because I'm so old, and leasing would be preferable to purchasing. The payments would have been the same either way. The lease is 20 years, and then at the end of the lease, I can negotiate for another five years or buy it. If I tell them to take it off my roof, they will probably leave it here because it will be obsolete in 20 years and they won't want it. They would have to fix my roof, anyway, after they took it off so, it wouldn't be cost effective for them to remove it.

I usually get a small rebate in May, the anniversary date, from Edison. However, this year, I didn't. My solar panels are probably degrading to the point where it's not quite generating as much as power but in lieu of the rebate from Edison, SunPower sent me a credit card with 80 bucks on it. Also, I was supposed to get a good bonus fee if I got anybody else as a customer for them. I almost got somebody, but they reneged on that deal, so I never got that extra money for a referral.

SunPower has good solar panels because these are 308 watts per panel compared to only 275 watts per panel from a Japanese company. If I was to use those panels, I never would have been able to get enough on my roof to cover the kind of power that I'm producing which is equal with what I'm using. So, the 308 watts per panel are exceptional and they're made in the USA. My solar panels are kinda dirty right now, but when the rain comes, it will wash them off. I'm an old man and I can't get up on the roof and hose them off myself. So, I just leave the dust on them until the rains come. It doesn't take away that much of my electricity, anyway.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2019

We went solar to help reduce our PG&E bill on our all electric house. The installation was clean, efficient, and professional. The team was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this team.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2019

SunPower panels are OK but their Combiner Boxes are old technology that won't allow you to monitor each panel's performance and output. If you try to upgrade to an Enhanced Enphase Combiner Box, SunPower will void your system warranty. Make sure whichever company you go with that their system offers monitoring of each individual solar panel. I firmly advise buyers to steer clear of SunPower with their outdated system setups.

SunPower response

Hello Mr. Nardi, I’m sorry to hear that your expectations have not been met. We'd really like to look into this further. Please expect a call from an Executive Service Specialist to discuss your concerns in detail and provide additional assistance. We appreciate your business and truly value your feedback.

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Rated with 3 starsResolution In Progress
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2019

I purchased my 8.3 kw system outright cash. Several months to get the installation done, busy time and so on. First year production data was intermittent and they checked the data link, power line converter for ethernet, software on the power monitor unit and now two and a half years later after another of many calls SunPower tells me all 24 inverters/optimists are defective. 25 % reduction in power on the best irradiance day. Months of e-mails and phone calls and still no fix. I have instituted a investigation request with UL labs over the safety and listing of these electrical products, required for installation here in Massachusetts under the National Electrical Code NFPA 70. Let the buyer beware...

SunPower response

Hello Highvs, I am discouraged to hear of your negative experience. We take your feedback very seriously. I would really like the opportunity to restore your faith in SunPower. When you have a moment please send me a private message with your contact details. I will have a member of our executive service team contact you. We truly value your business. Thank you.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2019

I have converter failed, call the company they can't give me the date because it on back order. I call Baker Electronic get the same answer. I read the contract, all it mention is "if something goes wrong the solar can't give out the amount they promise then they will give you 15 cents per KLW that they under produce. SDGE charge me wayyyy more than 15 cents. I will continue to wait until they give me new converter. Now I have two Bill to pay. One from SDGE $400 and the other one from the solar company $254. I am on my two month waiting for them to replace my converter.

SunPower response

Hello Mr. Trinh, We apologized for any frustration you’ve experienced. Per your account,you have been in contact with Gabe. He is facilitating the inverter replacement.I have asked him to reach out to you to explain how compensation is calculated. The pricing you are referring to is for the calculation for your production guarantee. Since you have a manufacturing error, compensation is calculated differently. Please be expecting a call from Gabe for clarification. Thank you for your business.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 16, 2019

I choose this service to save money and encourage green energy usage. System was out of service for almost 2 months and I have to call them let them know that I got large bill from electrical company this month. They told me they have to replace micro inverters to fix the problem. Whole process took few months, while I was paying electrical company. They said reimburse me after the problem is fixed. Finally I have to send all the electrical company bills and they came up with $39 adjustments. Where I have pay $700 for those months.

I felt monthly reports that they sent out might not accurate or adjust as needed for their convenience. I have not received any explanations or proper response for my request. I try to escalate issue to supervisor, but I found out I was talking to supervisor itself, no clue and not a proper reason explain why reporters showing different readings. Not a great a experience, sad part is I have to stick with this company for another 18 years.

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SunPower response

Hello Mrs Yerra, I'm sorry that you were not provided with the proper explanation as to how your compensation is calculated. I understand that you have been in contact with Mabel. We have reviewed your account together. Please be expecting a call from her before the end of the week. She will go over the process in detail. If you have any other questions, please send me a private message and I will be more then happy to assist you. We appreciate your business and value your feedback. Thank you.

2 people found this review helpful
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SunPower expert review by Zachary Shahan

The world’s leading solar cell and solar module manufacturers is also a leading solar installer. It was one of the first solar companies to become vertically integrated and was the first U.S. company focused on the home solar market to do so. Aside from residential solar installations, this company is routinely one of the top commercial solar panel installers in the United States.

  • High-efficiency and reliable products: The company offers SunPower Equinox for homes, SunPower Helix for commercial customers and SunPower Oasis for solar plants. The SunPower solar panel line includes the X-Series with 22.7 percent efficiency, E-Series with 20 percent efficiency and P-Series with 17 percent efficiency. The panels are available in 320–470 watts.

  • Electric vehicle partnerships: You can sometimes get a special deal on your solar power system and/or electric vehicle if you buy a SunPower system and certain electric vehicles at the same time.

  • Objective customer guidance: SunPower objectively helps you choose the best financing option for your situation (solar leasing, a solar loan, or straight cash), handles permitting paperwork, tax incentive applications, testing, monitoring and maintenance.

  • Availability: SunPower’s leasing option is available only in select states (solar leasing, in general, is only legal in select states), but its home solar loan option is available across the country.

  • Market: SunPower uses its own solar panels, keeping both its manufacturing and distribution branches in-house. SunPower also manufactures flexible solar panels that can be used outdoors, on vehicles or to power small devices in case of power outage or emergency.

  • Price: SunPower’s high-quality solar panels come at a cost that fits that quality. SunPower offers financing options for consumers who prefer to pay in installments.

Profile picture of Zachary Shahan
Zachary Shahan Solar Energy Contributing Editor

Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, and his key areas of focus are solar energy and electric vehicles. He has been referenced or interviewed by essentially every major media organization as a recognized global thought leader on solar energy.

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