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As a Prime member, items order with Prime are delivered within 2 days. I have attempted to order an item twice, once as 2 day shipping (Prime) and the other, at their customer service request, 1 day shipping. On both occasions, the item was not to arrive until 2-3 days after the supposed delivery date shown on the detail billing. I feel that are keeping their commitments with their customers and are not meeting the demands of the products being ordered or holding their vendors accountable. Thank you.

I've been very unhappy with Amazon's customer service for quite a while now. If your problem is easy to solve they help. If you call on the phone you can't understand a word they're saying. If you use the chat system you better type very fast or they will end the chat without warning. I am a 74 year old senior citizen that can't type very fast. For the most part their reps are rude and quick to cut you off. They think that old means "Stupid" and not worthy of their time. I wanted to inquire about refunds that were due to me. Before I could finish my typing she just ended the chat (Name JOY).

If you wish to close your account they hold your other services hostage. They will cut off your services to your kindle books which you purchased from them for 125.00. You will no longer be able to redeem any balances on your gift cards. And many more holdbacks that are too many to list. I have been with amazon since 2011, spent thousands and have made over 30 purchases in the last 6 months yet they rather dump you than to help you. I will leave them when the time is right. I have too much writing left to do to other consumer help agent.

I've ordered from Amazon a few times a year over the years, and it has always been a consistent experience---until June 2016. I placed an order, and after 5 days, it was not yet processed. I cancelled the order, citing "it's taking too long" as the reason. I tried again in late June, only to have the same experience on a different product. Same thing again in July. I tried once more about a week after that, and this time I let the order go through. Took them several days to process but the shipping only took two days to reach me for something I really needed. Did not order again until September 8, 2016, when I needed something they had and decided that if it was a bad experience again, it would be my last experience with Amazon. Again, it took five days for them to process the order.

I was about to cancel the order when I got the shipping notice on Tuesday, September 13, with a scheduled delivery date of Tuesday, September 20. Apparently, Amazon was not before but is now using UPS SurePost on non-Amazon Prime orders, and I freaking HATE UPS SurePost. It is the slowest method of shipping around (even slower than FedEx SmartPost). The item goes through many, many transfers at UPS and then is transferred to the USPS for delivery, adding at least one extra day (sometimes more). I'm on the East Coast, and the items I've gotten from Amazon in the past have come from East Coast warehouses and arrived in 2-3 days. However, this time, it had to come from California and has made local stops in Arizona, Texas (two different locations), Louisiana, and Mississippi.

I got an email on Friday, September 16, telling me there had been a delay because of a late truck and that my scheduled delivery date would be even later. It's supposed to be here on Wed. the 21st now, but who knows??? It's stuck in Jackson, Mississippi, and has been since Friday. If a company has a "free shipping with certain amount purchase" and then treats the customers using this service badly, it's not good for business. I am NOT going to be bullied into paying $99 for an Amazon Prime membership for "free shipping."'s not FREE, it's FLAT RATE. And given the number of orders I make with them annually (5 or 6), getting Prime would be paying $15-$20 per order for shipping. No thanks. Since Amazon's focus is "use Prime or get lost," I'm going to get lost. Never going to order from Amazon again. They've lost a steady customer.

I have faced problems with Amazon delivery twice and was disappointed to extent. I have ordered watch to gift my dad for his birthday and it did not reach, it was told to delivery takes 3 days but they made delivery attempt after 5 days. Other sites offering very less time for delivery but Amazon is very irresponsible in terms of its delivery and updates. To update address in system they take 48 hours so what about if the recipient is leaving the place or if the courier is meant for any urgent need? I recommend Flipkart though the price may be 100 or 200 more in rupees but they offer good service better than Amazon.

I wish I could give them a NEGATIVE star rating. Amazon PERMITTED ShopEddies to list items for sale to the public on the Amazon website that unfortunately I later discovered do not even exist. What is the point of ALLOWING non-existent merchandise to be advertised to the Public? I ordered a couple auto parts and days later got an email telling me the order was summarily cancelled. Apparently, the merchandise did not even exist when the ad was put up. The vendor didn't want to admit that fact so they instead sent me a byzantine, convoluted, comical and implausible excuse that amounts to "the dog ate my homework". My conclusion? Amazon, being as giant as it is, has allowed the usual scams to penetrate even more broadly throughout society. What a riot: Amazon: "Home of the Scam".

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On July 18, 2016 I ordered several items. One of those items was an audio CD, which listed as being in stock, and as sold by LLC. When the order was complete, the item listed that it would be delivered by September 7, 2016. All the other items were received within a month, but on September 7th, the item still did not show as even being shipped. I contacted customer support via chat -- I was told that the item was out of stock, and it would take another month. I said it was unacceptable, as it was in stock when I ordered it, and Amazon promised to have it to me by this date -- and that they never even bothered to contact me to inform me of the issue. Customer support told me that even though it listed as sold by Amazon, it was through a third party, and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked to speak to a manager, and they told me it was not possible.

They disconnected the chat, before the matter was resolved. I then went online to look at my order, to find out that they had cancelled the order without my permission, and that was after they already told me that it would arrive in another month. If I did nothing, I would have been in for another terrible surprise. I contacted Amazon again, this time requesting a call. Another person called and I told them the entire story. They checked the chat log, and told me that I could go to the site and order the item and choose expedited shipping, and they would pay the shipping. I went to one site and it offered no expediting options -- there were other options, but those were outside the US, and they said they would only pay if it was within the US.

This kind of thing is happening way too often. In the last 5 years I have had many problems with promised dates not being met, and these gifts missing important events. It is obvious that Amazon simply can no longer be trusted to live up to their promises. In the past, when a mistake like this was made, they would try hard to make up for it, but now they do not want to be bothered, and do not care. In the last 15 years, I have spent well over ten thousand dollars to this company, and encouraged over 30 other people to give them a try (and who became loyal customers). I will now use Amazon only as a last resort, and do my best to give me business elsewhere -- where it might be appreciated. I will further warn everyone I know to avoid this company, as it simply cannot be trusted, and no longer cares for its customers.

I had ordered 3 movies for my aunt and she used her own money to pay for these items, and I got 2 of the 3 because one was going to be shipped out at a later date. So here I am checking my email to see the status and it states I need to revise my payment... WHAT??! Okay. So I go check my statements and the total for all 3 movies is on my statements. It means that Amazon has charged me for the 3 movies right?? Well according to them they did not because the item was not going to be shipped until later and then they would then charge me.

I had the amount needed to cover all 3 movies, so as I am exchanging all this with the "customer rep" they of course give me all reasons why this is happening, and me to check with my bank and yadda ** and my statements do not lie. So about the "2" payment revisions I have on my account I have gotten one of the items, but still showing payment revision for 2. I have had payment issues with Amazon before. I am so close to never ordering from them again!!!

I bought a pair of control arm bushings for my car. The item (Moog K200968) is supposed to contain two bushings. There was only one in the box. So I essentially paid $37 for a single bushing. I have a pair of bushings (Moog K200961) that are the exact same size with the exact same box, and there are two in it. I shipped it back, with the listed problem being there was only one in the box. I waited THREE WEEKS to get a "replacement," and they literally just turned around and shipped me back the exact same box. It has the same dents in it and everything. They didn't even close it this time.

I contacted them by phone, because I do not feel like waiting another two freaking weeks to get a refund for something I paid for over a MONTH ago to begin with. They hung up on me after a single sentence. "I paid for this thing over a month ago, and I shipped it back because there was only one in the box, and you literally shipped me back the exact same box I returned." Click. Oh wow, look who's the big powerful tough man who can push a button on a phone. You sure showed me. You go home and pat yourself on the back, buddy. Bravo. You earned that paycheck.

I've never been more disrespected by a company in my life. As soon as I get a refund, I am deleting my account. I will be using RockAuto and eBay from now on. I'm tempted to not even bother, but I'm not letting them keep my money after this. I've had sellers in CHINA who can't even speak my language do better than this. I didn't get what I paid for, I got a refund the same day, no questions asked. This is nothing short of insulting.

I would like to highlight a malaise which I am still unaware about the product. This was earlier highlighted and pointed out multiple times with your staff. I am yet to receive my stuff and it has kept me in dilemma whether I will receive it or not? This is the first and last time I have done shopping with Amazon. It is insubordination to highest level. A very bad precedent is being set and least expected from such a brand which is worldwide famous. I accordingly had booked my tickets from Dubai so that I can receive my items and shall carry the same on my way return.

The best part is whenever I call the contact centre I always get a very generic answer "we shall mail and update you about your products." My payment is already remitted and I have the rights to ask for my shipment. When I tweeted on Twitter the reply I get is "we deliver shipment as per estimates mentioned while placing the order. Kindly wait until the mentioned time frame." Whereas the estimated time was supposed to be 18th Aug and not September. It clearly shows the negligence in reading the context of the email and just focusing on auto reply. Probably they should be trained before they are hired and certification should be implemented across. Timely execution is the key to success and just not by branding globally.

Amazon guaranteed me a package shipment for a two day window. They tracked the entire time correctly including the day of with a "will be delivered today" green bar, but in reality they shipped a week late (from their own warehouse) and the package tracker was inaccurate, with the package actually at least three more days out. Needless to say I cancelled the shipment. Side note: If anyone out there is looking to order pet supplies, order from Chewy. They are predictable, fast, and have great customer service.

I am writing to tell about my experience of ordering an item from Amazon. I have ordered an item three times from Amazon and all three times it got cancelled. The reason I was told is that item went out of stock by seller. After 10 minutes of placing the order third time, I confirmed with Amazon's representative (Santhosh) about my order. He assured me that item is available at the seller and will be delivered to me on time. Otherwise he committed that Amazon will fulfill the order at any cost.

When my item got cancelled again, I contacted customer care (Chetan, Santhosh, Smita), I was told by everybody that item is out of stock again and they don't have any say on the commitment which was made to me by Santhosh. When I asked Smita to transfer the call to supervisor, she declined and chosen to close the chat. I am very upset with this kind of service. I am still very interested in buying that item. Can you please arrange the item for me?

If you don't have Prime you are basically a nobody at Amazon. This is the 3rd time I opted for free shipping. It hasn't been shipped yet, 6 days after I placed the order. I'm furious. I called and spoke to two supervisors. One laughed when I told her how upset I was. The other upper management rep talked over me, never let me speak, and told me it was my bank's fault. They need customer service training and understand that we are why they have their jobs!!! They make up things as they go along because they don't have the answer. Go Prime if you want to stay with Amazon. No one else matters.

I had someone hack into my Amazon account. They used my $200.00 gift card balance and then closed my account. Amazon has been no help. I have called them 4 times. I have the email address of the hacker. If they can research where he had the purchases shipped, they can find the person. I have been a customer since 2009 and they have completely been no help at all. Do not keep any gift card balances on your account. They can be stolen and lost forever and Amazon doesn't care.

I have been a huge customer for years. During the last 4 months, I have placed and paid for 3 orders and received a confirmation for each. After waiting for several days and even weeks with no delivery, I called Amazon and was told each time that the order was cancelled within 24 hours of initial order due to out of stock and inventory problems. Of course, I would click on the "track your order" button but it would always say "file not found". I never received notice of order cancellations for any of these orders from Amazon and only found out they were cancelled because I called them to find out why we haven't received them. When I was able to speak with Amazon Customer Service, I was told that it was the vendor's fault but I explained that it has Amazon's name on it and they are the ones that look bad.

The sad thing is that this last order was for a baseball bat that my son had worked very hard for and we were helping him to finish out payment for his birthday. He was so excited to have ordered it and was looking every day for the mail for over 2 weeks. Now I have to tell him that it isn't coming at all. I tried to explain to the Amazon representative that this was a chronic problem and that something needed to be done because their system is not working. Of course, there was no resolution other than to order another one that magically appeared in their warehouse. Never never again will I do business with Three times burned is enough for me. I will never again recommend businesses or friends to use them either. Good riddance

Only I can buy from Amazon, but can't use any Amazon Appstore promotion. Confirmation credit has been delivered, now I can't use it. Will never ever ever buy from them again.

I'm a third party seller on Amazon. Buyer put a A-to-Z claim on my account and I was not at fault at the end, but the worst part I got bad information from Amazon customer service telling me that "give the buyer a partial refund and send a return label" in which I've done what the agent told me to do after the buyer won, customer service suppose to help you not guide you in the wrong direction. Amazon paid the claim. I asked Amazon I want to get reimburse for the $160.35 that I issue the buyer and the supervisor said "Amazon will refund you the $160.35 just wait for the email." I ask "do I need to do anything" and the supervisor said no. So I waited for that email for a few days and did not get that email and my account was not credited. Amazon is full of scammers and Amazon will not help the seller at all.

Amazon is always on the buyer side if something goes wrong and if the buyer puts a A-to-z claim on your account it's over. Amazon will automatically award the buyer no matter what. Amazon does not protect 3rd party seller from scams, they're always on buyer side, even if buyer is lying Amazon still takes the buyer side, and that's what happen to me. DO NOT SELL YOUR ITEMS on AMAZON MARKET PLACE, YOU WILL GET SCAM by the BUYER and by AMAZON. You're better off selling on Craigslist or offer up so you don't have to deal with returns, fraud, Amazon customer service (liars), and buyers.

I hate Amazon customer service employees do not speak English very well, hard to understand and they're no help at all. Amazon is worst than eBay. I wrote a lot of emails to the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos about the issue I'm having - no response from him either. I'm going to close my seller account and I will never sell on their site again. Sellers beware - get your items off of Amazon Market Place, you will get a A-to-z claim on your account and Amazon will NOT HELP YOU if that happens. You get bad advice from their customer service and at the end you will pay for it.

I ordered a washer part from Prime, paid additional for part because of 2 day Prime guarantee shipping. Amazon made a mistake and part was not delivered in 2 days. It took me 10 minutes on their website to figure out how to contact customer service. Apparently the link only shows up if you give a poor review? I chatted with Amazon. Their compensation was $5. (Not the difference in cost between Prime and non-prime shipping.) I understand other people's problems with the language issue.

Don't buy from Amazon Marketplace, here's why... For the first time purchasing on Amazon, I bought a costume shirt, but did not know about the marketplace process, so I just assumed I was purchasing from Amazon. I paid $28.95 for the shirt, and another $15 for expedited shipping. When I received the shipment, I found the item not to be what I expected, so I started the return process, and that's when my problems started. Amazon sent me an email letting me know that the marketplace seller has authorized the return, and that I would have to ship it back to the marketplace seller at my own expense. I contacted the seller directly and was told that I would not be refunded the original $15 shipping cost, and that I would have to pay 20% or $15 re-stocking fee, whichever is greater.

I then found this same shirt on the marketplace sellers website priced at $19.95, and was told that Amazon gets 15% of marketplace sales and shipping, but according to simple math, Amazon marked this item up not by 15%, but by 45%, and added another 25% on the $12 shipping charged by the market place seller. So, I have to spend approximately $5 to ship the shirt back, then pay a $15 re-stocking fee, along with the original $15 shipping fee that I won't get back, which, at the end of the day, will mean that I'll have spent $35 for a shirt I don't have if I send it back. Sounds crazy to me, so I'm stuck with a $20 shirt that cost me $43 and is no good to me. The moral... pay close attention to Amazon's small print, and know when you're buying something that is not being fulfilled by Amazon, because you can likely find the item you're looking for, and shipping, at the marketplace sellers website for almost half the price.

Having placed an order for a book for which I selected and paid for express mail with a quoted delivery date of 19th August 2016, not only do I not have the ability to track the package (assuming it has been shipped), I get no response to my requests for details on its whereabouts. Extremely poor service - most unsatisfied.

In February 2016, I, the seller, sold an expensive item (an $800.00 infrared sauna barely used, in perfect condition). Before the sale was completed, I got an email from the buyer - in a very weird poor English - that did not make much sense where she asked me to waive the price of the delivery because among other reasons she was a good Amazon customer... and because she was sick and delivery will take too long. Weird wording. She then sent me another email acknowledging that her first email was confusing and bizarre and that she had a health issue and needed the sauna asap. Well, she finally bought it and I personally chose to expedite the delivery - as a courtesy - such a way she could have the sauna in 2 days. She emailed me again, she was so happy of her decision to buy it etc. I emailed her the day I sent it and that she could track it through Amazon.

One month later, she emails me that she wants to return it because she found a cheaper one, and she did not even opened the box (DESPITE THE FACT SHE WANTED TO USE IT ASAP FOR HER HEALTH ISSUE). I replied (all communications through Amazon) that I will gladly accept the return as long as she was willing to pay for the extra shipping cost I paid (such a way she could have it faster) and insurance of the package. She never answered. I assumed the sale was final and everybody was happy with the deal.

Now 6 months later, I receive an email from Amazon that the buyer is asking for a refund because she never received the item even though she states in her email (6 months ago) that she had not opened the box, and that she wanted to return it. HOW CAN YOU ASK TO RETURN SOMETHING THAT YOU NEVER RECEIVED??? At this point nothing make sense anymore.

When I first received this email from Amazon, I did not see it. It is only in a second communication from Amazon saying that they approved the refund to the buyer that I realized something crazy was happening. Apparently I had 7 days to answer their 1st email (that I did not see!!) so they just simply granted the refund to the buyer, without explanation at all or investigation through the emails between buyer-seller.

At that point I immediately called Amazon - that was the 8th day after the 1st email - and got to talk to a guy, very nice and very apologetic - as they all are -who told me to appeal. However the appeal was not available... passed the 7th day! He then gave me am email: seller-guarantee... where I could complain, which I did immediately. I received a robotic answer stating that because I had 7 days to answer their first email and I didn't, so they closed the case and granted the refund to the buyer. I was literally under shock. I kept emailing them with proofs she received it and copies of our email (which they have on file anyway) and again same robotic answer. CASE CLOSED. So in other words, the buyer has received, kept and used my item and I have to pay her to use it!!! So I have a double loss!! And this is from Amazon... a reputable business. What is really going on??? I have all the written proofs that she is lying A to Z.

After talking to several people about it, I came to the conclusion that it could an insider job within the corporation itself. In other words, a virtual buyer. 6 months later, who would expect a communication from Amazon A-Z about it -- with only 7 days to answer (that will also explain this bizarre email I got first from the buyer). I still cannot believe what happened!!!

I want to go to court and claim my right. The buyer is in Texas - smart!!! Amazon has an army of lawyers. However the truth is the truth. The story is absolutely insane. I looked up the internet and I saw similar stories from people. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON INSIDE AMAZON CORPORATION?? Is there anybody out there who went through the same ordeal?? Please reply. Thank you for reading.

I received a gift card from a parent I work with and I wanted to redeem the card on but I was unable to do so. Each time I tried to redeem the card I got this message: "GC claim code is invalid. We had a problem checking the value of your gift card. There's something wrong with the claim code you entered. Please check for transposed digits, omitted digits, and similar errors. The input field is not case sensitive."

I called customer service on August 31 at around 7:50 and asked for help and the person I talked to told me that he was going to send me an email and told me to follow the instructions in the email. He also asked me to send a picture of the card to the email address provided in the email. And I followed the instructions and I sent a picture of my Amazon gift card to the email: It seems like nobody is able to help me with this issue! I wonder if there are some people out there who are selling fake Amazon gift cards. If so somebody should start to investigate. If not Amazon owe to thousands of people who have gift cards with zero credits on them. I wonder who is getting all the money for those gift cards!

I am writing this review after losing all my patience. I bought this item thinking that it is original and made in US (as per the description... They are good in fooling). Looking at the description - Hot Tools is a US based company. Amazon has allowed this seller to sell fake counterfeit item on their website. This has a cheap plastic material, US pin, with no description of how much current (Watt) can it hold. This fake item is MADE IN CHINA printed on it and not originally from US. When I contacted AMAZON (more than 11 times now), I have been treated like an idiot beggar who has been asking for a refund for a fake product delivered to me.

I have been so polite every time I call them and they just keep making false promises and hope to solve my issue. This product has no servicing center in India. Without the knowledge of how much current it can withhold, you cannot use a step down converter. If I use this product then I can die of electric shock or if it is not compatible with Indian voltage values, it can blow up. I have warned Amazon that I will file a police case on them if I meet any accident due to fake product given to me without any description of voltage/watt + fake material. My claim was opened my Amazon and closed saying that this item cannot be refunded because it was not damaged when I received it. Amazon has tried to hide and suppress my critical issue and left me to use this deadly item at my own risk. They are very irresponsible and the reply that A-Z Amazon guarantee gives is also very illogical. Not even once have I mentioned that I got it damaged.

Every time I rang up customer care (11 times) I tell them the same thing about fake item being delivered but they still close my claim. I have decided to walk up to the Amazon office and bang this item on their head. I will write this review everywhere till the public gets aware of Amazon's counterfeit items. Amazon is helping all cheat sellers to make money and put the loyal customers at risk. I am Amazon's regular buyer since years! Still they never had any courtesy to help me out for a refund. Shame on Amazon and YES! I will go ahead with the police case for sure. I know they are a big company and they may pay a lot of money to win their case but at least I will be satisfied from my end that I tried my best. Never ever I will buy anything from AMAZON AGAIN.

I used to never have a problem with Amazon Customer Service. I admit that I have some hearing loss and it very difficult for me to understand a heavy accent. Lately, many of the representatives not only have a heavy accent but do not seem to have a good grasp of the English language. I speak slowly, I explain the situation in simple terms and do it several times and they still don't understand. Since I became a seller and now rely on this to supplement my income, this has become particularly frustrating.

For years Amazon got tons of my money. I, like many others, have been a loyal customer. I didn't get upset when they once cancelled an order for a bad reason but this latest hiccup? These people are CRIMINALS. I will never buy from them again or recommend them. They have cut off connection to many kindles. I can no longer use my kindle. I don't have my old account so I can't even use wifi to switch. Wifi is totally gone.

Apparently these SOBS were sending emails to people letting them know this would happen. I never even got the memo. So now I have a Kindle with many wonderful books on it but will not be able to download any more. It is back to paper for me as there is no way in HELL that I will buy another Kindle or give these people a cent ever again. Hell with you Amazon.

I often hear about the threat that Amazon can kick you off at any given moment, that concerns me but not my husband. He does not care. However I always operate with 100% clarity honesty and hard work. But Amazon employees who represent Amazon are not professional in business and common sense. We sold several to one customer an item which had the expire date listed in the ad, following month. Customer had it shipped to USA location and she transported the merchandise to Canada. Then complained she cannot consume all prior to expire date. Neither is our problem.

We denied her return. We do not cater to buyer's error and it states this in our return policy. She called Amazon and Amazon sent us an e-mail to resolve and I responded we already did. Then she opened an A-Z claim and Amazon sided with her. She keeps the items and our money. This is against the law. We will fight this all the way to the president of the USA and yes you can contact President Obama via his website. Amazon should not help buyers scam steal from sellers.

Amazon has switched to their own delivery service and it is horrible, I am ready to cancel my account. I am also amazed that Amazon sellers buy from Wal-Mart, I saw two comforters that I bought at Wal-Mart for $69.00 but they were the exact same comforters that were on Amazon for anywhere from $93.00 to $132.00 for the same ones!! A perfume from Mistral called Gardenia was not made for 3 yrs yet a bottle was for sale on their site for $159.00 and 3 yrs old but it was for sale with Mistral when they made it for $59.00. How can and why do they allow this to happen?? People beware what you buy on Amazon and Jeff Bezos does not care.

I ordered 3 items (prior to 7:30am) that were listed on the website as "guaranteed delivery next day". Because I am also a prime member, no additional shipping information was requested prior to checking out. When I received my order confirmation via email - they had changed the delivery date to the following day. The reason I chose the items was BECAUSE I would have them the next day. Ordinarily this would be of no consequence however I am flying to another state and require the items IN THE OTHER STATE.

I called immediately to request that the items be shipped to the New Jersey address that I have on file and was told that one of the items was too far along in the process and they could not change anything at that time. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that there seems to be a glitch on the website and I was supposed to be able to choose next day or choose 2 day delivery. The 2nd supervisor that I spoke with went as far as to tell me that you can't go by the dates listed on the website - that the e-mail confirmation is the guarantee.

Well I have a problem with going through an order process, providing payment and then being told that the terms of the agreement have suddenly changed. I asked that they ship a new tablet to my address in New Jersey and they told me that I could choose to purchase a 2nd one, but they would not authorize sending a 2nd tablet. I could however return it when I get the item (that will NOT arrive on time). This is the worst customer service I have ever received and will be deactivating my account.

To top it all off upon check out I received a message that said if I would like money off my current order I can apply for the credit card (I was approved - approved message on my screen) yet no discount was applied. I was then told that they have nothing to do with the bank and that I would have to wait for the card. THEN WHY DOES THE SITE SAY THAT I CAN HAVE MONEY OFF MY CURRENT ORDER. The 2nd supervisor that I spoke with said that I have to go into my personal email and confirm "something" and then the amt. would have been applied to my account. AGAIN... There was no indication during the checkout process or after I was approved for the credit card that that was my next step. Amazon has clearly gotten too big to support their customers and they apparently do not need to be held accountable for any website content that they publish.

The reason I am writing this is because when I go onto my order page it shows orders that have already been shipped and delivered as "delivered today before 8PM"... why can't they keep this up to date? I have orders that were delivered weeks ago still showing as not being delivered yet and it is very aggravating not to get up to date info.

I've been buying from Amazon for at least 15 years and have been using Prime since its inception. Of course, things have not always been perfect. But, in every case, even if it wasn't their fault, they resolved the issue in a timely manner. Once, I purchased an item from a third-part seller that was not accurately described. I knew and accepted the risks, then had to deal with it. The unscrupulous dealer kept fighting the refund and I kept fighting back. In the end, Amazon agreed with me, and I got the refund.

I notice a lot of negative comments are concerning 3rd-party sales. If you get scammed, it may take a while to get your refund. That's just the way it works. Amazon has to protect the buyers and sellers equally. If you're not willing to wait for the refund when you have problems, then DON'T order from 3rd parties. I've had problems with shipping also. That's beyond Amazon's control. In every case, however, they immediately shipped out a replacement, regardless that it showed that it had been shipped. What more should I expect? I suspect that a lot of the negative commenters are people that can never be pleased.

I sold an order with 4 items to a buyer, her name is Yojany. When she received them she started to play all of the games that the size of two bottles is not not what she is looking for which I have notices about this in the condition notes on the list as well as I send a typed copy notice with each order that the company had changed many of their products from 16OZ to 8OZ-12X very concentrated, it is the same price.

I tried to change the images on the Amazon list to the smaller bottles with no success, even before I had a 3 items that I never been able to change the images on them before, and it doesn't sell since that time on my Amazon list. I sent her several messages explaining every thing again and again and asked her to send me my stuff back so I can issue her a refund and get my stuff back first. She opened A-Z claim yesterday stealing my stuff free that the image is saying it 16OZ, but she received 8OZ instead, I answered the claim yesterday with the details, but I was surprised this morning that somebody very bad and unprofessional in the Claims department had ruled to her favor giving her my stuff free and refund her $93.96 of my money with no shame ever, and he or she has no right to do this ever, he can give her or his money or Amazon money, but not my money that I work hard for it.

I know she is a scammer and these acts will encourage more scammers and crooks to take advantage of us as sellers. Usually they have to ask the seller to refund the buyer after they will received their stuff back, but for me they never even did that, and this is my first claim, and I think the one who did it is biased and based in a different country. I will not keep silent about this Rip-Off situation to me and I will escalate it legally and everywhere I can until I will get my rights back. What happened to me is a very bad experience with no shame or conscience ever, and it is a Rip-Off scenario from Amazon irresponsible employee that he or she is not sincere or honest in their job.

I hope I will not meet with Amazon in the court of this issue or close my shop too because it brings a good sale percentage for Amazon. I feel betrayed, very disappointed and sad from Amazon and their treatment to us as good sellers on their site. And I will not be tolerant about what Amazon did to me with no loyalty or shame ever. This amount that Amazon rip me off with today is my profit on the sales of 12 items together or more, and nobody ever has to right to do this to me or take my money from me and give it free to a scammer buyer on Amazon or to anybody else with no conscience. Hopefully Amazon will resolve this issue without forcing me to start a legal issues in the courts for this very bad and rip-off incident. I don't appreciate what happened to me and screwed my whole weekend with no shame from Amazon. This will cause a lot of tension between seller and buyers, and sellers and Amazon and I will not let this lousy and horrible experience get away.