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I received the item less than 3 weeks ago. I called because there was no discernible On/Off switch. It took several days on the phone to get through to Heartland. They suggested turning the Volume knob which of course had already been tried to no success. Then they said the product was out of warranty despite the fact I had received it less than a month ago. No concern or responsibility on their part; I was simply out of luck. Watch out for consumer fraud with this firm!

No way to cancel an order. Purchased online, but there was no way to cancel online. Called customer service, and waited 50 MINUTES for them to tell me to call PayPal to cancel; they couldn't cancel it in their system. That's B.S. HUGE RIPOFF! Advertised the item as $239 on sale for $99 w/ free shipping, but order came to $125 when they added their extra fees (tax was not included in the $125). After I placed the order, I googled the item to see what other sellers were charging for it. Found Heartland America was selling the exact same item every day on eBay for about $70 w/ $15 shipping.

This company just can't get it right. I placed an order on 5/2/16. I got a confirming email saying item was on back order and would be shipping on 5/6. I then got another email saying that it was now a pair of men's shoes that would be shipped and order backdated to 5/13. I sent an email saying I needed to cancel the order since it was wrong. They sent an email stating that the order had shipped - AFTER JUST TELLING ME IT WAS BACK ORDERED! I then get two emails addressed to George ** about this order - I am not George **. I call customer service this morning, 5/12 and the first thing customer service said was that my order HAD NOT shipped, as stated above, and could be cancelled, however that customer service has nothing to do with online ordering and no control over the emails that are sent out.

Tanya, at customer service, was rude, belligerent and really difficult to deal with and should be fired. I then called the CEO of Heartland, Bruce Brekke, and left a message outlining all of this information. There is a reason there are 75 complaints about this company. I strongly urge anyone considering ordering from Heartland to take their business elsewhere. I also encourage everyone to email the CEO.

Tornado Cordless Leaf Blower - The first time I used the item it broke. It was after their expiration for return. The battery is so heavy that the door can't hold it. It fell out and broke. Heartland needs to test their items before buying it. Their only emphasis is to get it cheap. No regard of its quality.

On 05/05/16 I ordered a pair of laser binocs. At the time of check out I hit the 'get it now' button, paid almost 10.00 for shipping so I could get it now. It was shipped on the 5th, FedEx shows delivery 5/10. I'm already disappointed & haven't gotten the product yet. Don't hit the 'get it now' button. You're wasting your money.

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Ordered commercial vacuum... almost 2 months to receive. They e-mailed me weekly to say that it was on backorder again. Loved the vacuum after I finally received. Ordered 2 more. They were packaged VERY poorly and were damaged. Called and the customer service rep emailed return labels and said they would hold 2 back because they only had 7 left. Just received an email stating they had been cancelled from my order because they were no longer in stock. Called and talked to a supervisor, who was very rude. I told them if they didn't care about their customers any more than that, then I wouldn't be ordering again. He said "That's fine!" Through the whole conversation I was very nice too. Thought I would like this company but no longer do...

Purchase Shark vacuum. After 3 months stop working. Connected Customer Care to return item. They told me I had 30 days to return. When you purchase items from this co. there is no warranty with product. They are a scam co. I will never purchase again. They suck.

Refuse to return faulty product, very rude. Told me Richard Winters is the CEO of the company, which is a lie. These guys are foreigners probably not even in United States running a scam & cheating innocent Americans. BBB has 236 complaints against them & they have several bad reviews. I have contacted authorities & have started investigations with several agencies. They will not go too far with this company. If you mom & pop owner are reading this remember law will catch up to you & your scams soon.

I requested a shipping label for a product that is defective. First I was told that it would take 3 hours to receive it by E-mail, then they told me it would take 3 business days. Well either way I still did not receive the label I need to return the defective item. Their customer service people are rude.

I called your office 2 weeks ago regarding defective merchandise, the young lady was cordial and very helpful but I still have not received the label she promised me. I was told I would not have to pay for the return postage since the merchandise was defective. I have called everyday for a week and they change the rules on me. The recording says till 5 pm central and there's another recording comes on that says the office is closed. Then it says open Saturdays till 2 pm and when I call it is closed. Please advise, I need my money back. Thank you.

I ordered & received an electronic bible for $19.99, after $10.00 mail-in rebate. When I received it in the mail it was accompanied by a $10.00 certificate which I had assumed was the rebate. I had a lot of things going on in my life at that time so I put the certificate on hold. A few months later I re-discovered the certificate & found that this was to be used on my next order, not a rebate! I called them & they then gave me a different tel. # to call (their rebate dept) to start the rebate process, which included their sending me a form which would explain my next move, & gave me a rebate #.

After receiving this I discovered that there had been a time limit on my request & that it had expired! None of this was explained when I made the purchase, nor the hoops that I was required to jump through to qualify. I called them again to try to have this rectified to no avail. In addition to all of this they had charged me almost $9.00 s&h on this small item that could have been sent for two .49c stamps. So, I ended up spending almost $40.00 for something that I had expected to cost about $25.00.

This is not the first time I've had problems with them, but is the last. I returned a pair of shoes a few years ago (they didn't fit) & I only received 1/2 of my money back. They are not to be trusted. Very slick.

This is embarrassing even to send this message. I ordered two products that were, and still, duds. Do not expect you're commercial-lying addicts. Also a Midland walkie-talkie. Wow. You advertise it can reach over 38 miles when in reality, it just about reaches two blocks. Quite a CONTRAST FOR 38 miles wouldn't you agree??? I believe you're selling junk to your faithful customers. Why? If the product don't do what it is advertised to do, why send it out with a complete false push? 38 miles, wow. It can just about reach two blocks. I got this for my granddaughter and she was so angry, she almost threw it in the garbage. Then you make us pay shipping back unless we are in your Elite BS. Sorry but I'm leaving your company and going to Radio Shack. You're ridiculous.

They double charged me. Lied and said they didn't. My cardholder had to go in and give me my money back. I just started ordering from these people, am having trouble and have not even gotten my order yet. By the time it gets here it will be 17 to 20 days. I won't be ordering anything else from them.

I ordered a leather jacket from it and my size is XL. They mailed me a 3XL jacket which is a plastic imitation . Also, the price was increased by $5 over the catalogue. Nobody will answer the phone when I called them. Stay away!


Not only a broken product, but when I started to get catalogs from other companies, my suspicions about Heartland grew! The first time I called, I asked to speak to a supervisor! I told her in certain terms that I did not want them to sell my name to other companies, and to delete me from their catalog send-outs! She promised not to anymore, which I cannot believe because newer catalog companies have sent in their catalogs as well! Also Heartland America did not stop sending me catalogs!

The 2nd time I called, I asked them NOT to keep sending me catalogs, after which the woman said she would take care of it! No, they didn't listen or pass my message to the proper agent! I am still getting them, which really tee's me off! Also, I did pay a 20 dollar membership fee the first purchase, and no one ever told me that it was a YEARLY renewable fee! Knowing that some customers want to recover that yearly 20 dollars, they would probably purchase more items! I am totally sick of them at this point!

I got a call from Heartland at 7:14 a.m. asking if I wanted to receive a 10% discount for future purchases. I immediately told her (**) that I would not be ordering from Heartland in the future for several reasons. Quality of merchandise, overpriced and orders taking over a month to deliver. When I logged into my bank account several hours later, there was a debit of $19.99. I called my bank, I called customer service at Heartland to inform them of fraud. There was no order placed, there was no mention of any charge for answering my phone. How dare they use private information from their records to charge my bank for nothing. Thank goodness my bank told me exactly what to do to file fraud charges. The $19.99 was credited back within a few hours.

Trying to get to the right place by calling the 1-888-212-0506 is impossible. I want to cancel my membership in the Value Club but I have been unable to do this. My membership expires May 31, 2015 and I have called and tried to email them. I am tempted to report this to the State Attorney General's Office because I think the Heartland America company rips customers off by charging their credit card (the one that has been used by the customer to order products). I want out of the Value Club. I hardly order anything out of the catalog. No one answers their phone.

I purchased 12-100x70mm zoom binoculars, Hailey's Optics, Heartland America catalog, page 4, item No. Z5-59889. The zoom lever is marked from 12 to 100. The use of x in 100x in the product description infers that the magnification zooms to 100 power. By measuring the exit pupil of the binoculars, it was apparent that the magnification did not reach 100x in zoom. Without zoom it was about 12x as advertised, but in maximum zoom it was about 36x. The product description is certainly misleading. This report is intended to reach Hailey's Optics, but there is no contact info so I could reach them.

I ordered a pair of motorcycle chaps that were pieced together with two different types of leather. It was very poor craftsmanship. I tried to send them back and found out it would cost me more than half the cost of chaps to do so. Not happy.

Ordered Blank Firing Revolver, I do have a lot of deer around my property. And Box of 9 mm blanks rounds, yesterday eventually got the revolver, so rounds doesn't feet, 2 mil longer than have to be. Try all different ways, even our local Army Navy store workers try to help, no luck. Call directly to Heartlandamerica 1800 number, and supervisor told me, "Sorry we can't help, and we do not accept returns, try to call manufacture." Revolver made in Turkey, and to complicated everything for just $120. Lesson learn. DO NOT BUY FROM HEARTLANDAMERICA.COM.

Heartland America stole $79.00 out of my account under the pretext of giving me back $10. They even took the money from a very old account so I would not notice it, I happened to catch it luckily. Customer service put the money back but were very smug and defensive. They went to the dark side recently with scams about returning money to people when in fact they were stealing money from them with all the credit cards they have on file on everyone. BEWARE AND SHOP ELSEWHERE.

I have been placed on hold four times for more than 30 minutes, when your recording state a shorter waiting time within the past several weeks. Customer services leaves a lot to be desired and you have provided better service in the past. As a customer for several years I think you can do better.

I purchased the dish heater and after about 2 months it stopped working and no longer would heat up. I called and they told me there was nothing they could do. For Christmas I purchased some moccasins for my grandmother, they were the wrong size so I sent them back for a different size. I called once they told me they were backed up on orders and it would be another week before we would have the moccasins back. I waited two more weeks and never received them so I called them again and they proceeded to tell me they had refunded my card of $19.99 when I paid $29.99 for them (plus paid 8.00 to ship them back). They gave me no notice of refunding my card or letting me know they did not have the size I needed! I will NEVER be spending my money here again!!!

On my last order placed, I was told that if I joined Elite membership, I would get free returns & exchanges. I have been a customer for many years and had all the memberships at one time. I was always and still am a Value America member. After the rep who took my last order advised me it would be beneficial for me to join Elite Club, I said OK. When an order arrived that I wanted to return, I called customer service for a return mailing label. The "supervisor" was extremely rude and hung up on me, because I told her I was told when I joined Elite membership, it was free returns & exchanges. I was NOT told it was only for apparel items.

The item I was returning was the most awful product I ever ordered. It was a mop, & it came in a box which had another repacked box inside with the product in it, which had a previous return label on it. I tried to tell the rep & she insisted I would have to pay for the return. I told her then in that case, I would like to speak to her supervisor. She said she was the only one I could speak with. I told her I was a customer for a number of years and have bought many many items which I kept and only returned 2 or 3 in all the time. I told her if I did not get a return shipping label, then I would not need the membership & to cancel it.

She RUDELY told me, "Your membership is cancelled, you will get a refund of about 1/2" of what I paid for the item. I told her that was unacceptable and I did NOT like the way she was treating me. She hung up on me. Needless to say, I will NOT be ordering anything in the future from HeartlandAmerica. Too bad as I did like lots of things I did order. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED???? Don't believe it.

Order a special on 4 pillows for $40.99 with a $10 rebate. When you lay on a pillow it becomes as flat as the sheet. The online rebate page says the $10 will post to the CC in 3 days. I have not received the credit after $10 days. The customer service lines say, "Your wait time is 26 seconds." 15 minutes later you are referred to the website for assistance.

Bought a Ted Williams and a Joe DiMaggio autographed baseball some time ago and found out today they were fakes. Call talked to several reps with no results and got cut off. Buyer beware. You can see from the receipt we're talking a lot of money.

I order some items from the catalog for a total of $249.95. When I got the bill from my credit card company, they have charged $368.90. When I went to request a refund, they gave so many excuses and charges that did not make any sense. I complained to the BBB. The General Attorney contacted me about the charges. After so many letters, and letters, they told me that I have to take them to court. I was just looking for the refund of the additional charges. I returned some of the items because they came broken. They charge the re-stocking fees anyway. So on, and so on...

Placed an order with Heartland America on 12/17- 3 out of the 4 items I ordered came and the 4th one has been being tracked with no movement since 12/18. I contacted Company and asked about shipment. They told me that it would take 3 weeks to track the package. I told them that was unacceptable and that I would not accept that. I wanted refund issued or new Generator shipped out. The guy was very rude and even swore at me. I was appalled by his lack of service- stating he had been in the business for 20 years... WOW...

I called today, December 18th, to verify and find out where my order was. I ordered it on November 25, 2014 and it went through my bank on the 5th of December. Now I find out that Heartland is holding my check until 20th of December. (No way on any paper does it state that they will hold my check.) Then it will be another two weeks until I get my order and that will be January 3rd. I talked to two people at Heartland and either give them my debit card or credit card but they could not verify if I could receive anything before Christmas. (Why should I pay for it twice?) Then they told me to go get it Fax to them from the bank. It's next to impossible to get any answer from them. They don't care about its customers. They got your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Their name should be Heartless America not Heartland! This will be my last time dealing with them. If I get my order it will be a delayed Christmas gift. Thank you scrooge for NOTHING!!!!!!!

I ordered a back brace advertised as "one size fits all." Not true. It was too small and I had to return it. I also ordered a side arm gun holster but it was far too small for my small hand gun. And, I had to pay a restocking fee and the postage back to Heartland. I also called in to Customer Service and was on the line waiting for 20 minutes before giving up. Also, they automatically renewed a membership for me to their Home Value Club without notice to me. However, in VERY SMALL unnoticeable print there is a statement on a welcome letter that states “We will annually notify you of your membership renewal date.” They never notified me. They just automatically renewed me.

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