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I bought these to surprise my girlfriend and really I'm just disappointed. She was very happy to receive them and all, but the delivered product was hardly what their "stock" image displays. I understand fully that the stock image is not what you should expect to be delivered and that the stock image is most likely there to make it seem like it's more than what it really is, but come on!

I get called that the sunflowers, the thing is called "pitcher full of sunflowers," aren't available and that they'd replace it with another type of flower if that was ok. At that point I just wanted to give her something that would surprise her and I thought, or at least I read, that if this situation happened they would replace it with flowers that are equal or greater value. You replaced the sunflowers with decent flowers, but hardly any? At the price point of almost $90 I expected more. Maybe my expectations were a little high and I let myself down but damn.

I don't know if I'd shop with them again to be quite honest. They are really my only option for flower delivery especially where she is at so they have my hands tied behind my back. Sorta sucks they let me down on this one. If whomever you're getting flowers for isn't far away and is close by, you're better off going to Ralphs which has a great selection of flowers mind you, and taking her/him out for dinner. It'll cost you about the same if you were to buy from 1-800-Flowers.

I ordered flowers for my daughter to be delivered on a Monday. I received an email stating they were delivered. However, my daughter said she did not receive the flowers & no note was left on her door. She checked with neighbors and no flowers. I contacted 1-800-Flowers customer service & they today me they were not delivered because they needed a signature and no one answered the door.

The shop called her & told her she needed to pick up her flowers at their shop. The flowers were supposed to be a surprise and I spent over $100 & paid a delivery fee. I requested a refund and they told me no & they would try to redeliver when she would be home again (Saturday). I spoke to a 1-800-Flowers supervisor who promised the flowers would be redelivered before 11am Saturday. They assured me that if she did not receive them by 11am, they would refund my money.

11am came & went & no flowers. Once again, I called & was on the phone over 50 min. They refused to give me a refund and wanted to redeliver again. At this point, I wanted my money back. I had spent enough time on the phone trying to work this out. The surprise was ruined for my daughter and they were not delivered when promised. I would never use 1-800-Flowers again! They don't stand behind their promises! I am going to contact my credit card and have them cancel the charge. It is very sad that a company that specializes in providing happiness & surprises are so unpleasant to work with. There are many other companies that provide similar services. Use them instead of 1-800-Flowers!

I initially wanted a fruit bouquet for my husband's 50th birthday, but was informed they did not deliver fruit to my area so substituted for flowers. During this terrible process I spoke with 4 representatives. The flowers were a day late, not the color choice as pictured, and the balloon I paid extra for was missing. I was given several different excuses from the representatives, and they were never the same. The last representative I spoke with informed me that she was a manager, but unfortunately I do not believe her. She was negative in her treatment of me, informed me that I would not receive the refund I requested nor the service charge amount credit that the 3rd representative offered. Very disappointed!!!

2 days prior to a FUNERAL I ordered flowers to be delivered to a church in London, England. I pointed out the service starts at 11:45 so to be sure the flowers are delivered PRIOR to the service. I was told absolutely no problem. The FIRST phone call I received was 8 hours AFTER the service was to start saying they couldn't deliver the flowers. I am so livid! And of course the customer service people (I had to speak to 2 because the 1st person disconnected me) repeat the same 'canned' apology - makes you want to scream! You just don't get a 2nd chance to send your respects for someone who died!!

This person simply said sorry it couldn't be delivered so is there somewhere else they could deliver them. I insisted they credit me in full and still send the flowers to the family home. The person checked with management (so she said) and they agreed but that they couldn't be delivered for 5 days. Whaaaat??? After arguing with them they assured me that someone would call me back the next day. Well... it's 9 pm the next day and no one called. Awful, awful, awful. I will NEVER deal with 1-800-Flowers again. Their job is to deliver flowers and what were they UNable to do? Deliver flowers.

I ordered some flowers for my 23-year-old stepdaughter... I live in Ohio and she lives in Utah... I specifically wanted a certain arrangement because of the beautiful sunflowers. I understand about substitutions, but this was a yellow mess. I did call 1-800-Flowers and they offered to do a re-delivery and give me a $20 credit towards my next order. The thing with flowers is that element of surprise and for the amount of money you spend, you want it to be right. I'm just really disappointed. They need to use florists that actually care about what they are putting together. ;((

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I wish I could give 0 stars. This has been one of the worst online ordering experiences of my life. I have spent hours (no exaggeration) on the phone trying to rectify this company's incompetence and failure to deliver as promised. I ordered a large bouquet to surprise my daughter on her birthday. When she snapped a photo of the delivered bouquet, I immediately saw that she had received a smaller version of what I had ordered and paid for (a "large" bouquet). What was delivered looked more like what was described on the 1800 website as "small," with a 7" vase, not the 11.5" as per their own description.

I called and asked that the "large" size that I ordered be delivered as soon as possible, and perhaps to use another florist who could be counted on to deliver the large size I ordered. I was assured the correct bouquet would be delivered by 3 pm the same day. By 5 pm, it still hadn't been delivered. I called AGAIN, and after being put on hold again and again (48 minutes on the phone!), I was told that "something got miscommunicated" and now the flowers would not be delivered till the following day! After her birthday was over!

Several attempts to speak to a manager or supervisor were denied (I was told repeatedly, they're not available). They also attempted to tell me that my daughter was "satisfied" with the arrangement. Huh? Yes, the florist had called her, upset that she didn't "like" the arrangement, and then 1800 called and grilled her on why she didn't like the bouquet. This is to the RECIPIENT, who they should never be hassled and intimidated! To the point, I'M the one who paid for them, and was unhappy with what she received, because it clearly wasn't what I had paid for. Very unethical of them.

Where is their integrity? Their honesty? They did nothing to really rectify this problem or make it right. Telling me "you're sorry" is meaningless. Action speaks louder than empty words. Nope. Sorry. Don't want any coupon toward a future purchase. Don't want the flowers. Don't want to deal with you people anymore, ever. A terrible terrible business. They should be OUT of business. Do not use this company. Just not worth the hassle and they WILL rip you off!!!

My 5 year old niece is in the hospital with a brain tumor and because she was scheduled for surgery I wanted her to have something pretty to look at when she woke up. Unfortunately due to 1-800-Flowers it wasn't possible. I place the order the day before her surgery, and received stating the flowers couldn't be delivered. My brother and sister-in-law were by her side all day. I provided the website my brother's cell so if they had any questions they could call him. She didn't get them the day I requested to have them delivered.

The actual day of her surgery I called in the morning and the rep assured me she would have them today. It is now almost 6pm and I had to call a second time only to be told by another rep that the florist could not find her hospital room number, nor was there a patient by her name. WTH!!! In addition to that the florist LIED saying they called my brother but they never did. 1-800-Flowers was quick to charge my credit card and even more quick to not deliver what I paid for. This was my first experience and it is my last. They even tried to offer me 50% off my next order and I assured them I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!!

When the CEO of our company passed, the funeral home had a link to do Sympathy Flowers. I linked to the 1-800 Flowers site and made an order. I even chatted with the customer service person who assured me that the flowers would be delivered for a 10 AM service the next day. I checked at 10:30 AM on the next day as I had not received a confirmation of delivery and I was told that they were not able to fulfill the time request. I was then told that they could deliver to the home and I accepted that option, but they would have to get the address from the Funeral home. At about 1:00 PM I received a call that my order was not to be delivered until the next day as florists do not work in the afternoon. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and I finally got in touch with one and she ultimately said she could not get the information from the funeral director and that was it.

I was told that I would have to do an internet search for that address and there was nothing that they could do. The customer service was a ZERO. It was their mistake and they were not able to fix it. I do believe that the customer service was offshore, and it could have been in the Philippines (I am not 100% sure). I ended up asking for my money back and being embarrassed that my condolences were not properly expressed even though I had done my part to do it. I heartily recommend to go to any other vendor which you can find to do your flower business. This was a shoddy and poorly run customer service operation which had no power to fix any problem that was handed to them.

We have order from 1-800-Flowers for every occasion over the last 4 years. This is the last time. I will NEVER order from 1-800-Flowers again. I just received a photo of the flowers that were delivered. They were for 90 year old women whose son had just died. The flowers were NOT what I had ordered. The sympathy arrangement that I chose had beautiful colors of peach colored roses, yellow lilies, with alstroemerias, and poms in muted greens, blushes, and pops of plum colors throughout. I realize that they have to substitute flowers for what they have in stock, etc.

This substitution was completely inappropriate. For my sympathy arrangement they chose large electric lime green daisies, large white lilies, mauve pinkish lilies, and some other mismatched filler. No roses were in the arrangement. Not only were the colors inappropriate the arrangement was NOT the quality I expected. The colors did not blend at all. As common sense would tell any first time flower arranger lime green might pair well with hot pink, but not mauve. We spent $80.60. It was a complete waste of money. Never again!!!

My godmother has cancer and just got out of surgery this weekend. I didn't expect to be able deliver flowers to her today, but 1-800-Flowers says they offer same-day delivery as long as you order before 2:30 PM in the delivery time zone. That sounded great. I submitted my order before noon in the delivery time-zone. That's an extra 2.5 hours to make sure the order can be processed today. I'm at my office and saw a random 800 number calling, but I ignored it, just like every other 800 number call that I receive. I checked my voicemail and a lady said to call back regarding my flower order. I called at the number she provided (which is a different number than she called from, and a different number than is advertised on the website). After providing my order number, I was told that the local florists were unable to process my order today so they had cancelled the order completely. Are you kidding? Who cancels an order without consulting the customer?

They could have just pushed the order to tomorrow, instead of today and refunded me the $3 same-day delivery charge. The lady proceeds to tell me that since she left me a voicemail, she was allowed to cancel my order, even though the voicemail said nothing about cancelling my order or the florist's inability to deliver today. I eventually asked for a supervisor, and the supervisor told me that not only could the order not be delivered today, the local florists don't have the flowers for the full "recipe" of my bouquet. She offered me a "top line" bouquet instead, but I don't want another bouquet. I want the one I ordered, for very specific reasons. She put me on hold and then came back and said that actually they could fulfill the order tomorrow and that they would have to charge my card again for the same amount. I had to be the one to tell her that it shouldn't be the same amount because the original order included a $3 fee for same-day delivery.

She agreed to take this off and they offered me a $20 credit for my next order that would be delivered to my email next week. I don't need $20 next week. I pushed enough that she agreed to remove the entire delivery fee, but she would still have to charge my card the full purchase amount and then issue a refund for the discount later. To top it all off, she ended the call by asking me to fill out a survey and give her a "perfect" score. 1-800-Flowers needs to get their business in order. What a mess. Don't offer same-day delivery unless your local florists are able to facilitate same-day orders.

I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my fiance today at 9 am to her place of business for our 5 year anniversary. Since I forgot the date and didn't get her anything last year I wanted to make sure I was prepared for our special day this time. I received an order confirmation and couldn't wait for her to get home and thank me. I arrived home to find my belongings on the front porch. I asked why and she said because I'd forgotten again! I'm now living in my mom's basement. Thanks 1-800 Flowers!!!

Before reading this, please bring up the website and view the picture of the "Classic Budding Rose-Large". Beautiful, isn't it? The photo shows 14 bloomed beautiful roses with plenty of greenery around it. Well, that's not what you get. You get 6 (yes, six) buds that look like tiny dots with hardly any greenery. It looks dead on arrival. I called customer service, and the lady said it would take around 3 days for the roses to bloom. Ok, so I asked directions on how much and when to water this plant and followed directions for a week...THEY NEVER BLOOMED! NEVER!

They just got worse until the buds just hung and fell off. I called cust serv again and told them this. I was offered $20 on another purchase (ANOTHER?? ARE THEY KIDDING?!) I said I wanted a full refund. She said she can offer 50% refund but that would not include a replacement plant. She can send a replacement plant with no refund. I said I didn't want the SAME plant because it would be in the same condition. She insisted it would NOT be the same, although she admitted upon my questioning, that she does not personally see the plants before they go out. I asked to send me a DIFFERENT PLANT OR FLOWER, and she refused. So I had no choice but to receive the 2nd "Classic Budding Rose-Large ", and hope it would be better. But it wasn't. It was exactly the same: Six dead-upon-arrival buds which looked anemic and only got worse. I will never do business with 1-800--Flowers again.

Monday (July 11th 2016) my coworker arrived back to work after a lengthy battle with cancer so my department and I wanted to show her we missed her and order the "Sugar 'N' Spice" Bouquet in LARGE for her. TOTAL $84.44. It arrived and looked as though a toddler put together this arrangement. The flowers were dead and looked like someone cut the petals and the bow was terribly tied. I called customer service and a woman assured me that I'd have a new bigger better fuller more beautiful bouquet by 5pm the same day...

Now @ 4:00pm I call customer service again demanding to know where my flowers are. They tell me the florist is closed. WTF?! They assure me by the next day I'll have them. I get a delivery email stating they were delivered and signed for. I arrive to work and ask security (who is at the front desk 24/7) if any flowers came. They stated nothing has come in. Outraged I call customer service for the 3rd time now. The lady said she was sorry and she'll take the shipping fee off ($17) and call the florist. After being on hold for 10 minutes the woman comes back and says the shop is not open yet and to wait.

So my flowers come at 1pm and they are even worse than the 1st bouquet. The lilies were dead and wilted. The roses were all the way open and looked like they were left in the hot car for hours and there was no water in the vase. I called customer service for the 4th time and the lady put me on hold for an hour while she apparently spoke with the florist and her supervisor and she said she'd give me $20 off my next purchase. I said there was not going to be another purchase with this company as I want my flowers fixed and a full refund. She said "ok $30 off your next purchase." I said that is not fixing my problem. She said the only way she'd be able to help me more would to be to email pictures in with a full complaint. So I did and I did get my full refund but it does not fix my flower problem.

My sister just got laid off. I called as soon as I received the news and ordered "same day" delivery about 11am. They sure let me pay for it so I thought it was available. It was a Friday and they did call me a few times but did not leave a message. I saw the missed calls about 3pm and I called them. I reached the Philippines. I was told that it was too late to same day deliver but was assured they would be delivered Saturday (today). I told them no problem but wanted the $2.99 refunded - the up charge for the same day. They were stunned but said they would process. No flowers were delivered today. I just called to discuss with customer service (in the Philippines) and was told the florist didn't acknowledge the order. I told them to cancel. I'll fight for the refund, turned around and ordered from Pro-Flowers.

I placed an order for birthday flowers and balloon to be sent 2 days prior to the scheduled delivery. The delivery date came and went. No flowers and no call. The next day I called customer service and was told that the florist could not find my recipient's office. We verified the delivery address and my contact number were correct. The lady apologized and guaranteed delivery would be between 9-5 for a business address. I asked how she could guarantee delivery time when they didn't make the original scheduled date and she simply told me 9-5 was the business delivery window.

I called customer service again at 4:00 p.m. because my girlfriend still hadn't received the flowers. I was told they tried to deliver them the day before, but the office was closed. I reminded the lady that business delivery was guaranteed between 9 - 5 and that someone was there during those hours and that during my previous call I had previously been told that the florist could not find the office. She apologized and said, "oh, I see that now." Shortly after the second phone call the flowers and balloon were delivered. The delivery person placed the flowers on the counter at my girlfriend's office and walked out saying nothing. The flowers appeared to have just been stuffed in the vase and was not the beautiful arrangement I viewed online when I made my purchase. I wish I had read the reviews for 1800flowers prior to making my purchase. It appears I am not alone in having a bad experience with them.

LIVID!! I used to be a 1-800-Flowers customer for flowers I need to send out of state and I guess I was lucky that I never had an issue before. NEVER AGAIN!! Ordered a beautiful arrangement for my mother-in-law for her birthday on July 1st. I ordered the large size Summer Dunes... $59.99 plus tax, shipping, etc. I was sent picture texts of what was delivered... Wrong flowers and a MUCH smaller arrangement. I called of course. I was horrified.

They promised the correct arrangement would be re-sent yesterday. Nothing was delivered. When I called them this morning they didn't apologize. In fact they lied to me. Said they tried to call me and email me to alert me that a new arrangement couldn't be sent until next Friday! WHAT??? I got no call or email. I even checked my spam just in case... Nothing!! NEVER AGAIN! I was promised a full credit, but after looking at the HUNDREDS of complaints on their Facebook page I know I will have to fight for that, too. This is not over!

They called late on the day, the flowers were supposed to be delivered and said the flowers were "not available." The operator had a thick accent and was not understanding my desire to ship flowers later in the month. When I finally conveyed that desire, we went back and forth looking at suggested arrangements, each time with her saying, "Sorry, that is not available." She offered to send flowers on 3 days that my friends would be at the hospital, so those days didn't work. Then the operator said that there were NO dates FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER (today is 7/1/2016) during which they could send ANY flowers other than those 3 days. Unbelievable. Literally, I cannot believe she was speaking truthfully.

THEN, she put me on hold - 5 minutes at a time - and would come back and suggest something else: fruit, chocolate, lotions, etc., each time with a 5 minute hold before she came back with another stupid suggestion. And this was after I repeatedly said that I wanted flowers and nothing else. What a tremendous waste of my time. I will NEVER do business with this company... and I hope someone brings legal action. I don't understand how they are still in business. Their margins must be ridiculous!

I purchased a gift card online. On their website, a notification said receive 20% off if I sign up for their list serv. I did so. I read the term and conditions on the gift card and promotion code as well as 1800flowers.com's website. Neither stating I can't use them together. The retention dept. apologized agreeing it was not on their website about the promotion code and my gift card that cannot be used together. Not fair. Not happy.

I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mothers 80th birthday from 1-800-Flowers. She promptly posted a picture of flowers on Facebook and I was horrified with the pitiful bouquet she received. They did not resemble the ordered bouquet. I called the company and they apologized and offered to send another bouquet, which I thanked them for attempting to satisfy the customer. WHAT they fail to advertise or tell the consumer the flowers were sent FedEx, leaving the recipient to arrange themselves. I feel it should be disclosed upon order that local florists will not be used and flowers will be sent FedEx. Would have called local florist in her state to deliver.

Had ordered flowers for same day delivery service for a friend's funeral that I could not attend. I got a call after 1 PM when the service started at 2 PM, that they did not have my arrangement available. They cannot deliver to the funeral anymore and offered to deliver to spouses home the next day with an arrangement worth 1/2 the price I paid. This made me look as if I didn't care for my friend and now I cannot reverse this situation. All I would like to do is make sure no one ever uses this company again, especially for something important. I was guaranteed same day service and instead I got nothing. They also stated they called me earlier, but I have no missed calls, no voicemails, and no resolution. When I called for a manager they put in a queue that hung up on me twice with a recording stating they could not help me.

I ordered a fruit basket for a friend who lost his father. This was the second time that I had 1-800-Flowers deliver something for condolences due to the loss of a loved one. Each time I was not able to attend the funerals, instead I decided to have something sent. Both times my package was NOT delivered at the promised time and both times 1-800-Flowers tried to fix the situation but they couldn't because in both cases the funeral was over. I was VERY disappointed and embarrassed that I could not send these families something to show my sympathy.

This last package was a fruit basket and they offered to deliver it four days after it was supposed to deliver it and even then, they were running late. I finally canceled the order because it would have been too embarrassing to send 4-5 day old fruit. The live representative on this call was great, it's 1-800-Flowers and FedEx who I have an issue with. I will be looking for someone else to do my flowers and baskets in the future. I am VERY disappointed. There should be something else that can be done about them, especially after reading reviews from others with similar complaints.

The flowers arrived without the balloon. I was offered a $20 pass, like I'd ever try their service again. When asked to apply the $20 toward my payment they again directed me to their $20 pass. This is not acceptable.

Placed order today 06/24/2016, sent email. Delivery would be made today, then after 3 pm was informed by email this would not happen as their local florist could not make it happen. 4 hours left in the day, then offered a $20 credit on a future order. 1800 flowers is in the service, yet have failed me twice this year. Why accept an order when you can't deliver? Twice this year you have made me look bad. I plan to contact every consumer group and a lawyer for breach of contract and sue for damages, emotional stress, and contact the tv media.

I ordered a large flower arrangement on 6/15/16 to be delivered on the same day. They delivered the flowers and the gift on 6/16, 1 day late, but the flowers delivered were looking pitiful with lots of green and very few flowers. I sent them a picture with the flowers ordered and what they actual delivered. They sent an email with apologies and promise they will do a new delivery with the right flowers on 6/20. Today is 6/23 and no flowers were delivered. No more business with them.

I ordered flowers for Father's Day to be delivered the day before Father's Day. They arrived 2 days after Father's Day. There was no phone call or email notification that there was a problem with the delivery. When I called "customer service" the operator had the nerve to say, "I'm happy that the recipient got their delivery." I told him I wasn't happy and that I wanted a refund. He then offered me $20 off my next order. Ha! There won't be a next order.

Ordered flowers for my mother to be delivered on Mother's Day. Promised to be delivered on Thursday - no flowers, then Friday - no flowers, called on Saturday - no flowers. Finally showed up late Sunday evening. The arrangement looked substantially smaller than the large bouquet I ordered. Looked more like a group of flowers stuck in a vase. For Father's Day - used a coupon to order a Harry and David's basket. They sent the wrong basket (even with the basket of items in the photo) and even when they resent the basket, they didn't send the correct one. Awful experience!!

I ordered flowers for my 45th Wedding Anniversary for my wife. I placed the order for a large flower arrangement to be delivered on my Anniversary. I was out of town so I trusted 1-800-Flowers would deliver as promised. The 18th of June came and late in the day I received a confirmation of delivery. I called my wife and she told me no flowers had been delivered. I called 1-800-Flowers and was told my wife had signed for them. This was not the case. I advised them that flowers had not been delivered. The agent told me that the flowers would be redelivered the next day. Later that day flowers were delivered that looked like a two year old arranged them. It had mismatched wilted flowers and looked like they picked from someones yard.

My wife was very upset. It looked nothing like I ordered. I called again and was told that they would replace the order. I got an email confirming. Monday came and went. No flowers. Tuesday the new flowers arrived. Still not what I ordered. I will never order flowers from 1-800-Flowers again ever. Shame on them for sending out the mess they sent. DO NOT EVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM 1-800-Flowers.

On June 16, 2016 we ordered flowers for my step mother-in-law; who passed away last Sunday June 12, 2016. The 1-800-Flowers said they will be delivered by June 17, 2016 by 1900 hours or 7:00 P.M eastern time and they failed to do that. They said went today (June 18, 2016) and tried to delivered and failed. We will never again use 1-800-Flowers for anything in state or out of state. If I could go negative stars I would - that's how bad this company is run. I would give them (-5 stars).

They took my money and never delivered. The flowers never arrived. They sent me a confirmation email that the order would be delivered by 7 pm the following day. Two days later, no flowers and NO WORD from them AT ALL. I had to call their "customer service" number to find out that the order couldn't be fulfilled for whatever reason. I asked for a refund and confirmation of a refund but they haven't sent me anything yet. Plus they said it would take at least a week to process the refund. NO FLOWERS, NO GIFT. I'm so upset that they ruined this special moment for my family and will never, ever use them again. Read the other reviews. Google this company. They are absolutely the worst. Total scam! Buyer beware.

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my dying brother while still at home on Fri. The Flowers were not delivered until the following Mon Afternoon. My brother died at the hospital Mon am. He never received my last gift to add some sunshine for his last days on this earth. The flowers were left on the back porch. I can't tell you how painful this lack of delivery as promised meant to me. I was heartbroken!

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Since starting operations in 1976, 1-800-Flowers has put customer satisfaction at the top of its core values. To this company, flowers send a message. Each flower says something different, and the bouquets are an entire conversation.

  • Same-day delivery: Sometimes, you need a bouquet delivered in just a few hours, and 1-800-Flowers offers a same-day service.
  • Seasonal arrangements: For home or the office, seasonal decorations are a must. Expect to see spring blooms, pumpkins, evergreens and more as the seasons turn.
  • Shop by occasion: Unless you are a floral enthusiast, it can be difficult to tell what bouquet is suitable for which occasion. 1-800-Flowers takes away all the guess work by breaking down its arrangements into convenient categories.
  • Personalize gifts: Sending flowers can feel a little impersonal, but not when they come with an engraved candle holder or embroidered teddy bear.
  • Go beyond flowers: While it has tons of lovely arrangements, it also offers a selection of keepsake gifts, from wine sets to picture frames.
  • Best for Suitors, husbands, modern women and companies.

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