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Maytag Settles Neptune Washer Lawsuit

Maytag Settles Class Action Law Suit

Maytag has settled a consumer class action suit alleging odor, mold and mildew problems with Maytag Neptune Washers.

More than two million consumers are included in the class, and may receive repair reimbursements, replacement costs up to $500, and/or washing machine purchase certificates up to $1000.

According to documents filed in the Circuit Court for the State of Illinois, many Maytag consumers have complained of their machine functioning improperly and clothing covered in mold, as a result of problems with the door latch, wax motor, motor control, and related circuit boards.

"The stench was awful," said Anne of Treasure Island, Fla., in a complaint to ConsumerAffairs.com. "I was told to wash the boot and the gasket in the door once a week. Use only a certain detergent. Wipe the door and the inside down with bleach once a week and then leave the door open for 2 hours after each washing."

"I was washing my washer more than I was washing my laundry," she said.

Under the settlement, those who purchased a Maytag Neptune Front-Load Washing Machine (any model, including stackables) any time between April 1, 1997 to August 9, 2004 are entitled to one or more of the following remedies:

a) Repair Reimbursements, defined as any reasonable out-of-pocket costs related to repairs prior to August 9, 2004 for problems mentioned in the suit.

b) Replacement Costs of up to $500, subject to depreciation, for each Maytag customer who replaced their Maytag Neptune Washer prior to August 9, 2004 as a result of the problems mentioned in the suit.

c) Washing Machine Purchase Certificates of up to $1000, if class member suffer the problems mentioned in the suit, and Maytag can't repair the condition. The value of the certificate is based on the age of the machine. The certificates may be used for the purchase of a new Neptune Washer. Maytag will also cover delivery of the new machine and disposal of the old unit.

What To Do

To qualify for a remedy, consumers must complete and send in a claim form. Claim forms can be obtained by calling 866-288-0515 or visiting the class action website, www.maytagfrontloadsettlement.com. All claim forms must be sent back in by August 9, 2005.

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