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Very bad experience with Home Depot. Home Depot delivered damaged Dishwasher and don't take it back or replacement, nobody take responsibility for it. I really disappointed.

I installed a shadow box fence for a customer. The customer came out and looked at his 22 pieces of 4 foot by 8 foot fence and they could see through the fence. I called home depot and had a manager come out and told me!! "You know how Americans work today! They can't measure and that everything that is made in America is built wrong."

Today!! They would not refund my money let alone tear the fence down and put up a fence labor included for the cement that the post were put in. I will never ever buy anything from those clowns again!!! Even if they're the last company on earth I will never ever buy from them again. Why don't they just move to China?? I then talked to the main manager and they said I should have measured each pre made fence and it was my fault. So I bought the wood from a supply store and made the damn fence myself. Again I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THOSE BASTARDS AGAIN. HOW DARE THEM CUT DOWN AMERICA!!!

My oven wasn't working properly so we decided to get a new GE wall oven and microwave for the July 4th sale. We went to the store and told the associate that we needed a wall oven and a matching WALL microwave. We gave him the size of the oven (30") and told him that the microwave is 30 inches including the trim kit. He "helped" us by choosing on their big swipe screen the right oven and said that we can just get a 30 inch microwave. We agreed and paid for both and left. He also told us that installation is free but they won't do any cabinet adjustment. We were to receive all this after 2 weeks of buying. We went home and called a carpenter to come out and cut the cabinet to fit the microwave that we bought. And yes, we looked at the exact specifications on GE's website for that model.

Come delivery day, the guys brought the massive oven box and microwave and we thought that finally we will be able to use an oven. But they also said that the microwave is the wrong model (chosen by the associate) and can only go on top of the cook top. We declined to keep the microwave and they said that they don't do installations and left us with the HUGE oven box in the kitchen. I called Home Depot multiple times over the week and bounced around from one person to another and explaining the situation from the beginning each time.

Finally Kim, who has been the most helpful, said that she will talk to the manager and let me know. Again after days of calling I was told that they do not have a microwave that will fit the cut out in the cabinet but they have a very pricey convection/microwave oven that will fit. This product had a discount on it but I still had to shell out another $300 to buy the second Convection/Microwave oven. They said however that they will pay for the installation (which we were told initially was free).

Again after 2 weeks of waiting and calling, they sent a person to measure. After that the installers called me to confirm a date and time. Our assumption was that since they had "measured" they would know the size of the cutout. And the person I spoke to also said that if it's not flush, they will use a trim kit. They finally arrived with the 2nd microwave and installed the oven and the microwave. In the process they dropped and broke the glass tray for the new microwave so we are unable to use it. They also left gaps on both sides of the microwave and did not anchor it anywhere so you can pretty much move it.

I have been trying to reach Yolanda (who apparently is the person to handle all this) but to no avail. I have left multiple messages for her and haven't received a call back. In the meantime there is no manager taking responsibility for this situation. I had talked to Jonathan few weeks back but they say that he quit HD. Since then I have talked to Horace and Tanisha (they said they were managers) and they too have been sending me off to different numbers and I'm constantly on hold. I have wasted around 20 hours at least over the course of the month. I now have a working oven but no working microwave.

Yesterday a Home Depot claims person called from an 800 number asking me to exactly how the glass plate broke. I referred him back to the installers and haven't heard back since. I want a new glass plate and our cabinets fixed so there isn't a gap. I'm so frustrated that I don't even know who to reach at Home Depot to solve this issue once for all.

For ten years I have planned this project to get my master bath, partially redo my guest bath and replace the floors of the foyer and both baths and I picked Marazzi tile at Home Depot, which, I might add, was one of their most expensive tiles. My contractor got as far as the master bath, the first phase of the project. He used Pebble mosaic Marazzi tile which was on backing and he had to take them back up. Some of the tiles on the backing were closer together than other tiles which would make the grout thinner in some places than others. Some of the tiles (that were supposed to be the same width and were butted end to end) were different widths. The tiles are a total mess.

I am going to have to pay my contractor for his time to put the defective tiles down and taking them back up and this has put the entire project on hold (gutted master bath, sticky Visqueen on my carpet, paper on my hardwood floor and construction stuff in every room of my house) for an extra week and a half while the new tile I had to pick out comes in and the contractor can find tile again in his rearranged schedule to finish my project. I timed it so it would be done before company got here but that isn't going to happen. My master bath should have been done last week and my guest bath done today but I am dead in the water with still a gutted master bath. And it looks like I will have to file in Small Claims court to get back the extra money I will have to pay to my contractor because Home Depot and Marazzi tile are passing me back and forth saying the other one should pay. DON'T BUY HOME DEPOT PRODUCTS OR ANY TILE FROM MARAZZI.

I bought 2k worth of items on the Home Depot website. There was an option to pick up the items in the store on the same day. Placed my order and was called a few hours later by an employee saying they didn't have one of the items. They offered a refund or that they had a more expensive option. I was happy to pay for the upgrade and told them so. I went to the store before close that day and was told that my order wasn't ready yet. Called the next day, order still incomplete. I mentioned the missing elbow and was told that the order was still showing up incomplete so they couldn't release it to me.

3rd day I didn't have time to call or deal with them. Day 4 I go to the store and waste 2 hours while an employee called their boss and the tech department to try to figure out why it wouldn't let them delete that item. The employee was really nice and warned me that their system was awful and that this happens a lot. I felt bad that the in-store employees are getting screwed over by corporate.

Until this point I was happy to upgrade, but after being messed with for so long I decided I just wanted a refund and didn't want to spend any more money with Home Depot. After the 2-hour wait an employee offered to help me load the items they did have into my truck while the other employee tried to get the refund to go through. 20 more minutes to get it all loaded and then 10 more minutes waiting in line to get the refund only to be told that they wouldn't be able to give me one until the online orders that I had shipped to my home had arrived and cleared out of the system.

On the store console it appeared that I owed $850 that I had already paid and until the online site had cleared it they couldn't offer me a refund. At this point I expected to be offered the higher priced item in exchange for all the bs they had put me through, but no. All they were able to do is offer me the 2 page equivalent of an IOU.

I run a small business and all I can be appreciative of is the fact that this wasn't for a customer because I would have lost the account. Now I've just checked the tracking for all the items that were being shipped to my home and 2 of them are delayed an entire week from the shipping time that was on the website. I usually don't mind waiting for online orders, but don't advertise for something you can't do.

Between my business and my home I have spent well over 10k this year alone at Home Depot and after all of this I just can't see myself going back to buy another item. I'll drive the extra 20 minutes to shop at Lowe's or just start ordering everything off Amazon like everyone else seems to do these days. With earnings of a reported $7 billion you would think Home Depot would be able to afford a website that actually works. They know it's a problem and just don't care about screwing over the customer.

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After purchasing a RainSoft Healthway air purifier that the salesman promised will work very well, it did not perform as well as a much cheaper unit we had. It cost about $2600. We called Pure Water Incorporated who installed the unit for Home Depot over several times and when they looked at it, they stated everything functioned correctly. I'm not pleased at all with the unit and wish I had never purchased this overpriced and underperforming unit.

Tried ordering 3 times online, was told it is not going through, would get a call, never got call. Called multiple times, finally placed order with a woman who said she would have delivery company call me the day before to set up window and because of inconvenience would get free haul away and a gift card emailed to me. Never got gift card, never got call, waited and tried multiple times to call, got transferred, transferred, ended up in how was my experience tape even though I had not spoken to anyone.

Decided to try one more time, and if no good news, cancel my order. The person I spoke to was challenging to understand and told me "forget about gift card," there are no notes saying I would get one or free haul away. I canceled order and asked for gift card since I spent at least 3 hours in total trying to order and get my fridge. He kept saying I received numerous emails and calls, got one email confirming order and one call 4 days after delivery date to reschedule, tried calling delivery company back and after 20 minutes, hung up. He said everything they did was correct and I would not get gift card. Not customer service oriented. Grateful we have a humane fridge store in the neighborhood. Home Depot lost me as an all around customer. Used to stop in for things, never again. Never received refrigerator.

Will never buy major appliance from Home Depot. Had issue once. Will never want to happen again. Bought a dishwasher from Home Depot. When they came for delivery they found the valve needs to be repair by a plumber in order to shut off the water. So they left the dishwasher in the garage and will come back to install it once the valve is replaced. A week later, valve was replaced and they came back and found the dishwasher inside a good condition box was completely damage. A lot of dents and parts were damaged to a point they were unable to do installation. Call Home Depot to find out they only take care of the damage if reported within 48 hours.

Now I've to go through manufacturer to have a repair on a dishwasher that just bought from Home Depot and it is an expensive one. So don't take the risk of getting this type of issue. Go to other stores with better policy and better service. Maybe it is a little cheaper to get the same thing from Home Depot, but it is not worth to save this money because it might cost you more. Pretty much the dishwasher I bought that costs me 600 is wasted because even if it can be repaired, the dents won't go away and it might easily break again in the near future. I can't imagine I'm paying $600 for a brand new dishwasher, but the thing I'm getting is worse than a refurbished one. I want to share my experience so more people can save their money by not shopping in Home Depot for major appliances. I will still shop at Home Depot for small items but definitely not appliances or expensive items.

I purchased a Ryobi chainsaw from Home Depot in Bellevue, TN. The saw is defective and I tried to return it last night. Returns associate said she needed a manager to approve. He enters information into computer and tells me "it won't let me". He tries again and again says "it won't let me". He just dismisses me saying there is nothing they could help me with. I asked to even exchange saws and again "it won't let me". The saw is dangerous because the chain slips off. This is the second Ryobi I bought during July. The first one also had the problem of chain coming loose. It hit my husband's thigh once but thankfully he had on thick denim jeans. I had no problem returning that one at another store. Very frustrating that I bought junk which was supposed to be a birthday gift.

I ordered carpet and when they told me I had to wait couple of weeks to get it installed I went back to the store (within few days) and cancelled the order. Home Depot gave me a bunch of paperwork stating that the charge was refunded to my Home Depot card. Few weeks later, I got my account statement with the charge still on it. I called and they told me they were waiting for refund from contractor. So many wrong things here! First, I did not do business with the contractor but with HD. Second, how come I get all the "refund" paperwork and it is not credited??? They told me it was credited at "store level"... Buyers beware. Check every single transaction because they do not keep good records and you might ended up paying for that "refund" that never happened! At this moment I am on the phone with HD trying to get this resolved.

Home Depot has terrible appliance delivery service. They made our life so difficult after purchasing the appliances from them. We bought new construction townhomes which does not include refrigerator, washing machine and dryer. We then bought these appliances from Home Depot and scheduled them to be delivered after 20 days of purchases. On the day of delivery, 2 guys came and told us that they cannot move the refrigerator since we didn't tell them ahead that we are living in townhome and they don't have the belt or tool to lift the refrigerator. They told us to reschedule the delivery and left. We had to call Home Depot delivery service many times and waited for so long, then finally scheduled second delivery.

The second delivery was late and they could not find our home. The driver insisted that I should wait for them at nearby gas station while I am 8 and half month pregnant. I refused, but somehow they found our home eventually. This time they said the washer was not in warehouse, they only have the refrigerator and dryer. I only accepted refrigerator and re-scheduled again the rest of appliances to be delivered after a week.

However, on the next day, while at work, I was suddenly told the delivery staff is waiting at my door to deliver washer. They didn't even call me ahead to let me know this! This time, they only brought the washer but nothing else. Three big tall guys insisted that I have to accept the washer. They kept blaming me that it's my fault that I didn't accept the dryer the day before. NO ONE told me that these people will show up at my door like this! I finally accepted the washer and it's sitting in my garage. I don't know when the completed order will be delivered, but we have been living without refrigerator for a week and without washer and dryer for more than a week. If you purchase appliance from Home Depot, be prepared for unexpected and terrible service like this!

Saturday, May 28th, I stopped in Home Depot to purchase a new lawn tractor. I had already done my homework and knew the exact model, and what everyone near me was selling it for. Tractor Supply has the same tractor in a print ad marked $1799. Home Depot's price was $1999, so I took a copy of the Tractor Supply ad into Home Depot to get their Price Match Guarantee (price match + 10%) which would have lowered the price even more. The Home Depot associate at the Customer Service desk said they do not honor another company's SALE price, just their regular price and refused. I ended up buying the lawn tractor, a multi-purpose weed eater, loading ramps, and a few small items from Tractor Supply that day. On top of that, Tractor Supply pulled the tractor out of a crate and assembled it for me, where Home Depot's were sitting out in the parking lot in the weather. Tractor Supply earned my business. Home Depot blew me off.

When I registered a complaint on the Home Depot website, they verified my claim and agreed that they should have price matched. Their response was to send a $75 gift card. A far cry from the $300 I should have gotten if they honored their guarantee. Over the years, I've spent many thousands of dollars at Home Depot, and even carried their credit card for years. They lost a loyal customer over $300. Lowe's, Tractor Supply, and ACE Hardware are just down the street and provide much better service.

Placed an online order on July 28, 2016. Home Depot sent an e-mail confirmation that my order had shipped on July 29, 2016. On July 30, I checked tracking to confirm delivery date. Tracking stated delivery date of August 2nd. When my order did not arrive as stated I checked the tracking number. Home Depot did not ship my order on July 29. Order was shipped on August 1st. The first issue is their lying customer dis-service personnel. The representative and his "supervisor" both did their best to try and convince me the problem was caused by the shipping carrier! The e-mails Home Depot sent me clearly shows they caused the problem - not the shipping carrier.

The second issue is I had to drive over 150 miles to pick up the needed item. Item was not available locally. Based on research I thought Home Depot had a great price and offered a fast delivery time. Both turned out to be a lie. I was able to get a better item at a lower price elsewhere but spent four hours driving to get it. Home Depot would NOT accept responsibility for their mistake.

Everyone should greet the customer @ the door. My time there @ Home Depot is okay but I wish that they can be a little bit more happy to see the customers and help them out... It's not fair to have a customer waiting for some help and then that person leaves and should be kind to everyone.

I needed 64 concrete blocks for a project to help my friend. At 6 am I paid for said blocks and waited outside for help to load them. When the H.D. employees came out they refused to help load the 64 blocks on the H.D. rented truck. So... I went back in to cashier, cancelled the order and purchased a full pallet of blocks so the forklift operator could load them. As the operator removed the forks from the load the truck horn began to blow like an alarm. The fork operator then yelled turn the key on and put truck in "drive". I did and it stopped. Upon arrival to my destination the load was shifted to the rear of the truck and at that time a weld on the rear gate support broke. (One 3 inch weld and a 5 inch 90 degree inside gusset.) I was able to raise the gate and latch it with no problem. A simple aluminum weld job and one gusset to put the truck back in service. RIGHT?

I unloaded and returned the truck, advising at that time of the weld failure caused by the OVERLOADED CONDITION; By the HOME DEPOT EMPLOYEES. The rental dude observed the broken weld and took the truck out of service. Handed me a receipt and I left. 5 weeks later I receive a bill from HOME DEPOT for $5,518! So they receive a rating of 0. They (HD employees) overload their own truck and now demand me to pay for a whole new bed! Do not rent and DO NOT BUY FROM THE HOME DEPOT!

I decided to rent a floor scraper machine for a vinyl from. I went to the East Port Richey, Florida Home Depot where I was served by a counter employee who rented me a small hand pushed machine. He stated he would give me instructions on how to use it and charged me a deposit of $100 for the rental. When I got home with the machine it did not work to remove the vinyl. The blade was dull and it did absolutely no removing of vinyl floor whatsoever. In fact, this machine was useless for vinyl floor removal. I called the store a little upset for wasting time and money and asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the return of the machine and renting a bigger one for the same rate since that machine did nothing.

The manager approved of this and I returned the first machine and rented another larger and heavy scraper which was loaded onto a pick up truck by the counter guy who stated he would give me instructions on how to use it, which he didn't same as with the first machine. I got home, unloaded this larger scraper machine from the pickup truck with difficulty because it was very heavy and hard to maneuver. I finally got it on the vinyl floor while preparing to plug it I noticed the black electric cable to the machine had a cut in it. I called the manager and asked if it would be ok to use it with the cut in the wire and if this would put me at risk of shocking myself.

He asked me to wrap it with black tape or painters tape and still use it and it did nothing either. It did not removing anything or even scrape the surface of the floor. So, I tried reloading it after calling the tool rental desk and stating it was on its way back because it did not work. Meanwhile the supervisor had told me he would talk to the manager at the tool rental desk about renting dull tools and tools with cut electrical wire and to be more careful. When I tried loading this heavy machine back onto the pick up truck via the ramp they provided I was not able to pull it up by any means. I stood below the ramps and pulled it up with my arm instead of my entire body being and finally got it up there. But I exhausted myself so much I did not feel well after this.

So I drove back to the Home Depot store on Little Road in New Port Richey, FL and went in the tool rental desk are after parking my truck to an adjacent wall by the entry door to the desk. I told the unsightly overweight female clerk that I had over exerted myself by forcing to put the machine on the truck and did not feel well. She showed no concern whatsoever, so stepped away whispering in another employees ear in front of me. I asked her to get someone to unload the machine from my truck. An employee who I assume was the one who was notified by the supervisor that the tools were not in adequate condition to rent started charging outside ignoring me while I spoke to him. He called the name of another staff member .They both stood on each side of my pick up truck by the side back wheel fender and scratched both sides of my truck as they pulled the machine toward the gate, and unloaded it by lifting it.

It was initially loaded by another employee who used ramps, but these two guys unloaded it in that manner to maliciously scratch the truck, because I complained about the rental equipment quality and the supervisor was informed. First I want to say that this sort of thing done to a female who is already not feeling well and went through all the trouble of going back and forth with tools that were useless for a job, is quite cowardly. Only criminals and cowards behave this way. Big tough guys huh!! I am very disappointed in knowing that Home Depot employs such people.

Went to Home Depot on Market Place Dr in Flagstaff AZ to select tile flooring and carpet in June 2016. Employee came for measurements. Paid the bill. No one contacted us again re when material would be delivered or confirm that order was placed. Made several phone calls and several in-person visits. Manager REFUSED to speak with us. Told that material is scheduled to be delivered on a date but not confirmed until several efforts made by myself to set date and time. Spouse took off work for delivery. Wrong tile delivered. Again, very difficult to find someone to assist with obtaining correct tile and having wrong tile picked up. Again, spouse took off work. Was told a time correct tile would be delivered (approx. 1000).

Received phone call at approx. 0800 that the delivery was at the door. Spouse and I at work so let him know would need to return at 1000. This is the third time that spouse had to take off from work. That day, realized that the wrong color grout was initially delivered as well. Returned that to store. Not enough correct colored grout so ordered that. Multiple efforts made to ascertain when that was to be in store. Eventually told it was at Customer Service. They attempted to charge me for the additional grout. Then, let me leave store with it.

Tile installation was incredibly professional and competent. This was with a contracted service through Home Depot. However, the est. for materials was grossly inflated. Ended up returning approx. $600 worth of material. Notified by contracted carpet installer of date and time of installation (7/28 at 0800 - 1000). Again, absolutely no communication from Home Depot. Did received text from Home Depot at approx. 0820 on day of scheduled installation stating that materials would be delivered between 1200 and 1600. Phoned spouse who had already taken off from work that the time was changed. I was informed that they were there but the carpet was not measured correctly (too small) and they had to return it and re-order. Have spoken with Erin at Customer Cares a couple of times. Does not return phone calls or follow up with continued delays and errors on the part of Home Depot.

The services they contract with are exceptional! Grace Customer Service Supervisor at Home Depot in Flagstaff is the ONLY employee at that location who has been productive and followed through with concerns. Honestly? I feel as though I am in a Jerry Seinfeld episode! If we weren't losing money, work time, personal time, and not feeling so frustrated, I would be the first to admit that the gross incompetence and unprofessionalism would be hysterical!

Buyer beware! Purchased $10,000 worth of flooring and installation from Home Depot and a patio door. From pulling their material crane drop off truck onto our driveway and cracking it, a mismeasure by their "qualified" measuring technician, their poor choice of subcontractors to poor communication between the store and their liaison on the job site, this entire process has been a nightmare! Purchased my flooring at the end of April. Still waiting for a job to be finished. Contractors here today without proper material and work orders to address concerns. Go to a flooring shop who uses their own in-house employees as I'm sure this would ensure you a better finished product.

Their trusted installer is subcontracting out to other subcontractors. The right hand does not speak to the left hand. Have yet to have proper thresholds installed at any junction in the home. Will never be going back for anything from this location. You get what you pay for in this life. Spend a few extra bucks with a qualified flooring contractor. They also installed a damaged patio door on my home and instead of instructing me at the time of install that there was damage they left it for me to notice after the job was completed. Instead of fixing the door properly they offered a buyout package so they didn't have to come out to fix their shoddy materials and poor workmanship. Don't get ripped off too.

This product was purchased as a gift and was opened months after it was given. It fell apart after 2 days of use which was quite embarrassing. For a $100 gift, it looked extremely cheap. In researching the product after it fell apart, it seems that most companies are charging a lot less than I paid at Home Depot. I contacted the manufacturer who said that the recommended price was 30% less than what Home Depot had charged. When I contacted Home Depot customer service, I was told the return period had expired and I needed to contact the manufacturer. The overcharging issue was not addressed. Despite the fact that Home Depots are much more convenient where we live, going forward, we will make sure to use Lowe's. In our experiences, they have a much more responsive and caring Customer Service department.

First of all, why are certain items not available for home shipping, you have to get it at the store? I wanted a ceiling fan but out of three different colors, the color I wanted was not available to be shipped to my home. The other two colors I could have shipped to my home. It showed the inventory of all three fans, and there were a few of each fan at "my" store. So, why is the one not available for shipping to my home???

I purchased 8 solar spot lights from Home Depot on 7/01/16. I just returned 7 of them this morning 7/23/16 without a receipt. The purchase price was $5.88 ea. Six of the lights crapped out within 2 weeks of the purchase. The 7th one still worked but only for about an hour. The woman at the customer service desk belonged in another line of work. She either woke up on the wrong side of the bed or she didn't have a clue or training on the definition of the desk she was standing at. She was rude and was not listening to my plight of the 8 dysfunctional lights. I tolerated her ignorance until she accused me of returning lights that I did not purchase from Home Depot. I attempted patience but I had to ask her about her attitude. I then asked if someone else could help me. I don't know if she was being trained and left on her own prematurely but another employee came to OUR rescue.

I have spent 35 years of my life in customer service. It can be a very challenging career dealing with the public day in and day out. I am a pretty easy going guy until someone pushes the right buttons in my private life. When dealing with someone in my professional career there can be no buttons, that's why it's title is customer service. I wasn't there looking for a miracle without the receipt just a store credit. I received $11.98 in store credit on a purchase that cost me over $40 plus three weeks prior. The lights were so inadequate they had to drop the price to $1.88 to get rid of them.

What do they say about hindsight? I say they should have been giving them away if they lacked the quality to be sold under the Home Depot logo. I don't want anybody feeling sorry for me after reading this review. I have good news. The Home Depot isn't the only game in town. I have a Lowe's, in which I will be giving all of my business to in the future. It's cleaner, better quality, friendlier staff I feel better already. Goodbye Home Depot. I just wish I could say it's been a pleasant experience.

On May 22 we were at the Home Depot at Humble TX. Our truck was broken into while in the store and about $3500 worth of items was stolen. We called the police and the officer asked to see video. The manager said he could not. It took 2 WEEKS for the "loss prevention" person to get the video to the Police Department. Then, the quality was so bad it was useless. NO ONE from Home depot has bothered to contact US. I emailed THEM. They have NO regard for customer safety (cameras are old, not fixed to see parking lot, no security in lot). The "loss prevention" people were NEVER in the store when I called repeatedly!

After the fact, I found out that there have been numerous thefts from this home depot, so they ARE AWARE that the customers belongings and the customers themselves are not safe!!! I have talked to employees and even they have been ripped off and the management and "loss prevention" did nothing to help resolve or rectify the situation!! Maybe THEY know who is doing these crimes. Perhaps that is why the cameras are of no use. Don't WANT to get caught!

I was encountering a main drain clog. I could not afford a plumbing that was going to charge me 400 to 500 dollars. So went to Home Depot thinking I could rent a drain snake for 44 dollars and 100 deposit. Worker brought equipment out with intentions to make and sign rental. Then went to pay him with cash and he said he could not accept cash and I stated "what!!!" He said "we only accept credit card." I was furious and in shock that they wouldn't accept cash! I'm pissed off and will never shop at this store again. They will be losing a good customer because of this. Good riddance Home creepo!

This company has Zero customer service standards. # hours outside of the time frame was when the deliver was made. No phone call to alert me that they were running very, very late. It's a big ** to the customer. In the future I will inquire for every purchase all the different companies Home Depot uses when you buy a product there. I won't be buying any products at Home Depot any longer based on this experiences.

I bought three Glacier bay toilet. I install one of three, then I notice the toilet was poor design and quality. I returned the other two at the Home Depot on Jeff Davis. The lady and the store manager told me some stupid story and it's was on clearance and you can only get a penny back. Yes, they said a penny for two toilets I paid over $160.00 each. I didn't have my receipt, so store credit was just fine. Because I was buying two KOHLER toilets.

I check at a difference Home Depot and NO, the store did not have it on clearance. They lie to me about the clearance. I went to the original Home Depot where I purchased three glacier bay toilets. They did not hassle me, and got my store credit and bought two KOHLER toilets. The same Home Depot on Jeff Davis, I try to find E clip a month before this toilet incident. I spoke to five Associates and they did not know what that was. I recommend Lowe's with the no hassle return and the MyLowe's card that keep track of all my purchases.

"Whirlpool Model # WDP350PAAW Internet # 204102083 Convertible Portable Tall Tub Dishwasher in White/Black - $699 but see sale price when added to cart." I received this email this morning for a sale. When I attempted to put this in my cart in black or white, using 5 different zip codes around the country, the item was out of stock. Why send an email with sale prices if you don't have the items? :(

On April 22, 2016 we purchased materials to build a new 18'x 20' wooden deck spending over $2,800 by the time project was finished. May and June this year were very rainy so we could not stain the deck until it dries out. We purchased pretreated wood (brand name WeatherShield) sold at Home Depot. It was highly recommended by the guys in that department for decks. After waiting 2 months to stain the deck, it is splitting, cracking, warping and worst of all cupping. Walking across the whole deck in boots you can feel the cupping. The boards are so uneven because of this. I contacted Home Depot and they sent a rep from the store - Trina and a rep from the vendor - John. I called once after a week and not hearing anything, if they were going to help me out in any way. Turns out Trina was on vacation. Called again today 7/13/16 and Trina said she would check into it. Called me back and said something about the emails being sent to the wrong box.

The vendors denied the claim. However Trina said John is overriding the decision to some extent. I wanted 55 16' boards replaced. He in turn would allow 10 boards replaced and 10 balusters replaced, and that was a favor he was doing. The Home Depot where I purchased this material in Aurora, CO (Pioneer Hills) does not even have a store manager. They have a very difficult time keeping them at this location. Customers are passed around to different people when there is a problem and no one seems to be able to answer anything. I called the resolutions department for Home Depot and they gave me a 2 choices - accept the 10/10 or I could file a claim and if I lost that they would not give me the 10/10. I am just sick how this deck turned out. I have spent well over $10,000 between this year and 2015 at Home Depot and this is not how a good customer should be treated. From here on out, any large purchases will be done at Lowe's.

I purchased carpet on June 21,2016 at a local Home Depot location that I have supported for over 25 years. Carmichael, CA. I was told it would take 10 days for the carpet to be delivered to the installer and the installer would call to make the appointment for installing. I asked what their time frame was for the installation after they received the carpet. I was TOLD 3 TO 5 DAYS AFTER RECEIVE THE CARPET. This worked for me and figured I would be able to have my family move back upstairs mid-July.

I called on July 5th to check on my order and was told because of the 4th holiday they might be a little behind. So I waited and on July 13th I finally received a call. (Note 21 days after I placed my order) I was then told their first available install date was August 30th!!! 72 DAYS after I placed my order!!! 6 weeks out from when they received the carpet to the installer. How can this be possible for a major company to treat and act careless and make commitments and not be able to deliver. Needless to say I was horrified to hear this.

My family has been sleeping downstairs in our family room and living room. This is a major inconvenience and I feel like they pulled a scam on me. They should have known how far out installation were running. I called back to the HD location and spoke with the manager and was basically told in so many words they can't help! Really??? What a major waste of my time!!! I will never ever in my lifetime step into a Home Depot location again. They failed me major and left me hanging with not a care in the world.

Very sad experience. Drawn into the store by the advertisement for carpet with all inclusive free installation. All inclusive free carpet install with 699 purchase is not free. I went to the store and asked for the 699 special only. Was told I have to have a measurement done and the 50 charge for the measurement would be credited to the bill when it was purchased. I asked the sales rep (id **) if I can have the carpet removed one day and installed the next. He told me yes. I asked if there was an additional charge he told me no. He stated "just let installer know." When the installer came and took measurements I asked again and was told it was not an issue to have it removed one day and installed the next (so I can clean the floor).

When I went to the store to finalize the transaction with rep ** I found many extras added into the bill. Extras include 75.00 to move hutch, 85.00 to bring carpet from the store to my house. Special order padding for.59 c per sq. ft. The one I requested was.18 c per sq. ft. After adjusting all the unwanted extras they tried to slip in the rep told me I had to add more carpet to meet the 699.00 minimum. So she added extra carpet to make the total amount due 708.00 including tax. I ended up paying 708.00 plus 50.00 measurement. For a total of 758.00 for a 699.00 carpet job. Including extra carpet that was not needed.

When the installer called to schedule the job I was told it would be an extra 150.00 for them to return the next day for ME to clean the floor. They would not tear out the night before and let me clean the floors and then install the next day. I was told the charge was for them having to move furniture twice (total lie). Then I was told it was a charge because the installers can't wait around all day while I clean the floors. This is why I asked before measurement. Before I finalized the contract and before I paid the bill. When I questioned the bill (before installation) about the 50$ measurement fee as it was supposed to be credited into the bill I was told it was already deducted. When I checked the bill I found it was deducted then extra carpet was added back into the bill. In the end I was charged 758.00 for 699.00 worth of carpeting.

The sales rep was very nice to me as my money was stolen. After several phone calls and several trips to the store I still don't have carpet installed, I have not received a refund or even a bill adjustment for the unneeded carpet that was padded to the bill (not talking about extra carpet for guts but extra added because I was allegedly under the minimum dollar amount). The double talk about the measurement fee and the lies about the installation has caused much stress. Not sure what to do now. Carpet over paid for and still not installed. Store manager refuses to do anything. Home Depot customer service number refuses to do anything.

All I asked for is my bill to be correct and for the charges to be as agreed to when it was paid for without the hidden extras. Now to get a refund I lose my measurement fee and 20% restocking fee (carpet was and is still in stock and has not been delivered) or tear out the old carpet myself (I am disabled and currently recovering from surgery 1 day ago from when this was filed). They are holding my carpet hostage for another 150.00$.

I am a 63 y/o senior who paid extra for a delivery because I was outside the delivery range of the Home Depot store. My expectation was that they would bring the appliances into my home. They just sat the appliances in my driveway. I was not made aware of this at any time by the staff at Home Depot. So a 63 y/o who had just gone thru PT for his shoulder, back and hip had to rustle these into my house and take out the old appliances. Hope there is a special place in hell for the folks at Home Depot.