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On May 22 we were at the Home Depot at Humble TX. Our truck was broken into while in the store and about $3500 worth of items was stolen. We called the police and the officer asked to see video. The manager said he could not. It took 2 WEEKS for the "loss prevention" person to get the video to the Police Department. Then, the quality was so bad it was useless. NO ONE from Home depot has bothered to contact US. I emailed THEM. They have NO regard for customer safety (cameras are old, not fixed to see parking lot, no security in lot). The "loss prevention" people were NEVER in the store when I called repeatedly!

After the fact, I found out that there have been numerous thefts from this home depot, so they ARE AWARE that the customers belongings and the customers themselves are not safe!!! I have talked to employees and even they have been ripped off and the management and "loss prevention" did nothing to help resolve or rectify the situation!! Maybe THEY know who is doing these crimes. Perhaps that is why the cameras are of no use. Don't WANT to get caught!

I was encountering a main drain clog. I could not afford a plumbing that was going to charge me 400 to 500 dollars. So went to Home Depot thinking I could rent a drain snake for 44 dollars and 100 deposit. Worker brought equipment out with intentions to make and sign rental. Then went to pay him with cash and he said he could not accept cash and I stated "what!!!" He said "we only accept credit card." I was furious and in shock that they wouldn't accept cash! I'm pissed off and will never shop at this store again. They will be losing a good customer because of this. Good riddance Home creepo!

This company has Zero customer service standards. # hours outside of the time frame was when the deliver was made. No phone call to alert me that they were running very, very late. It's a big ** to the customer. In the future I will inquire for every purchase all the different companies Home Depot uses when you buy a product there. I won't be buying any products at Home Depot any longer based on this experiences.

I bought three Glacier bay toilet. I install one of three, then I notice the toilet was poor design and quality. I returned the other two at the Home Depot on Jeff Davis. The lady and the store manager told me some stupid story and it's was on clearance and you can only get a penny back. Yes, they said a penny for two toilets I paid over $160.00 each. I didn't have my receipt, so store credit was just fine. Because I was buying two KOHLER toilets.

I check at a difference Home Depot and NO, the store did not have it on clearance. They lie to me about the clearance. I went to the original Home Depot where I purchased three glacier bay toilets. They did not hassle me, and got my store credit and bought two KOHLER toilets. The same Home Depot on Jeff Davis, I try to find E clip a month before this toilet incident. I spoke to five Associates and they did not know what that was. I recommend Lowe's with the no hassle return and the MyLowe's card that keep track of all my purchases.

"Whirlpool Model # WDP350PAAW Internet # 204102083 Convertible Portable Tall Tub Dishwasher in White/Black - $699 but see sale price when added to cart." I received this email this morning for a sale. When I attempted to put this in my cart in black or white, using 5 different zip codes around the country, the item was out of stock. Why send an email with sale prices if you don't have the items? :(

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On April 22, 2016 we purchased materials to build a new 18'x 20' wooden deck spending over $2,800 by the time project was finished. May and June this year were very rainy so we could not stain the deck until it dries out. We purchased pretreated wood (brand name WeatherShield) sold at Home Depot. It was highly recommended by the guys in that department for decks. After waiting 2 months to stain the deck, it is splitting, cracking, warping and worst of all cupping. Walking across the whole deck in boots you can feel the cupping. The boards are so uneven because of this. I contacted Home Depot and they sent a rep from the store - Trina and a rep from the vendor - John. I called once after a week and not hearing anything, if they were going to help me out in any way. Turns out Trina was on vacation. Called again today 7/13/16 and Trina said she would check into it. Called me back and said something about the emails being sent to the wrong box.

The vendors denied the claim. However Trina said John is overriding the decision to some extent. I wanted 55 16' boards replaced. He in turn would allow 10 boards replaced and 10 balusters replaced, and that was a favor he was doing. The Home Depot where I purchased this material in Aurora, CO (Pioneer Hills) does not even have a store manager. They have a very difficult time keeping them at this location. Customers are passed around to different people when there is a problem and no one seems to be able to answer anything. I called the resolutions department for Home Depot and they gave me a 2 choices - accept the 10/10 or I could file a claim and if I lost that they would not give me the 10/10. I am just sick how this deck turned out. I have spent well over $10,000 between this year and 2015 at Home Depot and this is not how a good customer should be treated. From here on out, any large purchases will be done at Lowe's.

I purchased carpet on June 21,2016 at a local Home Depot location that I have supported for over 25 years. Carmichael, CA. I was told it would take 10 days for the carpet to be delivered to the installer and the installer would call to make the appointment for installing. I asked what their time frame was for the installation after they received the carpet. I was TOLD 3 TO 5 DAYS AFTER RECEIVE THE CARPET. This worked for me and figured I would be able to have my family move back upstairs mid-July.

I called on July 5th to check on my order and was told because of the 4th holiday they might be a little behind. So I waited and on July 13th I finally received a call. (Note 21 days after I placed my order) I was then told their first available install date was August 30th!!! 72 DAYS after I placed my order!!! 6 weeks out from when they received the carpet to the installer. How can this be possible for a major company to treat and act careless and make commitments and not be able to deliver. Needless to say I was horrified to hear this.

My family has been sleeping downstairs in our family room and living room. This is a major inconvenience and I feel like they pulled a scam on me. They should have known how far out installation were running. I called back to the HD location and spoke with the manager and was basically told in so many words they can't help! Really??? What a major waste of my time!!! I will never ever in my lifetime step into a Home Depot location again. They failed me major and left me hanging with not a care in the world.

Very sad experience. Drawn into the store by the advertisement for carpet with all inclusive free installation. All inclusive free carpet install with 699 purchase is not free. I went to the store and asked for the 699 special only. Was told I have to have a measurement done and the 50 charge for the measurement would be credited to the bill when it was purchased. I asked the sales rep (id **) if I can have the carpet removed one day and installed the next. He told me yes. I asked if there was an additional charge he told me no. He stated "just let installer know." When the installer came and took measurements I asked again and was told it was not an issue to have it removed one day and installed the next (so I can clean the floor).

When I went to the store to finalize the transaction with rep ** I found many extras added into the bill. Extras include 75.00 to move hutch, 85.00 to bring carpet from the store to my house. Special order padding for.59 c per sq. ft. The one I requested was.18 c per sq. ft. After adjusting all the unwanted extras they tried to slip in the rep told me I had to add more carpet to meet the 699.00 minimum. So she added extra carpet to make the total amount due 708.00 including tax. I ended up paying 708.00 plus 50.00 measurement. For a total of 758.00 for a 699.00 carpet job. Including extra carpet that was not needed.

When the installer called to schedule the job I was told it would be an extra 150.00 for them to return the next day for ME to clean the floor. They would not tear out the night before and let me clean the floors and then install the next day. I was told the charge was for them having to move furniture twice (total lie). Then I was told it was a charge because the installers can't wait around all day while I clean the floors. This is why I asked before measurement. Before I finalized the contract and before I paid the bill. When I questioned the bill (before installation) about the 50$ measurement fee as it was supposed to be credited into the bill I was told it was already deducted. When I checked the bill I found it was deducted then extra carpet was added back into the bill. In the end I was charged 758.00 for 699.00 worth of carpeting.

The sales rep was very nice to me as my money was stolen. After several phone calls and several trips to the store I still don't have carpet installed, I have not received a refund or even a bill adjustment for the unneeded carpet that was padded to the bill (not talking about extra carpet for guts but extra added because I was allegedly under the minimum dollar amount). The double talk about the measurement fee and the lies about the installation has caused much stress. Not sure what to do now. Carpet over paid for and still not installed. Store manager refuses to do anything. Home Depot customer service number refuses to do anything.

All I asked for is my bill to be correct and for the charges to be as agreed to when it was paid for without the hidden extras. Now to get a refund I lose my measurement fee and 20% restocking fee (carpet was and is still in stock and has not been delivered) or tear out the old carpet myself (I am disabled and currently recovering from surgery 1 day ago from when this was filed). They are holding my carpet hostage for another 150.00$.

I am a 63 y/o senior who paid extra for a delivery because I was outside the delivery range of the Home Depot store. My expectation was that they would bring the appliances into my home. They just sat the appliances in my driveway. I was not made aware of this at any time by the staff at Home Depot. So a 63 y/o who had just gone thru PT for his shoulder, back and hip had to rustle these into my house and take out the old appliances. Hope there is a special place in hell for the folks at Home Depot.

I don't work there or know anyone that does so my review is the real thing. Took a Ryobi rechargeable weed eater there to be fixed, it has a 3-year warranty. Took it back twice to be fixed, BOTH times Home Depot 'fix it' department said they have nothing to do with it, they ship it directly to Ryobi. Remember that statement.

First time it took 28 days to get it back, Home Depot said Ryobi has it down as the battery needed replaced and that's all. #1 - Funny thing is I have, and know how to use, a volt meter. #2 - There was no voltage halfway down the shaft, where it unscrews for easy storage as they say, though I never took it apart to store it, I only took it apart to test it. #3 - The original battery had a mark on it, a scratch, the "new" battery coincidentally had the same exact mark. I didn't push the issue because it was fixed so 'Ryobi' can say whatever they want.

Second time it took 'only' 16 days to get it back. I knew what was wrong with it this time because it was obvious, the starter switch/trigger froze up. It's a small device and if it burns out the button inside that the trigger handle pushes on to activate the trimmer won't go in. They bill me $25.00 for a product that is under warranty! Home Depot said they have nothing to do with the charges because all they do is send it to Ryobi. Remember the statement I said to remember, here it is again. They (supposedly Ryobi) charged me because there was no string/line in the trimmer. I took it all out before I took it in to be fixed, should have been no big deal but 'Ryobi' obviously thinks it is.

I get home and start my phone calls. Ryobi was my first call since they are the ones that fixed it, according to Home Depot statements on THREE separate occasions, and they (Ryobi) are the ones that charged me the $25.00. Ryobi has no knowledge of my weed eater ever being worked on, it was never sent to them. Come to find out from Ryobi, Home Depot fixes/works on them their selves. And that $25.00 charge? Yep, it was all Home Depot and had nothing to do with Ryobi, even Ryobi said it was ridiculous and they have never heard of anything like that but could do nothing about it because they never worked on my trimmer.

To try and shorten an already long review, I got the money refunded except for almost $5.00 for a 'replacement' spool, one of those pre-wound types and Ryobi backed up Home Depot saying not having line on it is considered "lack of maintenance". There's more to that conversation but not worth typing it all. It took 11 (eleven) phone calls to 9 (nine) different people to get to that point. First time using it after it got "fixed", I noticed 3 screws were missing in the part where the battery slide in. So before I start weed eating I once again called Home Depot and they said AGAIN it wasn't them, it was Ryobi, so...I remind them I'm the guy that found out that is a complete lie. Home Depot tells me if I bring it in to be fixed I will be charged for everything since screws missing is considered abuse of the product.

Again, not going to make this review even longer with the rest of that conversation. 5 minutes into weed eating...the motor started smoking and caught fire. Do you really think I am going to go through all the mess and lies to have it "fixed" again, even though it's still under warranty? Nope, done with Home Depot and since Ryobi allows them to do as they wish to customers, done with Ryobi also. Bottom line: Home Depot blatantly and purposelessly lies and deceives in an attempt to scam customers. They can't deny it, I have all the proof.

I was about to enter Home Depot Friday evening around 6:30 pm at the lumber entrance. A Home Depot delivery truck arrived at the same time. The two Home Depot staff got out and before I knew what was happening the most violent noise erupted and was so loud I almost jumped right out of my skin. I have terrible TINNITUS AND HAVE BEEN SICK WITH A HUGE AMOUNT OF NOISE IN MY HEAD SINCE THAT EVENT. Careless thoughtless staff. I immediately turned and went back to my vehicle. You Home Depot suck big time. It will be a very long time before I enter this crap location on Empress.

I have always been a loyal customer of Home Depot. I have a store less than a mile from my house and it's always been convenient for me. I felt by using them to purchase and install my new kitchen cabinets and countertops was a no brainer and the job would be done without any stress. Well I ordered my cabinets through Home Depot on May 10. They were shipped directly to my residence on June 8. I was told that they would keep track of the shipping and have somebody out as soon as they were delivered to install them. They weren't installed until June 17 (still not completed now July 9). They ordered the incorrect crown modeling and had to reorder. The cabinets' still doors and draws still have to be adjusted and the knobs installed. The company doing the installation (Metropolitan Renovations) will not finish the work until everything is on site (this sucks because I already paid everything in full and feel I'm being punished for Home Depot's mistake).

I talked to my rep the other day and he had no idea what the holdup was and said he would check (still no response). To add to the problems the countertop company came and measured on June 21 and Home Depot didn't put the order in until Monday June 27. I'm also waiting to hear by on a set installation date for that too. This is the first time I used Home Depot to install. I've always been a do it yourselfer but didn't have the time for this big of a project. While I thought I didn't after this experience I could have done it a lot faster and for a lot cheaper. My mistake. This will be the last time I use Home Depot for anything.

During home delivery the service installers installed the microwave and it's off center to the stove. The old microwave was in a different area. They claimed they could not remove it because the screws holding it in were stripped. They were using a battery powered drill and just over torqued it, my wife removed it with a standard Phillips screwdriver. The real issue came to the dishwasher. While trying to remove it they claimed the ceramic tiles needed to come out to remove dishwasher.

After they left my son noticed the installer did not raise the leveling screws. Once he did that the counter top is free floating. We physically raised the counter and pulled it out. After calling back the installer he walked in, checked it with a yo-yo. Said he refused to install because the new dishwasher would not fit. He also claimed that we broke the screws on the counter top and pulled it from the wall. Well there are no screws on the counter top and we have now installed the dishwasher ourselves. My wife tried contacting the manager for the installer. This apparently has fallen on deaf ears. It has been over a week after they were contacted with no return calls.

I am very unhappy with the Home Depot credit card. They are compounding the interest every month. I have paid for the damn washer/dryer twice over already and they are still charging me. Never, ever, buy from them on credit. They are thieves.

I have been a fan of Home Depot for a long time. Always smiling facing and everyone willing to assist. Initially had a very bad experience at the Home Depot on Mississippi Ave in Aurora. I really don't need to go into too much detail over a grill I was told I may have walked out with and tapes would have to be reviewed because Manager Chalena helped. I am also a manager who works in the customer service field. She quickly diffused the situation and made things right. Have nothing but respect and praise for her. Thank her for working for Home Depot as she save a long time customer. Every company needs Chalenas.

We bought new refrigerator, dishwasher, and gas stove in stainless steel. We're told delivery would be June 23. They brought appliances, took stove out of box and glass shattered in oven window. Told them to take back and reorder and redeliver. The delivery men were supposed to call their warehouse and schedule new delivery. Never done. Waited and called and the only person who helped me was salesperson in appliances at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania store. The warehouse and delivery ran me around. Finally got delivery date for Saturday, July 2nd from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm so we had our stove disconnected and put in garage to make things easier for them. 5:30 comes and no stove, my husband calls a number and lady said they are running late. Never called us to make us aware.

Next thing, we get a call within one hour saying drivers were in accident and can't deliver. End of conversation. So my husband called back and they told us earliest date now is July 6th. We were soooo upset. I called the number back and some guy answered with kids in the background noise, and I tried to explain the situation, this is second delivery, etc. He said he was District Manager of delivery, named TJ. Hung up on me. So we just got a day and no time they are coming. I called the store and got the kind man in appliances name is Jack. Explained. He was questionable of delivery situation like us. Jack told us to explain to Store Manager. Store Manager Kerry was no help to us. No nothing. Awful. Horrible.

Our first big purchase from Home Depot. Always use Lowe's, but I shopped for savings and sales and bought the best sale. Not worth it. If we can refund all appliances, we will have them come get refrigerator and dishwasher and start new at Lowe's. So disappointed. I was soooo excited for new kitchen and even got new floor installed. Now we can't cook at all since no stove. For at least 4 days... the delivery company is so unprofessional and I cannot believe Home Depot contracted with this company. Never buy from Home Depot again. So much stress from this. They, the store manager didn't even try to accommodate my husband with a gift card, nothing. And my husband is a Vietnam Army Veteran!!!

It’s been a while since I went to my local Home Depot and this evening I was reminded why I chose to avoid them. I recall they never had an associate available to help you. Today, I went to pick up a custom door which I had ordered 2 weeks ago. I received a phone call this afternoon with a message that my door was ready to be picked up. Went to the customer service desk (there were 2 people at the desk for pick up orders). The lady who served us looked up the order and called an associate – who arrived at least 10 minutes later! He was given a pick order and told us that it would likely take some time to bring the door to the front and these orders were usually screwed to the pallet during transportation and he would have to unscrew it by hand since he did not have a power screwdriver (my son, who was with me had to ask the obvious question – “Doesn’t this store sell power tools?”).

Over half an hour later with no sign of the associate, I approached the counter and was met with another lady (with a badge that read “Customers First”), who when I pointed out that to wait half an hour for an order that I had been called to pick up was unreasonable, proceeded to tell me it was reasonable and that all they had called to say was that it was in “receiving” and that perhaps I should have called to let them know I was coming!

When I almost lost it and asked to talk to her manager, the assistant store manager came over and also explained to me that this took time since they had to bring it back from receiving. When will someone explain to anyone at a service desk, that customers have no interest in learning about any company’s internal procedures! Their expectation is to receive service in a timely manner. The Assistant Manager did offer to go back and check on what was happening and returned with 2 associates wheeling a pallet with 3 doors on it with strips screwed to them to secure them. One of them did have a power screwdriver and proceeded to unscrew the holding straps – a job that took another 10 minutes.

They pulled out the middle door (there were 3 doors on this pallet) and put it on a cart to roll out and I went over to inspect it and informed them that was not the door I had ordered. After checking the order number, they realized they had brought out the wrong order. The only one to apologize for the mix-up was the guy who was doing the unscrewing. When I said I was not waiting any longer to have them find the right door and go through the process again, the assistant manager offered to have the door shipped to my house – but I am not holding my breath…

My husband and I recently purchased a new home without a Washer and Dryer. I purchased a pair on 6/11 with the hope that it would be delivered on 6/18, the day that we moved in. They weren't able to deliver until 6/25 which we made work. Once installed, the washer stopped working immediately and stayed on spin. It didn't matter what we did it would never change from spin. After calling Home Depot the same day to tell them our issue, we were initially told that we would have to have a service call, not a replacement. We disagreed that we should have to have service on a brand new washer instead of it being replaced. Finally we had someone confirm Sat night that they would replace however no one was there to speak with. We would have to wait until Monday.

Monday morning I received a call before 9am that the replacement was called in and we should have a call within 2 hours to set up delivery. Three hours later, with no call, I called the replacement center (Maytag) and they told me that they had to review the file first and there was no guarantee as to when they would call. I called Home Depot again that night to remove the washer and dryer from my home only to be assured that they confirmed that the washer would be replaced and that they would work with my husband and I to make sure that we were home to receive it. Then Maytag finally called to confirm that they could have a washer delivered to us on 7/1 and that they too would work with us to make sure that we were home when delivery came.

Today 6/30 at 1pm I received a call from the service that Home Depot uses and they said delivery would be from 10:30-2:30 on 7/1. I told them that was not possible and that I spoke with someone that guaranteed that they could deliver after 3pm. Spirit, the delivery service, told me that no one can guarantee that. So I had to change delivery date so that my husband or I would be home for the washer. I warn anyone against using Home Depot. They use a 3rd party to call and schedule delivery as well as deliver the appliance. When they call to let you know when delivery is coming, if they don't reach you, you don't receive a voicemail. They just hang up the phone. If you do pick up the phone, no one is on the other end of the phone so no matter what, you have to call them back.

So at this point, I am 9 1/2 months pregnant without a washer for 3 weeks due to the incompetence of everyone involved. I wish that I would have stuck to getting them to come take my washer and dryer back for a refund. After spending over $3000 in there in the last few weeks due to our new home, Home Depot offers nothing but empty promises that things will be taken care of. I would suggest going anywhere else for an appliance. I will never shop there again. In fact, we already started going to the local Sears.

Item was available online. Went into the store to confirm and make sure one was not in the store. The customer service person checked and verified it truly was available online as it said and would ship to the store. Deliver within the week. We paid in the store, by check for the item and they placed the order. Week and a half, no item. They said it would be another week. 3 weeks no item. Went back in to be told, "Well these are on a back order and not available for an undetermined time"!!! Ummm YOU said it was available at the order time, and throughout this three week time! This item is for an event and is something needed for this event to happen for around 800 people.

So they said we should cancel order so we could find another option. They canceled the order in the store... Then tell me they cannot issue a refund??? They will mail a gift card, then we bring gift card back to store to get refund?? Please tell me how this makes sense?? I argued that was not okay as they were paid for the item they could not provide and I need the refund. No matter what was said or who we talked to the answer was the ridiculous gift card... FINE just send it.

Fast forward 3 months and NO gift card!!! I have called and emailed and no help... Now going back to the store to try again.. So they have had money for 4 months, we never received the blasted item and still NO refund!! I guess $300.00 is just a bonus in their world??

I have never ever dealt with this sort of horrid customer service. Sadly for Home Depot, my regular job is as a buyer for a large company that had been considering them as an alternative to the store we currently use... I can assure Home Depot that consideration is no longer!! I will not buy a bolt in there. So this $300.00 train wreck of inept and rude people just cost you about 80,000 a year... I hope it seems like a good idea now. How about you get your customer service together and stop making customers miserable! Check out your complaints just on here!! Holy cow, obviously you have a problem! I assure you I am never ever shopping with you again, personally or professionally.

I live in a small town about 15 miles from my closest Home Depot, so generally I do my shopping at my home Lowe's. Occasionally, when shopping in Joplin, Missouri, I will stop at the H.D. store and make a purchase. After a recent visit, I noticed that the receipt was showing a "Max Refund Value" amount under each purchased item that was considerably less than what was paid. I looked at the H.D. home website, and could find no mention of a reduced amount for returned purchases, so I sent them an email, and asked for a phone call in response.

A lady in customer service called me and said that I would have to ask the store manager why they were doing it. Really? Local store managers can set their own return policy for a mega big box store? Pretty unbelievable, but apparently true. I let the nice lady know that I didn't "have to" do anything; I can simply go to any of the other 5 or 6 options in the local area and write off Home Depot for any future purchases. I can still count on my local Lowe's for good customer service, so adios H.D. You just lost another customer.

God prohibit you lose your receipt because even if you've never return anything in your life they blame a 3rd party company to not let you return your product you've recently purchased. Before you purchase they are so cool telling you how easy it is to return it if you're not fully satisfied and if it doesn't meet your standards, to just bring it back within the warranty period of time so you purchase confident they won't put you through the ringer in case you're not satisfied. They give you this BS # to call & when you call they tell you they have nothing to do with the return, it's all Home Depot's decision not to accept your return and blame them for it, they even tell you. They misrepresented what the 3rd party company the Home Depot hired to put the blame on, to not accept your return. They're such a fraud!

They place you in a banned list even if it's your first time returning anything in your life! They suck and their pricing is much higher than others. They're such a fraud! They purposely place these thug looking, usually fat customer service reps that are rude and look you down and tell you they won't accept your return. It's not their decision which they are lying because it is their decision to not accept the return and hopefully you haven't lost your receipt or you paid with plastic. It's amazing how they get away with this. The Home Depot is such a fraud!!!

We are doing some remodeling to our home and needed more paint. So I had the old paint container with the labels as to what colors and ratio of colors needed. I wanted a gallon of paint in that particular color. We started painting it on the walls and noticed it didn't match. The color was much darker than what it was suppose to be to make the existing paint color. So my husband called Home Depot in Green Bay (which is where we had poor customer service with our carpet) and said the paint color does not match the existing color on our walls. They said they would supply the paint for us to repaint our entire living room and into our basement!! No thanks!! Long story short they said they would call back to try and figure this out but never did.

On 6-7-2016 our company ordered 4 mortise chains, which our company needs to function. On 6-13-16 a couple of our workers asked me about the status of the order as they were in desperate need of them and remembered the estimated delivery date was around that date. When I checked the status of the order, much to our surprise the order had been cancelled without our knowledge. I called and was informed by Vikki the order was cancelled because they only had 2 in stock, not the 4 we originally ordered. Vikki then offered to redo the order for the 2 they did have in stock and get them to us ASAP. That was great! On 6-20-16 we received 1 of the mortise chains.

Confused, I called again and this time spoke with Chiquita. She pulled up the order status and said she was showing nothing had shipped yet and promised she would check in to it and email me an updated status. I never received an email from Chiquita, but I did receive an email from Home Depot on 6-21-16 saying our order was on the way. But when you went to the tracking information it was saying it had already been delivered, so I waited in hopes of hearing something different back from Chiquita. On 6-28-16 I noticed our business card had been charged, but we still didn't have our complete order, nor did I have any promised updates.

I once again called. This time I spoke with Alex who attempted to contact Chiquita and another CR person to find out what was going on. After being on the phone (on hold a majority of the time) I was informed they had discontinued the chains and the last one which we had been charged for and were supposed to have received on 6-20-16 had been lost in processing and they couldn't do anything about it except issue a refund, which will take 3-5 days to process. Our company has lost time working, money and had to go through a big hassle to find out we will not be getting our order.

I recently purchased a trimmer/edger at homedepot.com. Home Depot's warehouse sent me the wrong item (a hedge trimmer). I simply asked that Home Depot ship the item I ordered to my local Home Depot store. There is a locked area where the item I ordered could be held until I was notified of the arrival. I would then take my paperwork along with the wrong item I received and then just exchange them. Even though this was NOT my mistake I have to jump through hoops to have the problem corrected.

Home Depot expects me to return the item and then reorder my item again. That's time consuming and not worth it to me to take the extra time to have to replace my order. Plus I have to wait the additional time to get my item and who's to say it will be correct? I feel that if Home Depot really wanted to retain my business they would jump through hoops to make the situation right. Obviously, I'm wrong. I will be closing my Home Depot accounts once this mess is cleared up. I can order what I want from Lowe's, Walmart, and the manufacturer directly. I've never not experienced a company that doesn't go the extra mile to fix their mistakes. I hope this information is helpful.

We live in a farm house in Emden, Illinois, and have a small kitchen. We hired Home Depot in Normal, Illinois two years ago to redo our kitchen. We paid them more than $30,000 to do the work. The work is still not completed. No one at the store can tell us what is going on. This company is the worst we have ever dealt with. I rate them a ZERO. The nightmare continues. My husband has now agree with me to take legal action.

I tried to purchase a sink with installment at Home Depot at FM 1960 West in Houston, Texas last week. However, when the invoice was printed, there was a gap of $50 between the price and the total to pay. I inquired the reason, the sales person was shocked, went and asked the Customer Service, returned and said that is "trip charge". I said why is not written, she called several places, and ended up nowhere. Additionally, I was asked to sign an agreement regarding 3 days return policy from the date of signing the agreement. But, installation had to go through process of making an appointment that would have taken several days, many more days than 3. Thus, I said two dishonesty in one purchase, no way! I had to cancel the sale and walk away. No one really cared how Home Depot is cheating customers and ripping them off. Unfortunately I do not have the time to follow the case legally, but I hope someone will and will do it soon.

I declined my contractor's carpet vendor for a more cost effective HD purchase. Disaster! Had to wait 6 weeks; contractor called and told me it had rained and my carpet was all wet; got stuck in my driveway - dug his wheels so deep he had to be "rocked out"; 2 installers were unable to lift the carpet out of the truck due to its weight; they installed pads and left. Million dollar home - no work being done today. Corporate customer service worthless! Don't use them!

I had ordered an awning from Home Depot online. Was to be delivered to store. Got my first bill and was charged for the awning that I never received. I called up the local store where it was to be delivered and they could not find it and I got put on hold for over 20 minutes. Then called back and got hung up on. I then proceeded to call customer service. They called the local store and they as well got nowhere and got hung up on. I now have a bill in front of me and the only charge on that bill was the $349.00 awning. Nothing else.

They stated they would credit me back the $349.00 which therefore bringing my balance to 0. They ordered me another one and had it shipped to my house. All well and good until I got charged $25.00 late fee for not making the minimum payment on my zero balance. I called up and they were of no help. They said I have other charges on the card so I was obligated to make that minimum payment and at this point I had no new statement in hand. I am taking this to the consumer protection act as this to me still makes no sense and I have excellent credit. I would recommend staying away from this place. I would negative review them about 10 times over.

I purchasing a Dewalt 20volt trimmer, for $215.42 from Home Depot in San Antonio, Texas. After taking it home and having it for 3 weeks I started to notice some problems with the motor. So with receipt in hand I went to Home Depot to return it and when the cashier was helping me she stated that I was only going to receive $132.89 back. I was shocked so I looked at my account on my app and showed them that a grand total of $215.42 came out of my account on 5/19/2016. So a receipt doesn't matter because Home Depot declined giving me a full refund and kept $82.50. I will never purchase anything from Home Depot again for the rest of my life! I have notified all my fellow DIY'er to steer away from Home Depot. I truly feel ripped off!

Customer service for my online order was great. I encountered Ms. **. Ms. ** such a great person with excellent people skills. Please keep her in her position at the Jonesboro Rd store in Atlanta. If she leaves I will change stores to find somebody like her. In the past when I visited the store I was inquiring about a tub. The associate there was so rude that he need customer service class ASAP. The other associates are very friendly and willing to help with smiles. Right now thanks to Ms. ** this is my favorite Home Depot store.