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I have spoke to Bosch two times and Lowe's whom I bought it from two times. I explained there is condensation all over the dishes after they are washed and if you leave it sit, it causes the dishes to SMELL. I flat out told them the only difference between this dishwasher and every other dishwasher I have ever owned is the heating element on the bottom. The first rep at Bosch said this was not the issue. I politely asked if there is anyway to exchange this dishwasher for another and both places have answered NO. Basically said there is nothing I can do except buy another dishwasher. The rep at Bosch said "oh it's probable because there is no heating element on the bottom." I said exactly. This is a terrible product. I thought Bosch was the best. I will never buy a Bosch product again. The willingness of customer service to make this right was not existent.

I have had my Bosch dishwasher for two years now. Last October (after having it for 14 months) I finally figured out what was on my dishes when I removed them from the dishwasher after running them through the cycle. IT WAS MOLD. I called Bosch, I wrote to Bosch - finally they agreed to send someone out to check out my dishwasher for which I would be responsible for paying the service fee. At first I agreed and then phoned them back and said I would not pay it as I felt the dishwasher was still considered new.

They did eventually send someone out - a 19 year old boy who walked into the house 'knowing what my problem was'. He said this happens a lot because people don't bother to clean out the food trap at the bottom of the dishwasher and the accumulating food is causing the mold. Hmmm. Well, he took my dishwasher apart and surprise! There was nothing in the trap. I did not bother to tell him that I thoroughly rinse all the dishes/silver before placing it in the dishwasher. He did not know what to say so he just said he would get back in touch with Bosch. He said possible it needed a new control board.

Well after going back and forth with Bosch - and tossing out ALL my dishes, silver and glassware due to it being infected with the black mold - I was told to run it through a clean cycle using a solution. I did this and was afraid to use my dishwasher in case it came back... Well, this morning when I unloaded the dishwasher - IT'S BACK! I'm not even going to try again - I will go out this weekend and buy a different brand. Now my microwave that I bought at the same time - has gotten steam under the glass on the front door for the longest time. Noticed a few months ago that the plastic around the outside of the window is cracked in two places. Will I ever purchase another Bosch appliance? NEVER!

DO NOT BUY BOSCH APPLIANCES. Lousy quality, terrible, unethical and helpless customer service, supervision and management policies. I currently own several thousand dollars of expensive Bosch appliances that are in my judgement and based on experience, poorly designed, poorly engineered, poorly fabricated with deficient materials & components and assembled with lousy craftsmanship Poorly made products indeed, contrary to other high quality Bosch tools, equipment and electronic components used in German made cars. The microwave oven [HMB5050/01] is sitting there for more than six months waiting for Bosch to authorize me to take it to a local dealer at no charge for their required service inspection. It is unacceptable, unreasonable and unethical that the microwave oven is totally useless after only a year+ and should have to be replaced under warranty even if it had expired a few months prior.

Now, for whatever reason the SS refrigerator doors are rusting!!! badly [B26FT70SNS/04]. It is unreasonable and unacceptable for any 300 series quality ASME SS to rust in this day and age, it is terrible that your customer service rep argued on the 10 yr warranty first that it was the cleaning product we use [none-my wife will not use any chemicals] and then that warranty only covers rusted perforations!!! I understand manufacturing quality problems that escape inspection or lousy purchasing specifications for defective austenitic steels [industry wide problem] but expect for the manufacturer as reputable as Bosch [was] to back its products ethically and accordingly to the nameplate they carry. The ice maker doesn't work, the shelving pops out, and it cracks easily.

The dishwasher’s [800 SERIES SHE68R55UC] text by the buttons has faded away and sometimes it doesn’t dry completely and to top it all, I did not get my full $1500 rebate from Bosch when I purchased all the appliances under a ridiculous excuse on some of the appliances [“we don’t recognize the serial numbers”]. Reading throughout the enormous quantity of negative internet posts it looks like this should be a recall issue. I was hopeful that Bosch would come through as you all have with other customers but they didn’t. Their policies are not applied in a consistent manner; A reviewer at Amazon said "I was very pleased that Bosh arranged to have my microwave fixed, even though it was 3 years out of warranty. I encourage anyone with similar problems to contact them rather than rant and rave about the problem, give them a chance to make it right.” Well, not to me regrettably.

Bought a Bosch dishwasher. Found what I wanted and went to Lowe's. Made it clear I didn't want the third rack. Said I couldn't get the one I wanted in white, it only came in stainless steel so we went up a model. Looked it up and said I couldn't get that one in white so we went up another model. So they delivered and installed it and when I looked it had a third rack. We use tall glasses and I am use to my Maytag having room for tall glasses and big cookie sheets and even gallon jugs. They don't fit so everything but glasses get washed by hand. Sorry it's quiet, new so no problems but doing dishes by hand.

We bought our Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher two years ago. One year and one month to the date of purchase it quit working. Called them. They came out and fixed it. Argued with me but they fixed it. One year later, same problem. Now it's out of warranty and they won't fix it. Won't even really discuss with me. How can a name brand, like Bosch, not be able to build a dishwasher that will last more than one year? Or two? And when I get customer service, how can they not care? Amazing? I asked for help and they told me to get an analysis and then UPPER MANAGEMENT will determine whether they are going to help me. Crazy. Does the president/CEO of the company have to review every single case? What a joke. I will NEVER purchase or recommend a Bosch appliance again in my life EVER.

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Three years ago, I purchased a stackable washer and dryer for my condominium. Since I had limited space for these products, I chose Bosch. Now, the dryer stopped working so I call a repair service. $450.00 later, the unit still does not work. I called directly to Bosch to see what they could do about my problem. They sent a tech to review the problem and he diagnosed it as a failed control module. Bosch wanted me to pay for the service and the part which would have been another $300.00 or so. To total this cost so far ($750) if I replaced the part is not a good idea because I could get a new dryer for about $800.00.

I feel that Bosch product is inferior and service is "zero". As a small business owner, I think this is disgraceful. I stand behind my products and service and incur extra service costs when I have to. Even though it sometimes erases my profit on the job, I always take care of my customers. This is a "big" company and can well afford to take care of their customers in a proper manner.

I owned a Bosch dishwasher which worked well for 15 years before the timer broke. I did not hesitate to purchase a new Bosch based on my prior experience. If you are thinking of buying one (MODEL SHP65TL5UC) and do not want to throw lots of money out the window and be dissatisfied, I would advise you to seek a different brand. First of all, the dishes do not dry thoroughly and come out with a weird slightly damp feeling even when using a Rinse Aid and normal cycle plus sanitize feature. I have tried to use this beefed up normal cycle with the sanitize cycle even with very lightly soiled dishes and even when the dishwasher is half full because the economy cycle gave me very damp dishes and actually wet plastic bowls. Even with the sanitize cycle which provides extra heat, the bottoms of coffee cups or bowls need to be dried with a towel. Why put things in the dishwasher if you are still drying them??

Secondly, there is an ugly smell when you open the dishwasher. I took out the filter and there is about a cup of water that I was told stays at the bottom of the dishwasher at all times (just got this information from Bosch Customer Service). I run this dishwasher twice a week so this same water is just sitting there in an enclosed container for days on end so no wonder the water smells rank - and I have beautiful sparkling sweet tasting well water.

How can Bosch deliver a product with such inferior design flaws? I can see from the reviews that many people are having these same problems so Customer Service cannot pretend they never heard this complaint. I intend to pursue this Bosch because I have owned this product for only two weeks and refuse to be stuck with such a bad dishwasher but poor performance with ridiculous design flaws. I guess Bosch is resting on former laurels because I would rank this as a big 0 if there was that option here.

Really disappointed, would not recommend purchasing anything from this corporation. Regardless of existing warranty, they charge a ridiculous price for repairment. I was told the repairment fee would cost $129 but when the technician came he wanted to make sure I was "told the right pricing" and mentioned that it will be $129 + $30 for every quarter of an hour. My dishwasher was still under warranty, yet no one cared. I strongly believe that as consumers, we have the right to be informed. Unfortunately, Bosch Corporation is taking advantage of consumers.

I would also like to mention that I spoke with a supervisor, named Rye, who did not possess any of his duties as a supervisor. As a fiduciary agent of the corporation, the supervisor did not seem to care about me being misinformed and kept on blaming me for not understanding the situation. I am extremely disappointed and I really do not wish any customer to experience what I just went through.

We purchased a Bosch dishwasher for $749 a little over four years ago. We also purchased the five-year extended warranty. To date we have changed the door which was rusting, circulation pump assembly, the control panel, and have been told that the original pump is bad now. HOWEVER, they won't pay for it because they say we have spent more for repairs than the dishwasher costs so they won't repair anymore -- yet we are still in our five-year warranty period. AND we finally, after going through the maintenance company for months and dealing directly with Bosch, got the pump sent to us. This is still not the problem! Not many more parts on this dishwasher but I would never buy another Bosch appliance. The Warranty Company sent one company to fix it for the original pump, another for the computer control panel, and a third, sent by Bosch, to check it out and none had the same diagnosis. AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!

Despite college and graduate school, I was unable to get the machine to wash and dry dishes while following the written instructions each time I tried to use it. After three years of wrestling with the problem, I finally felt so defeated that I had had enough and replaced it with one by another manufacturer. This experience cured me of buying Bosch.

Bosch does not stand behind their products. Several of their dishwashers are being recalled for a bad control panel. It can go bad and catch on fire. My dishwasher was not in the recall. However, the part went bad. It had a burnt control panel. I contacted Bosch. Sent them pictures of the control panel, the burnt portion, etc. FIVE DAYS LATER Bosch e-mails me back. Apologizes for the delay, of course. Say they are sending a repair fella out to my house. FIVE DAYS AFTER they get my e-mail, they tell me this!!! I am a female who HATES to wash dishes! How long did Bosch think I would wait till I went and purchased another dishwasher or fixed the current one?

Frankly I believe that was the whole point of WAITING FIVE DAYS BEFORE E-MAILING ME! Bosch says that since the repair was performed before their authorized service guy came to look at it, they would not pay for the part! I believe that was Bosch's whole point!!! I will never purchase another Bosch product. Bosch is a 'dirty' company that does their utmost to prevent having to fix their problems!

I do not have whether anyone managed to get help in France or in Cyprus for Bosch appliances? Trying to contact them, for both fridge and stove problems, to no avail. The French number is out of date and the Cypriot one does not exist. Bosch only wants to sell but does not seem to be willing to keep their customers in the long-run. Lesson duly learned and the word will be spread.

Washer - Spent 2-3 weeks waiting for a part and then learning that it's not repairable for less than a new machine. Plus spending $90 for a service call.

I sent a lot of money on a Bosch power box. It has no volume - doesn't work. I contacted Bosch. They want me to pay for their poor product almost as much as I paid for it. Never buying Bosch again.

We purchased a Bosch dishwasher 1 year ago. Within a month the door started popping open during the wash cycle. I called Bosch customer service and they set up a repair. They know there is a problem so they have a replacement kit called a latch stiffener. Well everything worked fine for the summer months when we return from our six months in Florida. I use the dishwasher another month and the same things started happening. I called customer service and talk to the same woman that I had spoken to last summer. She is very nice and very helpful and tried her damnedest to get me a replacement dishwasher.

The company told her since there had only been one repair they could not replace the dishwasher that I would have to have a second repair done on it. So that is scheduled for next week but I also had her note in my account that this is the second repair on the same dishwasher for the same problem as I am now out of warranty. There are only two of us in the house so the dishwasher does not get run that often. When it does work it cleans the dishes nicely and it is very quiet. I agree the racks are not the greatest and they do fall off the track and you have to look them up to try to get them back on but that I can deal with. Running 8 minutes and having the door pop open is not acceptable.

My wife and I bought a new home in January. It came with Bosch appliances. Within a few weeks the dishwasher started leaking a lot of water. I called Bosch and they sent a repairman out to check it. The repairman decided that it couldn't be fixed and would require a new dishwasher. He called Bosch and they said they needed proof of home purchase, which we gave them. Although my wife filled out all of the warranty information when we bought the house. The information that we sent to Bosch showed our names, address, closing date and the information on the house. We didn't include any information that had social security #s or financial information. Bosch continues to ask for the full 40 pages of my closing information and we refuse. Again, financial information, social security #s etc. are really none of their business.

We have talked to them and asked them to tell us what else we can send them specifically and they can't tell us however, my dishwasher continues to leak on my floor and new cabinets and Bosch continues to say that they need 48 hrs. to run this by their bosses. The bottom line is that this is a 5-month old appliance that is bad and Bosch continues to play games to avoid honoring their own warranty. Why did we fill out the warranty cards in the first place if they can't use them. I will never recommend Bosch appliances to anyone. Not because we have a problem with their product. Anything can happen. But their desire to avoid repairing or replacing their defective product shows me that they have no desire to do the right thing.

BOSCH Designed for LIFE... I guess so, that is, if your life is only ONE week long!!! After recently taking a faulty Bosch Inspection camera to their Melbourne Service Centre, it came back replaced with a brand new one! Wow that's fantastic service! So we thought??? This was short lived, when not even one week passed and we went to use our new Bosch Inspection camera for the second time, only to find it too is faulty with the exact same fault as our original!

And the official words straight from the Bosch Service Centre. "Proof of purchase date on original replacement is 24/3/13. The warranty period for this purchase was 2 years, the tool was replaced under goodwill, the warranty period has long expired." In other words we gave you a new one and don't really care that it only lasted less than a week! That's your problem now! Well that's one sure way to go from Fantastic Service to I think if that's how they treat their customers, we sure won't be stocking any of our company's service vehicles with Bosch anymore. I'll keep you all posted on whether this is seriously how BOSCH are content to treat their customers and in the meantime does anyone know any brands for a decent inspection camera? As looks like we are in the market for a new one!

Purchase Bosch Refrigerator B22CT80SNS. Did not work out of box. Repairman added coolant and worked for about 10 days. When refrigerator quit cooling repairman determined coolant leak inside of refrigerator and non-repairable and Bosch was to replace. When I called them in a week to see why I had not heard anything they said that they were no longer making that model and had no comparable model to give me so would in 4 to 6 weeks come out and pickup non-working new refrigerator and issue me a refund check. Of course by that time will have been without a working refrigerator for over 2 months.

Also, I had a kitchen remodel done based on all new Bosch appliances, two of which had cosmetic damage in addition to non-working refrigerator upon delivery. So now even though Bosch cannot provide me with a refrigerator, I have other Bosch products that they will not take back so after a $50,000 plus kitchen renovation I will have mixed brands of appliances in my Kitchen with un-matching handles/hardware. I asked if Bosch would just take all of their appliance back and provide refund and I could start over with a brand that could provide a working refrigerator of course they refused. NEVER BUY BOSCH PRODUCTS.

Worst dishwasher we've ever had - does not hold many dishes as the racks are tiny. Forget about putting bowls in the lower rack, if you do you can't add plates as they bump up against each other. The lower rack falls off the track if the bottom rack is fully loaded and then you have to pick it up and try to get it back on track. The SMELL - OMG, since day one we have removed the strainer in the bottom, rinsed it and allowed it to dry in between washings - noticed an inch of water in the well at the bottom - which adds to the smell. Called repair and they simply state, "That's the design." Well let me tell you the design sucks!

Never in my many, many years of owning dishwashers have I EVER dealt with a smell like this. It is embarrassing when you have company and open it as the entire kitchen ends up smelling like a TRASH HEAP! So now we buy deodorizers to keep the smell at bay, and rinse agent to help the dishwasher do its job, and detergent, and dishwasher cleaner, 4 products - unreal. Who knows maybe they are in cahoots with the manufacturers of these products (or who knows maybe they are the ones who make them - because their dishwasher SUCKS! Did I say that already?).

Bought floor model from Lowe's. As a Lowe's employee I am well aware of Lowe's deficiencies and should have expected that they would sell a returned item without the parts needed for installation. Bosch's do not direct wire; they need a custom connector for the electrical connection. But I called Bosch and told them the parts were missing. Their rep took all my information and promised to send them. Then they emailed back to me (which I failed to notice) and stated their "supervisor" (super ** or super **) stated since it was a "floor model" I would have to take back their promise and I would have to pay for the parts. Did not include part numbers, how much, etc. to make it even harder for me to order. This is causing a 10 day delay in installation, etc.

Just know Bosch which wants $800-2000 for a dishwasher is willing to sell their reputation for some parts revenue. Thought these Germans were smarter than that but obviously the South was the wrong place to locate their plant. Obviously I am very pissed off about this.

I am a plumber in Sydney. I always recommended Bosch or Smeg dishwashers to customers when doing kitchen renovations I used to have a Smeg dishwasher which was very user friendly then I changed to Bosch which is my biggest downfall in appliance selection & recommendations, since having it I have found: #1. It not washes soap off properly & we were told not to use the finish tablets. #2. Racking system bottom rack loses wheels all the time & top & bottom racks folds & doesn't hold dishes properly. #3. Faults with drainage system always happening & I always need to reset system holding start button down 10 sec #4. Now it has a fault E15 flashing & drain continues to drain - I even payed for extended warranty which doesn't cover much not happy. I thought Bosch had a much much much better quality dishwasher than this.

My Bosch dishwasher smells. Bought at Best Buy. I see another review June 2016 a few days ago has the exact same issue. It smells no matter what I do. I wish I had not bought it. The Bosch company was kind and offered to send a technician for free, but I see other reviewers have the same issue with no solution. It just plain stinks after each wash, even after cleaning the filter after every wash, using the recommended brand of detergent pods, and paying more for cleaning fluid every couple weeks. My dishes stink, especially the glasses. When I drink, it smells like dead fish in my water glasses.

From the first day of unwrapping the dishwasher it had an awkward smell. After initiating use the smell worsened which led me to calling Bosch since it was under warranty, I explained that there was a really bad smell and while cleaning the filter notice that a small amount of water remained after each use. I assumed there was a drainage problem hence keeping water which would cause the smell.

The customer rep was rude from the beginning and initially told me there was nothing they could do, after hashing it out she confirmed it was under warranty and scheduled a technician to come out. The tech checked it said it was running perfectly and that it is normal for a small amount of water to remain at the bottom. He told me to use liquid instead of powder or the small pacs. I have bought dishwasher cleaner, rinsed it with vinegar, Clorox and still it smells awful. I have another home and many friends with dishwashers and despite any reason they do not smell as much as mine... I am so unhappy. I hate using it, secondly it does not clean well. I am going to try to inquire about a refund. I will never buy a Bosch product of any kind for any of my homes. My Bosch dishwasher was purchased from Best Buy.

Purchased 2 dishwashers from Sears. One went to daughter. Hers broke down in first month of having it. Customer service gave us two repair companies to call. Repairman came out and had to call Bosch to have them walk through what to do in finding out what is wrong. Finally after a couple of calls, parts had to be ordered. I called customer service when I found out part was on backorder for 2 or more weeks. They explained part had just come in that day but would not go out to repair service for at least 10 days or so. I explained that she had the machine for about a month and now it is going to be out of service for that long. Customer service said they would expedite it. They would call and let us know it was on way.

I had to call again because now a second or third part I didn't know about is on backorder. Has been 2 weeks and no one has let us know how things are going. Will not buy Bosch again. Customer service is pitiful. I worry my machine will break down now. Thought Bosch was a good company. I talked to so many customer service people and they didn't know what was going on. Talked to a manager and she was condescending and no help. No thanks, Bosch is worthless.

We bought front loading washing machine 5 months with extended warranty. After buying fully loaded though expensive machine facing same problems repeatedly and at the time of buying they hide so many points about machine. Engineer visit takes so many days. No quick service will be given to us after requesting for emergency. It's just a brand name. Nothing special in machines.

We bought a $800 Bosch washing machine. Not cheap. After 2 months one day we opened and it looked like some clothes had got stuck in the door. This shouldn't happen as the door should need a vacuum seal to close. We had to call Bosch who failed to organise a repair - we had to book them ourselves. Apparently as there is a tiny break in the seal of the door that's not covered by warranty and will cost us over $200 to fix. Their repair company not easy to deal with and drawn out. We would have been better to have bought from another company. My wife 8 months pregnant and not happy, Bosch. :(

I bought a Bosch dishwasher as it was recommended by the appliance store but it has been terrible at cleaning. I had a repairman come out while it was still under warranty and he just said I needed to use different detergent. Tried that and still doesn't clean properly and continues to get worse. Their customer service says there is nothing they can do. Have given up and am buying another brand. Would never buy a Bosch again.

I bought two Bosch dishwasher, one broke down and the other stopped cleaning the dishes.

We looked long and hard for a new range and decided on this based upon the reviews we saw and reputation on Bosch. We use it a lot, especially for stews, pasta and other sauces etc. Unfortunately, this range cannot simmer... I wrote to Bosch and it was suggested that we buy one of their woks. Not interested in cooking pasta sauce in a wok. We bought an outdoor cast iron replacement grill and have been using that on top of the range, but we invested a lot of money for a 'great' range and have to pile up outdoor grills so our dinner doesn't burn? Also – beware of the broil, for garlic cheese bread and most fish we've always kept the door cracked open a bit. Can't do that anymore. Open the door the broiler shuts off. This stinks. We are so disappointed.

I wish I had something good to say about my Bosch kitchen appliances. I redid my kitchen oven, cooktop, exhaust fan, microwave, and dishwasher with Bosch products. I lasted about a month with the dishwasher and told my husband I wasn't going to live the next five years with it. I replaced it with a Kenmore and couldn't be happier.

The Bosch racks were terribly, inefficiently configured - that was my worst complaint. It smelled sour. The microwave is OK as far as doing the job, but it's not handy in any way and is impossible to clean because for one thing I can't reach the back of it without a step stool. You have to put in the number of minutes and seconds every time you use it. The convection oven doesn't thrill me at all. My cookies turn out pasty and it doesn't seem to do anything any faster at any temperature.

Same old oven as far as I'm concerned. I bang my head on the exhaust fan whenever I try to see what is on the back burner. The burners on the cooktop are too big for the pots, except for the smallest ones. The knobs on the cooktop get very hot and are hard to adjust with a pot on them. Let's see if there is anything good I have to say. They look pretty, but the engineers who designed them have never even boiled water much less cooked a meal, and they have certainly never cleaned them or even used them.