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I exchanged my fancy front loader Cabrio washing machine for a top loader after having numerous issues: clothes weren't getting clean, extended water cycle, and a leak. The original purchase was made at Lowe's, where I elected to invest in the 3 yr extended warranty plan. After several visits from their sub-contractor, they allowed me to exchange the washer for a top loader Whirlpool Cabrio. At first the washer seemed to work, but after about 8 months I started having problems. The bearings went out and when the service company replaced it they forgot to screw top of the machine together. During my first load, I heard this terrible noise and discovered that the entire top of the machine had separated from the bottom by 2 inches.

I frantically rushed to turn the washer off before my laundry room flooded. So, they were out again and screwed the machine back together but failed to retrieve the original screw that they removed from the washer during the first round. Well, the screw got lodged in-between the drum and interior, causing it to completely break the machine. Lowe's agreed to exchange the washer for another top loader Cabrio, but my 3 year service contract would not cover the new washer. Not to my surprise, I immediately had issues with it and had to hire a repairman to assess the problem, who concluded that it was the bearings. He informed me that it would be about $700 to replace the bearings and cheaper to just buy a new machine.

I called Whirlpool and explained to them about all my issues, now becoming almost comical. They arranged for an outside contractor to assess it. After confirming that the bearing were bad they replaced them. Another few months go by before problems occur, this time the washing machine stopped draining water and spinning. The service company was out another 4 times. They replaced things like the mother board and control panel. My last appointment was today, where the service guy said, "There is only one error code. It is a stuck button". I said, "Will you at least witness a full cycle so I can show you all my problems: clothes still dirty and stinky, items still wet after spin cycle, cycle taking 2 to 3 hours to run, horrible noises, and timer adding minutes to original cycle". He called Whirlpool because he genuinely felt sorry for my situation. They were of no help. He didn't stay to witness a cycle.

Moral of story: if the "error code" doesn't detect a problem, the consumer will not be helped (this is something that consumers do not have access to). They will happily call a technician out to put a bandaid on an issue until your warranty runs out. I have had between 7 to 10 service calls out to my house, requiring me to take either an entire or 1/2 day off of work each time. If I added up all time lost at work, I could have easily purchased a top-of-the-line washer/dryer duo and been done with all this Whirlpool foolishness. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this product.

My washing machine is just over a year old and it has ruined so many clothes... They come out with brown stains on them... Almost like a oily stain. Not sure where it's coming from but it's either I'm gonna have to buy a different machine or keep buying clothes. My husband's t-shirts look terrible... If any suggestions to what it can be please respond back to me. Thanks. Model# wtw4815ewo. Serial# c51433710.

We replaced our 20+ year old washer and dryer with a Cabrio set. I read the instruction booklet twice to make certain I did everything correctly. I've washed two loads. Both times, the clothes were in a ball at the bottom of the washer. Everything was horribly wrinkled. DO NOT BUY this WASHING MACHINE UNLESS YOU want your CLOTHES to COME OUT in a WRINKLED BALL.

Bought the HE Whirlpool Cabrio in 2013 after having my old agitator Maytag for 19 years. After reading the other reviews I do not feel alone. An awful washer, a year after our purchase the spin cycle is so loud we have to close the laundry room door. Now it has been leaking into my basement. I called a repairman, explained my problem. He suggested to junk the washer, it will cost more to repair than buying a new washer. In addition my clothes did not clean properly, soap stains on clothes because it does not use enough water. This was about $1000 purchase that lasted less than 4 years! I am done with Whirlpool and suggest to anyone not purchase a HE washer, nothing like the old style agitator washers.

We bought this washer brand new and as soon as it was outside the one year warranty the bearing went out. They had to order a whole new drum kit. A MONTH later I had a running washing machine again. The day after it was fixed it started leaking underneath the machine. Serviceman came and looked at it and said "No must be the hoses" (my responsibility to fix). Nope kept leaking and two months later I'm doing laundry and an entire load of water floods my laundry room. Drum broke again!! SIX WEEKS LATER I still am waiting for a new drum. I had to fight to get Whirlpool to fix it again and they won't even return my calls about why it's taking so long! We are a family of 8, so doing laundry at a laundromat is outrageous! Don't ever buy Whirlpool washers!!!

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New whirlpool washing machine 2016 - This washer is supposed to be 'smart,' but it NEVER fills up with water! I always have to fill a bucket with water and throw it in the washing machine. My clothes do not come out smelling fresh and it's not the detergent to blame, it's the washer! I'm so disappointed with this product. Whirlpool should stop making products.

I wish I had gone on this website and read the reviews before I bought my washer about two years ago. I thought the Whirlpool Cabrio was going to be a good machine because of the brand name and because it is one of the more expensive washers. Like many others have said, I am disappointed with this washer. I bought it because it has a large capacity, but mostly because it has a hand wash cycle and a deep water soak. I have found that the only cycle that actually may get clothes clean is the "Bulky Items" cycle, because it actually covers the clothes in water. Some of the other cycles don't even get the clothes entirely wet. And the deep water soak doesn't wash the clothes, rinse them, or spin them dry. I might as well pre-soak clothing in my laundry tub, and then put them in the machine to wash them.

Prior to this machine, I had a Maytag Neptune front loader, which did alright, but it had a few problems. I am ready to go back to the inexpensive agitator machine my mother used to have, if anyone still makes them. They at least got the clothes clean, and you could soak clothing if you wanted to. I'm sorry that I bought this expensive washer. I wish I had bought a relatively inexpensive, simple machine. One good thing about this machine though is that I was able to wash a sleeping bag on the "Bulky Items" cycle. So, I didn't have to take the sleeping bag to the laundromat. Whirlpool needs to improve this machine or go back to the drawing board and create a new one.

Soon as warranty expired issues with product. This should not happen. Made in America, washer making too much noise. Products cost more but poor quality. What is this company going to produce? This is the world we live in.

I've had this machine for 4 months and it broke down. It's been 4 weeks waiting for the part that keeps getting put on hold. No delivery date, no offer to reimburse $30 a week for laundromat services. Will never buy a Whirlpool again!!

I am so disappointed with this washer. I totally dread doing laundry. The following are the complaints: Every load comes out totally twisted and wrinkled!! The soap/fabric dispenser holds water after each load (I have to take paper towels and get the dispenser empty!!!). There is not enough water to properly clean the clothes. I have never noticed a reduction in my water bill and have had this piece of junk since 4-25-13. There is NO short cycle on this junk machine. There is an odor to my towels - like they are musty - after I dry them and use them. I use Tide HE detergent and clean the washer with Affresh (you shouldn't have to clean a washer). I should have taken the time to write a review much sooner, but decided today was the day after doing laundry. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER.

We purchased a 4.8 Cu FT High Efficiency Front Load Washer in February of 2016. What a nightmare. Just a few months after having it, we kept getting an E3 error message that would not go away. After 2 weeks of waiting before a tech could come out there replaced a door mechanism said it would be fine. After the next wash same thing, same problem. Could not even open the door to get my laundry out. Again they could not get a tech out for at least 2 weeks so I'm stuck with the cost of getting my laundry done elsewhere.

This time it was the motherboard. Had to wait a week for that to be shipped out. This was all completed in June 2016. We are now the beginning of September and same problem. Again we are told at least 1-2 weeks to get a tech out. Seriously Whirlpool, we are your customer. I have a family and we need to wash our clothes. We spent $1200 on this machine only to have to take our laundry to a public laundry mat because your machine keeps breaking down. They will not replace the machine even though this is the 3rd time with the same problem. The customer service is horrible. They are not willing to help in any way to get this fixed much sooner for her or give us a new machine. This one is obviously a lemon! I will never purchase any Whirlpool appliance again and I suggest based on some of the reviews on here no one does. Next appliance I buy I will do more research for sure.

I have purchased offloading washing machine in 13 Oct. Within three years it has given lot of problems. Every third month we have to call for service and spend lot of money. We had changed drain motor and condenser. Wiring is faulty. Machine will be down many times.

Whirlpool should be ashamed for making a terrible machine. It does not get the clothes clean and it is always breaking down. It is not worth the money. I have never ever had a washing machine act like this. I have been RIPPED OFF!!

Bought a new Cabrio, worked ok but in less than 2 yrs the bearing is bad. It will cost almost as much to repair as a new washer. Will never buy a Whirlpool product again. Would give negative rate!

I have owned two different Whirpool washers over the last several years, and they have both been a very big disappointment. More than that they have cost me money, time, and peace of mind. The Duet was my first experience with a Whirlpool appliance. It was a front load that I replaced the water pump on twice and constantly had to take the front bottom piece of the washer off to clean the trap on. It had been taken off so much that the machine actually just fell apart. It also had some type of mold or mildew problem where it made the clothes smell. It was a constant headache.

I was stupid and allowed a salesperson from HHGregg to talk me into purchasing the Whirlpool Cabrio washer. Another huge mistake. Again, cost me time, money and peace of mind. I have owned the washer for a COUPLE OF MONTHS, and the clothes that I have washed smell so bad that I cannot use the washer anymore. I tried to call customer service, but it is impossible to get any help because the lines were so backed up, I have not had the time to sit and wait for an available person. Not to mention there is an extensive process of pushing lots of buttons before you are put on hold to presumably talk to a human being. I assume this is because so many people are having so many problems with their Whirlpool appliances. It is not surprising. I bought a new washer, a GE. It is awesome!

When I have the patience and the time, I will try to call Whirlpool again and see if they are willing to do anything about the washer that at this point is just sitting in my garage taking up space. I spent around $600 on a washer I only got a few months of use out of. When we moved it to the garage, we could hear water swishing around, which explains the horrible smell of the clothes. Once I started having the issue, I went online to see if this was an easy fix, and it turned out that LOTS of other people are having the exact problem, to the point where people are trying to get a class action suit going. Do yourself a favor and avoid the hassle of dealing with this company. If you purchase a Whirlpool washer, I guarantee you will be sorry. Trust me, I was stupid enough to do it twice. Hope this helps someone avoid the headache these appliances have given me.

I will never buy Whirlpool again. And by the way, Maytag is made by as well as the following: Admiral (Canada), Chambers, Coovert (ac's), Crosley (newer fridges, a/c, washers), Danby (8, Estate, Inglis, Ikea, Kenmore (see Sears), KitchenAid (4), Kirkland, Maytag Epic®, Roper, Speed Queen (Canada only), Sub Zero (undercounter ice makers), Whirlpool.

Bought a commercial coin operated Whirlpool washer on 4-18-2015. As of this date machine has not been used that much, the electronic part has gone haywire.

All lights on and shows the door lock (which is not) disconnected, nothing changes when I put it back. Contacted Whirlpool technician, have been told that this is a defective model. He has apparently had several service calls that are new machines and they are all the same issue. Told to contacted Whirlpool, Whirlpool playing dumb. I have several other older Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers, never had issues. I guess they are doing shortcut garbage machines. Also, the interior of machine is less sturdy than the older models. Will not buy any Whirlpool products again. They do not stand by their products try to tell me that they are not aware of defective machines. Cheaper to play stupid!!! Disappointed with their lack of standing by what they sell!!!

Cabrio washer bought 5 or 6 years ago. Started a whining noise when spinning, so loud we close the washroom door to hear the TV. Called service, they immediately knew that the main bearing was going out & quoted the two parts needed to fix THAT COSTS MORE THAN THE MACHINE DID NEW! Labor was not included. Was also told that it will eventually start leaking. Piece of junk. What happened to simple washers that did a good job washing in half the time that lasted 15 to 20 years???

It was time to put the old Frigidaire Washer out to pasture. I researched for quite some time online to find just the right new one. It's all so confusing as they all claim to be the best. The Whirlpool WTW500DW Top Load is the one I chose to look at along with 2 comparable others. I have had Whirlpool appliances in the past and was always happy with them, so I will be honest, I was leaning towards Whirlpool. I purchased the WTW500DW and matching Dryer after looking at the 2 others first. Price was lower, features were more to my liking and better quality/sturdiness was very apparent to me. This was the lower priced machine out of the 3 but had everything I wanted and a little more. The HUGE wash basket is wonderful. I have literally cut our laundry down from 4-5 loads a week to 2! Our clothes have truly never been cleaner.

I am amazed at the great job this machine does with a minimum amount of time and water. It is quiet, efficient and the cycles do what they are supposed to do. The absence of electronic pad "buttons" is greatly appreciated. Its standard dials are easy to read and set. In my opinion, Whirlpool has "done it again". It's a great Washing Machine at a price that is lower than others without as many nice features, it is well built and does the job perfectly.

I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer In July 2014 for $937 cd. What a waste of my hard earned money! I have had nothing but issues with it since I purchased it. The retailer no longer sells them as they have seen nothing but complaints with them yet Whirlpool did nothing to help me as a client. It does not wash the clothes, there is such a foul smell even when cleaning it once a month as requested and the clothes comes out soaking and not rinsed properly. The technician came out and advised the washer was not broken. That is just the model. I have requested supervisors to call me back and most recently wrote the corporate office. I am out almost $1000 and in a situation where I have to go purchase a new washer as I just can't stand to use this product any longer. I am shocked they have not placed a recall on this model. What a poor product.

We purchased this machine a couple of years ago... What a disappointment! Was recommended to me by the sales person and I trusted her. The machine does not get our clothes clean!!! We are a couple in our 60's so our clothes don't really get dirty most of the time, but they come out with marks on them all the time. My dish clothes and wash clothes are a disgrace! I'm continually trying to soak them to try and get them to look clean. I've been going to write this review for a long time, but today was the final straw. Washed a small load of towels and had to rewash several pieces! I would never recommend a Whirlpool product after this experience.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a problem with the paint bubbling up and peeling off their washer and/or dryer. My washer and dryer are in my laundry room off the kitchen with a heat and air vent in the room and I don't understand why my paint is doing this. They are about 5 years old and have always been in this room, never in a garage or basement. My dryer was rusting on the outside about 3 years ago and even though I bought the extended warranty, Whirlpool said it was only cosmetic and they wouldn't do anything about it. I bought them at Lowe's and they were good enough to give me a new one to replace it. Both of the machines now have the paint bubbling up and peeling off and there is nothing that can be done. Anybody else have this problem and if so what can be done to repair the paint? This is my 3rd set of Whirlpool washer and dryers over the past 44 years and I will purchase another brand next time.

My old 25 yr old Whirlpool died and was shopping for a new one. I saw the Cabrio and was really impressed by the features and large capacity interior. I can say that I thought my clothes were getting clean until I looked closely. I have never been so disappointed with this washer. I wish I had my old one back! Clothes aren't clean, they are so twisted when I take them out and there's a horrible smell, like oil burning when it runs. The machine would fill up and when it would start to wash, it wouldn't, it would stop. And a loud humming noise was coming from the back.

I shut it off and turned it back on and it wouldn't clear. I had to unplug it and plug it back in to clear it and start over. The bearings are gone now and I was going to have a repairman come and look at it, but now I won't bother! After reading everyone's comments this Cabrio is a piece of junk and I'm sorry I ever bought it! So now I'll be shopping for a new one tomorrow with an agitator!!! I'm not impressed with the HE appliances!!! I've owned this POS for not quite 6 yrs. Expensive to purchase and I will not recommend Whirlpool to anyone! It's sad that companies today make cheap products!! Built to last... ha!! We'll never see those again!!

Whirlpool Duet Machines - I feel very fortunate as I have not had a single problem whatsoever with my Whirlpool washer and dryer and it is 5 years old. Never once have I needed a part or had trouble with it. I feel bad for those of you who are dealing with this as what is worse than a washer/dryer that does not work?

Bought this machine at Lowe's as it was recommended by the salesperson. The machine broke down in 2 months due to a control module. Besides that, the clothes do not get clean! They come out with all the stains still on them. The water does not even get the clothes wet! And they smell. Called Whirlpool up and they sent out tech 2x and said there was nothing wrong. Went back to Lowe's and they will not honor my claim to replace the unit. I now have to purchase a new machine since this one is useless. Never will I buy a Whirlpool again and don't you either!!!

I bought a Whirlpool Cambrio washer/dryer set last year. I hate them. They don't get the clothes clean, let alone wet! I couldn't believe it! I put my grandson's bib in the wash and it came out completely dry with the stuck on food still there. My husband's shirts still smell like the cologne he put on! I asked a Home Depot sales person about this and he says, "yeah, we hear that a lot." !!!!!!! I'm going back to a washer with an agitator so that I know my clothes are being cleaned. This whole water control business is insane. What's the point if you have to wash the clothes several times to feel like they are marginally clean? The problem is that the industry has decreased the amount of models that still have an agitator so my selection is very slim. First and LAST time I ever buy Whirlpool.

I absolutely hate this expensive piece of junk. I have tried everything, and my clothes are not clean. It is only myself, and my husband, and our clothes don't get very dirty. I would like to send this junk to the junkyard, but I spent a lot to get the dryer with steam that went with the washer. This experience has soured me on Whirlpool appliances, and now I learn they also make appliances for Maytag!

Doesn't wash clothes properly - often some items of clothing just don't get wet. After 3 years the whole main bearing in it failed, causing unbelievable noise and constant overload faults. All Whirlpool top load washers have this critical design fault where water leaks into the main bearing (the bearing is an unsealed type with a cheap grommet seal) and then after a year or 2 the bearing starts to cease and the machine overloads itself trying to operate. Replacing the bearing means pulling the whole machine apart - and with a cheap press-fit bearing like this, special tools are needed and it will never operate smoothly again anyhow. In any case in 2 years, the faulty bearing seal design will let water destroy the bearing again. Effectively it is not repairable. Sounds like class action to me. So, it became an $1000 paperweight and I bought a new Samsung unit. I assume the Koreans know how to design bearings and seals...

Got all of you beat. Bought this piece of crap machine April 23, 2016. I have pretty much the same complaints as every complaint I've read on this forum. Jump through all the same hoops, trying to get enough water to wash properly, trying to get enough water to rinse properly...so environmentally & economically friendly...NOT! A couple times, the noises got very loud & grinding but stopped pretty quickly & continued with the wash. Yesterday, it got so bad I turned on the camera & will try to attach the video. Can't really see much, with the reflections on the glass lid, but the sound is clear. It got so bad, the floor was thumping & then it started to smell like something was burning so my husband shut it down.

Smoke came up out of the machine when we opened the lid & it was a cold water wash. Learned my lesson from the machine this one replaced, which died at 14 months, 2 months out of manufacturer's warranty & so, I bought the extended, 5-year protection plan from Sears. Repair person will be out on the 24th. Cannot attach video. Oh well, doesn't change the story.

My husband purchases Whirlpool washer years ago. Started acting up after 18 months. Won't spin, stays locked, clothes are soaking wet. Used troubleshooting website. Spent over $200.00 in repairs... including new board. Still doesn't work properly. Whirlpool customer service recommended buying a extended contract for over $300.00. I could have bought a $900.00 Maytag by now. Total disgusted with machine and customer service. Will never buy Whirlpool again and have told everyone by word of mouth and on facebook about this situation. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL!

Bought this machine June 23, 2016. First use, I called Lowes where I purchased it to say there is something wrong as it makes a grinding noise. I was informed that is normal for 'agitatorless' machines. I asked if he could hear the noise, and he said yes, that's it. So I disconnected thinking, "Wow, who makes a machine in today's technology that is so loud you think something or someone is in serious pain?!" Now am at the point where I want this design in pain out of my house! Going to Lowes today to try and talk rationally for a complete refund so I can purchase an LG or Samsung which is what I should have done originally.

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Whirlpool is generally considered the largest home appliance maker in the world. The company employs over a 100,000 employees, with many of them located right in the United States. The company also has a strong commitment to environmental and social causes.

  • Large capacities for a variety of customers: Whirlpool washers feature large capacities, with a few washers offering more capacity than 4.3 cubic feet.
  • Corporate diversity: Whirlpool has a commitment to corporate diversity, and attempts to connect with groups like women, blacks and Asians through its various Whirlpool Action Networks.
  • Auto-dispensing feature: With select washers, consumers can fill their washer with enough detergent for 12 washes. From there, the Whirlpool washer will dispense the exact amount of detergent needed, saving time and conserving detergent.
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