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My old 25 yr old Whirlpool died and was shopping for a new one. I saw the Cabrio and was really impressed by the features and large capacity interior. I can say that I thought my clothes were getting clean until I looked closely. I have never been so disappointed with this washer. I wish I had my old one back! Clothes aren't clean, they are so twisted when I take them out and there's a horrible smell, like oil burning when it runs. The machine would fill up and when it would start to wash, it wouldn't, it would stop. And a loud humming noise was coming from the back.

I shut it off and turned it back on and it wouldn't clear. I had to unplug it and plug it back in to clear it and start over. The bearings are gone now and I was going to have a repairman come and look at it, but now I won't bother! After reading everyone's comments this Cabrio is a piece of junk and I'm sorry I ever bought it! So now I'll be shopping for a new one tomorrow with an agitator!!! I'm not impressed with the HE appliances!!! I've owned this POS for not quite 6 yrs. Expensive to purchase and I will not recommend Whirlpool to anyone! It's sad that companies today make cheap products!! Built to last... ha!! We'll never see those again!!

Whirlpool Duet Machines - I feel very fortunate as I have not had a single problem whatsoever with my Whirlpool washer and dryer and it is 5 years old. Never once have I needed a part or had trouble with it. I feel bad for those of you who are dealing with this as what is worse than a washer/dryer that does not work?

Bought this machine at Lowe's as it was recommended by the salesperson. The machine broke down in 2 months due to a control module. Besides that, the clothes do not get clean! They come out with all the stains still on them. The water does not even get the clothes wet! And they smell. Called Whirlpool up and they sent out tech 2x and said there was nothing wrong. Went back to Lowe's and they will not honor my claim to replace the unit. I now have to purchase a new machine since this one is useless. Never will I buy a Whirlpool again and don't you either!!!

I bought a Whirlpool Cambrio washer/dryer set last year. I hate them. They don't get the clothes clean, let alone wet! I couldn't believe it! I put my grandson's bib in the wash and it came out completely dry with the stuck on food still there. My husband's shirts still smell like the cologne he put on! I asked a Home Depot sales person about this and he says, "yeah, we hear that a lot." !!!!!!! I'm going back to a washer with an agitator so that I know my clothes are being cleaned. This whole water control business is insane. What's the point if you have to wash the clothes several times to feel like they are marginally clean? The problem is that the industry has decreased the amount of models that still have an agitator so my selection is very slim. First and LAST time I ever buy Whirlpool.

I absolutely hate this expensive piece of junk. I have tried everything, and my clothes are not clean. It is only myself, and my husband, and our clothes don't get very dirty. I would like to send this junk to the junkyard, but I spent a lot to get the dryer with steam that went with the washer. This experience has soured me on Whirlpool appliances, and now I learn they also make appliances for Maytag!

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Doesn't wash clothes properly - often some items of clothing just don't get wet. After 3 years the whole main bearing in it failed, causing unbelievable noise and constant overload faults. All Whirlpool top load washers have this critical design fault where water leaks into the main bearing (the bearing is an unsealed type with a cheap grommet seal) and then after a year or 2 the bearing starts to cease and the machine overloads itself trying to operate. Replacing the bearing means pulling the whole machine apart - and with a cheap press-fit bearing like this, special tools are needed and it will never operate smoothly again anyhow. In any case in 2 years, the faulty bearing seal design will let water destroy the bearing again. Effectively it is not repairable. Sounds like class action to me. So, it became an $1000 paperweight and I bought a new Samsung unit. I assume the Koreans know how to design bearings and seals...

Got all of you beat. Bought this piece of crap machine April 23, 2016. I have pretty much the same complaints as every complaint I've read on this forum. Jump through all the same hoops, trying to get enough water to wash properly, trying to get enough water to rinse properly...so environmentally & economically friendly...NOT! A couple times, the noises got very loud & grinding but stopped pretty quickly & continued with the wash. Yesterday, it got so bad I turned on the camera & will try to attach the video. Can't really see much, with the reflections on the glass lid, but the sound is clear. It got so bad, the floor was thumping & then it started to smell like something was burning so my husband shut it down.

Smoke came up out of the machine when we opened the lid & it was a cold water wash. Learned my lesson from the machine this one replaced, which died at 14 months, 2 months out of manufacturer's warranty & so, I bought the extended, 5-year protection plan from Sears. Repair person will be out on the 24th. Cannot attach video. Oh well, doesn't change the story.

My husband purchases Whirlpool washer years ago. Started acting up after 18 months. Won't spin, stays locked, clothes are soaking wet. Used troubleshooting website. Spent over $200.00 in repairs... including new board. Still doesn't work properly. Whirlpool customer service recommended buying a extended contract for over $300.00. I could have bought a $900.00 Maytag by now. Total disgusted with machine and customer service. Will never buy Whirlpool again and have told everyone by word of mouth and on facebook about this situation. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL!

Bought this machine June 23, 2016. First use, I called Lowes where I purchased it to say there is something wrong as it makes a grinding noise. I was informed that is normal for 'agitatorless' machines. I asked if he could hear the noise, and he said yes, that's it. So I disconnected thinking, "Wow, who makes a machine in today's technology that is so loud you think something or someone is in serious pain?!" Now am at the point where I want this design in pain out of my house! Going to Lowes today to try and talk rationally for a complete refund so I can purchase an LG or Samsung which is what I should have done originally.

I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine April 2016. I was so excited to have a new washing machine. I thought the 1st couple times I used it I just didn't have settings right. It uses so little water it doesn't get all clothes wet. If they are not wet they can't be clean. So I started doing very small loads. Then clothes were not clean. They stink. So I have tried every detergent out there. Nothing helps. Another thing it takes an hour or longer per wash to get not so dirty clothes. Not to mention it puts holes in my towels. I tried reaching out to Lowe's where we bought it only less than 4 months ago only to be told they would contact Whirlpool. Whirlpool wanted to send tech that I would have to pay for just to tell me that the piece of crap washing machine is doing everything the manufacturer made it to do. I told him I was not going to pay so. I think with all the problems people there should be a class action lawsuit. DO NOT BUY CABRIO!!!

Seems to use very little water. When I take the clothes out, they are bone dry in places which means they haven't even seen any water! Clean (?) clothes end up smelling musty and I end up having to wash them two or three times which completely goes against any eco argument! I am really disappointed with this product and would never buy Whirlpool again. I have just washed our dog blankets. The cycle finished so took them out, had to check that the detergent had been used as the blankets were almost completely dry. The blankets still completely smell of 'dog' so have had to put them through another wash (with more detergent – waste of money) and with a pre-wash cycle. Rubbish! We also have a Whirlpool drier and that is no better. Washing never comes out completely dry. It always has to be fully aired, sometimes more than others. There is no consistency in how wet or dry the clothes come out. Avoid at all costs.

I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio washer about 1 1/2 years ago. It has been in the shop 2 times and is doing the same thing again of not completing a wash cycle and draining. I WILL NEVER BUY Whirlpool appliance again. If I could sue I would.

I called in a claim on June 10, 2016 & my washer is still not repaired. The extended warranty company, AIG sent L&W out to repair my washer. After 3 visits it's still not repaired & the technician hasnt fixed it. Not only that he had laid it on concrete & scratched the outside. This is the worst experience I've ever had with a warranty company or service company. Aig won't even return my calls. Will never buy a Whirlpool appliance again.

Purchased the whirlpool cabrio platinum washer on Dec 2013 and the bearings went on it Jun 2016!?! To get the bearings replaced will be over $500. We had a washer that lasted over 15 years with no service before we purchased this piece of junk. I'm not the only one with this issue. This product really should be recalled by whirlpool. All Whirlpool offered was to purchase another washer that doesn't even match our dryer. I will never ever buy a whirlpool again and this knowledge of bad customer experience will be handed down to my 4 children and 4 nieces.

When I first bought this machine I loved the big tub, but I was concerned that there was no agitator. It confuses me how clothes can get clean if there is nothing to rub them again. Even in the olden days they rub clothes against a board. Well my concern is valid and I believe the washing machine industry needs to go back to the old model, as this new version does not work.

Here are all the problems: 1) The machine judges how much water to put in. This doesn't work. I follow the directions and outline the perimeter and don't overload, yet still it just barely puts in enough water to make the clothes wet. I'm all for conserving the environment, but enough water needs to be provided to actually get the clothes clean. I would like to be the judge of how much water should be used, so I would like to be able to tell the machine if it is a small, medium or large load. I do believe that the lack of enough water is why the clothes do not come out as clean as they should and why they end up smelling (see #4).

2) There is no agitator, so there is really nothing available to help clean the clothes. Spinning them around like a maniac is not enough, which leads me to the next problem.

3) The clothes come out twisted terribly and then many times come out of the dryer wrinkled because of how hard they were twisted. I tried to select a less harsh spin cycle, but then the clothes are too wet to put in the dryer. There is no happy medium.

4) Biggest problem to date: Our clothes/towels have all started smelling. You know that smell when you leave your clothes in the washer too long (like two days) and then put them in the dryer? It's that smell. The clothes/towels don't smell when you immediately take them out, but they do smell at any bit of moisture. When I dry myself off after the shower, I notice the newly washed bath towel smells like a wet dog. I have used the pods, liquid detergent and powder. I don't remember having the smell problem when I first bought the machine and used powder, so I just returned to using powder today. (I've even tried doubling up on the pods, but the clothes still smell.)

This leads me to problem number 5: When using powder in this machine, the machine does not empty the powder container completely, and so the clothes do not get the required amount of detergent. Often there are clumps left over in the powder dispenser, but not always. (This is what led me to go to the pods and liquid detergent in the first place.) But at least with powder (I use Gain) my towels don't stink after the first time I used them.

I wouldn't recommend this machine. I really researched machines before I purchased this one, but they all had bad reviews, so how do you pick? And I never look at the good reviews because we all know so many people are paid to rave about products they know nothing about, or it is a company employee writing the review. This machine is a huge disappointment. I am going to try adding a rinse cycle like a previous reviewer suggested. Maybe the extra water will help with the smell. Of course this is not good for the environment though, so this whole way of making washing machines with no agitator and limiting water defeats the energy efficient goal.

Never again will I buy a Whirlpool product. I paid over $800 for a new washer 51/2 years ago. I had it worked on twice under extended warranty. Now the bearings are out of the tub and it sounds like a jet taking off when it spins. I had whirlpool products in the past and they lasted for years with no problems. I have a friend who has a relative who is an engineer for whirlpool and his job is to engineer their products so they fail within a certain time frame. They don't want them to last like they use to. They now have gotten their product line to the point where they can tell when it will fail. This is crap. What happened to products that lasted like they use to. NEVER BUY WHIRLPOOL.

Don't buy this washing machine. All of my clothes are dingy and gray. I paid $1,751.96 for this set. What a big waste of money. Sometimes the clothes come out with dry spots and then some come out with lint like they have gone through the dryer and yet they are coming out of the wash. Often they are in a very tight large ball in the center of the machine. I distribute evenly around the machine and I don't overload. The brilliant engineer that decided the machine did not need a soak cycle is a person that has never washed clothes. Wish I would have taken pictures of some of the soil still left on my clothes.

Ordered this two days after my son came home from college. He had to be out of his apartment July 31 2016 and brought 4 years' worth of laundry with him. Monday my machine breaks, Tuesday I order this thing from Lowe's Arrives at 2:30 on Thursday and as it is being installed I ask why the water fill is so slow. It is trickling out like a child's toy. Delivery man tells me the water is completely turned on. He hears this remark a lot from people who buy this model. I put in my first load of laundry, a small load of about 6 things that I am washing for my mother who is in a nursing home. They have that nursing home smell. I push pause as the machine is cleaning to unlock the lid and peek inside. Oh my God the clothes are sitting on top of each other not even covered in water. I then shut the lid and listen to the tiny slush of the machine agitating. At the end of the cycle they smell exactly the same. Dirty.

I had read to use the deep fill so I rewash them on deep fill. Look inside halfway through and what do I see? Wet clothes piled on top of each other, still not floating in water. How are these clothes getting clean when they are in a wet pile on the bottom of the machine? I take them out. Still not clean. Not smelling quite as bad, but not smelling like soap. I then washed sheets, a blanket, and some clothing of my son's. Nothing smelled particularly dirty but NOTHING smelled like soap. The quilt was covered in hairs (my son and roommates had a dog) and soap residue. I had read this in reviews online also. I am wasting time since each load takes from 50 to 130 minutes (yes). I am wasting soap, oh but I am saving water - not really.

Well Lowe's has a 30 day return policy so I went down there and am expecting a GE machine with an agitator tomorrow, Saturday! Can't wait. The only one saving money are these manufacturers They no longer are spending cash on producing the agitator out of plastic, attaching it with nuts and bolts, or using gaskets between the parts. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK, do not even look at it. I question all the "HE" machines at this point. You need to use HE soap cause you can't wash away suds in a machine with no water. What a con - the whole thing is.

I stumbled across this page on another mission and had to stop to add my exp. Perhaps I got lucky and got a good set but I'm on my 3rd year and my washer and dryer are my friend's. I don't have hot water connected to my washer and my husband is a shingle roofer so I often have to wash his clothes twice but my dog's beds come out beautiful and the sanitizer on the dryer removes odors very well. My water bill went down, I can wash my rugs and large comforters at home now. Plus they are so pretty. I'm sorry you are all having so much trouble but I love mine sooo much I just had to stop a moment to throw in a little positive.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer - This is a horrible washer. I just read the reviews after having struggled with dirty clothes, smelly clothes, sour clothes and yes, our water bill is way higher using this nasty machine. I will never buy a Whirlpool again. Very VERY disappointed and dissatisfied with this machine. I usually always read reviews before buying anything but the sales guy at Garner Appliance said this was an awesome machine. We bought the matching set. And to read each and every "consistently" bad review with the same issues. They should replace these pieces of junk for us free. The dryer doesn't fall too far behind.

I bought my Whirlpool top loading washing machine 07-22-14. I so dislike the locking mechanism and will be certain to never, ever buy a machine with that feature again. It is so irritating to try to add something but can't because it's locked so have to hold the button 3 seconds to unlock and start all over. If there was any way to get around it I would. I will stay away from Whirlpool products in the future and will be sure to check the next time I buy that the lid of the washer can be lifted when not spinning. Also, I do not like that it sticks on rinse sometimes and the only way to end a cycle is to hold the button and then start over with much wasted water.

I purchased this washer 3 years ago. At year 2, I had to replace the RPS part. The codes that appear represent 2 different issues as well: one being the RPS part and also for the control panel. In less than 1 year since this replacement, it is broken again! The clothes do not get very clean. You can't soak whites in hot water and bleach (it drains after 5 minutes if you stop it). You have to use the bulky setting to get enough water to actually wash your clothes. If you get too much detergent, your clothes comes out crunchy feeling even with the extra rinse.

I thought this Whirlpool product would be great since my 22 year old dishwasher is a Whirlpool and still works but as the old saying goes... "They don't make them to last like they used to." To say this washer is a POS Lemon is an understatement! I also have the companion dryer and it is starting to have problems including the door latch breaking into pieces. I will never purchase another Whirlpool product again! I have been told that Kenmore and Maytag are also under the Whirlpool umbrella so I'm not sure what I will buy next. My recommendation: DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!!

Bought the washer on November 2013. Today 1 August 2016 the driving motor broke. The cost of the motor is 650.00$. I will not buy another Whirlpool product ever.

Today, after five years of washing items in the Whirlpool Cabrio top-loading, HE washer; I am taking the time to express just how poorly this machines operates. Clothes do not get clean, dish towels with dried food still have food on them, and towels get holes. If I wash items with sand after going to the beach, the dryer vent has to catch all of the sand that was never washed out. Rust has developed on the inside and drips down to ruin clothes. I would take back my previous washer with the agitator that was over twenty years old in a heartbeat. When we needed a new dryer, we went ahead and bought a matching washer. Painful decision!

Bought this machine because of the large capacity. You have to wash every load on 'bulky' to get enough water in the tub so the agitator in the bottom does not rub holes in the clothes. And, we use the extra rinse cycle as well. Do this, it works okay but still get off balance a lot. The latest issue is the shaft bearings going bad and making a loud grinding sound on spin. There is another review stating this same issue. The service tech from Sears said that his experience suggests the cause of the bearing failure to be the brand of soaps that are used. Some brands like oxiclean, arm and hammer, and Tide turbo seem to degrade the seal that protects the shaft bearings from being exposed to liquids.

Cost to repair is around $500. So, I called Whirlpool customer service and was told that Whirlpool has never heard of this issue with the bearings. Whirlpool also says that any HE detergent can be used. (I don't believe the gentleman was being honest.) Also, he couldn't find my model number listed in their directory - amazing. Think twice before you buy this machine.

I have had a lot of washing machines in my life and trusted that Whirlpool would have good products. Well, with this top-loader, I couldn't be more wrong! I have never had a machine that just sloshes clothes around - at best - leaving them just as dirty! Our water bill has greatly increased on top of that - I AM SO VERY DISAPPOINTED! Unfortunately I can't return the bad merchandise since I bought at a Scratch and Dent store (just a dent on the outside does not interfere with performance...).

I purchased this model 2 years ago. I absolutely hate the fact that there is not enough water dispensed to clean my clothes. Part of my clothes don't even get wet, therefore, I have to press pause and add 2 to 3 gallons of water during the wash and rinse cycles. I do like the spin cycle as long as it does not get unbalanced.

Wished I had never purchased it.

This washing machine has not worked well from the time I bought it two years ago. It never fills to the amount of water required to clean clothes, it is always off balance, so I need to adjust the clothes at least five times per load. I end up wringing my load out by hand. The clothes come out smelly and not clean. After the cycle is done all the clothes smell like mildew. The other night while doing a load, it made such a loud noise in the motor and started to shake up and down, and then moved forward, like it was going to take off or explode. I tried to do another load, but after it filled and started to agitate, it started to make a loud grinding sound and there were 25 minutes left, then the timer showed 26 minutes left, like the computer in the machine is messed up. I had to empty the water out, wring out a load of clothes including towels, exhausting.

The worst part is that the machine is finally paid off, I am a single mother on a disability and I am stuck with this piece of junk. I felt desperate so I looked up Cabrio washing machines to try to figure out what could be wrong, and then I find all these negative reviews, and these owners all have the same issues. Why has there not been a recall, or a class act, who can afford to replace a $700.00 washing machine every three years. I also purchased the Cabrio dryer which cost over $700.00. I do not trust that it will be any better in the long run.

I cannot rate this machine as it has been a nightmare from the start. White socks seemed to come out with more dirt than when I put them in, and I am sick of using bleach all the time, the fumes make me feel ill. This is not acceptable, obviously this item is defective, and a prominent company such as Whirlpool should take the loss, not all the victims that paid too much in the first place trusting that Whirlpool was a reputable company, I will never give them my trust or business again. I hope to hear from you, and if there has been a recall or class act legal actions, please let me know as I want to be involved.

Three days ago my washer Whirlpool Caballero has made a loud jet noise sound while spinning. While researching for a repair I've noticed many complaints about this type of washer. Is there any resources that will help me get this repaired?

When you purchase a Cabrio high efficiency washer don't expect clean clothes! But, you can expect holes, torn and, smelly clothes. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to wash. The machine I purchased has a glass top but it's dark and you can't see into the machine so that was a waste of money! If you wash clothes in 1/4 depth of water, nothing gets clean. Who even designed this disaster? I had enough common sense to know it was going to be bad but the salesman at Lowe's informed me that ALL washers were high-efficiency and getting a tub full of water days are over. I wish we would've just paid for repair and kept my old washer.

I hate doing laundry with this machine! I use to be able to wash my blankets, pillows, curtains, throw rugs, even car mats with no problems. Not anymore! This machine couldn't handle it. You ought to see my sheets and shirts when they're done. They come out twisted up so tight I have to untangle them before they go to dryer. What a horrible nightmare of a machine! If we were not out so much money I'd send this machine to the junkyard and get a real washer with realistic amounts of water! How are you saving anything when clothes require 2 times to get somewhat clean??? If you're reading this and considering a high-efficiency washing machine, DON'T DO IT!! You will regret it. I'm counting the days when I can junk mine!

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Whirlpool is generally considered the largest home appliance maker in the world. The company employs over a 100,000 employees, with many of them located right in the United States. The company also has a strong commitment to environmental and social causes.

  • Large capacities for a variety of customers: Whirlpool washers feature large capacities, with a few washers offering more capacity than 4.3 cubic feet.
  • Corporate diversity: Whirlpool has a commitment to corporate diversity, and attempts to connect with groups like women, blacks and Asians through its various Whirlpool Action Networks.
  • Auto-dispensing feature: With select washers, consumers can fill their washer with enough detergent for 12 washes. From there, the Whirlpool washer will dispense the exact amount of detergent needed, saving time and conserving detergent.
  • Best for People who want a hassle-free washing experience, families and professionals.

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