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Last updated: Dec. 8, 2017

611 Electrolux Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

Horrible... My wife and I purchased a brand new Electrolux front load washer Dec. 2016 and just shy of a year the main bearing has failed! We are not heavy users of wash. We had a Kenmore Elite H4 for 13 years with no issues, until the main board died! We purchased based on reviews etc. and now regretting not going with another brand. Electrolux used to have a solid rep but now I will never recommend or purchase an appliance from them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

I would avoid buying Electrolux refrigerators. They are overpriced and under engineered. My ice maker has never worked since day 1 causing a class action lawsuit against Electrolux. Poor quality caused the display to fail and one of the compressors to fail. This should not happen on a $5000 refrigerator.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

Electrolux is the worst appliances I have ever owned. Do not buy these appliances. The refrigerator had a recall and because we did not know about it we did not act on the issue. 18 months later the ice maker went bad on our refrigerator and they said they could not honor the claim. We have spent about $500 for the repairs on this refrigerator and it is only 3 years old. Bad quality, bad service. Nothing good about Electrolux.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

We have been in our home for two years and both the Electrolux microwave and dishwasher don’t work. The dishwasher was only used a few times. I would never recommend these products. The repairman came out which we had to pay and he said these products are cheaply made. It’s unbelievable that we have two products only 2 years old and they are trash!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

Where to begin. We purchased all of our Electrolux appliances when we built our new home. Fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. All Electrolux. We have had the induction stove in the past and loved it, so decided we would buy the same brand for all of our appliances. In the first few months of owning them we had problems with everything. The fridge ice maker gets clogged and leaks water. The microwave light stopped working and was replaced just barely under warranty. The new microwave control panel no longer lights up, therefore we cannot see what we are doing. It is now out of warranty and is apparently our problem.

The dishwasher. Wow, what a disaster. It’s quiet and that’s about the only good thing going for it. It leaves the dishes wet no matter what cycle we put it on. We have replaced the control panel not once but twice under warranty and the one side still doesn’t work unless we bang really hard on it. It is now also out of warranty and they will not fix it. The washing machine detergent drawer doesn’t drain properly and always has water in it. The dryer is ok but the rubber gasket comes out all the time.

We spent over $10,000 on our appliances. Appliances that are supposed to be “high end” but quite frankly, this company not only makes junk, they could care less about customer satisfaction or service. Being a business owner myself, I find this deplorable. I will never buy from Electrolux again and not even 3 years in to owning our appliances, we will be replacing both the dishwasher and the microwave as neither function to get their respective jobs done. Very disappointed. Save your money and buy another brand!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

We are their customers in Thailand. They have very poor standard of customer service. Repairperson went to our place on Aug 1st and told us to wait for spare parts about 2-3 weeks. Nobody contact us back after that day. We contacted them several times during 3 months and never get information on expected arrival date of spare parts.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Induction oven has been broken more than it has worked. They have a terrible repair company come out to fix it. I have to wait for a different part to come in each time and the part never works so I have to go through it over and over again. Didn’t have a stove for two months. They finally get it working then it blows again. Still will not replace. Will never deal with Electrolux again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

After buying a Sears top mount refrigerator several years ago, which was made by Electrolux, we had a service technician confirm that we are missing the connecting drain tube that would have routed the dripping defrost water from the freezer to the drain pan. Because the leaking only occurred sporadically, when the freezer was defrosting, it took us awhile to figure out the problem. The insurance company for Electrolux, (Sedgewick), wouldn't look at our claim, however, unless it was verified by a Sears service tech at a cost of $96.00. We are measuring 1-4 oz. of water daily that we are forced to collect in a cup, and empty daily, to avoid any further damage to our cabinets and baseboards. The replacement part is approximately $50.00 with at least 4x that amount in additional labor to attach it.

This is unacceptable; that part should have already been attached when we bought the refrigerator. We are already out $96.00 for the service call that accomplished nothing. I specifically indicated to the repair center the part that we needed and this information was never passed on to the service tech. When we documented our complaints to Electrolux, a very unhelpful, and unfriendly Claims Representative made it clear that there was nothing they would do for us. We understood that because of the age of the refrigerator they wouldn't replace it, or pay to repair our damaged baseboards, but we had hoped they would at least reimburse the service call. Rather than spend any more money on this refrigerator we are going to replace it and never buy another Electrolux product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I have a Electrolux 27 cf model# 127BS26JS refrigerator. The ice maker has to be one of the biggest pieces of junk ever sold to the American public. I have had the whole refrigerator replaced once. The ice maker at least three times after paying $1,000.00 in extended warranties. It sounds like a dump truck stuck in the mud when it freezes up the motor in the ice maker.

The only solution to the noise is to use a hairdryer in the ice maker to thaw out whatever freezes up in it, only have to do this 5 or 6 times a day. This must be done because it is so loud it will put you in a rubber room if you don't give it the hairdryer treatment. Whoever designed this ice maker should be put in a room with one of them for about 24 hours. Then they could check his sanity when he is let out. My view of this refrigerator is a waste of over $2,500.00. It lasted six months before it went bad. I will never buy another Electrolux appliance. I would not give this product one star!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

Do not buy Electrolux period. The worst quality of materials used and shared as like they are the best. Less than two years the microwave doesn't work, refrigerator has all plastic from doors is getting powders out. When called for help was denied every time. Please buy perhaps the cheapest brand possible but never never buy Electrolux. They should be ashamed and I do they do manufacture with better materials but again I will never recommend or buys such a ** brand.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

French door refrigerator - This has been the worst appliance ever created. We purchased in the late Fall of 2011. Very soon the plastic grey trim popped off the freezer door for no reason. Just two adults live here so no wear and tear. Not happy about it but taped it on until finally giving up on tape holding. Customer service's response was lame and we were not willing to pay for their ridiculous "fix" so I would have to live with this aesthetic. Then we began having issue after issue with the ice maker. Grinding noise, not making ice or it all freezing together -- on and on and it never got fixed. Repairman has been out 3 times in past 2 months. He was back yesterday and we pulled the fridge from the wall and we were horrified. The back had a big block of ice protruding. It had sweated and rusted out the entire back panel. The insulation was shot. This is nothing more than a boat anchor now.

We paid a lot of $ for an appliance that didn't even last 6 years and we've hated it since about a month after purchasing. We have lawyers in the family and we're planning on initiating a class action suit. I would use an "Igloo" cooler before I would ever consider an Electrolux refrigerator or anything! They don't stand by their product and they shouldn't be allowed to get away with these continued issues. The fridge should be banned from further production and the company should close its door if they cannot remediate the problems and compensate customers for these losses. We now have to buy a new fridge after spending approx $4000 less than 6 years ago.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

The Electrolux double ovens were very expensive and have been nothing but problems... erratic temperatures and locked racks first. I have had over 6 service calls in less than 18 months of ownership. Now the floor of the oven is chipping off in a circle with what looks like glass shards. I am afraid to use this over for fear of getting shards in our food. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

I bought a upright freezer and been paying warranty on this for 15 years. I call in Aug. to have it fix. I haven't gotten any result yet and October. I ask for a buyout. I was turn down. I need help. All I get is lot parts been sent to my home and still does not work. Please stay away from this company, they don't try to help at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Six months after my purchase of a washer/dryer from Electrolux (front load washer EFLW417SIW0), we began to have to run anywhere from 3-7 extra rinse cycles to get the soap left in the clothes to an acceptable level. Today, turning on the machine, with no clothes and no soap, the water begins to fill with suds in less than five minutes. We wash towels without adding soap. Electrolux customer service was contacted in July 2017, and the endless cavalcade of "repair men" started coming to my house.

The first repair person indicated that I needed to run loads of vinegar and bleach (alternating) to reduce internal soap buildup in the machine. We ran in excess of 30 loads and still had soap appearing from nowhere. Called Electrolux customer service and the second repair person says the same thing. So we continue. Now, in excess of 70 loads of "cleaner" (alternating bleach and vinegar) and a $128 water bill, I still have soap in my machine.

Called Electrolux and escalated to a supervisor. Supervisor insisted on sending out another repair person and that I should ask them to call the Electrolux factory technician help line while he is at my house for further instruction. I made their request, the repair person refused to call. I escalated to the next level of management and another repair person was ordered. During this ordeal, I was told by at least three people at Electrolux that my machine needed to be replaced. Each time I was told this, the representative put me on hold and came back and said that they would have to have another technician come out to the house. I agreed each time and did exactly as I was asked to do.

Keep in mind, at no time did any of the technicians that came to my house ever open the machine and look inside to see if there was a problem. They witnessed the soap, took pictures, and told me to clean the machine. We are now in excess of 100 washer loads of cleaning solution with both bleach and vinegar and Affresh, and still have soap in the

Each time we had someone come out, I reiterated that this is not our first "HE" machine and that the only soap we use is "HE" detergent, using MUCH less than the minimum amount of soap. Due to skin allergies, we use fragrance free and allergen free soap, and 1-2 tablespoons per load. When items are not very dirty, we use no soap, as there is enough latent soap in the machine to wash the clothes. The machine has never failed diagnostics and has never exhibited an error code, even when the machine was completely filled with suds all the way to the top during cleaning cycles.

After visit number FIVE from another technician, I re-escalated to a second level supervisor. I was told there is nothing wrong with my machine and there was nothing more that could be done. So, after five technicians, each of which acknowledged there was obviously a problem, I still have no resolution. The final technician that showed up said that this is most likely due to soap build-up between the drums inside the machine. He indicated that the repair cost could approach the cost of the machine as these machines are not built to be serviceable. He estimated the costs at one $600 to remove the drums, clean them, and put things back together. The machine was purchased for $900. And he said that Electrolux would not approve the work to be done.

On top of that, Electrolux only pays the technician if a problem is found and repaired. The first technician indicated that he changed the main drive belt in order to make some money for the trip. The belt was never changed as the machine was never opened. I did let Electrolux know this and they asked if I would rather have another company come out. My guess is that they spent about $100 on five visits to my house that will be written off as warranty expense.

When I asked the second level supervisor, Bracey, if I should just have to live with rinsing my clothes an extra 3-7 times, he said, and I quote, "...that is up to you...". Electrolux is indicating that I do not have a problem and there is nothing further they can do. I have filed a complaint with the Georgia Department of Consumer Protection and will escalate the issue at Electrolux (don't forget this is really Frigidaire) to the highest level. I do not expect to receive any further support and will have to replace my machine at my own expense. STAY AWAY.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I Bought my Electrolux Washer and Dryer in 2010, but have an Extended Service Warranty. So for a long time I've noticed black mold building up under and around Draw where you place bleach and liquid soap, but I would take out and clean and dry off. When stated by the machine I would remove detergent cup, put one Cup of Bleach and run CLEAN CYCLE. This is done to remove and clean any mold that might build up I'm guessing. But this is not occurring. Smell still came out of machine and I would leave door open and run cleaning cycle more often and also wipe down door and inside of machine of any liquid along with soap dispenser drawer.

My great Nieces have been getting sick chest, throat, and nose during the spring and summer months. Then my Son and I got bad rashes which needed medical attention. So I looked at the machine trying to figure out if that was the cause of Rashes and how to get rid of this smell. I got a flash light and looked into the OPENING where the Detergent Draw goes into and far back I see black build up way back on all sides except bottom.

This is NOT NORMAL... I contacted Electrolux to inform them to see. Maybe there is something they are doing or have done or recall to correct these issues but... all they tell me is to reference in manual and wipe down a wet areas which I do detergent drawers, I even go as far as drying washing area door, drum and rubber molding inside which makes door waterproof. I hope they read this and come up with a better solution then wipe down drawers, the area I'm talking about can't be reached to wipe down. I have posted a picture here. RUNNING the CLEANING CYCLE DOES nothing to help this situation and needs to be corrected.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

This is the first time I have ever written on of these reviews, but I just had to because I can honestly say that dealing with Electrolux has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. And I'm still dealing with them. Some background. About 15 months ago I bought a fridge and freezer set from them. They are fairly high end, stainless steel all fridge and all freezer set. Model numbers are # E32AR85PQS and # E32AF85PQS.

I am amazed at the number of issues we have had with this fridge in such a short time. The handle is permanently loose, the seal is subpar, but those two issues are minor. After we had owned it for about six months, it started leaking water. We would wake up in the morning and there would be a pool of water in front of the fridge. I called the store where I bought the appliances, and they directed me to call Electrolux.

After about a half dozen calls and no real concrete answers they finally gave me the name of two Authorized service providers in my area and told me to call them. I did - 1 was out of service and one wasn't taking appointments for a couple of weeks. We waited the couple of weeks while the leaking continued to ruin our hardwood floor. When the repairman showed up, he called Electrolux and they told him this was an issue they were aware of and they sent him a part to fix it. So this was an issue they were aware of, but they didn't bother to reach out to people that bought the fridge. No compensation for my ruined floor was offered.

Jump ahead to about 3 weeks ago and our fridge is no longer cooling. The coldest it is getting is about 15 degrees Celsius (but it is usually warmer). I call Electrolux again and the first agent I spoke to says that I have to deal with it myself as it is past the 1 year warranty period. She asks if there is anything else she can help with and hangs up. Then I call back and get a different agent and I explain all of the issues I have previously had and she offers a part authorization, which means I have to pay for the servicing but not the parts.

I do a little more digging into my receipts and manual and see that there is a 5 year warranty on the cooling system (which is obviously where the problem is). I call them back and ask for a supervisor and explain this and then she says yes, they will cover the service cost and parts. I am not particularly happy that I was the one that had to bring this up. Had I not, I would have been on the hook for a new fridge. So, she gives me two services providers to try calling to set up an appointment. The first is the one I'd told them last time was out of business and the second one doesn't have an appointment until September (It is August 12th at this time). And this is only to come look at the fridge. I figure by the time it gets replaced or fixed I will have been without a working fridge for at least a month and a half in the summer (I have young kids, lots of milk and yogurt going bad).

While this is all going on, I have someone else look at the fridge. He is an appliance repairman but not one of their authorized dealers. He tells me what he thinks is going on (compressor issue or worse) and I relay that to Electrolux. They actually call him to confirm this, but then tell me that his opinion does not matter as he is not an Authorized servicer.

There are other repair companies that are nearby that would be able to come take a look at the fridge in the next few days, but Electrolux won't allow this because they aren't Authorized. There are other Authorized repair companies that are further away that could come in the next few days, but Electrolux won't allow this. The would rather have us be without a fridge for at least a month. With all of the issues we have had with the fridge, I would assume they would try to be accommodating, but they are not, even in the slightest. So now I wait for 3 weeks for someone to even come take a look. Poor product, worse customer service. I would never purchase another Electrolux appliance and I would suggest others stay away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

We purchased an Electrolux dishwasher model EI241D50QS in March 2015. The main board and the pressure switch went in Nov 2016 of course after warranty. Luckily the manufacturer agreed to pay for at least the parts for replacement. Fast forward now to Aug 2017 again the main board looks to be broken in less than a year. Called customer service and asked what they can do to help me as this dishwasher is only 2 years old and should not be broken down for second time and this part is less than a year old. Only response was, “Sorry nothing we can do.”

So basically the 1k dishwasher I paid for 2 years ago is junk as the part and about to repair is almost the same cost, what a joke that they cannot stand by their product and give terrible customer service saying, “Oh well nothing we can do. You're on your own.” I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLIANCE FROM ELECTROLUX OR FRIGIDAIRE EVER AGAIN AND WARN OTHERS ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

Based on positive reviews across the web, bought Electrolux EFLS617 washer and matching dryer. Empty Nest household - Washer quit after 6 weeks. Warranty service into 3rd week wait. Local Service provider stated failed part is recall, and tells us min 2 weeks. I call 2 weeks later, part ordered through distributor and is on back order with no eta available. Called Electrolux for help to on recalled part; Electrolux rep stated part is not recall and would not assist in tracking part down.

Asked to speak to customer satisfaction dept; rep stated "This is Electrolux customer satisfaction" and said no more. It appears Electrolux reps are trained robots assigned to only check failed appliance is registered under your name. This rep deflected all my questions to local service provider. No help, no empathy, no apology for failure or inconvenience. Attitude not helpful - I suspect that failure is their "normal." And I’m stuck without a washer. Sorry I bought this washer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

We purchased numerous fridges of this type from Electrolux back in 2014. We are a builder, so we kept all the fridges completely sealed and in secured storage. We have had issues with every single fridge from Electrolux so far to date. The most recent was the brand new fridge we moved into a brand new home. We plugged the fridge in, and immediately there was an obvious smell of smoke. Concerned, we unplugged the fridge. Our electrician had a look at the plug and it was working fine. We called Electrolux, and they told us the issue is probably the plug. We would need to get a report from a certified electrician to prove that there are no issues with any of the plugs or circuits in the home.

We had a third party certified electrician come out, take a look and provide a report. We called Electrolux back, and they said an electrician report wouldn't count. They also somehow did not have the last call on file. They said we would instead need to get a certified Frigidaire technician to come out and look at the fridge. They gave us two possible companies in our area we could use.

We hired one of the two provided companies to come and take a look at the fridge. They did, and said that it was clear the main computer blew up as soon as the fridge was plugged in. It also appeared one of the secondary computers was fried. They made a report, and attempted to send it to Electrolux internally. Electrolux refused to accept it.

We called Electrolux yet again, saying we have a report from a certified Frigidaire technician, and could we please have an email to forward the report to. Electrolux said that never happens and only certified technicians can send reports. I told Electrolux that they themselves had already refused to receive the report internally. The call person refused to provide any email and told me to call the certified technician and tell them to send again.

We updated the certified technician, who said they would try again. They were again refused, and had to try and send the report through Electrolux's "Contact Us" form on their website. We then had to wait nearly 2 weeks before Electrolux called back, just to say nothing is covered and it isn't their problem. To replace the computers is very expensive, and with the other issues we have had with the other fridges, we had to just buy an entirely new fridge (not from Electrolux). Normally I give the benefit of the doubt over and over, but this is by far the worst service and quality I have seen - especially considering the level of luxury Electrolux is supposed to have. We will not be using Electrolux again and we will be recommending against it to any clients in the future. Thank you.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 24, 2017

I purchased my refrigerator two months ago and already had to be repaired three times!!! Now, after the third service, the ice maker not working again! This is ridiculous! The worst refrigerator ever! I called Frigidaire customer service and they told me that they will send out another company to fix it! If the first three repair man couldn't fix it, even if they changed every and each part of the fridge for a brand new part, they think that the fourth one could do different? Maybe if he has a magic wand! This company and refrigerator from hell!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

They did $1,000 worth of damage to my hardwood when delivering the refrigerator. No one cares or will return my calls. After reading all these reviews I seriously don't know how they are still in business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2017

This is the frig from hell! We bought the frig a little over a year ago at the 6 month mark. It started releasing water and ice whenever it wanted... unloading the whole containers worth of ice came crashing down and then water! That happened 3 times before a service guy could get out to "FIX" it! Then 3 months later it did it again. This time I was able to reset it and it worked for another 3 more months.

At this point it just did ice and I called for service again and they sent someone else out who replaced another computer board. It’s worked for a month and today it dispensed probably 5-10 gallons of water at 4 different times between 5 and 7:30 AM and I turned off the water to the frig and dried everything up called customer service who denied replacement because our frig is out of warranty! (by one month) but the customer service with Electrolux said they will still send someone out to look at it and fix. So unless you want to redo the floors in your kitchen and have a service coming to your house every other month this is NOT the frig of choice.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2017

3 years ago we renovated our home and bought new appliances (Electrolux products - Indonesia) for the kitchen. We bought a gas range, microwave, rice cooker and refrigerator. I selected Electrolux because of my experience with Electrolux in the USA was always very positive. The rice cooker required several repairs because of a bad smell after cooking rice. It was finally resolved. The gas range oven will not stay lit and requires me to watch constantly to make sure it stays on. However, I haven't asked for a repair. I can manage using it without a repair at this time.

The main issue we have is the refrigerator. I've lost count the number of times we've contacted the service center and the number of times they've been to our home or scheduled to come to our home to repair. The service staff who attempts to repair does not appear to be experienced or authorized to make decisions to repair without contacting the service center. After a few years of frustrations and attempts to repair we will replace with another brand. I've had enough frustrations with the Indonesian service center and lack of response or promises that go unfilled.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2017

Bought a front load washer and dryer 2 years ago. Within the first month our washer was beeping and displaying an error code. Called and told it would cost $125 for one of their authorized repairmen to take a look. Fast forward to 6 months old, it started leaving oil/grease stains on our clothing. Destroying these articles of clothing. Fast forward to 9 months in and out dryer wouldn't stay on for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Called and was told it was the heat element and it was not covered. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!

So we paid out of pocket to repair and purchase the part. Now not even two years old the washer is leaking water everywhere causing extensive damage to our floor and wall. They are willing to cover the part as now suddenly parts ARE covered up to two years (so our heat element should have been covered!) but are still going to be responsible for the cost of labor. I have never seen such junk! What company does not stand behind their products?! I know and understand warranties. However with units that have had as many problems as these, it is inexcusable to shrug shoulders and say "Oh well." Plagued with issues and no assistance. What a joke!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

We purchased an Electrolux Slide-in Induction Range 3 years ago. It has been brilliant and we LOVE the induction technology. Induction cooking is best we've ever experienced. However, it suddenly stopped working and required an $800 part to fix. Turned out the part didn't solve the problem and I'm on the hook for the part and still have a stovetop that doesn't work. Electrolux originally said they'd try and help with repairs but have since said no, told us to buy an extended warranty and basically said it was our choice to purchase the part or not. I wouldn't buy any product from this company, based solely on their abysmal customer service. When you spend over $3000 on a product, you expect it to last more than 3 years and companies that require you to purchase extended warranties clearly don't have much faith in their products.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

We purchased an above the stove Electrolux microwave/convection oven several years ago with the understanding that this was a good solid quality brand. We did not get an extended warranty. Almost immediately after the original warranty ended, it stopped heating. It was too costly to repair - we spent a couple hundred dollars on it and ended up just getting a new one. Same model but with the extended warranty. Glad we did, but after 4 service calls and it still doesn't turn on consistently, I will NEVER PURCHASE AN ELECTROLUX APPLIANCE AGAIN. BEWARE OF THIS BRAND. I'm sick and tired of taking time off work for a service call and then within a couple of weeks it stops working again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

We purchased our Electrolux French door refrigerator (model EW28BS85KS5) 2.5 years ago. Within days of delivery the freezer door would not stay closed, contacted Electrolux and the service company. They recommended twisted the door to get it to close and said it was repaired. Few days later door is back to opening on its own. Another company was sent out who fixed the door. All the plastic around the doors is cracking off now. Electrolux is sorry. Now both ice makers have stopped working. The top ice maker seemed to jam so my husband reached in to clear the ice and received a shock.

I called and talked to Jennifer ** the Corporate Supervisor and she advised me only parts are covered. She understands how I feel but I will need to contact 1 of 2 authorized service centers for the repair of the ice makers. Very dissatisfied, Do not buy Electrolux products. My old refrigerator looked new compared to this one and it was 20 years old.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

Please steer away from this pricey fridge model-Electrolux Icon Model E23BC78ips. Since they delivered it had three doors replaced because of dents from manufacturing... I should had returned it since day one. Now the ice maker it's not working and in the back of the fridge has is a big patch of corrosion (complete stainless steel fridge) at a cost of $3,699.96. When called customer service today, they told me that if I looked at the manual I would be aware that it's not covered after a year. So basically it's a disposable fridge with a high price tag with poor customer service...

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 23, 2017

Our induction cooktop was misbehaving, false signals at start up, after a while it worked properly. We called an Electrolux technician, had to wait one week before his visit. He decided to clean the contacts with alcohol. After that NOTHING worked, he then said that we had to wait 9 weeks for a replacement control unit. HE NEVER CAME BACK and ELECTROLUX is not responding to any request. It happened in Mexico but NO ONE at headquarters in Stockholm is interested TO ANSWER. Never again their products in any part of the world.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I spent around $2000 for what I thought was a top of the line Electrolux washer and dryer from Home Depot. After use for a couple of weeks the dryer started leaking water from the steam valve. I would dry my clothes only to find a pool of water in the dryer and wet clothes. I called Home Depot and they told me to call Electrolux. Electrolux sent a service person and they did nothing to fix the problem. The person blamed the installer stating it was an installation issue. I spent hours on the phone, holding, getting transferred and hung up on with Home Depot and the Install company. After another two weeks the installer came back to check the install. At this point the water was leaking from the dryer back to the floor pan and water was collecting in large amounts on the floor plan. The installer found no issues and showed me where the water was coming from the back of the dryer.

Back to the phones again with Electrolux. Another week and the service company came back. They replaced the steam valve and said it was likely not closing. Afterwards I used the dryer again and the water was not leaking but the dryer made a rattling noise and it was getting hot to touch on outer sides of the machine. I called Electrolux and told them I was not comfortable using the dryer. This was supposed to be a brand new top of the line machine and was causing me nothing but issues, time off from work and countless hours on the phone. The Electrolux representative said I may be eligible for a replacement and that they would put in the request and I would hear back in 48 business hours. This was on a Tuesday and by Friday I still hadn't heard back.

I called Electrolux again and spoke to two different representatives; the first one said there was no update and I had to just wait. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she transfer me to a customer survey and hung up on me. The second representative said the first person did not file the request correctly and that they would put in the request again and I would need to wait another 48 business hours. Again no response within 48 hours from Electrolux. I am exhausted in dealing with this company, their poor product and customer service. If I had the option I would just return it all and get another brand. What are my rights as a consumer?

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Electrolux expert review by Jonathan Trout

Electrolux is known for making kitchen, laundry and home care appliances. They also make 12 sizes of chest freezer ranging in size from 3.5 to 28 cubic feet.

  • 3.5 cubic foot freezer: This is the smallest chest freezer made by Electrolux. It comes with one removable wire basket, mechanical temperature control, manual defrosting and a safety lock. It has a four-star energy rating.

  • 7.0 cubic foot freezer: This is one of Electrolux’s midsize chest freezers. It features a mechanical temperature control, interior light, manual defrost, a recessed handle and a safety lock. It also includes adjustable legs. It comes with a four-star energy rating.

  • 14.8 cubic foot freezer: The 14.8 cubic foot chest freezer has a four-star energy rating, four wire baskets for convenient storage and a safety lock. It has a mechanical temperature control, an external handle and a quick-freeze setting.

  • 28 cubic foot freezer: This is the largest chest freezer Electrolux makes. It has a four-star energy rating and manual defrost. The temperature can be set to as low as -12 degrees. It features six wheels, a safety lock, two baskets and flat back to fit against any wall.

  • Upright freezers: Electrolux makes three models of upright freezers. Two have a capacity of 13.7 cubic feet and come in white or stainless steel. The other model is 8 cubic feet and comes in white. The feature electric control panels, wire storage baskets and quick-freeze options.

  • Best for: consumers looking for an upright or chest freezer.

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