PhotoA study conducted at Florida State University has found one crucial component for marriage satisfaction. No, the solution doesn’t involve more communication or spicing up the relationship with romantic gestures; all spouses need to do is get more sleep at night.

Researchers have found that husbands and wives who sleep more than they do on an average night are more satisfied with their marriage the following day. Findings show that getting adequate amounts of rest can lead to healthier mental states and more positive feelings towards your partner.

“The universality of our findings is important. That is, we know all people need sleep. Regardless of the stage at which a couple is in their relationship or the cultural context in which they’re embedded, each member of the couple can be adversely affected by not getting enough sleep,” said researcher Heather Maranges.

Importance of sleep

The study highlights how important sleep is to the average person’s well-being. Getting enough rest at night affects a number of internal mental processes, such as self-regulation and self-control. Having low levels of either can put a strain on any relationship, and statistics show that they have.

“Up to one-third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleep problems burden their relationship,” the researchers point out in their paper, “The Rested Relationship: Sleep Benefits in Marital Evaluations.

The findings also indicate that getting enough sleep is a two-way deal for couples. In other words, if one person is getting enough sleep and the other is not, then both spouses will feel the negative effects. Marriage is, after all, a partnership; negative feelings experienced by one person is bound to affect both parties.

The full study has been published in the Journal of Family Psychology

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