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When a car's price tag can be a red flag

Study finds abnormally low-priced cars are often scams

As consumers, we are always looking for the best deal. But when it comes to buying things, certain economic principals almost always prevail. People genera...


Facebook experiments with manipulating your emotions

It was successful enough to publish the results

Here's two bits of disturbing news which came out about Facebook late last week: not only does the company allow scientists to experiment with manipulating...


Frugal, yes, miserly, no. Time to reclaim the "F-word"

Thrift and frugality have a bad reputation they don't deserve, especially in today's uncertain economy

It's time for polite society to reclaim the F-word and give it back the historic respectability it so undeservedly lost....


Op-Ed: Organic purists condemn millions to death

Fight to block GMO crops a dagger in the heart of Third World countries, pro-GMO activist argues

So much for "live long and prosper"; India's intelligence agency is targeting organic activists as a threat to its economy. Meanwhile, official...


Today's unit price check reminder: targeting Target

Bigger is usually better, but not for these allergy pills

Here's two pieces of savvy-shopper money-saving advice you hear all the time: “Check the unit prices” and “Bigger is usually better.&rdqu...


'Bad' video games may have good results

Virtual violence may lead to increased moral sensitivity

New evidence suggests heinous behavior played out in a virtual environment can lead to players’ increased sensitivity toward the moral codes they vio...


Dogs & cats can be friends. Then again ...

Having a pleasant get-acquainted period is key to a good long-term relationship

Can't we all just get along? Well not necessarily if you are a dog and a cat. It can work though in some instances. More people are home around summer time...


A June jump in pending home sales

Affordability is still a concern, though

Lower mortgage rates and increased inventory helped push pending home sales sharply high in May. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), t...


Health Matters America expands recall of Chia products

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Health Matters America of Cheektowaga, New York is expanding its recall of Organic Traditions Sprouted Chia Seed Powder and Sprouted Chia& Flax Seed Powder...


Nissan recalls 2014 Nissan LEAFs

The inverter may fail, causing the vehicle shut down

Nissan North America is recalling 196 model year 2014 Nissan LEAF vehicles manufactured April 15, 2014, through April 24, 2014. Due to a problem with the ...


BMW recalls C 600 Sport, and C 650 GT motorcycles

The camshaft chain tensioner may not function properly

BMW of North America is recalling 1360 model year 2012-2014 C 600 Sport, and C 650 GT motorcycles manufactured August 2, 2012, through February 18, 2014. ...


Facebook facing contempt of court charges?

Says government grab of users' private data would be "unthinkable in the physical world"

“Tech companies fights federal gag order” officially qualifies as an commonplace-news story in today's post-NSA world. In May, companies includ...


The economic and health costs of summer

Summer is often bad news for older and low-income consumers

Consumers who endured winter's polar vortex and the high heating bills it produced are now preparing for a long hot summer of high cooling costs.But beyo...


Audi plans plug-in hybrids for 2015

It's in response to BMW's electric car roll-out

The A3 Sportback E-tron (Photo credit: Audi)Audi and its corporate parent Volkswagen have been slow to embrace electric cars but Audi says it will roll...


New Jersey cracks down on "cash-for-gold" shops

21 jewelry stores slapped with 936 citations for alleged consumer protection violations

© Giuseppe Porzani - Fotolia.comWith the price of gold rising, more consumers are tempted to turn their jewelry into cash, a process that involves...


Size matters when it comes to blood pressure cuffs

Is that monitoring kiosk at the grocery store for you?

You see them everywhere: the supermarket, drugs stores, discount superstore. It's those blood pressure monitoring kiosks where you stick your arm in the c...


Study: Excessive drinking responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults

Lives can be shortened by as much as 30 years

Thinking about a wild weekend? You may want to reconsider. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says excessive use of alcoho...


Mr. Wok Foods recalls raw pork nugget products

The product contains wheat, an allergen not listed on the label

Mr. Wok Foods of Las Vegas, Nev., is recalling approximately 14,760 pounds of raw pork nugget product. The product contains wheat, an allergen not declare...


Rudolph Foods recalls pork products

The product product contains monosodium glutamate, which is not declared on the label

Rudolph Foods of Lawrenceville, Ga., is recalling approximately 34 pounds of pork products. The product contains monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is not ...


More research links BPA to health issues

Researchers express concern about prostate, breast cancers

Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to manufacture certain plastics and is often found in water bottles, food storage containers and other consumer products...


Aereo: Where does it go from here?

The Supreme Court's ruling doesn't necessarily mean Aereo is doomed

Photo source: AereoConsumers looking for a way out of cable TV bills that can easily exceed $100 a month were presumably disappointed yesterday when th...


The 9 myths about obesity

UAB researchers dispute long-held assumptions and beliefs

We're well aware of the problem. More than one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).T...


Students beware: make sure your school has regional accreditation

A week of lawsuits from graduates who learned this the hard way

A degree from a school without accreditation is pretty much worthless...


Chimps prefer silence to most kinds of Western music

Strong, predictable rhythms are perceived as threatening

Psychological research with chimpanzees like Tara, above, has found chimps prefer silence to Western music. Credit: Photo courtesy of the Yerkes National...


Whole Foods to pay $800,000 for pricing violations

Southern California cities say the trendy supermarkets overcharged customers

Whole Foods Markets will pay $800,000 to settle allegations it overcharged California customers, the L.A. City Attorney's Office said.A yearlong state inve...


10% of U.S. beaches fail safety test

"Urban slobber" contributes to high bacteria count that can cause disease

Beach bums take note: 10% of water samples from U.S. beaches contained bacteria levels that failed to meet federal benchmarks for swimmer safety, according...


BMW midsize luxury car earns top IIHS safety award

The 2 series is a redesign of an earlier model

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has awarded the 2014 BMW 2 series its Top SAFETY PICK+ award. The midsize luxury car turned in a good pe...


Personal income, spending inch higher in May

Consumers' savings rates moved a little higher

Both incomes and spending posted modest gains in May, with the latter coming in lower than some analysts had expected. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BE...


Ford recalls F-150 trucks

The Electronic Power Assist Steering may have a flaw leading to loss of control

Ford Motor Company is recalling 4,629 model year 2014 Ford F-150 trucks manufactured May 26, 2014, to June 19, 2014, and equipped with Electronic Power Ass...


K & W Sausage recalls products containing soy and wheat

The known allergens are not listed on the label

K & W Sausage of Evansdale, Iowa, is recalling approximately 1,761 pounds of sausage products. The products contain soy and wheat, known allergens, which...


Scott, Trek recall bicycles

The front fork can break, posing a crash hazard

Scott USA of Ketchum, Idaho, and Trek Bicycle of Waterloo, Wis., are recalling about 125, 200 model year 2011 through 2013 Scott and Trek bicycles with SR ...


A simple answer to the growing food shortage

Campaign is launched to persuade consumers of the benefits of "ugly food"

As the world's population grows, keeping it fed is an increasingly serious concern. One way to alleviate that concern about food is to not waste so much of...


The high cost of cancer

Doctors worry it creates a troubling side effect to an already serious disease

Cancer takes a terrible physical toll. But increasingly, doctors are concerned about what the financial toll of the disease is doing to their patients.So...


A second consecutive drop in mortgage applications

Contract interest rates were mostly lower as well

Mortgage applications were down last week for a second straight week. The Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey shows a...


Lions and tigers and bans, oh my!

New York State bans tiger selfies; Memphis Zoo bans lion-lover for life

There's never really a good time to be the sort of person who believes lions and tigers are just as harmless and cuddly as your own adorable pet puddytat...


Tern folding bicycles recalled

The bike’s frame can crack at the hinge on the top tube

Stile Products of Lakewood, Calif., is recalling about 670 Tern folding bicycles in the U.S. and Canada. The bike’s frame can crack at the hinge on the to...


The many dangers of teen sexting

Having to register as a sex offender is among them

Plenty of well-known adults have gotten into hot water by texting photos of themselves in various stages of undress. The practice is known as sexting.The...


In New York, you can now rest in peace with your pet

Pet cemeteries now allowed to accept the cremated remains of pet owners

It's official in New York pets can now spend the afterlife with their owners same time same place.. Thats IF you want to be buried in a pet cemetery..The s...


Splash Car Wash hacked; customer credit card numbers stolen

American street gangs now find hacking more profitable than street crime

Check your account for false charges if you've washed your vehicle at Splash Car Wash...


Consumer confidence at a 6-year high

Business conditions are a bright spot

Consumers are more confident about the economy than they've been in a long time. According to the Conference Board, its Consumer Confidence Index, which h...


A surge in new home sales in May

But will the trend continue if rates head higher?

New single-family home sales soared in May to their highest level in 6 years. Figures released jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Hou...


Home prices rose in April, but annual gains were sharply slower

Obstacles remain, including concerns about rising interest rates

U.S. home prices were higher again in April, but the year-to-year gains were sharply lower. Data released by S&P Dow Jones Indices for its S&P/Case-Shille...


Pet bothered by fleas and Ticks? Help is available

But you have to use the right product to handle the problem

With the arrival of summer, pets are likely to be spending a lot more time out of doors. And that can lead to confrontations with fleas and ticks. More th...


Senators propose 12 cent hike in gasoline tax

The highway fund is running out of money

At a time when millions of consumers are struggling to keep gasoline in their vehicles, two United States Senators – a Republican and a Democrat &nda...


Uncertain future for Everest Institute and Corinthian Colleges

Feds cut federal funds, then temporarily restore them, putting schools on a short leash

You've probably seen those cajoling commercials for Everest College or Everest Institute: “You want the skills that pay the bills.”...


Study: Consumers demanding better mileage in their next car

Families saving hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs, thanks to higher mpg

The nation’s passenger vehicle marketplace is in the midst of a major transformation according to new research undertaken by the Consumer Federa...


Is ice water safe for your dog?

As in so many things, moderation is the key

There is an article floating all over the internet and has dog owners frozen on what to do. It's actually been circulating since 2007 It’s titled, &l...


Truvia sweetener kills the sugar craving. Also bugs

It kills fruit flies. More study needed to find if it works on bed bugs, roaches, termites, etc.

Photo source: Truvia.comTruvia is one of the many new sweeteners popular among people trying to lose weight and keep their metabolisms in balance. It's m...


Sales of existing homes rise in May amid improving inventory levels

Gains were registered in all regions of the country

Sales of previously owned homes posted a solid gain during May as price increases moderated, thanks to gains in inventories. Figures released by the Natio...


Kraft Foods recalls Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product

The product was shipped to Walmart stores in the Midwest

Kraft Foods Group is recalling 260 cases of Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product. The product does not contain appropriate levels of sorbic...


Researchers find challenges to regulating e-cigarettes

Marketers stepping up use of social media

E-cigarette manufacturers are free to use just about any medium they want to market their products. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette commercials may ...


Supply shortages and legal Catch-22s still plague legal marijuana markets

Even legal medical use can lead to punitive legal consequences

Future historians will surely look back on this time as the beginning of the end of American marijuana prohibition (1937-20??).With the benefits of hinds...


Oxytocin - Love Potion #9 for dogs?

The hormone may help promote inter-species affection

Do you ever sit on the couch and watch a good movie and just wish that your dog would move a little closer and snuggle up? Seems like every time you wiggle...


How high is high blood pressure?

Growing research suggests it can be higher than current guidelines

All of a sudden, the medical community is second guessing the recent low benchmarks for “safe” blood pressure. In short, some are suggesting &l...


Do not track? Ad industry says: “Do not want”

Who in the world could've seen that coming?

The award for least-surprising headline of the week goes to MediaPost, which reported on June 19 that “Ad industry urges web standards group to abandon do-...


Side effect of cancer: financial toxicity

Treatment can be ruinously expensive, aggravated by inability to work

For cancer patients, new tool predicts financial painCancer care has a new side effect. Along with the distress that comes with a cancer diagnosis and th...


Mortgage rates slip a bit

But they're still higher than they were a year ago

Average fixed mortgage rates did a turnaround this week and moved a bit lower according to 2 leading of rate-trackers. According to Freddie Mac's Primary...


GM recalls Chevy Sonics

The transmission turbine shaft may fracture

General Motors is recalling 21,567 model year 2012 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles manufactured March 1, 2012, to June 29, 2012, and equipped with a 6-speed auto...


GM recalls Buick LaCrosse vehicles

The vehicle's door-open chime may not function

General Motors is recalling 14,765 model year 2014 Buick LaCrosse vehicles manufactured April 30, 2013, to September 1, 2013. A wiring splice in the driv...


Bellisio Foods recalls Chicken Pad Thai product

The product contains soy, an allergen not listed on the label

Bellisio Food of Jackson, Ohio, is recalling approximately 12,180 pounds of a Thai Kitchen Chicken Pad Thai frozen entree product. The product contains so...


Inflation's rise hitting consumers where it hurts

Food, energy and child care bills take their toll

Government inflation-watchers are finally figuring out what consumers have known for a while. The cost of living is starting to take off.The Labor Depart...


Picking a college that doesn't judge you

It can remove some stress from the admissions process

The graduation season is wrapping up with the high school class of 2014 getting ready to head to college in the fall. Meanwhile, the class of 2015 is getti...


T-Mobile offers free "test drive," launches free music streaming service

The No. 4 carrier continues to shake up the smartphone market

Photo source: T-MobileOne of the most annoying consumer experiences is switching to a new cell phone network, only to find that it has poor to non-exis...


A hypoallergenic pet is nothing to sneeze at

Unfortunately, they really don't exist, but there are ways to reduce allergy problems

You really want to get a pet and you have heard that there are some dog and cat breeds that might be hypoallergenic. So whats the best breed?Stuffed animal...


The microbead era is almost over

First U.S. state bans microbeads this month; national ban proposed this week

It looks like the short-lived era of the plastic “microbead” used in exfoliating skin products is almost over.This month, Illinois became the...


Sunscreen in children prevents melanoma in adulthood, study finds

Skin cells divide faster in childhood, researchers note

Study offers evidence that sunscreen use in childhood prevents melanoma in adultsSAN ANTONIO, June 19, 2014 – Research conducted at the Texas Biome...


Improvement see in weekly jobless claims filings

Analysts see a better labor market

The number of would-be workers filing first-time applications for unemployment benefits dipped last week. Government figures show the number of initial fi...


Buick Encores and Chevrolet Sparks recalled

The air bag may not deploy

General Motors is recalling 61 model year 2013 Buick Encore vehicles manufactured April 10, 2013, to May 8, 2013, and Chevrolet Spark vehicles manufacture...


GM recalls Silverados, Sierras, Tahoes and Suburbans

There may be no audible open-door or seat belt warnings

General Motors is recalling 57,512 model year 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras, and 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes and Suburbans equipped with a base ...


Brooks Furniture recalls glider rockers

The spindles in the glider base can separate while rocking

Brooks Furniture of Tazewell, Tenn., is recalling about 350 Brooks Furniture glider rockers. The spindles in the glider base can separate while rocking, p...


Nokia recalls tablet travel chargers

Exposed internal components could pose an electrocution hazard

Nokia of Sunnyvale, Calif., is recalling about 500 travel charger kits for Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets. The plastic cover on the charger’s exchangeable plugs...


Vita Food Products recalls Classic Premium Sliced Smoked Atlantic Salmon

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Vita Food Products of Chicago, Ill., is recalling 1,878 pounds of Vita Classic Premium Sliced Smoked Atlantic Salmon. The product may be contaminated with...


Amazon introduces the Fire -- its first smartphone

Want to buy something? Just point and click

With news coverage befitting a space launch in the 1970s, Amazon today launched its first smartphone, dubbed the Fire Phone. It features a 4.7-inch screen,...


SunTrust settles mortgage charges with feds, states

The settlement will cost the bank close to $1 billion

SunTrust Mortgage would provide $500 million in loss-mitigation relief to underwater borrowers, pay $40 million to approximately 48,000 consumers who lost ...


Mortgage applications fall sharply as interest rates rise

Tight inventory is cited as a factor

Mortgage applications are yo-yoing again, falling during the week of June 13, following an increase the week before. Data from the Mortgage Bankers Associ...


Corvettes with air bag and seat belt issues recalled

The air bags may not deploy and the seat belt pretensioners may not activate

General Motors is recalling 33 model year 2014 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles manufactured April 23, 2014, to April 25, 2014. The Sensing and Diagnostic Mod...


GM recalls variety of vehicles with driver-side air bag issues

The air bag may not deploy in some instances

General Motors is recalling 31,520 model year 2012 Buick Verano vehicles manufactured December 2, 2011 to July, 16, 2012; Chevrolet Cruze vehicles manufact...


Once forbidden, Cuba beckons U.S. travelers

The embargo still stands but there are ways to visit the island

Before 1961 Cuba was a favorite American vacation spot in the Caribbean, with white sandy beaches and a rich Latin culture. The Cuban Revolution and the Co...


GPS tracking: What does the law allow?

Despite a Supreme Court ruling, the question remains hard to answer

“Technology keeps changing faster than the law can evolve to handle it.”That's been a truism for over a generation now, especially in the fie...


Senator grills Dr. Oz over weight loss claims

Popular host denied any connection to deceptive weight loss products

Last month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed charges against several individuals and the companies they control for unsupported advertising claims a...


Pet therapy gains acceptance in the medical world

It's not just dogs -- horses and other animals are proving useful

© bucaniere - Fotolia.comTake two pills, pet your dog and call me in the morning. What kind of prescription is that? It's not advice from Dr. Doolit...


AT&T gets exclusive on Amazon's new smartphone, reports say

The new phone is rumored to have a 3-D capability

Photo via YouTubeThere's a lot of buzz developing around tomorrow's release of Amazon's first-ever smartphone, including reports that AT&T will be ...


Proposed bicameral bill would ban Internet "fast lanes"

The legislative battle over net neutrality continues

On June 17, Democrats in Congress and the Senate put forward a proposed piece of legislation which, if successful, would ban so-called “fast lanes&rd...


A pullback in new home construction

The decline in May follows two strong months of advances

After posting impressive gains in April and March, new home construction fell 6.5% in May. Figures released jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Dep...


Lexus GS 350s recalled

The vehicle may begin braking without the driver's input

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 10,462 model year 2013 Lexus GS 350 vehicles manufactured June 8, 2012, through December 26, 2012. ...


New concerns about 'drowsy driving'

Tracy Morgan accident focuses attention on the problem

This month's tragic accident involving a vehicle carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and several others has focused new attention on an old problem; drowsy driv...


GM recalls 3.16 million cars to replace ignition keys

The company will modify "slotted" keys to leave only a small hole

2004 Buick Regal (Photo credit: GM)General Motors is recalling another 3.16 million cars because of ignition switch problems. The company says it will ...


Hearing scheduled on tainted pet treats from China

Ohio's Sen. Sherrod Brown has worked to remove tainted jerky treats from retailers' shelves

Following the deaths of 1,000 dogs linked to tainted pet treats from China, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) will chair a hearing of the Congressional-Execut...


Capital One will change way it uses ChexSystems database

Consumers have complained its data has been used to deny them bank accounts

ChexSystems has long been a partner of the financial services industry, collecting information about consumers' financial habits and supplying it to banks....


Cooking with raw chicken? Don't wash it first

Paradox: washing raw meat makes cross-contamination far more likely

Everyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of food safety knows: raw meat needs to be handled and cooked carefully, in case of possible bacterial co...


Builder confidence heads higher in June

There’s still a lot of caution, though

As summer approaches, builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family homes is on the rise. The National Association of Home Builders/Well...


Fish Family Farm recalls milk products and cream

The products may be contaminated with peanuts and tree nuts (pistachios)

Fish Family Farm of Bolton, Conn., is recalling milk products and cream because they may be adulterated with peanut and tree nut (pistachio) allergens. ...


Smith's Country Cheese recalls waxed Gouda wheels

Smith's Country Cheese recalls waxed Gouda wheels The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Smith's Country Cheese of Winchendon, Mass., is recalling 21 wheels of Waxed Gouda. The cheese has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocyto...


New acne treatments show promise

But they all require a prescription. Over-the-counter meds haven't changed much

It has been the scourge of teenagers for generations. But acne, the red pimples on the face and neck, can afflict adults as well, especially pregnant women...


Consumer-driven health plans expected to grow

Proliferation of high-deductible policies may be a driver

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare, brought many changes to the health care market last year. Even bigger changes may be ahead.Health...


Phone bill crammer agrees to $10 million penalty

Consumers were charged $9.99 a month for "love tips," other bogus services

The operators of a massive mobile cramming scheme have agreed to surrender more than $10 million in assets to settle Federal Trade Commission charges, incl...


Priceline buying OpenTable

The online travel giant expands into a new field

Source: OpenTable.comPriceline is buying OpenTable, the restaurant reservation service. It extends Priceline Group Inc.'s tentacles into a new travel-r...


Mortgage rates rise following jobs report

Both Freddie Mac and Bankrate are reporting increases

The cost of financing a home was up during the week ending June 12 -- the second straight increase. Freddie Mac reports the rate for the 30-year fixed rate...


Keep your pet safe in the summer heat

Cold water, sunscreen and plenty of fresh air and shade are the keys to a healthy summer

Don't sweat it, there are ways to keep your pet safe in the summer heat.It's bikini season and you know what that means...Your dog can easily over heat....


GM recalls Cameros with ignition issues

Three other unrelated recalls were also announced

General Motors is recalling all current generation Chevrolet Camaros because a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to inadvertently move o...


Honda recalls Fit vehicles

The passenger side driveshaft may break

American Honda Motor Co., is recalling 1,038 model year 2013 Honda Fit vehicles manufactured May 24, 2013, through July 5, 2013, and equipped with a manual...


Judge orders halt to import and sale of hazardous children’s products

High lead levels and choking hazards are among the alleged violations

Four California companies and six individuals have been ordered to stop importing, selling and distributing children’s products containing hazardous levels...


La Finquita Cheese recalls Fresh Farmers Cheese

The cheese may contain peanuts and pistachios, allergens not listed on the label

La Finquita of Stamford, Conn., is recalling one lot of La Finquita Quesito Fresco Campesino Fresh Farmer’s Cheese. The product may contain peanuts and tr...


Toyota recalls nearly 1 million vehicles with airbag issues

The airbag inflator could rupture with metal fragments striking the passenger

Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing is recalling 844,277 model year 2002-2004 Toyota Sequoia and Lexus SC and 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matr...


Fruitland American Meat recalls ribeye and carcass products

The dorsal root ganglia may not have been completely removed

Fruitland American Meat of Jackson, Mo., is recalling approximately 4,012 pounds of fresh beef products. The dorsal root ganglia may not have been complet...


Don't fall for utility bill scams

Some are old, some are new but they all attack your wallet

Maybe it's because summer is on the way, with rising air conditioning costs, or last winter's frigid weather, but the tried-and-true utility bill scam appe...


Senate defeats measure to allow college loan refinancing

Financing through tax hike appears to be stumbling block

The Democratically-controlled U.S. Senate has turned aside fellow Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposal to allow consumers with high-interest student l...


Nursing homes for elderly dogs?

Elederly Japanese dogs have it made -- gyms, swimming pools, 24-hour care

Are you worried that when you can't walk and diapers replace your sexy underwear your kids will put you in a nursing home?...


Facebook delivers your Web-browsing habits to advertisers

Promises users more control but stops honoring "do-not-track" requests

Facebook will be providing even more information about your Web-browsing habits to advertisers as part of its drive to milk more money out of the data it a...


IRS adopts "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"

The document will be highlighted on the agency website and in Publication 1

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced adopted what it calls a "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" that it says “will become a cornerstone document to prov...


More settlements in "$1,000 gift card" scams

This time it's two scammers who sent millions of unwanted text messages

Two affiliate-marketing scammers and their company have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they sent millions of unwanted text messages...


Retail sales inch higher in May

The increase, while below forecasts, was the fourth in a row

For the fourth time in as many months, retail sales posted a gain during May. Figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau show sales last month were up a s...


Double Camel, Lionshead Specialty recall tubeless trailer tires

The tires may fail under prolonged use

Double Camel, in cooperation with Lionshead Specialty Tire & Wheel LLC (Lionshead), is recalling 1,440 Vail Sport ST LH 99 tubeless trailer tires, size 225...


More signs the economy may be slowing

Recent grads just can't make it on their own

Here are two stories that generally point to the same thing; the economy, which has been lousy for years now, just isn't getting any better.A study of re...


Amazon next up to launch streaming music service

Reports say it will be included as part of Amazon Prime

Amazon is set to launch its own streaming music offering Thursday, according to sources.Chasing Apple’s recent $3 billion deal to acquire Beats Mus...


Feds revise fish guidelines for pregnant, nursing women

It took a lawsuit to get the FDA to finally revise its guidelines

© uwimages - Fotolia.comLike lots of things, seafood is good for you, except when it's not. Generally speaking, seafood is healthful because it cont...


Study finds link to why statins raise diabetes risk

The cholesterol-lowering drugs are among the most commonly prescribed

© russell witherington - Fotolia.comStatins -- the drugs that lower cholesterol -- have no doubt saved many lives by preventing heart attacks. But...


A rebound in mortgage applications

Refinancings shoot higher as well

After posting 2 straight declines, mortgage applications bounced back with a surge of 10.3% in the week ending June 6. The Mortgage Bankers Association (...


Airlines improve on-time performance in April

Carriers also did better with cancellations and tarmac delays

Airline passengers had a little less to grouse about during April. According to the Transportation Department’s (DOT) Air Travel Consumer Report, the nati...


Weil-McLain recalls Ultra series boilers

A cap on the boiler’s manifold can crack and release gas into the home

Weil-McLain of Michigan City, Ind.,is recalling about 8,340 Ultra models 80, 105, 155 and 230 MBH Ultra series boilers in the U.S. and Canada. A cap on th...


British Airways mixes up Grenada with Granada

A D.C. couple was headed for Spain but wound up in the Caribbean

Grenada, Granada, let's call the whole thing off.Think spelling isn't important? Consider this: A federal judge has granted a Washington, D.C., co...


Woman charged with manslaughter sues GM over recall

Innocent driver prosecuted for death GM later confirmed was caused by faulty ignition

Among the many sleazy revelations to have come out about General Motors in the wake of its ongoing recall scandal is that GM executives knew about problems...


Diabetes is on the rise in the U.S. -- and a lot of people don't know they have it

And more people are in danger of developing the disease

A growing number of people in the U.S. have diabetes -- and a lot of them don;t know it. According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control...


Scott recalls Speedster bicycles

The steerer tube in the front fork can break

Scott USA of Ketchum, Idaho, is recalling about 2,000 2014 Scott Speedster 30 and 40, and Contessa Speedster 25 and 35 road bicycles. The steerer tube in ...


Hot Mama’s Foods recalls egg white salad with chives

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hot Mama’s Foods is recalling 304 containers (approximately 114 pounds) of Trader Joe’s Egg White Salad with Chives packaged in 6-ounce plastic containers ...


Fiat 500e Battery Electric Vehicles recalled

Coolant could leak into areas of the high voltage circuitry

Chrysler Group is recalling 4,141 model year 2013-2014 Fiat 500e Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) vehicles manufactured September 24, 2012, through April 4,...


White House offers repayment help for some student loans

Nearly 5 million borrowers will qualify for interest-rate caps

President Obama has signed an executive order that could provide some relief for young consumers struggling under heavy federal student loan debt.Obama's...


Walmart's four-card limit: consolidate your gift cards!

It's listed in the Terms and Conditions, but not very easy to find

If you have a collection of Walmart gift cards you wish to combine to pay for a single large purchase, remember: you might need to consolidate them first, ...


Google eyes Songza as its answer to Apple's Beats

Songza streams music tailored to your mood, activity and time of day

There's a lot of froth around streaming music services lately, what with Spotify, Pandora, Beats and others too numerous to curate all competing for not ju...


Scientists getting better understanding of ADHD

Physician cautions against over-medication of very young patients

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is now one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue into adulthood. Symptoms include difficu...


Depression in seniors linked to Alzheimer's risk

Researchers find depression leads to build up of beta-amyloid, an Alzheimer's marker

Depression is rather common among seniors and so, unfortunately, is Alzheimer's disease. And now researchers say they have found a link between the two.I...


Final rule set for infant formula protections

The rule sets federally enforceable requirements for the safety and quality

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is putting the finishing touches on a rule that sets standards for manufacturers of infant formula. In light of com...


FTC: Brainstrong deceptively claimed it could improve memory

CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid all sold the drug despite the deceptive advertising

With millions of Americans already suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and millions more approach...


Ford recalls Taurus vehicles

The license plate lamp assembly may experience a short circui

Ford Motor Company is recalling 183,425 model year 2010-2014 Taurus vehicles manufactured November 24, 2008, through February 28, 2014. The vehicles wer...


GreenSmoothieGirl recalls organic sprouted chia seed powder products

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

GreenSmoothieGirl is recalling two products containing organic sprouted chia powder. The products may be contaminated with Salmonella The company says the...


Chrysler recalls Dodge Durangos and Jeep Cherokees

The vehicles have cruise control issues

Chrysler Group is recalling 6,120 model year 2014 Dodge Durango vehicles manufactured January 16, 2014 to April 8, 2014, Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles manuf...


Navitas Naturals expands recall of Organic Sprouted Chia Powder products

The a broader date range of products is now included

Navitas Naturals is expanding its earlier recall of products containing Organic Sprouted Chia Powder to include additional expiration dates. The products ...


Kirkland Signature coarse ground malabar pepper recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Olde Thompson of Oxnard, Calif., is recalling Kirkland Signature Coarse Ground Malabar Pepper packed in 12.7-oz plastic jars. The product may be contamina...


Is there a way to predict Alzheimer's disease?

With enough warning patients may be able to delay the onset of the disease

Estimates vary but the National Institute on Aging believes as many as 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. This irreversible, progressive brain...


How your credit history affects your car insurance rates

Not all insurance companies use the data the same way

If you're paying more for car insurance and have had no accident or tickets, maybe you should check your credit score. In all but a handful of states, your...


Verizon and Netflix lash out over connection speeds

Are connections too slow? And who is to blame? Depends who you ask

Whatever your personal opinion of the latest brouhaha between Netflix and Verizon (which we'll explain in a moment), there's probably a high correlation be...


Post-Target hack nagging: Update your [rude word deleted] accounts, people

The threat is real. Why does everyone ignore it?

Hey, do you remember when hackers broke into the customer database of mega-retailer Target, thus compromising the financial security of umpty-million Targe...


Mercedes-Benz E-Class earns top IIHS safety award

The luxury car did well in nearly every test

A good rating in the challenging small overlap front crash test and a standard front crash prevention system have earned the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class the...


Another strong month for job creation

Hiring in the services sector led the employment gains

While it wasn't as strong as April, May was a good month for job creation. Figures released by the Labor Department (DOL) show total nonfarm payroll emplo...


Rite Aid recalls Thrifty Mint ‘N Chip ice cream

The containers are mislabeled

Rite Aid is recalling approximately 560 16-oz. pints of Mint ‘n Chip ice cream distributed under the Thrifty brand name. These pints contain pistachio ic...


Are we back in a recession?

The signs don't look all that good

A week ago most economists were shocked when the government reported its latest estimate of first quarter economic growth. There wasn't any.First quarter...


Is Amazon introducing hologram phones later this month?

Upcoming smartphone sounds amazing — if it isn't vaporware

Anytime you hear a computer-product company promise to release some dazzlingly innovative new whatever onto the market, you must be careful...


Heads roll at GM following ignition switch report

Fifteen are sacked for their involvement in the controversy

General Motors CEO Mary Barra says 15 people “who were determined to have acted inappropriately” in connection with the Cobalt ignition switch recall are n...


Job cuts hit their highest level in 15 months during May

The tech sector took the hardest hits

Pink slips were flying in May as job cuts shot to their highest level in more than a year. Outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports U...


ADP: Job creation slows in May

But the pace is better than it was a year ago

After adding more than 200,000 jobs in April, the economy cooled in May, creating just 179,000 payroll positions, according to the ADP ...


Health Matters America recalls Chia powders

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Health Matters America of Cheektowaga, N.Y., is recalling Organic Traditions Sprouted Chia Seed Powder and Sprouted Chia/Flax Seed Powder. The products ma...


Lea Industries recalls bunk beds with bookcases

The bunk bed can be assembled incorrectly posing an entrapment hazard to young children

Lea Industries of High Point, N.C., is recalling about 500 Lea Covington and Hannah Collection Bunk Beds. The bunk bed can be assembled incorrectly, creat...


phil&teds recalls infant car seat adaptors

The plastic adaptors used to connect an infant car seat to a stroller can crack

phil&teds of Fort Collins, Colo., is recalling about 387 phil&teds Travel System 26 infant car seat adaptors for strollers in the U.S. and Canada. The pla...


One possible reason home sales have slowed

It's not that people can't buy homes, they may be afraid to

Traumatic economic events tend to leave their scars. For years after the Great Depression many Americans distrusted banks and stuffed cash into mattresses....


Google to offer new encryption, greater privacy

Though it's still too early to pass judgment on this news

It's said that hindsight is 20/20, but before you've had time for hindsight to come around you often muddle your way through an indistinct blur....


Study finds youth exposure to e-cigarette ads rising

But no move to regulate these ads is expected anytime soon

The makers of e-cigarettes, a tobacco substitute, take great pains to point out their products should not be sold to minors.That said, plenty of young pe...


EMV security chips coming to Sam's Club credit cards

Expected to be standard for all American credit cards eventually

In April we reported an upcoming change to Walmart and Sam's Club credit cards: the old Discover logo changed to MasterCard. While investors in the compani...


Judge rules AMG Services deceived payday loan customers

The company imposed undisclosed charges, inflated fees, the court found

In a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a federal judge has ruled that payday lender AMG Services deceived consumers about the cost o...


USC study finds more fructose in soda than label indicates

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite contain high levels of fructose, researchers say

Soda consumers may be drinking more fructose than labels revealKeck School of Medicine of USC research finds higher ratio of fructose to glucose in popul...


Father’s Day gift spending to top $12.5 billion this year

A new NRF survey indicates dad's taking it in the shorts again

Like Rodney Dangerfield, dad just “don't get no respect.” That's how it must seem when comparing spending for Father's Day with other holidays. It's no se...


Mortgage applications fall for second straight week

The Memorial Day holiday may have been a factor

Mortgage applications fell by 3.1% during the week that included the Memorial Day holiday. At the same time, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) report...


Will new Apple updates threaten Google's bottom line?

There's good reason to say yes ... or no

It's day two of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, which continues to be a hugely big deal for iFans everywhere. Truth to tell, even Apple-free house...


Home prices surge 10.5% year-over-year in April

However, CoreLogic expects a slowdown in the growth rate in the year ahead

Home values continued their year-over-year increase during April, but the rate of growth likely wont be sustained in the coming 12 months. According to gl...


Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed dry dog food recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Hill’s Pet Nutrition of Topeka, Kan., is recalling 62 bags of Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed dry dog food. The product may be contaminated with Salm...


Toyota recalls Highlanders and Highlander Hybrids

An air bag issue could put passengers at risk

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 50,000 model year 2014 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles. The recalled vehicles may have im...


Op-ed: Call the morgue; environmentalists are at it again

Third World children pay a heavy price for urban environmentalists banning GMO foods

How do you look a half-million kids in the Majority World in the eye and tell them they have to go blind this year? Why? The genetically-modified Golden Ri...


Walmart workers stage walk-outs, protests

Week of protests to culminate at June 6 Walmart stockholder meeting

In preparation for Walmart's annual stockholder meeting, which is to be held June 6, a group of Walmart employees went on strike last Friday, demanding bet...


Volkswagen Golf, GTI earn IIHS "Top Safety Pick+"

The vehicles performed well in various crash tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has presented its TOP SAFETY PICK+ award to the Volkswagen Golf and its twin, the GTI. The vehicles were cited ...


No more zavings at Google: digital coupon business shuts down

Zavers by Google e-coupons weren't as successful as hoped

Bad news for anyone who likes using Zavers by Google to collect money-saving coupons: Google's shutting down the program, which launched in January 2013....


Nissan recalls Pathfinders, Rogues and Infiniti QX60s

The vehicles may have improperly tightened lug nuts

Nissan North America is recalling 334 model year 2014 Pathfinder and Rogue vehicles and 2014 Infiniti QX60 vehicles. The right side wheels of the affecte...


Glutino Rosemary and Olive Oil Snack Crackers recalled

The crackers' seasoning blend may be contaminated with Salmonella

Glutino, a division of GFA Brands in Paramus, N.J., is recalling Glutino Rosemary and Olive Oil Snack Crackers. The crackers' seasoning blend may be cont...


The Chromecar may be to Detroit what Google was to Alta Vista

Google's "autonomous taxi" could disrupt if not downright destroy the car business

So imagine you wanted to design something that does what a car does without having a driver, what would it look like? And what would you call it? Those are...


Apple kicks off Worldwide Developers Conference

New operating system unveiled Monday; hardware innovations not expected

The Worldwide Developers Conference is for Apple kind of what the Super Bowl is to football, except it lasts a whole week, there's only one team, and hardl...


iPhone and iPad users: beware the latest iPhishing scam

And watch out for the scammers who'll lockdown your devices for ransom, too

Since this is a consumer website rather than an etiquette-advice column, we frequently remind everyone, that when dealing with businesses in the modern int...


Aging or diabetes? Sometimes it can be hard to tell

If you're over 50, get the symptoms checked out

With diabetes cases growing rapidly in the last decade, more people are sensitive to possible symptoms.But if you're approaching 50 it's very easy to con...


FDA to require warnings on sunlamp products

A new rule “advises” that the products not be used by people under 18

Sunlamp products -- including things like tanning beds and tanning booths -- will soon be carrying warning labels The Food and Drug Administration has is...


Suicides more likely to happen after midnight

Insomnia should be considered a risk factor for suicide, researchers warn

A new study suggests that suicides are far more likely to occur between midnight and 4 a.m. than during the daytime or evening. The study by Universit...


More Americans are surviving cancer

Early diagnosis and an aging pupulation are major factors

There is significant progress in the war on cancer in the U.S. The good news is that a new report from the American Cancer Society estimates there are 14....


Toyota Highlanders with seat issues recalled

The seat may not fully lock into the inboard seat track

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 231 model year 2014 Highlander vehicles manufactured April 23, 2014, through April 29, 2014. The se...


Boulder Natural Meats recalls boneless skinless chicken breasts

The product contains wheat and is not gluten free as declared on the label

Boulder Natural Meats of Denver, Colo., is recalling approximately 363 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts due to misbranding. The product was fo...


Toyota recalls Siennas with corrosion problems

High concentrations of road salt may splash onto the spare tire carrier

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 370,000 model year 2004-2011 Sienna vehicles originally sold in, or currently registered in, Connect...


Navitas Naturals recalls products containing Organic Sprouted Chia Powder

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Navitas Naturals is recalling products containing Organic Sprouted Chia Powder. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella The affected products, ...