Free stuff from Amazon? Yes, and Costco and Target, too.

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Know someone who’s expecting a baby? They can get a whole box of freebies.

There is virtually nothing you can't buy on Amazon. But, did you know that Amazon offers free stuff, too?

Yep, Prime members get their share, but Kyle James at Rather-Be-Shopping says no one is left out when it comes to Amazon freebies.

James says that by using free trial programs and programs that give you reimbursements and points, you can score audiobooks, baby box samples, and more. And, right below that free level, the company also has credits and discounts it’s happy to give customers.

Books, music, babies...

Entertainment leads the way in Amazon’s “free” aisle. If you sign up for Amazon’s free 30-day trial on Audible, you get two free audiobooks. “Just be sure to cancel your membership subscriptions in time before the 30-day trial is up,” James reminds freeloaders. Kindle-owning book lovers also have a freebie waiting for them with all sorts of free e-books.

And since Amazon owns Amazon Music, it has a 30-day free trial carrot and stick for that, too.

Facebook Groups and Third-Party Review Sites: James says that Amazon’s not shy about using Facebook groups and other third-party review sites to hand out vouchers or gift cards for certain items on Amazon. Those usually come with the requisite of writing a review on a certain Amazon product, but the payoff may be worth it. 

Expectant Moms: If you know anyone who’s expecting a baby, tell ‘em to sign up for Amazon's Baby Box sampling program. They’ll receive coupons for a variety of baby products, plus a free baby box filled with samples of baby products.

Free Amazon Prime Trial: “The most obvious freebie on my list is a free Amazon prime trial membership for 30 days. Just be sure to cancel your subscription in time if you don’t want to continue your Prime membership,” James said.

Buy some, try some

Amazon also has a few programs that require you to purchase a product, complete program requirements, and then receive reimbursement for your purchase. Those include:

Amazon Vine Program: The Vine program invites trusted reviewers to write reviews of new and pre-release products. “This program is a win-win for both Amazon Vine Program members and Amazon as members receive free products in exchange for writing honest reviews which will help inform other Amazon shoppers,” James said.

Early Reviewer Program: This program asks people who’ve purchased a participating product –  usually a new product with very limited reviews – to write an honest product review in exchange for a gift card of about $1-$3 in value. It’s not a gold mine, but a dollar is a dollar, right?

Target and Costco have freebies, too

ConsumerAffairs asked James if there were other retailers that had freebies up their sleeves and he pointed to these two retail giants:

Target: Another perk for moms-to-be is waiting at Target. When a shopper signs up for the Target baby registry, they’ll get a free baby box with a ton of sample products and great coupons just like they do at Amazon. Also, he suggests looking for free Target gift cards when you buy certain products or meet certain thresholds. These products will be clearly marked on the store shelves.

Costco: Past grazing at Costco for free food samples, did you know you can get lifetime tire maintenance when you buy your tires from Costco? Hearing tests are also completely free, just make an appointment ahead of time. You get free tech support when you buy laptops, TVs, cameras, and most major appliances.

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