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Be careful of immigration By mistake I signed up with Immigration Direct, thinking that it is the official UK Immigration website. And I had provided them with my phone number and e-mail address. Soon after I received marketing phone call from random organisation saying that I have been involved in car accident. And then I also started to receive junk mail of which I have never subscribed to.

These junk mail somehow blocked my internet on my phone and various warnings appeared informing me that my phone has been infected by virus and that I have to install certain application of which if I did not will cause me to lose all my contact details and information on my phone. And these warnings appeared to come from "Google". However, I suspected that it was fake and did not do the download but powered my phone off and that seemed to get rid of the block on my internet access. I thought an organisation does not have the right to forward my phone number and e-mail address to third party without my agreeing to it? This is a dodgy website so please be careful. or "Immigration direct" is the trading name of the International Form Services Limited company, located in the Isle of Man. It also has a United States sister site ( for US equivalent citizenship and visa forms. This website charges $160 for use of their form navigator tool, which is essentially a form filling website that results in the consumer still having to print out, lodge, and pay the government processing fee of $285 themselves. Unfortunately, consumers are not aware of this until payment has already been sent through, where many are misled to believe that they are paying for direct online lodgement and processing of the form.

When contacting customer support for a refund, responses are often delayed, and when responded to, refunds are denied as it is stated by the customer support team that the consumer automatically agreed to all terms and conditions when using their site and making the payment. I am writing a review as I am concerned for the many citizenship applicants who will use this site and be misled.

Through Google, I was directed to the Immigration Direct website when I was looking for the Immigration Canada online forms to renew a PR card. Little did I know that this site is totally unrelated to Canada Immigration and/or the Government of Canada. The site looks official which makes it easy for people to be misled. They charge an exorbitant fee for the same forms you get for free online through the Canada Immigration website. Use caution when dealing with this company. I learned the hard way. Canadian government forms whether tax forms or immigration forms are free on the government website.

I lost my US citizen certificate so I figure there was an online way to get a new one. That's how I got to a site offering to help. It seemed legit and I started the form and everything until they asked for $170 fee of I don't know what. That's when I got suspicious so I stop the form. Then I got a call telling me that they stop my form and can't finish it until I paid. No government agency is going to pressure you to paid if it was legit. They would've waited until I decided to pay instead they started harassing me like I owe them something.

Do not deal with this company, I thought they were a legitimate agency when I inquired and paid the $165.00 only to find out they couldn’t help me. They then offered to pay back my initial fee and sent me an email stating that they would. After two weeks I still had not received the money in my bank account. After two emails stating that they had refunded me I finally called them. They tried to tell me I had been refunded and then changed their story to "We sent you an email requesting your PayPal details." I have contacted my bank who have told me I did the right thing and under no circumstances to give them my PayPal details. This company is a scam company with no intention of helping people in my opinion, buyer beware.

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My friend told me that I can apply for Australian citizen online. I typed immigration form online and came this Immigrationdirect. I found the form that I was after. Before I started to fill up the form they asked me to pay $165 which I thought it was the fee to apply for the Australia citizen. I ticked agree but I didn't read the information that was written behind it as I didn't think that they will charge me for filling myself a simple form online.

Anyway I sent my form to immigration Australia and two weeks later I received a letter saying I have to pay $260 for the citizen. I called them and I told them I paid $165 to Immigrationdirect and they told me that this is a company and they have charge you a fee for filling up the form. What the hell is that? It is very simple form and they charge me $165. I called the company and the man was very ruthless and he told me before I paid the money I had ticked agree in the box so it is my fault that I didn't read the information and there is no refund. This is not fair and I don't want this to happen to other people. Can someone please try to stop this scam people from stealing other people money?

I needed a new residence card for canada so I googled. The first couple sites are all moneymakers but I didnt know that. They look very official and so I filled out the online application. After I typed in all my personal informations I was told to pay now a fee from 49 dollars. So I canceled the process. A day later the phone rings and that friendly Indian guy tells me to pay now to proceed with the application. I wondered why he called anyway. I really had a hard time understanding him so l was even more confused. The service fee was 49 dollars plus the 50 dollars for the card. I found out he was going to send me a PDF file which I can download for free. What a joke. He also told me I cant Start from scratch and have to finish that process with him in order to become a New PR card. Thats really funny. What if he quit do I über become my card? :-)

Oh well I downloaded the application Form online for free. Sent it in and saved 49 dollars for nothing. Be careful where you sign up. I know better next time. Im also very disappointed that Google let this happen. They must pay a lot to Google to screw normal guys who just follow the law. I apologize for any grammatical errors.

I paid $160.00 like everyone else for a documentation that is readily available for free. Their site is deceitful and misleading to consumer. I contacted via e-mail to request credit. They responded my e-mail stating that they can do something about it and have supervisor contact me on the phone. When I requested all communication to be done in writing or I will be recording any phone conversation, I received two words. "Permission denied". They not only take consumer's right away, they are scammer. Contact Attorney General of California for complaint against them.

Received a call and were told they are speaking from Immigration direct and they give an impression it's an official government website. They take card details and immediately email a receipt. They are so professional that one can be fooled instantly. For a freely available form they charge $160 giving an impression this is for the application. It's only when I got through the actual department I realized this fraud.

This company did not even provide any service for the 180$ I paid. I filled out a pdf on their page and saved it. Nothing more. No help, no service, nothing. The problem with this page is simple: It looks like a page from the government. And afterwards they claim only to help, to support and to answer questions. If this was their real intention they should have changed their internet presence. But this was intentional fraud.

My husband lost his wallet and his green card was in there. I looked online for a way to get his green card replaced and came up with this company. I thought they were legit so I paid 160.00 dollars up front for the i 90 form to file. Later I find out it is a fraud company. That the form is free thru the government website This is way wrong, and would like for this company and others that are making a bunch of money to be shut down.

Immigration Direct is a scam. Google put this website on the first line when you search. When one google "Citizenship Canada", Google shows this website as the "first" result. (I can't believe Google gave this as the first searched result!) If one trusts such Google's searched result, this scam will succeed. When one hits this scam website URL, one will be misled right away by its design such that it is a Canadian government website. This scam website will ask you to enter your credit card information by misleading you that you are paying to the Canadian government. Once your credit card is debited, this scam website will show you that it is not a government website in order to make you unable to complain or sue. By that time, you have got scam by Immigration Direct by using Google. You are a victim already. No physical address is shown on this website. So, you are unable to sue. Google will do nothing. You are scam. Does FBI know this website?

By mistake I signed up with Immigration Direct instead of Australian Immigration website. As soon as I realized that, I tried to unsubscribe from their list couple of times but it gave me error message saying "We're sorry. An error occurred while processing your request. If you were signed-in, all your data has been saved." I emailed their technical support team and also customer support team few times to unsubscribe me. There were no response at all. I kept receiving their emails saying "Please complete your application form."

I again emailed to both of the departments threatening them of consumer affairs, only the technical team responded me back saying "We don't have your details recorded with this email ID." After that, again I start receiving the emails from them to complete my application form. This is going for such a long time now that I have already got my citizenship. I really want to get rid of their database so that don't receive any more emails from them. Please help me to do that.

I thought it was the U.S. Immigration Dept. to renew my green card, turns out it was a company in San Francisco that charges $149.00 for a form i-90 that's free on the real government website. I thought I was paying the renewal fee to the government. They told me they would refund my money but never did.

I thought this was the official government website to renew a green card. They took my $160. They are a bunch of thieves.

I need to get food stamps for my parents 72 and 74 years old. When I applied it asked me for my mother's green card expiration. When we looked at it, it expired in 2007 so I do a search under google for "green card renewal." First information google gives us is To make a long story short we started to fill out the application and I was sort of confused because it expired a long time ago and I figured my folks would have to go to immigration office. The lady customer service working 24.7 was nice enough to say "don't fill it all out" and contact "homeland security" so I did so and I was told to renew the green card would cost 450.00.

The minute that was told to me I thought "oh **." I immediately called them and was on hold for a long time. As I was on hold searched under fraud and I saw the consumers affairs website. So anyway To make a long story short they charged us 29 bucks and 131 dollars gets refunded back. After I hang up with them on the phone I get a call from another person saying they would like to finish filling out the application with us and I told him "**." I have it all recorded but not sure if I can post it here. I told them I was recorded them so does that allow me to post it up? I told the guy "you are fraud, fake and taking money from people so don't waste your time" and he said "thank you"... click.

I thought this website was an official online government service, it appears to look like that down to the color scheme and the look alike government seal as part of a clever (SCAM), not knowing I registered and paid $200 for an application and a CD lessons that is ALL free, free!!! Notice how they make you pay first and by the time you realize it's not US Gov, it's too late. I tried to get my money back minutes later. I called and they connect me to the cancellation department, she said it would be $75.00 for cancellation fee because I click the process button. In reality it's not really process. I told them that's scamming, it's a ripoff.

I complained to a so call manager who sounds like the girl next to her (notice how the time estimation to speak to an operator is perfect for every person I've been transferred to) and she told me they can only offer me another 20% off my own money which they stole, so they got me for $50. I mean they can do that!!! Well the government must be getting part of the profit, otherwise why would they allow them to keep SCAMMING people out their hard earned money.

What a joke. These people steal your money no problem. In the phone they said they were the INS and two months later i received a denial because the payment. When i call the number, they say that was their fee.

I would like to know how Immigration Direct obtained my email address to write to me and the information that my husband is not a Canadian citizen and also as to what is my husband's name. I believed only Immigration Canada had this information and that it was confidential. So how did they get it? Something is afoot.

Complaint: I did a search on Google for the N565 Immigration form and the top ad claims to be the application for replacement and is not. The Ad says: "Citizenship Certificate Form N-565 Immigration Direct‎: Apply To Replace Lost Citizenship Naturalization Certificate Today!" When you click that you go to a page Desired Settlement. Once you go to the site from their ad you go to this page ** where it gives you information about what the document is for and a large button to start the application. From there you fill in log in information and then the next step it asks for payment info to do the citizenship application. The amount shown is $129.

It was less money than I expected to pay so I filled in the billing info and continued. It stated it would need to be filed by mail and when continuing to the document (expecting to print fill out and mail it), it begins asking questions about the application and once finished a screen that gives steps. "1. Read the Filing Instructions carefully.2. Sign and Date your U.S.C.I.S. Form(s) 3. Send your signed U.S.C.I.S. forms, application fees & supporting documentation to the U.S.C.I.S." Thought it was off because I already paid.

So I clicked on print to see the document and more information. The document pulls up and in the instructions is ways to send $345 with the form when mailing it in. I called the number on the same confirmation page and they said I paid the $129 to fill out and print the form. I explained that I can fill out the form myself. I just need the document. The first rep said because I clicked print they cannot refund me. She refused and was rude suggestion that it was written all over that it is a fee for filling out the document and that the page I was looking at states that it is for filling out the document.

After getting off the phone I did more searching and found that the form is free and can be printed and sent in. I also noticed that the receipt sent to me even stated that I was charged for the document and not a service. I searched on their site and found a small disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating they are not affiliated with the government (something not noticed before) and on other pages unrelated to what I was doing. They state they provide a service. But everywhere I was directed from the advertisement to the end of the form there was nothing stating what I was actually paying for. I called back for a refund, again spoke with a supervisor who was rude and told me I was confused and needed to pay more attention. She also told me that it is on the page I had pulled up while talking to her and I "was seeing what I want to see" despite the fact that it is not on the confirmation or receipt at all.

She will give me a refund of only 50% as a courtesy as she called it and stated the money was so I wouldn't report them or do a chargeback. I did not agree to that but did tell her to go ahead and refund it. They are using misleading wording and processes to get people to pay them before realizing what you are even paying for and then insult people and say they are just confused when confronted about it.

I thought this website was an online government service to apply for green card replacement. It appears to look like that down to the color scheme and the look alike government seal as part of a clever (scam), not knowing I registered and paid $149 for an application that is free, free!!! Notice how they make you pay first and by the time you realize it's not US Gov, it's too late. I tried to get my money back minutes later. I called and they connect me to the cancellation department, she said it would be $75.00 for cancellation fee because I click the process button. In reality it's not really process. I told them that's scamming, it's a ripoff. I complained to a so call manager who sounds like the girl next to her (notice how the time estimation to speak to an operator is perfect for every person I've been transferred to) and she told me they can only offer me another 20% off my own money which they stole, so they got me for $50. I mean they can do that!!! Well the government must be getting part of the profit otherwise why would they allow them to keep Scamming people out their hard earned money.

I got my application from immigration direct site and I paid for it. I didn't know there's a site where I can get the form for free and I need to renew my permanent resident card. I filled up the form and everything is ready, all I need is to pay the fee and the call center that works for immigration direct Canada asked me to pay the fee online and I did it 1st time and it didn't worked so I called them again and another call center asked me to put it again and yet again didn't work. I feel like I am being scam. I called for the 3rd time in 2 weeks and the call center female was I found really impatient to me, while I was explaining her about what happened and she told me to stop talking and just listen to her and that is very rude. I got their forms and they gave me a hotline# I can reach them anytime if I have any questions or I need some assistance but they were rude and very unprofessional.

I was expecting more for them since I paid for my application form that apparently I can get it for free in the actual CIC site. I am very disappointed about the service and the way they approached me on the phone. Definitely will not recommend them and will never use the site again.

Search on google brought this site up. Enter information, setup login information etc. Pay $100 for Citizenship application help. Did not use service promptly as was still a permanent resident. Got confirmation that money was to be repaid to account. Still waiting....Tying to contact them, my messages have being blocked, error message return. Still waiting on reimbursement.

I was renewing my green card and thought this was the official USCIS site. Too dumb, I did not pay attention and paid the $149 online. After the form is filled and I found I need to pay the $450 fee to government, then I realized this was a scam. I called them and was told they can refund me half of the amount I paid. I said, "I do not need the service and thought it was official. I will go to the government site directly." They then said will charge me $29. I agreed. I shall told her to refund me the full amount.

I was told to wait four to six months. Meanwhile the 90 day refund period passes then they don't have to refund any money.

This place is a scam! Was told I needed to pay $150 for a fee of some sort. I told them I have a low income and needed a fee waiver, so they graciously lowered the fee to $ that's nice right?! NOPE! Those fees do NOT go towards the filing fee! It's a service charge for their "assistance". Taking advantage of poor people is not nice, and not to mention that most of the customers can't speak English as well or can't properly use a computer. I called back for a refund and was given the run around. After much arguing, they reluctantly agreed to a refund...but who knows if they will honor that promise. This company should NOT be allowed to impersonate the immigration website and should make it very clear that they are not affiliated with them!

I too got scammed by Immigration Direct, thought Canadian government would be fully computerized already when it come to documentation, so I applied to renew my PR card after finding out this website via Google search, but I realized nobody report to police so this website can be shut down?

Filled out the questionnaire at the end was accepted with the $149.00 payment. My card was expiring mid May. Now July was wondering not a word from Immigration Direct. Received an e-mail from a friend in Florida saying it is a Scam. Have my passport but need my green card ASAP. Took me for a fool and I am a vulnerable senior citizen.

I paid $50 towards my Canadian citizenship document replacement. This was debited from my bank account. I had to leave the application and return later. When I returned I was asked to pay $75 for the same process I had gone through 2-3 days before. This is when I realized this was a scam site, so everyone.... BEWARE!!!!!

A year ago I started a citizenship application on the website that popped up immediately when I used google search engine. I was then convinced it was an official website. When I resumed my immigration application about 3 weeks ago, I realized that Immigration direct is not an official us immigration website as their name and all photos on their website suggests. I thought I was filling an electronic application. Then I realized that I paid $219 basically to fill up a questionnaire, not more. This questionnaire won't be electronically transmitted to any official administration as I thought it would. And you can find this questionnaire for free on other websites. We called them right away to get a refund but our claim was dismissed by the associate we talked to. How can we get a refund? Company Profile

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