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Customer service sucks. I recently move. I got a bundle with Internet and phone service so that I wouldn't pay a big transfer and activation fee. And man the ** up everything for 3 months. I've been trying to fix the problem and there always something ** going wrong. No one know how to fix the Damn problem. They're always trying to pull a fast one on someone. Trying to charge someone extra money for something sorry Damn service I've ever had.

It took four months and several frustrating calls to resolve this issue. I cancelled my Premium channels before the deadline but was still charged for them. When I called, I was told that they bill in advance but that I would receive a credit next month. The next month I called and a representative told me just to not pay the amount since I was due a credit. I did this and AT&T cancelled my service. When I called I was told that there was no record of any representative telling me to do that. I had to pay the amount so that they could credit my account. They "generously" did not charge a fee to reconnect my service.

The next two months still did not come with a credit. I called monthly and after 2 reps hung up on me, I was given a partial credit. They always ask for a number to call in case of a disconnection but they have yet to call me back. The customer service they have is awful, one pays too much money for lousy service. I will take my business elsewhere.

I am reaching out on social media because I've been trying to reach out to AT&T for the last two months, hopefully somebody at AT&T will see this and actually HELP a customer. On June 30th, I made a payment to AT&T for $150 which I believed to be the LAST payment on my husband's DSL internet account (the account is only in his name). The payment was made to an account number that AT&T does not recognize, therefore my money has been in limbo since June 30th and our bill has been sent to collections. With collection fees, our balance is now $200.79, which I have refused to pay until they have found my initial $150 payment.

Since June 30th, I have put 3 claims in with AT&T, all which I have received NO callback on after being promised multiple times. I have literally spent over 24 hours on the phone with AT&T in all and have been hung up on multiple times and transferred to several different departments each time I call, in which I have to explain my story again each and every time. I am tired of telling my story. My last claim was put in on Thursday, August 11th. I received a call from my mother on Saturday, August 13th, letting me know that she received a $150 credit to HER bill (which has my name on it because she pays our bill on a family cellular plan) and they could not tell her why or where it came from other than it was a credit from an ACH payment. Odd that my claim was a $150 ACH payment...

I called AT&T this morning and I am still currently on the phone with them as I type this for over an hour and a half now. I spoke with someone on the AT&T cellular side who CONFIRMED that the $150 credit that went to my mother's account was a payment made on June 30th... which my mother confirmed she DID NOT make. This was my payment. I was then transferred to the account receivables department whom I asked why on earth this money would have been credited to an account that did not have my husbands name on it? The answer I received was that because the bank account I initially made the $150 had my name on it... and my mother's cell phone account has my name on it. They took a wild educated guess based on CUSTOMER LOCATION that it was the same Kirsti ** on her account as the Kirsti ** that made the payment on my husband's account, and credited her account.

THANK GOD that it went to my mother's account, but why on earth would they send our money to an account that has no direct connection on our claim other than my name! I can only imagine if that wasn't me and they just sent it to some other Kirsti ** and I had to open another 5 claims to fix that mistake too! Moral of this is, I would like the $150 that was credited to my mother's cell phone bill to remain there. I purchased internet from AT&T so I could work from home and since we cancelled our account and have been dealing with all of this, my mother's bill has shot up in internet usage charges.

On the other hand, I would like compensation on my husband's account, because there is now $200.97 in collections and I was hung up on AGAIN after being put on hold by a MANAGER to speak to a higher up manager! I was also told last week by ANOTHER MANAGER that he was going to put a $75 credit on our account. This was never recorded or done!

I AM DONE WITH AT&T and I will NEVER use their services again. This is not even half of everything I've dealt with in the last two months. I hope that someone who is actually willing to help a customer that was PAYING THEIR BILL, calls and offers us some sort of compensation for this nightmare. I will continue to put my story out there until someone reaches out to me, because I am done spending hours every other day on the phone and getting told "too bad, so sad".

Internet goes out several times an hour. They have been out to fix it twice. I had an appointment Thursday. Waited from 4:00pm until 8:30. No show. I called, they would have to reschedule. New time 8:30 till 12:30. Today Sunday 14th texted me at 12:10 asking if I still wanted to keep appointment. I said I did, then they called at 1:40 and told me There were no techs working on Sunday. Manager is sac said I could have an appointment between 8:30 and 9:30 tomorrow. We'll see. I just want it fixed!!!!

I have been trying to get my order processed for far too long. It has taken too many attempts, supervisors, verifications and promises. I ordered with a nice girl over the phone at my new address (haven't had uverse for a year because I hadn't found my new place yet). She combined it with my wireless account for a promotion and scheduled an appointment for the upcoming Saturday. Then I got a text that the order management dept needed help with my order.

I called and they said the previous tenant still had service here and I needed send proof of residence. I did so that same day and was told my Sat appointment was still good. The next day I go the same text and called again. Apparently some had changed my order to be at the old address I haven't lived at or had service at in a year. They changed this without my knowledge or permission and said they had to cancel that order and re key it. They said there was no other possible way to fix it so they cancelled it and sent me back to sales to process the order. They said it was processed no problem I should be fine. Same day I get another message there's a problem. Apparently they put the new order at the wrong address again. They have to cancel and re key. No other possible way to fix it. Lather rinse repeat for 3 days!!! Sometimes when I call NO order was processed previously and sometimes it's at the wrong address.

Finally I ask to speak to a supervisor and there are none available. The agent tried to assist me anyway, offered to waive some fees and confirm the address. She did all of that and said that if she had received an error it would go on hold again but she didn't so it shouldn't. Well it did so I called again and was told again to verify the address. I sent my verification 3 more times and they claimed it was processed. I got another message later stating it was on hold again. I finally got to speak to a supervisor and she promised me that she had processed it at the correct address and with the verification. She promised me multiple times I would get no more calls about the order until my appointment which she moved to Monday because they offered my Seat to someone else. Not five minutes after I got off the phone with her, I had 6 missed calls from her dept. I called them back and they said they need to verify the address.

I asked the agent to just cancel the order and never call me again. 20 minutes later I received another call that my order needed attention and I told them to cancel the order. It was then I was informed that they can't cancel the order. They have to transfer me to the Authorization department. They promised to personally transfer me and explain the situation and help me out but they disconnected me instead. Meanwhile, my roommate and I are getting overage charges elsewhere, and there's only one other internet service provider in our area, who can't help us for 2 more weeks. I'm searching for a new wireless provider as well because I just don't think I can recommend them to anyone, ever, for anything now.

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So I was on vacation. I come back home to know I need to pay my internet bill so I have a visa I got from Walgreens and paid it. Then hours later no service no internet so I call back. They said my card has a restriction that it will clear up in 11 days. I said "Ohhh no I paid already. I want my internet." They said "Sorry sir we can't do that." So I said "Put my money back on my card cause I'm not waiting 11 days. I'll just pay in cash in person." So I go to the AT&T to pay it they ask for phone number name and address. I pay and go home. A day later still no internet so I call and they said that I paid some other person's bill which is my dad. We have the same name and address - they made that mistake and then told me I have to wait 5 days for a email to be sent so they can switch the money from my dad account to my account which is ridiculous. So if I pay a bill I have to worry about AT&T putting my money in a account I have nothing to do with at all.

I'm so angry I spent 400 bucks and I got nothing. I'm gonna call my lawyer and sue you people for putting my money in someone else's account and then giving me a hard time putting the money in my account. Why not just give me my cash right there right now? I have a receipt. Give me my money. I should of went with a better internet provider - someone who cares about their customers and gets stuff done and offers just internet like I didn't want the cable or phone. All I wanted was internet and I had to get all three or nothing. Real bad business.

Made the mistake of getting U-verse. Always had DirecTV since it was Primestar. If there were problems they would resolve them. Since December 2015 until now, I have to call every month for overcharges on my bill. Hours are spent waiting for someone to help and they lie every month. I am told to pay a certain amount by the CSR and when I get the next month bill it has a late fee and then more overcharges to make it almost double. Do not get involved with this company. They are incredible monsters and are causing physical damage to my body because I get so upset from their incompetence. I am out of the contract in 3 months. Good riddance. Bright House has never treated me like this.

AT&T has never once billed the amount I was quoted for U-Verse service. Their customer support is atrocious, unprofessional, and dishonest. Don't do business with AT&T.

It's exactly been 5 WEEKS and I have not been able to port my old number over. EVERY week they tell me they are sorry and that they need another 7 more days and that it will be the last time and finally this time I said HELL with it. I have not had my phone for 5 LONG weeks so I am just going to go with my old provider. I don't know why I didn't listen to my daughter when she had the same problem for 2 MONTHS! I just have no clue why this company is still operating, their customer service is just not getting anything done and I am beyond exhausted to keep arguing with them. I wish I could give them zero stars. I really was hesitant to even be dissatisfied. The words can't begin to describe how I feel about this company!

About the second day of installation my services went out and were out for a week! They sent out a technician who threw the first tech under the bus saying he didn't have the wires installed properly. I was promised a bill credit which turned out to be $18! Since then at least once a week one of my TVs will not work. I have to unplug, reset or reboot something nearly daily. Of course support over the phone is useless BC you're doing the same crap with them that you'd done on your own before calling. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

I signed up for service at the AT&T store. I specifically asked if there was a contract and the sales rep told me no. When the technician came to install service he found I could not get DirecTV and offered AT&T's cable service instead. I asked if I could still watch DVR'd shows from my laptop or devices and he said yes. Due to the change from the original DirecTV order to AT&T cable, I had to speak with someone in billing to authorize the change. While doing so she pointed out there was a contract period. I told her I was told there was not, and she said the sales rep was wrong.

After using the service, when I went to watch my shows on my laptop, I could not. Only if they were available on demand, which many weren't, or by skipping the Uverse site & going directly to the network's site could I watch my shows from my laptop. AT&T will tell you whatever lies they need to get you to sign up, and then will not follow through. If you cancel you are penalized for terminating the contract, never mind the fact that you were told there was not a contract.

I've been a Uverse customer for a year now, since I moved into my townhouse. Unfortunately, AT&T is the only company that services this complex due to some contract the management has with them. I had a 12-month promotion when I moved in. A month before the promotion was set to expire, I called to negotiate new terms. The agent I got told me I could get a great deal if I combined my Uverse internet with DirecTV. So I agreed to this. He said I would even get my internet speed increased. He informed me that my internet service would be turned off the morning of the install, but that the installer would have everything set up for me that very afternoon. I was fine with this, and was excited to get TV service again since I have not had it for a year.

The day of the install, the internet turned off as expected. Then the installer arrived that afternoon. Unfortunately he said he would not be able to install the satellite dish due to some trees. I said that was fine and to just go ahead and install the internet then. To my shock, he told me that he doesn't do internet installs.

Clearly AT&T had dropped the ball at some point. I called them to have my internet turned back on. They told me that they could not just turn my internet back on and that it would require an installer to come out. The soonest they would be able to get another installer out would be approximately two weeks due to the installers being so busy in my market. I was appalled. They turned my internet off and now were not going to turn it back on for two weeks. I called multiple times that day, escalating the call to a retention specialist who quite rudely told me that my only options were to wait until they could get an installer out, or cancel my service with AT&T.

I finally tried one more time calling back that night. I got a wonderful agent named Tatiana who genuinely seemed concerned and wanted to help me. She tried a few times to reset my current modem and to restore internet to me. It didn't work, but she offered to get someone to my house the very next morning! The next morning TWO technicians showed up to get my internet working. It took a few hours. They said someone at AT&T had messed up my account quite badly and many things needed to be reset, including a couple trips to an AT&T box that is located off of the property.

But in the end, I did have internet. I had told the installers about all the trouble I had getting AT&T to send someone out quickly, and they seemed shocked. They told me that they are not generally very busy. Now, on top of all of this, AT&T is trying to charge me an installation fee, despite having been told by two different agents that there would be no installation fee. So, it seems I will have to call them again.

I am very upset about the service I received from AT&T, even though in the end they did manage to get the problem fixed. It should not, however, take that many phone calls to correct a mistake that the company made. For this reason, I cannot recommend that anyone use this company if there is an alternative. I know that as soon as I move, or as soon as the law changes preventing companies from having monopolies on residential complexes, I will be switching that day to Comcast, who I had for years prior to moving and loved them.

We just purchased a summer vacation home in Michigan and called AT&T for TV, Internet & Phone service. They came out and installed the Internet & Phone but could not install TV as there were too many trees for DirecTV and their bandwidth in the area would not support their traditional cable system. So they cancelled the TV portion of the order and rescheduled for another try with a supervisor & another tech. The second try was also unsuccessful. We left for a month and upon our return, we contracted with COMCAST for the three services as I don't want separate bills.

So today, after two tries on the phone w/AT&T customer service, their cancellation department rep ("Chi", **) tells me there is a $150 early contract termination fee - They couldn't supply the service as I wanted and now they are charging me $150 to cancel. My monthly service bill was paid in full. The Rep claims that my termination wasn't done in a "reasonable" amount of time and therefore the charge stays. It's apparent that his job is to collect any/all fees possible. So never again. TO ALL - Be warned about AT&T.

Please do not put yourself through the pain of interacting with these idiots. I am on my 6th phone call with them to resolve a billing issue that went from High speed DSL over to Uverse. It has been a nightmare of one person telling you that the bills have been cleared up. It never happens even though I have my online banking showing that I have paid them like clockwork. They claim I didn't send back the old modems even though I did using their return mailing labels. The ultimate slap in the face is they then turn me over to a collection agency. These guys are the worst! Please do yourself a favor and run and get two cans and a string before you go to them!

I have been over 20 years AT&T customer. And I changed Uverse internet and phone service around 6 month ago. It was my very bad choice. There is unstable internet signal, especially today within one hour between 4:00PM to 5:00PM. I lost a internet signal 8 times that reboot modem by itself. I called AT&T tech support and they reboot again many times, but it did not resolve the issue that I have been more than 4 months ago. Also AT&T was changed my modem one and half month ago, but I have same experience that I lost signal at least 3 or 4 times a week. If you think about change the internet service plan to AT&T Uverse, DON'T DO THAT. THAT WILL BE YOUR NIGHTMARE.

DON'T BELIEVE THE PROMISE OF 49.99 MONTH FOR BUNDLE!! IT IS A BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM. In June I called to lower my bill. They offered me internet service, home phone for 49.99. Had to pay 100.00 installation fee. Paid my July bill, no problem. Got my Aug bill and they raised my bill to 40.00 for internet and 38.00 plus taxes and fees! Said I was not eligible for the bundle they offered. I received a four page summary package with contract inside. When I called they said I could leave AT&T and not pay the contract fee or I could get the DirecTV.

When I signed the contract that was not what was agreed on. The bundle was wrong but they would not correct what was their fault. They also told me that they were no longer going to offer DSL in my area. That everyone in my area had to switch to Uverse. Today when I called she didn't know anything about it. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS AND BAIT YOU AND THEN THEY WILL SWITCH YOUR BILL AMOUNT!!!

I have had 3 technician. I'm past 3 weeks, nothing has been resolved. My TV still freeze and lose connection. I have had AT&T for at least 3-4 years and I am so done with them. It's either my computer now it's my TV. I will be leaving AT&T as soon as Tuesday morning.

Every time I call for my plan and rates, it changes. I've gotten overcharged and the agent don't know what they are doing. This company needs to be managed better or shut down for negligent and improper business.

I've had an AT&T landline/Home phone account for over 35 years. Recently, the line died. A friend who is also a phone man revised it and told me the damage was external and the company needed to repair it. I called. I was told that the line was Verizon's and that AT&T only took care of my long distance calls. However, my monthly bill clearly says "local and long distance", no mention of Verizon. I called Verizon, they had no record of me.

Called AT&T back and the first operator told me they had no record of my phone number or my 40 year old account! She transferred me to the billing department. That operator asked for my name and number several times, then stated that she could not hear my call and hung up. From what I have read, it is their standard procedure. Needless to say, I must switch companies, since it is quite clear AT&T does not care for individual customers who do not use "smart" or cell phones. For the record: I am a handicapped senior -- my hands do not allow me to use any kind of portable phones. Just one more instance of arrogant vulture capitalism.

Don't do it!! Warning do NOT use them for your internet and tv service. One of the worst mistakes I have ever made. Cannot get through a single online task or program on tv without losing service. They send repairmen and tell you lies over and over. Just don't do it!!

Tuesday ordered the service. Scheduled appointment on friday noon. After all these reviews I took confirmation and reference that nobody is going to charge me until my internet works fast and stable as they promise. Wednesday they have obtained the credit report from equifax. I gave them a call to double check the time of installation and provided additional phone number. Friday 2:40pm no one show up. I'm calling... Representative says that nobody was going to come because they don't have my SSN to get my credit.

After 20 mins of arguing I was transferred to a supervisor, who momentarily found my credit report and said "we have received the credit report with a delay and have decided not to install it today" and offered to reschedule the installation on monday. I said I'm going to move forward with them if they take off the installation charge (around $90) because I took day off just because of them. I was placed on hold while I was listening music my credit card was charged for $100 by them with his explanation that is a deposit. I have decided not to talk anymore. The bottom line: terrible customer service, no responsibility, no service.

We are looking to cut the cord. My wife spent 30 minutes yesterday bouncing among departments trying to get issues resolved. AT&T fails to provide anywhere near the level of internet speed they say we COULD get. After 30 minutes yesterday and speaking to 3 reps, she was scheduled with a field tech appointment today. They could not give us a time frame. We waited home all day and technician failed to appear. After we called back at 3 pm to check status of appt., they said no record of conversation had been recorded. Wasted a complete day. They continue to lie, and you cannot get the same answer twice. The FCC and Attorney General should investigate their poor business practices and misleading internet speed claims.

My experience with AT&T has been very bad. First of all the tv service is terrible. I had to reboot my tv at least three time a week. I called and they came to change the router, but that did not change anything. I still have to reboot the system several times a week. The internet speed is very slow. If more than one device is connected it slows down almost to a halt. In addition, the price is one of the highest in the market. I pay $275 per month for tv, internet and home phone bundle. I saw an ad on tv where they offered $89 per month for the same bundle so I called but they said it was only for NEW customers. I have been with AT&T for almost ten years and have to pay $275 per month, but a new customer can pay $89 for the same services!!! I want to switch to another company, but no one else services my address. As soon as someone else does, I will change. Do not get AT&T. They are the worst!!

Where do I start? I could write a 20 page report in 10 point font on how terrible they are. Do not do business with them, take your business elsewhere or just cut the cord. I've been dealing with inaccurate billing issues where they confirmed a new package for me but then were overcharging $70+ each month from March 2016-July 2016. I had to call in every single month to get an adjustment and spent well over an hour each time 5 months @5 hours. Then when I moved to a new home I was going to cancel my service altogether but was scammed into staying with them and going with DirecTV.

Well DirecTV was installed, everything was fine until the bill came and big surprise it was inaccurate again. They were trying to charge me for July when I had no service and had already switched to DirecTV. They shut my service off because they had an inaccurate balance of $171 and kept telling me that my new bill would come but that I didn't owe anything further yet they shut my service off two days in a row and I had to call in. The first day it happened I was on the phone for almost 3 hours. They turned it on but then the next day shut it off again and said I owed the $171. What a racket! The 2nd day I called in and spent another hour, they turned it back on, finally zeroed out my balance and had to start over with billing but it took an act of war in order for it to be rectified.

When I first signed up for U-verse they said my bill would be $50 a month. Never did my bill come up to $50. They overcharged me every month. The bill was a different price... They said I was getting high speed internet but the wire in my complex don't even get it. I hate AT&T and would not recommend it to anyone. Run from them???

July 22, 2014, I purchased my 2nd AT&T Internet Gateway Modem for their internet service (U-verse) so I would not have to pay equipment rental fees indefinitely; my 1st modem stopped working 3 days after warranty expired. The 2nd one has worked perfectly, except that EVERY MONTH, I AM CHARGED $7.00 EQUIPMENT RENTAL FEE, plus the $.49 tax. I've spent 1 to 3 days a month, 4-5 hours/day trying to get this charge removed. Every rep I speak with requires starting over from the beginning. One of them called me a liar; another screamed "go somewhere else", then hung up in my face, etc, etc, etc. I am so sorry I ever heard of AT&T. I wish my $214.00 was back in my account & I had gone to ANY other company for internet.

Today, someone WORKING at AT&T told me he has the same problem with the same rental fee, that it is impossible to NOT pay it. I believe AT&T has cheated MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, out of hundreds of dollars for these super-cheap modems, then CHARGES RENT on modems owned by customers. Apart from the horrible treatment by reps who are NOT accountable, it is an OUTRAGE that this huge, wealthy corporation takes advantage of struggling families, elderly - EVERYONE who is victim of this SCAM.

A company that not only provides a awful service, but cannot wait until your "promotion" expires and double your monthly bill without even letting you know. Then you call them up, and after numerous call getting dropped, you decide to cancel the service, and they finally offer to settle and offer you a deal similar to what you had before, and a credit for the money they were trying to steal from you, so you finally gave in and pay the past due amount and decide to stay with them. This is the summary of over 3 hours WASTED! And I mean wasted, because a week later your service is interrupted and you call in, you find out that NOTHING was done... prices still twice as it should be and they try to start the transferring game all over again. Frustrated at this point, and I promise myself I will never ever have any type of service with this company!!! Get real AT&T. There plenty of option out there. Either improve yours, or just go out of business already!!!

AT&T U-verse is the worst. They have this continual system of raising your bill, you after endless discussion finally get some sort of discount that you are "eligible" for but it's only for a period of time. Then your bill jumps back up again and you must go through the same process over and over again. Also, you are treated poorly as a long term, pay on time customer. They offer the great deals to people they are attempting to woo to their terrible company. Over the years my bill has crept up from around $105 to $259.00 my last bill. It was terrible. It's a stressful process speaking to their representatives and this last bout was the worst. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy! Stay away from AT&T U-verse at all costs. Believe me you will never be satisfied.

Have you ever tried to get ahold of a live rep? It's like a maze that you have to get through. Horrible hold time. Today I am still on hold after 25 minutes! SMH. Feels like you guys have gotten so big and you just see your clients as a number. You need to pay people money for their time! When you call in and have been on hold and it reaches 6pm, you're still on hold in the system but the reps have already gone home because they only work until 6pm. I really wish that FTC would allow more competition for DSL services in my area and put you guys out of business. 0 support, horrible client care service and you get the runaround. You need to have a callback service when the line frees up and not waste your customer's time.

I work for a company that uses AT&T for uverse, office at hand phones, and wireless services. Our bill is way over $1000 a month. You would expect to be treated like a valued customer. There is absolutely no communication between the way too many departments you are constantly transferred to when calling them. The reps do not care to help you. They just pass you along to the next rep.

I have had issues with our RingCentral phones not working for over a month. I was initially told we needed fiber optic cables in the office. I was quoted a price and then transferred again. Then they told me that my office location did not have fiber optic cable access yet. I called RingCentral again to cancel my phones since I could not use them. They told me to call AT&T to port out my number.

After another day lost on phones call to do this I was finally with the 3rd party confirmation to port out the number to then only find out they had the wrong area code for my phone # and could not change it. I was told to call back and redo what had taken me 2 hours of my work day. Today I happen to have an AT&T fiber optic rep knock on my office door to let me know that fiber optic cable access was now available in my building since May 1st!!! Really. So why had nobody in the many days of calling told me any of this. I really dislike this company. They have no consideration for their customers.

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AT&T Uverse Internet service is provided by AT&T, one of the oldest utility companies in the United States. With over 10,000 patents and nationwide coverage, AT&T offers various Internet, telephone and satellite options to customers all over the country.

  • Online orders: Customers can order services directly from the AT&T Uverse website. Available options are based on zip code and street address.
  • 24/7 support: Uverse technical support is available 24 hours a day via telephone, and live chat is available via the AT&T website.
  • Reliability: Users get a dedicated line with steady services and little variability in speed, even during the busy evening hours.
  • Easy switch: Moving from another company to AT&T is simple and quick as the company offers coverage to the majority of U.S. addresses.
  • On the go mobile viewing: Subscribers can download the Uverse app to view live or recorded TV straight from their mobile devices.
  • Best for Those who need a reliable connection for news, information and homework help.

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