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I called ATT, asked if I could buy my own modem instead of renting theirs for $7 a month and was told yes. They weren't very helpful in telling me what modem would work, but I finally found one. Sent theirs back, through UPS as tracking info said. Now, three months later they still charge me for modem fee. They now say you have to use their modem! The one I sent back three months ago? Worst company I've ever dealt with!

I have been an excellent U-verse customer for over two years – auto pay over $200.00 monthly. My system pieces started to fail and the way that they handled it was ABHORRENT. I was literally on hold with waiting for customer service for nearly an hour. The first person to assist me kept saying I didn't receive a wireless receiver when it CLEARLY stated on the device it was a wireless receiver. Finally I demanded to talk to a supervisor and they said, "Oh yes, that's a wireless receiver." However, they couldn't get it to work. After an hour plus I just told them “This is awful. I can't work with you anymore.” They could not have CARED LESS. They immediately just pushed me over to cancellation. I didn't even know I was being transferred there.

Then when that CSR got me, he said he didn't "appreciate my tone" when I told him how upset I was. I just hung up the phone RIGHT THERE. That was a mistake, because now I have Time Warner installed and am TRYING to cancel my U-verse and yes, you guessed it I am on NEVER ENDING HOLD. As I write this review I have been on hold for 58 plus minutes waiting for the privilege to talk to someone at U-verse to cancel my service. This company is a complete joke – I will NEVER give them a single dime more of my money. They could care LESS about their customers. Absolute travesty!

When I got my new EMV card there was an issue with it right away so I had to switch to a new number. I changed my wireless auto billing, but forgot my Uverse. When they disconnected my Uverse they charged me $60, more than a month's worth of service. I was mad but paid it and set up auto billing again with new card. It didn't take effect immediately so they disconnected me again for a $50 past due bill and charged me another $60. So I decided I would not support a company with these vicious billing practices. So I tried to cancel my service in chat, which they do not allow. Then I called where I was put on hold for 30 minutes before finally getting to a person who could cancel my service. Terrible customer service and vicious billing practices for someone who was always on auto-pay is ridiculous and should be criminal.

Finally after a whole day of housecleaning I decided to finally sit down, watch TV and relax. Guess what - no service. No tv, phone or Internet. Called customer service for help. Chris told me to reboot the modem. I did and nothing happened. He told me to reset the modem and again nothing. He than informed me that he needed to send a tech out to the house and no one was available until tomorrow. My husband has a medical condition and we need our phone in case we need to call help. Again nothing until tomorrow. So I guess if there is an emergency we would have to go to a neighbor to use their phone. This happened to us just last month and got the same response.

I talked with someone (Eugene) in the corporate office about this and he told me that if I had called earlier someone would have been able to come out. Well guess what - I told him that just last month, when the same thing happened, I called at 9am and I still could not get anyone to help. If I were you I would run as fast as I can away from AT&T and go with someone else. They don't care about their customers. I am planning on switching.

They bought PACBELL then AOL, now DirecTV then they moved me to Uverse, from $69.00 to last June of 2016 I paid $252.00 for the TV, internet and landline services. No wireless cell phones because if I added that the way AT&T in West Hollywood disconnects and loses services at least 3 times a week? I would have no phone, TV and internet and no way to call them and complain or reach them! That's the reason we have our cell phone with T-Mobile today. I am moving to Time Warner if AT&T doesn't change their prices on me!

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The unethical business practices of this company are sickening. It quickly became clear to me that repetitive 'misquotes' & 'mistakes' are actually fraudulently intended to cost the customer more, and they will NEVER do right and honor what has been quoted. 3 times I sat on the phone for 45+ min to sort out my actual order, each rep>manager telling me that what the last rep>manager told me was included in my order/what it would cost was incorrect, and that I would be billed ++$/mo. They also never got my address correct in their system after the first agent entered it wrong, despite my correcting it every time I spoke with them.

I bought a modem their agent told me to purchase to eliminate the cost of renting theirs every month and have now been told by the tech that the co. doesn't even USE this modem, & the installation fee I paid them upfront I am now contesting with my credit card company. I backed out before installation to dodge the bullet of being locked into a 2-yr nightmare with these scam artists. NO business should be allowed to operate this way and I'd love to see a massive lawsuit open against them.

I had no internet service during 2016-07-13 to 2016-07-14 because AT&T force customer to make payment arrangement, temporary suspension and WAN outages. I have never ask for the arrangement and force no internet near 24 hours.

AT&T has been a terrible company to work with. I've had the service for the past 4 years and billing has been inconsistent. Our services would also go out frequently. We are moving to a new area due to work, and although U-verse and Internet are available services at our new location, we are going to be charged an early termination fee. When I agreed to a new contract earlier in the year, I was told this would not be charged as there was a possibility we were moving. If I would have known otherwise, I wouldn't have renewed. No other company I had penalized me if their services were not available at a location. The rep I talked to also didn't transfer me to a manager when requested.

Very unhappy with AT&T Tech not meeting promised 4 hour window of 8:30AM-12:30PM. I waited all morning for tech visit. At 12:30 I noticed vm on cell phone from tech. I returned call and reached tech Chris's VM, left message. It's been a hour and he hasn't returned my call. I called his manager Alex and got his VM and left message. Went online AT&T chat. Agent Brice said his notes showed Tech did come to house "banged on door" but could not get anyone to answer. I WAS HOME. UNACCEPTABLE. Notes also said Tech tried to call. If Tech Chris tried to call home phone... is out of order. That's why I needed a tech visit!

Agent Brice (in chat) asked if I wanted to reschedule visit. I did so under duress...scheduled between 1pm and 4pm. Now I have the privilege of waiting ALL day for a tech to show up... I called AT&T to speak to a manager to escalate this complaint. I talked with Alan who seemed interested enough and showed some empathy for inconvenience. He asked if I wanted to talk to tech support and I said if that would help. He said they could help get a tech to my home sooner.

Absolutely, I responded. I was put on hold. Heard some recordings about a $100 gift card for $1.99 and have my credit card handy....and then disconnected. GREAT experience with AT&T. Exceptional world class service. NOT. So now I wait for a tech to's almost 2PM. How fortunate I am that I have AT&T as my service provider. NOT.

I have had standard land lines (3) plus high-speed internet from AT&T for 6 years without indecent. I was told by AT&T that my contract had expired ("sorry no one from AT&T called you before the contract expired") and I had to go with U-Verse. The AT&T rep. said that landlines were going away and I had to get U-Verse. I agreed and the tech. came out and after jerking around for an hour stated that it was not going to work because of an issue on AT&T side. He stated he would be back out that evening or the next morning to finish the install. Never heard from the tech or from AT&T.

I phoned AT&T late yesterday and to my surprise no one at AT&T even showed he had been out here or that the U-Verse was not up and running. A tech came out here today and cheerfully state he was here at my business to install my third line??? I GIVE UP. I had the tech remove the non-working U-Verse modem and I am going back to landlines. It is unfortunate that these days customer service is dying a very slow and painful death.

The most horrible experience ever. One day they have our account and the next we get told they have no record of our acct. Then the next time calling we have two accounts. All we signed up for was a bundled package for DirecTV and 4 phones. The phones on at&t's website are according to their (at&t) site unlimited internet, talk, text. After being assured countless times and 5 hours sitting on the phone with them our bill was supposed to be $255 with the phones and DirecTV altogether. Well that was a absolute lie. So fed up I hope no one ever uses this corrupt company. They are nothing but liars and thieves.

I truly do not understand how this company is still in business and has such a monopoly on services in California. At least 10 years ago I had already dropped their cell service as the service was a joke. I figure, that was 10 years ago yet I still hear from friends that they have the same problems still today. Ok, onto the rest of it. I live in a suburban community in Fresno currently and forced to go with AT&T internet service. Luckily I had DirecTV for TV until AT&T took that over and messed that up as well.

When the installer installed he told me he didn't want to do the install because I was at the end of the line and would never get good bandwidth. I had no choice so I went with it. There are no other internet providers in the area. True, the internet was as slow as dial up most of the time and dropped out regularly. It also caused many problems with my DirecTV on demand and streaming. It would freeze the system and wasn't even strong enough to stream on demand most of the time. DirecTV would blame AT&T and tell me they have to fix it. Wait a second, doesn't AT&T own DirecTV. They are all one company so how can they blame one another for problems.

It has been a long 2 year battle trying to get decent service with internet and TV here. I have had to make service calls every few months and usually no one could fix the issue, just blame the other one. Usually after a few days of no TV or internet it would magically come back. Who knows? Finally, I am moving and so unbelievably happy to be going somewhere that offers other service providers so I call to cancel my service. After waiting on hold a good 20 minutes I finally get to a human being and she puts me on hold a couple more minutes to come back and tell me that "sorry, that portion of AT&T's systems are currently down" and to try back at another time. WTF!!! Seriously. I am about to blow my top. How can a company so huge have so many problems continuously and provide such horrible service to its customers. If I can ever get my service cancelled, I will never sign up again even if they are my only choice. I'd rather go without.

My son attempted to cancel AT&T U-verse due to the monthly rate billed was not as quoted. He was told once he turned in his equipment, he would be reimbursed for $459 line of credit down deposit. After discussing with four customer reps at AT&T today, that clearly was a lie. They will not reimburse even though he was promised a refund. They tell what you want to hear knowing it will not happen. STAY AWAY from AT&T U-Verse!

We had their internet and cable TV services. Everything started off great by them offering monetary gift cards to start business with them. First week went great and we were so happy to finally get a faster internet speed but it all went downhill after that. TV and internet would go out daily. The tech left a line of coax cable that went from the front right side of our home that stretched out into the backyard, on over to the left side, and then back to the front left and into the house wall. It took almost three months after contacting them countless times over the phone and via chat online to get that line finally buried (over 400 feet of line).

A few days later, I began to notice how soggy our lawn felt when I would cut it. I thought it was just the recent rain. Once a month I check for broken sprinkler heads with our buried lawn irrigation. I turned it on and nothing happened. I called an irrigation tech to come look at it and to only find out that when AT&T buried the coax line they also followed the main line of my irrigation that goes completely around the perimeter of the house. Over 400 feet of irrigation line needed to be replaced because it was all cracked and damaged by a shovel. I notified AT&T of the damages and I got the "we aren't sure how to handle this" response "but we will certainly look into it and get back to you." Not once did they ever get back to me.

I was "promised" that I would receive a "damage form" in the mail so that I could officially file a damage complaint with them. I called and chatted online numerous times but always either was transferred to somebody else or the line would just magically disconnect. The internet speed of 18mb was more of an average of 8mb. Constant calls and visits by a tech never fixed the problem. The last tech that came out showed me the problem. He pointed with his finger onto his screen that I was paying for an 18mb but they had only set my max speed to 10mb. He advised me to call support and have them fix the issue. After overpaying for over a year they offered $50 in credit. The same tech that advised me of the issue also said that getting the company (AT&T) to reimburse me for the damages to my lawn was "most likely never going to happen because they don't care."

I finally gave up, paid over $800 to have the irrigation lines fixed/repaired, and advised AT&T that I was no longer going to pay them for their services until they paid me for the damages. They would call me to nag about me not paying the bill and I would tell them my whole story and then they would once again say I needed to fill out their damage form (which I don't think they even have) in order to file a claim.

I gave up, stopped paying for their services and they turned it all off and advised me to return the equipment. For several weeks, I would get AT&T solicitors at my door trying to get me to use their services again (even though our community states "no soliciting" on a sign at the entrance). I would refuse and refuse to get back with them. After having to unfortunately advise them that I would send them a cease & desist to leave me alone they finally sent my account to collections. They want their $250. I want my $800+ back for the damages they caused to my irrigation lines.

I've been with AT&T since they came to my neighborhood in 2008. They had nice reps but they visited us about 40 times a year one year. It internal, external whatever but whenever someone replaced Comcast for AT&T, we all notice worse service. Horrible no service. Not to blame employees but this is classic AT&T. Now I don't have a TV nor do I watch it nor do I have Amazon movies etc. I have a Macbook pro and watch that. No one watches TV. So I went to cancel it and they had the audacity in June and July 2016 to tell me I had to have basic service for TV. Blackmailing me saying I had to have that to have high speed internet or switch to DirecTV. Writing this on consumer reports also. Reps understand. I am one of the few who still have a Uverse phone as well but that doesn't count They paid a bundle for direct TV and are putting that on the backs of the few customers they will have left.

Most of my neighbors switched back to Comcast (yes here we are in the high tech Bay Area of SF & we have two choices because the FCC said it wouldn't be FAIR to allow competition, the result is BS.) I do not want to change to Comcast either. Whenever someone switches to AT&T, we have poor service and problems. Employees that come out 98% nice and professional except for one that pulled the card with his phone number on it when he refused to finish the job because he was working too hard. Maybe true but do not blame the customer. I grabbed it back although he was a large man over 6 feet tall and angry. It just got me mad Okay let that slide but when they tell me I have to have BASIC TV even though there are no TV's in the house after myriad of problems and loyalty... I think that is illegal and I will fight this BS!

Class Action Lawsuit here I come. I feel bad for the employees who understood this but they could not say much or they would probably be axed because AT&T is not a free enterprise system that they claim to be. They would rather hold their customers hostage and force them to have cable because they bought DirecTV to as usual, stave off the competition.

The leader in anti-trust lawsuits, slamming long distance before this era. Here they are with only one competitor and the FCC feels bad for them since they know all the players there and do not want to make them suffer. Instead they want to charge consumer for TV if they have high speed internet in the SF Bay Area! So low tech and 5th world FCC in the pocket of AT&T! Employees do the best they can but this is the edict from one of the monopoly players in Contra Costa County, CA. Been with them 8 years when they came into our area and they still do this to us. Large corporations are people, right?? NOT People pay them.

This company had me so mad and frustrated I was literally in tears. We have had issues with our services since week 1. Every time you call you're on hold for at 30 minutes when they state your hold time is 2 minutes. I discovered the Wi-Fi wasn't working yet again Sunday 7/3/16. Went online and scheduled for a service tech to come out 7/5/16 and it stated 1-4pm. At 10 minutes to 4pm we received a text message stating that the tech probably will be later than 4pm, reply KEEP for keeping the appointment for today. I replied KEEP. I then received a confirmation text. Seeing as I took the day off to get this taken care of (cellular overages being $15 per GB) I called AT&T to try to find out if I could get an approximate time of arrival of the technician. The person on the line stated that the technician will be unable to even come today and rescheduled for tomorrow 7/6/16. At this point I became very upset.

Not only am I losing a day's pay at work. Now they wouldn't even be out that day!!! With these reoccurring issues I decided to speak to someone higher up and cancel my services. So the lady I spoke to next said I would have to pay $120.00 cancellation fee. Well dang it! So I bit the bullet and asked what time was the soonest a tech could be there in the morning... She placed me on hold then came back on the line and said that a technician would not be available until Thursday. What??? How did it go from being rescheduled until tomorrow 7/6/16 to now being the first available being 7/8/16??? So frustrated I cancelled the services and she told me I was free to dispute the $120.00 cancellation fee (I definitely plan to).

Thirty minutes later, the technician who was scheduled to be here from 1-4pm called and apologized for being late and stated he just now received his work order to come to my house! The time he called was 6:38pm. I explained the whole situation and he was nice enough to listen and apologize because he honestly had no idea what was going on. So don't listen to the door to door sales pitch. They absolutely DO NOT CARE about their customers.

I was on a promotional rate of 32.00 for internet service then got hit for a 54.00 new monthly bill. When I called the retention department they said they had no new promotions, so I said to cancel me. I asked when the new bill would take effect. The cust serv rep said if I cancelled on 5/5/16 I wouldn't be billed anymore. So I mailed back the equipment and account was cancelled on May 5th, the same day a competitor came to set up new service. One month later I get an AT&T bill for a partial month. I call Cust NO Serv and they tell me to wait another month and the next bill should show 0.00. Wrong!!! Call again and I'm told "Wait another month." Same thing, another wrong bill.

Today 7/5/2016 I receive a letter from AT&T telling me to pay the 15.36 bill or they will send me to collections! So I call several connections and dropped calls later including a call to corporate complaint phone number and no one can pull up the recorded conversation with the retention person I spoke to. After several hours dealing with this I gave up. My wife then calls and gets a cust serv rep to say they do record all calls and that she will credit this account to show 0.00. We will now wait to see if they honor this promise. Never EVER do any business with this group of bait and switch. Bunch of unprofessional bozos.

My husband is a semi-pro gamer and was informed by his peers that AT&T provides new and faster internet by using fiber optic technology. He was also informed that it was the fastest internet available. My husband set up AT&T service for 06/30/16 and canceled our Xfinity (against my wishes). He was at work when the tech came; the tech drilled holes, went on the pole, ran wires here and there and after a few hours... I was told that he could not finish the installation due to "Not having enough light". I asked what he meant and he said that he had to have a certain amount of light for the signal to work. The tech also explained that another tech would out first thing in the morning.

My husband was upset, but understood. That is until the next day... no tech arrived. My husband and I called and spoke to 3/4 agents before finally being transferred to a supervisor named Kim. Kim explained that she reached out to the field manager Will who informed her that the cable/wire/laser had to be replaced and that would take a special tech that would not be available until 07/05/16. My husband and I were still very upset and explained that husband would lose out on money from an online gaming competition; if he could not get the internet asap. Kim apologized again and guaranteed that we would be one of the first customers to be serviced 7/05; which is today.

My husband got an email this morning stating that the service would not be on til 07/19. We are now mad; we called the customer care dept and my husband placed on hold for several minutes by a rude female agent. When she came back to the phone; she claimed to be having technical difficulties and could not hear my husband speaking into the phone, so she hung up. I called the corporate office in TX and spoke to a nice young lady in the complaint dept named Danny. She said that one of the executives will be addressing our case within 48 hours. We did not have these issues with Xfinity. And I hope this issue is rectified soon; maybe AT&T should have stuck to phones...

I made a payment arrangement and AT&T disconnected my service. When I called to find out why it had been disconnected, since I had an arrangement, they said they couldn't find the arrangement. They were rude and weren't willing to research it. I cancelled my service, angry at the horrible service. Since I need the service for work, I called back the next day to restore service. I paid and was told they would reconnect my service. Instead they created a new account and tried to bill me for new equipment and installation. I still had my same equipment, as it had only been a day.

After several calls and several supervisors, I was informed that instead of reconnecting my service, they created a new account, and then were going to cancel the new account. In order to get technicians out to reconnect my boxes I had to go back to my original service which was TV/Internet/Phone U450 and they would give me a discount for only $150. I agreed and they made the changes. The technicians came out the next day and everything seemed to be working. Noticed that I was missing several channels including my premiums channels. My internet also kept shutting off saying my service was disconnected contact AT&T. When I called in they said I had a pending order, which was from the new account that should had been cancelled.

I spoke with several technicians who said the issues I was having was due to me being on the U200 and U300 plans, which I never agreed to. I contacted my technician who advised me to contact the retention department on Tuesday, since Monday was a holiday. I spent 4 days without the correct service and my internet going in and out. I call in Tuesday and they tell me that they see that I am on the U300 and should have been put on the U450 but they can't change it because now my bill is past due as of Monday. So until I pay my bill they can't correct the original problem. So I have to pay for service that I was not getting before I can receive the service I should have been receiving in the first place.

I ask them to listen to the recordings from my last few calls in order to verify that I agreed to terms and conditions that my service would be restored to my U450 plan. I informed them that the recordings are there to protect the company and consumer. I agreed to hold while they review the information and locate their company error. They refused and instead told me to just pay for the service and then they can fix it.

AT&T has great service, but their business policies and procedures, as well as their customer service is horrendous. They lie to get you into contracts for products and services you don't need, don't keep their end of the bargain, blame everything on a system error, and then leave their customers holding the 'crap'. It's very difficult because companies like this take advantage of consumers who have limited or no other options for service. The only other option that I have is Comcast, but their service is not as good and their customer service is even worse. There has to be more accountability for large corporations like this who lie, manipulate, and take advantage of their customers.

My brother-in-law, Thanh **, is the account holder with AT&T Uverse, account # ** at his residence at **. Sad things happened and he passed away on April 28, 2016. So on behalf of his family, I tried to contact AT&T Uverse to cancel the service, until now after more than 2 months passed by and the result gets no help from AT&T. I called this number 1-800-288-2020 many times, wait for more than 10 minutes, then someone passed down, changed to another line and waiting time again. It's take too long so I gave up.

This morning, on Sat July 2 at 8:35 am I called and lucky enough to talk with a rep, his name is Chris. I explain to him the situation and asked him to help me to close the account. He told me today is holiday already and the staff is short, so I have to call back on next Tuesday July 5 again. I told him I checked the business hour on the web and Saturday is not a holiday yet, how frustrated I am, because more than 2 months already, they do not want to help me at all. He recommended me to log into the AT&T website, change Thanh's account name to my name, then again call AT&T at the number 1800-288-2020 to get help for cancellation and address to return equipment. What is the purpose to change my brother's name to my name on that account, then I cancel later.

All they want, change the name, then after that goes to payment method. And I will be stuck there again. It does not make sense at all. I want to cancel the service of my brother in law only. I do not understand why a big company like AT&T, cannot help me to close the account with a good cause like this. When the reps hear the word CANCELLATION, THEY REFUSE to help and listen anymore, THEY WILL PASS you to ANOTHER LINE. Then let you WAIT. So, please help me to contact AT&T to close this case as soon as possible. Our family had suffered a lot already because losing a husband, a father, and a brother. We hope that all employees at AT&T, at least have their heart, not just about the money. Thank you very much for your understanding and your help.

Had to switch to AT&T after moving 3 years ago because the new area didn't have Verizon. This company is the worst at service! Always locking you into good deals but then doubling prices as soon as your year is up... PLUS the internet is NEVER the speed or reliability they claim. I laugh every time I see the commercial claiming they have 99% complete coverage. As of right NOW I'm on the phone HOLDING for over 30 minutes even though I was told I would wait 1 minute to be helped. I'm cancelling and moving on to another company that finally is available in my area. I'm NOT exaggerating when I say that the internet was NEVER what we paid for. Supposed to be a certain speed all of the time... We checked it over and over and it was never up to the speed they offered. I'm in an apartment... and it wouldn't reach to my bedroom especially at night. I couldn't use it for anything in the bedroom because it would constantly drop.

My laptop/iPad/phone would say I lost connection 10x in an hour. Netflix on my TV would constantly freeze and say to "check my internet connection". YES we tried the "tech support" over and over again. Changed "channels" per following directions over the phone. RIDICULOUS. I'm so OVER paying for a service that is sub-par and frustrating. Not to mention my bill doubled! But even after that it had extra "service charges" on TOP of the doubled price... so done! THANK GOODNESS I'm switching. I NEVER recommend AT&T to anyone. And that is the truth.

My story began when I moved this April. I got a bundle-price of USD 110.99, but the bills are all much higher (over USD 200). If you call (I spent HOURS on the phone and on the chat) they apologize ("I'm so sorry for any bad experience", "I'm on your side, I'm a customer too", "I wish I could do something"... and so on), but they hold you on the phone / Chat for hours, transfer you from A to B, back to A, back to B, back to A... (happened to me more than once), you have to tell EVERY TIME the whole story just to hear "I'm so sorry that happened to you"... bla bla bla... NOBODY cares about you. N O B O D Y!!

One day I sent a bill back with my notes "I never agreed to this rate, so I don't think I have a contract with you". About 3 days later 2 people from AT&T/Uverse knocked on my door. I told them "I'm very angry with ATT", and what I didn't realized at that time, again "Oh - I'm so sorry... What happened... and so on". So I let them in and told them the whole story. After I finished "my ATT-story", they asked "Why don't you change to Uverse? We have a very good rate of USD 125, thats much closer to the promised USD 110.99". I asked them "what about the cancellation fees with Directv/ATT? She (the lady which was the "boss" of the 2 people) said (word by word): "Thats not a problem. We are the same firm. There are NO CANCELLATION-FEES". So I agreed to the change.

4 days later the Uverse-Technician came to my house to install the Uverse-devices. He told me I have to return the Directv-Devices. He left the Uverse-Device-Boxes here to return the Directv-Devices. The next day I wanted to return the packages. Turns out the Uverse-boxes were way too small for the Directv-Devices. So I called Directv to order the box/es. That was the first time I did hear: "If you cancel Directv you have to pay a cancellation fee of USD 420.-". I told them that I asked the 2 people which were in my house June 16 about "cancellation-fee" and that they told me "there is NO cancellation fee, because "we" are the same firm". The Directv-Guy said "no, we are not the same firm, you have to pay the USD 420. They told you wrong".

Be aware: ATT-people come to your house, look into your eyes and LIE into your face. And ATT doesn't take responsibility for that. English is not "my language", but I'm not stupid. I'm 54 yrs old and I know what to ask before I sign a contract. I spent now again HOURS on the phone and on the chat. The same game... Transferring back and forth, apologize for 1 hour and at the end NOTHING. Thats their tactic. Keeping the customer for hours on the phone, being very nice ("I'm a customer too, so I can understand you", "I'm so sorry for any problems", "this is not the normal standard"...). All this empty phrases so you feel understood, but thats all they do. If you hang up, even if they tell you "don't worry, I make sure you'll get the promised rate" - nothing happens. If you call 2 days later there is not even a note in your account.

By the way - the Uverse-Bill is USD 190 instead of the signed and promised rate of USD 127 (she did spoke all the time of USD 125, but at the end the amount was USD 127 (I didn't say anything about the difference since it was only USD 2). The bill is now: Directv (about USD 73) plus about USD 190 for ATT/Uverse. So I have now 2 TV-accounts!!!! (who can watch TV with 2 different TV-"accounts" at the same time? Thats the same as driving 2 cars at the same time.)

Today I tried to call a supervisor for Uverse. After 45 min waiting time they kicked me out. You can't even speak with somebody. So far I could only speak with ATT and Directv-people. Even if I have EVERYTHING on 1 bill, they tell you they can only see either the Directv-part or the ATT-part. I can see the whole bill on one side, why can't they see it like I do? I'm pretty sure this is another tactic. If they would train their employees in solving problems rather than "playing games" with their customer, this would be great. But instead they don't want to solve problems. This is the worst company ever. They lie to you and send you bills with rates you NEVER agreed!!! Shame on you all ATT/Directv/Uverse!!! If you are considering ATT and co: Stay away and run before it's too late... Otherwise problems are guaranteed!!! Somebody should stop this firm. It's a shame!!

We are cancelling our services (phone, Internet, tv) after less than a week. We ordered online for a special rate bundle including the porting of our phone number. We allowed 8 days between the order and installation to allow AT&T to request the porting of the number so there would be no interruption in that service. Needless to say, that never happened even after 4+ hours on the phone, talking to 7 different "service" people over a 3 day period starting 3 days after installation and always being promised that it would be done "the next day". Their final solution was to tell us to call our previous provider and pay to have them reinstate the phone line so AT&T could then retrieve the number that they had 8 days to access for free for uninterrupted service before our installation date.

Also, we were supposed to get 3 months of HBO and Cinemax for free, but that was never activated. Today, after 6 days of only partial fulfillment of our order, we were emailed three different bills, ranging from $191+ to $214+. The bundle with installation was supposed to be $126+. That rate was confirmed in 2 emails.

Since we were going to have to have our former provider come out to reinstate the phone line, we decided to return to them for all services. We will be paying a few dollars more a month and won't have wireless tv, but we will have consistency in information we get from customer service, and we will be speaking to people who actually understand the nuances of the English language and do not have to depend on scripted responses that never accurately answer our questions.

We have had AT&T for our cellphone service for over 20 yrs, and couldn't be more pleased. We were hoping to feel the same about U-verse, but, apparently, AT&T has outgrown its ability to provide true customer service. Every individual we spoke to had to be given the same information. Each then promised a swift resolution to our problems, often indicating that it could be done with a simple flip of a switch, and they couldn't believe that no one else we spoke to did that, as yet. Well, no one seemed to know where that switch was or how to flip it, and our problems were never resolved. We are very happy we parted company before we had to talk to another uninformed or ignorant U-verse representative.

We must say, however, that the installation technician was excellent. Unfortunately, he has a very unreliable company to work for. And the representative that took our cancellation order was also excellent. Unfortunately, the people we had to deal with in between were awful, unprepared to answer simple questions and resolve what they all said were easy fixes.

I ** hate this company more and more each day. Call support and get idiots who don't speak English and I'm left with the same BS service I alley about. They don't give a crap about anything. WATCH FREE CREDITS AND UPGRADES. They will sneak you into annual contracts while telling you that you are getting all of these freebies and contract specials. (You are getting screwed into a contract). U-verse freaking sucks. RIP OFF. Got Roku. Hello savings.

I switched over to DirecTV because my U-verse bill was too high and they were running a promo. They never disconnected my U-verse service so I was being double charged. I was forced to pay full balance in order to get a credit for what I had already paid. I was then the next month charged a disconnection fee for their mistake and they refused to take it off. The customer service people are rude and inconsistent. I don't understand how this company is legal!

My issue with AT&T is the same as others. AT&T U-Verse is a joke, not a company. Their customer service and tech department are even worse. All my calls were well over 2 hours and I would get nothing resolved. I would get transferred from billing to tech, to billing, to some other department. I have spoken to so many reps in different countries, it is mind boggling, and at the end when I wanted to cancel they wanted to charge me for all the months I had AT&T U-verse and cancellation fee. Are you serious AT&T???

I should not pay for a service I did not get. I should not period. AT&T keeps acquiring all these companies that were much better when they were by themselves, and makes them worse than they were. Please stop buying all the companies we loved and make them crap. STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY, from this company. AT&T is the worst company in terms of its customer service. As I write this I am on the phone with them for over 2 hours and seven minutes. Even after their tech department told them that my equipment has not worked properly since the installation they still did not want to give me credit for the services I did both receive, saying that they have no notes from tech department about that.

I told them that "I was on the phone when tech department told you guys that the equipment is not functional, why do you need notes?" She kept telling me no notes, she can't give me credit and on top she need to charge me $150.00 cancellation fee. Are you serious AT&T??? I asked her "Would you pay for a cable service that you did not get?" She said "no." I said, "then why should I?" I do not know if I will get my credit from them or not, since I am still fighting with them but stay away from AT&T... AT&T should be broken down into several smaller companies. They are too big to handle small clients like us.

Finally got to the end of my year service and asked for next year bill monthly and it increased from $143 to $214. I tried to call 2 days earlier to see what promotions were available and they said to call after the anniversary. When I cancelled my service, it was 6 days later after the anniversary and they charged me on the daily rate from a monthly of $214 not $143. My final bill was $47.46 for 6 days. I see all of the complaints around this complaint and I feel sorry for you that you still have to pay. I'm sure AT&T does not monitor these comments. I'm finally free from AT&T! Naner, naner!

At this point in time this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I told my boss today if he doesn't switch companies I am quitting. I can't work due to the fact that I am on the phone with AT&T once a week. I just had a representative transfer me to from an account specialist department to their cell phone counterpart. I guess I pissed her off. They have screwed up our business lines so bad, they changed our business email without our permission. They have screwed up the billing so bad that we now have a $3,000 credit, but then turned around and sent $700.00 to a collection agency. This is a major warning do not go with AT&T U-verse. BTW, once you switch your account from DSL to U-verse they also will charge you an early termination fee of around $600.00.

Pathetic service - will work for a few minutes then goes off!

We have AT&T telephone, Uverse and internet service. We have not had stable service for over a year. Technicians have repeatedly come out, fix the problem for a week or two and it starts up again. I can not make calls from the phone, calls can not be received which is a problem since I have elderly parents that need to be able to reach me. Our smart TV can not connect to the internet. I have asked for refunds. They have been promised, but never received. I find their customer service EXTREMELY frustrating. It takes over 30 minutes to schedule a service call and I can hardly understand the person I am speaking to. I am giving them one last time to correct the problem before I switch to another provider.

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AT&T Uverse Internet service is provided by AT&T, one of the oldest utility companies in the United States. With over 10,000 patents and nationwide coverage, AT&T offers various Internet, telephone and satellite options to customers all over the country.

  • Online orders: Customers can order services directly from the AT&T Uverse website. Available options are based on zip code and street address.
  • 24/7 support: Uverse technical support is available 24 hours a day via telephone, and live chat is available via the AT&T website.
  • Reliability: Users get a dedicated line with steady services and little variability in speed, even during the busy evening hours.
  • Easy switch: Moving from another company to AT&T is simple and quick as the company offers coverage to the majority of U.S. addresses.
  • On the go mobile viewing: Subscribers can download the Uverse app to view live or recorded TV straight from their mobile devices.
  • Best for Those who need a reliable connection for news, information and homework help.

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