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Went down first time on 9/30/16. STAYED down until 10/4. Actually THROUGH 10/4. When it came back up, I was charitable enough to give them a second chance. After all, stuff happens. Earthlink then went down AGAIN on 10/14. It is STILL down. Both times (10 days total without ANY email or WWW access) I tried to get tech support and instead got a robo-voice stating that "due to the heavy volume of calls... bla-bla-bla" basically call back later or better yet not at all. Finally the AT&T tech came out today to give me a new Internet access/email address. After notifying everyone and answering the backed-up emails, I plan to let Earthlink know that IT'S FIRED! EARTHLINK SUCKS!!!

Omg worst decision of my life!!! AT&T referred me to Earthlink and it was a draining experience. I would say it's a scam of internet. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now for them to install my internet. I gave a deposit $25 and try to get a refund. They are only giving me 19 dollars back. What a scam, that's if they even give me that supposedly it takes up to 10 days to transfer to my card. Yeah right, I should just say good bye to those 25 dollars. They gave me the runaround for 3 weeks saying they will give me a call back for an installation appointment. I really recommend to not chose this SCAM OF INTERNET.

I have never in my life came across a joke like Earthlink. I called them because I wanted internet. Was given a so called dial up acct so that I could upgrade to high speed and keep the $14.95 rate. Keep in mind this dial up acct was a fictitious acct to get me to high speed. I never got any service from them. I was told after the fact that you need a landline. NO. Why should I add more bills? Then was told their tech would come out, do something at the outside box of the phone companies and I'd be good.

Well since I didn't know if my inside outlet for the phone worked I show hire a technician to come check it. WOW more money. So after screaming that I want this cancelled and being told the $14.95 would go to collection I said "well it will have to because I cancelled my credit card." He was MADE. Oh well. So after all the raised voices he says he cancelled it, took off the $14.95 and gave me a confirmation number. So we shall see. PLEASE DO NOT PICK EARTHLINK. YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Just awfull!! When I moved to my new apartment in NYC I called Verizon for internet, they gave me an installation date for 12 days later so I cancelled because I work mostly from home and needed internet service as soon as possible. I came across Earthlink.... Called, they told me that I will receive my modem within 5 days and I can connect it myself (since I have a phone jack at home) and start using the service right away! They charged me $19.95 for shipping the modem. I received it a few days later on September 10th, happy that I'm going to have internet soon, I connected the modem and called them as instructed.

The guy on the phone checked my account and said it looks like technician didn't install my service yet, apparently someone has to go to building's cable box and do something in order for you to get internet in your apartment, so he said that I will have internet access the next morning... I was a little disappointed but it wasn't that much of a big deal... I waited the entire next day waiting for DSL light on the modem to turn on like the representative told me. Nothing. I called that night, representative told me I will have internet access Monday morning (next day). Next day, nothing! At night I called again, this other guy told me to give it "24-48 hrs", because I just received my modem and it takes a few days for the service to start (new information!!), I told him that I really need this and I have to start working! So he said someone will contact me to explain and find a solution within "24-48 hrs", I again told him that I'm in a rush!

So he said he'll leave a note that they contact me tomorrow, then I tried to cancel the free trial they signed me up, for back up and Norton Anti-Virus, he kept told me "no I recommend that you try it, it's very good!" And I kept told him that "I. Really. Don't. Need. Those!!" By the way, I was nice! And at the middle of one of my nice explanations about why I don't need those 2 services (which will charge you a lot monthly after your free trial ends) he simply hung up on me!! And he didn't call back (they ask for your phone number first thing when you call and tell you if for any reason the call got disconnected, that person will personally call you back). So I waited the entire 24 hrs, no call from support, no internet...

I called again, this time with the intention of cancelling my order (which you think should be easy, right? Very wrong!) guy named Kevin, (their customer service based in India, so I doubt they tell you their real names) answered and after hearing about my experience he said he's very sorry and he will personally be on top of it until he's sure everything is fixed and I have access. I insisted that I just want to cancel, he offered me a free month and told me there was an issue and they're going to fix it and someone will contact me within "24-48 hrs". I said I don't want the free month ($14.95+$5 modem rental-price would go up to $39.95+$5 after 3 months) and all I want is to cancel because no one has any answers or knowledge about my case and I'm tired of waiting.

He again tried to explain why I should wait and if I cancel and go after any other provider now I should wait too when I might get internet tomorrow with them and bluh bluh bluh, I wasn't happy but at the same time tired of talking on the phone with no results, it seemed impossible to cancel... Annoying. So I said "ok, but I want to cancel those free trials", after the same process with this one (trying to make me keep those two trials) I could FINALLY convince him that I don't need those craps and not interested to be charged for them, his voice got upset but he cancelled them. So I waited not only "24-48 hrs" but over 3 days and NOTHING! No one contacted me!! I really didn't want to call again that's why I waited longer... Calls were really draining my energy, long and pointless... But I had to cancel this time and not hear no for an answer... It was the 16th (the day Verizon gave me installation appointment - Big mistake not taking that...).

I called at night and said I want to cancel, -by this point you know the process, they won't say "oh I'm sorry to see you leaving us" and then cancel your account like they should! Noooo, you have to talk for hours and hours to maybe just maybe be successful at canceling your crappy service- so yeah after the usual process and him telling me to wait "24-48 hrs" for an imaginary support member to call me, and my answer to everything was "cancel my account please". He said he's not trying to keep me (hahah) but just want me to give him an opportunity so he can call the support team when I'm on the phone for a conference call or whatever, that way I don't have to wait "24-48 hrs" and if they said something is wrong and takes time to get fixed then by all means he will cancel my account, I sighed, worned out from an hour phone conversation, I agreed, hoping it'll be over soon... He put me on hold to call support...

I WAS ON HOLD FOR ONE AND A HALF HOURS!!! I swear I'm not joking! Without him even checking on me to see if I'm still there or give me an update or anything, pureeee hour and a half hold time... Nothing but a recorded American voice thanking me for my patience... You might wonder why I didn't hang up, well I did not want to go through it again with another representative trying to cancel my freaking Earthlink service (what service??). So... It was midnight, and I fell asleep on hold... That was it, I said to myself I'm not gonna call ever again... By the way, no emails from them either... Nothing! On the 19th, I got a call from Earthlink, they told me that my service was cancelled on... Wait for it... September 9th!!!!! Not a joke!

They cancelled it a day before the modem arrived and NONE OF THOSE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES KNEW ABOUT THAT!!! All they've been taught is to say wait "24-48 hrs"!!! I was so tired of them to even get angry or argue with the guy about this unbelievable and unacceptable experience, was actually glad that it's finally over... I just asked for a refund ($19.95) and a return shipping label. He said I'll receive my refund because they were the ones who cancelled (I still don't know the reason and don't care) and someone will stop by my apartment to pick up the modem. I thought it was over, I was wrong once again. I did not receive a cancellation notification email... Instead I received another Welcome to EARTHLINK email that day.... Energy draining company...

It's the 24th today, still no refund or modem pick up... And it makes me really sad when I think about I might have to call them again... Looks like they might have signed me up again instead of cancelling. :( This is the very first time I'm leaving a bad review (and super long review) for anything that I purchased in my life. But I really think Earthlink should do something about their services or close! I'm grateful that [hopefully] I'm not their customer anymore, I can't imagine how it would be like to have the internet service and some interruption happens and you have to ask their support team about it. I'm glad I dodged the bullet [again, hopefully] early. This is the only time I wish you could give negative stars... If you haven't signed up with them yet and are still thinking about it, please do yourself a big favor and stay away from Earthlink. Sorry if my review is too long, have a good one everyone!

I paid for my service to be installed on Aug 29th. I was suppose to have an install date within 6 days. They were unable to get me an install date. I called them back on Sept 6th. I was told I would be contacted back in 24 hours with an install date instead I receive an email telling me I will have an install date no later than Sept 11th. Still nothing. I called back again and spoke with 3 different people who kept putting me on hold. They would come back on the line to check if I was still there then they would tell me that they were still looking at my account. Then they would try to still sell me their security package. Like I don't even have your service. You just told me that you couldn't service my address. Just give me my refund. So then finally after an hour long hold, I received my refund. This is a bad company that has zero customer service skills and very limited service area! Do not spend your money with these people!

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My two-month encounter with Earthlink was full of strange incidents. Customer support in India, non-answered calls, never calling back etc. It became very clear that they were not going to be able to deliver a working internet connection so I cancelled, still within my trial period. I was promised my deposits back, but it never happened. I actually reported this business to USPS as a scam, feeling that they send mail which is date-stamped and then let wait somewhere and only delivered to the mail system so all the deadlines are already gone when you get the mail (this was related to returning their equipment to get the money back). Please be very very cautious with this company. I am now with Shentel: they were able to deliver a functioning connection and the couple of times I have had issues (such as faulty modem), a local repair guys arrives and actually does something to the matter.

Long time customer of Earthlink. Had an issue with my DSL and was promptly issued a work order from a foreign customer service agent. The reason I state the origin of the customer service is because the volume of my business is deemed bronze, meaning not important enough to have US based customer service. If I was a larger company I may merit Silver or Gold status. Agent filed it as a phone issue not a DSL issue and AT&T sent out a repair crew checked the phone line and said everything was good. After days without internet I called and was told everything was good. I stated my internet was not working. They sent someone again and same thing happened, two more times this happened.

Finally a service person from Earthlink caught on that the ticket was for DSL however the work order for AT&T was for Voice. After 4 weeks of going without internet, thanks to a local service man going out of his way to contact AT&T it finally got fixed. Today I received two things from Earthlink. 1. An e-mail that my issue was resolved, 2. A bill with no credit issued for lack of internet. Customer service will not resolve this because according to them it is still an open order. I advised them that it was closed per my e-mail from the company they work for. Billing is not resolved, and will have to go to court because that has to be easier than dealing with their customer service.

At our company we have been loyal customers to Earthlink for awhile. For the past three months we have been trying to disconnect our service as it is to no use of us anymore. We have filled the disconnect form out twice, sent it to 2 different emails, and we received no response until two months later claiming that they did receive the form but from someone who is not authorized on the account (I made sure that everyone in the office is verified on the account when I first tried to disconnect from the service). So I then sent the form, and an official letter from my supervisor stating that I was a contact person on the account and I was able to submit forms to them.

Once again did not receive an email back, until they sent out their last email saying that they received no form from us and will not disconnect our service, so we are still being charged for months that we had previously tried to disconnect and now we are getting late fees. So please do not ever sign up with this company. Do not waste your money, and do not waste your sanity trying to talk with someone who does not know what they are talking about.

For over the past 15 years I've been a loyal Earthlink customer. My current issue is the DSL Internet speed. I tell them that I'm using an XP OS. I'm paying for 3Mbps, but receiving 80Kbps. I've called several times over the past year to resolve this issue, but only temporary solutions were offered. Earthlink sent Verizon technicians out to the junction box, but no improvement. Earthlink replaced my modem, but no improvement. Earthlink has given me token refunds, but no improvement. I've had issues on and off, but this current one has gone on for over a year. It leads me to think that it is time to quit Earthlink.

I signed up over the phone June 10th, 2016. I was charged initially, that day $19.95. They said 5 to 10 days to receive the modem. I gave them two weeks. I called back. They said my order was cancelled and could not explain why. They re-ordered my service and told me if I didn't hear from their installation department within 3 days to call them back. Day 5 I called them back. Now we are in the month of July. I have been charged $19.95, $21.60 and $11.24. I know, random. Again, they said the order was cancelled and they issued me a credit of the $21.60 charge.

After the 3rd attempt of trying to receive a modem for the worst, dial-up service (the only thing available where I live) and not able to get, EVEN THAT, I gave up. I called them back today, 7/18/16 and told them to refund the $19.95 and the $11.24. I was told by a guy who became very rude with me that the $19.95 was non-refundable. But, since THEY COULD NOT MAKE THIS ORDER HAPPEN, and claim they CANNOT FIND MY HOUSE? WTF, the rep, named Shane, claims he processed two refunds so now I'm back to zero and back to NO HOME INTERNET. Wow. Hey, I tried, I gave them THREE chances and they could not make it happen. Happy Monday!

I have had 2 bad experiences with EarthLink's email services, which are finally giving me the umph to get rid of them. A couple of years ago, I had a brief problem with my email, which EarthLink's customer service addressed, but then strongly recommended an internet security software (I will not list that here as they are not being reviewed), that I could buy for a discount through EarthLink. I did this, installed it, and it crashed my computer. Apple spent a week with me diagnosing and fixing the problem and it was caused by the EarthLink recommended software.

I called EarthLink customer service to give them the feedback that they not recommend this product for all customers with Macs. I was told that it was impossible that this was the cause of the crash of my computer and that Apple was wrong. That agent actually went as far as trying to sell me the same product again. Nevertheless, due to slothfulness on my part, I continued to pay EarthLink $24.80/month for a service I could get for free from many other companies.

Last week the straw broke the camel's back. EarthLink called and said my account was about to be shut down due to failure to pay and could I provide them with another credit card to pay the account. They said the autopay from my regular card was rejected. I asked them to run it again and they told me it was rejected again. As I had just paid the card the previous month, I knew it was still good, but called the bank to confirm. I was told I currently had 2 charges pending from EarthLink for my monthly bill and that they had not rejected any payments. They offered to speak with an EarthLink customer service person to clear up the problem, but suggested I ask EarthLink to rescind one of the charges.

I contacted Earthlink customer service again and was told that they had not been paid, nothing had been approved and my account was to be shut down. I asked them to speak with my Credit Card Bank who I explained I had given permission to so that could speak to EarthLink and clear up the problem. They said they could not do that. I called the bank again, they demonstrated again that there had not been any rejection and that I had 2 charges already approved from EarthLink. I asked if there could be a mistake on their end, and they said they were sure that this could not be the case and said it would likely be on EarthLink's end. They pointed out that many other merchants had received approved charges during the same time period without problems, which was correct.

I contacted EarthLink again, and received the same response, but they said if the charges were pending that they would clear in a day or two, and so just wait and do nothing, and they would note my account to that effect so the account would not be shut down. 1.5 hour later I received another call from EarthLink telling me they were going to shut my account down if I did not give them another credit card to pay. I reiterated that I was already being charged twice and that a 3rd charge on another card would just cause more problems later when I would have to make sure that I did not pay 3 times for my monthly service. I again asked them to call my bank and they refused to do so. I told them I was going to cancel my account as soon as I could set up another email and get my emails transferred.

2 hours later, while my wife was in the process of doing this very thing with very helpful Google customer service, EarthLink called her and threatened to shut down the account prior to her switching. I told her to tell them to simply run the card again (3rd time) and this time they said it was approved. Tonight I will dump EarthLink and get a free service. However, the final insult was receiving a call today, days later, from EarthLink, about my experience with their customer service. I explained again what happened, and was told, again, this could not be the case. The customer service agent then asked me to call the bank and have them send me documentation of the charge approvals (which I had seen already) and send them to them. If they received that proof, they would then look into the problem.

I pointed out that this was asking the customer to do their work for them, and asked what benefit there was to me in taking the time to do this. I asked that question 3 times, and received no response. I should have dumped EarthLink years ago, and regret that I did not, so now I am and am taking the time to warn others about the absolutely bureaucratic non-responsiveness of EarthLink's customer service to a mistake made by EarthLink. Do not use EarthLink. When they make mistakes, they will not acknowledge them, and they will waste your time and cost you money. Moreover, they are not cheap. This is a bad company.

This is the worst company ever. Not only you cannot cancel your service when you want but also to pay them a month. They charged me for 6 months a service they never provided. Then call EVO fax for 6 months, I never was able to receive a fax and has been a nightmare to get the track of any calls or any fax because they do not provide any receipt. This company changes names every 2 years. In 10 years has changed its name like 4 or 5 times. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. Until now I do not know how I have been charged for a service I did not receive for the last 5-6 months. DO you consider this a serious company when they are not reliable?

18 months into a 3 year contract and they try to increase the monthly charge by $800.00. Their contract says you have to give them 20 notice to correct a breach before you can fire them. If you have a contract with them it's pretty much worthless, they change the terms at will. I was with Deltacom since 2000 and EarthLink takes them over and runs it into the ground. Be smart. Don't do business with EarthLink unless you don't care about getting scammed and lied to. I switch to AT&T for $800.00 a month less and went from a 20mb connection to a 100mb connection. Now we'll have to let the courts sort this mess out. They are some leery **'s.

My business was with Deltacom and brought out by Earthlink. The service was horrible with outages and poor/slow internet connection. Every time I called, I would reach a representative that barely spoke English. Needless to say, I switched companies and now Earthlink has sent me a bill for over $8,000 for early termination. DO NOT consider this company for your phone or internet service. I promise you will regret it. Their rating is so low for a reason. Find a better company!

Based off of the other ratings, it should come as no surprise that Earthlink is the least helpful internet provider and web hosting company. Our company decided to switch away from Earthlink, so I called the 1-800 to cancel. During my first call, the person transferring me hung up the line before I was connected. On my second call, I had to speak with three different departments before they got to the right department. After cancelling one service, I was again transferred to cancel another service our small business had through Earthlink.

However, cancelling over the phone wasn't sufficient "confirmation" and they required I send them a written note via FAX. Unfortunately for me and everyone else trying to cancel, the fax line was down. It took two more calls to speak with someone who told me that they might fix them by Monday. This cancellation process feels like an undue burden to the consumer. I think a smart lawyer could easily put together a class action lawsuit and sue the pants off of Earthlink. Joe Eazer is running a bad company and needs to be fired.

I have been a customer for 15 years and had their DSL for 10 of those years. I have called multiple times asking for faster service over the last few years. They keep saying that it is not available even though CenturyLink updated the network years ago and offers up to 12 meg. Like too many others, my experience with non-English speaking customer reps has been frustrating beyond description. If I did not have my security system integrated so deeply with this provider I would drop them in an instant. Not sure I would ever sign up again with them, even as a last resort.

I CALLED to try their internet service and was turned down because they are somehow affiliated with Time Warner Cable and I had an outstanding bill with TWC. So I have recently received a bill from COLLECTIONS for $46.04 I guess for calling them. SMH. I had to make a account to leave this review. I'll probably be billed for this as well. But I called to speak to a manager about the situation and his solution was for me to pay the bill and they'll refund my money...UMMM "No you pay the bill and refund your money sir." This is a scam. All I did was call, got turned down and charged $46.04. Do not use this service. Don't even call. It cost 50 bucks!!!

On February 22, 2016, I called Earthlink to cancel service. Dashi tried to fix my service and sell me ongoing access to email. I refused both offers and asked to cancel everything. Cancellation code: **. Dashi said that the DSL line will be disconnected in 4 - 10 business days. On April 7, 2016, after attempting for six weeks to gain high-speed internet access through Verizon, I learned that Earthlink had not fully disconnected the line. I called on the request of Verizon to ask for the disconnect order. Customer Service transferred me to Anthony in Technical Support. Anthony reported that the Covad vendor released the line on February 23 (cancellation code: **). I called Verizon to tell them this.

On April 8, 2016, Verizon informed me that Earthlink codes are still on the account. Verizon asked that I call Earthlink and ask them to initiate a "complete disconnect" with Covad. When I called, the Earthlink rep objected saying that the order had already been disconnected. He said he couldn't do anything. He disconnected me.

I sent an email via the Customer Escalation site on the web: "I cancelled my service with Earthlink on February 22 (cancellation code # **). Earthlink initiated the cancellation with Covad (cancellation code # **). However, according to Verizon, there are still Earthlink codes on the account signifying that Covad has not completely disconnected the account. Would you please initiate a COMPLETE DISCONNECT with Covad?" I have not received a response.

This experience is very typical of my last twelve years with Earthlink. I call, receive unresponsive customer service, and end up spending hours on the phone with them. In the past, I've been asked to reboot when I told them seconds ago that I had just rebooted, told to do a router reset when I told them seconds ago that I had just done a router reset, and so on. It's very rare to get a competent, helpful customer service rep at Earthlink (Reilly was one notable example).

BTW - The customer service problems are not the reps' fault. My guess is that Earthlink doesn't invest in proper training. One clear piece of evidence is in the accents of some reps. Conscientious companies provide accent training to overseas reps in order to help shape the accents into something intelligible to American ears. Companies that choose to outsource customer service MUST do this so that their reps can be understood by their customers. I've talked to numerous people at Earthlink who I could not understand despite my best efforts. It's not their fault; they're speaking properly for their region. They haven't been trained in American English accents. I really wish Earthlink were different. I've been with them for twelve years and I'd still be with them today if not for the horrible, underfunded customer service.

I had Earthlink service and the crap never worked probably. I don't even want to go into detail but I need tell them in January that I wanted to cancel my service, thinking it was closed and they never did. I in turn got another service but they still kept trying to take the funds out of my checking account. Here it is 3 months later and these idiots keep calling me trying to suck more money out of me even though my account with them is closed. Don't use Earthlink. They are a RIPOFF AND THE CLOWNS THEY USE FOR TECHS DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING EITHER.

I tried Earthlink for 2 weeks and ended up spending the whole time trying to make it work. I spent 14+ hours on the phone with different tech support people. Also spent hours online chatting with tech support and online trying to make it work. Earthlink uses Time Warner Cable's line. They don't work well together. TWC has no idea what Earthlink is doing and vice versa. I ended up cancelling the service because nobody could figure out how to make it work. I did enough studying to know that my problem with my ISP. A lot of the tech support would not listen, continually tried to intimidate me, and argued with me time and time again. I would not recommend using their service because if you ever have a technical issue none of them will know how to fix it and they will patronize you.

If you need internet connection please found something else but not Earthlink. Customer service have no idea about nothing, customer service lied. Internet slow and when you want to get something fast like better internet you probably have to wait 4 or more days, no wait this is incredible. No recommended, I prefer to pay 30 dollars more but finally NOT EARTHLINK. THIS IS A BLUFF.

We paid for a year of Earthlink Internet service in advance for $144.00. The service was very, very slow and not practical to use. We cancelled the service in December 2015, about halfway through the 1 year of use. We did not ask for nor expect a refund of the difference. However, about a month later, Earthlink charged us an additional $57.50. I have spoken to Customer Care and they are irrational and refuse to credit the $57.50 back. They say it is an early cancellation fee. Yes, we cancelled at 6 months but we had already paid for 12 months and did not ask for a refund.

I call tech support approx 2 weeks ago because of connection problems. Finally tech support figured out that my present modem was 15 years old. I requested a new modem because of intermittent connection problems but I received a refurb. Called a 2nd time to receive a NEW modem for which I was charged 49 dollars for a new replacement. This was Earthlink's mistake. I am a 15-year customer and this is shabby treatment. I would NOT recommend Earthlink to new customers. Thanks for listening.

I now get password change requests once per week. I also get one or two pages every day of "mail delivery failed" messages all of which are spam for a weight loss business. I have tried identifying these as spam but with no result. Now I just delete them. I have messaged customer service with no result. I am a long time user and would hate to change my email but looks like I will have to do so.

Good Shine Travel just recently changed to Earth Link Business (T1) service, the service started at October 23, 2015, but we didn't have the service till the next day. We had terrible service quality for two days, then disconnect until October 5th 2015, we had another two days terrible service quality, then out of service from October 7th 2015 till now. I am not sure I should call this service or something else. We tried more than 20 times to reach out to your support team to work things out.

However your support team did not provide any useful assistance to us. Your support is very horrible and we have been constantly transferred around various department and in the end we received absolutely no support at all. Because of your lack of customer service this has had an impact on our day-to-day business. We don't think it is fair for us to pay the termination fee, if we didn't have any service and what so ever, we wasted more than 30 hours tried it to make it work with EarthLink customer service. I file the dispute letter, never heard anything back. Every time I got different story from the representative.

This has got to be one of the worst companies in terms of customer service. I wait on the phone to speak with a representative about my billing waiting for almost 20 minutes. The rep picks up and says he's tech support. I say I need to discuss my bill and he supposedly transfers me to billing. I wait for 5 more minutes and a rep picks up. I give him my account info and he just disappears and I hear a cacophony of voices in the background. I keep saying "hello, hello" and there is no answer. Finally he comes back without any explanation.

I ask him to check out my account after I give him my information. He says my account is inactive while I am on the internet, using the very account he says is inactive and all my bills have been paid on time. I ask about my monthly billing rate and he says he needs to transfer me to billing. (I thought he was the billing rep!!!!) He transfers me and another person picks. I ask him about my monthly billing rate and he says "oh you need to talk to Earthlink." I ask him, "aren't I taking to Earthlink?" He says, "no this is Time Warner." Unbelievable how I was tossed about without a single straight answer in the end!!! This is a really really really awful company!

I have had to change my password no less than ten times in the last month because Earthlink states my account has been compromised. They keep changing my password so I have to call them to get a temporary password. I have email accounts with Hotmail, Yahoo, Goggle and SBC and Earthlink is the only one I have this issue with.

First of all the service is slow. The customer service is horrible you cannot understand what they are saying. We had to reorder a modem and after we ordered it they charged us for a extra month and tell us we have to wait 10 to the service connected again. We had to order this modem about ten times so after a month of no Internet I'm told we owe for the month we didn't use the service. I would NOT EVER RECOMMEND SOMEONE USE THEIR SERVICE.

I cancelled services with Earthlink over 7 years ago and they were still charging 7.95 a month for email services. Earthlink has scammed me out 660.00 over 7 years. Why the heck would I keep email services when I can get an email for free? If I canceled the internet service that should have been it. This is a total fraud and I'm pissed at their dirty underhanded practices. I had to get my bank to call and cancel the charge to my account.

I was reviewing my yearly bank statements and saw a charge I did not recognize - Earthlink. For over 10 years I have been paying $7.95 every month, over $1000 to a company I cancelled service with over 10 years ago.

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This company has seen many changes in the ISP market over the past two decades. It was one of the leaders when dial-up was the fastest speed on the market. Today, dial-up remains the only option in many parts of the United States, and Earthlink offers unlimited access from anywhere in the nation.

  • Low price: The dial-up service from Earthlink is about the lowest-priced ISP on the market today. Even its higher speed options are less expensive than the large providers.
  • Satellite ISP: Even when there is no DSL or cable available in a region, Earthlink allows customers to get online using HughesNet Satellite connections.
  • New services: Managed services for business and cloud provisioning are two areas where Earthlink is expanding to help small businesses compete on the global market.
  • Best for Small businesses and families who are outside cable and DSL coverage areas.

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1170 Peachtree Street
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United States