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Last updated: Jan. 2, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

I call Windstream support at minimal once a week. They sold a product (Kinetic on the go) they knew was not ready, All the billions in fiber optic leaves me with uploads speeds faster than my download, 2-3mbs. A ran a speed test and the down was in kbs. WTF. At least 40 calls and the problem isn’t fixed. My internet should be like my faucet, I turn the handle and water comes out every time. The whole operation is dysfunctional.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

Worst Internet and phone company I can imagine. Service lines to my house are way outdated. Though they will not upgrade them. Static/humming on the phone line, repair tech says they don't know what is causing it! I've had dial up Internet service that is faster!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

I cannot give less than 1 star, if I could, I would. North Carolina, small Dr's office phone and internet customer since 2014. Windstream has no interest in their small business customers. In March of 2017 I inquired about increasing our 12Mb dynamic IP to 50Mb dynamic IP. The quote I received was nearly $1600.00 per month (100Mb with Spectrum is less than $200.00). We chose to use a different provider and cancel our service with Windstream when our contract ended in June. I was originally told our contract was extended till 2018 due to a move and had to provide the signed contract showing it did not, to our "dedicated" SMB account manager. I requested the disconnect in writing on June 14th 2017 and have been fighting to have it happen ever since.

We receive an ever increasing bill every month with a "threat to disconnect" if we don't pay. GREAT!!! I have been trying to get disconnected since June! I call every month and talk to at least 2 different "service" people. I go through the entire story at least twice and email whichever "supervisor" I have spoken to that day. Every month I am assured "This will be taken care of, we see where you requested a disconnection in June, we don't know why this hasn't been done..." etc... The bill just keeps going up. Every month I ask for a senior supervisor/manager/department head, SOMEBODY that can get this done, and am told "There is no one, that department does not take phone calls, my manager is out today, her manager is in a meeting..." etc..

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The charges we are being billed for the last 7 months scream of illegal scam and I do not believe for 1 min that No one at Windstream is capable of resolving this. If so, this level of incompetence is alarming at best, and criminal at worst. It has now been nearly 300 days since I started this process and with the holidays, it will not be resolved this year. This is a shady company with shady practices. Run from them if you can!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

Appointment was made 1 week before Thursday and confirmed the day before by automated message for free upgrade, free modem, and free installation. Didn't go to work Thursday and no one showed up. Got a automated message that afternoon saying job and upgrade was complete... Called to see what the problem was and even on their books it said upgrade was complete and tech called the house and no one picked up..."lie". Said they would get back to me by Sunday with info on my status. This same pattern happens 2 more times for the following Monday and Tuesday so third time isn't a charm with this company.

Monday I call again and find out that work on the DSLAM is done and all I need was a gbond compatible modem, which is why the appointment was made in the first place. I am now waiting on a Thursday appointment, that I only found out by calling them, from the steady pattern, they will not show up to simply give me the modem to complete the upgrade. That means they were in fact right beside the house during at least one of those days upgrading the DSLAM down the road and didn't even bother to drop off the modem.

Got a missed appointment credit of $20, but that is nothing compared to the missed work days. Every time I called to get a reason why the tech didn't show up they are dumbfounded when I say no one ever came or called, but on their records they have it as a missed call which really makes me want to rage out when I know someone is lying, and nothing is being done about it. They don't give 2 craps about your internet reliability as long as there is no other option for internet other than Windstream.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2017

Internet speed less than 1 mbps download, less than .6 upload. One third less than what I am charged for. Incorrect in sales tax calculations, 8 cents last month higher than the state tax rate, whose pocket did that wind up in? Numerous unexplained fees and charges on bills, the bills change monthly. Double charged for Federal Universal Service fee. If you inquire with customer service they hang up. Just wish I had another phone company option. Windstream sucks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

Installation was a breeze and for the most part service is ok but we have to reset the modem on a regular basis. Certain times of the day the service is really slow. Repair technician came out to fix service when it went out completely and took 4 hours to fix problem. Our landline phone that came with the bundle only works when the repairman is here. Wish there was another service provider in our area. I would switch in a heartbeat.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

First off, when my modem died a few years ago, they said they would send someone out in two days. A tech showed up the next evening and he said the modem was gone and not the network and replaced the modem and rebooted computer. Next day I get a robo call saying they had canceled my work order as the network was out in my area and would be fixed by next day and the computer was working just fine. Telephone service with the filter on the line is always full of noise and static so that slows up the internet speed.

I am only on the 6 meg of speed per minute but it has its ups and downs with speed and freezing up and dropping information or just plain not allowing you to get on the DSL or to get off or being able to open email etc. The new fiber optic for fast reliable speed is not available in my area just yet. Not sure if I would or would not go with Windstream when it becomes available. I will say it was a shock to find out my name was no longer on the account and only my deaf mother could make any decisions as to whether we wanted the service moved when we did. Not sure how that happened. But doubtful if I would recommend Windstream to anyone due to my experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

We have been Windstream customers for as long as they have been available here! They try to assist any problems swiftly and with easy to understand directions! They have their share of outages every company does.

Windstream Internet response

Thanks for sharing your experience Jody. We appreciate the kind words!


Staff Manager-Windstream Executive Escalations

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

For years we got less speed than we paid for. One day got a letter said they increased the speed no cost to me. Next monthly bill was an increase. Another letter arrived increased speed again in reality no increase, it wasn't true.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

Was suppose to have internet with Windstream installed on Nov 18th. Received an email on the 19th that it had been rescheduled to the 24th. Couldn't call on the 19th because office was closed. Called Monday the 20th and got told, "Sorry we messed up the address" so account was put on hold but has been rescheduled. Was told by 4 people including 2 supervisors that they had escalated but couldn't guarantee. Called back on the 22nd and was told, "No one available to install because our techs deserve vacations." Then was told my order was cancelled but somehow they could stop the cancellation and still guarantee me the 24th. Windstream customer service is a joke. They don't care about paying customers. Just want to keep passing the problem to someone else.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I live at the top of a mountain in the middle of the national forest in Georgia, and I have been paying $70 a month for the last 10 years for a barely 1.2 mbps download and .35 upload speeds. The reliability is very poor, and customer support is a joke. They have, on several occasions, solicited me to upgrade to a faster speed, scheduled install, only to discover that 'oops', they don't even OFFER the faster speed in this area.

Last Friday I spent over an hour on the phone with a Windstream sales agent who contacted me and upsold me on a business line. I told her my concern about availability, and she assured me the faster speed was available at my address, gave me an order number ** and said someone would be in touch shortly to schedule installation. I called back on Tuesday (4 days later), after not hearing from anyone. I was told the install was scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday), and the installer would call 30 minutes before he arrived.

No call on Wednesday. Two days later (a week after ordering the upgrade), no one called until last night, when I had a voicemail message saying that they have more questions for me before installing, and left a contact number. When I called the number they left, the agent couldn't even locate the order because she was in 'residential', and wanted to transfer me to the business department. After 10 minutes on hold, I hung up.

I work from home as a software developer, and had to buy two hot spots from AT&T to have a reliable, fast connection to do my work. I feel like I've been raped by this company. Over 10 years, I've paid Windstream $8,400 for a dial-up speed connection, and an additional $15,000 to AT&T for cellular wireless. Windstream takes full advantage of those of us living in rural areas. If you have alternatives to Windstream, TAKE THEM.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

I've been a Windstream customer for 2 months and I believe this company to be a mess if not a criminal one. In short, I'm supposed to be paying $60 a month for 25 Mbps of broadband internet. However, I'm currently being charged $86 for 15 Mbps of broadband internet. From other complaints I've read here, I do not expect this company to do an about face and actually provide the service they promised at the proper speed and price I agreed to. The only reason I went with them is because they advertised a faster speed at a lower price from the local competitor.

Ironically, the additional fees (which customer service couldn't explain) are to pass the cost of their business operations on to customers. Most of which pertain towards landline phone systems (which I do not have) that are subsidized by the federal government. Talk about double dipping! Another thing I have an issue with is their giving or selling of my personal information to solicitors. Something customer service promised they didn't do. Except the for past two months they had messed up the spelling of my name on the account and I received a prepaid debit card in the mail with the incorrect spelling.

Also twice I've been awaken by a tech before 8:00 AM to fix my phone line (which again, I don't have) under the account name of someone I've never heard of but has my address? Customer Service couldn't even begin to explain that one. Once I get to the end of the current billing period I'll probably drop them and go with the local cable company. I would do it now, but I've seen several people complain about them charging for a full month after being 2 days into a billing period. So if you live in an area where you have the option of somewhere else, go with that unless you want to pay 140% for 60% of the service. Unless that organization is the Mafia. Well then again you might get better treatment with them too.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

For upset have been trying to get internet upgrade. The tech has NEVER shown the 3 appointments given. Missed work for NO ONE to show up. The man is very rude. His name is Doss. Told me he couldn't connect me 2 years ago when I got service. Forgetting I was at just neighbors the week before when another man connected her so when I called him, but all of a sudden I could have service here now. He's trying to say I can I get an upgrade on my internet because once again he CAN'T. More like he doesn't want to and once again my neighbor and sister were upgraded by the other tech guys. He's very lazy, rude and doesn't want to do his job. Last week once again he didn't even show up. He just put in the order that he came AND couldn't do it. I NEED to speak to someone about this. He even went as far as telling me to switch to someone else. WOW!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

My wife and I moved into our house January 2016 and Windstream is the only available internet provider out here and is absolutely terrible. I joined the class action arbitration that several lawyers are working on against them in hopes that they would upgrade the speed and quality of our services out here and was eventually contacted by Windstream trying to settle me out of the arbitration. Well not thinking anything of it I accepted. They offered to drop my service fees from $75 to $25 which was great considering most other services are charging $29 for 60+MBPS service versus Windstream's at the time 12mbps that we were receiving. They even offered to up our speed to 25mbps from the 12 which we had received numerous letters stating that we could upgrade to 25 and when I would call I would just get told that that speed was not available in our area.

Well this time they actually came out and replaced our modem and "upgraded" our speed to the 25 saying that it was finally available in our area. Since the upgrade we have now been averaging 6mbps. Whereas before we would at least stay close to the 12mbps that we were paying for. Now we don't even get a third of that original speed most of the time. If Spectrum or any other service ever becomes available out here that is affordable (our only other options being some form of mobile hotspot or satellite internet which are far from affordable) then I will drop Windstream the moment any other service becomes available and not think twice about it. At this point there is absolutely nothing Windstream can do to change my mind about them because of lying to me and saying they would "upgrade" my speed and drop my price just to get me out of the arbitration against them. I'm done.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

They told me to be home Friday, that they would be here and they BSed about their techs having to do this and having to do that and that they would be here Monday. Monday came and went with me making calls to them every 2 hrs, and then saying the techs are around the corner. Then of course it drizzled outside so without notifying me about anything they were a no show Monday as well but we were first in line for Tuesday. Tuesday, came and went and I contacted them every 2 hrs and it is now 7:05pm and they jerked me again. By far, the most unreliable, useless, bs, garbage company I have ever encountered. Do not use this company. They are absolute liars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Since we live in the country this company comes out no matter how stormy it is. We've had a lot of rain lately and the power was out for only one day. Our power lines were in the Current River and the water closed the bridge. Windstream had to shut off the power so they could get in the river and find the electric and phone lines.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Ever since I have had this garbage service, (which by the way has been 6 years because I cannot get any other provider Where I am) the internet goes down at least once a week for anywhere from an hour to all day!! The past 2 weeks has been the worst, it goes out and comes back in over and over again. I called and of course they say they are working on it. Now this time they added that they can see where it has been going in and out. They want to send a technician out and if they find where it is inside or their crappy modem is bad, then I have to pay for it!!! Really??? I will be moving out of this place soon and will not have to deal with these people anymore. If you are considering Windstream at all -- DON'T DO IT!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I pay for 25 Mbps download. I get at best 7-8 Mbps. I have called customer service three times. Each time they ACT like it will get high priority. Take my number. Give me a ticket #. Nothing actually has happened. I filed a complaint with FCC. If I bought a tank of gasoline and you always only half filled it, I would expect a refund. We shall see. Sadly, in my small town, there are only two providers. So, choices are limited. And I think they know that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I tried to get Windstream services on September 8th 2017, it is currently October 7th 2017 and we still don't have internet services. We have called at least twice a week for the past month. I am suppose to work from home, but it is impossible when I can't get them to hook up my internet. After 3 weeks I was able to finally get a tech to come out and install a new jack, but he didn't leave the equipment. Now two weeks later we are still waiting. They shipped a modem, but it went to the tech. Now they are sending Another modem, hopefully we will receive it by next week. I am banging my head against the wall with Windstream. I know now why people shoot businesses up. When you deal with ignorance, you just want to obliterate them off the planet. What's worse is Windstream is the ONLY provider where I live. So either way I'm getting screwed over. Oh, but they offered a $10 credit... as if that makes up for the wait.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

If I had another choice for internet service I certainly would not hesitate. Windstream is the absolute worst! I have paid over $100/month for a year. Suppose to get high speed internet, but get 1-3mbps, when I have service! Promising better service, our bill is now $170/month with nothing new, except a new modem, but whoop! Technicians don't show up. Services promised never appear. I would love to see Windstream have to pay us every time we don't have service & every time a tech doesn't show up. Perhaps when money started flowing out of their pocket, they would go out of business & a reputable company could take over. Please Windstream, get out of the business, because you obviously only know how-to rob hard working patrons.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

I've had several issues with Windstream in the past, and it's getting worse. They can't resolve my internet issue of me paying for 6mbs and barely getting 1-2 mbs or none at all. They've been out twice, in two months, and I'm sorry I don't have time to take off work all the time for them to come out during my work hours 8-5 M-Friday. I pay $70 a month and I'm tired of getting the runaround on why my service is not what it should be.

They have work hours like mine and weekends are rare to get help and when they call to schedule, they don't leave a message, they just hang up and don't call back. They should provide service help outside of normal work hours, it's their company and their job to provide a service we pay for. There is a fraudulent issue going on here, and I am going to request my last two years of records to see what exactly I have been receiving for service.

My Verizon bills for my cell phones, over the last two years, were double over half the year, for what it should have been because of our phones not staying on the WiFi and getting kicked off, so therefore I'd get charged for Gigs used or our phones just wouldn't work AT HOME! Maybe they should cover those bills as well or at least the coverages. I'm tired of being taken advantage of by these companies. If I have not received adequate service in the last 2 years, I'm taking it to the FCC.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

People that came to hook us up with Windstream Internet were very nice and did the job quickly. Friendly, respectful and nice to talk to. Told me step by step what they were doing.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I am so very displeased with Windstream- I wish I could give them a negative score. I have wasted so much time on the phone and rescheduling days. It started last week when we thought we would try a different internet option. Right now we have a Verizon hotspot and our internet is sketchy. Windstream now services our area, it is the only option for us of its kind, since we are rural. Our other option would be to try Hughesnet satellite internet. So on the phone it seemed everything would just be so easy, gave them my information along with my social security number. Our install date was set for Friday, Sept 15. They were to call when they were on their way. I never received a phone call or an installer at my home! I called and here they placed a "hold" on my order. I never received a phone call or email regarding my cancellation. I had switched my day around to accommodate this installation and it was a wasted day.

They say it will be ready for install on Monday Sept 18, again I rearrange my day so I can be home all day. I call on Sunday to confirm my appointment and I receive an email stating in the unlikely event my appointment has to be rescheduled I will receive a 24 hours notice. I'm so happy to finally get this taken care of. Well... Monday comes and I call to get an estimated time of arrival and here my order is on "hold" again! This is second time. I read them my email and tell them I spoke the day before and got the "all clear- no more hold." I ask to speak with a supervisor, this was a waste of time, I question whether it was a supervisor at all. At any rate. I told them I will give them one more chance to prove themselves. My apt is set for Thursday Sept 21. I call on Tuesday to check status- I'm no longer in "hold" mode, there will be an installer at my house 1st apt of the day on Thursday. I'm ecstatic that this will be over with soon.

Today is Wednesday the 20th. I call to confirm my apt for the morning since I did receive an email saying it was a go and the same "in the unlikely event we have to reschedule we will contact you 24 hours before your apt." But I thought it was odd I didn't get a phone call today to confirm... Well, when I call it's because my order has been placed on hold AGAIN (3rd time now) and bumped to Oct 3. I tell her that can't be. I received an email stating I would be notified if it had to be rescheduled and I called and they said it was no longer in the hold state. I ask to please speak to a supervisor. I assume she hung up on me, we lost connection.

I am a determined woman, I call back and ask again, and get hung up, a third time I try again and get put on hold for about 25 minutes until their business hours close for the day. At this point I am so upset that a company can treat a potential customer like they have treated me. Not valuing my time on the phone or the time I have sat at home awaiting their arrival. The lack of respect and common courtesy to let me know that my appointment has to be rescheduled. I could care less about it having to be rescheduled- but tell me so I can plan accordingly and not wait at home from 8am-5pm and no one show up. I'm sure if I wasn't home for their arrival - I would be fined, perhaps charged the installers drive time.

I then Googled reviews of the Windstream company and have found I am not alone. My husband spoke with a friend that tried to get internet with Windstream and they dealt with the same runaround. What kind of business is this? Unfortunately they have a monopoly on my area and decent internet options aren't available. I will not do business with this company. I can only imagine how many more wasted hours/days I will have involved in trying to just become one of their customers. And they wanted me to cancel my internet and home phone prior to my appointment set with them on Sept 15! So who knows how long we would of gone without any internet and homephone? I'm so glad I went with my gut and thought I'd just cancel when the installer was here.

What is unfortunate is how they have programmed their phone representatives to just tell people what they want to hear, but in reality, they are out and out blunt and bold face lies that are meant to deceive. I had inquired prior to my last scheduled appointment just yesterday to make sure there was no hold and he said the hold was lifted, my appointment is set and I will be the first appointment of the day. Oh, and no one could tell me what the hold was. It was always another department. When I mentioned the lack of a phone call or email to tell me my appointment wasn't going to happen, despite receiving emails saying they would, that was always another departments fault also.

How many departments are there? And why are none of them communicating to efficiently service their customers? I am perplexed how they are still in business and wonder if people just tolerate their subpar status because unfortunately, that is all that is made available to rural people. I urge anyone to reconsider their options for Internet, unless you are free spirited, have unlimited patience and all the free time in the world with no commitments in attempts to just set up service with this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

Several months ago I received an email from Windstream saying: For being a loyal customer I was eligible for a free upgrade to my internet. I called the number to make sure it wasn't a scam. I was told it's true, no extra charges, my bill will not change etc. GUESS WHAT?! It changed from $79.00 to over $153, next month $115. I have called every month for three months to rectify it. The last two months, I received a credit. BUT today I received another bill and was told by a rude young man (Aaron) in customer service that I was charged with an installation fee and my voicemail goes from $3.99 to $5.99. Nowhere on the email did it say, "If you receive the free upgrade other charges will be applied." That's false advertisement.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

We were long time customers of Windstream. About a month before we were to move, I called Windstream to let them know when the last day of service should be. They said that was fine, and they would send me a box in which to return the router. Three weeks later no box had arrived. Again I called customer service to let them know we were moving and needed a box. A very nice representative entered the information in the system, and assured me that the router return box would arrive at my house before I moved. It did not arrive. I should also have gotten a final bill through September 8, 2017. Instead I got another bill which has service going into October. I don't have lots and lots of time to keep repeating the same old information to people who don't really close my account. Wish they would help me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

What else can I say besides the one star I gave them. It's really bad when you have no other options and they know that. They don't care about customer service because where else is the customer going to go when there is no other provider.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

We recently moved to a rural area and chose WS as our internet provider. BIG mistake! I placed the original order online a month ago tomorrow. The first available date for install was 8/23. I chose self install because I knew we wouldn't be able to be present. I get an email the night before stating I need to be home ALL day on the 23rd for installation. That night was my first hour on the phone with these people. Cancelled the professional appt and ordered the modem to be sent out to me. A week goes by and no modem. I called again and magically there was no order placed for a modem. Placed it yet again, waited until the following Monday, no modem. Same song and dance again so it was ordered one more time. I waited another week and NO MODEM! I did however receive a bill for a month of service and yes a professional install! When I called about not getting the modem yet again, I decided to cancel and remove the stress from my life.

They cancelled the service that I never got and zeroed the bill. As luck would have it I chose another provider for tv and internet, so I thought! The internet turned out to still be Windstream. We are here again at the beginning of the story a week later and no internet. They told us to be home today and husband stayed home. They swear we never had an appointment for today and that it was for tomorrow. Totally untrue! They insist that someone has to be there tomorrow for install. We all work in our home and it is so difficult to take off for a whole day not knowing if or when these clowns will show. I have spoken to I can't even count how many people and get nowhere new. Same old story. Same lame answers. Unfortunately they are my only option or I would NEVER choose them for service! That is assuming I ever actually get service! If you have a choice, RUN!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

Hello. I used to work for IBM and held a Cisco CCNA certification so this stuff is my profession. They need to look up what the FCC classifies as broadband. You pay for broadband which is classified as being at least 25 mb/s download. So you pay for broadband service from this company and get 15 to 20 mb/s download. They ran fiber optic right across the street from my home but refuse to connect it to the homes. To get speeds that comparable to are low end services in the city they want you to pay exorbitant prices. They have a monopoly over these rural areas and treat them horribly. Might be time for a class action lawsuit.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I cannot get high speed internet where I live, even though the "box" (I don't know the proper name of this device) is about 100 yards from our house. A retired employee is actually the one that gave me this information, and I was shocked since our internet speed is AWFUL! The employee also told me that a random selection process is used to decide who receives high speed and who basically lives in daily frustration. Choosing random areas doesn't sound ethical or legal, and I need some answers. Windstream is the only internet service we can access (because of towers) so that company has no competition and is taking advantage of its customers. I would love for Windstream to step up and do what's right and stop trying to get rich off rural customers. Otherwise, I'd love to see another internet company run Windstream off the face of the earth.

My husband and I are both teachers and have literally had to drive to our perspective schools at 11 p.m. to submit our grades because the internet is so slow. I'm writing letters to Missouri lawmakers in hopes of establishing some kind of Broadband Accessibility Act, like Tennessee recently established. If Windstream would be a reputable business, it would want its customers to be happy. I'd love to brag about how wonderful my service is and say how I love Windstream, but that would be a horrible joke. I don't know one person that says good things about Windstream, but we are stuck, and I'm tired of it. I plan to be a "thorn in its side" and to be relentless and also very vocal until this problem is fixed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

I think it's been a little over a year since we've upgraded to our internet from 3 Mbps to 16 Mbps. For the first month, everything has been fine, we were getting what we paid for, now, half of the time our connection is around 30-78 Kbps and on good days 5 Mbps. My anger and hatred for Windstream are beyond imaginable now. Dealing with their ** and horrible customer service. Can't get another service provider because they are the only provider in town that can provide us. How is it that my neighbor, literally right across the street, can get fiber optic from a different provider but we can't because we are not in their area?!?

I digress. Basically, we are paying more for speeds that are far more horrendous than we previously had. One star is the lowest you can give on the rating system. They don't even deserve one star. They don't even deserve zero! Wish some other service provider would come compete with them, I'll happily switch over to them if they can provide the speed we are paying for. If anybody thinking about getting Windstream, don't!!! They are basically robbing us and there's nothing we can do about it.

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Windstream Internet expert review by ConsumerAffairs

As one of the most popular of the mid-sized ISPs, Windstream ranks among the top 10 largest ISPs in the nation. It is especially well-known throughout the Midwestern and southern states, including Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky and Texas.

  • Customer service: This is one company that consistently receives positive reviews for its devotion to keeping customers happy and exceeding expectations.

  • Steady expansion: For the past several years, Windstream has been acquiring smaller ISPs and enlarging its coverage area.

  • Standard speeds: Like Earthlink, this is a mid-sized ISP that can provide a good quality of service for standard Internet usage.

  • Social presence: In addition to normal customer support channels like phone, email and chat, Windstream maintains active communities on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Best for: Windstream is best for smaller businesses, rural consumers and those who prefer a local option with high-quality customer experience.

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Windstream Internet Company Information

Company Name:
Windstream Internet
Year Founded:
4001 Rodney Parham Rd.
Little Rock
Postal Code:
United States
(855) 575-7625

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