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I made such a fuss about wanting a Dyson DC25 Animal that my husband was willing to do whatever it took to surprise me Xmas morning... He made down payment and signed the contract to purchase it NEW AND IN THE ORIGINAL BOX from a local rent-to-own company. Xmas excitement passed and I realized that we'd pay a total of $1708. for this vacuum. After some thought, decided that you get what you pay for... Since was the only way we could afford to get such quality as Dyson, we had to be willing to pay the extra finance charges and other related fees. $1708 was acceptable since we would then own a great vacuum. WHAT A ** JOKE!!! If only I had known. I do not recommend this product to anyone. In fact, I tell everyone who will listen that Dyson is not what they claim to be and don't waste their money.

The vacuum came with a 5 yr warranty and it's a good thing b/c it broke down TWICE in the first year and a half. Each of those repairs were very expensive (first time $170, second time was over $350). Both were covered by warranty and done with no money out-of-pocket but the 2nd repair took nearly 60 days before the vacuum was ready for pick up. At that point, I began to realize that I'd be fortunate if the vacuum made it through 5 yrs but I shouldn't expect much more than that. So disappointed.

Never would've paid so much for this vacuum which is of quite average quality. Maybe even less than average. My grandmother purchased a Shark Navigator for approx $200 within a month or so of when I got my Dyson and has never had a problem. I borrowed hers while mine was in for repairs and found that it works just as well (it was slightly heavier I thought but not a huge difference). When you consider the difference in price, Dyson should be ashamed. I'll never buy Dyson again.

I would not ever recommend buying one base on the runaround I got with the support center. Once it stop working I got the complete runaround. I had to call 3X and each time it was a min 30 min wait to speak to someone and then got 4 different answers and none of them work. One person told me it was the battery, send me one confirmation email then another email cancelling it all within a few minutes. Then the another person said "No you need to mail it in for repairs and wait for them to fix it which may take 30 plus days." Who know??? All I know is I have had it for 1 year and already having problems.

So at $680 a pop that about $56 a month to lease a Dyson. I rather spend my money on something else.. I would say for being a reputable company they have a bad reputation on this site that I wish I would have seen before I bought one. You would think for a big co they would be as efficient & technical with running their company like they make and market their products. Ha Ha. The Joke on you.

Where you are buying a fan or vacuum from this company the bottom line is they don't care. I purchased a fan which malfunctioned a few months later. Dyson said to send it back to them and once done so to provide them the tracking number and within 24 hours my replacement unit should be sent. Well 2 weeks later I finally received my tracking number that it has finally been sent. Well then to my stupidity they apologized and I believed them so I decided to order 2 V8 absolute vacuums. So after calling them placing my order and charging my credit card I still have not received my order 10 days later.

I got an invoice so I called Dyson and they said the agent who took my order made a mistake by not charging me the correct amount. I spoke to a manager who offered me free shipping which is what Dyson offers anyways but my new charges go from $1259 to almost 1600 although my credit card was charged the 1259. The worst company who doesn't care about the customers and lives off the BS that they feed their customers on commercials. Please beware before purchasing.

Nothing but problems with these products. Mr. Dyson, the secret of a good vacuum is not suction, or a ball. It is to run when you start it!!! In my opinion, Dyson products are overpriced, overhyped, and underperforming. DO NOT BUY.

Dyson DC17 was a great vacuum for me until it needed a seal for the canister. You have to dumped the canister when it is full and my husband did just that. Only problem was he also dumped the seal at the bottom of the cyclone. A 4" round by 1 1/4" wide. I tried to purchase the part, approximately $8.00 and was told I would have to purchase the entire cyclone for $100. They do not just sell the rubber seal. I will be looking for another vacuum. No longer a Dyson fan!!!

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I am so upset at my Dyson Vacuum and their customer service. Do not buy any Dyson product. I bought a cordless Dyson vacuum and it was a piece of garbage ever since I took it out of the box. The problem with the cordless vacuum is that it gets clogged easily due to the lack of suction, AND after about 3 months, the motor just shuts off when you're trying to vacuum. I have had nothing but trouble with my Dyson, and when I call their customer service, it is a joke. After I do everything the "Support Crew" tells me to do, then they don't believe me and ask me to do it again. They treated me like an idiot AND my Dyson still doesn't work. How about you just admitting that you have a bad design and I am a sucker for buying it? Don't be like me... go with another brand, and better customer service!

Sad to say trashing my Dyson. I have owned many vacuum cleaners over the years, mainly bag type. I was excited to own such an expensive vacuum cleaner, no more buying bags. What a disappointment. I took great care maintaining cleaning filters. I vacuum often and started dreading the task, my motor shuts down from overheating, back flash is terrible. Going back to the bags, much easier and cleaner. My Dyson was about four years old, honestly like to beat it with a bat for all the extra work it has caused me.

I ordered a vacuum on a Sunday evening. Next day I get an e-mail saying my order had been cancelled per my request. I did not cancel the order. So I called Dyson that Monday. They said their system just does that and that they would push my order through. The next morning they called me and said the vacuum had been shipped and shipped expedited. So Thursday rolls around and I still had no tracking number. I call and I was told the vacuum had not been shipped and it was shipping standard! So I asked to speak to a supervisor. They keep me on hold for almost 20 minutes and come back and say that no one is available to talk to me. They tell me however a supervisor will call me back by this afternoon.

So afternoon comes. No call. I call back again. They said a note was never left for a supervisor to call me back. They put me on hold... again. This time for over 20 minutes and they say again that a supervisor is not available. Overall I have spoken to several people from Dyson and NONE of them have any idea what is going on. Next time I will save the money and the migraine and buy a Shark!

My Dyson DC59 barely had suction from day one. I had some repairs done under warranty but really didn't help much. I push a lot around the floor & end up picking up a lot myself. I agreed it better on carpet than bare floors but doesn't do edges/corners well on either. From the very first time I went through the process of taking out all filters & washing/drying, etc according to the directions, I then spend time making phone calls and arranging for it to be collected. It was overseen, sent back. Besides being a time consuming & inconvenient process it still didn't work well. I call again today to be told out of warranty. I tried to explain I just lost my parent last month after a long illness with cancer. I never had time to worry about vacuum cleaner. The member of staff wasn't interested or very helpful. Will never purchase another Dyson!

I had one issue after years of use. The problem was solved in 2 emails. Best customer service ever. They were emailing me back at midnight with solutions!! Happy customer.

Bought a DC23 5 years ago, 6/22/11. Warranty covers 5 years. Motor quit on 6/14/16. Promptly contacted Dyson support, first by phone and was about 36 in call order, so message said I could leave my number and they would call. Waited a few days, no call (didn't realize the scam). Called again, this time over 60 calls ahead of me, so left my number again and waited a few days but no response (an awful lot of calls, right?). So, tried emailing and got a prompt response asking for more info. I responded with requested info but received no further response.

I waited a few days (by the way I was also trying to hold down a job) and sent another updated email with all relevant info. I received a response but Dyson could not retrieve any prior phone or email interactions (very convenient memory loss but my phone had the encounters). So, they claimed the unit was out of warranty and by then it was but only because of their incompetent support system (surely they wouldn't try to deny I had contacted them earlier...oh yes they would!). Thus, Dyson is crooked in that way and I will not do business with them again. All about retaining your money and not customer support!

I feel bad when I read all these terrible reviews. Maybe something has changed. I paid $400 for the PET Vacuum (not ball and not cordless) MANY years ago. I have NEVER had any problem. Maybe I just got lucky. Still works like new after all these years. It's a large one and is purple.

My Dyson DC51 barely had suction from day 1. They did do some repairs under warranty but really didn't help much. I push a lot around the floor & end up picking up a lot myself. Better on carpet than bare floors but doesn't do edges or corners well on either. From the very first time I went through the extensive process of taking out all filters & washing/drying, etc according to the directions, it smells like a wet dog every time I run it. Besides being a time consuming & inconvenient process, I now have to put up with the stench while I vacuum. The handle doesn't lock down in the lowest position, making the stairs very difficult to maneuver. Overall, will never purchase another Dyson!

£450 on a Dyson broken twice in two months. Been 4 weeks without Hoover. Cirrus will not exchange and fusion will not refund. Keep sending engineers. The Hoover is like a child's hoover.

I have been blasted in the face with dirt for the last time. My Dyson Motorhead cordless vac is in the trash. This hideously expensive machine is poorly designed. I have never had to spend so much time cleaning a machine that was supposed to clean my floor. It is difficult to clear out the cup, and the device gets clogged very easily if you vacuum up fine dirt. I have taken it apart to clean so many times and in the process get my hands and clothes and floors absolutely filthy. The door to the cup will not stay closed and suction is very poor. I even have noticed slight shocks coming from the handle when I operate it. The company does nothing to compensate, insisting there's something wrong with ME not their machine. The worst $500 I have ever spent, and $500 is a tremendous amount for me to afford. NEVER AGAIN. This is not the elite product they portray.

In reply to "William of Cordova, Other on Feb. 10, 2016": My daughter has purchased 4 Dyson vacuums and 2 of them have a broken handle, just as you had described. I have searched and this main part cannot be found for replacement. The quality of this plastic machine is just as it is, "plastic". The vacuum head is also a problem with the bearings going out on one side. These heads can be replaced for about $80.00. The point is that when you spend a lot of money for a vacuum cleaner, you expect it to last longer and be of top quality. I hope my daughter will look for a different brand that will last.

I have never in my life, received such poor customer service.. SERIOUSLY I had to tell the service rep to calm down and stop arguing with me (while I was trying to remain calm). After them addressing my $400 order to the wrong address (which is what FedEx is telling me) and having express shipping drop it off at the wrong address, I spent an entire day trying to track it down (Judy (the customer service rep) starts yelling at me, telling me she has no other address, she doesn't work in the warehouse, she doesn't know what the warehouse does). I even had my own friends knocking on doors trying to find it, while Judy acted like I was a criminal and was yelling at me about how the story doesn't sound right.

I am SO beyond disappointed in your company right now. I don't even want this heater anymore. I don't want to purchase anything else from them. I don't care what your products are like anymore. SERIOUSLY I am thinking they need to train their reps to be calm. I'm thinking they should be the ones calming the customers down, not the customer calming them down.

Dyson makes great machines but put crap hardware into the machines. I have an awesome portable vacuum cleaner that doesn't work because of a cheap on-off switch that doesn't work. Dyson you are a real useless fake of an engineer!

Bought a Dyson cinetic big ball animal + allergy 36 days ago. My wife and I are homeowners, have two pets, and are empty nesters. I paid with tax nearly $600.00 for this over-the-top engineered sweeper. It quit working after 35 days. The mechanism to operate the brush attachment no longer turned. My wife called Dyson; they walked her through a trouble shooting period and nothing would correct the problem. They then told her to either call Best Buy where we bought it or take it to a recommended repair store. If I had wanted a repaired machine I would have purchased used. My wife called Best Buy and they told her that she would have to go back to Dyson. The monkey-in-the-middle program. I made a brief entrance and only because I am an elite member with Best Buy they exchanged the product even though it was beyond the 30 day max for that to happen.

If it had not been for Best Buy we would still be dealing with Dyson and getting nowhere; even though their material states that if there is ever a problem all you have to do is call them and "problem solved". I cannot wait to see if this new machine will outlast the first one. I cannot recommend this product; all advertisement hype.

Forget casually vacuuming under a bed or couch, unless you have ten minutes spare to unclog it, with a selection of coins, sticks, tools you would not normally carry in your pocket. Customer service recommended carrying a specific screwdriver to dismantle the inlet duct hose every single time something gets stuck in it (that's often). My advice - What you need is a plastic sealing strip from a large paint tin to thread through the inlet duct hose. I'm on my third trigger head in just - on two years. Things get stuck in this section multiple times, every use too. A nutri-grain is too big. (I just don't buy them anymore). I've lost count of the number of brush bars they've replaced (customer services explained the bristles were only glued on. I sent them a picture of long human hair pulling them off in two weeks).

To be fair they offered to sell me an all purpose head but I won't be buying anything more. We've got four young kids and anything from a hair tie, to a marble, including breakfast cereals, will get stuck in this thing. Each time requiring a 'sit down and get comfy' operation. The articulate hard wood floor tool just pushes most stuff around. I often use a broom afterward. Moving on to the bin assembly. What a palava just to get the tiny amount it holds out. This was not built for a family. I hate my Dyson DC54 with a passion. Husband has sourced extra paint tin sealing strips so there is no excuse for the kids not to vacuum their room. They are right, it isn't fair.

I have had Dyson for about 17 years. The original animal was amazing, lasted a long time but when I needed to replace parts I was told by the company to just get a new one it would be cheaper. CHEAPER was right! It is built and made like crap. I have 3 long double coated large breed dogs and live in a very dusty area. This is supposed to be for allergy and animals but when you try to dump the thing, the hair etc. does NOT fall out. You have to open both ends and use your hands to take things out. The static is so horrible, and company response is to use a static or cling-free sheet to wipe in it after each use! Plus through one in for smell! How is that for allergy! Then I vacuum every day and cut hair off the beater bar because the hair wraps around it. I didn't mind but I was vacuuming and this wasn't even a couple months but I found because the narrowed the pole hair even got stuck in that and I had to push it out.

Then this last time I went from my hard floors to the rug and smelled something strange, a burn smell. I immediately turned off and checked the machine then saw what at first looked like it burned my rug. Turned out the beater bar melted on my rug in a couple places. I contacted Dyson and they told me to take pictures then claimed it was not a manufacture defect not their fault and only offered to send a new floor head if I sign a waiver. They said it was my fault hair got in motor housing. I said I wouldn't expect to take a vacuum apart after each use and since I was told it was for pets and allergy this is false advertisement. I know on all my dog list so many have complained about the newer Dyson saying they are made like crap and have broken down from the dog hair.

Two days after the very short warranty expired (2 years, rather than 5 years for the floor models), the on/off (trigger) button became inoperable. So my $400 plus vacuum cleaner is useless. Dyson Customer Service refused to stand behind their overpriced, faulty product.

Who would have ever thought that I'd see a vacuum cleaner as a status symbol. Well, I did. I thought that if you owned a Dyson then you were the cream of the crop! Kinda like the Bentley or cars or the Coach of hand bags. Don't make my mistake. Since purchasing the Dyson, we have had to have our house replaced 3 times in as many months. I have had to stop what I was doing and unclog the vacuum every single time I used it.

Most recently, our ball shell cover has fallen off. It is not broken off, it just came unscrewed. It will not screw back on no matter what I attempt. I assume that there was some washer connection or something that must have got sucked up when it fell off. I called Dyson to inquire about how to fix it. Well, the very nice rep told me, "It needs to be sent in for repair. Oh wait... no repair centers near you, it has to be boxed up and shipped to Ontario. Don't worry, we will cover all the shipping costs." Wow! That's great!

So 3 days later I still haven't received my prepaid box, so when you count having to wait for the prepaid box... probably 5 days, then ship the stupid thing, another 5 days, then wait for the repair, another 5 days and then ship back - that's a whole month I have been without the ability to vacuum up after my 2 shedding cats and 1 shedding dog. Ridiculous! I had a vacuum from Canadian Tire that cost less than $100.00 and I never had to unclog it once, never had to send it in for repair once. I wish I never fell for all the hype and got rid of my CT vacuum for this piece of garbage! I contacted Dyson again to tell them about my displeasure in having to wait a month (at best) before I can vacuum again and they haven't replied. All they said was they see my issue is being looked after and thanked me for choosing Dyson. Do yourselves a favor. Do NOT choose Dyson!

I wanted a premium vacuum, I chose the Dyson Animal. It worked great for the first week, but kept getting clogged up. You have to be an engineer or constantly youtube on how to take the thing apart. Two months into owning this Dyson, the beater bar stopped working. I spent hours researching this issue, finally having to call Dyson's outsourced canned speech hotline. I ended up having to drive twenty miles to a repair center and wait 1 week to find out the "Electrical Harness" had burned out and the cheap beater bar needed to be replaced. The Dyson rep stated that these machines are all advertisement. He had at least 30 which he was working on. I am so mad that I spent the money on a well advertised piece of my everyday life that appears to be junk.

Bought the DC57 at Costco and must say it is a pile of crap. Very surprised that a quality company like Costco would sell such a horrible product. Suction is non-existent. Always heard about how great the Dyson products were, and for the premium price you would expect something that works better than a $29 Dirt Devil. Save your money, buy the Dirt Devil. The only thing that sucks with Dyson is the price.

After having purchased a DC35 & then a DC59 motorhead & both of them have failed needing high dollar parts to fix I have had enough of Dyson! The DC35 needs a new power assembly after 2 years of VERY light work & now the D59 Brush motor has went out after 15 months vacuuming kitchen linoleum! We had new short carpet installed shortly after DC35 purchase & have no pets & keep our house very clean. To have two vacuums that we have over $700 in & neither work is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! The customer service lady told me she has had to replace many parts on hers also but that was just the way it was. BS!! You should be ashamed of your advertising & product DURABILITY. Purchase date 11-30-14 from Dyson.

The claim that the vacuum doesn't lose suction is not true. It is has clogged up several times. It really does not work any better than a vacuum less than half the price. Don't waste your money. I won't again.

I bought a DC44 Animal as I have two dogs. I have always rated Dyson as excellent, but since a back injury unable to use full-size one (too heavy). Disappointment is under understatement. I have resorted to a old Hoover that has much more power to pick up dust and dog hair. Worse 200.00 spent...but I thought as I needed one to last I would go for best. :-( :-(

We unfortunately own a Dyson Animal. We meticulously and religiously follow the elaborate maintenance instructions/instructions detailed in the voluminous owner's manual. And, we clean it after every single use (because it doesn't work if we don't). This machine has a problem common to this model - a non-working triggerhead. We've replaced it twice. Including the original that makes THREE defective triggerheads. Clearly, this entire family of machines is defective.

At this time, customer "service" is in the process of torturing us. Thus far, they've emailed a 3 page set of new maintenance troubleshooting instructions - none of which worked. A new triggerhead arrived - it doesn't work either. Our new "options" are to pack it up, drive 1.5 hours from our residence to an approved repair vendor, or, pack this beast up in a box and UPS it to a service center. If this is customer "service" then this company should be out of business. If you have another option, take it. DO NOT buy a product from this company. Not if you wish to keep your sanity.

This vacuum is supposed to suck up animal hair. It does an average job of this. However, emptying the collection cup is a nightmare. First of all, the container opens on the wrong side, making it very clumsy and frustrating to empty. Second, I have to reach into the container with my hand to remove the hairs, getting dust everywhere. Removing the collection container is extremely difficult as is putting it back in place. I end up the dirt from the container EVERYWHERE. It's just very difficult to use.

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Dyson is a British company with more than 5,000 employees around the world. It was founded by engineer James Dyson in 1993.

  • Diverse designs: Buyers can choose between upright, canister, cordless and handheld Dyson models.
  • Extra tools: Dyson has several tools that owners can add to their vacuums for everything from cleaning upholstery to grooming dogs.
  • Attractive aesthetics: These vacuums have innovative designs that make them more attractive than models from most other companies.
  • Strong suction: Dyson vacuums are designed so that they do not lose suction as they age.
  • Multi-floor cleaning: Owners can use their Dyson vacuums on practically any flooring surfaces.
  • Best for Dyson's powerful vacuums are good options for homeowners, renters, landlords and drivers.

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