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Last updated: Nov. 4, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

Dyson makes nice vacuums -- but this is what I have learned: if ANYthing is wrong with your vacuum when you take it out of the box, don't try to work with Dyson customer support, because they provide the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Instead, return your vacuum and try to find one that is perfect -- because you will NEVER be able to get any part you might need. I purchased my Animal+ six weeks ago, and it has a defective handle. Customer Service said the part was in stock and would be shipped immediately. Two weeks later, Customer Service said they didn't know why the (still in-stock) part had not been shipped, but they would ship it expedited "that night."

Two weeks later (after a 45+minute wait on hold), I was told the same thing, and they would send an email that same night with the tracking number. Over the next few days, I emailed their online support a couple of times, asking where that number might be. Today, I called in yet again (waiting 30+ minutes in their malfunctioning phone queue), only to be told that parts *can't* be expedited, but that my order was processed four days ago. However, there is NO indication that the order is in process in my account information on their website -- but then the clerk said it's because my part is "free" -- as a warranty replacement. I pointed out that my three previous attempts to get the part shipped DO appear online (and they were, of course, the same warrantied part).

It was clear that the clerk had no idea what was going on, and I really didn't know if I could rely on anything she'd told me, since it contradicted everything I had been told in three previous phone calls. I asked for a supervisor, but was told I would have to schedule a call-back (by which they DON'T mean that they will actually SCHEDULE a call: that's their code phrase for "they'll put me on the waiting list for a call-back." And, of course, the agent has no idea whether that call-back will come in minutes, hours, or days. (It has been more than a day, and I am pretty confident that I will *never* get a call from them.) So, I won't buy another Dyson, because I simply do not have this kind of time to waste on a vacuum. I would urge you to make sure any Dyson that YOU purchase is in excellent shape, so you can avoid this unhappy experience.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

After placing an order for Pure Hot+Cool Link, they canceled my order without contacting me, giving a reason and ignored 2 emails for a week. After I called them to inquire the status of this order they told me it was cancelled it due suspected fraud (although the exact same credit card was used to purchase the Dyson 360 Eye last year). This item was purchased as a birthday gift, I could've had enough time to resolve the issue if someone from Dyson would've contacted me right away about the transaction issue. I am quite disappointed in how Dyson handled this transaction especially towards a returned customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

Although advertised as having powerful suction this vacuum is a disappointment. It does pick up dust and dust bunnies. It struggles, or refuses to collect small, normal household debris, i.e. tiny pieces of paper... I mean pinkie fingernail tiny. Super small bits of doggie kibble... I have to sweep these up after I use my Dyson. This machine is much too expensive for this subpar performance. Dyson should do better or lower their prices.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

After 20 days, they have no idea what's going on with my order. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company and tell them to just cancel the order. Just order replacement parts from Amazon if it breaks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

I spent several hundred dollars at Costco for a Dyson DC33 in 2011. I was never happy with it since it was no better than the cheap Hoover I had. Since I have hardwood floors I rarely vacuum. I have used this vacuum less than 25 times. Yesterday I tried to use the vacuum and it had no suction. I called Dyson, they walked me through how to clean the filters, look for obstructions, etc. I did all they said to do and it still doesn't work. They gave me a few repair shops to get it fixed on my own dime. I now have to drop another $100 on a vacuum I already spent several hundred dollars on to begin with. The moral of this story is to buy a cheap Hoover when it breaks throw it out and buy another... no hassles. In the amount I've spent on this I could've bought 5 vacuums!! This is the last Dyson product for me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Imagine this scenario: You work hard all year long and finally save up to buy a $600 dollar purifier to help with your terrible allergies. The item arrives, and the first thing you notice is a huge rip on the edge of the box. You think to yourself, well that's too bad, and since this is an investment you would want to receive the item in pristine condition and it's a very reasonable situation to warrant an exchange. Well guess what, it takes two chat sessions, and three phone calls to finally CONVINCE customer service to allow you to exchange it. I am really disappointed since they pretend to be so friendly when it comes to selling you the items... guess it's the used car salesman mentality. See below the attached picture for the damaged box.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Paid $599.99 for a vacuum that runs for only 20 minutes and then it takes 12-18 hours for the battery to recharge. Can you imagine how many days it takes me to clean my house with this unit? Had the company provided a battery that could be removed and replaced with a second battery while the first one recharged. I would not mind the horrendous cost but for what I paid I expected something MUCH MUCH better. When I contacted the company to complain that something was wrong they assured me that the battery only lasted 20 minutes so there was no problem.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

We purchased the DC22 in 2009 and the powered head failed in June 2015 so we purchased a new powered head in June 2015. Now in Oct 2017 the replacement powered head has failed again. After contacting Dyson we have been advised that while 2 years is not an acceptable life for a vacuum cleaner we have to pay the full amount for a new powered head. In addition to the DC22 we also have a DC54 and a V8 portable - but we will NOT be buying anymore Dyson vacuum cleaners. The replacement for the DC22 will be a Miele vacuum cleaner - my sister keeps telling me to by Miele and to get rid of the Dyson like she did years ago.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

We bought DC37C which is used very sparingly on weekends or fortnightly. In last 3.5 years, the product was used for 30-35 hours only. When tried to use this weekend, it had a very strange sound and we could smell something burning. We cleaned everything and tried again, but it was same. We were told that it is apparently the Motor burnout. I can't imagine that after spending so much money, we need to fork out another $150-$200 to get that fixed too with such a small use. Very poor product quality and performance. We carried the product to Dyson Service Center and we are told that we have to pay another $145 to get the machine fixed as they know we don't have any other choice but to pay for that. Very very frustrating and disappointed. Won't buy/recommend Dyson to anyone. PURE WASTE OF MONEY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

My wife & I have had this vacuum (Dyson upright bagless pet vacuums DC41) for 2 years or less. We own 2 dogs. We vacuum every 5 days, or try to. The Dyson requires complete cleaning every 4 uses, not just emptying the canister. The brush motor has failed for the carpet portion of this equipment. Dyson claims parts are out of warranty. We have seen a Shark vacuum similar to this product, it is quieter and has much more suction, for half the price. After spending 400.00 for a Dyson, the company fails to stand behind its product. Their claims are unfounded and false. Do not waste your hard earned money on this product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

We moved in March of 2016 and I purchased my Dyson Cordless Ball at that time since we now have carpet in a bedroom and on our stairs. I would definitely NOT recommend this for anyone with pets (2 cats, 2 greyhounds - none with very long hair). Pet hair gets clogged easily in the chamber and the container. It does the surge on and off thing consistently and I have to stop to take the entire thing apart. It takes at least 30 minutes to vacuum one room, and usually by then the battery is dead and I have to wait to charge it to do anything else. This is the worst expensive decision I ever made.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

I hate filling out online forms but I've made an exception for Dyson. NEVER have I come across a company such as Dyson who never go against their own terms and conditions or try to wriggle off the hook. I cannot rate them enough and not one single complaint in years. When something goes wrong with their products, they go above any other company I have dealt with. In fact there's no comparison. Other companies could learn from Dyson of how to treat customers. In fact it should be made compulsory. Well done Dyson.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

We bought a Dyson through a catalog and after several repairs and sending it back for a new vacuum head, Dyson finally replaced it but with a used DC41 and gave me excuses why they failed to replace it with a new one, then parts started breaking and the trouble I went through to put the parts on was simply ridiculous. I bought a Shark and will never ever go back to Dyson, they are horrible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

An over engineered piece of rubbish, wish I had never bought it. Most of our floors are timber with a number of rugs. The multi-purpose head vacuums the dust but tends to push the solid pieces around the floor and requires at times to place the head directly over the dirt to vacuum it up. The other tool for hard floors only is only marginally better. The machine rolls around the floor quite easily and is easy to maneuver, but the real killer is cleaning the dust out of the machine.

Being bagless is just so much more messier than bagged machines. It holds only a fraction of the dust compared to bagged machines so requiring more frequent cleaning. The whole process of emptying the machine properly is time consuming, messy and if you have any allergies you are in direct line of flying dust when emptying, whereas a bagged machine is quick, clean and efficient. Summing up, I had high expectations about Dyson and their products after reading so many favorable reports in the media about their products. I'm now of the opinion that it was great marketing because in my opinion it is certainly is not reflected in this product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

We purchased the Dyson Big Ball Animal canister vac with great expectations. The extremely high price point would make you think this vac is the ultimate. Unfortunately, this thing is almost useless on carpet. We thought that the attachment was broken and ordered a new one. We found out that the attachment is practically useless on the carpet. The real fun began when we tried to return the replacement part. This has been an utter gong show with Dyson Canada. 2 months later I am still fighting to get the funds back into my account, it is bordering on fraud at this point. I will NEVER purchase a Dyson again, total waste of money. We have purchased the Electrolux upright animal vac that is half the price and it does an amazing job. Dyson - you suck.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

Bought a Dyson ball animal vacuum last October 2016. Thrilled with its performance for the first 8 mos. Then it started sticking making it hard to push. Cleaned it out, checked all the little wheels, everything looked fine, but still sticking. Googled it today, saw a lot of people complaining about same thing. Called Dyson, the problem is a small wheel underneath on the brush that drives the brush. Even though brush still moves this wheel doesn't. They have to replace the ENTIRE brush head to fix this problem, in addition even though it has a 5 yr warranty, Dyson CSR says next time I get to pay for as it's a 'wear and tear' item!

No other vacuum puts a wheel on the outside of the motor so it can get 'wear and tear'. It's ridiculous. I've had many vacuums and never had one that failed 9 mos after I bought it. $500 is much too much money to pay for a disposable vacuum! This problem goes back years yet they keep making it the same way! Will not be buying another Dyson again. In addition I have to wait up to a week for the part. Guess I'll get my Shark back out. It's never let me down.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

A vacuum that doesn't lose suction ever? Yeah, as long as you continue to replace parts! I purchased this vacuum from a local Best Buy some years back and am very dissatisfied. For the hefty price tag, you should NOT expect to keep replacing the hose for the attachments! Utterly ridiculous! I am now on the third hose for this vacuum... And customer service is useless. After explaining the ongoing problems I have had, all they do is tell me where I can purchase replacement parts. Horrible customer service! I should've bought the Shark that was highly recommended to me. I will never buy anything Dyson ever again... Way overpriced for what you get and horrible customer service when you have a problem.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

If I could give a zero star review I would! I ordered a Dyson Hair Supersonic as gift for my sister's bday on August 30th. The payment was deducted from my card immediately, however, I never got a notification email the machine was shipped. On Sep 5th I called to see why that is and the rep told me it was being "processed" and should be shipped out the next day.

2 days later still nothing and I call customer service again only to spend 2 hours on the line with different reps who told me the order has been backed up and not even processed yet! It is pretty much still in processing so they can't do anything about it which may take another 10 business days. Simply horrible. When you pay such an amount for a hair dryer you expect to get much better service than this!

One rep completely forgot about me on hold. I had to call again. I asked to speak to a manager and they just keep placing me on hold and transferring to different departments but the payment of course went through on the day of the order despite the fact that they "claim" they do not charge the card until the order shipped.

So sorry I ever ordered this and was left in an unpleasant situation as I had to arrive to my sister's bday empty handed because of this horrible experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

Purchased Dyson Vacuum cleaner blindly looking at the name. Dyson has big price tag for nothing. My $50 Vacuum cleaner does better job than hefty price Dyson. Very poor suction. Rang customer service but not of any help. If you are looking to buy Dyson I would say go for something else for sure.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

Dyson vacuum cleaner: AGAINST: 1. Poor sized lint collector. 2. Lint removal from unit extremely difficult. Having to use a long thin tool to remove lint before you are able to pull the outer cover off. 3. Turbo pet hair head blocks when picking up smaller solid/soft items. 4. Hose and fittings poorly designed in that at each joint, extension point collect hair or pet fur. 5. Removal of hoses or fixtures seem opposite to other vacuum cleaners and it is difficult to remove one handed. 6. Very poor lint collecting bowl. The bowl has to be cleaned out regularly so point 2 is not a big problem. 7. Unless you have a compressor it would be extremely difficult to clean the inner parts of the lint collection section. 8. Price as compared with other vacuum cleaners.

FOR: 1. Very powerful motor that does the job well. 2. Ease of movement. 3. After sales and service for warranty. Replaced a lint bowl after the first one lost a part in the rubbish when cleaning it out. It has got to the point of frustration that another vacuum cleaner will be purchased due to the "AGAINSTS" outweighing the "FORS." It is also the fact that my wife does not have the capabilities of fixing the problems that arise with the unit. If the dust collection area and the pet turbo head areas were changed it would be an awesome unit.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

Contact Dyson Helpline. The individual on the line was extremely professional and helpful. I took a picture, sent it to her email at Dyson, but after 15 minutes she didn't received it and said she would call me back. The problem of a $500.00 Christmas gift and out of this world perfect machine (Dyson Cinetic Big Ball) was the cheap plastic that holds and release the dirt broke off. Totally amazed of a single 1/4" wide and held in place at 1/8" on the rim would take the constant pushing from the red release and expect to retain its strength. Alessia called back, email received and at first said it was not covered and I would have to purchase the entire rim, then she looked up my information and said they would send me a new one free of charge. I love the vacuum cleaner, but the cheap plastic really needs to be of better quality material. As far as profession service. Perfect. Very please. Thank you Dyson, and Thank you Alessia.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

Very disappointed with this product. It is extremely hard to clean out the bin when full. Debris gets stuck in the bin, I need to use a plastic knife every time to scrape stuff out and it makes a complete mess all over again with dust, etc. everywhere. Another disappointment is that it does not clean my wood floors as well as my old Kenmore vacuum. It seems to not pick everything up and always feels like floors are not clean. I would not recommend this product.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

My husband paid $500+ for the upright Dyson Animal Vacuum as a Christmas present for me a few years ago. I would NEVER have paid that, but I didn't complain. Very quickly, I realized this vacuum was not what Dyson claimed it to be. I said nothing because my husband was so proud that he'd bought me "the best vacuum ever" - or so he thought. I've kept quiet about my disappointment to avoid making him feel bad. And, it does pick up dirt pretty good off my area rugs!. BUT, I need a hose to vacuum my curtains, corners, bits off the hardwood etc. When you try to use the hose, you have to have the strength of Superman to hold it as it pulls with much force back to its storage location on the back of the vacuum.

Instead of using all that force to pick up dirt, it's like screaming, "put me back in my bed". I've tried everything to keep it from pulling out of my hand, but nothing works. Even when you hold with both hands, it won't vacuum good. I've been using my 23 year old G4 Kirby which has never torn up in all these years every time I need to clean with a hose. But, it now has a tear in the base of the hose, so it's off to the repair shop leaving me without a decent vacuum.

In addition to this upright, my husband later purchased the hand held as another gift for me (I should have told him I didn't like the upright before he bought this!!!). Pretty nifty for a short while, then it started to run intermittently and now hardly runs at all. In reading the other reviews, I can easily believe every word! How does Dyson make such fools of all of us? You just think for that much money, the product must be great - must be the best vacuum out there.

They should have to give all of us some of our money back to go toward another brand! I have family and friends who purchased the Shark vacuum for a fraction of this cost and they love it!! My husband has now found out that the hose will not allow you to use it, so I've confessed all and decided to write a review. I watch the Shark advertisement every time it comes on TV and I want to buy it so bad, but all that money spend on the Dyson, I just keep hoping for a miracle!! I vote for taking these off the market!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2017

We have had a $500.00 Dyson animal vacuum cleaner for a little over 4 years. Many parts have failed during the time we have owned it, especially the power head. The plastic cracks on the canister, the parts have become loose. We originally had parts replaced under warranty. Now they tell us that these defects are "wear and tear" which is not covered, not manufacturer defects or shoddy workmanship. I have never been happy with this item, it does not pick up animal hair as it should, which is the main reason we bought such an expensive item in the first place. Very unhappy, I would never buy one of their products again. $500.00 is a lot of money for a vacuum cleaner that keeps breaking from the start.

Original review: July 21, 2017

I just went to use my DC59, noticed it was flashing red and would not turn on. I called the service rep, he told me it was the battery and offered to send a new one for over $80.00 (25% of the cost of the vacuum.) I have had the DC59 for 2.5 years, love it, definitely the best cordless vacuum on the market. The price of the battery will keep me from ever purchasing another one. When I spend $350.00 on a vacuum I expect more life out it. Maybe Dyson needs to start working on longer battery life. I am very disappointed. $80.00 is a lot of money for me to come up with. I know there are some batteries available on eBay that are a different brand for less money; but, they only have a 60 day warranty and not very positive reviews.

Original review: July 19, 2017

I've had my Dyson DC39 Animal for over a year but I use it rarely as I prefer to sweep. So after very little use I have found that the quality is TERRIBLE. The connecting end of the hose continually cracks rendering it useless. The plastic is extremely brittle and very inferior quality. I am on my 3rd hose, I'm forced to buy the whole unit as Dyson do not supply a replacement connector. I would NOT RECOMMEND DYSON. I'm scrapping this one and buying a cheaper better quality Miele (I should have listened to my husband).

Verified Buyer
Original review: June 27, 2017

Purchased a DYSON DC 39 5 months ago and have had nothing but headaches with it!!! Paid 349.00, for what I thought was a good quality product, with a 5-year warranty, and was happier with my 100.00 Bissell. Sent it back to Dyson for repairs, and they sent it back the exact same way, with the exact same problems!!! Just got off phone with them 'cause it's been doing same thing again and they told me I'd have to take care of having it repaired on my own. SHOCKER! Sooo if you're looking for a good vacuum and good customer service, I obviously DON'T RECOMMEND DYSON!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2017

Unless you really love puzzles don't get a Dyson, every piece pops off when bumped. It may never lose suction but the newest Cinetic ball power head has a hole the size of a looney and clogs with hair. The canister, if and when you get the head working fills fast and is not a hands-free empty. The floor attachment swivels so much that it won't lay flat on hardwood. I clean commercially. Electrolux Canister Vacuums are the bomb. Shark is also awesome. I currently got an $85 Dirt Devil to leave at clients instead of the Dyson I told him not to buy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

I bought a v8 3 months ago. 12 days ago it stopped working, I wrote to Dyson. After answering many emails, they sent me a new charger. It still doesn't work. I tried to call Dyson, and a message says they are not answering the phone! I spent over $600 with a company that doesn't answer you when you need? Don't buy Dyson vacuums, you'll regret!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2017

I bought my Dyson Max handheld through QVC in Aug 2015 with a 2 year warranty. It stopped working yesterday so I still have a warranty left, right? I called the company and was told the main base would have to be replaced and that is not under warranty. They said they would send me a part for $263, which is almost what I paid for it 2 years ago, so I told them I would just buy a different vacuum. I am so disappointed!!! I have a 40 year old Electrolux that has never given me a problem. I Will never buy another Dyson product!!

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Dyson is a British company with more than 5,000 employees around the world. It was founded by engineer James Dyson in 1993.

  • Diverse designs: Buyers can choose between upright, canister, cordless and handheld Dyson models.

  • Extra tools: Dyson has several tools that owners can add to their vacuums for everything from cleaning upholstery to grooming dogs.

  • Attractive aesthetics: These vacuums have innovative designs that make them more attractive than models from most other companies.

  • Strong suction: Dyson vacuums are designed so that they do not lose suction as they age.

  • Multi-floor cleaning: Owners can use their Dyson vacuums on practically any flooring surfaces.

  • Best for: Dyson's powerful vacuums are good options for homeowners, renters, landlords and drivers.

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