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Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners

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Last updated: Jan. 19, 2018

58 Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2018

Dirt Devil bagless vacuum - If I could give this vacuum a negative 5 stars I would. The belt won't stay on and it clogs easily. Having 3 kids and a dog this vacuum was a waste of money. Have had it less than 3 months. Tried to get my money back but no luck. I smashed it in the road. That I give 5 stars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

Had a Dirt Devil for 15 years; worked great, so I didn't hesitate to buy a new one. Bought this vacuum (Dirt Devil 360) last Feb. at Sears. The powerhead right away just was sluggish and did not pick up; got clogged at picking up even the tiniest bit of dog hair. I called customer service and they were surprisingly not very helpful. And the unit overheats at about 10 minutes of running. Useless for me. Don't waste your money on a Dirt Devil product. Go with a company who at least is willing to listen to your problems with their product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I purchased a Dirt Devil Pet Max vacuum model number UD60167. I've had this taking less than a year. Maybe about 9 or 10 months. Since the day I bought the vacuum it constantly gets clogged up really easily and I'm having to take off the hose that goes to the handle and the lower hose underneath the vacuum and clean them out. Usually have to use a broom handle or a stick or something to loosen up the clog.

A few weeks ago the vacuum was packed solid inside the handle and both hoses. Managed to get it all cleaned out except for the lower hose that goes from underneath the vacuum behind the brush roller to the bottom of the canister. While trying to clean out that short clear flexible plastic hose I accidentally tore a hole in the hose with a coat hanger trying to loosen up the thermostat with stopped up inside.

I tried calling there several several times. Never could get through and just sat on hold. I was able to get through to customer service via email. Turns out that the lower hose is not available. I explained to them I thought their vacuum was a piece of crap. It did not do the job. Constantly had trouble since day one that's inside. Tore a hole in the hose trying to clean up what was clogged up inside. I'm willing to pay whatever the hose would be which I wouldn't think would be that much since the hose for the handles only around $15. I was informed that they make a replacement hose for the handle but the lower hose there is no replacement hose. The lower hose that is put on there when it is manufactured is the only time that hose is used at the manufacturer. Not for sale to the public and no Replacements available.

Dirt Devil sent me an email back stating that the lower hose is not available and they do not manufacture it so how do they make a new vacuum if they don't manufacture the lower hose. Told me if I was to call the customer service number and give him the reference number. They emailed me back. They would discount me 30% on the purchase of a new vacuum. Basically telling me just go buy a new vacuum whether you can afford to or not. Very unprofessional and very unsatisfied.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

I bought the Dirt Devil Pro Express at Target on the 20th of October. Tried it the next day and it just spit out the dirt. Only had it on for a very short time. Called customer service. Agent got the model # I gave her. ON my vacuum, there was a plastic key like gadget to lock in the handle to the base. Agent said, "there is no key". I told her I was holding it and it was in the manual. I asked for a supervisor who said they would give me a new one. Come to find out, Dirt Devil wanted me to pay to send my unit back before they would do anything. This was totally unacceptable. I have never ever heard of having to PAY to send a defective product back. This was AFTER I had gone to some effort to copy and email the receipt to the agent.

I returned it to Target no problem. And wondered if this company was even a legitimate company. Googled reviews and there were 51 out of 54 reviews with a 1 rating. Mostly terrible things about the product being totally useless. Two cases of the cord catching on fire. In one case a child sustained a burn and a lawsuit is in progress. I will certainly share my experience with everyone I talk to, in the hopes of dissuading any one from buying a dirt devil product. This is the worst product complaint situation I have ever seen. ConsumerAffairs is a very professional organized site. Dirt Devil is not even accredited on their site.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I've just about had it with Dirt Devil products. I'm not sure if it's a battery issue or what. I bought a Dirt Devil Hand Vac in 2015. Very shortly the unit would not hold its charge. It had a 3 year warranty. I called and was told to send in the model plate from the unit, they listened on the phone the way the unit lost its charge. I was sent a new model September 2016 and lo and behold the same situation happened, the replacement unit wouldn't hold the charge. This time however I was told I needed my original (from 2015) receipt in order to get a replacement. I didn't have that anymore. I just kept the receipt info from the replacement. Now I'm not hearing anything from them!!! Very annoying! I want my original money back and I'll go and buy something else!!! They have a problem with this unit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

I charge the vacuum regularly. Its stands on a re-chargeable base plate... When use the vacuum it only lasts less than 5 minutes then drains right down to DEAD. I can only get ONE room done at a time. When I purchased the I certainly expected a good 10 minutes of battery life before dying... I would NOT recommend this product at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

I received a Dirt Devil on Feb 1 2016... On July 17 2017 the handle broke off. I called Dirt Devil and they told me to take it to Riverside Vacuum with receipt and it would be fixed for free. Three weeks later still no part. I was told by Dirt Devil I would receive a new vacuum if Unfixable. Today I called Dirt Devil and was told... "YOUR WARRANTY DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING! JUST WAIT YOUR TIME." I will never buy Dirt Devil Chinese made crap again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 16, 2017

I bought a Dirt Devil Vacuum for $49 July 11th and on July 15th. The third time using it the cord caught on fire, burned my son and had to use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire on my carpet. I bought it at Target. I called Target corporate, filed a case, and also calling Dirt Devil to complain. I have a case in pursuit with my lawyer for my son's burn, my cost of vacuum and my repairs for my carpet.

Original review: June 1, 2017

If you are looking for a plastic vacuum shaped object that takes up space in your closet THIS IS THE ITEM FOR YOU! I grew up with Dirt Devil & they used to work amazingly. I recently had a Kirby for 12 years. That was the love of my life til she broked. I purchased one of the basic Dirt Devil cleaners and it legitimately spit all the dirt and cat litter (I have cats) back out at me. It didn't vacuum anything! Made more of a mess than actually cleaned. So, I spent a few more bucks and went bought one of those fancy pet hair removal Dirt Devil. I've had it for about a week, and all it does is move the dirt around. It is absolutely USELESS! I will definitely fork out the money to buy another Kirby. Well worth it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A PIECE OF CRAP DIRT DEVIL! YOU WILL NOT BE SATISFIED!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 24, 2017

On 2/22/2017 I bought a Dirt Devil "Breeze Cyclonic" vacuum cleaner for $49.26. I took it home and turn it on to use it. I turned on then turned it off and it would not turn on again. So I did as the label suggested and called Warranty Center. They recommended that I take it to their repair center in Federal Way, Quality Sewing & Vacuum. So I did. And then after a week and a half they had found the on/off switch was loose. And they had tightened it. So a week later I tried it again and it did the same thing again. So I took it back again and this time they replaced the switch. And when I got the vacuum back I could not shut the vacuum off this time. Again they replaced the switch. And again I turned it on and again it would turn off. So I called both emailed and called Dirt Devil and they agreed that what you a "lemon" and they would replace it.

That was March 11, 2017. On March 12 I did what I was told to take it to Quality Sewing & Vacuum so they could pick it up and deliver my replacement there since I live in a apartment complex. So I got there and found out they were told that it supposed be shipped to my apartment. And the Manager and I was playing phone tag for two hours when they said they would call back to confirm. So I was very busy for two week and checked back with Quality Sewing & Vacuum. And they never called or emailed them or me. So I emailed since it's about impossible to get through. And have done so 18 times. Have called the 20 plus times and when they told me they call me back they never did. I have told that the agreement never happened. I have also contacted Fred Meyer so they are aware of it. I again emailed Dirt Devil for one last time telling them to email the reason why.

They are playing games. Not just pass me off to their phone bank. I will also talk to the Fred Meyer Store manager to see if he can help me. I do not have much a problem with Fred Meyer. I have shopping there for 37 plus year, bought TV and other electronic products with no issues, and if that doesn`t work I will take them to small claims court. After all of this I will never buy another Dirt Devil product again even though the one I bought before lasted 15 years.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

My vacuum cleaner cord caught fire within a year of purchase. A representative at Dirt Devil said I was covered under warranty and instructed me take my machine to their choice of repair shops. AFTER the repair was made I was told I would have to pay for the repair. I contacted Dirt Devil. They would not honor their warranty or their word. These are not the actions of a reputable company, and I will no longer purchase from a company with such poor practices and customer service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

Trying to reach Hoover/Dirt Devil/ Royal, all seem to be the same company, it is actually impossible!! I've been on hold for over an hour this time. The every 15 sec repeat of the suggestion to go to to "Chat with a Live Agent," is horrible. I have not found any "Live Chat," tab on the Hoover site. You can try the phone number from the Hoover site, which is different then the Dirt Devil/ Royal sticker on my vacuum, but it is the same, "all agents are assisting other customers, please hold, or go to to Chat with a live agent or to send us an email", message! I don't believe they employ ANY Customer Service Agents. I did send 2 emails. I had time while on hold. We'll see if there is anyone to answer those.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

I purchased this Dirt Devil Dash via Figi's Gallery. The vacuum was operating ok (but didn't clean as well as my Bissell which I was replacing). It has now stopping suctioning at all. Nothing goes into the canister from the vacuum and it is leaving dark marks on my carpet. I can't describe my disappointment. I have begun using my old and simpler Bissell and although it must be replaced it is at least picking up what the Dirt Devil left on my carpet. I will never buy a Dirt Devil product again. I have contacted Figi's to see if I can get a refund but am not holding my breath.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

Approximately six months ago I purchased a Dirt Devil 360 ORD handheld cyclonic vacuum. It has not worked any of the about eight times I have tried to use it. Nothing about it works! As it picks up dirt or dog hair it all clogs in the tube and never makes it to the holding compartment. It requires stopping after about half a room and then it requires manually unplugging the tube all the way through. In doing this I have cut my hands too many times to ever try to use it again! There is nothing about the design of this vacuum cleaner that would make it worth putting on the market. Accepting money for this model is unethical. I have tried and tried to call customer service and stay on hold until I'm tired of waiting. Poor product, poor service, no more sales to me!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2016

Purchased their best and most expensive cordless (15.6 Volt Extreme Power) to avoid problems. So far, the opposite is occurring. Dirt Devil did send replacement due to the first vacuum cleaner not being able to hold a charge. The 2nd came in and holds a charge for 10 seconds and dies out. On the way to getting the 3rd one. They simply may have a line of defective batteries. Also, each call to Dirt Devil will invest over one hour of your time. Takes 20-35 minutes for the first CSR to pick up. Not the CSR's fault. It is a company strategy to weed out the majority of calls. Something is not right with Dirt Devil. I will continue to work with them for a solution and will commend if things ultimately succeed.

Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

My experience is similar to Chun of Oak Park and then some. I followed their instructions by charging the vacuum for 24 hours and then I had to call them back for the 2nd time waiting 20 minutes on hold to have them listen while the battery wound down. They agreed and said that they would send out a new Dirt Devil. I waited two weeks, no vacuum. I called and waited again to be told that I didn't send in my receipt. I emailed the receipt to the CS rep while I was still on the phone with her. She told me the vacuum would be expedited and I would receive it in a week. Three weeks later, no vacuum, so I called again. The rep kept telling me I needed another sticker off the vacuum which I had sent in with the receipt the last time. By this time I had lost it and asked for a supervisor, which didn't happen. I then hung up and dumped the vacuum in the trash where it belongs. Don't buy anything from this company.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

I was on hold for over 18 minutes... then the rep puts me on hold again for 4 minutes after I told her my Dirt Devil won't turn on. She then started rambling off a business address and phone number for a repair shop. Since I received the vacuum as a Christmas gift 11 months ago and registered the UNIT in January 2016, I thought for sure I would send this one back to them and they would send me a new or repaired one. Boy was I wrong! Not only do they use a third-party repair shop for issues such as mine, they need the receipt! I am unable to get a gift receipt from the store where it was bought because the person who bought it used cash and no longer has the receipt. Who would? Oh I am out of luck. Bad service, bad policy-makers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

I purchased this red stick cordless vacuum one year ago and the battery stopped charging after approximately 6 months. I recently called Dirt Devil. First I got a recording stating to call back during regular business hours... it was during regular business hours! Next I called the corporate office and was transferred to customer service. Without asking when I made the purchase I was told it was out of warranty. I was further told the unit had a one-year warranty starting from the date of manufacture and since it was manufacture in 2014... it was out of warranty before I even purchased it. That was pretty lousy and unethical in my eyes.

They offered to give me a small discount if I wanted to purchase another Dirt Devil product. Why would I waste my money on a company that only cares about themselves? I believe the consumer is getting a raw deal. Apparently there are many similar complaints about this company on the web. I just wanted someone to know.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

Dirt Devil is way overrated. Poor products, customer service and warranty support. The product My Extreme Power 15.6v Cordless worked well only for 2 to 3 months, and I hardly used in that period. It then starts to lose power and holds less and less charge. The charging light doesn't come on despite it is almost dead. I had to unplug the power adapter, then it would turn on. In short, the situation gets worse and worse. It is less than 6 months old.

The Customer Service I called and was put to listening to music for 20 min. before someone determine it is under warranty. She told me I have to put it back into the cradle and let it charge for 24 hours and call back the next day. I told her I did that many, many times already and it doesn't make sense to make me do that again. Her reply was that she understands, that's the company policy and she just works there. I can't believe we still have company with rigidity like this. It doesn't do me or Dirt Devil any good, it is waste of time to both sides. Dirt Devil had reached its peak, and it is in its process of dying off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2016

Dirt Devil Express V6 wet-dry hand vac dysfunctional product! I purchased this hand vac about 4 months ago. It worked well the first few months but then held less and less of a charge. It would barely recharge for use. I followed instructions on the Dirt Devil site about unplugging the charger, waiting, and then recharging, etc. It still would not charge at all nor run. I filled out a form online on their site for problems. They responded that they would offer me a discount if I purchased a new unit. I am angry and discouraged that I trusted the Dirt Devil name and now have no usable hand vac.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2016

Recently bought Dirt Devil... love the look of it... I only wish it would work. Have had it about 3 months - I guess it was a bad deal and I have lost money. I am quite old and find it would be difficult to return. As it is brand new and used only once unsuccessfully I have given up hope.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2016

Overall I'm pleased with the Dirt Devil Featherlite Cyclonic. I like the reusable canister and filters. Plus the cord retracts completely within the vacuum. Great for vacuuming out a car or hard to reach areas, everything in a compact, lightweight, easy to use package. What could be improved are the 'wands'. The universal one that comes with it is terrible. Go to a vacuum store or Amazon and buy a couple of dedicated brushes, and they fit the extension tube perfectly, and work much better.

I've noticed the 'motor cuts off' complaint on the website. Mine did the same... but I chalked this up to "User Error". Get out the manual, and Clean the Filters! There is a gross debris filter, (hint: the big grey thing in the canister); a fine 'circular filter' (hint: inside the big grey thing); and finally, a trap door at the back with an exhaust filter. The Circular Filter was completely impacted, and clogged with dust, to the point that I had to 'dig' it out with a blunt instrument and wash it. The one in the back wasn't too bad. After DRYING COMPLETELY (Manual recommends 24 hours as water will ruin the motor), I put them back in, and the vacuum worked as new!

These small vacuum motors seem to run hot, and must be totally dependent on the air circulation from 'nozzle to exhaust' for their cooling. The clogged filters prevented the air circulation. When mine cut out it was most likely some sort of 'heat overload switch' to protect the motor. Clean the filters and try it again, you may be surprised at how well it works again.

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Original review: April 8, 2016

I will never buy a Dirt Devil vacuum again. This last one lasted only a year and a half. I live on disability and can't afford a new one or to repair the one I have. Thanks Dirt Devil.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2016

I am totally done with this brand. I am on my third cleaner. I am tired of breaking belts, power going off after cleaning one room, and dust coming out everywhere. I threw out the first because the motor started smoking and burned out. I failed to keep the receipt. The second one was when I experienced the power going out. Keep in mind that it worked fine for about a month or two. I bought a third one thinking that the second one was dead. That is when I found out the second just started working again. And now today, the third one powers off also (after one room is done). Yes, I clean the filters and then have to wait until the cleaners decide to work again. I have wasted a lot of time and money seeking out the less expensive cleaner. It is now time for me to cut my losses and invest more money into a better cleaner. Goodbye Dirt Devil (you devil you).

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2016

I recently bought a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner from HHgregg around November 2015. And in Jan. 2016 I started having my first problem with it. The belt keeps breaking. You can tell something is melting it & causing it to break. On top of that it powers off if the filter isn't cleaned. Plus only time it picks up is if your vacuuming backwards! How sad! These vacuums are pure junk & I really wouldn't recommend them to anyone! That's really awful. They need to discontinue making Dirt Devil. Don't spend your hard earn money on these vacuums. Not worth a &1.00 if you ask me!

Original review: March 3, 2016

I got Dirt Devil Jaguar Pet in 12/15 & it shuts off after 1 room. I've changed the filter & it still does it. I hate this vacuum!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2016

Dirt Devil Pet Jaquar Upright Vacuum - This machine shuts off by the time I have vacuumed one room. I read all of the complaints about this machine and there seems to be the same issues. I called Dirt Devil and she tells me there is a device in the machine that will make it shut off if it gets overheated. I said "ONE ROOM will overheat the machine." It happens every time it is used. She asked if I cleaned the filter. YES. She said I need to probably replace the filter. I bought this machine March 2015 so it isn't even a year old. I bought a new machine a few days ago, foolishly another Dirt Devil Dynamite II, she tells me the same issue will appear... Overheating if it is used "too much". One room is not too much. When I looked for the serial #, I saw it. "Made in China". There ya go.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

Well vacuum has been looked at and been told the engine is gone. There has to be something that can be done. This vacuum I only used maybe 30 times. It's been just 1 yr. I mean maybe 10-15 days over 1 yrs and this is not right... I have tried to call numerous times and get only recording. I NEED ASSISTANCE **... I understand 1 yr warranty and I can see if it were 15 months and on but it has not been over a year by many days. If you pay for over 100 for a vacuum it should last many years as I have with HOOVER and others.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2015

These Dirt Devil Vacuum products are useless, cannot pick anything up and the belts break once a week. The belts are like rubber bands. The worst vacuums ever made. Do not buy.

profile pic of the author
Original review: Oct. 22, 2015

Bought at Home Depot since it was on sale $30. My last vacuum a bagless Bissel lasted me 10yrs. This one lasted me less than a year. It always overheated and took forever to reset. The filter was clean and vacuum was only days old. Very loud. The lever to the foot up down position broke after 1 week and the belt burnt out before 6 months. I replaced belt. It no longer sucks up. It's now worse in loudness and it shakes? Not worth my $! Seems like it only sucks up when I vacuum backwards. LOL. Don't buy this. Not worth it.

Dirt Devil expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Dirt Devil is an American company that makes floor care products. It specializes in vacuum cleaners for small apartments and large houses.

  • Diverse designs: Dirt Devil makes several types of vacuum cleaners, including upright, canister, handheld and stick models.

  • Online videos: The company's website offers videos so potential buyers can watch the vacuums they are considering in action.

  • Affordable prices: Many Dirt Devil vacuums cost less than 100 dollars.

  • Multi-floor cleaning: Dirt Devil makes many models that owners can use on a variety of flooring surfaces.

  • Compact designs: Even upright vacuums have compact designs that make them easy to store and use.

  • Best for: Homeowners, renters, landlords and drivers can appreciate the convenience of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners.

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