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Rainbow Vacuum

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Last updated: Dec. 2, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

First off I want to say it works great on carpet but we plan on taking all the carpet out of the house and putting down hardwood floors. We told the sales guy this. He told us that the Rainbow works great on hardwood floors and you don't have to use a broom ever again. You won't have to worry about bending over and using the dustpan??? Yea right. So I go to clean a few days later and I use the long head like he recommended. It got all the dog hair up (I have 2 large dogs and 5 cats, we live in the country in a big house, along with 2 children) so I clean every day. But this was the 1st time I was trying the vacuum on the kitchen floor. It was a fail. I decided to go back and sweep to see what all it missed. I swept up all kinds of dirt and crumbs the kids and dropped in my floor.

So I call the sales guy and he tells me it's past my 3 days but it sounds like there is something wrong with my vacuum. He is coming out to "fix" the problem. It also doesn't clean beside the walls like they said it will. I have to pull the hose out to use it. I just want my bagless vacuum back. It is much lighter and with me having to vacuum every day with a husky in the house it is so much easier. So if you have a husky I don't recommend you get this vacuum cleaner or if you like to clean in your house shoes because you can't step on all the buttons to lift the product off the stands. This vacuum is also very heavy if you have more than one floor or a split level house.

When I said something about that they said, "Well you can always get another vacuum to put upstairs." I just laughed at the girl and said, "Yes I want to put a $3000 vacuum cleaner in the toy room bc I have an extra $3000 laying around." She then told me I could always sale the vacuum to get one free and I laughed again and told her that I don't even like people little off go to their house and talk to them for 3hrs at a time and sale them something I think is a POS. She was not happy with my response. I really just want to return the vacuum cleaner I haven't made any payments but they won't take it back at all and told me I was out of luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

I attended a neighborhood street fair where I submitted an entry to a raffle for a free water fragrance machine. I should have known something was wrong when they asked if I owned my home. Two days after the fair I received a call stating I had won a machine and they wanted to schedule a time to drop off the machine and show me how to set it up. The woman stated they also wanted to show me the rainbow machine while they were at my home. I asked how long would it take and I was told an hour so I agreed. My mistake--I thought the "rainbow" was a fancier water scent machine.

The sales rep came, she appeared nice at first. She gave the free machine and demonstrated different scents. Once she was done she brought out the rainbow and at first she demonstrated it as a air purifier before she showed me it was a vacuum cleaner. I asked the price. I was told $3,000. I informed her a $3,000 vacuum was not in my budget. She tried to convince me I could earn enough money to pay for my machine. When I told her I don't like sales, she said they don't sale they demonstrate (lol!).

You know just people helping people. I told her we needed to wrap it because I had something to do, but she persisted. I told her if I wanted one I would just buy one on the secondary market from someone who regretted buying it. She stated that Rainbow would NOT repair the machine if I was not the original registered owner linked to the machine's Serial Number. So I just left her downstairs while I went upstairs to change clothes and do my hair. She finally got the hint and left.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

I had attended a craft show at a church. The guy talked me into entering for a free "new" rain air purifier. Said it was completely free. Called me later and said my name had been drawn out, and we had won the free air purifier. He set up a time with us to come "set it up." I told him multiple times we were not buying anything, he insisted it was free, won as a prize. Well he shows up with a freaking vacuum cleaner! Took 2.5 hours to present, we said no, offered free financing for 48 months, we said no, offered free attachments, we said no. Very difficult to get him to leave. We had kids hungry for dinner and needing to get in bed for school, he still wouldn't leave! And he demonstrated the "carpet cleaner" and left our carpet wet! Just beware if you see a contest for a free air purifier!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I purchase the Rainbow Vacuum on October 8, against that little voice in my head saying "No, don't do this." On October 22, I called the sales representative that persisted we needed this system in our home, and told her how I was unhappy with the air quality and suction. She said "You only get a 3 day return policy, you cannot return it now." I was dumbfounded. I went back to my contract. I reread it over and over again. Only 3 days to determine whether or not I like a machine that suppose to help clean my home better?!

I called the distribution center the next business day. The woman I spoke to was incredibly rude and told me I "had to deal with it now." This machine doesn't purify the air like it's advertised. The suction can't keep up with the amount of pet hair in my home. It has to be thoroughly cleaned in the middle of cleaning one room in my home. My old vacuum never gave me that trouble. It's very heavy. You don't get all of the attractments all at once. You have to do shows in order to get the other pieces. It has doubled my cleaning time, when I'd rather be spending time with my family. This has been the biggest mistake I have ever made.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Pushed to buy the Rainbow vacuum system. They promised to help us sell enough to pay for it through the go for it program. Left us high and dry, even after multiple calls to higher ups to try to solve the problem. Still did not get demos to try to sell more. Good system crappy representation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I'm seeing a lot of complaints so I want to take time to share why we love our Rainbow!! We bought it in 2011 from a friend who signed up to sell to earn her own Rainbow for free. We had to take out a loan to pay for it, but we paid it off a few years later. It was a great investment and we use it daily with three small kids and a dog. Our dog did chew up some of the pieces (twice) so we had to replace those. Once we had the whole thing cleaned inside and out. It was perfect and like new. Nothing beats opening the water basin and seeing all the nasty dust, dirt, hair, etc. it collected!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I purchased this awesome machine nearly 2 years ago. My son has severe asthma and since I got this he hasn't had any breathing issues, his inhaler goes untouched, his nebulizer collects dust in the closet. I like that when I'm done I dump the water and rinse the bowl. I never have to worry about canisters and bags. I wasn't a fan of the scents, didn't really find them to work all that great. Also never received the free gift for referring 3 demos but whatever.

I purchased it through their financing department. I had a mix up with my bank and ended up missing a payment, the people called to make sure everything was OK and how long I'd need to make up the payment. Super helpful, understanding and the best part, it's technically a loan so every payment gets reported on my credit. So clean air and building up that score! I don't know what everyone is complaining about. It's not bulky or particularly heavy. It isn't any heavier than a traditional vacuum, it's not an upright so of course it's going to be slightly different to get upstairs but don't be a ** about it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

I have had a Rainbow since early 90s and although it is getting tired and parts are needing repair it still outperforms the Dyson I recently purchased. Yes the Rainbow is cumbersome and vacuuming is a chore and Dyson is easier, the claim wet dust can't fly is so true. It's gross to empty a dusty, dirty Dyson and still have dust all over the place. With the Rainbow you see the dirty water and it drains and you know your house is clean. Using attachments for surfaces or walls is terrific and a breeze. The hoses are easy to use and this is the best piece of equipment I have ever owned for my house. I will be taking it for service soon but hope to have it for a long time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

I will share my experience with Rainbow vacuum demonstration. So this goes back 6 years or so, my friend bought a Rainbow (crazy him) and like everyone know to get some free gadgets you have to give people's names for a demo. I accepted, the guy came to our just bought house, a old house from the 16 century which was abandoned for some years. We had done some work but there was still work needed. At the time we had a super old vacuum which was garbage but couldn't afford a new one at the moment. So the sale guy asked to see it and immediately took advantage of that, showed us how much dust our vacuum was letting out and how much it left around. We were shocked!!! Especially because my wife was 8 month pregnant. He started saying that this is unhealthy and that kids might have respiratory problems etc...

After about 1 hour of presentation he asked what we thought and we were impressed, so he started talking about prices and there again we were more than shocked!!! Having just bought a house, renovated part of it and knowing we still had to do work on it spending 3k+ on a vacuum was out of our budget. The salesman didn't want to hear it. He kept pressuring us how important air quality is and making us feel like we didn't care for ourself and our kids' health. So in a situation of not knowing what to do I called my mom and asked her opinion, she raised 4 kids and did a hell of a job she should know if this is a BS vacuum or not. She told me years earlier she was also introduced to something similar and she said "Yes it's good, but do you need it? How is your health? Do you have problems? No, you grew up with an old vacuum cleaner to clean your house and you're as healthy as you can be."

After hearing that I put my heart at peace and said NO. The guy wasn't too happy and kept insisting on ways to get it through credit/rates and we just stood by our NO. After a while he finally got it and left. Never have I had so much pressure on me to buy something... Why am I writing this review? Because our vacuum is dying and I decided to see how the super famous vacuums are doing. To my surprise they cost even more than they did 6 years ago, so I Googled to see what the big deal is, and after reading some comments I decided to leave this negative comment just for the fact that they pressure you into buying it making it seem like if you don't buy it you don't care for your family.

If we would have bought that vacuum cleaner that day we might have lost our house (no joke). Unfortunately the year after the presentation I had to accept a job which gave a much lower pay that I had at the moment, and I most likely would have had credit problems. I thank my mom for making me think thing through. If I was rich yes I would buy it because it is a great product, but the pressure to get yourself in debt for a VACUUM CLEANER is way too much! So if you are here looking to buy one listen to this. If you have the money and that 4k+ won't put you in a bad financial situation go for it, if you don't have the money let it go. It's not worth eating bread and water for 1 year for a vacuum cleaner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

This is the worst program ever. It is very fake. And the employees are beyond horrible in Western NC. We were under the impression at our first show when we purchased no $ would be paid until our 12 shows were done. I trusted our dealer so I didn't read all the fine print which I guess that's on me. We were told no $ until 180 days and nobody told us about the finance charge. Or half the qualifications of the shows. Or I would have never done or signed up for any of this. We were lied to! Just to make a sale! Then one of their reps Joy came out treated me and my family member horribly at a show. She got furious when they chose not to buy. Pulled me aside and trash talked my family for not buying.

So now for being too trustworthy. I have a machine I can't afford. They refuse to let me turn back in and I am officially stuck with it. Great machine works great at that. But wished I hadn't been lied to and our kindness hadn't of been turned around to bite us! I would not recommend anyone to sign up for this program. It's not as it seems.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

I am writing a review to express my concern about the sales practices and price of Rainbow Vacuum/Rexair in our area, and to register my upset about being high pressured into a deal. These people send salespersons door to door, start a conversation to find something in common such as our concern about air quality. The Rainbow Vacuum/Rexair is extremely expensive. It is something I would never willingly spend $5,613.00 on. But I can tell you we had a 1st class high pressure job from this salesman, as he would NOT take no for an answer, it seemed to only ratchet up his resolve to sell to us.

He had a pat answer for everything, making it sound like if we didn't purchase it, we didn't care about our family's health. He had a high power lamp he used to beat on the fabric love seat to raise some dust particles, show the lamp on it and say "SEE, that's unhealthy!" Despite my telling "Mr. **" that we really could NOT afford this vacuum because of ongoing surgeries I had to have, plus being on a fixed income, he continued to high pressure us to purchase it. We told him we wanted to think about it, but this spurred him on to greater high pressure tactics as if it were a challenge: "This was a ONE TIME DEAL and when I walk out the door the deal opportunity walks out with me."

He continued to high pressure us until we capitulated. Then he set us up with their credit provider, Preferred Credit, which seems to be a Kirby subsidiary. What seemed to start out at about $2,700.00 ended up becoming $5,613.00 total with all the added on fees! This reeks of predatory lending. I have excellent credit, over an 800 score, but this credit company had a huge percentage tagged onto their "convenient" offer.

It was NOT a good deal at all for us. I had a panic attack and vertigo after signing for this Rainbow Vacuum Preferred Credit agreement. Due to the recent Experian data breach, I signed up for a credit monitoring program. When I reviewed the report, I came across the Preferred Credit deal and was reminded to follow up about the situation. We were too upset to deal with it at the time, which was January 2016. "Mr. **: ALSO TOOK OUR ONLY VACUUM CLEANER, the lightweight DYSON that we could both move around. We had to go out and buy another vacuum cleaner when we tried to use the Rainbow Vacuum, and found it was too cumbersome and heavy to move easily.

I was so upset about being taken advantage of, it took me a week or so to contact this salesman back and tell him we needed to cancel the deal. Of course he couldn't do that. It put us in a terrible financial position regarding my surgery and need to get a newer vehicle. That resource was tied up in this Rainbow Vacuum deal. "Mr. **" said he didn't want to take food out of people's mouths or put them in dire straits.

I told him it absolutely did, and yet he didn't try to rectify it. Instead this was followed up by telling us we could "earn" our way out of debt by taking his training and selling 5 vacuums to get ours "free." I used a Home Equity line of credit to pay off Preferred Credit right away, but it sure didn't translate to any savings on the whole deal. Those fees all came out of the front end!

We now have an expensive paperweight that cost us over $5,600. We don't really use it because it is too big, unwieldy, and heavy for a couple of women in their late 60's. Both of us have serious knee injuries, wear knee braces, and get injections periodically to help stay mobile. Carrying something this heavy and unwieldy puts too much pressure on our knees. The more weight we carry, the more it grinds the bone on bone knee problem.

Even though my sister and I are both in our late 60's, we forced ourselves to do the training to recoup my surgery money. I was really appalled at all the "tricks of the trade" we were being taught to counter any customer concerns or balking at doing the deal. Even if they really couldn't afford it and said so, we were supposed to use every high pressure tactic we could including the "time pressure" deal "you don't care about your family's health" argument, and showing ALL the dust by whacking the bright light on the furniture to highlight particles flying up in that industrial grade bright light. We decided we couldn't in all good conscience put anyone else in the same position. It’s like pyramid marketing. You have to keep hooking other people to dig yourself out.

I feel sorry for all of his other "salespeople" that are desperately trying to recoup their own purchase by selling for him. The salesman: also wrote a glowing Google review for his own business! Their office is in South Lakewood, Colorado. He told us he was one of the most highly successful salespeople and got lots of awards. I see how that happened. Be forewarned! Beware salesmen going door to door. If they tell you their special deal walks out with them, let them. As former activists, we are pretty savvy people, and we still got sucked into this one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

I bought a Rainbow vacuum system about a year ago. A sales person came to my home with a "supped-up" presentation. To my regret, we purchased a system with the expectation we were purchasing a quality product consistent with the price. It never performed up to the expectations of a machine that cost so much money. Too heavy for practical use. Entirely too expensive. The fragrance feature can be accomplished with cheap potpourri. The hose came a loose from the machine. Poor customer service. You can purchase a quality vacuum cleaner for less than half of the cost of this Rainbow unit.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

Pete and Cheryl our salespeople here in Houston Texas were the best and very helpful. This vacuum is THE best investment I have ever made. We have just gone through Hurricane Harvey here in Houston and this vacuum has paid for itself twice over. It's bulky and awkward at times but I'll tell y'all that I get my exercise as I'm cleaning. Worth the money that's for sure.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

We just bought our third RaInbow in 30 years. This one is amazing. My son has asthma and a week after running the air cleaner, he has not had to use the inhaler at all. We hardly ever see any dust. Highly recommend!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

Look, this dog and pony show is awkward. You got a sales rep that follows the script but knows nothing on how to sell or close the deal. As far as the product, it appears to be decent quality but not worth the high price. You realize it does a lot of things but if the main unit poops out -- your purifier, vacuum, shampooer is all out of service. For the size of our house we would need 2 units or schlep it around 7000 sq feet. Currently, 3 people can be vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner each located on a floor along with 3 steamers for hardwoods and all vacuums have horse hair attachments. We already have a humidifier that we can throw in beautiful extracts that smell marvelous. Come to find out that this rainbow has a variety of attachments (at even more cost).

Also, reps need to show up dressed professionally -- not in t shirt and jeans. A good sales person asks the right questions... and, have a 3 min elevator speech about who the company is, and return on investment. Know whose home you are going into... a CEO, housewife, so you can gear your audience. Lastly, I hope you have plenty of space and energy to store and use all this stuff. Nope. Sticking to my Oreck, Dyson, and my Shark (the best ever). One feature I loved though are the bags that sanitize blankets and pillows. Honestly, the unit is fine -- just over priced.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

We bought several vacuums before in Australia but when we had a rainbow, we love it so much. Rainbow makes our cleaning easier and with no additional bags or filters. We tested it against our expensive Dyson and Kirby and yet the Rainbow still picks up whatever the other vacuum cleaners cannot. Overall, the Rainbow has already saved us time and money. As a bonus it can also aromatize, deodorize, sanitize and medicate the air. No more weird cooking smell because the Rainbow can eliminate them. We have found the Rolls Royce of cleaning. We are proud to have one and use one everyday.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

We were asked to do a demo in our home for a friend. We agreed for them to come and demonstrate the amazing machine, with absolutely no intention to purchase the machine. We currently owned a Dyson Ball Animal. That I purchased 4 years ago for the price of $569.00. That being said, I thought it was doing a great job, boy was I wrong! We watched this machine pull dirt from the same place many times. We vacuum at least two or three times a week. The Rainbow is an amazing machine and sells itself. My biggest question was, where is it manufactured, I asked. The sales rep told me in Cadillac Michigan! I was shocked seeing how most everything is made in China now.

The performance of this machine had already won us over and it being built in the good U. S of A put it over the top for me. I know the machine is expensive, but a Dyson is no cheaper figuring in all the filters and plastic pieces that break and need replacing. Plus the Rainbow outperforms the dyson in every way. Can't get any easier than dumping a water container and rinsing it out. Wet dust can't fly. With all that being said we love this machine. It really is a whole cleaning package. Ours runs as an air purifier when not vacuuming and dusting. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a true clean home. It's so easy to use, most all the negative reviews are not deserving of the machines performance. Oh and it beats a Kirby too with a big stick. I know the price is high, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Almost forgot dyson will lose suction. Many times I have had to unclog the head, Just saying.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

We agreed to an in home demonstration. We talked about my daughter's long hair, had to replace the belt after two weeks. We have mostly wood floors, use this tool, DOES NOT PICK UP, my swifters worked better than this does. Said you don't have to use the perfume(s) you mix in the water, if you don't, the air in the room smells, and I am allergic to the perfumes. Went to stop by the store to see what they may suggest, store is closed, had a time clock sign be back at 2:00, went there at 3:00, no one there. Store is over 10 miles away, called their number, get their answering machine. Wrote a letter to the main company, they sent a letter saying they forwarded it to the distributor and store, heard nothing from neither.

After attempting to go to the store 3-more times, we packed it up and FINALLY someone was there, was not the owner, I left the unit. NO ONE CONTACTED ME!!! So I wrote another letter to the Company who sends back, "Sorry you changed your mind, but nothing is wrong with the unit!" Cresco dealer sends one same day, only correspondence from them, "oh well, if you don't pay the loan company it will hurt your credit". There is zero customer care, I plan on contacting our lawyer or taking them to small claims court. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM. DO NOT BUY INTO IT LIKE WE DID!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

They catch you at the local expo by having a jar full of money that you guess the amount on and you fill a slip with your info (and if you're a homeowner) and the amount of money in the jar and they pretend you won. I "won" because I'm a homeowner and that's their criteria. You'd think winning meant the money in the jar, right? Well you would be wrong.

The free gift is supposedly the small air cleaner, RainMate, but at the end of the 2 hour demo I found out you only get it if you give them friends' name and numbers and a few agree to a demo at their house... I don't think so. I'm not giving out my friends' and family's information. I just wanted the free gift I supposedly won which was a 3 day, 2 night FREE hotel stay with Vacations USA. Free my butt... You send in $29 which they're supposed to send you a letter, then you pick 2 destinations and 2 travel dates (why?) with another $12.40 per night. Then a travel reservationist will call you. Well, being me and always researching everything, I searched online about Rainbow before they came (so I already knew they were terrible) and I searched about this time 2 get away by Vacations USA after they left. The "free trip" is a timeshare scam. How ridiculous. I wasted 2 hours!

They were polite until they realized I wouldn't buy. Why would I buy a $2200 vacuum? It seems like it's just a dry steam-cleaner vacuum. I'm sure it cleans dirt and air (maybe, but who knows with the other reviews below) but it does not sanitize! He emphasized that you could mop with just water. "That's great John, but how does that sanitize my floor? And why would I buy an expensive vacuum?" I told them I'd only pay up front and I'm not willing to pay that price. He was trying to push me to the monthly plan. I refused... Why would I pay monthly for a dang vacuum? It's a fancy vacuum! I calculated their lowest monthly plan and it totaled $3800, way above their $2200 and who knows what kind of interest is on top of that.

He cleaned his unit and put it back in the bags which tells me that is NOT a new unit. When he was cleaning the top part that goes over the water bowl, I noticed a collection of dirt from vacuuming my floor had accumulated where the nozzle hooks in in the air intake and up underneath... It made me wonder about the maintenance and sustainability of the product. He cleaned out the water bowl in my sink and I actually watched him take out some of my dogs fur that was in the water and smear it on my counter top... Real passive aggressive there.

Then they left all the cheesecloth with dirt on my coffee table and left. Never asked where the trashcan was and didn't have anything with them to throw this dirt they collect out. He thought it was cute to say "my mom told me to never take what wasn't mine so I'll give you back your dirt" during the demo. "No John, you should have a small bag to take your cheesecloth demo with you." So I sat through a 2 hour demo AND I got to clean and disinfect the dirt and gross dirty fur glob he left on my granite counter top. I don't know how these people sleep at night knowing they're scamming people and their "free" vacation trip is also a scam. And of course they mentioned the equity program which I couldn't care less about. Yeah that's all I'd need... Another job. And from the reviews, it looks like they don't pay their people. Disgusting people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

I have a Rainbow and I am very happy with my product. However I would not recommend anyone to purchase this thru the Go4it program. I had a rep named Kim come do a show for me, that from my understanding has been with the company for a long time, and after the couple didn't get it she became pushy and mean. It was very uncomfortable. She then said that I didn't do enough to ensure her sale. I was not told that I had to ensure her sale. I was only told that I had to look for couples to watch the presentation. After that she deemed the show unqualified and made up lies about the couple not participating so I could not get credit. It was a waste of time for me and nothing like I was promised. No one in any department seemed to care either. This is not a program I would recommend to anyone.

Original review: May 11, 2017

I purchased a Rainbow Vacuum about a year ago. I have been so very sorry I even let these people in my house. It is awkward and difficult to maneuver. I have an upstairs and taking it from one floor to another is a chore. After trying to use it, I called the person who sold it to me and told her I did not want it. It was the day after I had purchased the vacuum. She said she was busy, but would get back to me the next day. When she came, she said it was too late to take it back. It is hard to use and not worth the effort. No one wants to buy it because it is a ridiculous price. I hate it!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 8, 2017

I have had my Rainbow for almost 6 months and I absolutely love the product. However when I got done with my demos I sent them in to be verified and you can only have 4 renters and you can have more only if they buy. I got my email back and they told me that I had 6 renters so therefore I needed two more demos to replace the last two who were not homeowners and did not buy. So I took matters into my own hands and call the tax assessor's office and verified that in fact those two people did own their home. I don't know where they got their information from but it was clearly incorrect. They would not reply to me when I told them that. If I have to go as far as taking a picture of the deeds to the homes I will but it should not be that much trouble. Highly aggravated with this aspect of doing the program.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2017

I bought one 10 years ago when we were building our house. They're expensive, ($2,500.00 back then) so I chose to buy the vacuum outright with cash instead of buying living room furniture. I figured a stupid couch will wear out but a vacuum that doesn't spray dust into the air was crucial, as I had a 18 month old toddler who used to follow me around behind the traditional vacuum and breathe in all the dust from the vacuum & it stressed me out! It is also fascinating to look at all the debris in the water bucket after you are done vacuuming, kind of like looking through an archeological dig. And if you mistakenly vacuum up a small toy or something it doesn't matter because you can always fetch it out later.

Both my sisters had Rainbow vacs before me & loved them. One sister said she vacuumed her son's mattress and there was all this cruddy brown stuff in the water she was shocked that the mattress was dirty at all. So it's been 10 years & I still love it. The idea that the dirt travels & gets captured through water intuitively makes sense, which is why I'd choose a rainbow vac over Dyson any day.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2017

I just bought a Rainbow Vacuum and Cleaning System Saturday and LOVE IT!! The demonstration took longer than an hour, but we talked a lot and asked a lot of questions! We thought we knew everything about vacuums but we clearly did not and have been living in a dirty house our whole lives. The people that are complaining are mainly complaining about financing and not the ACTUAL VACUUM! Come on people! We just paid for ours right there and then because we knew which all the people below should have known that financing it makes it more expensive! Ours would have been $2900, but with the 21-year warranty for free and the vacuum attachment for free and the air fragrances for free because we purchased that day, it was $2197 or something like that!

We traded in a crappy ORECK and that got the price down as well! With all that I learned and all that I am getting out of my carpet, this was a deal! To know that people still have these from 1955 (they started making them in 1936) I am convinced that this was the best investment ever! If I know this for even just 10 years and don't have to buy bags, filters or 5 vacuums in that amount of time then I have easily made my money back. The fact that this is also a clean air system and not just a vacuum is a huge plus as well. When I used my old vacuums all they do is create more dust and make my house smell bad! The amount and dirt and bacteria I am getting out of the air in my house is amazing and disturbing at the same time! :) So happy for this purchase. If you are reviewing these reviews please do not pay attention to the financing ones... Base your purchase on the actual vacuum reviews and decide how you are paying on your own. :)

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Original review: April 6, 2017

Without a doubt, I will never go back to another brand of vacuum ever again. I just realized a couple of days ago that I have own this thing for over 10 years now and I have never had an issue (knock on wood). When I first got it I used it in my housekeeping business. Since then, I have moved about 4 times since getting this vacuum and it works on any type of flooring I've had.

I don't know what all the hate is. If you got it financed through a shady company, review them, but not the product. And I will speak from experience on that. I did have it financed and I had a $1.50 "late charge" on my FINAL payment of the loan after I moved and never knew about this $1.50. And the bank took a huge portion of my loan written off as bad debt (I late learned companies get tax credits when they do this). Was I furious? You bet I was! But that had zero to do with the company that creates Rainbow and I dealt with the bank separately. If I upgraded to a newer model I would at this point in my life pay for it with cash and not try to finance something I cannot afford. Anyways... I will never ever go back to using a regular vacuum, regardless of the cost. Never.

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Original review: April 5, 2017

In October of 2016 I was asked to do an in home product demonstration of the Rainbow Vacuum System by some friends of mine. They stated that if I did they would be able to receive a free attachment for their vacuum cleaner and that I did not have to buy anything. Being the good friend that I am and the informative buyer that I think I am, I decided to do some research prior to the in home demonstration. Prior to the demonstration my vacuum of choice was the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. I went online and looked up the Rainbow systems as well as comparisons between Dyson and Rainbow.

By the end of my two hour research I was convinced that I would not be buying the Rainbow System and I contacted Lisa ** with Astonishingly Clean and advised her that I had done my research and that I felt there was nothing she could do to change my mind over to her Rainbow System as the Dyson was just as good a product and cost me much less. Lisa asked if she could still come by and do the demonstration for me and she said that there was no pressure to buy (Of course!). I told her that she was more than welcome to come by and do the demonstration but that I was steadfast in not buying her Rainbow System. She said "No problem" and we set a date and time for the Demonstration.

On October 28, 2016 Lisa and her Husband Darryl arrived at my home to demonstrate their Rainbow Vacuum System. The first thing Lisa did after introducing herself was to give me a free gift. She gave me a Rainmate air aromatizer and said it was mine to keep just for watching their demonstration. As Lisa and Darryl brought the Rainbow System and all of the attachments into my home, I again told her that I "100%" did not think she was going to be able to convert me from the Dyson to the Rainbow System and she said she just appreciated the opportunity to show me the Rainbow System. I told her about all of the research that I had done and I went on for about 20-30 minutes about how there was really no difference.

Lisa and Darryl listened to me and when I was finished Lisa smiled and said, "I love it when customers have done their research!", and she proceeded to unwrap the components of the Rainbow System and explain the workings of the Rainbow. The demonstration lasted approximately four hours, but that was only because we were talking as old friends while the demonstration was taking place. We were discussing our community and the fact that Darryl and I had worked for the same Department for years, all the while they were answering all of my extensive questions about the Rainbow System. At One point I realized and pointed out to Lisa and Darryl that this was the same vacuum from the show "Everybody loves Raymond episode "Humm Vac"".

One of the biggest things that stood out during the demonstration was comparisons to "Air Flow" and "Air Suction". In all of my online research this was never talked about and I wasn't knowledgeable enough to look for it because I just didn't know that this comparison was something that I should be looking for when researching Vacuum systems. Lisa and Darryl were very knowledgeable on this topic of comparisons and without a demonstration I'm not sure most buyers would think to look into this subject when comparison shopping for Vacuum systems. Most all vacuum systems use filters and when the filters become full with soot and fine dust it blocks the air flow but not the suction. I didn't know that. The Rainbow Vacuum System does not use filters. Lisa and Darryl cleaned several parts of my home (Another plus) while explaining each attachment that could be purchased separately to go along with the system.

Some attachments came with the system but for a more detailed all over cleaning there are several attachments that can be purchased, or "Earned". You earn attachments by assisting Lisa and Darryl in finding others that would be willing to have an in home demonstration. Even if they don't purchase a Rainbow System you still get the attachment for setting up the demonstration. After all of this time I felt no pressure to buy this Rainbow System, but after the knowledge of "Air Flow" and "Air Suction" and filters vs. no filters and seeing the water reservoir that holds all of the dust and dirt as you vacuum, I was sold. I am not a clean freak, but after you really "LEARN" what the Rainbow System is capable of I can not see how anyone would/could stay with a conventional vacuum cleaner. When I do clean I like my home to be "CLEAN" and the Rainbow System is a "CLEANING" machine.

The Rainbow System is not a cheap system and the price definitely made me pause as far as purchasing one, but with all I had learned from Lisa and Darryl I couldn't "not" own one. Ignorance is truly bliss and I was ignorant to vacuum systems and strictly went on what I saw on TV as far as how I chose to purchase a vacuum cleaner. Price was and always will be something that plays a part on my decision making when purchasing anything, but the knowledge that I gained from Lisa and Darryl on vacuums in general could not be denied. I challenged everything they said with what I had learned and by the end of the demonstration I knew Lisa and Darryl had converted me. I was now the proud owner of a Rainbow Vacuum System.

Lisa and Darryl went above and beyond to make sure that I truly understood what I was purchasing, how each part worked and attached to the system. They guided me as I used it making sure that I was hands on with the product and all parts and attachments that went with it, and to this day, six months later, they still keep in touch with me to see if I need any attachments or fragrances, (You add fragrances to the water to enhance the smell of your home while you clean) or any assistance reference my Rainbow System. Lisa and Darryl are great sales representatives for a great product that really sells itself, you just gotta know it's there and what it is really capable of.

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Original review: April 3, 2017

I signed up for a Rainbow distributor to come and give me an in home demonstration at a home show, where they had a sign on their table that said "Free RainMate with every in home demonstration". I thought "Why not, I'll sit through this hour long demo and then get a freebie." So Mario showed up at my apartment and gave me his spiel, I was hesitant to buy. He started throwing in freebies, He said "If you buy today I will give you the shampoo system free." And I decided at this point it would be worth the cost.

I was also trading in my old Bissell for a credit on my account. He had me call their financing department while he wrote up my receipt. They asked me if I had received everything I had been promised, and I told them I didn't know because he was still writing up the order. He left the vacuum he had demoed and told me my shampooer and RainMate would be there in a week. They never came. I also never received the credit for my old vacuum. I contacted their local offices and were told he would be delivering them in person that Tuesday. They never came. I tried again, this time by filing a complaint on the corporate page, and received a call saying I must have misheard him and that I hadn't given him enough referrals for the incentives. I didn't give him enough referrals for the incentive, the incentive he was offering for referrals was a cookware set.

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Original review: April 1, 2017

I had a cheaper vacuum which was way more simple to use and less of a hassle. I haven't noticed a single difference but I think it was a horrible decision to buy this. I think any vacuum could easily keep up with this thing.

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Original review: March 11, 2017

I purchased my Rainbow Vacuum on 03/03/2016 and from the get go I had issues with the "power nozzle" and part of the description states "The Rainbow Power Nozzle does a fabulous job cleaning carpeting, tile, linoleum and other hard surface flooring." And during the demo Jon showed me in my almost entire tiled house how to use the power nozzle on my tile floor. I have had to go in and get the power nozzle bristle pieces replaced numerous times now. They have very limited hours (evening only). I am not really available in the evening and driving across town to drop off and then again to pick it up each time is a huge hassle on my part. I have had to purchase two additional vacuums since I purchased this $5,000 vacuum from them because it is always broken!

And they are stating they only have a 3 day return policy - this is absurd. I went into this after a ton of research and was expecting an amazing product that would not have issues like this and great customer service but the product is always broken and if you can't ever get a hold of customer service then the vacuum is out of service for longer until you can get it fixed. Then they advised me to not use the power nozzle which clearly states it is for hard-face flooring on my tile floors because it is not meant for that.

David the service repair manager from the Sahara office was supposed to come to my house on Friday March 3rd at 9 a.m.. He didn't show up and then he texted me saying that he wasn't able to make it and that we should reschedule. My reply back to his text message asking telling him that I was available every morning the very next week except for Tuesday. He never responded. On Tuesday March 7th I texted him again. Ask him when he was able to come out. He confirmed that he would be here on Wednesday at 10 a.m., he was 27 minutes late. David was very rude and said that I neglected my Rainbow by using the power and also on the tile floor even though the website does clearly say can be used on hard surfaces and that he was going to avoid my warranty because of the use on my tile floor.

David said he's never seen a one-year-old Rainbow look as used as mine and that I must be abusing it. I stated that I use it 3 to 6 times a day because I have to use it after every meal and every snack time or anytime we do an arts-and-crafts project clean up the mess on the floor. He then threatened again to void the warranty on my Rainbow. I called only clean on March 8th at 12:17 p.m. and left him a voicemail asking the owner to call me back. I left my phone number and my name twice. I never received a phone call back.

I called Astonishingly Clean March 10th at 12:45 p.m. and Jennifer answer the phone. She said that she was a manager and then she got John on the phone. I spoke to John and he basically said that they are not going to allow me to return it because I'm past the 3-day return policy and that he is upset because I threw a tantrum and filed with the Better Business Bureau. And now he has to post a rebuttal, and deal with them. But because he's a good guy he is still willing to work with me and help me repair my Rainbow. John also stated for the first time today he might just replace the power nozzle. I just want to return the Rainbow vacuum for a refund. I have phone records, screenshots of the text conversation with David and pictures of my power nozzle that is always damaged.

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Original review: March 9, 2017

A representative from this company came up last night for what he said only 1 hour but he stayed for almost 2 & 1/2. At first he was very polite and friendly but after he finished presenting the product, which is not bad, his behavior changed after I refused to sign directly the contract. The cost was very high almost 3800$, he started to fool us by some discounts reaching 600$. As some said I read reviews before I make high purchases and check the prices and it was a shock that it really costs almost 2800$ and less including shipping. I believe that the product is good but is not worth this amount and these salesmen are so ugly in their way of making business which I really disdain.

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Rainbow vacuums are manufactured by Rexair LLC, an American company founded in 1932. Rexair rebranded its vacuums as Rainbow in the 1950s and continues to use the name.

  • Water washing: Rainbow vacuums use water to clean floors naturally.

  • Available attachments: Owners can add attachments for cleaning refrigerator coils, upholstery and small spaces.

  • Fewer pollutants: Rainbow vacuums are certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to remove pollutants from the air.

  • Parts and supplies: Consumers can purchase parts and supplies from Rainbow's website.

  • Worldwide distribution: Rainbow partners with distributors all over the world to make buying its vacuums more convenient.

  • Best for: Rainbow vacuums are good options for homeowners, renters and landlords who want clean, attractive floors.

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