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Quit paying for costly home repairs
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Rainbow Vacuum

Rainbow Vacuum
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Quit paying for costly home repairs

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      Quit paying for costly home repairs

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        Rated with 5 stars
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        Original review: June 5, 2019

        I entered a drawing at a local fair to win an air filter. I got a call a few days later from someone telling me that I would be hand delivered the filter. I was asked if I would be willing to watch a product demonstration and I agreed. We set a date and time that was manageable for me and the rep came to my house. Though it was ultimately a sales pitch, I was still told it would be a product demonstration beforehand and I appreciated he was upfront about it.

        The first thing the rep did was set up the air filter, demonstrate how to use it, clean it and maintain it and then showed me some of the various scents available, but before demonstrating a scent, (this is important) he asked if I, or anyone in the house was allergic to any kind of scents. We are not, but again, this was a considerate action to take before just dropping a scent and flooding the room with it. I could instantly feel and see the difference in the room as floating carpet dust, animal hairs, etc were sucked into it.

        After the air filter demo, he asked again, if he could demo a Rainbow vacuum system. This was where the sales pitch would come in, but he wasn't being pushy or trying to get right to an attempt to sell me something. I am familiar with Rainbow vacuums. My mother had one in the early 90s and used it all the time. This new system? I was blown away by the new technology.

        I had been using a Kirby for a few years and despite its cleaning power, it still left a lot of dust behind and I was too often having to clean and change the filters. And the vacuum unit was very heavy. Changing the accessories and setups was a hassle. The Rainbow vacuum is lightweight and moves around easily on carpet, tile and wood floors (all of which I have). I vacuumed a section of our carpet with the Kirby, after having put a new filter in earlier in the day coincidentally, you could see the dust that the Kirby was kicking up, despite what it was pulling from the carpet.

        The rep then showed me how the Rainbow unit also acts as a giant air filter for large rooms. I watched after he turned it on, as it pulled in all the dust and fibers the Kirby had kicked up. The room instantly felt cleaner just breathing the air. The rep then set up the unit to vacuum, demonstrating all the attachments and vacuumed the same area I had already cleaned. The fact that it pulled SO much out of the carpets was astounding. But the thing that blew me away in that regard, was that not only did the Rainbow pull up more than the Kirby, but it also created no dust in the air. And I mean none. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all of which shed and there was no trace of pet hair or dander in the air. I was sold right then and there in the quality and performance of the Rainbow unit. I also live in a log home, and dusting the walls and roof is a necessary but backbreaking chore.

        The rep pulled out an attachment that is typically used for hardwood or tile and I watched as it cleaned the wall section he went over. Again, and this is really important, no dust was being kicked up or left behind. This is such a better cleaning system than any of the other vacuum types I have used that I bought the unit then and there. The rep bought my Kirby at nearly the price I had paid for it and I set up the financing for the remainder.

        I am SO glad I made the switch to Rainbow because not only does it clean much more efficiently, but the entire house just feels cleaner. Healthier. Breathing feels better. I have used it to vacuum carpet, hardwood and tile, as well as our log home walls and ceiling and it does not disappoint. I don't have the carpet shampooer attachment yet, but whether or not my references decide to undergo the demo, I will be getting one.

        As far as the water basin in the unit where so many people complain about it. You are cleaning your home. In order for this piece of machinery to function as intended, you have to clean and maintain it. It requires work as does the cleaning itself. Unless you can afford to hire a maid (who likely won't clean anywhere near as well as the Rainbow), roll up your sleeves and keep the basin clean. Common sense tells you that after vacuuming you don't just put hair and dirt filled water containers aside for days unless you are trying to grow something 5 kinds of disgusting and will smell awful. Cleaning doesn't end when you turn the power off! It is a necessary step in providing yourself with a cleaner home. Small price to pay.

        I could not be happier with the Rainbow and the Rep that demoed it did an amazing job of explaining all the functions and capabilities. 10/10 would recommend not only the Rainbow system, but the rep I bought it from. You are investing in a cleaner home with a system that is durable and long lasting. But your house will only be cleaner if you use it. Hopefully my review gives you some insight into possibly purchasing a Rainbow system. I won't tell you to just do it already. Do your research, check out what is out there. But for me, this is the best vacuum system I could possibly want.

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        Rated with 5 stars
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 12, 2019

        It saddens me to see all these sad stories of bad distributors. The Rainbow is a great product. So advice from me would be the Rainbow is great but check the reputation of the sales rep. And office in which you are purchasing from. These are all horror stories and the region I'm in does not work like that. A lot of these reviews are not true of the Rainbow itself. Not all the offices operate like this. I know none of it is true in our office. We can show anyone. Your attachments get shipped. Earning your Rainbow for free is possible! You do get more free stuff for booking more shows.

        After months of allergy testing and many medications for my kids with no results we decided to get an air purifier. While scrolling FB I saw a post for a free air cleaner so I signed up. We were shown the Rainbow and thought this is great. It's an everything machine. I noticed day 1 how much better I felt in the morning. 2 weeks later I noticed my kids hadn't been complaining about their illnesses so I started weaning them off their meds. We are 3 months medicine and allergy free!!! Also when I vacuum my carpet and I can see through the water is like pure satisfaction. ???? I'm saving so much time and money not going to the docs and getting prescriptions. I ran demos and got my machine for free! I am now selling them. I love the company I work for. And I love making a difference in other people's lives.

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        35 people found this review helpful

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          Rated with 5 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 18, 2019

          We purchased our Rainbow 3 months ago, and it has been the best decision we have made for our family! First off, it acts as an air purifier 24/7 which means I clean up a FRACTION of pet hair (I have a long haired dog and cat) from the floors than I used to. Secondly, my carpeted stairs and microfiber couch have never been cleaner. The stairs feel fluffy and squishy instead of matted and intertwined with black dog hair. Being able to easily clean all of my hardwood floors & baseboards, dust my electronics, pictures and shelves with one machine and with no chemicals has made me feel so grateful!

          On top of just loving the Rainbow itself, learning about the quality of indoor air and being able to protect my family has been a huge blessing. We owned a Dyson before this, and we thought we had a good product. It has proved to be less than amazing, they just have really good marketing. Dry filters don't work no matter if they are in a $500 Dyson or a $3500 Kirby. Water as a filter is genius and it's really not hard to clean out, so totally worth the extra step.

          I didn't have $3000 in my bank account when we had our presentation, so I am so grateful that they offered me a payment plan. I would pay $100 a month for the rest of my life if I meant I would be able to keep this machine in my home. Don't be scared of the price tag, folks! Realize that these Dealers are doing their best to provide for their families as well, so you are able to help other people just like yourself instead of throwing money away to some billion dollar company.

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          53 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 5 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 5, 2019

          My mother bought a rainbow back in the early 80s, it still works, I bought her a new tank and a brush for her motorized head and it has less options than mine, but still does a great job. My neighbor bought one and I agreed to let them do a demo and told them I wasn't buying it. The guy came over and was as plastic as they come. He told me putting ice cubes in it would drop the room temperature 3 degrees, I told him, "No, it doesn't have a condenser. That ain't happening." He went on and on about the air purifier and kept banging this light on the floor. I kept telling him, "Move on, I've seen everything you have shown me so far."

          Finally he gets to the part where he vacuums my hardwood floors and shows me all the dirt and sand in between the planks, then he uses the rain jet to clean the floor. He only spent about five minutes doing that, but it worked. That was what I needed to want one. I never buy from anyone selling door to door, but I asked him how much for the vacuum and the rain jet, he came back at $3,800 or so, so I told him to take a hike.

          I continued to look online and I finally found a place in NYC that sells remanufactured rainbows for about $1,300, so about a third of the price. I bought it and it came in the mail and everything on it was brand new. I probably would never get any warranty work for the guy, but anyone with a little mechanical background can repair one of these with a YouTube video. It does a great job, I have had mine for probably two years. There are multiple sites online that sell the deodorized, scents and accessories. I just bought the small power nozzle and some scent and replacement brushes for a little over $100. It removes hair, dust, skins cells and it smells clean as it works. It's worth having one, but don't ever let them in your house and buy it online, on Amazon. You can check out the person's rating and you will save thousands.

          The Rexaire people will try to scare you by saying it will be stolen or they won't service it, guess what? They won't service it without you paying for the service anyway so why pay more. Why give up three hours of your life to get an AIDA salesperson, who lies about things that they don't even need to lie about. Guess what? It is a great product, but you will always have dust and dirt and skin cells in your house, this just does a much better job than most vacuums at removing them.

          Plus when you clean it, everything is wet, so you don't have all this nasty dust going back into the air. Instead you have to clean a bedpan, but it cleans completly in about 15 minutes and then you just put it up. You need to clean the spinning filter about every other time, because it get a lot of fine dust on it and you need to change the HEPA filter about once a year, don't try to run water over it and let it dry, it won't. Just spend the $18 and throw it out like your AC filters. Great product, way overprice if you get it from a dealer.

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          69 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 5 stars
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: March 5, 2019

          We bought our Rainbow cleaning system in August 2018. Within 24 hours I could already feel the difference in the air. If you have ever researched home air purifiers then you know they are pricey and a lot of maintenance costs over the lifespan. The Rainbow uses cold tap water as its filter!!! You never have to buy another filter!!! I was quoted $2000 to put air scrubbers in both our HVAC systems and those only cleaned the air. Not our home.

          BONUS, I was able to get the Rainbow for free. I was super proactive and contacted my friends with kids struggling with allergies and asthma. I was able to get fully reimbursed within 45 days. It not only is an amazing product but our family got it for free. We only paid the tax. We have had it six months and the water basin still looks new. Our children (6 & 18 months) are NEVER sick!!! That’s worth every penny even if we had to pay it in full. I use the system as a wet vac at least twice weekly since I have a boy who likes to be messy. Our lives have changed for the better because of this system. Seeing negative reviews about the demo and people who didn’t finish earning it free is giving many people the wrong perception for a super awesome product.

          We have seen so many friends with kids on inhalers slow down or stop the use all together. Friends off allergy meds. People cleaning and actually enjoying it! Feeling clean! The reduction in cost for cleaning supplies in the home has been amazing. I clean my entire home with the rainbow system and Norwex clothes. I have sanitizing wipes just in case but I rarely use them. It’s hard to believe the Rainbow cleans EVERY THING in our home but it truly does.

          If you are looking for a solution to smelly, mildew, pet stinky, cat odor type of air in your home or even workplace, this will fix that problem. If you hate buying new filters and cleaning them between use while being exposed to all that crazy dust and dirt when dumping your vacuum, this will fix your problem. From a mom to all the mom and dads out there, your health and children’s health will Thank You. You should never regret investing in the lifespan of your home and your family.

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          35 people found this review helpful
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          Rated with 2 stars
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Feb. 15, 2020

          I put my info in a drawing and I got a Rainmate. The guy was really nice but the time he stayed was ridiculous. 3 hours just to show the vacuum and its properties. People have things to do. That's disrespectful.

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          Rated with 1 star
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          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 15, 2020

          Powerhead belt broken told me to buy s/parts for$15, used the powerhead a handful of times. I own dyson stick vacuum and kirby and had no problem with the belt till now. Think twice b4 u buy. Unit is overpriced and warranty is **.

          7 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 3 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Jan. 10, 2020

          The Rainbow vacuum distributor showed yesterday up for what was a 20-30 minute demonstration. Two hours later we purchased the newest Rainbow Vacuum. I finally got to try it today and it did not meet the hype. Our home is 80% hard floors and it failed. Unless you repeatedly go over the same spot it is no better than a broom. It appeared to be great on carpets and did provide a nice clean smell from the water reservoir but just isn't for hard floors. The other issue is that it is 20 lbs. My wife and I each have some medical issues and lugging this up and down stairs is a chore. If you own a 1 story wall to wall carpeted ranch-style home this is a GREAT investment. Otherwise think it through.

          9 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 5 stars
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 8, 2019

          This exceptional cleaning system blew my mind!!!! I don't care what anybody says! It purifies the air it cleans like no other machine I've ever seen. If you thought your house was clean, think again. Your house isn't clean until you've used the Rainbow cleaning system trust me!!!! DON'T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVITY ABOUT THIS MACHINE, THEY'RE JUST HATERS!

          9 people found this review helpful
          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 6, 2019

          Somehow, some way like many I've read on here was conned into Purchasing a Rainbow vacuum. The next day I woke up and realized it was a horrible mistake because I can't afford at over $3000 vacuum. I've called Everyone I could call in order to try and return this vacuum. Yes it does lots of amazing things and it purifies your air. And there is a 10 year guarantee on it. However it did take me 6 months of blowing up the phone of the person who sold this vacuum to me To get my free air purifier. And the other Accessories for referring friends that did the demo.

          I think it is ridiculous that you can't return something the very next day and that the customer service is 0 help with this issue. They are definitely con artist. But for those on the site that I have seen who have wanted to buy a vacuum and were not approved Yes it is a wonderful vacuum. It does so many things and you can also use it for an air purifier and you can literally see the hair and dirt that comes out of your air so that's really awesome. I also has the entire mob set. That is usually sold separately, and air purifier and essential oils.

          So for anyone reading this that may possibly have wanted to buy a rainbow but was the unapproved. I am desperate to sell this vacuum in this entire set because I can't afford it. So if you could get a loan from a bank somewhere for this or someone and wanted to purchase it for the amount that I still owe I would be so grateful. It would help me and I would help you. If you would like pictures or more info on this it is brand new and has only been used 2 or 3 Tops. I am gonna leave my email address. Please serious inquiries only!! **. If I take a few days to answer it is only because I don't always check my email daily.

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          11 people found this review helpful

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            Rainbow vacuums are manufactured by Rexair LLC, an American company founded in 1932. Rexair rebranded its vacuums as Rainbow in the 1950s and continues to use the name.

            • Water washing: Rainbow vacuums use water to clean floors naturally.

            • Available attachments: Owners can add attachments for cleaning refrigerator coils, upholstery and small spaces.

            • Fewer pollutants: Rainbow vacuums are certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to remove pollutants from the air.

            • Parts and supplies: Consumers can purchase parts and supplies from Rainbow's website.

            • Worldwide distribution: Rainbow partners with distributors all over the world to make buying its vacuums more convenient.

            • Best for: Rainbow vacuums are good options for homeowners, renters and landlords who want clean, attractive floors.

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