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I am giving them 1 star because you have to rate in order to give a review. First of all, I was pissed because my time was wasted. He said the demo would be 45 min to an hour. An hour later he is still rattling and I am tapping the face of my watch. I am not a fan of salesman when it comes to consumer sales and I definitely did not like the beat around the bush approach, casually and covertly throwing shade and trying to be witty but sounding like an ass. They give you the free gift (the mini air cleaner) but then yank out a big advertisement for a $3000 set of pots. NEXT. He pulls out a flood light and calls it a black light trying to show us the dust in the air. OK. What's your point? Then he pulls this huge thing out of the box, puts water in it and turns it on. YAWN. Ok so at this point I am like... "listen we are not interested. This "air cleaner" is way overpriced. We are not paying 3k for this."

I told him the price itself is not practical for working class people and although we could have purchased multiple units we were not because the price is ridiculous. He argues with me that he is right and to let him tell you why he is right. I told him "pack it up. I am not interested." As he is packing it up... He is consistently mouthing off about he goes through this all the time and who in America is "practical". I wanted to put my practical foot up his simple **. But I refrained from even responding to this nonsense. What I wanted to tell him was that he was an epic fail in the way he handled the entire demo from start to finish. When a potential customer challenges you, you don't get cocky and try to go word for word. You zip it and you be professional.

He was young, immature and tacky. I wouldn't have purchased one if he was polished however, a polished individual would not work for this company nor would they have behaved as he did... Which means this consumer complaint would have never been written. The quality of a company's employees directly reflect the quality of the company itself.

I wanted to say that I was skeptical at first as I am certain all people would be! I love the Rainbow system!! It is amazing as a cleaning system and keeps the air fresh in my home!! However, I wasn't sure if I would really get the money back for doing the "Go for it" program. I had nothing to lose, so I started booking the referrals. I followed the guidelines they gave me and had no issues on my program. I read all these reviews and find it really hard to believe that these people did not get the same treatment I did. I have had a great experience and got my checks yesterday in the mail!!! This is a great opportunity to earn one for free and I love my system. I had some really great and fun reps, now some were little better than others, but it was still entertaining! Thank you Rainbow.

I absolutely love the effectiveness of the Rainbow. It will definitely live up to expectations. I see a lot of negative reviews, but its usually just people upset because it's expensive or they had the misfortune of a bad sales rep/distributor. I had very nice and informative reps, they were hardly pushy. We are blessed with an amazing local distributor and team. I decided to earn my free Rainbow, and I most definitely got paid! Its a great product, and its worth the extra money.

As far as the reps and distributors go, every franchise has good and bad in it. I can go to one McDonald's and get great food from smiling employees; their boss is probably good to them! On the other hand, the McDonald's downtown will guarantee sloppy food from grumpy, unhappy employees. I bet they don't have that good of a team behind the scenes. Bottom line, see a demo for yourself and decide from there. Keep an eye out for pushy salesmen or ridiculous prices. Those people infect every type of work out there. Try to avoid buying secondhand or online, the warranty is a good thing to have, just in case!

Rainbow Go4it program is a scam. I accepted the Rainbow Vacuum knowing after I was told about the Go4it program of selling 2 vacuum to my closest friends and relatives. I was told that I only had to do 12 shows to be qualify for the full payment of the vacuum. I sold three vacuums. At the ninth show, I ask for confirmation of completed shows and was given the correct # of shows. Upon completion of my 12th show, I requested my gifts and compensation check to pay off the vacuum. After a few emails, I received a reply back from Norma, (the crook) that manages the program stating that one of my show was disqualified and that they had sent me out an email stating this and I did not respond back.

The crooked Norma also stated that my time was expired and there was nothing that could have been done. It's my intention to stop this deceptive practice of tricking innocent hard working people to take on responsibilities of which they would not normally have sign up for. I am really feeling bad too because I have invited these crooked people into my friends and relatives home to take disadvantage of them. We really need to stop Norma and everyone who is apart of the program. I am willing to go to the FBI.

After a demo I decided to buy the Rainbow Vacuum using the Go4It program. This is the big mistake in my life. The rep used tactic to make me buy. I called the rep the third day because I changed my mind. I did want to return the item. Never heard about him. I called several times, send email to the customer manager but she told me it's too late. I tried to book friends for the demo, I couldn't find any rep. I ended up with a bill over $3000. I never told by the Rainbow agent that it will be financed by another company. They asked me to filed for bankruptcy which I don't want to. JANE FROM DOUGLASVILLE you can contact me. I would like that to stop. This is a scam. Be aware people.

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I love this machine and everything about it. Mine is going to be 10 years old in August and still runs like it did out of the box. I have really bad allergies and that's why I bought the machine. It does wonders for the air quality - I might have to dust with a rag once a month, if that, because weekly vacuuming with this machine takes care of dust in the house. I will say their sales people and sales tactics are sketchy. You have to do your research and be 10 steps ahead of those people. Their goal is to SELL you add-ons, play games with you to "earn" add-ons (like give me 10 names and phone numbers and you get a steamer). Your goal should be to get just the vacuum for the least amount of money! You'll love it!

I have owned my Rainbow for 10 years, no issues. I think the people having problems are probably not using them properly or cleaning them after use. It is superb for removing dog hair, cleaning cars, and shampooing carpet (with the optional aquamate). I sold these in high school to earn my mother a free system. That was 15 years ago and her system still works like new, no issues. When used properly, I have heard these will last 20-25 years. The cost isn't really an issue when you factor in that longevity. In order to learn how to use one properly, you need a demonstration. Don't just buy on eBay, unless you have owned one before.

A friend asked me to sit for a demo for her in other to keep hers for free. So I and my husband sat for 3 1/2 hours to watch the demonstration. I liked the cleaning power of the Rainbow and decided to keep it and do the same "go4it" program my friend did. The price after a $600 discount was supposed to be $2760, which would be reimburse by Rainbow after completing 12 "approved" shows. I did 13 shows in less than 40 days. 4 of my friends kept the Rainbow. I then requested for my $2760 check, and a representative emailed me stating only 9 of my 13 shows were qualified. I then requested for the list of the unqualified shows and the reason it was disqualified but they never responded to my mails nor my calls. Mind you, I followed their qualification guidelines thoroughly and I knew I met all their requirements, but Rainbow refused to keep their own side of the deal.

They are looking to enslave people and enrich themselves at the process. I called the finance company to pay off the Rainbow but the crooks only accepts debit and MasterCard. The payoff price excluding the interest and taxes was $2948.92 instead of $2760 as advertised by all the rainbow representative. I do have a full video of their demo secretly recorded, so as to expose their lies. Sabrina and her husband Javier heads the Roswell office of scam. It's about time we expose their fraudulent acts and safe future victims. I already contacted Jim Strickland of wsbtv, so if you want to join me to put an end to this scammers, contact me.

I cannot and will not believe what you people are writing. I own a home childcare. Use my Rainbow several times a day every day. No issues. We use it to clean the air as well. I did earn my system free. So the bs lies need to stop. Rainbow system has changed my life for the better. I have asthma and since we've gotten our system I have not been sick at all and my husband does not snore anymore. It's a win win for all of us.

We were given one when my mother in law upgraded to a newer rainbow and we used it for several years until we moved overseas and I gave it away. I believe it was a D4. When we moved back to the states I regretted giving it up and bought a newer rainbow I found on eBay, an E series. Since the water catches all the dirt and dust it helps with my allergies. We flush the water down the toilet - not difficult at all and we don't need bags. Most of the complaints I've read seem to be centered around the sales and service. Since we bought a used one on eBay we have no opinion. We don't leave the water in the tank when we're not using it and we haven't run into any maintenance issues. We've been using this vacuum for over 9 years now and haven't had any issues. The only downside I've found is as I get older carrying it upstairs gets a little old.

Elite Solutions claims that you will earn a free Rainbow if you do 20 qualified demonstrations. They say that you do not have to sell. However, the only way you make money is by selling. If within the 20 demos you do not sell 1 out of 5 demonstrations he will have a trainer go with you. They make it very hard to actually earn a Rainbow for free. They trap you into purchasing a Rainbow by going on the equity program fully knowing that most people do not earn theirs for free. They also hire people claiming they will make $2000 bi-weekly no sales required. That too is misleading. I would not purchase a Rainbow or work for Elite Solutions located in Sioux Falls ever again.

We bought Rainbow Vacuum around $3,000, about 6 years ago. We have a big family and a lot of people use it several times a week. In 6 years we repaired that vacuum around 4 times, and it cost us around all together around $2,000. So buy vacuum like Toyota that is durable and requires very little maintenance, don't waste your money on a vacuum like BMW that requires a lot, lot of maintenance, and it's not durable. Yes, this vacuum cleans excellent if you have dog, and washes carpet really good. If you don't have pets in the house, don't waste your money.

I found out the hard way that the distributorship operated by Barrington Francis in Atlanta office is corrupted and dishonest. He has reps go out with Rainbow systems that appear to be new in the box. Actually they are mostly demo units that have been cleaned up and put back into new boxes. Here is what they do. They DEMO what they call a new unit and if you decide to buy it, then you get that unit.

Now what is wrong with that picture. Suppose you don't buy it, which their closing rate is around 50%. What the rep eventually told me was that the unit goes back to the office and they clean it up and send it back out for another demo as a new unit until it's sold. So this process can happen over and over again. The kicker is they have not just one rep doing demos, so you can imagine the number of units that are MISREPRESENTED as new and are actually demo units sold for $2700 with tax.

When I found this out and tried to return it, 2 days after the 3-day return policy, it was too late. I confronted Barrington with this information and asked him point blank if this is what they do. He refused to answer me. I am appalled and disappointed at this level of deceit. When I tried to talk with Barrington, he was rude, telling me to stop bothering him and hung up on me.

I bought it on a payment 18 mo plan. So I asked Barrington to cancel the order and call the lending bank. He refused saying it was past the 3-day time limit for returns. I called the home office and because these are independent distributors, their hands are tied which was another sign of how badly this company is operated. If the parent company has no control over lies and deception of people selling their products, then that speaks even worse of the integrity of the company and product. This has turned out to be a nightmare! Stay away from this company!!!

I had the displeasure of having a 4.5 hour long demo at my house for the Rainbow. While it is impressive, it does not merit taking up that much of my time. I have also had the horrific experience of being stalked and harassed by the salesman. He also did this with several friends and relatives after being told no repeatedly. This high pressure sales pitch coupled with the harassment absolutely astounds me as a preferred business tactic. I would NEVER support this company after what they put me and my friends through. The salesman also made up a fake program in order to "earn" a free Rainbow. This NEVER happened.

After a day of bogus training and other bogus house trips that were "supposed" to be trainings, the entire program was changed and his supervisor admitted it was made up entirely. They also had NO money to give a free Rainbow to someone who completed the program. Do not trust a company who lies and has extremely shady business practices. Go to Amazon or eBay if you want one-- much cheaper and no harassing salesman!

We participated in the referral program for a friend. I felt very pressured the entire time. I hesitantly proceeded. The whole time the rep was seeking sympathy for only having one car & used lines that was almost insulting to us as customers. I was impressed by the machine & now we are in the process of trying to refer other people to rainbow dealer. Show 12 & sell 2. The only problem is when I set one up the dealer never follows through & is able to show the product. Stories change & so far we have yet to show this to a friend. We no do not want to keep asking friends & family to see this product since our dealer is not able to help us out. I have talked to some other people & they have experienced similar issues with referral program. Please use caution when using this program.

Please run very fast from this company. Good product way overpriced. Can buy them for about a third of the cost off Amazon and eBay all day long. High pressure sales tactics - will give you one for free if you do so many demos - that's a bold face lie. Way too expensive and extreme high pressure to sign you up today. Only reason I gave them one star is that it will not take your review if you don't.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT buy this system. If you get a sales person telling you won the little Rainbow system which do a damn thing. Then they pull out the vacuum and show how much better than the one you currently. So they do their routine and you will obviously are impressed. Stop right then and there and throw them out the door. I was stupid thinking it's better than my Shark. They neglected to tell you how heavy it is so going up and down stairs is out of the question, it's TOO HEAVY. Plus they don't tell you anything about longer horse, nor about the cleaning the hardwood floors or tile, that you have to buy separately. I just bought 2 mos. ago and it's worthless. $3,000 gone for a worthless machine.

So, I entered a drawing for an air purifier at my cat's veterinarian office. Apparently I was chosen as a winner. They called me to tell me I won and insisted they drop the purifier off at my house. I asked if I could pick it up and they said no. So, I set a time for them to drop it off... A guy came over, brought a very different version of the purifier I entered to win, then asked if he could show me the big purifier. I said ok. This turned into an hour long demo then a 20-minute high-pressure sales talk to buy a $2800 air purifier. I said no many times and the price magically dropped to 1800. I still said no and the salesperson said most people could afford $50 a month... At this point I almost got hood on him. He also made me feel awful that I didn't help him win his monthly sales contest. Never enter a drawing for one of these purifiers. I felt very disrespected and caught off guard.

When I purchased this rainbow cleaning system, I was told that I could use a credit card. But since I was waiting for a new one in the mail, I decided to give my checking account info. After couple of weeks, I received a letter in the mail stating that my contract was purchased by United Consumer Financial Services. So I called them up immediately to pay this off by credit card, since that's what my original intent was. Customer service said they don't accept Amex.

So I called them back again to pay with a different card and to my disappointment, I was told that they don't accept credit card payment at all! With a massive interest rate of 25% per annum, which I don't want to fall into, I have no option but to pay in cash. The amount they financed was for $3k and I was only able to pay $2,500.00. After seeing the next bill, I was shocked that the pay off would be $637.63. Therefore, I was charged an interest of $137.63 in just a month!!! I contacted customer service and was told that that's what I signed for.

First, I was never told by the Rainbow agent that it will be financed by another company and the rate will be this humongous. Second, I was not even given any reconsideration to have this interest get lowered even I already paid almost all of it during the first month. This financial firm would just suck your money away! After reading a lot of bad reviews about them, I decided to just pay this off so that I won't deal with them anymore. So beware of this scheme! As for the rainbow product, it didn't help with my allergies at all. I do recommend it as a vacuum cleaner but it's too pricey for one.

I first bought the Rainbow in 1998, had been suffering from asthma and some other allergies for years. Since using the Rainbow, my symptoms have very much alleviated and I'm healthier than ever. I have been looking around for any other product in the market that is as good as the Rainbow if not better, so far I have not heard or seen any in the market. Recently I have traded in for the latest version Rainbow, and it's even more incredible than my old Rainbow. Just love the machine!!

We were scammed into buying this vacuum from them without making it clear that we would be paying over 4,000.00 for A VACUUM. They will not work with us on this amount. We can't afford to pay this kind of money for a vacuum that is a lot of work just to use it, having to put water in it and hooking everything up on it before you can even start, then having to redo the water every few mins to keep it working right. If anyone knows how we can get out of this mess please let me know. The way they got us to buy into this should get them FIRED.

The product cleans better for allergies than any other vacuum I have tried and lasts more than long enough to be worth the price. A company I worked with in the restoration and museum industry will not use anything else on 16th century tapestries actually and the Rainbow company replaced several motors on their 20 year plus models. Never have I seen so much pulled out of a carpet and the water dumping was super easy. While I dislike the company's pushy nature and sales reps, I wouldn't buy any others anymore. The quality of the equipment well makes up for the price as it works well for a very long time and they are pretty good about replacing warranty parts.

Went to a show in San Diego, got a call that we were randomly selected to receive a free Rainmate, that they would come down and deliver the product. Well 3 hours later after demonstrating the Rainbow system, they tried everything to get us to buy right now. And give them names to contact people. After they left they left their mess behind, and we never got our Rainmate. "We will ship it to you." All in all beware of them, it sounds like a good Idea, but it's not worth it.

Great product, absolute worst company I have ever worked for. I've never written reviews or been the type to complain, I'm very kind and gave this company many chances. I was not paid twice by two different dealers who owned their own offices! The first one quit Rainbow because of their unprofessionalism and the other, Anita **, just wanted to constantly call and text my phone for my help and claimed how great she was and how she would never not pay someone LOL! Yet when I wanted to mention my last paycheck, no answer! If you are in Florida in the St. Pete area do not purchase a Rainbow from those snakes.

I did the program (show 12 demos and sell 2) to get my Rainbow for free. I did 12 demos and sold 2. The rainbow reps told me that they were qualified sells. Around the time I was supposed to receive my checks the office contacted me to tell me one of my sales did not qualify. First, the reps at the demo had already told me they qualified. Second, I finished my program a month early, but they waited until my program expired to inform me one of them was not qualified. MISLEADING AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I've owned my Rainbow for 2 years that I purchased from Craig in Reading and it works great for my pet hair and my daughter's asthma! Wouldn't use anything else as this is my second one - had my first for 12 years before trading it in. Have owned other high end vacuums and none compare to it. I do have friends that haven't had the best optimal experience with some of their representatives, but that doesn't take away from the machine being the best of the best. Highly recommend this machine for people with pets and allergies!

My mother has dementia. SOMEHOW (I'm guessing from a sub-contractor building her a new gate) a sales rep got her phone number. My sister called by chance at 3:00. My mother said she couldn't talk, there were people there. My mother, NEVER a social butterfly, has become a shut-in. Red flags. My sister called back at 4:30. The 2 men (WHAT?!) were still there. I grabbed my lover after work and charged over. These (2) 25 year-old college students, very handsome, said, "You must be the daughter," and started packing up, while starting the sales pitch on me. I walked over to the receipt. The man was holding the signed check from my mother for $3200. I literally gasped. I saw my mother's face change, and she realized she had made a TERRIBLE mistake.

I marched up to the man and growled, "Hand her the back the check." VERY lucky he didn't have an app on his phone to deposit immediately. He stalled and hemmed and hawed, and I threatened to call the cops. (WISH I HAD.) He gave her the check and she tore it up. The "Original price was $6000 (WHO THE ** BUYS A $6000 VACUUM FOR A HOUSE!) but with her medical discounts, it was half price." In a very low, I-mean-business tone, I stated, "Get. Out." After telling me I obviously don't love my mother, they left. We began conservatorship paperwork immediately. My mother is no longer in charge of her money.

I purchased a rainbow vacuum for my mother a number of years ago as a gift. The product exceeded our expectations. Although different in structure and design from many vacuum cleaners that use bags to collect dust (rainbow uses water), this vacuum displays excellent cleaning capabilities. It traps dust and debris in water. The collected debris is not fun to empty, but does demonstrate how much dirt convention bag vacuums sometimes miss. My only regret is that the Rainbow vacuum costs so much today, it is quite expensive when many competing products sell for a few hundred dollars. I would recommend the Rainbow cleaning system to everyone. It is an excellent product and very well built.

A representative came to my home, I had a bad feeling about the product. The presentation took three hours too long. I did unfortunately purchase the rainbow vacuum. I stopped paying on the vacuum and I receive call twice a day every day even on Sunday. I just had a so-called representative show up at my door today to collect on the money I owe. Last time I checked even if the account goes into collections, I never thought I would see the day they come to your door to collect. I would never recommend purchasing or even have a representative come to your home. I regret purchasing this product!

An ex-friend, who is my neighbor, begged me continually to have the salesperson come over and do a demo. After cleaning my house extensively, the neighbor, the salesman and another man enter my home. I only said A salesman can come over... unsettling feeling begins. They start the Demo with checking out and commenting on the things in my home. He called me "HONEY" too and was quite flamboyant! (No ONE calls me HONEY!)

Then of course turning to my husband faking they know something about his career. (CLUELESS) They talk fast for a reason. They are diverting your attention as the insert dirt packs in the hoses and nozzles. My husband pulled it out during the "Demo". The neighbor was in on the "demo" too. As she was rambling nervously and saying hurry up I have to go to church. Don't talk during the "Demo", talking over me as I am talking to my husband and when I went outside THE SALESMAN was talking loudly in front of my home about how nasty my house was.

I walked outside, lit my cigarette. My neighbor reminds me how she HAS TO go to church. I told them it was a no go as my neighbor is burning in hell in my house apparently, and I had other Adult plans in my future. Commented on his Lexus and he said it was his third. I asked "Did you wreck the previous two?" Matter of fact, yes! I said "Well, you need to learn how to take CARE OF the things you work hard for!" He packed up and commenced to say negative things outside of my home, at which point, I closed and locked my door. I called my neighbor and she laughed. I said... "This isn't a joke... When you decide to wear your big girl panties, CALL ME! DO NOT LET THE HUSBAND WIFE ACT IN YOUR HOME! He was pushy and casing my home!

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Rainbow vacuums are manufactured by Rexair LLC, an American company founded in 1932. Rexair rebranded its vacuums as Rainbow in the 1950s and continues to use the name.

  • Water washing: Rainbow vacuums use water to clean floors naturally.
  • Available attachments: Owners can add attachments for cleaning refrigerator coils, upholstery and small spaces.
  • Fewer pollutants: Rainbow vacuums are certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to remove pollutants from the air.
  • Parts and supplies: Consumers can purchase parts and supplies from Rainbow's website.
  • Worldwide distribution: Rainbow partners with distributors all over the world to make buying its vacuums more convenient.
  • Best for Rainbow vacuums are good options for homeowners, renters and landlords who want clean, attractive floors.

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