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I had a boat loan for 7 years and WAS NEVER LATE ON A PAYMENT. I sent additional money ($500) each month and the bank refused to apply it to principal. Instead they applied it to future payment thereby costing me thousands of dollar over the term of the loan. Each time I call to request the money to be applied to principal, the customer service person was rude and would not help.

Also, I had an insurance claim on the boat this past summer and the insurance company made the claim check out to me and Santander. I had to sent the check to TX to get it endorsed. They kept my check for over a month then told me they were APPLYING THE CHECK TO MY PRINCIPAL and I would have to pay out of pocket get the boat repaired!!! This has to be illegal!!! I had to argue with the customer service rep and request a supervisor. I finally got my money ONLY BECAUSE I PAID OFF THE LOAN!!! THIS WAS THE WORST BANKING EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD!!!

1st time car buyer taken advantage of by bank and dealer Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles. Felix Chevrolet Los Angeles CA Gap insurance on contract never filed/reported. Ext warranty on contract never filed/reported. 1 month car insurance never reported. Apr was 25.97%. 16k car. After full pay off would've paid 41k. Dealer told me my car was salvage because it was a prior rental. But it was really salvage because it was stolen. Recovered after the alloted time frame. Santander Consumer Contract started Feb 2014. Repoed from my gate Friday August 2015 illegally and they had no reason to do it. I was making my payments but claimed no record. Got car back first on a Monday. Paid $1500. Possession were lost. Car was already headed to auction.

April 2015 I call to make a payment. They told me my account was on hold. I asked the following questions: Why? How? Since when? Why? They don't know. How? They don't know. Since when? Jan 2015. So I paid 3 months when my account was hold. Who took my money? 2 months later and countless calls to the bank. They told me my loan was paid in full. I owe nothing. I asked the following: How? Why? I never have my consent so why would you let someone pay it off. I don't know for all. Title never came until I finally received it 14 months later. It was only going to take 30 days. Lol. Still no info. Plenty lies and fraud along the way though.

This is the second letter I write to the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. This letter serves as a follow-up to previous complaints about Santander Consumer USA Inc. (Santander), in reference the bank's negligent actions that has resulted harmful to my finances and my family. Today, I am informing you that my situation has worsened; now I no longer have my car, used to earn a living as a driver, have no credit and lost my job; additionally, will have to leave my house. As of today, since I no longer can afford to pay the rent; all these unfortunate events caused by Santander, and I have no idea what else can I do under this circumstances.

I am truly desperate due to a situation caused by the negligence of Santander; how could it be possible that I am involved in this situation, which I did not caused, through no fault of my own; and no one seems to care or do something about it; I don't have the means or resources to defend myself or hire an attorney; Santander stated that they would resolve this problem, but instead they came and took my card, my only means of income, and I lost all the monies paid, even the initial downpayment on the car. On my initial letter of complaint I informed that: I make a living as a driver, which is my sole source of income and on March 20th, 2016, I was involved in an automobile accident; and I took my car to EXPERT COLLISION & WHEELS CORP, which is an approved auto repair service provider by my insurance company.

This collision repair company finished repairing my car a couple of weeks later and the insurance company sent a check to my home address for final payment to the auto repair company, which had to be endorsed by me and Santander. I immediately proceeded to send the check to Santander for its endorsement and prompt payment to EXPERT COLLISION & WHEELS CORP.

Santander failed to endorse and send the corresponding payment check to this auto repair company in due time; and Santander's lack of response is what has led to this unfortunate situation, that caused damage and harm to my family's well-being by sequestering my only source of income and placing my family in financial hardship. I am very frustrated and concerned to say the least; I expected a much higher level of service from Santander's organization; and trust that this letter of complaint is useful to your Agency to assist in solving this unfortunate situation with Santander. Thanking you in advance for your valued support on this matter.

If there was a way to give less than one star I sure would. The company is quick to send nasty letters, sometimes even before the due date. The last payment, "pay-off", does not automatically get deducted from auto pay, but notice comes as a demand letter to settle a claim. Don't even think about calling and asking any questions, I've been on hold with them for approximately 3 hours, for 10 minutes of very rude conversations. After six months, I still have no title to my boat, so they sent me release of lien, and told me to take it to DMV to apply for new title... I told them to take their paper work and shove it, but they probably hear that day in day out, because she didn't even flinch. Stay away from them if possible.

To even talk to a customer service representative who didn't talk over you is almost impossible at this bank! The worst customer service ever! Regardless of who's right and who's wrong better customer service training is a must!

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This company is a rip off! First off they financed a car and I was told the price was $23,000 and that is exactly what the car dealership showed me. After getting home and reading the contract, I am paying $40,000 for a car b/c of interest! If I would have known that, I never would have purchased the car. I lost my job not to long after getting the car and they would not even work with me. Even after I told them I got a job and could start making payments after I get paid on the new job they was not trying to hear that. They wanted a payment upfront and told me that the car was already out for repossession. At this point, I really don't care! They are so low down and dirty that I would rather have to straighten out my credit b/c of them then have to deal with them and this ridiculous price they want me to pay for this car. Run from this company and do not fool with them! They need to be investigated and I promise you they will owe a lot of people money!!

If I could choose no stars I would. We recently bought and sold a house and as is typical our mortgage lender (not Santander) needed information about our accounts including our Santander accounts. Every time my wife or myself went into this branch we were made to wait a long long time only to be told, "Oh we can't do that for you here." or "You will have to wait until you receive your statement in the mail".... many other answers but NEVER "Oh yes you are the customer and we get these requests all the time and we'll take care of it." NEVER. Always, No! "NO we cannot do that, not possible. You'll have to do it yourself." BLAH BLAH BLAH. AWFUL AWFUL. As soon as we can we will be closing our account with them and never EVER EVER doing business with them again.

This company are scammers! I recommend nobody does any business with Santander! I financed my car through them, and just today, I made my last payment. They will not release my title, even though they forced me to use a debit card ("because it's last payment, and it's paid automatically, as compared to check"). They harassed me from 7 am to 11 pm every month! If I made a payment today, they would ask when I would make next one.

They keep your payment information without your authority. They call your employer when you tell them you're not allowed calls at work. They charge you a $10.99 fee when you use credit, debit or check account. A 6 yr Payment on my car turned to be 8 yrs. I fell behind 3 months, and they added ridiculous fees! The experience was so bad, I will not get another car if it's through them, and if I start with another company and it transfers to Santander, I will return the car or have them repo it. They will destroy your credit, regardless of how good or bad you pay back.

So for the past year and a half I have been battling with Santander over my car payment. They keep telling me that I am behind but cannot send me a statement or any papers showing when and how I got behind. So for a year I had to call them to make my car payment over the phone which cost me $14.95 to do this. After a year of paying this fee I decided to mail the payment in to them. On each check was a bright sticky post-it with my name, phone number, DOB and last 4 of my SS# so that my payment got posted to the correct account. Along with all this info was also a request for a statement to be mailed to me.

So its been almost 2 years and I still have no paper statement with my balance. So last night when I got home from work a flatbed pulled in my driveway to repo my car. Said I was $1400 behind and he had to take it. I called Santander and they told me I was $2400 behind. I told her that the repo company said $1400 and she stated that it was $1000 in late fees. So we "chatted" back and forth about why it was so high. Even told her that I had not gotten a statement in the mail in almost 2 years. She checked on it and said it was flagged in the computer that it was not a good address and had came back. Don't know how many times it came back because she didnt share that info with me. I told her that I get my electric, gas, phone, cable, insurance and water bills at that address every month. I even asked where my letter was saying that they were going to repo my car and again she said it wasn't a good address.

So I am suppose to have a ton of late fees, a repo letter that never made it to me and statements that never made it to my address. She told me to check with my post office to see why they are not delivering my mail from Santander. I guess the post office goes thru my mail every month and picks out the Santander bill and sends it back according to the representative at Santander. What a JOKE. Every month when I mail a check to them I get an email saying my statement is ready but I cannot login to my account with them because I do not have an account and cannot set up one without my account number which they also will not give to me over the phone. They say they will mail it to me or email it to me. I have never got my account number via mail and cannot log into email without a password or account number. They just do not understand.

So here I sit with no car, no statement in almost 2 years and NO repo letter. I would never ever use Santander as a finance company. If you can finance somewhere else DO IT. They have cost me a fortune with "late fees, repo fees and the repo service fees" plus the past due they say I owe but cannot show it to me. I am very unhappy and am looking to see what I can do legally to take care of this ongoing matter.

I got a loan through Santander for a 2013 Chrysler. Last year I started having health issues and I was out of work on Short-Term disability. I did not have any income. I got behind. Long story short I asked what I needed to pay to get caught up. I paid over 1,500 and the very next day collection calls started again. I received the wrong information. I needed to pay more in order to catch up. I had already spent the money taking care of other bills. If given the right information I could have taken care of the delinquent balance. Getting the wrong information seems to be a trend with Santander. Fast Forward I was never able to catch up. I asked if they could refinance, defer a few payments so I could start fresh... nothing. I asked if I could drop off the car the representative said they didn't have a drop off location, that I would be notified about a pickup and I could meet the repo guy elsewhere other than my residence. That did not happen.

The repo company felt as if they needed to wait until 2 AM in order to repo the car. The driver was a complete jerk. I was trying to get my stuff out of the car and he tried to block the door and kept wanting the key. I explained once I get my things you can have the key. I am just trying to unlock the door. That turned into a bad experience. My neighbor even got involved.

Santander has ridiculous rates, you can never get correct information from them and they are dishonest about their collection practices. Not everyone wants to hide a car or fight the repo guy. I think more could have been done to help me keep the vehicle. When I was out of work they could help. When I went back to work there was nothing they can do. They definitely need better customer service and collection practices. Even as it pertains to getting my car back I got two different answers. One representative said I had 3 days to get it back, the other said I had until the 15th of the month. Legally they are supposed to notify you of their intent within 2 days by mail or phone. It has been 5 days and I have not received any phone calls or paperwork from Santander.

When I was approve for my 2013 Hyundai Accent I was happy up until 6-10-2016. I purchased an extended warranty from S-Guard for the amount of $1462.00 with terms of 36 months/50,000 miles. I was in a car wreck with this car and since then I have had a runaround. S-Guard is a sister of Santander meaning its under the same company. It's 8-5-2016 and I'm still getting the runaround about the refund from the extended warranty. They say one thing and tell me to the other back. Not only I'm getting the runaround I'm being charge $.76 per day interest on a car I dont have. Then I go looking for a car and its still showing I owe $10,065 when I only owe $1,749. But a payment is due on 9-6-2016. Santander need to be shut down and not able to do business in usa.

I fell behind on my auto loan because I fell and broke my back. When I got out of the hospital a few weeks ago I contacted Santander to make arrangements to get caught up. I am working with Raul. He told me if I made payment by August 10th they would not take legal action against me to repo my car. It is August 4th and I have banging on my front door at 9:00 pm and am being served papers for judgment against me to have my car repoed if I don't pay an additional 3 months worth of payments by the 29th along with their legal fees. I have a broken back, where am I supposed to pull $1800 from??? This company is the worst lender to work with. If I don't come up with the money they take my car and still expect me to pay for it. These people need to be shut down.

I purchased a car in 2012. The interest rate was very high but I was informed after one year of on time payment I could refinance through Santander. After the year was up Santander stated they do not do refinance. I purchased the car for 24,000 in 2012, it is 2016 and I still owe 18,000 on this car. Santander does not want to help me get out of this car. Any suggestions?

So today, July 25, 2016 around 12:30 at night, we get woken out our sleep by a tow truck taking our truck. We go outside to ask why, and he tells me it's being repo. I'm like "No it's not, it paid off and I've requested my titled. Who sent you?" He said "Santander." I tell him my truck is not financed through this company. I ask for the paperwork. He said it just has a work order with my information. I ask, "Can you email it to me?" He said he can't. I ask for a card for his towing company, he don't have one. So basically I don't know where our truck got towed to. I go online to log into my account. It won't let me, I do some research and come to find out my loan contract was giving to this company, without my knowing. It's 3:28 am and I'm waiting to call this Santander company. 5 years of truck payment @550.00, on time payment. This can't be happening.

Almost a month ago decided to make a cash deposit at a Santander Bank ATM. After Atm accepted my Atm bank card I chose the option for cash deposit. Noticed that after inserting cash into the ATM the screen mysteriously flashed an error on the screen. The machine took the money with no problem but failed to disperse a paper statement reflecting a deposit of $500.00 cash. I immediately requested another statement for a balance inquiry. I then noticed that $500.00 was not even shown as a deposit. Got home and opened a case for missing funds. Santander opened a case and was told that there were no overages in the ATM. I believe that their security department has not looked into it enough. This Bank is horrible.

Got a loan via RoadLoans in 2013 where Santander would become the lien holder. (Mistake). Interest rate was extremely high, but a normal amortization schedule showed it would only be above $200 one month with a payment of $301.12 each month. In 2 years, except for 3 months, I paid over the amount due.

Actual payments after 2 years showed interest payments all over the place with only 10 out of 24 payments below $200 interest applied. I actually paid in advance the second month to get ahead of the game, and the following 2 months they applied the entire amount of my payment to interest only, even though no payments late. Not once until Dec 2014 did I have a late payment when we decided this was bull.

After our Jan 2015 payment (which was applied solely to interest due to the December missed payment) we decided to have them take the collateral to the loan and call it quits. It took them 3 months to come for the car (which we told them to come get and did not drive it during that time) and they sold it at auction. Though we paid them, over the course of 2 years, over $7,400 and they made $2000 at auction, they still want us to pay over $9000 more for an original loan amount of $11,819. Santander has done a profit and loss write-off to their accounts, but has still passed this on to a debt collector. This debt collector, NCB Management Services Incorporated, who is affiliated with Santander (NCB Management Services, Inc. secured a new senior credit facility from a four-bank syndicate led by Santander Bank in Feb 2015), is now attempting to collect that debt.

This junk debt buyer is attempting to collect debt that is inaccurate due to the mishandled interest payments and therefore violates federal law. "§ 808. Unfair practices. Unfair practices. A debt collector may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section: (1) The collection of any amount (including any interest, fee, charge, or expense incidental to the principal obligation) unless such amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or permitted by law."

All in all... over the 2 years in this loan, the actual amount they scammed me out of by paying the incorrect interest payments is only about $150... but it's the principle of the matter. After 6 years it would have been about $500 extra if they only played the same games (and from what I've read it can get worse instead of better). Imagine the thousands of loans they have and the amount of money they are scamming people out of every year by mishandling the application of interest paid. No one notices a dollar at a time, especially when you pay the same amount each month and their magic happens only in the fine detail that most don't bother to examine until it's too late... (Like me)... but multiply that times 100,000 loans and suddenly the amount is much different... and they do this EVERY MONTH!

I am contacting lawyers to see if what they have done is illegal (I can't see how it isn't) and I have written to my state's Attorney General and will fight this. This company has been mishandling people's loans for far too long and something needs to be done about it. Hopefully it will set a precedence which will help others with the same problem.

Over 5-6 years has gone by when there was no choice but to Voluntarily Surrender their transportation. In 2008 after contacting them to 'surrender the vehicle' as it was beyond means to possess (Out of Work and a Student in College). It was accepted and picked up within 24 hrs. Santander had been a Finance Company. Rec'd auction information and what it gained (car -- 3000.00+). As of July 05, 2016 have been advised a Judgement was set in 2014 -- 6 years after the 'voluntary surrender'... The statute should have been relinquished. Can a person in 'dire straits' at that time be responsible when 6 years has passed??? There would be no end!!!

My fiance and I purchase a 2012 chevy malibu from Jessup chevy dealership and they gave us this unorganized company that the representative don't know if you made a payment or not on their computer screen. The only thing that they can read is "you're late on a payment." My due date on the car is on the 27th on each month and we had to change it to the 16th of each month because of the rent is due the beginning of the month so we had to change it to the 16th and you know Consumer USA went into my bank before the due date or hack into my bank account and they took money out my account without letting me know that left me $299 negative. I had to send them my bank statement to them and Consumer USA three times. I had to spend $13.00 dollars out of my pockets for them to see what they took out of my account and they said I'm 48 days late. So what's going on with this company robbing and stealing from hard working people.

Have been paying car note every two weeks to stay on top of it. Car has been repossessed twice showing I'm not making payments. They are asking for almost 6000 dollars. I explained to them that I have been making payments and they said, "But you have to bring all fees current." Not a happy camper. Nevertheless, I have lost my car. Need help fast. For 6000 dollars behind would so I never made a payment for almost a year. Please advise.

The worst company I have ever dealt with. I did skip a payment due to being off of work for spinal surgery. They took my car payment out which they weren't suppose to & caused me $400 in over the draft fees, they refuse to reimburse me. As soon as I am back to work I will be refinancing my loan and getting rid of this good-for-nothing company. DO NOT & I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

I purchased a 2011 Jeep Patriot in July 2013. Three years later and my loan balance has only gone down 600.00. I have had nothing but trouble with these people and almost got my car repossessed a couple of weeks ago. They charge 10.85 a day if you are late. My payoff amount is almost 18,000, but yet my loan balance is just over 16,000. My original loan in July 2013 was 16,669.00. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Well, I am filing bankruptcy in October and I am including this Jeep. I will be without a car for 6 to 12 months because I refuse to give these people any more of my money when they are not applying it at all to principle. They are thieves, scammers, and prey upon people who are struggle and need a car. I cannot people this company isn't be shut down. Honestly, what they are doing is illegal. I have never in my life been without a car but these people lie, steal and make up crap as to why I owe more and more money. Every time I talk to someone about my payments they say I am behind and how something different with each phone call. This Jeep isn't worth what I owe anymore. So, I will be taking taxis and using rental cars until I can get money to get me another car.

Santander is the absolute worst! We were behind on payments and then made a large payment with our tax refund and got back on track. Then noticed the balance after having the car over 2 years never went down more than 50 dollars and we pay 425 a month. Every penny we pay is ALWAYS applied to interest only and it shows that on our statements. We tried to trade it in and because we STILL owe 16,000 on it no dealership will touch it. So in March we stopped making payments and told them to come get it because they weren't willing to restructure the loan or do anything to help us. And I felt like we were never going to pay it off and our 425 a month was basically to rent the vehicle.

Well here it is July and the car still sits out there. No one has picked it up. We are not driving it and it's just been waiting to be repossessed. However they do call 10 times a day and we have told them several times to come get it. Finally we have stopped answering the calls and hopefully someone picks it up soon. We are prepared to deal with whatever comes our way with this because they just rob people and scam money and continue to add fees and nothing goes towards principal. If someone ever offers you financing through Santander you need to RUN no matter how badly you need a car. I promise you they are not worth it.

The contract reads a fix rate for X amount of years. We have been making payments on time for the past few years and even ahead of schedule. Somehow our payments seem to have fluctuated. With a signed contracted fix rate there is absolutely no reason for the monthly payment to vary up and down each month.

What they are doing is stealing people money via the payments by applying the payment to only the interest and not applying anything to the principle. They hope that people won't notice. This is highly illegal. If you're in the same situation you should file a complaint with your local state attorneys office.

I had my car paid off through another bank in March. I was supposed to have received a refund check from my loan overage. It is now July still haven't received my money. I call Santander all the time, spoken to multiple people and no one can answer me as to why I haven't received my money. They've gave me multiple numbers to call which all lead to electronic services where I can't speak to a real person. Today they went as far as "transferring" me to another department and hanging up on me after 30 minutes of being on hold. Don't ever do business with them. I am now putting in a dispute with the Better Business Bureau. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need that money to pay bills.

Filed a report on their practice yesterday. BBB today called and they cannot get a hold of the repo company that has our vehicle.

I was financed through Santander for a 2008 Nissan Altima. The payments that I made didn't reduce the balance on the car. I got behind, therefore 12/13/2015 I received a call on Sunday morning from one of their reps. When I asked him not to call me on a Sunday he told me he didn't call me, a machine did and as long as I was behind he was going to continue to call me. I told him I was getting ready for church. He kept talking and as soon as I hung the phone up I told my daughter I think I'm having a stroke. My mouth started twisting to the right. When the paramedics got to my residence they immediately started working on me. The left side of my brain is dead, I couldn't walk, not talk, couldn't use my right side at all.

When I was able to talk I explain to them what had happened to them it was like "I'm sorry. Hope you get better," and that was it. The stroke was in the stem of my brain, I walk with a limp, my speech isn't the same anymore. The doctors told me not to let nobody upset me like that again. Without notice or anything they took the car on 6/25/2016 around 1:00 am. My daughter was talking with them and working with them.

Unlike many people here, we actually paid our bills on time for 4+ years. We decided it was time to get a new vehicle and traded in the one we had financed through Santander. We purchased the vehicle on the 7th of May and the dealer (a large, reputable dealer, not some fly by night place) cut a check on the 8th for the payoff amount (they provide us and Santander copies of the check). As soon as the due date of the account passed, Santander started calling. 7-8 times per day. We were stumped. We no longer had the vehicle. We called Santander and told them that we had traded the vehicle in. Santander stated that we needed to have the dealer call them. We offered to give them the dealer’s number because we had already given the dealer a POA to take care of it and that is who they should be contacting regarding payment. They refused and claimed that they couldn't call out. ??? How are they calling us 20 times a day if they can't call out?

We contacted the dealer, who showed us copies of the check, who agreed to cancel the other check and send another. They sent another check on the 1st of June, which they provided us a copy of. 8 days later we receive a notice from Santander that we are in default and need to pay X amount within 72 hours or they will pursue collection of the entire amount. Sat in on a three way call with the dealer and Santander representative to try and rectify the situation. Santander representative was unwilling to accept any offer or provide any information for the dealer to wire or electronically transfer the money and stated that they would only accept mailed checks. Dealer claimed that this was how they work things. They will refuse payoff as long as possible in order to collect as many fees and charges possible. Luckily we've documented everything and will be pursuing legal action along with the dealer.

Storm in San Antonio Texas April 12, 2016 - was issued for repairs to vehicle. Instead of putting it in an acct for this purpose they applied to monthly payments & principal on 3 different occasions. Now I'm delinquent due to this occurrence and they want acct current and threatened repossession. Here is what's baffling the insurance check to fix damage? No I'm out of pocket doing the repairs. This company sucks and I'm getting my car refinanced. They are horrible, nobody at customer service knows what is going on... my solution they need to be fined for the illegal practices going on.

I have a 2010 Nissan Murano with this company for about 2 years. I have my bank account register to collect the payments every 15th of each month. They put me a charges for nonpayment on time. I talk to them today to tell them why and they only say "we gone to put a note" with no explanations why?? Please don't get finance with this company suck, and high interest rate, bad customer services, never got the right answer. I'm not recommended ever to nobody.

I had a terrible experience with a personal banker at the Warminster, PA branch Santander. I own a business and was looking to open an account that best fits my needs and I was directed to a personal banker named Tatyana. She had a difficult time even comprehending the needs of my business account and just kept repeating herself about a promotional account they were offering that came with a $100 beginning balance. I kindly explained to her that I could care less about the promotional account and was looking for something more conducive to a business. She then started going over the terms of other types of account, and it was then that I realized she was half illiterate!! She couldn't read or pronounce half of the terms and conditions that she was trying to convey to me.

Trying to make light of the situation, I jokingly smiled and asked her where she got her degree. She told me she didn't have one, and that she had no experience in banking prior to being hired a few months ago!! The woman I was about to trust with handling my finances and investments had no more education than a high school diploma and no more understanding of finance than a golden retriever. I politely declined opening an account there and left. I did a little research and learned that hiring under qualified personal bankers is Santander's MO because they can pay them half of what they pay qualified financial assistants. This is unacceptable and deceitful in my opinion, because as a stakeholder you just assume that your bank and bankers would be qualified to handle your money. Not the case with Santander.