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Condescending/predatory. They just took over my loan. Are late with all paper work. Send confusing dates and addresses. Putting the burden on us to provide ins. information that was on record with previous service. Threats of high priced placed insurance. I have never had a lapse in insurance coverage and am current with home and flood. They sent all payment information after the due date. I do not trust them.

I have been a customer for approximately 3 years. I always mail my mortgage on time yet I have been charged late fees 3 times already. This past time I mailed it on the 9th of the month and they processed it on the 22nd! They are impossible to speak to! Please be of assistance.

My equity loan was transferred to BSI Financial Services from CitiBank in Mar of 2016. This loan servicer has yet to get my statements correct. I was told not to make a payment till they straighten out the servicing on these new loans they took over. I continued to make the payments even though they were nearly $100.00 more than what the payment should be. Finally I get my statement dated 5-10-16 that I did not receive in the mail till 6-7-16, with appears to be a late fee of over $78.00! They didn't mail the letter till 6-3-16. My payments have not been late. So I come on this site to see the reviews. IF CONSUMERS AFFAIRS IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT US, WE NEED TO HAVE A CLASS ACTION SUIT.

Bank of America sold our Mortgage to BSI Financial. At first they were helpful and responsive. Then they started requiring secure funds for us to pay the mortgage. It took months to get them to lift this requirement. Then due to an error at their end they imposed the same restriction and never told me. Fortunately I found it by reviewing my online account or else my mortgage would have been late. My account rep is very nice and tries to help, but when I asked to speak with her supervisor (not because of anything she did) that person was unavailable. I asked to speak with the cashiering unit (the people requiring secure funds) but they don't speak to the public. You can't get a call back in a reasonable amount of time either. They know they can do whatever they want because this is the roof over your head. Stay away from BSI.

CitiMortgage sold our account to BSI Financial. I have been attempting to get a statement and pay off since April and with no results. LAST 2 calls this week. 1st call was told I would be sent payoff right away and no email with response. 2nd call said would request and it could take 3 to 5 business days! Asked for a manager and to no surprise there was not a manager available. Thanks so much CitiMortgage for the company you sold many accounts to and what we have had to go through. I would not recommend BSI Financial to anyone.

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CitiMortgage sold my mortgage to BSI and BSI is not a bank. It is a investors. Good luck.

My Equity Loan was transferred to BSI Financial from Citibank. This company has been awful to deal with. I would not recommend them to any Friends or Family! It has been over a month and they still have not established my account correctly. Every week I call and every week I am told the exact same thing, "We are working on your account and it should all be fixed within a few days!" They lie to you, so that they can get you off the phone as quickly as possible.

My second mortgage loan was sold by Citibank to these clowns. The customer service is awful and they insulate the administration so you cannot talk to anyone in authority. I have been trying to get a loan payoff total for over week to allow my new bank to refinance my 2nd mortgage (BSI has a lien on my home) and have been trying to get help from this company, but they do everything they can to stall, hinder and delay. Avoid this company at all costs.

BofA sold my loan to this company and once they did, it's been downhill from there. There is no reason for someone to leave a message to speak with a representative. If the loan is sold, terms and conditions remain the same. You can't change a contract without someone (homeowner) signing off on it. Please shut this place down.

After many of the problems mentioned, I refinanced my mortgage through a bank that does not sell its mortgages. I did want people with BSI Financial to know that when I was still with them, it did help to record every conversation and let them know at the beginning of the conversation that it was being recorded. I also kept a log of all conversations with them. It also helped to use priority or registered mail whenever I had to send something to them. This added additional expense and was inconvenient but it averted problems down the line. Refinancing was also inconvenient, but luckily, the interest rates have gone down which covered the additional closing costs I had to pay. It was worth the peace of mind I now have.

I had previously written a complaint on this company (BSI Financial) and looking at the complaints on this site against them, this company is apparently doing the same thing to hundreds of people everyday! All over the US. My mortgage was sold to these people and all of the tactics explained in every complaint are identical to what this company has done to me. I have been battling a company who has been taking my mortgage check every month, sending inaccurate information on monthly mortgage payment due then telling me payment is short and "your money was applied somewhere else"... I have been battling this for six months now and am extremely angry that no one will do anything to investigate this Company.

Through my research I know these things about this company, they are not a Bank, they are a loan Servicer, which means they are not monitored by the federal government. This company is overseen by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I have written multiple complaints on their site and any action against this company is based on complaints as far as whether or not they look into them. Anyway. Please please please... Sign into this Site ** and get these stories to the right people. It doesn't take more than 20 minutes. They need to be stopped.

We called our payments in every month last year to be sure they came out via ACH on our bank statements (Hmmm at B of A). I actually sent the statements for the whole year and they had the audacity to look them over with me on the phone and say they weren't there. I am so angry about the legality issues with this. I'm looking for ways to bring them down. They forced us into foreclosing by sending back our payments to us after we proved we had made the payments. Who allows mortgage payments to be sent back. Now we're in arrears and can't ever catch up due to all the payments we claimed we made and they denied. They also charged us legal fees and they say they'll get us some help.

I have called the HOPE hotline here in California. I've already read enough about all the claims being denied by Riverside County. They helped me fill out paperwork for modification and sent it to BSI. It seems to me that it's too much of a coincidence that B of A sells a lot of these loans to BSI and that Riverside County has denied all these claims. It seems to me it would be in their (B of A and Riverside County) best interest to look into BSI themselves before they get hit with a conspiracy charge. I've also wrote to the county attorney for Riverside. They sent me a form to sent to the mortgage fraud unit.

Bank of America sold my loan to BSI Financial. Ever since they've had my loan, I have not received statements. They stopped paying my escrowed homeowner's insurance that cause it to lapse, and I am sent in circles to speak with a representative that can understand my concerns. This experience with BSI makes me want to just walk away from my home. I do not recommend this company to anyone. I've been a homeowner for over 20 years & this is the worst company I've ever done business with.

My loan was sold to BSI from Bayview from Chase. In less than a year my loan went up 3x. It takes me days to reach someone and they can't even find my loan to verify my information. I can't make these payments or work out a plan if I don't know where my mortgage is going to.

This company is foreclosure nightmare! They have no valid information, missing documents, giving misinformation, verbally abusive, they are worst business known to me! I have attorney to represent me, I just cannot go through all stress they put me through. It is shame they are still in business.

BSI is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I'M 55 years old and I have never wrote a complaint letter about a company. At their request, I set up auto withdraw for my mortgage payments. For the month of december, they processed an auto withdraw from checking account, 4 times. I have been calling and calling for days. Finally spoke to a human. They advised me, it was their mistake and they would issue a refund in a few weeks. Are you kidding? Instead of a $1000.00 payment, they took 4X that amount. I explained "this is my checking account, and all my other bills will not get paid". I was advised by a supervisor that it's company policy to wait more than 3 weeks to receive a refund for their error. Unbelievable!!! I suspect there is something fraudulent going on with BSI.

Had obtain a loan modification and the amount changed without any notice. First the company had my name wrong. Then the amount changed. $350.00 was added without any explanation The agreed amount was 1420.73. A month later I received a notice with a late payment attached that I made a partial payment without any reason that fees are applied and the amount changed.

Macquarie Mortgage sold my loan to BSI Financial a couple of months ago. I had automatic payments set up with Macquarie so I have been trying to do the same with BSI. I sent two e-mails on their website with no response. I then called, couldn't get through to a person, so left voice messages twice, again with no response. It has now been two days since the last voice message and I have heard nothing. I am beginning to believe there is really no one there and it is just an automated collection agency. This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I am now looking around for refinance options.

Bank of America sold my loan to BSI financial and almost like every other review posted late fees. Escrow, point of contact representative, and it seems like they are a collection agency not a mortgage company. So if anyone knows what to do to hold them accountable from what they doing, please I am all eyes and ears.

My BofA mortgage loan was sold to BSI in 2013, and since then I have attempted to do a refinance through HARP, but they either lost my paperwork and never told me that my submission was rejected. They changed several of their representatives since I've had this loan, so it was difficult for me to talk with someone who knew what was happening. The last straw occurred when my loan went up for auction. I was "working" with a man who was my liaison told me to resend my mortgage HARP paperwork back in. I explained to him that my mortgage was about to be sold, but he reassured me that if I send my paperwork in, they would stop the sale. I did just that, but when I called BSI, I couldn't get anyone except a voicemail.

I called back and got who was supposed to be his supervisor, who assured me that he would find my representative and see what was happening. The day before the sale, I called and left several messages for help or assistance. Nothing happened. I called a lawyer, who told me to file bankruptcy to stop the sale. It was too late, and by the morning, my mortgage was sold. We're moving out as I am writing this because I've received a notice by the Sheriff to vacate my home or be locked out. The lawyers that I paid was supposed to help, but I guess is a slow process. My advice, get legal help immediately when dealing with BSI. They aren't there to help.

Towards the beginning of November I was advised that my mortgage was being "sold" transferred to BSI. While annoyed with the hassle of it all I was like OK I still have to pay someone so not a big deal. My payment is typically automatically withdrawn on the 15th of each month so I called the number provided on Nov 11th only to be told to try back next week as the loans sold to them by Ocwen (my old company and at least the 3rd one sold to) were not in the system yet. I was also advised that there would be no late fees imposed for 60 days due to this. All of which again wasn't a big deal and in light of the inconveniences felt that was a professionally courteous gesture.

So... I finally get some paperwork from them on the 20th and have been trying ever since to access my account online. Like other complaints I got the website not responding due to technical problems and have been getting that same message for the past 3 days. So yesterday I call and ask if there are still issues and was told there were some, but thought they'd been resolved.. uh-NO! Sometimes it can be a browser thing, but tried IE11, Mozilla, and chrome.. uh-NO!

Sorry, but I would at least like to look at the site, feel comfortable with the company, and view my loan information before giving out all my personal banking information over the phone and then paying them $3600.00 as well. Ugh... yes it's only been a couple weeks, but wanted to put my first impressions out there as this is really not an acceptable way to do business. In the spirit of fairness to BSI I will certainly update with any positive things that happen going forward. Fingers crossed!

This company is the worst. I have been to the Attorney General in the state of Virginia. I have been to Comptroller of Currency and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency. No one has been much help. It seems when this company needs money they make payments late. I have never been late. Citi sold my mortgage to these sleazeballs as well. I has my bank call them. They hung up on them.

BSI is the worst mortgage company I ever had to deal with. I am sorry that Citi Mortgage sold my mortgage to BSI. I never had any problems with Citi. Since BSI & under the management of Vice President Kavin Murphy, they let my Homeowner Insurance lapse. I had to straighten out my insurance issues myself. BSI has double charge me for insurance. BSI has misapply my mortgage payments as well. I had file for a modification of hardship, BSI had denied me. Now I had filed for Bankruptcy because of BSI & their screw ups. Now I do not receive any monthly statements & the ones I did received was never current. Now BSI & Vice President Karin Murphy, is now trying to collect 6200.00 even after I filed for Bankruptcy. I had filed 3 complaints with BBB against BSI. For what I had read, I am not the only person have issues with BSI. There are 81 complaints was filed with BBB against BSI. I just someone can help me, to get away from this company.

I've dealt with this company since my loan was sold to them about 3-4 years ago and it has been a nightmare. I was never late with Citi-mortgage. I was was able to go online and manage everything online. I've had nothing but problems since. Their customer service is rude and incompetent.

My loan was modified by Bank Of American Nov 2014 but was also sold to BSI that same month. I have had many issues with late charges, escrow account being negative and the last but least BSI reported to the Credit Agencies that I have been late from Jan 2015 thru June 2015. I was about to purchase a big item when this showed up. I have never been late and that was verified by BSI but yet my credit score is ruined. I was told to fax a letter to them and it would be handle and fixed with the Credit Agencies. This is so unprofessional and so wrong on so many levels. I'm still fighting about my negative escrow and late charges. We need to do something!!!

Bank of America sold my loan to BSI Financial services in November 2014. Since then I have had so many issues. They never return calls, they charge so many hidden fees, they are now changing my payments over 200 dollars a month based on escrow account that has been established previously for years with no issues until they bought my loan... There's enough of us out there to start a CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY!! I do know that ALL pay attention to your principal and interest. Check/study your mortgage documents from your original mortgage loan and the transition to BSI... Numbers (starting balance should match). Please let's do something against this theft company. This company has been my nightmare.

We fell behind on our mortgage, due to me losing my job in Nov. I called Citi Mortgage to make 2 payments to almost catch us back up, to learn it had been transferred to BSI. I have been calling for 3days, leaving a VM a day as to not clog their VM system up per their message. No answer, rings 1 time & goes to automated message telling you to leave a message and they will call you back within 24hrs.

I have still yet to hear from them and still have not been able to make a payment!! I have accessed their website trying to set up and account & make a payment and it tells me: The website is not responding at this moment due to technical reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try after some time or contact Loan Servicing Center customer service for further assistance. Either, I am crazy or this is just one huge ass circle I keep going round n round!!! I fear we are about to lose our home!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have a loan that was transferred to BSI in 2013; I don't think they have the correct rate information. This loan has been transferred 4 times, and BSI has to be the worst. Now, they have transferred the loan to another company just this past July of 2015. I need to have my loan rate corrected and my payments corrected. I need help, no one returns the calls.

After being off work due to a car accident we fell 10 months behind in our payments. We noticed that due to CitiMortgages (Citibank) had defrauded investors and reached a $7 Billion settlement with the DOJ, $2 billion were set aside to help struggling homeowners that had mortgages with CitiMortgage. When I contacted CitiMortgage about applying for the funds they told me "You can't apply" for the funds they a disbursing the funds on a case by case basis?? In other words they got caught in a scam and now are involved in another scam with the funds set aside for struggling homeowners. So now after being behind for 10 months CitiMortgage sends us a letter saying they are selling our loan to BSI Financial (their SHELL FORECLOSURE COMPANY).

Had a loan through Bank Of America. Loan was sold to BSI in 2013. Since my loan has been with BSI it has been a nightmare!!! They switched account managers on me. I didn't receive any notification of that. I found out from me calling nearly everyday, leaving messages to no one calling me back. Finally spoke to a customer service agent, told me my account manager changed. Gave me the new person's name and ext. Called left several messages, no return call!!! Had to ask to speak with a supervisor, then I Get a call back.

Spoke with him. He was supposed to call me back after he spoke with my previous account manager. Mind you I've sent in all my docs for my modification to the previous account manager. So long story short he never returns my call after he was to supposedly talk to the old account manager. So I'm left in the dark for 2 months on if I need to send anymore docs in or if I'm good. Never get a phone call. I am really not happy with this company. They would rather you lose your home than to help you!!! How can we go about filing a class action lawsuit against them!!!

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