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The Ford Focus is a compact car that has been around since 1998. Read more Ford reviews to learn about other models.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Sept. 14, 2023

I own a 2012 Ford Focus. I received a letter outlining the possibility of TCM issues with my car but it said not to do anything unless I experience issues. One day I'm driving to work and my car goes from driving to no gears at all. I pull to side of the road and turn it off and try to restart but it will not turn over. I finally get it started but it won't go past second gear. I make it to work and then it goes out again, needing someone to push my car in parking spot. I called a dealership and they I have to pay to have it towed to them. Dealership has no loaners and Ford is no help either. I am having to beg for rides to work and no way to go to store or doctor's appointments. Dealership said could be months before part arrives. I'm about to lose everything because of Ford and their faulty parts.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

My car is 9 years old, just under 65,000 miles on it, purchased new in 2013. I thought it was a decent car until now and apparently I'm one of the lucky ones for how many miles I got before the problem came up. It is no longer drivable due to the well-known problem Ford has with bad Transmission Control Modules (TCM). Had to be towed to the dealership when the car stalled and got the "transmission fault. Service now" warning; the service department confirmed that it is the TCM. Back order is 3-8 months for the replacement TCM which is covered on extended warranty so yes the fix is "free" but the timeframe is completely unreasonable to wait on the repair for a car that is not drivable. Ford gives limited options for what to do in the meantime. Calling corporate, they can't give a better time estimate for when the part may be available.

In short, I am never buying another Ford. I am also sharing my story to help others make informed decisions on if they would try a vehicle from Ford. The supply chain has a lot of factors at play, but ultimately Ford never should have put this vehicle to consumers.

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    Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 21, 2022

    In February of 2017, I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus off the lot with a full 5-year 100,000 km warranty. On December 9, 2021 the transmission module failed. The warranty's expiration date was February 2022. The car had 58,000 km on it. The dealership I purchased the car from informed me that the car was not covered under the warranty for this repair. I contacted another Ford dealership where the warranty repair was confirmed, but the part was back-ordered 3 months. I was informed by the service representative that Ford might cover rental costs in spite of not having an extended warranty on the car. She did not respond to my many calls and I went into the dealership 10 days later to be informed that Ford would offer no assistance with the rental costs.

    Another service representative gave me the Ford of Canada number to call for further advice. The Ford of Canada representative indicated there was a possibility of rental assistance. I bought another car, paying the crazy prices for used cars because new cars take 3-4 months for delivery. After 4 months with no action, I was informed that it could take up to 8 months, or more for the repair and that I would be responsible for any further repairs resulting from the car sitting. I was also informed that my car was the 26th in line for the same repair. There is a class action suit against Ford, but I did not qualify. Three dealer visits for the transmission control module issue are required to qualify. I had one visit.

    Meanwhile the Ford representative contacted me and offered me $500 in Ford credit for future repairs. She called back soon after to inform me that due to pending legal action that $500 would not be available. I contacted the dealership's Operations Manager and asked him to make an offer on my car. He indicated that I shouldn't be too concerned about repairs required due to the car sitting for months because it "is really a well-made car". When the sales rep appraised the car and made a lowball offer he explained the offer by listing the things that could go wrong with a car sitting for months! We negotiated and they finally got to a price I could live with and now I am enjoying driving a Honda Civic. Ford created a nightmare for customers with a sub-standard control module, but their response to this situation was beyond horrible. If you are driving a Ford Focus, please do some research and think about selling it ASAP.

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    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2022

    In September 2021, I contacted Ford, to make an appointment for a recall transmission service of a 2014 Ford Focus. Recall transmission repairs have been done at this same dealership in the past. I was unable to drive the car and was given an appointment to drop the car off on October 18, which I did. I immediately requested a loaner vehicle and was told one wasn’t available. After, several weeks I was approved to receive a rental through Enterprise but cannot use that rental care company due to owing a balance.

    I was eventually informed I could rent with another car rental company and receive reimbursement. However, I did not receive this information in writing, and it would incur thousands of dollars upfront with no clear standard on the rental process or when I will receive reimbursement. This is not feasible considering I am still paying the monthly note to Navy Federal Credit Union and the insurance while the car is inoperable.

    I would also like to make it known I am a Registered Nurse and frontline worker and must travel from Locust Grove to Decatur to work, at least 40 miles one way. This hardship has created tension at my workplace because I cannot take any time off due to the pandemic. There is also tension in my relationships as I beg for rides and provide them cash, increasing my debts. I have done an online buyback quote with Carmax, and in working condition, they will pay $8000 for the vehicle, which will cover the remaining loan balance. Since it has been almost three months with no anticipated end date due to the needed transmission module, suitable options include Ford to buy back the vehicle, provide compensation, and a rental car.

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    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2021

    I was told the hybrid auto transmission would be reliable when I bought a 2016 Ford Focus brand new. The clutch went, again, two weeks ago, Oct 2021, along with the transmission, estimate 2,500 to repair and wait for the next shoe to drop. I had low mileage, absolutely kept up with all maintenance, what a disaster. I am an old guy and live in the sticks, so was totally stuck for a week with not even a rental available anywhere around. I just traded to a Hyundai with a long warranty. I will never buy another Ford, it was a disaster.

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    Reviewed July 21, 2020

    Ok for starters, I specifically ask if the past issues with transmission had been corrected on the 2015 model I was interested in. They PROMISED I would not have ANY transmission issues. Bold face lie. VERY FREQUENT issues with strut bearings. I've had more work done on my new car purchase than any beater I've owned. Getting Ford to diagnose anything is a joke. They will always try to gaslight you into thinking you're crazy or overdramatic, even for issues that are obvious flaws of the model that millions of people have had issues with. Expect at least 4 trips to the shop to have ANYTHING repaired. This was my first new car purchase and truly been the most expensive mistake of my life.

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    Reviewed July 13, 2020

    2016 Ford Focus SE purchased July 2018 from FORD dealership. 12,000 miles. Pre-certified, Drove it 17,000 miles in two years. July 2018 - 2020. Steering Assist Fault light comes on June 2020. Vehicle towed to original dealership. Catastrophic failure of steering system. $2,800 repair. Steering gear/rack & pinion Failure. Mileage was 29,000.

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    Reviewed March 9, 2020

    I've had my transmission fixed twice, the third time I tried to get it done in Daytona but they wouldn't give me a rental to go to work. I was on my way home from work and I pulled into the Jiffy Lube cuz I thought I had a nail in my tire. Marion when I was leaving Jiffy Lube I was going to make a left hand late turn when I hit the gas I started to pull out and the car hesitated because of the transmission and the guy slammed into me. He misjudged the timing. Because of my Ford Focus you are injured. I want to see the Santana for it. I want my ticket Spain and I want it off of my insurance.

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    Reviewed March 6, 2020

    My husband and I bought our very first brand new car, a 2017 Ford Focus, from Harper Motors in Eureka, CA. The sales people and finance guy were great. A few months later during the winter months, my husband had the sunroof open while parked in a parking lot. It started to rain and he tried to close the roof. It would close partway and then re-open. It started to pour and this happened about three times. It finally closed. Took it to the shop and they said they couldn't do anything unless it happens when they can see it, but they did lube the rails anyway. This happened a couple more times but we never took car back in.

    Then we get a recall, 18V735000, stating car may stall without warning will increase risk of crash and 19V515000 stating the same so we took the car into the shop. They said the fuel tank was defective, but get this, NOT DEFECTIVE ENOUGH to warrant the recall repairs. Ok, so, we continue to drive the car. A couple weeks later we notice it stuttering and pausing when taking off from a stop, a couple times we thought it was gonna die on us. Took back into ford, and they said unless it does it in front of them they can't do anything.

    Car was in 3 times for that one and then...on the radio, this is minor, but a major nuisance, if you are on SiriusXM and turn the car off when you start the car again it goes back fm station. Had the car in 3-4 times for that issue. They replaced the ACM (audio control module) and I had to pay $15.00 to have my sirius service 'changed' to the new radio. I called harper motors and said I wanted my old acm back since it didn't fix the issue and they said it had already been 'rebuilt'... Really, in a matter of hours some guy came and picked it up, sent it to the factory and already rebuilt it???

    By this time I was fed up. I called ford requesting a buyback because this car is a lemon. I spoke with a girl named Taylor and put the buyback request in for me and wanted to know if I wanted to take car to harper again. I said no, I am sick of them and their lies and BS, and I am quite sure they are tired of me. I told her of all the issues we have had with the car and the dealership. She began the process and did call, as promised, every Friday to update me on the issue. The third friday, she informed me that the buyback was refused because I didn't have enough downtime with the vehicle. I informed her that this car, not even 3 years old, had been in the shop more than our 2009 Ford Ranger. She told me that since it was refused, she would no longer be contacting me as the case was closed, but she would email some options for extra warranty or some such. I gave her my email address and waited...and waited... Surprise, no email!!

    I first emailed her at the email she gave me, **, and of course no response. I then tried the number she gave me, 866-631-3788 x ** and got some Misty's voice mail 3-4 times. I explained each time what was going on and trying to reach taylor. No response from her either. SO, today I called ford corporate again and once more explained that I was trying to reach taylor. He told me he can not discuss the case with me... I said, "What case? It has been closed." He told me he would transfer me to above number and extension, I said I have tried that number all week and no response, just voice mail. He then told me again that I have a follow up call today with taylor. Guess what??? No follow up call. Ford, my husband has always loved your vehicles, and he has always insisted on buying used fords, I have always NOT liked fords, and this puts the nail in the coffin for both of us. Ford Inc. and Harper Ford are terrible.

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    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2020

    I currently have 2013 Ford Focus with 87,000 miles on it, this is the only transportation we have on our household. This thing has been taken twice already for transmission defects, fist time was taken in the car ran really good for like 5,000 miles and started acting up again. Second time around just taking it out of the dealer it started to run badly again (grinding, jerking, sudden acceleration), but the thing is I can't be leaving my only car I have to go to work and the 2 times that's been there it takes at least 15 to get it back now my warranty has expired since it's past the warranty period.

    I'm really disappointed on myself for not doing a little more research before buying this car, can't trade it in because of all the value has lost so it would be at lost of a lot of money (at least for me), and the saddest part is I'm still paying for it, I purchased this car in 2017 so I have 2 years left. :( The only chance I give to buy a Ford product and it's the worst car I ever had.

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