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I also bought a 2013 Ford Focus in March 2014. It was used with 16,000 miles. The car currently has 47,000 miles. I have had the clutch replaced twice. The control module reprogrammed twice. As I write this my car is again in the shop. The transmission completely went. They now have to replace the module and give me a new clutch again. I have now looked into my state's lemon laws. I also have checked into the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. I urge everyone who has posted to look into your rights under lemon laws. I will post back after I have contacted my attorney and exercised my rights under my state's lemon laws. Wish me luck.

2013 Ford Focus, 67000 km, fourth time transmission problems. Ford cannot repair satisfactory, cannot depend on car any longer. We are in our mid-seventies. What do we do now?

I have a 2015 Ford Focus that I bought brand new. When I approached 28,000 miles the car started to shake and stutter at take off. I called my service department and was told that there was just a build up of dirt in the dual clutch transmission and to "gun it" or "accelerate thru it." By 30,000 miles it is almost unbearable at times the amount that it does this and I took it in. I was told that they reprogrammed the "main brain" of my car, transmission, and replaced the clutch. The next day, it was back to doing the same thing. I took my car back yesterday (2 weeks later) and was told that I have "not broken in the clutch yet and that it takes at least 5000 miles to break in a clutch." The dealer stated that there was nothing more that they can do.

I bought a 2012 ford focus in 3/2014. Less than 50,000 miles already had transmission problems in april of 2015. Now I'm having transmission problems once again. Gas evaporation, jerking, rumbling, slow at take off. I'm just not happy. I called car champs where I purchased it. They're permanently closed and I'm paying a car note on a lemon.

We are now on the 3rd or 4th transmission for our 2013 ford focus hatchback. We have 74000 miles on this car. My greatest worries are that after 100000 mile warranty runs out, what are we going to do?? We sure cant afford to fix this every few months. This was basically going to be our last car, we are in our sixties. We need a different car!!! We need a guarantee that they will fix this mess! Someone from ford needs to respond better than what their customer service agent said "at this time there is nothing we can do". Talk about customer service! The dealership Mike Murphy Ford has been wonderful, but this piece of crap has not been. NEED A DIFFERENT CAR!

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I bought a brand new 2013 Ford Focus from a local Ford dealer. At the same time my Mom bought a new 2013 Ford Focus. Both cars have been back to the dealership numerous times to fix issues with the transmission. The car hesitates and shutters. Each time the dealership says the problem is fixed yet it comes back. Now they are saying it's the catalytic converter and want to charge me $1000 to fix it. Of course the warrantee is only good until 80,000 miles (my car has over 90,000). I have bought 7 brand new Fords over the past 8 years. I may never buy another one again.

I rented a Ford Focus (not sure of the year) in June 2016. I knew there was something wrong just pulling out of the rental lot. The tachometer would race and the car barely move forward. Starting up from a stop at an intersection was troubling - I never knew if the car would move forward and I was concerned that I would be rear-ended. After several hours of this, I returned the car to the rental company. I was told about this 'manual automatic transmission' and that Ford had dumped a lot of these vehicles at rental companies. What I don't understand, if the transmission is designed to program itself to the driver's habits, why anyone would think it would be a good car to rent? The transmission program would constantly reset itself!

23000 miles on 2016 Focus and transmission first and second gears both slipped and vibrated. Struggled to climb from parking garage. Rental car people said "nothing wrong" - that all Focus's performed that way???

I purchased a 2010 Ford Focus in Chanute Ks, back in December. It had 49,xxx miles on it and I just drove it around town on the weekends as I have a work car I drive to and from work. So in July I took it to Salina, Ks for a week long training. It seemed to drive good except a slip in the transmission. Got back home the next day I took it to town or rather I started to all of the sudden the wrench picture came on and stayed and the car started to cut off bad so I got turned around and heading the 2 blocks back to my house. I was unable to drive over 2 miles an hour. It would not allow me to. Ford needs to do a recall on their transmissions and stop screwing people out of money they work hard for. I have read numerous reviews just like mine so common sense would tell them they have a problem and need to recall it. Oh, I only got to drive it a little over 2,000 miles. My car stopped but payments still need to be made! UGH... Thank you!

In July 2015 I purchased a new 2015 Ford Focus Titanium car. I was sooo excited! I had heard such good things about the Focus I didn't even think about researching before buying. About 5000 miles in I noticed the car shuttering on take off and while driving. My husband called Mountain View Ford where we purchased the car and the service person said it was normal and to get more miles on the car it should straighten itself out. A few months later it started shuttering, jerking, changing gears. The throttle was slow to react on take off. We took it in to have it looked at and was told the computer couldn't find anything. They reprogrammed the transmission stuff and I picked the car up. It ran smooth a week and started shuttering again and was slow to react on take off. This time my husband was driving when it jerked. He heard the leaky valve sound going up the hill in our neighborhood.

We took it back in and a day later they called to say the rear main seal was leaking oil on the clutch. They ordered a part and reprogrammed the car again. The car ran smooth about three weeks. My husband was driving it up a hill and it started shuttering and jerked real hard. So hard our heads jerked. We made another appointment. While waiting for that appointment we received a call from the dealership congratulating us for our 1 year anniversary. The man asked how we liked our car and my husband told him about the issues. He suggested we contact Ford that he thought Ford should replace our car after already having a rear main seal leaking and only having 13000 miles on it.

My husband called Ford and was told "It sounds like you will get your car replaced." They transferred him to a case manager type person who told him it will NOT be replaced, Ford will continue to fix it while under warranty and then we have to pay for it AND we should just join the class action lawsuit. We had to cancel that service appointment due to conflicting appointments. It's hard for a family of 4 with 2 working parents to have only 1 vehicle. The day of the appointment we had to cancel, I was driving home from work and had to stop suddenly. The car didn't down shift. It felt like the transmission fell out of the car. The entire car shook and it scared me to death!! I was in traffic and had no choice but to continue (amazingly the car was still running). While driving up the hill in my neighborhood it seemed as though the car forgot what gear it was going to and revved up. I can now hear the leaky valve sound again!

I called Ford and spoke to our claim manager person and she said she will work with the dealership to get my car back in good wiling order. I have an appointment to drop the car off tomorrow for servicing. Again our family will be down to 1 car for knows how long. We have tried to trade the car but can't because we are so upside down in it!!! I blame the dealership Mountain View Ford for not informing us of the dual clutch transmission and how it works. The service department has told us over and over that is how that transmission is suppose to work to get the great gas mileage!

I paid $26,000 for this car. I am afraid to drive the car for fear of it hesitating on take off and someone hitting me or getting whiplash from all the hard jerking it does!! For that much money I want it to run smooth and drive smooth. If I wanted to feel like I was driving a straight shift car I would have bought one!!!! I can drive a straight shift and not jerk my head around!! Don't buy a Ford Focus!!!

Purchased my 2014 Ford Focus SE brand new July 2014. Only had 25 miles on it. One year later had shuddering issues, hesitation on take off. Was advised needed bolts and clutches replaced. This took me from October 2015 to January 2016 to get an appointment to have repaired. After numerous calls to Service Dept, the car still does not drive correct after the repairs. Still has hesitation on take, loses power (not good when you are on the hi-way). Have taken car back to dealership several times and have been advised nothing is wrong, that I should just GUN IT on take off. Have been told it is supposed to drive this way due to being a flex-fuel car. I am now waiting to hear from Ford Motor Co. Corporate Office for assistance. This is the worst car I have ever had.

My husband and I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus with 23,000 miles from Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood on February 20th, 2016. In April the transmission light appeared and the message gave me 5 minutes to pull over. The message read the car was overheating. I was traveling up a hill off Laurel Canyon. You could hear the car every time you drove up a hill. I was in bumper to bumper traffic. Nowhere to go. One lane up. One lane down. The car was rolling backwards too. I know that feeling because I know how to drive a stick. It was a very hot day. We took the car back to Sunrise. First, we were told that it was a computer chip malfunction. A module message. They said don't worry about it. It's a common message. Then we were given an appointment to replace the clutch and seals. The appointment was so far out because they were backed up due to so many appointments to repair transmissions. We dropped the car off on June 14.

They had the car for 4 days. While they had the car we ask them to fix the windshield wipers and the speaker panel. We notice that in the early part of July the dashboard was malfunctioning. I have photos. The gas hand wouldn't move and the gas numbers, degrees, and radio stations were jumping all over the place. The AC stop working properly. Three days ago we were approached by Sunrise to buy back our car. He said that the car had built up equity. My husband asked him how is that possible because it hasn't been 6 months yet. They offer us a lower payment and interest. My husband said no. Last night the car started to jerk, it wouldn't get out of first gear. We got the car home. It wouldn't start nor reverse. We had to push the car into our parking spot. The transmission service light is on. We dropped the car off at Sunrise. We witness 5 Ford Focus being dropped off at 7 am. The same story as ours. Contacting a lemon law attorney.

I've only had my car for about 3 months now and within a three week period, my TCM module went out and my door latch broke. I was driving and I saw the indicator saying, 'Rear passenger door open'. Now I have a 3-year-old and I KNOW that both back doors are on child lock. I looked back at my daughter I pulled over and reached back to close her door. I started to drive again and once again the indicator came on letting me know the door was open again. I looked back pulled over again to close it only to realize it wasn't closing. I kept wondering how my daughter was able to open the door but of course that wasn't the case. I got out and attempted to close the door over and over again. NOTHING. Luckily for me I'm taking my car to Ford today to get my module replace because it is under warranty. I will be asking about this door latch. This is NOT safe and a door latch shouldn't be an issue on a 4-year-old car!!!

I bought a Ford Focus and it has got the universal problem of shuttering at low speed. I have taken the car to service centre 10 times in 6 months time. Ford accepts that it is the model which has fault. I think I lost my money and need to spend money to dispose the car. If FORD can get the car back for free I am happy to return it to them. Do someone help me pointing to the right person who can help me to get my money back from FORD?

I purchased a Ford Focus from another car dealer but they did not give me a second key. They talk as if they lost the key. Then I contacted Ford corporate and explained to them. They told me to contact the dealer where I bought it from. I told Ford that I tried. Then they had a manager to contact me and she just flat out told me "NO" that they could do nothing. Then I sent them an email and their customer service told me that they did everything they could do. I sent her another email back stating that they did NOTHING and I really thought since they were the corporate and I was a new customer and NEVER purchased a ford that they would work with me, SHE DID NOT RESPOND BACK. FORD IS HORRIBLE. They DO NOT work with their customers especially if they are a new customer. I am very, very DISAPPOINTED with FORD.

I bought my Ford Focus car new in April 2013. I have taken it into the shop many times for the transmission not shifting properly and the jerking when taken off. The dealership reset the controls but the problem has never been fixed. I was told I have to learn how to drive my car. Really? Sunday, I broke down (everything shut down on my car) 120 miles away from home on a late Sunday evening and had my car towed home since I couldn't stay in the area to get my car fixed.

I had it towed to my local Ford dealership (Jackson Ford, Decatur, IL) on Monday and have been without wheels the entire week due to the issue. They haven't even given me a loaner car to help me out. No clue when the part is to come in since it's on back order. After paying $620 on towing which I can't get reimbursed either, I don't have the funds to rent a car. It has put my entire life in chaos with taking my car into the shop constantly and unable to get the problem fixed. One story after another. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this.

In the 4 years I have owned this car it has been in the dealer repair shop over 10 weeks. The last time it was there 8 weeks. I experience shuddering after about 20000 miles. Many trips to the dealer proved that they could not find anything wrong. Finally a dealer in another town told me it was the automatic clutch was not engaging properly. In December of 2015 the dealer replaced the clutch but said it appeared to be leaking oil. They said there had been problems with the clutches. They were going to reorder the clutch but it was on a 16-week back order. In late Feb. 2016 I got a warning message that said Service Transmission Soon. The car was completely locked up. I got the car started by a tow truck driver and drove home instead of going to the dealer since it was Friday evening and they were closed until Monday AM.

By Saturday AM there was NO OIL IN THE CAR. On Monday my car was towed in and kept for 8 weeks. They put a new engine in the car (had received two engines that were damaged) and THREE CLUTCHES until they found the one that seemed to work. On Friday driving home from a short vacation the Service Transmission Soon Warning light came on twice. Trying to get to the dealer did not work since the Transmission HOT STOP car immediately warning came on. The car had to be towed 50 miles at a cost of $275. My Ford Roadside assistance paid $75. It is now again in the dealership. Service Manager said he is getting weird readings on the Transmission. Waiting to see what Ford will do. Since this is a 2013 car with 78000 miles it supposedly does not qualify under the "lemon law."

I bought this car Ford Focus 2012 Titanium in Feb. 2013 with almost 7,000 on it. Now I really don't know much about cars so I didn't pay much attention to the shudder because the car was new. I figured it couldn't have any problems. In 2014 I received the recall letter and was astonished. I knew my car felt exactly as they described so I brought the straight to the dealership. The dealership had my car from Sept. 5, 2014 to Oct. 3, 2014. They refused to give me a loaner. I got my car back with a dead battery and the navigation wasn't working so I had to buy a battery and they wanted to charge me for the navigation system which was also a recall.

Oh and my motor had a crack on rear seal before I brought it in. In 2015 at the end of June they replaced the transmission module. My car is now back at the dealership because it wouldn't shift into gear in the middle of the road. I had to get it towed in and pay an extra $45 dollars which they are replacing the clutch and transmission module again. But for what to happen again. I have a Ford Focus loaner with a shudder, so I'm in danger driving no matter what car they give me. I would rather have a refund. I really used to love Ford. My cousin even owned a dealership.

I bought a brand new Ford Focus 2014. Well it does have good gas mileage but the ride on short, stop and start parts of your drive are horrible. It will rattle your teeth and hurt your bones when you stop and then try to move through the slow to fast speeds the whole cars gets to jerking horribly. Took it to Ford and they say there is nothing wrong with it. Needless to say I have been talking people out of getting a Ford instead of into one. I don't want anyone to go through what I am going through. The worst part is I have kidney stones and with all this rattling it hurts to drive. I have lost the love of driving because of this car.

I bought a brand new Ford Focus SE in 2012. My check engine light went up two weeks ago and I wasn't able to accelerate normally. Since it's too dangerous to drive my car for long distance so I brought it to the nearest dealer. Though I saw 90% of their reviews were negative I thought how bad it could be. Then they ended up BLOWING my mind. I brought my car there on a Friday and was told it will be done on Monday. Then they just disappeared after that. I kept calling everyday and got the same answer: "The technicians need to do another test. We will get back to you tomorrow."

Then I contacted the Ford customer service and got assigned with a regional manager. I was promised a call and didn't get it on time. I ended up reaching out again and connected with the manager. The manager called the dealer and then told me that he was informed that the car was done and was ready to be picked up. I called right away and received a completely different version, which was the answer I've been hearing about for two weeks. So I told the regional manager and he promised a call "tomorrow" which is today and I haven't been contacted. Then I reached out and was directly sent to voice message. HA... I wish I can give negative stars. It's worse than nightmare because nightmare doesn't last this long.

I have a 2014 Ford Focus SE. I got it on 9/25/14. Ever since I had this car I been having problems out of my transmission, but they say it's my clutch. The first time I took it up there they said they had to reset my transmission. The next time I took it they said I had a leak in my motor that's why it is doing it then whenever I go get my car they said it is leaking because of my clutch so they said they were going to fix that but I never fixed it. I will never get a Ford car anymore because I hate going through this. I feel like I'm paying all of this money for this car and it should not be messing up. I just want a stable car because I have children.

The transmission is under-engineered. It rattles, grinds, deadpans, and overheats on hot days or longer drives. Last Ford I will every buy. Do not buy this car!

I am a 52 year old woman who is by myself with one teenage son left at home. I purchased a new 2014 Ford Focus brand new. I've had nothing but problems. I cannot depend on this car. The only good thing I can say about it is that it gets good gas mileage. That's it. I've had problems with the transmission, the clutch, hesitation, shaking and stalling. I take it back to the dealer and they tell me that's just the way it is or they fix something and then a couple weeks later it's not running properly again. I am so dissapointed especially because my husband works at Ford Motor Co. What an embarrassment.

I can't %100 that my issue has been resolved, but I do have an update. After hassling Ford Motor Company and the service manager at my local Ford he finally agreed to reimburse me for the amount I had to pay after I got my car towed when the 'transmission overheating' error occurred. After the TCM module failed again they finally decided to replace the dual clutches. The new clutches installed have a 12,000mile/12 month (whichever comes first) warranty. After over a year of having issues with this Focus I am hoping this will work because it is my last resort.

Original Review

I wrote a review about a year ago about the numerous issues I was having with my 2013 Ford Focus, just a few months I had purchased it with about 40,000 miles on it. I regret not doing my research on the car prior to purchasing it! My initial issues were lunging, shaking and terrible jerking. That was still covered under warranty so I took it to Ford and they told me the computer wasn't syncing with the transmission, so they claimed to have fixed it. Not long after they 'fixed it' I had the same exact issue so they updated the issue again. This time it seemed to have worked. Fast forward a few months later I'm on my way to Mountain High resort in Southern California and all of a sudden the car starts to pop up a 'transmission overheating' signal after being in traffic for a couple hours. The car stayed on but would NOT move in drive so I ended up getting it towed back to my house.

Mind you I had to pay full cost for the towing. I take it back to Ford, they claim that the transmission wasn't exactly overheating but that the computer was sending out the signal, which was incorrect so they modified and updated the system which should have fixed the issue, NO. Just a couple days ago while in traffic on my way to San Diego it did the SAME exact thing and I had to pay for it to be towed once again! I took it to Ford and they said there was an update that needed to be programmed and that is why it was sending out that signal and stalling. The service adviser also mentioned that with these cars Focus/Fiesta that after being in stop and go traffic for a while the computer will start to receive a signal that the transmission is overheating when it really isn't. While my car is under 100,000 they will continue to cover it but tough ** when I have to repeatedly get it towed every time it stalls on me and it's bound to happen again.

Ford Motor Co. has now created a case for me and I'm waiting on a response from a service manager about me getting my tow money back and seeing what the hell I'm supposed to do once this car is out of warranty. I will keep you all updated. Please, do your research before purchasing ANY vehicle because you could very much be in the same situation as me.

I purchased my 2015 Ford Focus in June. My car is a year old. I have had my windshield replaced. My steering wheel column was fixed because it wasn't attached properly. My driver side door was repainted because of a paint defect. Now I need a new clutch and more paint repair by the back brake light from paint coming off. Sometimes my windshield wipers stop out of nowhere. I've called Ford Canada and have had no help. I'm at Ford so much they know me by name and joke you again. My reason is to let people know about Ford and my dissatisfaction with my car.

I purchased my 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback used with 30K miles and added an extended warranty which covered until 70K miles. Since I purchased the vehicle I have been hearing the grinding noises with the transmission. I took it because the wheel bearing went out at about 50K miles. I started having trouble with the car starting. The key turns but nothing happens. It isn't the battery. I read it has to do with the transmission control module. This had been happening for about a month.

Today I was driving to Dallas, I was driving about 75 mph, the transmission shuddered and I lost acceleration, the check engine light came on. I barely made it to my sister's home but I was afraid of getting stranded, the transmission won't shift into gears, it does so very slowly. I can't drive on the highway and I'm not sure how I will get back home, I live 8 hours or about 500 miles from here. I'm visiting family out of town. I've already taken the car in three time to have it checked, have had the transmission reconfigured and the clutch replaced. I don't know what to do, the car is no longer reliable. I'm afraid it will leave me stranded.

I bought this car brand new. It is Ford Focus 2013 and I have had nothing, but trouble with this car. First the clutch and now the power steering. I was driving home from work the other night and the power steering went out on me while I was on the freeway. I'm lucky to be alive or hurt someone else. I'm so mad about this car. Please if you're thinking about buying a Ford Focus don't. It's the worst car I have ever gotten.

I have had my car for less than a year. I have less than 36,000 miles and I have had 2 transmission parts put in. Each time they tell me the same thing. It's the car, it's a recall. I was even told I drive it too soft, need to be more aggressive. I just got it back and the same thing is happening, RPM going high. Shuttering, and not shifting. My question you see all these complaints all the same, people almost wrecking, injuring children. What is Ford doing about this besides putting the same part in? The best part is now the part is on backorder for weeks. I almost wrecked this past time. I can't trade it in because all the dealers know about the issues and won't give me even close to what I owe. What is being done by Ford?

We purchased a new 2014 Focus in March 2015. We have been in the shop at least four times for the same chattering and scraping transmission problem described by others. We are very disappointed with Ford, with our dealership, and with the condescending attitude of the service people. They say, "it's normal" and "cannot verify the problem" etc. After owning at least three other Fords, we will never purchase another Ford! We are appalled at Ford's lack of concern for owners of this defective product. We will write to our state officials who administer the Lemon Law in Ohio, and to our Attorney General, and we urge others to do the same!

I bought my 2014 Ford Focus car brand new and within 6 months of driving, the automatic manual transmission started slipping and got worse. I took it to the dealer, they told me it just needed a computer update and to drive it for 1,000 miles. Still had issues so I took it back and they said the "jerking" was within Ford parameters. I took it back the 3rd time and they said they needed to replace the clutch. 6 months after that, I started having the same issue happen and took it back. It now needs another replacement. About to be on the 3rd clutch in 36,000 miles and Ford tells me it's "normal".