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The Ford Focus is a compact car that has been around since 1998. Read more Ford reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

Fuel efficient, sure, and surprising room for a compact (I'm 6'1" tall and have plenty of room), but the transmission issue(s) leaves one to wonder how long it will last, and if it is actually safe. I've survived this long, with minimal issues, but I almost rammed another car in the parking lot the other day when the car lurched forward as if on a 0-60 challenge with only a little tap of the accelerator when pulling into a parking spot. Thank god the car has a good braking system. Supposedly the issue was fixed with a recent software update, but I haven't noticed the change. And I'm now stuck with a car nobody will buy that's worth next to nothing in trade-in value. Live and learn, I suppose...

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

It's an okay car. It has the look of a larger car however I fee like I'm sitting in a bucket. I'm not a tall person however I would like more room. There is a hump in the middle between the driver and passenger that makes me feel restricted.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

I have had the clutches repaired twice and then on June 28th this year the Ford Focus lunged forward and then stalled on the highway and would then not go into reverse. Ford has recognized they have engineered a faulty vehicle and extended the transmission warranty but would not pay to fix the reverse issue. It was not a coincidence that the reverse stopped working after the transmission failed and yet for almost being killed on the highway I had to pay to repair it.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

This Focus has taken a beating, and it just keeps going. It was even in a head on collision, and it miraculously came out of it pretty well (the Honda didn't make it). I was shocked. I would have thought that collision would've totaled it, but it wasn't that bad considering the circumstances. I was and am still amazed. I wasn't sure I felt safe in a small car like that, but that changed my mind.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

I owned Ford Focus cars. One a 2013, Sedan and one, a 2015, hatchback. I took my 2013 to three different dealerships for what I thought was an engine issue. Ford said, "Woman driver," and said they found, "Nothing." Turns out it was a Powershift transmission issue which was not under a recall, but was under a service bulletin. Ford talked me into buying a new car (2015), and my payment jumped to 410. a month...I could have been driving a BMW for goodness' sake, for that payment! The 2015, wasn't really any better. Ford is out for Ford. They knew those cars were faulty and they made fun of me because I am a woman. They fraudulently sold me a new car citing that fact.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

The Ford Focus is the worst car I have ever had next to the Kia Sorento. The transmission was shot from the beginning and Ford refuses to fix the problem. I have had numerous recalls and more issues each week. It shakes and jerks you around like you’re driving a five speed but you’re not.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

Ford Focus 4 door Sedan; very dependable, peppy car but trouble with motor mounts, stabilizers and doesn’t take bumps well. But I would buy it again. At 129,000 miles minimal rust. No major inconveniences and with snow tires it’s unstoppable.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

My husband got a Ford Focus 2014 in 2015 which ended up having a recall on the transmission. We have taken the car about 4 times to the dealership to get it "fix" and nothing really happens. We now have taken it for a 5th time and they're saying our transmission doesn't work and that we need to get a new one for 8,000 which we don't have and the car isn't even worth that much. Now we're stuck having to buy a car. Worst experience ever, we are for sure never ever getting another Ford or recommending it to any fam or friend.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

I’ve owned it since 2006 and have had very little issues. Best car I’ve owned. It can take a beating. Handles well in the snow as well. When I purchase another vehicle it will be another Focus, hands down.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

I have had this 2007 Focus for over 10 years and still using the car for all our purposes. It is very basic. It has roll up windows yet it still has air conditioning with power door locks and power truck latch which is good enough for my wife and I. It is good on gas plus it is also good to repair and keep up. I overheated too much before I realized I needed a new radiator and the engine still stood the test of time. It has 276000 KL. and is still very reliable. Ford is one of few companies family owned which I hope I am right about. It is sad that Ford is not going to make the Focus anymore.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

Quite honestly the worst car I could have dreamed of. I have a 2013 Ford Focus and have owned it for two years. It had less than 30,000 miles on it when I bought it, but this thing has been in and out of the shop for the whole two years. I am amazed that Ford has been able to sell this car. I've never hated owning anything so much in my entire life and with the amount of money I have put it into this damned thing, I might be better off not having a car at all. I HATE IT. Everything that could possibly go wrong with it has gone wrong and according to other people I know who own a Ford Focus, they deal with similar problems and also hate their car.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

I’m honestly amazed that a company can have such poor customer service and horrible quality of product. Never before have I been so frustrated with a single company in my life. I have a 2012 Ford Focus which they knowingly released after warnings of possible transmission issues. I have known so many people with the same issue already and my car has been dealing with it for almost the entire 3 years I have owned it. I’ve taken it in multiple times already to a less than capable group of mechanics that seem to want to replace the same parts even though I told them we had tried replacing them before. It does not seem that they really checked if those parts fixed the issue either because they told me they tested it afterwards and that it was fine, but soon after driving my car home from the shop the issue came back.

The vehicle stutters when I start accelerating from a stop and starts sounding like it’s going to stall every time I am in reverse. It’s embarrassing to drive this vehicle and extremely unsafe. I worry every day on my commute to school that it is going to break down in the middle of the freeway or stall out somewhere and leave me stranded. I have never been this stressed over something like this in my life and Ford’s customer service makes it even more stressful. For a year and a half I’ve been trying to get this vehicle repurchased from them and I’ve just been getting the runaround and worst customer service of my life the entire time.

My first case handler would ask for documents which I would send, and I wouldn’t hear back from her for an entire month even after multiple calls. It got to the point where I called and talked to a manager telling her of my frustration from not hearing from my case handler and dealing with this issue and magically the next day my case handler called me. She asked for more information and I sent it and again I could not reach her for a few months even after leaving voicemails and multiple emails. While I was out of country she called and said if I did not contact her within a week they would close my case. Absolutely ridiculous. I have to wait months to hear from them and they threaten to close my case after a week of waiting while I was out of country.

They postponed my case and I was finally able to reach someone a few months later and they said my case was suspended and my case manager quit, so they had to assign a new case manager to continue the process. I asked them how long that would take and they said maybe a few days. It’s been about 6 months now and every time I call for an update they give me some excuse. The last couple of times I tried to call I waited for literal hours and would have to hang up due to the fact that I have a life with things to do and appointments to make.

I’m extremely frustrated and incredibly amazed how a company can have such a stressful and strenuous process just to get anything done. Once this is finally taken care of I can guarantee that I will never buy a product with Ford’s name attached to it again. This process has stressed me out and put me in danger and the company could care less. I sincerely hope they get it together and their management figures something out or else their reputation is going to crumble. I would leave zero stars if it were possible.

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Reviewed July 31, 2019

I have a 2012 Ford Focus biggest lemon ever. I hate my Ford Focus. Worst car I have ever owned. Now going on 2nd clutch which I am not going to pay for it. It's sluggish. The fan had to be replaced. Took back to dealership where I bought it so many times that they know me. Don't even get me started with all the recalls. Now that I need to trade they give you nothing even tho I keep taking it 24/7 to them about all the transmission and other things. Ford needs to stand up and take this problem and do right with us. Not give us cheap price. I paid over 16 thousand for this car for this piece of ** car. Never will buy a Ford again.

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Reviewed July 24, 2019

I bought a 2012 Ford Focus in 2012. The car now has 30k only, but early this year I needed to change its battery. Worse still, the clutch needed to be replaced, and it happened to be 7 days after the warranty expired unfortunately. Ford is charging me $1500 for repair. Ford just sucks, never buy a car from Ford!

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Reviewed July 13, 2019

As a long time consumer of FORD cars, I’m utterly disappointed in my 2016 Focus. I had a 2007 Focus that had next to no service done besides standard tires, oil, and brakes. It had over 200,000 miles. I replaced it with the 2016 Focus and I could not be more disappointed. I absolutely hate driving it! There are transmission issues that I’ve come to find out Ford has not properly recognized. The dealership “fixed“ the transmission but it has not rectified the problem. I can’t wait to be able to get rid of this car that I really and a few months! Ford is losing a loyal customer.

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Reviewed May 10, 2019

Bought a 2013 Ford Focus, 25,000 miles, lease car. You would think this would be good right? A day after we bought it, my daughter notified me that it was jerking. When we took it to Ford we found out that it was the automatic clutch. That was in May 2018. It is now May 2019 and we just got it back again. The car wouldn't start and it was diagnosed with TCM. This is another major issue; Remember we've only had this car a year with 25,000 miles on it. How can all this be happening? This is the worst car ever and I have had many of them. Also, for people that are taller like six foot even if they are slender, it is hard for them to get in and out of the vehicle and maneuver around. Think twice before buying this vehicle.

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Reviewed May 2, 2019

WARNING: DO NOT BUY A FORD!!! I leased a 2016 Ford Focus with full intention of buying the vehicle after 3 years of making the lease payments. About 4 months after driving the brand new car, it started to shake. I called the dealership and brought it in numerous times and was told they could find nothing wrong. I then brought it to another dealership and they immediately found that the transmission had a clutch problem that could be fixed. Not only that, but that it was a very common problem and was something that would need to be fixed every 6-12 months depending on how much I drove the car.

I am currently doing the Ford Buyback Program where they buy back the poor, inferior made product that they put out, but at a small fraction of the money I paid. If I sell them back the car, I will lose most of the money I put into the car, and if I keep it, I will need to bring the car into the repair shop every 6-12 months. Ford wins either way. The problem is not that there was an issue with the car, as things happen, the problem is that when Ford has the opportunity to make things right, instead of standing behind their product as a reputable company will usually do, they use that opportunity to again profit at the misfortune of someone who was dumb enough to buy a Ford product.

I am not writing this to tell anyone not to buy a Ford Focus (they are no longer making them because there were so many problems and complaints). I am writing this to tell you not to buy any type of Ford because not only do they put out inferior products, they do not stand behind their products and take care of complaints when they arise.

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Reviewed April 27, 2019

I purchased a 2016 Ford Focus S, October/ 2016 brand new. 10 months later I took the car into the dealership because the car wasn't driving properly. It would stall going up a hill, stutter after going over speed bumps, it wouldn't accelerate when trying to merge onto highway or after a stop light. It would change gears while driving; you could hear it switch down. Mind you this car is not a stick shift yet it drives like one. So they discovered the car's transmission has a problem with the clutch and they replace the clutch. After that it drove better; so I thought a few months later I took the car back and I'm told they just need to reset the clutch. This resetting of the clutch happened 4 more times between 2017 and 2018.

Here we are March 2019 I take her in to Ford because I have check engine light on and the car is doing the same mess as before. I'm told they checked the transmission and it's good and we reset the clutch again. I then get beyond irritated and contacted Ford Motor Company to file a complaint. I'm given a case worker and #. I go through a series of emails and then take car back to Ford. They now tell me the clutch has to be replaced for a 2nd time. I then have to wait 2 weeks as they don't have the parts. So last week the car went in for the replacement. I pick up the car and without touching the accelerator the car is making the horrible noise. I put my foot on accelerator and it gets worse, drove around the corner and right back into the service bay.

I'm told it's probably the new clutch. The service manager comes out, gets in car with me and immediately says "that doesn't sound good at all" then we go back in garage and he drives car and realizes I'm not crazy. He takes car back to tech and after 20 min tells me that the tech who worked on my car is deaf and we didn't follow up and test drive the car and the axle was not tight. I followed up with case manager about this service and question Lemon Law. I was told car was past time limit and I would have to seek arbitration if I wanted to.

Today Sat, April 27th stopped to get gas, the car was completely off, nothing was on in the car and car wouldn't start, no lights, no beeps, nothing. Called AAA. Tech comes, open hood, removes battery cover, touches the cable on top and says "this is the problem, cable isn't on and not tighten." He lifted it right up with no problem at all. He tighten it and jumped battery to start it. I drove straight to Ford to have them inspect it again, because apparently they aren't checking to make sure my vehicle that I drive every day is fully functional and safe. This is my first Ford product ever and it will be my very last. I will seek out arbitration and I do expect for Ford to compensate for all of my time wasted on dealing with a problem they refuse to acknowledge.

You have bad transmission in these vehicles and I have spoken to several people who had Focus or similar Ford cars with the same issues. When I brought the car in back on Feb for oil change I was told that I need a comprehensive alignment that cost $300 and I asked case manager to provide that as a courtesy and was told no. It's as if Ford does not care about the customer and their overall safety. I absolutely hate Ford and as soon as I am able to get out of this car I'll be happy. Angry and Dissatisfied Customer.

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Reviewed March 20, 2019

I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus from Kingdom Chevy in Chicago, IL. Since the first day of purchase, I've had issues with the transmission. I was told the stalling in the transmission is normal because that's how the car was built. But the problem is getting worse. I've been taking my car to get it inspected at Metro Ford in Chicago, IL. I've had the TCM replaced and clutches replaced but I'm still having stalling and jerking issues while driving. I just paid Metro Ford $1,850 out of my pocket in December 2018 to have my trans clutches replaced. Now, 3 months later, I'm having problems with the trans again. I take my car back to Metro Ford and they tell me it's not under warranty because the problem now is the clutch forks, not the clutches I had replaced in December. So I paid almost $2000 to have trans work done on my car and 3 months later you tell me I have another trans problem but it's a different part? Are you kidding me???

Now Metro Ford refuses to fix my vehicle and Ford Corporate office is no help either. I've called Ford Corporate office several times but all I get is complaint numbers. No one ever tries to contact me about the issue I'm having with my vehicle. So I'm forced to drive a dangerous car every day because this is the only vehicle I have at the moment. I've almost had so many accidents in my car due to stalling and jerking. And it's really bad when I'm driving on the expressway. I'm forced to drive this car because I have to get to work every day. I work an hour away from home. This is not right at all. Ford does not care about its customers. I regret purchasing this vehicle. I will NEVER purchase another Ford vehicle again in my life. Buyers BEWARE!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus brand new. After six months, I started having problems with the clutch. They were aware of this and said they were working on a fix. Eventually, they did get a fix. During the clutch issues, I also had transmission issues where they had to replace my transmission twice. After 9 visits to the mechanic over a two year period. Not to mention, one time taking it in, the mechanic yells at me saying "What do you want me to do about it!" I reported him and they offered me a free oil change. Ha!

I finally filed for lemon law. Ford refused to respond to my lawyers. I kept having issues until one day I took it in for another transmission fix to find out I now need a new motor (3K). I thought it was covered under warranty. But they said it was not and refused to fix it as I was 700 miles over the 75K warranty. I have been complaining over and over that the car was not responded correctly, but FORD refused to acknowledge my issues and now again refused to fix my car. So I turned it in. I had to have transportation to get back and forth to work.

They finally settled out of court for 6K. (Not lemon law, but warranty something.) My lawyers got half and I was left with 3K. I still owed 17K on the vehicle. They sold the vehicle at auction and sued me for 12K. So not only did Ford refuse to settle lemon law while I still had the vehicle, they refused to fix my motor with all the transmission and clutch issues I had with only 700 miles over the warranty. FORD CREDIT, my financing company owned by FORD, sued me for the balance. I now have to pay $250 a month for the next four years for a car I don't have. I have owned four FORDS in my life, I will never buy another.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2019

I'm given a 1 star because it won’t let me give it no star. I brought a 2015 in I’m the only owner. Have had the transmission replaced 8 times. Got it back today after transmission work and a fuel recall. Took it in because car makes a grinding noise when I make a turn and told it’s a $1400 fix...what. It’s an internal issue with the steering...huh. "You have passed your warranty..." Excuse me. "No recall so you have to pay." So my understanding is. It’s a internal issue that could kill me at any time that I didn’t do anything to cause and you want me to pay. Doesn’t seem right. This car has given me nothing but trouble. Ford should just take back these cars because they are developing issue after issue.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2019

I leased my 2015 Focus in July '15. I took it back 5 days after picking it up as the transmission didn't feel right. I was told it was fine. March 2016, had the clutch replaced for the 1st time. September 2016, had the clutch replaced for the 2nd time. I was told it was a redesigned part, and I won't have any more issues with it. Sept 2017, had the clutch replaced for the 3rd time. July 20185, clutch had to be replaced for the 4th time. Seems like every 6 months it needs a new clutch. I'm looking at ending my lease early as I have no faith that sometime soon it will require another clutch. Dealership won't help other than Ford will just keep fixing it. So in 3 years and only 57,000km, this car has been through 4 clutch replacements. I'm going to Hyundai.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2019

The radio stopped working. The cost to repair it is over $700. I have been advised that the radio malfunctioning is a common problem in the Ford Focus. However Ford will not correct this defect without cost. Ford should be ashamed of themselves! They are fully aware of the radio defect and as such should correct the issue without cost! I will never buy a Ford vehicle again. A company that does not stand behind its product is a disgrace.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

I am only halfway on paying for my 2012 Ford Focus that I bought in 2014. I had 2 coolant issues repaired recently and the dealership has admitted finally I need the transmission clutch repaired also. The 100,000 mile extended warranty given for that model by Ford for this problem, is no longer good for me because I have 107,000 miles on car. When I tried to get it looked at before the 100,000 I was told that it's just the way the car is. The car runs fine. So the problem wasn't fixed. I noticed recalls on same problem for 2015 and 2016 models. Meantime the starter is going bad the recall for gas tank problem I believe has caused my car to be sitting dead in my yard so it's to be towed up to dealer again.

I would like to see a recall done on the 2012 model as well. I cannot afford the transmission repairs for the dealership has gladly told me almost 3000.00. The starter 729.00. Now the engine light is on. The car was running when I took the car into the dealership for the coolant repairs the very within 2 days car stopped running and had it towed. The TCM had gone bad and starter and transmission and now the gas tank problem. Ford customer service has been called numerous times and there is nothing I can do about the transmission. I would love to hear back out there on what troubles consumers are having with their 2012 models. Also, the paint is badly peeling off the hatch of the car.

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2019

Bought a 2016 Focus Titanium brand new... 30k vehicle. Had the car for 13 months when my navigation system started acting up. Would not follow where my vehicle was at on the road, Bluetooth constantly connecting/disconnecting from phone, aux cord would work for a few moments, then a message would pop up. It could not connect to media device. Took car in twice and my issue was never resolved. Was going to take it in for the third time after the holidays. Went out of state to spend Christmas with family when I lost 4th gear while driving with my 8 year old child (12/24/18).

My car would not reverse after losing 4th gear. I dropped my car off at Ford dealership 12/26/18 to have repair done but had to leave it out of state as I needed to return home for work. 12 days later, they still have my car. I was advised they won’t be replacing transmission, but rebuilding my engine instead. I had to call them since they were not in contact with me to update me on the status of my car. I called 1/2/19 where they said it was fixed but needed to go through all steps of engine to see what failed? (Did not make sense to me since they just told me the vehicle was fixed.) They said it would be ready 1/4/19. I received a message from them later in the day 1/2/19 stating the vehicle needed a part and it would not be arriving until Tuesday 1/8/19.

As soon as I get my car back home, I will have to drop it off, yet again, at Ford, for them to completely replace my navigation system (Ford dealership that is repairing it said it could take 2 to 4 weeks for the part to arrive. Did not want to wait that long). I filed a claim with Ford asking for them to replace my vehicle. They have declined to replace it. I am a few months shy of 2 years having my car. Have 22k miles... It’s very disheartening that a company knowingly sells these faulty vehicles and do not put their customers first with these serious issues. I will NEVER again buy another Ford vehicle. I cannot put my child, or any others in an unreliable vehicle. Neither should you, Ford...

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Reviewed Dec. 22, 2018

So I am a 2-time owner of a Ford Focus. First one being a 2007 that has been loyal to me and is still chugging along! I still own that vehicle. Decided to hand that off to my sister to enjoy and decided to upgrade to a 2014 Focus. Worst decision I've ever made to date. The 2014 Focuses all have recalls on the transmissions due to Ford taking the cheap route and inputting faulty transmissions in all the 2014 year models. The sour part is Ford is aware of the failure yet ONLY approves of the dealerships replacing parts of the faulty transmissions instead of doing right by the customers and replacing the entire thing! I haven't even had my vehicle for 2 years and within the first year the battery failed and transmission followed... they put a simple band-aid fix to the transmission that only remedied the situation for about 3 months until I had to return it AGAIN for the same issue. It failed on me that time TWICE in 48 hours!

Then 3 months later it failed another 3 times! Most times the car fails I'm either driving on a high-speed highway or on a dark country road at night. Both very unsafe places for a car to continuously give out. Ford is fully aware and their only remedy is "we can replace the part again". I'll never put my trust in Ford again. I've owned Hondas as well as Nissans before and never have I experienced this kind of careless response from a company regarding the safety of their customers who invest thousands of dollars into THEIR vehicles. TRY YOUR LUCK ELSEWHERE. YOUR LIFE WILL DEPEND ON IT!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2018

We purchased a 2013 Ford Focus new for our college-aged son in 2012. It has had nothing but problems, which Ford excuses time and again. First, we have dealt with the jerky, hesitating transmission, which has had numerous recalls, but never corrected. Now, Ford has issued a recall, saying the car could stall and completely lose power, but that they aren’t able to fix it yet. Their “remedy” is to keep the fuel tank above a half tank and hopefully, you won’t get killed in it if you do that.

My son now has a wife and two children under 2 and everyone is just supposed to hope that their car doesn’t stall on the interstate and cause their deaths!! How is this acceptable??!! To top it off, we had previously owned a 2003 Ford Expedition, which died at least four times while I was driving on the highway. Ford couldn’t figure out the problem, and we traded that death trap back to them because we could not have sold it to anyone in good conscience! I believe that Ford has known that they have numerous models that are losing power on the road for quite a while, and has chosen to remain quiet and let people die.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

We purchased a 2016 Ford Focus because my son in law swore by Ford product. The first year we didn’t have any issues with the vehicle, got it serviced as need be, time line of service dates, etc. Last year the piece in the transmission had to be replaced, honestly didn’t think much of it as Ford seemed to bend over backwards to fix the issue, but less than a year later and it began doing the same thing. We took it back to the dealership (in a new city because we had moved) and not only did They lose our car for days they said they fixed the issue. Not two days later the car was doing the exact same thing so back to the shop we went where once again they lost our car.

We spoke to one supervisor after another with no resolution whatsoever as they insisted there was nothing wrong with the car. The car was not driveable at all. Ford credit wouldn’t get involved, we were not eligible for the “buy back program” that Ford talks about and felt our only option was to voluntarily turn it in. Ford refuses to come pick it up as it would be considered a repossession, keep in mind the only Ford dealership near us is the horrible one we had nothing but horrific dealings with so we were asked to turn it in there. My son in law went to turn it in, the guy refused to give him a paper stating it was being turned in but my sil managed to get a video recording with the guy stating his name.

Two months later we receive a bill stating the bill is last due, when we called to state that the car had been dropped off they called the dealership and guess what?! They can’t find the car!!! Two days after the car was turned in Ford put out a recall on these particular malfunctions that the focus continues to experience. We want something done once and for all about this issue as they want to charge off the entire $16,000 instead of the difference they would sell the car for. Ford is nothing more than a scam and their vehicles are not to be trusted as they are completely unsafe for anyone that gets behind the wheel of these cars. I strongly suggest Looking at any other car manufacture before ever considering signing your life and all your finances over to Ford credit.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2018

I have always been a Ford customers, but when I bought my 2016 Ford Focus I have had nothing but problems with it. And now vehicle isn't operable and when I go to call Ford Roadside Assistance they want me to pay out of pocket for it to be towed to the dealership. And when I called the dealership they told me that I didn't need to pay out of pocket for the tow because I am still covered under warranty. So I had to call my own Insurance and they won't charge me out of pocket to be towed to the dealership. And I've only had the vehicle for 2 yrs, and I still have coverage for it to be towed but that's what I get for sticking with Ford. They care more about their greed selfish lives than caring for the consumer. So when I get that vehicle fixed I'm leaving Ford and I don't plan on ever getting another Ford. Oh and don't rely on the Roadside Assistance you'll just end up paying for it.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2018

I'm more than unsatisfied with my 2015 Ford Focus. I bought the Focus new in 2015 and have had transmission problems from day 1. I took the vehicle to the dealer twice to have the transmission looked at but was told that nothing was wrong with it. I contacted Ford Motor Company and was told that my transmission warranty was extended past the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty but only if the vehicle will not shift from park to other gears. My transmission stalls and flutters when shifting gears and has since it was brand new 3 years ago. This is not an uncommon problem.

This problem is for all Focus' that year and a couple other model years that have the paddle shift option. Last year when the car was just 2 years old I had reached the 36,000 mile warranty coverage. At 37,000 miles I had to sew the driver seat together because it was coming apart. My Bluetooth does not work nor does the USB line in option for the radio. I would not recommend a Ford vehicle to anyone and will not be purchasing a Ford vehicle again.

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